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  1. You mean Eustaquio and yes, I think having him do well with a Porto or Lisbon, winning titles and starring in their midfield, well that would certainly put him up there.
  2. Doesn't sound like something you can easily recover from in time for late-March. I hope it's not too serious.
  3. 27-year old Gabon international. I believe he also played in France at one point.
  4. Which would also be refreshing. I personally like having to weigh the club success with the national team success, but we couldn't do that at all last year.
  5. Herdman by the way looked concerned, and he should be. He's been robbed of a chance to adequately prepare this team. I feel bad for him.
  6. It doesn't have to be one or the other. They could have a domestic squad with a couple of their stand out players sprinkled in, such as their Bristol City striker.
  7. If Larin continues this form and Besiktas win a trophy, and Davies and David fail to win trophies, I think he's a serious contender for Canadian player of the year. Obviously a lot has to happen, and there's a long way to go, but it's shaping up to be a 3-horse race instead of a 2-horse race, which is refreshing.
  8. It was the same at Gent. Difference was that he got the calls.
  9. Fair enough. And for the record I think that's a good thing, getting feedback from the public.
  10. Why are you comparing a forward and a midfielder? Lazy comparison.
  11. This paradigm you are describing is outdated and no longer applicable. If it were true governments would have been paying off debts during the "economic recovery" that followed the 2007/08 financial crisis. Instead of pay down debts, governments everywhere expanded debts. There is no more austerity in a world driven by modern monetary theory and resulting in record low interest rates, which soon will be negative (as they are in some European countries already). Basically, what is missing from your post equation is that Ottawa, with the support of the Bank of Canada, can ultimately bailout
  12. That's quite the twist on what I am saying. Look, I am fully acknowledging that America has a very deep political divide. That divide has a geographic distribution we agree upon. I agree that we have a similar divide in Canada, with a similar geographic distribution. And in Canada this divide is not as deep. So in that regard I fully agree when you say we are not as divided as the United States. That doesn't matter though. America's political division literally nothing to do with hosting sporting events. Canada's much less severe political division literally has nothing to do with
  13. I am not even sure the majority of Canadians are interested in sports, period. What I do know is that hosting the World Cup, or any sporting event for that matter, is not an exercise in democracy. There is no majority rules. I know what you are getting at, but if there is no public support we could just pull the plug now on the whole thing, right? More likely I think we'll see a scenario where Toronto is the sole host city, which would be incredibly sad.
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