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  1. Since we all know its coming, I'm gonna say it now..... The next person that claims or assumes Hutch has retired from Intl football should automatically get banned and banished from this board. I've seriously had it with the lunacy and lack of respect towards our greatest. He's retired when he says he's retired.
  2. Name one player that's never played in a WC, who finally gets a solid chance to qualify, yet chose to retire from INTL game a year before that opportunity came. I'll wait.....
  3. We've been saying this for at least a year now regarding Hutch and Arfield, yet people still come on here and keep repeating the same baseless crap claiming to have read something between the lines or heard something that was never said. It's annoying and lacks respect.
  4. I feel bad that you feel you need to explain yourself. You don't need to defend yourself. Nothing was wrong with your comment, you're not a journalist, this isn't a news report, its a casual CANMNT forum where we post our thoughts and opinions. It's a sad day if we've reached the point where all our comments need to be reviewed and edited before posting. A lot of us do this while taking a coffee at work, we understood the point and how it was written. Like not following CWNT is sexist all of a sudden? Is it racist if one follows SerieA but not Ligue1? Is it also insulting to som
  5. I might be good for the results on the field short term. However negative for the long term project they're trying to build. The team is now built for Henry's style of play (3-5-2) and he has backups for every position. They had a tonne of holes last year for the formation he used. He and Renard seem aligned it would be a pity to have to start from scratch again. All this has got to be taking it's toll on Saputo, he just can't catch a break. Montreal is such a fickle city.
  6. Holy shit, it never gets old or any less surprising. The dude must've been like "WTF man, no need to make me look that bad"
  7. Maybe he's waiting for Jozy to leave the Toronto area before announcing?
  8. Hope so, if not we might actually get to see Breza compete vs Diop and Pantemis on CFM. Wouldn't be surprised to see Saputo ship him over instead of having him sit on the bench for too long over there.
  9. So, Pantemis > Breza due to 270 "better" minutes in MLS? So we don't count Breza's 2190 "better" minutes in Serie C vs USL/CPL? Sorry dude, I don't see it. Even counting Pantemis' less than convincing MLS minutes when Diop was out of the country. The rest of the resumes lean sharply towards Breza's camp. I just don't see how one compares USL/CPL to Serie C. I look forward to that day, but it's not the case now. This coming from a hopeful fan of Pantemis, looking forward to the day he wins the CFM starting role.
  10. Isn't Hoilett just back from a little injury where he missed 3-4 weeks? Perhaps just managing a slow return?
  11. Weah's also giving Galtier headaches in a good way. David and Weah seem to be combining well on and off the field.
  12. maybe that's why. they don't want to see soccer pickup. its not ideal for commercial breaks, remember the world cups and euros a few years back that actually went to commercial breaks *during games* ?
  13. I agree. I also feel that Tomori might end up hurting even more than both of these guys in the long term. CB is our one crucial missing link at the moment. This was a game changer. Question for y'all: Given the teams we had during the OH days, vs what JDG2 would have given during his peak, and what Tomori could have brought us now... which hurts more?
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