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  1. Definitely seeing and getting some DSC vibes here. Totally different player from one match to the next. Some moments of brilliance, and then we have the last 2 weeks. Mind you, the whole team is falling apart around him so I could understand that situation might be complicated from a focus perspective. Lots of them have looked awful.
  2. Great example. But the issue on TFC was not just one loose cannon and the most extreme of all extremes. The whole dressing room was lost. Everyone was leaking shit to the media. No one was managed, it was a complete disaster and his name was specifically mentioned as an issue. We're wasting our time with this one, we don't know what his role will be or even if he will have a role. Either way, an assistant coach has influence. MY angle and humble opinion is I want to see more from Bradley before seeing him anywhere near CANMNT, he's been part of some serious toxicity and shown weak and unprofessional leadership and I'm not comfortable with that. You can choose to disagree, I'm fine with that.
  3. Dude, not everything is soo black and white. Just cause you can't run as fast as Davies, doesn't mean it can't be done. Keep it real.
  4. For the second time... he's responsible for making sure his feelings for his father don't affect his ability to do his job and play the role of a leader. An adult who cannot separate personal feelings from career is not someone who belongs in a leadership role. It's all over the internet that the players did not trust him and could not talk to him. This only happens when people make wild claims like Vitoria still being an option without having seen a game of his in months or not being able to admit documented facts that both Bradley's lost the locker room. Well, for one, I commented on the subject which was a rumour about Bradley being assistant. That is 100% inline with what we're all doing here. People gave their opinions and I gave mine. I didn't spam anyone, every comment was in reply to another. 2- Everyone here knows you attack anyone and everyone that says anything even close to real and negative about a TFC player, coach or their development issues. 3- You don't or can't seem to understand I actually support TFC. I just call it like it is. Maybe I spent too much time in Holland.
  5. I remember someone posting a photo here from the last window where he's standing next some other players and it would seem he's grown a lot the past few months. Definitely taller than AJ.
  6. Honestly man, go read your posts. You argue incessantly about things you clearly don't grasp or aren't following while claiming other peoples posts and opinions are nonsense. Get a grip, try to understand you don't know it all and have been proven wrong. I wasn't trying to insult the level you played or have not played at, i'm truly sorry if it came out that way. It was purely in reference to not understanding dressing room dynamics and the role assistant coaches and captains play. I don't know how else to say it, but you were wrong, and most people would eventually realize that and admit it instead of digging in.
  7. Difference is I've also been a critic of Sirois, Crepeau, Vitoria, Miller, MacGraw, Choiniere, Borjan, Piette.... I've also supported and pushed for JMR, Gavran, "the Italians", do you see a pattern? There is no bias, I just call it like it is without allegiance. Know what else? So has the media and anyone else who's been watching them. Just honest commentary which is what we're here for. Take this how you will, but this is more than you can say for yourself. Connecting comments about Bradley to anti-TFC bias is a stretch. Being pissed off about all the Bradley crap is actually pretty normal. I'm a fan and they screwed things up, the team was better than that, and I'm annoyed by it. It's passion which is normal for a supporter. Lots of CANMNT and even guys that turned down CANMNT bring out the worst of some of us. But to come on here and argue against every single honest comment about anyone who plays or played for TFC is not the point of this forum. Bare minimum here, should be to remove the club goggles at the door and discuss things from a CANMNT perspective.
  8. Go back and read again, more than one is saying it. But whatever you do, don't leave this forum, would hate for you realize what the outside world thinks of your darling.
  9. Sorry man. I'll stop now. Have a good rest of the day!
  10. I will give you one fun fact not related to playing time, but to the captaincy, I turned down the captain role on a team my dad coached when I was 14. Crazy, even a child knew it wasn't right. Same thing happened to my friend when he was 16 and his dad was coach. This is pee-wee level common sense.
  11. No, that was a reply to Bigandy's comment about captains not influencing star players.
  12. It's about controlling the ability to have the conversation with his daddy and the players that had issues with it. The issue with players not trusting and feeling they could not speak to MB about the team issues is well documented.
  13. Dude, I got news for you if you think all TFC fans support Bradley and only non-TFC fans are criticizing his record the past 3 years. Better stay here and not venture onto other platforms if you don't wanna be shocked. Assuming any reality based negative comment towards an ex-TFC player is bias by a non-TFC fan is clear bias on your part.
  14. If you believe this, you've never played competitive sports in your life. A captain does manage star players on every team in every sport in the world. That is fact, your post is nonsense and ill-informed. I don't know what else to tell you, maybe try to watch Ted Lasso as an intro to the subject.
  15. Honestly, this says it all. Just this one line explains the whole thing better than anything else can. He could clearly control this, he just didn't want to and let his personal feelings and ego lead. If a player, captain, coach, employee, etc... cannot separate his personal feelings or relationships from the job at hand, you are not cut out for the role. Tough conversations and decisions are part of everyday life. He's shown he does not have this quality or ability, which is the base of why I don't want to see him anywhere near CANMNT.
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