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  1. Did anyone see how he did in his +8 minutes?
  2. Tajon Buchanan returns to Orlando as bonafide star for New England, Canada | MLSSoccer.com
  3. lol Eddy at his best could never score the type of goal Enes Sali did. But scoring against Man U? Well he's got that over him.
  4. I get this feeling as well, but it's still Jamaica in Toronto. It would help some if they are out of it come March, which is very possible.
  5. Depends on whether Mrs. Hombre is accompanying you to Edmonton...
  6. Image of @El Hombre, taken Nov 12th, 2021 at 10:36 pm MST, during post match celebrations at Cook County Contry Bar. @dyslexic nam is trying to save you from yourself
  7. Would be good location for a pre-window friendly though. You know, get the out-of-season domestic guys in camp a bit early, maybe even sprinkle a few deserving CPLers in there....
  8. Henry at RCB is my primary concern when it comes to depth, but the team is in such good shape that it may not even matter. We are almost half way through and he hasn't played there yet. Maybe Allistair is superman and will never get injured, but I would feel better with another option. It seems clear that plan A is to prey he doesn't get injured and/or change to a back four if/when he needs a rest.
  9. He's like 15 years old starting in the Romanian top flight and has scored a goal already (and it was a wondergoal at that).
  10. The strange thing about Eustaquio is that he shouldn't be suffering from the same anti-Canadian bias as the others, since he is from Iberian stock and even played in the Portuguese youth NT ranks. He would be perfect for a modest Spanish or Italian side, but I remain confident he'll get the move he deserves. I assume he's got a European passport - how much does that count, you think? Do you think that would make him more appealing to Spanish clubs than the Latin Americans (pre-citizenship), or does their prospect of becoming Spanish citizens trump his already existing Portuguese citizenship?
  11. I was speaking more in terms of players moving from MLS to Europe, but agreed. He is primed to jump up a level or two. It feels a little overdue at this point.
  12. Laryea is the "best of the rest" when it comes to dangerous Canadian players. Davies, Buchanan, David and Larin are all known quantities. They are already accounted for by big European clubs. If anyone is going to get scooped up by a European club, my money is on Richie.
  13. This shouldn't be shocking to anyone who's followed Ballou. It's been pretty clear for a while that Ballou could benefit from a Psychologist. I still believe he's a spectacular talent, so I remain hopeful he can turn it around. Speaking of psychology, here's my unqualified read on him: The young man was the star of Quebec youth soccer because his talent was off the charts, not because he outworked others or had a great attitude. Whether it was down to his entourage or his own personality we can only speculate, but either way he clearly had delusions of grandeur and saw himself as a world star footballer in the making. It is quite healthy to dream of being a world star and make that your goal (the story of Jonathan David), but you don't get there by keeping toxic company or failing to be humble - that's the difference. Thinking you can get there without humility is delusional. Some time back I mentioned how his Ivory Coast aspirations were a symptom of the problem. It was my theory that giving it all up for Canada was a major set back for him mentally. For someone like Davies, playing for Canada is/was bigger than him (you can just tell), so it was not a set back at all, it was more of a mission, but for Tabla it felt like his arm had to be twisted to play for us. Canada was not the sexy choice and we had no track record of success compared to IC, so his decision to play for Canada always struck me as bizarre - though I was happy he chose us. He announced himself against Roma, was scouted by Chelsea and was signed by Barcelona (with a 25M release clause), so he was on his way to stardom on the surface of things. However, I can't help but feel he lost something the moment he declared for Canada, an "inferior" national team, AND failed to make an impact with said team. I honestly feel that it broke him, because he wasn't really the same after that. If you go back and study his career you will see that following his two senior caps in 2018, things started to go downhill. I believe in general that holding on to delusions are a sign of a fragile ego and low self-confidence. When you truly believe in yourself, you know in your heart of hearts you can fail and come back stronger. Delusion is not a replacement for self-confidence, it is a cloak and/or a coping mechanism. Anyways, enough of my arm chair analysis... Let's just keep supporting him, because he's not a lost cause. He's still under contract and he's getting into cup matches and scoring. He was also part of the U-23 Olympic team, looked a bit more mature, and played rather decently.
  14. At least he's in Nashville, not New York, LA or Toronto.
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