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  1. Quite some time has passed since the Gold Cup, and we've all had time to reflect and digest some of the decisions and results. I see things very differently from pre-GC and even post-GC. Just wanna throw this out there and get some feedback, I can't be the only one, bear with me…. Going into the US match, we all know what and where our weakest link is. The US knows that too. They'll be driving it up our left side with Pulisic all day and night. We'll find ourselves behind before Davies, Cavallini, David and Hoilett are even warmed up. Now, if Bayern f'in Munich think Davies might be a solution at LB, who are we as Canadian soccer fans - who haven't even smelled or seen success in 30 years - to even question that? We're a 16 year old rich kid who wants to drive his Ferrari before having gotten his drivers permit, just wants to drive it without understanding what he's actually got. The Ferrari in this case, is not just Davies, but the combination of Davies, Cavallini, David, Hoilett, Kaye, Arfield, etc…… I've seen people on here are propose starting vs the US with everything from Arfield, Kaye, Hutch, Cavallini, Hoilett, etc… on the bench. That’s just insane. Our top 6 can play vs the best of CONCACAF and even the US, we need to have them all on the field, none of this super-sub ********. We're severely lacking quality, experience and just general soccer instinct at the back. The two games vs the US will define our path to Qatar. The idea of putting our best 11 on the field isn't such a bad one in this case. We'll have time (2 years) to develop Miller into our starting LB if we do well vs the US. If playing Davies at LW means we have to play David at RW and Hoilett sees the bench, it doesn't seem so dumb to play Davies at LB when Bayern f'in Munich seems to think he's doing well there. Call it what you want, but on the heat map, this is what I want to see ------------Cavallini --------------David ----Hoilett /Kaye / Arfield ------Piette Davies / Cornelius / Vitoria / Laryea Piette plays ahead of the CB's favoring and supporting Davies on the left. Kaye and/or Arfield alternating def/off duties David playing just behind Cavallini Hoilett joining the attack often, trident mode with Cav and David, with Kaye and Arfield picking up the pieces and providing the second wave. Eustaquio - I'll wait to see how is return goes, knee injuries are not easy to come back from. USA wouldn't dare play arrogant with those threats just waiting to pounce and counter attack The other option for the home game is to go for broke, Conte style, and just go nuts with a 4-2-4: Davies / Cavallini / David / Hoilett --------------Arfield / Kaye Miller / Cornelius / Vitoria / Laryea And then bunker down, park the bus for the away game.
  2. Having Johnson, Wotherspoon and Larin in there also didn't help with out attacking either.
  3. Except I feel Kaye and Arfield aren't really at their best as defensive mids. I feel they'll, along with David, be stepping all over each others toes in a 4-2-3-1. I prefer pushing David a little further up (4-4-2) and have Arfield and Kaye rotate defensive/offensive duties.
  4. I didn't say i'd put Hoilett and Davies at striker. You seemed to ask where the goals would come from and i said, they're capable of putting them in from the wings. As for #9 pecking order, we play one man up top and you're worried about who our forth is? This is what i got: 1. Cavallini 2. David 3. Akindele 4. Millar I hope Larin finds a way out of his slump and proves me wrong, but he's produced very little the past two years. Peace man.
  5. With all due respect, Akindele has 9 goals since March, he's a proven goal scorer. Davies can fill the net from the left, Hoilett can also do that from the right. Liam Millar is also a striker. I hate to sound arrogant, but this ain't CANMNT 2016, we have guys that know how to find the net. Larin has proven, beyond doubt, that he can't hit a target at the moment. Like I said, we don't owe him anything, CANMNT needs to play their best 11, not try to help players get their careers on track.
  6. Agreed, its gotta be 4-4-2 vs the USA in order to have our best players on the field at the right places. 4-3-3 does not suit our best 11 - we get odd man out scenarios or people playing at the wrong place. 4-2-3-1 forces us to play guys out of position David needs to play a central role, we're wasting him out wide LB is still a huge question mark - we needed to see Cordova - at this point I guess I stick with Miller, he's got the most longterm potential. Larin needs to stay in Belgium until he proves otherwise. CANMNT shouldn't need to save his career, seems like thats what we're trying to do. He hasn't earned a start in 2 years. Henry needs therapy - he's got the athleticism and instinct. -------Cavallini - David Davies - Kaye - Arfield - Hoilett Miller/Adekugbe - Cornelius - Vitoria - Laryea Unless we wanna go ultra-defensive: -------Cavallini - David Davies / Kaye / Piette / Arfield / Laryea -----Miller / Vitoria / Cornelius *Hoilett super-sub
  7. Yes ok, but Cordova has and can play on the left. That was always the intention. We needed to see if he's better than Adekugbe & Miller at the moment. MIller probably passes him in 2-3 years, but we needed to find our best option vs the USA.
  8. But what drives me nuts the most is how we got another look at Adekugbe, Johnson and Wotherspoon, but no looks at Cordova.
  9. Its funny, seems like everyone forgot Wotherspoon actually played in this match! 2 things stand out most: - 15 minutes in we noticed the Cubans made the Canadians afraid to touch the ball for too long or they'd get hacked. It worked! - Wotherspoon, Johnson and Larin were squeaky wheels and unbalanced the whole team. It was like watching a sports car with a spare tire on. Johnson got better, but he still doesn't belong. He works hard, but he's just in the way and going the wrong direction. He was ok for CANMNT in 2014, but not now.
  10. Exactly, but we already knew this. Its not like he'd go to Norway and change his DNA. We needed to see Cordova, perhaps Henry's red also messed up that opportunity. Really unfortunate.
  11. 74, and i’m on my phone cause i can’t watch, terrified the wheels will come off again!
  12. One goal lead, down to 10 men.... next 20 minutes shows us if we’ve Improved on the mental toughness....
  13. Anyone know what this does to the concacaf standings? Geez, i’m biting my nails here. I didn’t expect the game to be this close. Cuba is still in it, it’ll hurt if we mess this up.
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