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  1. Adnan is a very good left back and would probably be a regular for Chile, so I wouldn't draw that conclusion on Gutierrez's Chile chances based on Schuster's comments. Especially if he finds himself as a starter elsewhere on the field
  2. It's a good question. If he can secure a lone before the window closes we may have an answer to that. I personally think he can hold his own in the English Championship right now. Yes he did not produce the goals we expected in the SPL, but he was clearly quite valuable to Kilmonarck. He played a lot of minutes and opposing teams would double team him, kick him, and basically do what they could to slow him down. In a way it worked, because he didn't have the output we expected. I very much doubt he would attract that sort of attention in the English Championship. It's a higher level of soccer and with all due respect to Liam I don't think he'll be a key player at any team at the moment. But that is perfectly okay. I think he needs to just come in and give a club some depth for the remainder of the season. He is definitely good enough to come off the bench and help a Championship team. The reason I believe that is because he did that for Canada at the international level. Let's not forget he has always been reliable coming off the bench for us in International matches. He has never looked lost or ineffective, if anything he has always given us a spark late in games. And we are now a decent international side. If he can do that at the International level for a team like Canada, he should be able to do that for a team in the English Championship.
  3. Gutierrez is a left back so it should have no bearing on Brault-Guillard. I am not particularly hopeful of Cristian joining us that soon anyhow. I feel confident he will eventually, but I think he'll want to guage things in Vancouver first before he makes any decisions. In the meantime, playing well in MLS nowadays gets you on the radar for a team like Chile. Not an automatic call obviously, but it does get you a bit of attention. I am sure he realizes this. There are now many young Ecuadorians, Uruguayans, Paraguayans, etc in the league and many of them are already internationals. He has Colo-Colo on his resume and is still jus 22 years of age, so I do not think Gutierrez to Canada is a done deal just yet. That said, him playing in this country, on a permanent deal, does tilt things in our favour substantially. I am optimistic, but very much taking a wait and see approach.
  4. That would be a very good move indeed. Is Marc Bircham still involved?
  5. I know we all know this but I will say it anyways... What I love about Davies is that he is very skillful, has good technique, and has world class athleticism. That is such a deadly combination and it is very rare for a player to have all 3. Not only that, but he has such a fantastic attitude. He is humble and wants to learn and this is surely why every time he steps up a level he figures it out. His soccer IQ is not "off the charts", like Jonathan David, but it's high enough that when you factor in his coachability/attitude, the result is that he makes the right decision more often than not. Making the right decision is easier when the game is in front of you, which is why I believe he has thrived at LB for Bayern. The next step is for him to make better decisions in the final 3rd. I think it will naturally come in a few years. As he continues to train and develop alongside these world class players, the game will start to slow down closer to goal. Once he figures that out I think Bayern will begin to play him further up the field. I predict that slowly, but surely, he will evolve from a left back into an all-around dominant world class left-sided player. Sometimes we will see him at left back, sometimes we will be see him left wing, but always he will be on the field. As the article says, he cannot find his way back to the bench. He will ultimately become undropable, if he is not already. Until then we should all enjoy his incredible rise as a left back at one of the best clubs in the world!
  6. Put me in the T&T / Panama camp... Both challenging teams, but they are teams we can beat, should beat, and must beat in order to achieve our goals. That's what I expect given where our team is at. We may have to go through them in the lower round, so if we can beat them and gain a psychological advantage that would be good, not to mention the fifa points we need from this. All things being equal we should play teams in our confederation anyways. I don't even mind if we have to play either away from home in order to gain valuable experience. Lord knows we have room to improve on the road in concacaf.
  7. TFC have plenty of young wingers and I doubt Liam wants to go there on loan anyways. Doesn't seem like a good fit. If I am Vanney I want those minutes going to the youngsters already at the club. You ideally want to develop your own assets and not someone else's. And if I was to bring someone in on loan, it would be someone experienced (like Benezet) who you can possibly buy afterwards. However, I don't see Millar being sold to TFC, no way. To be fair I would trust Liam as CF depth ahead of that American guy though. I can't even remember his name, that's how little I think of him as a player. That said, I don't think it makes sense for either party at the moment. I think a loan to a Championship team would be best, so long as he has a good chance of getting minutes.
  8. Great way for Cordova to start the season. Hope to see him selected in March as ZBG and Godinho will be needed for U23 duty.
  9. It's a permanent transfer. Curious to know what the fee was... His salary last year was 80 k and transfer fees come with a cap hit and we know he'll be on gam, so I am thinking Montreal paid somewhere between 200 and 400k, but probably closer to the lower end of that.
  10. Nice assist by David on the Gent goal late in the first half to draw level with a Genk. Good composure to square the ball across the box rather than shoot from a tight angle. I think that is 8 assists in the pro league now. And maybe I am biased, but he looks like a player more deserving to be in the Bayern-Schalke game this morning than this game, which is (predictably) more sloppy. David is just simply cleaner and quicker in thought than most of the players out there right now. So it’s not just his stats which signal it is time to move on, but also just his level of play in general. Edit: off after 85 minutes, with Gent up 3-1 now. David also scored a goal that was disallowed.
  11. If any of our players were to move to Leicester, it would have to be David. Typically I would not prefer England, but they could probably afford him and he would probably get game time. EPL is obviously as good as it gets if David wants to be challenged too. Throw in their chances of UCL games next season and the fact they have a Belgian connection via King Power and I think it could work. The foxes found Ndidi in Belgiam (Genk) and other players too if I am not mistaken.
  12. Had another decent game today. I watched most of it and he was his usual self. He has firmly integrated himself in the starting line up at this point.
  13. I have a good feeling about him in the CPL. I think he is more of a threat from distance than Petrasso and he has just as much pace and directness, perhaps even more.
  14. I more or less agree, though I would put a more positive spin on it and say: Laryea is still learning how to better position himself defensively. His 1 on 1 defending is fine, if not very good. Davies was the same, but has picked it up fairly quickly at Bayern. Godinho I am not as sure about on the other hand... As for ZBG, yes not only do I hope Herdman uses him, I expect it. He plays the position in a very mature way and is good on both sides of the ball. Next step is to get more games and Montreal is seemingly a good place for him to do just that.
  15. True. Aird needs to have his head screwed on right. It won't be a cakewalk over here. The type of player Aird is and his age profile lead me to believe he will have more success than Haber. A year ago I thought Haber would be one of the best CF in the league though, so shows how much I know
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