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  1. If you told me we had a player who wanted to be known as and referred to by one name. Id honestly be excited and assume they were Brazilian.
  2. This one hurts. I coached this kid at WVSC when he was 10. Hopefully we can get him back on board. Very talented and humble kid. Physically developed, and has a starred in the VMSL as a 16/17 year old. https://www.nsnews.com/sports/west-vancouver-teen-living-professional-soccer-dream-in-germany-1.24174890
  3. Who knows, but I can't blame him if he jumps ship. 0 minutes with the worst midfield in the league ahead of you.
  4. He has a Dutch Passport, Speaks Dutch, and is a huge Ajax and Eredivisie fan. Maybe the Ajax part will keep him away from PSV 😂
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