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  1. Hoilett for Piette Miller for Osorio push Davies up. 4-2-4 nothing to lose at this point
  2. He made the winger look like the 19 year old. Seems like he just kept letting himself fall everytime Davies covered him in the last 20. Looked like he had no more gas and ideas to try to get around him. His dribbling, passing and confidence with the ball looked great. Dominant performance.
  3. The Score had Sancho playing central. Was he really playing on Davies side? If thats the case... Canada’s wonderkind trumps Britains wonderkind. Quick! Get Tomori on the line!!!
  4. I read this 7 times, chills all over my body. Coming from Ribery on top of that.
  5. OK, but where's Alphonso Davies? Sorry! I just had to.... peace!
  6. Here's my 11: ————-David - Cavallini Davies - Hutch - Piette - Arfield - Laryea ——-Cornelius - Vitoria - Henry - Gives us the most flexibility, with a defensive focus. Davies and Laryea can rotate going forward, yet still be available to cover at the back with their pace and stamina. - We’d still be ridiculously dangerous on the counter. - If we go down a goal, we bring in Osorio and Hoilett
  7. I like, but i don't think Herdman goes with the box midfield in back to back games, especially on the road. I expect a little more defensive focus.
  8. Mostly looks good, however: Estaquio > Wotherspoon Millar > Borges Estaquio i could almost understand, due to limited playing time due to the injury, but how does Borges make the 18 over Millar? Just a tip of the hat to CPL? Or do you actually see Borges bringing more to the game/team than Millar?
  9. This is it! First start as a winger for Bayern. If he seizes this moment he can cement his role as a winger, (perhaps not at Bayern) but they'll see his true value and end the d-man experiment. So much at stake, even for Canada.
  10. Hold on, maybe he's just participating in the camp. We've seen this before, if he doesn't touch the field he doesn't get capped. Perhaps his goal is to make the Dutch sweat a little and get their **** straight? Just a few weeks ago he said he wanted to play for Holland and was disappointed at not getting a call up. Perhaps it pissed him off, but i still think just shows up but doesn't play. Hoping!
  11. Thats just weird, and it sucks! An in form Dest, Pulisic beaming with new found confidence..... not what we need. At least Bernhalter is still there to mess the system up.
  12. USL or CPL, yes. MLS not even as a backup, he'll be targeted. He crashed and burned pretty bad in MLS. Was given several opportunities with different teams, just too many brain farts. IMO Wandrille Lefevre had a way higher ceiling, but never got as many chances, ended up wasting the most important formative years of his carear on the bench. He's now a big shot accountant.
  13. Oh, you mean right around the time he started working with John Herdman for CANMNT? Coincidence?
  14. Me too. If we didn't start our best 9 at home, i'd be surprised to see him start on the road. Perhaps come on if we're trailing. At the same time... Herdman likes to surprise. He's anything but conventional.
  15. If they all started on even footing today, i believe Curacao and Canada are the strongest of the teams you mention, also sounds like a really fun tournament to watch! Once we factor in CONCACAF refs, no VAR, and all that, i agree that i'd rather not play that tournament if high stakes are involved. However, if we're worried about playing those 6 teams, why exactly are we looking to go to the World Cup? Maybe we're better off having fun with Nations League and be done with it. Its an awful long drive to the restaurant just to see it if you can't afford and enjoy a drink, meal and dessert once you arrive. I feel we can out play these guys, just depends on if CONCACAF can give us a fair and even playing field.
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