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  1. When does Giovinco's contract run out in Saudi?
  2. So Alphonso is a domestic after all? That is fantastic news. I was getting a little worried he would take up an international spot....
  3. I can be convinced of that. It makes sense. Davies is obviously an upgrade on Miller. The USA also struggled with Cavallini last game, and his hold up play will obviously help.
  4. Happy to see him get a fresh start in Miami. Things were getting stale for him at Toronto. Had that one game where Vanney was unimpressed and he never saw the field for the rest of the year. Goodluck to him down in Florida. CPL will always be there if things don't work out.
  5. I'm kinda liking the 3-5-2 with Davies and Laryea as wingbacks. Speed would not be an issue out wide. Henry and Cornelius both have more than enough pace to protect Vitoria. David can do David things up top, with Cavallini ruffling a few feathers up there with him. Arfield, Piette and Kaye controlling the centre of the park. I really like it.
  6. I don't know how they play or what their situation is player wise, but Bayer Leverkusen is the right level of club for David, I think. Or Monchengladbach. Leverkusen have been most recently linked, if I am not mistaken.
  7. It's funny because he is the type of no.10 who could play in a rhythm with the rest of Bayern, I think. Coutinho at Bayern reminds me of Tabla with Canada - skilled but out of sync with his teammates. Thing is, this is Bayern right? There is pressure for a big club to make big signings. Rather than make a shrewd deal for an up and comer like David, they are more likely to spend 4x the money on someone like Sane or Hudson-Odoi, even though wingers are not their problem. There is also no alternative at the no. 9 spot, but they'll hold out for the young man at RB Leipzig, Timo Werner. Bayern made a shrewd purchase in Davies, so it wouldn't be unprecedented, but I just don't see it, as much as I want to and I think it would be good for them. I am biased though
  8. I think Cavallini could be the sub for David in that set up. Millar as the sub for Hoilett. Plus you always have the option of bringing on Miller and giving Davies a spin up top.
  9. I know he wouldn't go to Bayern, but just close your eyes and imagine....
  10. I've been saying this over and over that Toronto need a goalscorer who can play wide and through the middle. Jonathan David? Just kidding. For real though. That is what the team needs. Someone who can play both spots.
  11. Let's just hope for a win. If David scores than so be it.
  12. Unshackle Davies and watch him "cause havoc", as Berhalter would put it.
  13. I see it that way too. I will also add that Orlando fans aren't exactly accustomed to seeing the home team victorious. How often have Orlando City fans willed their team to a win? I would be more concerned if we were playing at Banc of California stadium. We can't take anything for granted, but there is reason for us to be bullish on our chances.
  14. I said before we shouldn't underestimate the 'mericans, but I still struggle to see where their goals will come from without Pulisic. Obviously they have good players in good environments, but I wonder who exactly steps up to fill the void. I mean, who will be the one to take the bull by the horns offensively? It may end up being Jordan Morris, he was decent last game and just won MLS cup after a strong playoffs. It could also be Tyler Boyd. He struggled most of the season at Besiktas, but was given a chance against Braga in Europa league and delivered with a goal and a strong performance by all accounts. Those two could create problems for us all game, but who else is there? Sargent is good at linking plays and/or finishing them, but seems to rely on others to create his chances. Arriola had been in poor form for a while now. McKennie can and will finish off plays if he's unmarked, but we are not going to neglect our defensive duties like Cuba.
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