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  1. Canada faces Mexico next on October 7th and honestly playing in Mexico if we do play at the Azteca...it is going to have to take a herculean effort to beat Mexico in Mexico. At best, best we can hope for in that match is to get a point and draw with Mexico. Then after that, we face the Reggae Boyz of Jamaica on October 10th in Jamaica on the road which will not be an easy game. And then the final game in October on the 13th we face Panama at home. Now this game is basically going to be the real kicker also.
  2. But seeing yesterday's match I couldn't help but be impressed by yesterday's performance. It basically was a must win game for us heading into the break because now it doesn't get any easier in October especially when we face Mexico away, Jamaica away and Panama at home. 5 points through three games is respectable.
  3. Trying to get tickets for the Panama game especially in October and especially if it is at BMO Field
  4. Well if it is sold out tonight, then I expect a lot of Salvadorean-Canadians in attendance but obviously we will outnumber them. But at the same time, we have to, have to hit the ground running right from the opening. I expect an even bigger and better electric atmosphere in the stadium tonight and honestly I'm just so excited that our guys just pull off the win.
  5. Canada vs El Salvador tonight at BMO Field and we're playing at home...it is a must win game for us Canadians tonight!!! Only thing accepted...only thing acceptable is victory for me
  6. Tajon wins Young Player of the Tournament...this is huge but gets more teams interested in him especially when it comes time for transfer window
  7. Yeah Canada vs Sweden there bud but either way Canada vs Sweden is a match I know I'm lookin forward to
  8. Either way our women are destined for a medal. We win, we get gold. We lose, we get silver. My point being that this is huge for our women's program. Just one more step up into our evolution as far as being potential favorites for 2023 in Australia/New Zealand for the FIFA Women's World Cup.
  9. Just loving Herdman. I mean I've always been a fan of his. I mean considering what he did for our women's program taking us perhaps to our greatest heights there and then seeing what him and his team have done for our men's program; I just hope he can lead us to Qatar.
  10. Either way I can't help but love this
  11. I sure as the hell hope BMO Field gets to host Canada vs Honduras
  12. Yeah it would depending on what team in the Bundesliga he were to end up on
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