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  1. Any reports on how he did in his 59 minutes?
  2. Let's put it this way, given his age and his talent and the season he just had for Pacific, he could probably, in my opinion, transfer to the Chliean top league and play for one of the big clubs. I don't think he would be a star, obviously, but he could earn a place on the squad and from there who knows? I could also see earning a starting role on a mid level team like Huachipato relatively quickly. If Juan Cordova can start for a team like that I don't doubt Bustos could, especially after the season he just had. And I mean, really at that point you have to ask, would he really be that far awa
  3. Keep in mind the MLS salaries tend to be reported in US dollars, so was that 175k actually +200k?
  4. Considering his contribution, AJH was on a pretty nice contract with Montreal, I think he was making low-to-mid 100k. At this point he may have enough financial security to be willing to take on a CPL contract, so that he can score a few goals and generate some buzz for himself, perhaps even leading to a European opportunity. Or the reverse could be true and he may not be willing to take such a pay cut. Sometimes you need to take a step back to take two steps forward. If his Montreal days come to an end I can't imagine he wouldn't be at least considering the CPL.
  5. With Pacos currently in a European spot, perhaps it is time to ask this question: Should Eustaquio sign with them on a permanent deal if they qualify for Europe?
  6. My first thought is he can earn more as an Electrical Engineer than he could in the CPL. From what I understand he excels academically, and he appears to be a bright young man in general, with a great work ethic. I do not doubt he would have some excellent job prospects as an Engineer. I can't say how important money is to Shome, but his potential job prospects outside of soccer make me question whether the CPL makes sense for him, just from a financial point of view. From a pure soccer point of view, he could probably be an impact player (excuse the pun) in the CPL, but he's sorta
  7. Dike from Orlando is in direct competition with Akinola and is also a dual international (both eligible for Nigeria). I wouldn't be surprised if Akinola is not called, wouldn't be surprised if he is called, and quite frankly he loses nothing by accepting a call to check out their set up, in fact he may go there like Tesho (who also had Nigeria eligibility lol) and decide to make a Canadian switch. I think it is unlikely Akinola plays for us, but I wouldn't rule it out entirely, even if he does play against El Salvador.
  8. How many goals Akinola and Cavallini would have had this season if they switched teams?
  9. I don't see the edit button anymore either. Edit: Nevermind, I found it (obviously 😄) My thoughts on a TFC rebuild: While changes are probably coming, and quite frankly they are needed, I don't think we want to throw the baby out with the bathwater here. One thing that has made Toronto successful is continuity. That said, it is time to cut some dead weight. I don't know the contract situations for most of these players, so bare with me.. Morrow - Time to move on, or keep him if you can get him on a reduced salary. He is 33 and injuries seem to have caught up with him.
  10. The team seemed to be missing pace. For sure Ayo should have started ahead of Jozy, but it was also a game that screamed for Jayden Nelson. Laryea didn't seem 100% fit and neither did Altidore. If that was him being fully fit this really may be the beginning of the end for him, at least when it comes to leading the line for Toronto. I could be reading too much into last night, but Jozy just doesn't have the legs to lead the line anymore. He is a good footballer though, so he can still facilitate if someone else (Ayo) is doing all the running. Not sure that will fly at his salary though. I
  11. Speaking of TFC players and transfermarkt, Liam Fraser has hit a valuation of 1M euros. https://www.transfermarkt.com/liam-fraser/profil/spieler/377109
  12. 500k euros is still a lot of money as well. There are many footballers who never see that salary even in their best years, let alone at 37.
  13. No, because bad games happen. Barca being 11th in table is more telling. They are a great club going through a bad period. Bayern are a great club going through a great period. Davies was a big part of their treble winning season. The argument is that Fati had a lesser role for a lesser team. It is clear you are only arguing otherwise because you are a hardcore Barca fan. I am also not convinced Davies will move to winger on a permanent basis just based on how the season started. Sure, he got a few minutes to start off the season, but Bayern were also trying to get Lucas Hernandez
  14. It seems like you are twisting his argument because you don't agree with it. 1. Davies is "one of the best in the world" at his position: You cannot take that away by suggesting LB is not really his position, but even if you did wouldn't that prove his point? Best in the world at LB, even though he was playing "out of position"... 2. Ansu making Bayern: You don't even comment on whether or not he would, so you are not so much twisting his point here, you are deflecting away from it. 3. On Ansu not projecting to be the best striker in the world: He is not saying he does not des
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