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  1. So we're officially better than Costa Rica? I didn't get the memo. I know they're getting up there in age, but they're still a very talented group that are great at grinding out results when it counts. They also have tonnes of experience playing in major MAJOR tournaments together. I wouldn't underestimate their experience and synergy which are the two things we have very little of. We're getting better every game, however underestimating opponents would be foolish, just ask our neighbors to the south.
  2. I have no idea what you're talking about. Wait, are you accusing us of bias? US? You must be a crazy person, i suggest hard medication and some serious introspect my friend. I'm thouroughly insulted, I'm sure everyone else here is too.
  3. I hate that this thought has even crossed my mind, and I really hope it isn't the case, however...... Is it possible Theo rubs coaches the wrong way? It's still early in the tournament, I hope we see him a bit more, but gotta say, he had the same issue at Wolves where no one understood why he wasn't getting minutes, even non-Canadian fans were questioning it. He obviously has skill and flash, he's the kinda guy you'd want in these games. Hopefully he just picked up a knock.
  4. I heard they're just playing on FIFA to play it safe.
  5. Well perfect then! Lets bring back Sirois to teach Pantemis a lesson for giving up a goal dicking around with the ball in his own box and send Tabla to CPL. No?
  6. Word on the street is Talba is finally back in training with CF Montreal after a long recovery from injury. Would love to see him loaned out to a CPL club, to get minutes and shake off the rust.
  7. 4-4-2 is looking and sounding better and better. As much as the wingback role suits guys like Davies, Laryea and Tajon, I feel we're suffering everywhere else, the guys just aren't gelling and we're fielding an extra CB just to reinforce, but weakening the field by doing so. Only change I'd make to your 11 is swap Laryea for Johnston if we're playing a much better opponent like Mexico. Aaaaaand maybe go to more of a 4-5-1 vs the big boys, by throwing in Hutch, Arfield and Eustaquio in the middle with only David up top, supported by Davies and Tajon on the wings. Good luck defending that! We could literally play hoofball all night long staying deep and just send it up for them to chase and wreak havoc. I can't sit still just thinking about that 11!
  8. Could you imagine ending up with a few injuries after the 1st round group phase, and we show up to the 2nd round with David, Davies, Arfield, Hutch, Kennedy..... I'd pay just to see the jaws drop.
  9. Agreed, I feel we need to adapt. We're not at the point where we can impose our game vs the best 8 of CONCACAF. The 3 CB is still a work in progress, we can use it vs the minnows, but I'm thinking we lean towards the 4-4-2 vs the big boys. However it's not an easy adjustment, it takes a lot of practice to master and gel, especially when they only play together every couple of months.
  10. Aside from losing tonight and the injuries, my biggest regret is now we won't see if Mexico would've intentionally finished 2nd to face us instead of the US, or if they'd go all in regardless of the next opponent.
  11. Played as a LCB again. I don't think he was specifically at fault for any of the 4 goals against, but CB doesn't seem to suit him much either. He looked more lively when moving the ball forward as opposed to defending.
  12. Nice! Aside from Vitoria not getting more than 2 days rest, this is the most logical and common sense lineup. We're going for it, while also being conservative. Hope we see Theo come in at some point.
  13. You said the key word, “intensity”. Won’t be easy to match and contain a guy like Quioto. When he’s on, he’s just on another level of intensity. If we show up anywhere near as lackadaisical as last match he’ll tear up our back line. Miller knows this, Henry can get baited vs a guy like him.
  14. Wow, whatta homecoming. Quite something. Sucks I couldn't go due to the 2nd vaccine dose knocking the crap out of me.
  15. Do you know something we don't? How do you assume Mexico automatically wins the group? Just a few facts: - Mexico plays after us. - They're currently BEHIND El Salvador in their group. - They will obviously prefer to face us, meaning even if we beat the US, Mexico just needs to layoff the pedal and aim for a tie and they face us instead. Knowing all this, how can you say we're better off giving it our all and risking cards, tired players and not giving the bench a good run out in case we need them later? We might be forced to play Sturing, Ayo, Paton, Corbeanu later, might as well play them now. Is there something i'm missing?
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