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  1. That was the same player who came in and took his spot to begin with. I wonder why he's leaving. Either way, good news for Vitoria.
  2. I remember when "mid-table starter in Norway" gave you a strong case for the starting 11? Think Chris Pozniak.
  3. Pepe actually reminds me of Tabla. Lots of ability dribbling the ball and taking players on, but lacking the final pass or finishing product.
  4. I think we have to resubscribe if you want to watch on OneSoccer. DFB YouTube channel?
  5. Not really. Elva just played a role in his club (almost) promoting to B2. Clearly he is a good player. I got the Omar Browne call wrong though. Man is just too inconsistent despite being very talented.
  6. Would like to see him continue his progress before we talk of a call up. He would have to be ripping up the 3.Liga to even get the conversation started in my opinion.
  7. Being a foreign player on a big salary may force him to be more conservative and take less risk, exactly what Henry needs. That's my hope.
  8. I think he is referring to didic.
  9. I have a feeling Liam will make his EPL debut with Liverpool this season, even if it's just 3 minutes to run around late in the match.
  10. I really can't see him requesting a one-time switch for U-23 duty and he hasn't done close to enough to earn a full international cap, nor has he done enough to earn one on the US side, so like Shway says this is kind of a non-starter at the moment.
  11. That's interesting. My read on it is that David prefers a move to Germany, but Gent are asking for a lot of money and German clubs are prudent and won't overpay. At the beginning of this transfer saga I believe the talk was Germany or France. This seems like a plan B to me, but it's a plan B that checks all the boxes. Playing time? Check. European competition? Check. Lille are now selling a striker who also made a name for himself in Belgium, so there's a precedent here. Lille makes sense to me. Edit: or as @SpursFlu points out, maybe France was the plan A all along. He speaks the language, the step up is a little smaller. That's a good theory.
  12. I am an Arsenal fan too. Well, maybe former fan is more accurate now a days. They are a mess. Yes they have young promising players, but they are still in the market for proven goal scorers. Osimhen and David are proven goal scorers, that's why both are Arsenal targets. Both are top priority, but Arsenal is set to lose out on both in spectacular fashion. In this context, Arsenal are losers and Lille will be the winners.
  13. My point was not that Adam has done enough to get back in the team. My point is that Ricardo needs to do a lot more to justify the excitement, because right now he is no better than Straith, who has not done enough to get into the team, like I said. Ricardo needs to prove he is good enough for Canada. Right now he is not. That can absolutely change, but we are not there yet. We may never get there. We'll have to see.
  14. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/07/02/our-view-potential-blow-for-arsenal-as-club-reportedly-aim-to-replace-one-alleged-gunners-target-with-another/ According to this, Arsenal is set to lose one or both of Aubameyang and Lacazette, while David and Osimhen were two of their best targets for a replacement. But now, Osimhen is in Napoli for a medical and Lille will buy David with the proceeds of the sale. Big winners here will be Lille. They'll get a replacement and keep a tidy profit. Big losers will be Arsenal.
  15. I don't know if it was mentioned but the article I read linking David to Lille claims he has already spoken to the technical director at the club and has been convinced to join. That's a bold claim, but one I am hoping to be true. I really like the Lille move the more I think of it. I have no reason to think he cannot match Victor Osimhen's 13 goals from 27 games last season. Seems like the 18-19 season saw Osimhem score 16 goals in 32 games for Charleroi in Belgium, on loan from Wolfsburg. That same season, David's rookie season, our guy scored 12 goals in 33 games for Gent. So yeah, he can absolutely replicate what Victor Osimhen has done in France. The Nigerian is rumored to be going to Napoli. We could be speaking of a similar move for David this time next year. There is more certainty going from Lille to Napoli than Gent to Napoli. Not that I am gunning for a Davd-to-Napoli move, just an example.
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