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  1. Davies is now a Bundesliga champion, a UEFA Champions League champion and wins a Rookie of the Year on top of it. What other things are left? Winning a CONCACAF Gold Cup and qualifying for the World Cup with Canada and actually playing in a World Cup
  2. Phonzie already making history and he will continue to make history with Bayern but already calling Bayern to beat PSG to win the Treble
  3. Quite a coup because Guus' track record speaks for itself with Netherlands, Australia, South Korea, etc
  4. Davies and Mbappe imagine them if they were on the same team but seeing them go up against each other...they are 2 of the youngest, fastest and most gifted players on the ball so it should make for some damn good football But to even see Davies defend Neymar will be even better...much like how we got to see him go up against the GOAT in Messi
  5. Then that's cool but Haiti, Nicaragua, Belize, St. Lucia and Turks and Caicos Islands...that group it is obvious Haiti is taking that group
  6. Seen Canada's group and honestly this is probably as good a group as Canada is gonna get...all they have to do is win this group and they get to the Octagonal. Pretty much an easy draw if you think about it. Canada, Suriname, Cayman Islands, Aruba and Bermuda...come on...if Canada cannot dominate this group, then they have no business getting to the Octagonal
  7. Canada is on the cusp of a golden generation yes I can agree with that but our players need to be playing more top flight football at top clubs but also more has to be put towards development of future players for decades to come and more emphasis on Canadian coaches
  8. To think Barcelona's front office rejected the recommendation to sign Davies...just read an article about it too.
  9. Imagine if Bayern wins Champions League after winning the Bundesliga title...Phonzie is just adding more trophies on to his resume and I love it. Now if only he could win a Gold Cup with Canada in 2021 or a CONCACAF Nations League with Canada...but he has loads of time to win international trophies with his country of Canada
  10. Seeing Davies go through Messi and company with his speed and technique to set up that goal with that assist in that 8-2 thrashing of Barca...GOD WHAT A THING OF BEAUTY
  11. Been away for a bit to deal with my grief but I just have to say that I am excited about this deal. Excited that David will not only be playing in France but playing for a top club like Lille too. I can't wait for the French Ligue 1 2020-21 season to start so I can see David in action.
  12. Finally because this deal should have been done a long time ago
  13. Yeah of course but for David if he leaves to go to Lille, yeah sure he leaves a Champions League team in Gent but he goes to a better Champions League team in Lille. Plus the French Ligue 1 is a way better league for David to play in rather than playing in Belgian league where David is no longer really being challenged. Lille is a way better team than Gent anyway. At least Lille presents him with a new challenge and French Ligue 1 has some of the best players in the world playing there right now (Mbappe, Neymar, etc)
  14. Being a Ghanaian Canadian I would love it if Andre ends up at Leeds with Bielsa especially if Bielsa wants him. However, if David ends up at Lille, then I personally would not mind it if he ends up at Lille. He replaces the Nigerian they have leaving. David would be around stars at Lille and he would also have that potential to play Champions League football/Europa League football with them. It really is a win win for David if he goes to France to play for Lille.
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