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    • Yup. But on the other hand, it's a chance for him to represent his country, for world cup qualification no less. Would not be easy to decline for a player who has never been capped by Canada at any level (as far as I know).  Perhaps it would take a lot of maturity on his part to decline if he's less than optimal. Hopefully though he is optimal and gets at least 1 game under his belt to prove it. That's obviously the ideal scenario for everyone. 
    • For sure. If he doesn't want to be rushed back into play, that makes sense. 
    • Precisely my thoughts. The excuse this time will be that we are waiting on senior team commitments before finalizing our roster and sending them down, but there's always something, isn't there?  If you want to be the best, you have to find a way.  
    • I think the odds of him being out are 50/50. Will he be in optimal game shape and rhythm? Is it the best timing to bring him in? I am pretty bullish on him because of his potential, but the injury really casts doubt for me, even if he does heal quickly, which I hope he does.
    • FYP. I wish we could think about doing this.  It's the little proactive stuff that makes the difference. We consistently lack this in our program...and money shouldn't** be the excuse. 
    • Mixed feelings on BMO.  Started out as some cheap metal bleachers and got some polish.  Currently a bit of a Frankenstein structure.  Will be interesting to see what happens for the World Cup.  I assume there will be a new North stand to reach 40k capacity.   Ideally there would be a renovated Lamport for the Argos and Rugby
    • Hopefully Scott didn't get COVID, and if he did, I hope he doesn't get a bad case and recovers swiftly. The details are here: https://www.ssv-jahn.de/alle-neuigkeiten/news-im-detail/dfb-pokalspiel-gegen-bremen-abgesagt/ Prior to their previous match vs Paderborn (the one where Scott came off injured) the head coach (Mersad Selimbegovic) got COVID. He was in isolation and the assistant coach (Sebastian Dreier) was actually the man in charge for the match. After the match, they ran a new batch of tests and more than one new positive case showed up. Given that that there are now at least 3 cases in total (the staff and players), the whole team is logically in lockdown. The DFB Pokal semi finals are scheduled for early May, and the final is scheduled for mid-May so there is plenty of time in the calendar to play this match in mid-March or April. Werder Bremen aren't playing Champions League or Europa League so a reschedule should be easy (Unlike the other quarterfinalists, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Borussia Dortmund & RB Leipzig who are all in the Champions League). Hopefully it's late April and Scott is healthy again.
    • I'm curious why we're so sure he'll be out? This quarantine is only 2 weeks long, so there'll still be a week and a half until the Bermuda game when that's over. If he takes less than 4 weeks to recover from injury, he'll still be back in time, right? 
    • Pretty good timing to pick up an injury, at least!
    • Herdman interview with Wheeler.  A lot of the usual fluff from Herdman, but still worth watching.  
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