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  1. What have you been smoking, dropping Tajon he has been almost as impactful as Davies so far , like seriously!
  2. Nice stadium and great crowd a proper soccer stadium , makes me want to go watch a game there .
  3. Hopefully Larin gets healthy these are three tricky games coming up .
  4. Well Okello started and played the whole game , nothing special but did his job out there didn’t look out of place . This team has no strikers at the moment that you can put in there and have a chance of scoring. Good to see Okello starting and going 90 minutes though.
  5. This Antonio guy looks scary just saw him get the winning goal for West Ham against Leeds in injury time. The guy is a beast and scored a great goal .
  6. Ok cool, in terms of expansion it’s always been trying to get into most of the major tv markets in the US for the MLS. Therefore, Phoenix and Detroit come too mind for future expansion I would think . I think expansion stops once they are in most of the biggest TV markets . Bringing this back to the CPL now yes they need to be in the big cities but as Halifax has shown I think the CPL’s potential in smaller markets is huge . That’s why I would love to see cities like London , Windsor, Kitchener, Regina , Quebec City , Moncton in the CPL . I think the MLS is almost done with it’s expansion apart from a few more , however, the CPL has much more expansion to do and the cities are there just need to get the right owners on board .
  7. At this point I don’t think a merger is ever happening not in the foreseeable future anyways , however, this is probably the best compromise both leagues have come up with. I haven’t looked into it thoroughly yet , but have they decided how they are going to do this? Is it going to be a one game knockout March Madness sort of thing or are they doing a World Cup groups phase thing? Moreover, is this going to be taken place in selected cities hosting these games or will teams be playing in their own stadiums?
  8. Don’t think Dallas is going anywhere, they just renovated that stadium and it also houses the American soccer hall of fame . The place fits around 20000 and they usually get 15000 or so it’s perfect for them and they own it and get most of the revenue from soccer and other events that happen there . Colorado needs to try and do what Columbus did and build a stadium in downtown Denver like Columbus did in downtown Columbus. Chicago just needed to move back to downtown Chicago and if things work out will hopefully build their own soccer stadium downtown, but they first need to put a winning team on the field , they have been so bad forever.
  9. Don’t know good question , also with the new World Club Cup happening in the next few years a club World Cup that will be staged the same way as the World Cup , I’m assuming this Leagues Cup will probably also qualify teams to the Club World Cup along with the new CONCACAF Champions League . But in the end should make for some exciting times for the fans of all these competitions.
  10. Well then it would also devalue Liga Mex ? I think it’s just about how someone looks at things in terms of what fans find more important. I think it has the making of being a good tournament in the future , anytime you play a Liga Mex team there is just something different and exciting about these games and this tournament has the potential of being something pretty cool in the future .
  11. It’s a tournament between the MLS and Liga Mex all teams in both leagues will take part. With some Champions Leagues spots available depending on where you finish. The MLS and Liga Mex finding ways to work together a win win for both leagues.
  12. Edwards starting and playing for LAFC at Portland in the second half right now .
  13. Well he is playing now hopefully he pulls a Laryea or an Osorio and hardly comes off the field again.
  14. So every game in the Europa League seems to be on DAZN it seems today but the Basel game , it doesn’t seem to be on DAZN, strange.
  15. It would be great to see Canada win a World Championship again in baseball .😉
  16. How do you poach players that are born or raised in your country like almost 100 percent of players on the French national team who are either born and raised in France or are raised in France and went to live there at a very young age ? Am I missing something here?
  17. Well let’s hope these owners stick with it this time and give the league a chance to grow and not throw in the towel like in years past with pro soccer teams and leagues in Canada.
  18. That’s what you do if you support a club you support them from the good times and bad . I’m also a Napoli supporter in Serie A and have supported them even before Maradona and then even when they fell down to Italy’s third division . But I criticize them when I think they are screwing up , but I never stop supporting them . I’ve supported TFC since they started . I supported the Toronto Blizzard in the NASL and in the old CSL . I’ll support TFC until I go but does not mean I can’t be critical of them. They are utter shit right now but I’m not going to stop supporting them because then what kind of supporter would that make me. Could they have played more Canadians over the years instead of Americans yes maybe . Is there a US player bias over Canadians, well sometimes it can look like that but for all the Canadians that have left TFC that have gone to do well for other teams , a vast majority have not succeeded as well once they left, in the end sometimes players were just not good enough it actually happens you would be surprised. I think what they need to do is to move a lot quicker in loaning players out instead of keeping them and not having them have much playing time , this is where I think has to change going forward loam more players out . But in the end will support this team until I go , but will always be critical when they are shit like the present.
  19. Some complain about York’s attendance but looking at the stands it’s not like this Hamilton attendance is that much better at least for this game . I think if they can find away to market this York team a bit they can get a few more people in the stands .
  20. Played for who the first team? The first team won 3-0 today .
  21. Yup the sad sad part are hearing stories of people who played soccer all their life growing up and having no clue about the Canadian men’s national team. If these people can’t get engaged about the men’s soccer team how can we expect to get sports fans that never played the game have no connection to the game to get into the team. I think soccer will always suffer here in Canada with the fact that unlike the other sports that are popular here, the big leagues for soccer are not here, the big leagues are in Europe and I think this plays a part in following domestic soccer and even the national team, that mentality that they are watching second rate soccer in their minds . It’s a mentality that permeates through a big portion of sports fans here in Canada and North America in general .
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