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  1. Last year they played at Quinn's Pointe in Barrhaven. Unfortunately, it's a fair distance away from downtown.
  2. I agree, it's strange for them to let TFC II continue in USL-1. Although, there is no "comparable league" at this time (a CSA division-2 that is a step down from CPL & up from L1O). That said, we haven't exactly heard anything about their status for 2020, so for all we know, they might end up with similar issues.
  3. Thunder Bay Chill was granted a special exception. The travel between Thunder Bay and the existing L1O teams is killer. As a result, L1O didn't want them (because of the sharp increase in costs for their teams), and TB didn't want L1O for the same issues (especially as they currently operate in a smaller region designed specifically to decrease those costs). Ontario Soccer, which governs sanctioning of provincial leagues, understood the exceptional circumstances and acted appropriately.
  4. That may be longer than expected. FC Gatineau just folded up their PLSQ operations, so don't expect any sort of step up from them. If Ottawa Fury fold, as we all fear, that leaves OSU Force in League1 Ontario as the highest-level of soccer in the capital region.
  5. I want to like this post for all the fun references, but it's also super sad... I think we need a conflicted option. I seem to remember there being a Starbucks a couple blocks away too... Haven't been in the area since the Champions launched though, so it may have been shuttered since.
  6. Good news rarely comes on a Friday. All signs are pointing to Fury folding up shop, or possibly a 1-year hiatus before a 2021 CPL relaunch, if the known troll actually struck true...
  7. Being an Eastlink television subscriber, I guess I'm streaming OneSoccer. Any word on what channels on Bell/Rogers/Telus is it supposed to air?
  8. Very true, but it can be easy enough for CONCACAF to rectify: 1.5 CCL to Canada, 3.5 spots to USA. The 0.5 spot is determined by who wins the MLS Cup. Of course, I also think the bottom-ranked US spot and the bottom-ranked MEX spot should be shunted into CONCACAF League, with the top-8 qualifying to the CCL, so take my thought here with a massive grain of salt. TFC is not getting the spot. It's unlikely that CONCACAF will do anything to anger the US or MEX in regards to CCL. All will continue, more or less, as it has previously.
  9. That's a good possibility. It's pretty tough for some guys to be away from from family. Hopefully Edmonton want to pick him up so that can be a reality for him. He was definitely overhyped. Didn't really seem to deliver at the level necessary for this team. It's too bad it didn't work out, but we need more of mix of experience & youth for the team to really perform. This year was a little too youth oriented.
  10. Click to raise the topic for CPL Bilingualism from the dead. So, K-W is rumoured to be locked in now for 2021. Any idea where they may be playing?
  11. I just realized I'm not subbed to either channel... Watch most if not all of the content, but not subbed. I guess I can boost the subscriber number a little, but I'm already paying audience so I doubt there's much real benefit...
  12. AFC Curtis has been going all season (and a little before season). It's been a great series so far. I especially like that it's usually just 10-15 minutes in length, making for a good quick-hit during my relatively short morning commute. AFC Curtis is one of three Vidcasters on the NSXI Network. He (usually) releases a new episode every Tuesday. Additionally, we also have CanPL Central, and recently Thomas Nef signed on for Canucks Abroad interview series. CanPL Central (usually) releases a new episode every Monday.
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