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  1. Then I wonder about names like Piette? Larin? Tabla? I could go on and on...well because I've been gone a very long time. So I haven't really kept up with said developments because like I said it's been a very long while. But if those names are still there within the team or the program itself, they can easily come off the bench at least. Either way Canada's 23 man squad would look pretty formidable not just starting 11 but bench wise as well.
  2. It is a good pick up for Charlton
  3. Hoilett is definitely capable and he has the experience so you gotta give it to him on that
  4. Thanks I appreciate you man and given all the hell I've gone through it is definitely great and feels great to be back. But yeah Canada obviously has the talent coming into a golden generation not just at senior level but coming up through the ranks at youth level too. I would say CSA development has come a long way like in the past decade and a half and it is only going to get better. It definitely has to get better especially considering 2026 the World Cup is going to be in our backyard. 2022 if we qualify, it is more or less a precursor or how do I phrase this showing the rest o
  5. I don't know who has boosted their stock because like I said I have not been watching soccer at all in general or even Canadian soccer to even make a fair assessment. However, what I will say is this...when it comes to Alphonso Davies they need to move him back into his natural position especially when he plays for Canada. Yeah on Bayern...he's one of the best defenders in the world but in CONCACAF he is a terror and why because offensively if he plays in his natural position in the midfield on the wing, he is damn threatening.
  6. Playing for my club Arsenal at youth level...I love it
  7. Huge accomplishment especially at U 23 level for Liverpool
  8. Considering just how long I've been gone...needing my time and my space away to deal with my personal tragedies one after another I have been paying attention to Canadian soccer. Maybe not the entire product obviously or not been watching a lot of soccer in general but kept up with it, but do I think Canada have what it takes to qualify for Qatar 2022 next year? Take it in...we are less than a year away from Qatar 2022. Qualifiers are set to start pretty soon. However, what I will say is yes Canada do obviously have the talent to qualify but what matters at least in my opinion is p
  9. Out of those players you mentioned, the only ones that I would say have unlimited potential especially in the national team set up in terms of who could be there come 2022 should we qualify or even 2026 when we host the whole thing would be: Johnson, Buchanan and St Clair
  10. I would too so on that I can agree with you
  11. Yeah well argument can be made between Costa Rica and Canada still for the 3rd best team in CONCACAF. If you're talking like overall talent, then I can agree with you up to a point. Costa Rica's goalkeeper well their sweeper keeper is still Keylor Navas at the end of the day who is still world class compared to Canada who have goalkeepers comin up. Costa Rica's offense may be on the decline but in terms of overall world rankings, they are still better than us at the moment. At least to my understanding but I don't know because I've been gone a very long time, been out of touch for too lon
  12. I agree because well the attack/counter attack would be fast and that is what you ultimately want.
  13. Chile and Canada both interested in him. I have to admit that is something but if Canada seems genuinely interested, then they may as well swing for the fences now. By that I mean cap him now and you just further add to the Canada depth chart not just for Qatar 2022 but for Canada-USA-Mexico 2026.
  14. Exactly well because the Olympics even though it comes around once every 4 years, the significance of what the Olympics is and what it is all about, what Canadian player would not want to be a part of that? Or at the very least compete for that gold medal
  15. But then which clubs have even shown an interest in him? I'm just curious because like I said once I will say it again I have not been paying attention to the Canadian product much if at all because I've been gone a very very long time since I needed that time away to deal with my grief
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