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  1. I know he's coming off from a long layoff, but I haven't seen much from him yet to think he'd get called to either A team. I don't think he's going to shine as long as Toronto continues to struggle, however long that will last.
  2. Good point. Bermuda would have to beat Suriname to remain alive in WCQ, but Suriname can technically lose or draw without being eliminated. I'd like to think this gives Bermuda the edge, because it's do-or-die for them, but realistically they won't be able to make up the goal difference against us anyways. Even a win against Suriname won't be enough for them, unless they think the impossible can happen. I hope they go into that game believing they can still advance.
  3. Yannick Bolasie is there on loan from Everton. Different player from Hoilett obviously, but I assume he returns at season's end, maybe opening the door for Junior to come in and play the "veteran attacker" role. He'd be a free transfer as well, so if I am Middlesbrough I am ringing his phone.
  4. I'm banking on this as well, especially if Wells is in the Bermuda squad. This Bermuda group has taken points from better teams than Suriname, who may have one eye on their match with us. It will take a lot of pressure off us if they slip up against Bermuda, but having to play Suriname with everything on the line would also be good experience for Canada. Just makes me nervous as a fan.
  5. Yes and that's why we need to compare his current season to their 2020 season. Let's see where he is at the end. For all we know he goes on to become a starter and gets a bunch of goals and assists. He's played twice I believe and the season is 4 games in, so not bad. I would have liked to see more in his performances, but at minimum he's shown he can not be a liability at the age of 16, so that's a good start.
  6. I'd be surprised if he left the UK. He'll most likely find another team in the Championship. Hopefully he goes where he'll play. I think he still has a lot to offer.
  7. Looks like Wotherspoon and St. Johnstone are now off to the Scottish Cup Final.
  8. That prick never looked so bad in the 10 spot and I didn't really see all that ball hogging you were talking about. I will look out for it again next match though!
  9. Davies wins his 3rd Bundesliga title today. Titles for Atiba, Larin, David, Wotherspoon (cup) and Borjan (cup) still pending....
  10. I want Singh to start with Mavinga just because he's CMNT eligible, but for as much as Omar has declined I am not sure Singh is the better option right now. TFC needs a serious upgrade at CB quickly.
  11. Was only half watching today, but I understand he fouled in the box. That gives me serious Doneil Henry vibes, in a bad way.
  12. Okello put on pounds of muscle and he still gets pushed around, so I am not sure that's the answer. I don't know if we want Nelsen or Rutty to put on muscle, actually. Ideally you want guys like that to remain agile. Mexico's Antuna for example is very slight, but he makes it work. Nelsen and Rutty just need more reps at this level, that's it. They'll either learn how to ride tackles and beat opponents, or they won't.
  13. He could start by not being knocked off the ball like a 6’5 rag doll.
  14. Delgado actually was terrible today, so fire away with the criticism boys. You won’t hear me coming to his defence on this occasion.
  15. Rutty is supposedly a top 3 prospect for his age group, but he really hasn’t impressed me. I see why he’s highly rated, because his decision making is good for a 16 year old, but last year Caden Clarke was 16 and scoring screamers in MLS. I hope Rutty is that caliber of prospect, but so far he hasn’t made an impact.
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