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  1. Maybe Gold Cup and Nations League finals will provide enough opportunities for that rivalry to continue.
  2. Most players never even get to play Man City once, let alone 7 times.
  3. Will be good to see Borges playing in the First Division A, but I hope he gets to actually play.
  4. Another article released 9 hours ago suggesting that Arsenal are lining up a 17.5 million pound bid. https://www.sportsmole.co.uk/football/arsenal/transfer-talk/news/arsenal-lining-up-gbp17point5m-jonathan-david-bid_394832.html
  5. Although they lost in the end, the friendly game against Brazil in Seattle remains one of my favourite games. It was a full strength Brazil side, and we really had some great stretches against them, even scoring 2 goals. It's just unfortunate that De Guzman had that brutal back pass...
  6. So Trump was right about cnn being fake news.....
  7. I think that's good for our chances, although I still don't see him choosing us. Getting him out of Turkey may weaken his ties to them as far as football goes, but Derby are in the English Championship, which should keep him off the Dutch radar, even with Cocu being the coach. I don't know what Derby's promotion chances are, but lately they usually come close but don't promote. Therefore, Kadioglu I don't think his EPL chances are very high in the near term, which I guess would be good for us. I really feel like I am reaching with this guy when it comes to his chances at playing for Canada.
  8. Interesting that Jonathan David is not even on the list, even though Josh Sargent comes in around 16 mil and Timothy Weah around 11 mil. We know that Gent rejected an offer of 25 mil, so his value is at least that. All the players listed are from the big 5 leagues, so that's probably why he does not show up. Assuming David has the highest value in Europe outside the top 5 leagues, he probably comes in around number 22 on that list.
  9. You’re not alone. I use to love how Serioux would dribble out from defence. And he his defending was quite physical.
  10. Did you grow up playing in Abbotsford by any chance? I played against a team he coached at club nationals one year, think they went by Abbotsford Mariners. I still remember when he showed up to the hotel in Winnipeg where all the teams were staying, and he came in fresh off coaching the national team against Finland in a friendly. As a national team fan, that was a very surreal moment!
  11. Peters could have been some player, he was the most promising from the Edgar-De Jong-Johnson generation, in my opinion.
  12. ---------------------Borjan--------------------- Stalteri---McKenna--De Vos--Klukowski Radzinski---JDG---Hutchinson---Davies ------------DeRosario---David------------ Subs: Forrest, De Jong, Edgar, Simpson, Hoilett, Bernier, Arfield, Hume Edit: I actually went with a best 11/18, but for the hard decisions I opted for the players I liked watching more, or actually watched more (so I have more affinity for them, I guess). Therefore, I went with Borjan as the starter over Forrest and De Jong in the 18 ahead of Brennan. I also had to find a place for Bernier, because I think his national team career is grossly underrated. He was very, very good in many games I watched, often playing equal or even better than DeGuzman, but only getting half the accolades. And as for Hume, you got to love the energy and heart Hume played with every single time he was on the field. A true warrior. For a true best 11/18, you'd probably need to find a place for Peschisolido and Bunbury, but I watched very little of the former, and basically none of the latter. Just can't remember their contributions, unfortunately.
  13. Ah yes, I remember being super stoked that once we got through to the Hex and added Junior and Jdg2, we'd surely have enough firepower to make the world cup. Both versions were obviously better than their current versions, and both players would have obviously been considered tier 1 players, to use a Herdman ranking system, but neither of them were Alphonso Davies or Jonathan David level, who are both better and younger than Junior and Jdg2 were in 2012. Funny to think back at the things that use to get us excited back then. Very thankful for where the national team is currently at.
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