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  1. Perhaps CR, Jamaica and Honduras aren't *much* better than Haiti, Panama and Curacao, but they're a lot more experienced at high level soocer and tournaments, this makes them much harder to beat.
  2. As a first generation, born in Canada, Canadian...... I can honestly say nothing makes me feel non-Canadian and not as accepted as being a soccer fanatic. People literaly raise an eyebrow when they see me on this site or when I bring up soccer at work or when hanging out with friends. I totally feel like an outsider whenever something soccer comes up. That does make me connect more with my EU roots, even though I consider myself 100% Canadian. I just don't understand how the radio can talk about last nights hockey game for 12 hours straight, followed by 12 hours previewing the next hockey game with maybe 30 minutes of other sports coverage. I respect it, but i don't understand it or fit in.
  3. I prefer to see MIller develop as a CB, as opposed to LB.
  4. I don't see how we can blame Herdman for this one. Making all 6 changes wasn't gonna change anything, continuity is important in soccer. Its like changing all 5 cards in poker, it rarely gets you a better hand. Lets face it, even if they weren't all Iceland starters, we faced a good, well organized, physical and experienced Iceland team. We had limited weapons up top and it showed. Iceland was very organized defensively. We just couldn't break them down. Their CB's seemed quite an upgrade compared to ours. Miller and Didic were ok, but not as quick mentally and physically, however i feel they'll get better. I saw no sense of urgency from either Ricketts or Tesho. Seems they just didn't grasp what a win last night meant for CANMNT. Bassong, Nelson and Brym seemed to understand and left it all on the field. Osorio, Piette and Fraser clicked and played well. Crepeau could've done better.
  5. I'd still rather give the depth a runout vs the minnows and reserve the decent opposition for our starters.
  6. Wasn’t Miller the one caught flat footed when the ball dropped right in front of the goal scorer.
  7. Yes. Whites out from time to time. However clock still works, so its between the camera and the output that it gets lost.
  8. I really hope it works out for all! Leave the past in the past, fresh slate for all. Its a tall order, but I wanna see him challenging for a starting spot with CANMNT. Thats what we expected of him 3-4 years ago. It’ll be difficult to make up for all that lost time and experience. This will be a year long project. No way he walks into the Impacts starting lineup this spring considering how rusty he must be.
  9. Thank you @BuzzAndSting, for your time and effort. It's very appreciated. We all owe you one!
  10. Left back huh? Not everyday you see a left back to that.
  11. This is ridiculous. Twilghtzone stuff I say. A 19 year old Canadian voted player of the month for Bayern firetruckin Munich. Just doesn't compute.
  12. This. Respect and peace, from an Impact fan.
  13. Lots of replies regarding my earlier comment re: Godinho. I'll just comment one last time to clear up any misunderstandings. Sorry if this is the wrong board, but its related to yesterday match so i guess its relevant. Gold Cup: - ZBG played one game vs the toughest oponent, played fair, equivalent to the rest of the team and we didn't see him again. - Godinho played two minnows, didn't impress, and played again vs Haiti where he failed horribly. In the last 45 minutes he was directly responsible for 2 goals, and the entire build up of play on the 3rd goal. - His errors are the main reason Canada finds themselves behind El Salvador today. The rest of the team played well enough to hold the lead vs Haiti. Who knows what Canada could've accomplished if they held that game. Vs Barbados: Without checking, I believe around 4 people on this site instantly guessed Godinho was responsible for the PK without seeing the game or hearing any live feed. We just knew, its obvious seeing him play those few games. He lacks focus and tries too hard to make up for his errors in his own zone. I realize it hurts some of his fanboys to read that, but we were right. His foul was responsible for the PK. Yes two others made mistakes, but they didn't give up a PK. A goal doesn't count until the ball crosses the line. Saying the guy certainly would've scored if he hadn't fouled him is bull****, even Canada hit a bunch of posts yesterday. That's the reality of soccer. You can take a chance, but usually you're just better off hoping the guy will miss without comiting an obvious foul in the box (and risking a red). That's where maturity, defensive instinct, split second decision making and defensive responsibility comes in. Godinho has shown us he doesn't have any of those at the moment. He needs to work on that at club level, not with the CANMNT jersey on while we're trying to qualify for the world ****** cup! Of course i hope he figures his stuff out and develops into a responsible and proper RB. There is nothing i'd like more than for him to make me come back to this post and eat my words. I hope Herdman just felt bad for the guy and wanted to give him a shot at redemption.
  14. How many more Godinho screw ups to you need to witness until you finally admit what we already all know?
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