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  1. 3 games in 7 days coming. Fanni can't play that often at 38, so Waterman *should* get his chance. Unless they move Raitala back to CB, in which case I'd ask for a ticket outta Dodge if I were Waterman. He's played well when we've seen him. But ya, its hard to bench Camacho at $750k/year even though he plays like a selfish idiot fairly regularly.
  2. I think we're good at RB. Laryea, ZBG & Cordova. No need to go nuts and call up 7 RB's including Godinho.
  3. Two absolutely great back to back performances for Gutierrez! Played incredible on both sides of the ball. Looks like we've got some real competition for the LB/RB roles now with Gutierrez, ZBG and Laryea who can play on either side. Yes, I still see Davies playing further up for CANMNT.
  4. I believe Henry stole this from the Chelsea playbook. They're also playing Kante way higher up than he's ever played. The idea being he can break up plays and steal possession higher up on the field giving Chelsea more attacking opportunities. Instead of breaking up plays in their own half and have to build all the way up the field. I feel.... Piette is no Kante, and IMFC is no Chelsea. Nice try, but no, its not working. PIette can only play comfortably just ahead of the CB's. I like Piette but he's been the weakest part of the Impact from the beginning of the season (just behind is the lack of a real #9). He's really good at what he does, but he can't compete with Wanyama or even Maciel at the moment. Unfortunately, playing the best 11 means Piette would be on the bench.
  5. Not enough! We need at least 5-6 RBs playing well and regularly to make sure we never see Godinho get called up again! Sorry guys, i'm just joking around and couldn't help myself. Peace brothers.
  6. This guy just keeps getting better and better! He's played 3 different positions already this season? Seems solid defensively and ridiculously dangerous attacking. Is there anything he can't do??? See where I"m going with this..... shall CANMNT try him at CB??? Was fun to watch him head to head vs ZBG. Laryea definitely won this one, he's at least a step ahead, but since he's playing on the left, I guess they're not really in competition for CANMNT RB role anymore.
  7. The major thing blocking Fraser from minutes is Vanney, not Bradley.
  8. Guys, Keep it real..... I said "near future". You know, the next few years. You really think none of these guys have a shot at passing Crepeau by then? Besides, do we really want to have a discussion on the level of a SerieA backup vs MLS starter?
  9. Seems just a few months ago most thought Crepeau would automatically inherit the CANMNT starter role from Bojan in the near future. This looks a lot less likely now.
  10. We all said the same thing last year.
  11. Seriously, get this kid away from TFC already, they're wrecking his career.
  12. Ouch, that could hurt in the future.
  13. Thanks for sharing with us Spitfire, Its such a treat! We're proud of both you and Liam. Peace and respect!
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