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  1. It's explained in detail pretty well here: https://impactsoccer.com/news.php?id=2042, but you'll have to translate if you don't speak French.
  2. Unfortunately, CPL really is the best he and we can hope for. We all wanted it to work for him, but anyone who's seen his games the past 2-3 years can tell you his body can't take 90 minutes. Its strange, he's young, seems in shape, but just doesn't have the stamina. He's utterly gassed at 60-65 minutes, and that's without even covering much ground. If he does last more than 75 minutes he gets carted off from injury. Its the weirdest thing. I don't know if its just the way his body is or poor training/diet. No choice but to use him as a sub if you're a goal down, otherwise if you s
  3. I still don't understand how people were writing this guy off a few months ago as over the hill and not a clear starter for CANMNT. I won't name you, but you are crazy!
  4. They call him the octopus, he can do it all and be at all places at once.
  5. I call a brace for David today! It’s time.
  6. So much fun seeing these two combine like that in Europe. It's a great opportunity for Larin to learn from the greatest Canadian thus far.
  7. Looked great tonight! I didn't even know who he was until a 3-4 months ago (thanks to you guys and this site). Its only the 3rd game i've seen him play and he's impressed in each.
  8. And i really hope CSA is actually behind this, not just Herdman doing this best and keeping in touch with the players on his own initiative.
  9. I didn't know that. He should put that on his coaching resume as a hint to his dedication and character.
  10. Awful news, Wanyama officially out for IMFC’s playoff match. https://www.tsn.ca/montreal-impact-s-victor-wanyama-out-for-playoff-opener-1.1554013?tsn-amp
  11. That comment makes me believe you're more of a ref than player or coach. One thing for sure, is you haven't played a semi-organized team sport with a coach ever, or in a really long time. Let me tell you... lining up with players you don't know is not easy. Ask Jonathan David. Club form means NOTHING when you're on a different team. The other teams not playing friendlies either don't believe they can qualify for the WCQ, don't care, or just don't have the money. If Bermuda had Davies, David and Eustaquio, they'd be donating money to their Soccer Fed out of their own pockets. F
  12. Ok seriously man, has there been any public indication of any kind of the CSA's plans? Yes, Herdman, said they were trying, but a coach will always say they're trying. I haven't heard or seen anything besides that.
  13. Oh man, are we're doing this to ourselves again? Is there any official word about a Dec/Jan camp? Or just more assuming and hearsay? I know I sound down and negative, but I just can't take anymore CSA bullshit. I need to protect myself. The way things are going, it feels like they'll just roll the dice and just show up to the GC and WCQ with no camps and pray the players just make it happen on their own.
  14. 1 practice is better than 0 practice. 2 practices are better than 1 practice........ The WCQ, Gold Cup, etc.. don't happen on paper. We don't win cause we have Davies, David, Eustaquio and because it'd be a great swan song for Hutchinson. We need to get on the field, try different formations and players, otherwise its pointless to show up there and hope for the best. An 11 doesn't just come together and perform at the peak, regardless of who's in the team.
  15. I understand the Covid thing and the concern, but no one can defend the decision at this point. It's bullshit, they lied, there never was a game being planned. I could be wrong, but they seem to be the first country to come out and say "due to covid, we're cancelling our non-announced friendly with a make believe opponent". Did they really expect other countries to follow their lead and not take advantage of the opportunity to cap new players, get some game time, get players to know each other better? Has the CSA not realized the rest of the world takes soccer puckin seriously and the
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