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  1. Strange feeling when you watch a heart breaking loss in the last ten seconds and yet still really enjoyed the game and the team. So much fun watching these guys. You can just feel and tell there are good things coming. Nancy is doing amazing things. Quickly undoing the damage and system Garde and Henry had going. Miller is really stepping up, this guy is quickly showing he can become the CB Canada so badly needs.
  2. There's our man, front and center!
  3. You gotta be kidding. Ok seriously, i'm curious, how many guys exactly do you have ahead of Arfield at this point?
  4. I have a hard time seeing them move away from the back 3, their roster is built on this setup. Besides outside of Orlando, Miller is a CB.
  5. That being said, Piette had a monster game last night. He ain't done with CANMNT. I wasn't the biggest fan a little while back, I felt he was a really one-dimensional player, but he has really developped and improved on that.
  6. I'm sure it'll happen, the slower players (ie: Struna) tend to accumulate cards pretty quick. Camacho has been keeping it clean, but we all know his tendency for brain farts, it's just a matter of time. Even with Binks returning soon, I'm confident we'll see good rotation. Nancy definitely likes to mix it up. That being said, the middle-D and senior role seems to suit Camacho. I'd say he's more responsible when given more responsibility. I'd hate to see a dip in his form when Binks comes back. I'd expect to see Binks in the middle with MIller left and Camacho right. Hopefully t
  7. Also need to mention Renard's role here, he's the man behind the curtain.
  8. Or Garde for that matter. The depth is the most impressive part, lineup keeps getting mixed up and they're still performing. I'm absolutely loving Nancy thus far.
  9. He's a midfielder. How is 7 goals and 6 assists a bad thing?
  10. He is indeed a game changer, when healthy he is one of our best.
  11. Only way I could see the head-to-head goal difference giving a different result is if they count away goals, that would give it to Besiktas since the scored one at Galatasaray.
  12. Especially if one also puts Hutch in the 11. Their familiarity with each other can't be ignored. Hutch has sent him some nice balls at Besiktas, you'd assume the same with CANMNT.
  13. Not sure which smiley to use for this... laughing or sad. Need a face for pathetic.
  14. Not just a starter, he was also a solid contributor and a big part of their success. 4G 5A in 1142 minutes.
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