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  1. Good points, however the cow pasture you're mocking is infinitely better than the turf at the Big O. Probably better than most synthetic turfs actually.
  2. At the same time, would Zambrano go out on that ledge if all it takes is a tweet from Cristante to deny the whole thing to make him look like a liar?
  3. 3 CB's better than 2 CB's when you're talking about CANMNT these days! No but seriously. I also agree, been crying for it since the Gold Cup, 3-5-2 suits our squad so much more than 4-3-3 this cycle. Waterman has been doing great for IMFC in a back 3 too.
  4. Considering all the injuries this is an amazing start for the Henry era. Players understand the system and have bought in, we didn't see that with Garde. Waterman still looking good after 3 games. Urruti looks like he's might earn his salary if he keeps this up. AJH was a huge disappointment, matter of time until he finds himself in CPL. Can't wait to see Wanyama on the field, he would've helped close the game down, really hope he stays healthy.
  5. One thing at a time..... at this moment my biggest and wildest hope is a photo of our Double D's with airline tickets to the world cup.
  6. Right back at ya brother. Need more of this. Respect!
  7. Ouch. I'm still not sure Fanni is 100% either. He was severely limping towards the end of the Revs game, it was obvious after the game as well. Did not look good. I love going to the Big O once year, but its just not worth it on that turf.
  8. Piette has repeatedly proven he really struggles in a double midfield role. He just doesn't have it and can't seem to adapt. The only exception being that CAN v USA game where he was absolutely dominant. Its the main reason for his bad start to the season, he's sharing the midfield in a 3-4-3 and can't find himself. I guess Wanyama could also end up as CB, cause at this point the entire system has to change if one more gets injured. Yao doesn't seem to be 100% fit yet, and we all know Camacho and Raitala are out long term.
  9. Huge gamble. THIS is rolling the dice. If it doesn't work, it'll be another huge contract he can't unload along with Camacho, Urruti & Bush. If it works They'll have one of the toughest midfields in MLS. DP's would be DM, CM and AM. Kinda strange at the same time, considering what they're really missing is a striker and depth at LB.
  10. Agreed. I feel Henry totally fit into the Championship League. He was doing great until the injury. His confidence and judgement seem to have taken a hit since then. He sometimes seems to hesitate as opposed to letting the instinct, experience and muscle memory kick in. Easily explainable however. Most likely he just feels he's one bad stretch from another injury so he's constantly aware of his physical limits. Would be sad if that was indeed the case, and i wouldn't be surprised if it was.
  11. Its not to surprising when we look at the big picture. The Impact had Urruti, Quioto, Lappi and Okwonkwo (who are all playing as wingers) in the 18. Can't go overboard on wingers. He'll get a chance, but competition is fierce.
  12. Good game from Joel. Had one shaky dear in the head-lights moment out there where he just seemed to freeze and the a Rev just ran up and took the ball away from him, where he hardly even challenged or slowed him down, but his partners bailed him out luckily. Great that he got the assist. He seems to be playing with confidence and fits in. Mind you it kinda helps when you have Fanni & Binks who are playing like monsters to your left and ZBG on your right.
  13. IMFC already have two starting d-men out injured, Bayiha (his replacement) is healthy, however i doubt they'd be competitive fielding that many #2s. I don't think they can afford to let him go, not sure Henry can be that generous.
  14. We need two center backs to emerge! I believe Miller can be one in a few years if he gets the playing time. Tomori was the chosen one, the one that would bring balance to the force, but i digress.......
  15. Ok, but, why are you using Piette and Osorio for the comparison? Neither is in the discussion of our best mids right now.
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