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  1. Never heard what he had to say, but maybe some undocumented immigrants got thru the border illegally? Just a thought.
  2. The caveat to all of this is that we may be calling a team 30 players deep. Does Corbeanu make a 23? Maybe not if he can't break thru at Wolves. Does he make a 28 or 30? Most likely. He just came on against Mexico and gave us a chance to win.
  3. Corneanu has decent speed, but not elite speed like Davies, Millar or Buchanan. Maybe that became more obvious to people against a team like Mexico?
  4. Wasn't it less than a year ago we were talking about Crepeau arguably being 3rd behind St. Clair? Amazing how things change. Crepeau definitely in the no. 1 conversation now.
  5. Wasn't he was linked to a Championship club in the last off-season? I believe it was Reading and I think it was one off those loans you see MLSers make (Dike-Barnsley, Morris/Arriola-Swansea, etc.)
  6. Even Henry had a decent game last night. Drives me to no end seeing him go to ground like that. Those are the moments why you don't want him in the team. Hard to trust a player like that. That was a single play. Not saying we should ignore it, but we can't say his entire performance was bad because of that. It was a penalty, but it was kind of harsh. That must also be said. I blame him for going to ground 100% though. As for Eustaquio, I saw the same player minus a shanked free kick (happens), and unfortunate clearance on the second goal, and a player who was repeatedly fouled without getting a call. Besides that he was the same Eustaquio. If you were expecting him to replicate the performance he had against Costa Rica I think your expectations were too high. This was Mexico. He was never going to get the time and space be the deep lying playmaker he was last game. I have to rewatch, but it didn't seem like he was dropping into those deep lying areas to pick passes. Whether that was down to our tactics or Mexico's tactics or just their ability is hard to say, but I am hardly shocked at Eustaquio's performance because it just didn't seem that bad to me. I don't even think he was the worst of our midfielders. I thought none of them were bad at all, actually.
  7. This has become very hard because our depth has improved and we are tactically flexible. Here are a few thoughts: Up front and out wide are settled. David, Larin, Davies and Buchanan will all start, regardless of how we line up. Hoilett, Cavallini, Laryea, Corbeanu and Millar are next up. Akinola (when healthy) and Jebbison (when committed) can be part of the core rotation. Akindele gave a good account of himself. Still outside of the core rotation but Herdman won’t be afraid to use him. Midfield is Eustáquio and everyone else. Fraser now in the rotation. Kennedy may be shifted to middle as Vitoria and Henry phase out. Until then him and Miller compete on the left. Still Johnston’s to lose on the right. Still don’t like two left footed CBs in a back 4, but if/when Vitoria/Henry move on we need someone to step up. That is a topic for next cycle though.
  8. Had a poor game by his lofty standards, but that is because he has been flawless. Nobody was bad last night, including Eustáquio.
  9. As for how the game is playing out, USA are lucky not to be down. Game plan seems to be don’t turn over the ball (good one, Sands) and pump crosses in for Dike. It hasn’t been working, but they are still in the game, so maybe things are going as expected for them?
  10. That and the recycled MLS chant. You know, the one that every club seems to do. Very original, certainly on-brand for a team full of MLSers. Also, the Viking clap like 20 minutes into the game, with no momentum from the home side, was very funny to me. It’s not like pressure was building and a goal was looming (see TFC goal off a corner in MLS Cup 2017). Not that there’s a rule for when to roll it out, but it just seemed odd given how the game was playing out.
  11. My heart says it'll be Canada and Qatar winning tonight. My mind says Mexico and the USA. Advantage goes to the home sides, I'm afraid. Hope the heart wins though. Really feels like the stars are lining up for us to party like the year 2000!
  12. Wish there was no such thing as a NIE, but that aside this is very good news. Bodes well for our chances of playing on the west coast, which we'll need to do in January. I'll breath easier when it's actually granted though. Yes the precedent is kind of set with MLS, but just because it is granted now doesn't mean it will be granted later for Canada soccer. For all we know the situation can change for the worst and NIEs can end up being withheld (which is why I don't like them to begin with). On the "partisan" thing, I am going with the crowd on this one. It's really nothing of the sort. BMO is a fine choice, that's the reality. From a selfish point of view I do hope we get a West Coast game, but the turf really gives BMO the edge.
  13. Or did SKC steal that sponsor's logo? 🤔
  14. Can't really see them doing that. I think it'll be one or the other and all signs point to BMO. Reason being I can't see it is because the pandemic management is making the logistics challenging enough as it is. Playing in two different locations adds an extra layer of complexity that I am not sure we'd want to deal with. With capacity limitations expected, I am not sure we'd benefit from creating scarcity anyways.
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