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    Liam Millar

    He had an amazing 75 mins in front of 58000 fans at Celtic Park. The atmosphere was unbelievable. (I was there!!!) He was Completely shattered after the match. He absolutely worked his socks off for the team. It was very disciplined and mature performance in a left mid of a 4 which he hasn’t to my knowledge ever played. A left wing in a front 3 yes not a midfield 4. BBC player ratings of the match he was rated the 3rd best performance on the pitch!! Not bad for his first start against arguably the best team in scotland! Sorry gushing a bit still buzzing. Hopefully first of many starts now! Not many 19 year olds get to make that starting appearance or even ever get to experience that. It has been a fabulous year with ya tin of growth and experiences! Liam’s looking forward to getting back with the National team lads if selected for the Gold cup Dop !!
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    Liam Millar

    Liam played 81 mins in a hard fought tough 1-0 win for Kilmarnock!! He played like a lion and ran and ran and gave the right back fits. Only thing missing was a goal! Shattered again in the end and was subbed off but really happy with his effort and output. Happy he gave his all Killie now I’m 3rd with a possibility of Europa League!! Great for him to really build on his match fitness leading up to the gold cup!!
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    CPL General

    I just have to say, I am enjoying this league even more than I originally expected. I think in the 12 years I have followed MLS, I could probably count on two hands the amount of games I watched that didn't involve TFC. I don't even think I had watched a single game that didn't involve one of the Canadian teams. And now I find myself grabbing a nap after work in order to stay up for an 11pm start time to watch a team from Victoria play a team from Winnipeg. Can't wait to watch more on Saturday!
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    CPL TV Contract

    Not to sound like a big shot but $75 a YEAR is peanuts. You buy 4 beers at one game and it's 50$ ( and then you have to wait in line to piss it all away). Let's support this league as much as possible.Thank u thank u very much.🙈😊
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    it’s great that TFC can draw 23,000+ while Hamilton drew 17,000+ down the road More than 40,000 people went to watch soccer in Southern Ontario today
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    Came on the 72 down 1-0 for James. They tied it up shortly after he came on. Worth noting that down a goal they actually put him in with the last sub ahead of Robben.
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    Had to join this forum to tell you this. Canada v T&T June 10 in LA. The old voyageurs forum would have had this days ago.
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    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    😍 If I am not mistaken, Alphonso Davies is the first Canadian to win the title in one of Europe's top 5 leagues since Paul Stalteri in 2004!
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    Liam Millar

    Liam starts vs Celtic!
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    Rocket Robin

    CPL General

    Oh boy! My TV Guide listing finally updated to Saturday's game. It's happening!
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    Atiba Hutchinson

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    2019 Spring Season Attendance

    9.699 fans at IGF in Winnipeg according to Canadian Premier League page
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    Liam Millar

    Here are the highlights, including a few featuring Millar (#19). Brilliant run and shot @ 2:00. Absolutely ghosted those defenders
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    Aside from terror inducing cold pre game, the day was a really good one. They did a great job and kicked the league off well. I know first hand staff worked their asses off dealing with the ticketing issues and getting things together non stop right up till kick off. Barton Street looked really good and Generation 9 filled buses and sang songs. Two Canadian kids scored. Just ******* awesome all around and the affect this is going to have on Canadian soccer will be amazing.
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    Jonathan David

    Two goals against the Mexican goalie.... Bring on the Gold Cup.
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    Juan Guillermo Cordova

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    Jonathan David

    David scores the winner in the dying seconds!!!
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    Jonathan David

    Scored the go-ahead goal in the 64th. Currently 2-2 after an 81st min equalizer. Just scored the game winner in the 95th!
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    Tristan Borges

    He's doing great. Honestly, CPL could very well end up saving the careers of many talented young players like him, give them a chance to show what they can do when no one else is willing to.
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    CPL General

    Just coming on to say how much I love and appreciate the One Soccer coverage and content of the CPL thus far. If you are on the fence, just go for it. On a personal note, I may unsubscribe from DAZN. It has been great, especially with the non-canadian MLS team coverage, but there are only 24 hours in a day and I can only dedicate so much time to watching soccer. Give me TFC, Vancouver and Montreal coverage on TSN Go (or direct, whatever their streaming service is called) and One Soccer for all things CPL - that is pretty much all this Canadian soccer fan needs...
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    Fikayo Tomori

    Tomori was named the Derby player of the season yesterday. There is no understating how important Tomori would be to our program.
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    CPL General

    Hondurans get confused by it apparently
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    Doneil Henry

    Another good game for Henry today. Unfortunately result, but he is really dependable on the backline, something his former club TFC could use at the moment... If I am being picky, he still needs to find more consistency in his passing if he wants to make the jump from good-to- great centre back in MLS. That said, his presence in the back has completely changed from a few years ago. Before West Ham, he was young and rash, capable of outstanding tackles or bozo blunders (kinda like Mavinga at current). Now, he is almost like an old head back there - no nonsense defending with an air of self-assurance back there. I am very happy how he's been progressing this season.
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    Niagara CPL

    As we've heard clamouring that the commissioner sees Niagara as a real possibility for further expansion, I guess it is time for us supporters to show investors/league operations just how badly we want a team. I've heard a few locals in the local soccer scene starting to see that the CPL is the real deal, and that professional sports could make its way to the region sooner rather than later. My brother and I are among the many Niagarans who have for years held season tickets to TFC(and now Forge FC) matches. It's time to bring that support home, and show that Niagara has its own passionate supporters. That being said, we are looking to begin our own supporters group for a potential Niagara CPL team. We are looking for everyone and anyone who is interested in supporting grassroots initiatives, and building our way up. Eventually, we would like to set up a meeting with interested supporters, and make our presence known in the local community. We would love to brainstorm collectively, including initiatives, names, etc. I have temporarily setup a social media outlet, which I have yet to do anything with, but will eventually be using to spread information about events, meet ups, and other matters that exist beyond this forum. That social media can be found at twitter.com/NiagaraLocalz and finally, yes I did try to create a logo where I spoofed the city of St. Catharines logo to somewhat resemble a "lock" monster. (no I do not have any graphic design experience clearly)
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    2019 CONCACAF U17 Championship

    **** ya! Well done lads I suppose world cup qualification is not too bad for no scouting and getting out coached every match I guess. (Sarcasm)
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    Canadians Abroad May 10 - May 16, 2019

    Belarus Kapor starts against Dinamo Minsk. 72 mins in a 3-1 loss. Denmark Rocco Romeo starts against Nykobing, 3-1 loss Scotland Arfield starts against celtic. Kamara beats his man and plays It into to Defoe, Defoe lets it pass through his legs which puts Arfield through and slots home Rangers second.
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    https://spfl.co.uk/news/april-double-for-rangers Arfield is player of the month in Scotland.
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    CPL General

    This. Not to say there are no beers to be consumed, there is, but the quality in these leagues deserves more credit. I understand why people who haven't played (or even watched) this level of soccer dismiss it, because it's amateur at the end of the day. However, the reality is that for decades we had no real professional set up, in a country of +35 million people. No professional set up, I think, ultimately created a stronger amateur set up than one would expect. Now we have a professional league and that is going to weaken the top amateur leagues to a degree, which is what we want obviously. It's tragic when players with professional pedigree have to play amateur soccer because there is no professional opportunity. Thanks to the CPL those days are in the past. And although the top amateur clubs will take an initial hit with CPL plucking away players and coaches, that just provides an opportunity for someone else at a lower rung to step up. Your ceiling may be league 1 Ontario, and now you maybe realize that potential because Ladell Thomas leaves a void. Everyone wins long term. More opportunity means more upwards mobility.
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    Ottawa CPL Club

    I know the majority of potential Fury "customers" wouldn't be affected but there is severe flooding in the area. I volunteered to fill and move sandbags this weekend and only made it to the last 15 mins of the game . Two random guys I met on the front lines were also Fury fans but we decided that helping out was more important than going to a game - and that would have been no different if the Fury were in the CPL, USL or MLS.
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    For me Borges has been their best player.
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    Shome (1st MLS goal) and Jackson-Hamel (has 2 after coming on as a sub around 70th min) have scored for Impact vs NE tonight. ZBG, Bahiya and Piette go the distance. Choiniere in for the last 8 min also. Good showing overall for the Canadian contingent tonight on the road, ZBG and Shome in particular.
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    Big thanks to Jamie and James for helping me get my tickets sorted out. Long day ahead on the 27th, but gonna be so worth it. Work from 4pm to 10-11 on Friday night, bus from North Bay at 2am, bus from Toronto to Hamilton after that, have a few drinks with everyone before the game, be in a moment of bliss for 2 hours, figure out what to do after until midnight when I take the bus back up to North Bay, then get home at 5:30am and sleep until it's time for PFC vs. HFX. Even though this isn't a "Canada" event, I will be there with my Voyageurs scarf celebrating a fantastic day in Canadian soccer history!
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    David starting for Gent today. .........and scores in the 45th!
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    CPL new teams speculation

    Yes, people want the Fury in the CPL, especially those of us in Ottawa. A non-OSEG CPL club will take a long time and face major hurdles, Fury could move next year.
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    Alex D

    Possible CPL Salary Cap Discussion

    Does it matter? The quality of play is good, the football is exciting and the kids are getting a shot. That's all I could ask for.
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    Bekker received a two game suspension

    https://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-soccer-announces-fine-suspension-for-forge-fc-s-kyle-bekker-p162161-preview-1 And an undisclosed fine. My only question is why did it take so long. He should of been suspended before his last match.
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    2019 Spring Season Attendance

    What's embarrassing is someone who references Pokémon and Soviet style communism in their twitter handle.
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    HFX Wanderers Season Thread 2019

    I know the home opener is a different beast, but the weather was complete **** (3°C and raining) on Saturday and the stadium was completely packed. I, and the folks I was with, were cold and wet but had an amazing experience. As the weather improves and more people are exposed to it, I don't think we'd have any issues expanding a bit - maybe get highs in the 7000-7500 range for weekend games; mid-week games likely a little lower. I have 2 season tickets and will be taking my son to most games unless time or weather doesn't cooperate. Like this past Saturday, if he can't go I'll be taking a buddy. The buddy that came with me isn't really a soccer guy, but had a blast and wants to go to as many games as possible. I think the whole experience is getting people on board. The downtown stadium is key, the club has run everything extremely well, the pricing is spot on, and the Privateers are living up to their end of the bargain by providing an amazing atmosphere. I'm 100% sold on this already and am already making sure the annual budget has season tickets included for next year.
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    Mark-Anthony Kaye

    Well said MAK 👏🏻
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    Great seeing everyone yesterday

    So glad to have shared in that day with many of you wonderful soccer people from across this country. It's always great seeing you folks and hope to take in some CanPL games in your hometowns this summer as I drive back to Vancouver. It is definitely the people that make all of this worthwhile.
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    Doneil Henry

    MLS team of the week and top rated Audi Index player! That's the second time this season already that he has made team of the week if I am not mistaken.....all aboard now?
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    Halifax Great day for the Canadians - Bona, N'Sa, Langwa, Kourouma and obviously Sukunda all impressed me. Halifax suffering from what will likely be an experience for all clubs this season in having key players on the treatment table and unable to contribute. Good minutes for young Canadians though. Was confused with Hart after the sending off. Pacific almost always had 10 men in their own half out of possession yet Halifax had 4-5 in their own. I don't know why they were so respectful and reluctant to commit even an extra person forward to get the equalizer. I agree with Harts assessment, the team need to have more courage but I think he has to take some blame with not going after the game after the red. Pacific So much to gush about imo. All the young Canadians shined today. Verhoeven was my top pick, although Blasco looked great, Fisk obviously, Baldisimo and Chung. Haber as predicted is going to be a beast in this league, will get a couple of reds imo though and still needs to keep onside more. Credit to Mark Village in goal too. Both imports look solid. The short passing and long was great today. Far exceeded my expectation of quality. If they are still adding a couple of more experienced (import) players into this team and Legault breaking through sooner or later they are going to be a real handful. Easily team of the week. Look forward to seeing how the Albertans and Valour match up. Other notes Thought the officiating was top notch. Congrats there, opposite end of the spectrum from yesterday. Commentary was fine. Clare Rustad was a bit of a sniper, would have liked her to talk a bit more and maybe not just short deadpan assessments. Somewhere in the middle of yesterdays overkill talking and todays would be good. I liked the contrast in the two commentary teams though. Couldn't really hear the crowd, which was disappointing. The chants came through a couple of times so it was definitely there but the fan atmosphere came off flatter on the stream than I am sure it was there. Credit again to Pacific for getting everything together, the ground looked great. Tons of character and tons of room to build more stands in the future in addition to the ones going in over the summer.
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    I was there with the York 9 travelling fans, it was a great event overall. The attendance was pretty good (I’m hearing north of 17k) and the match itself was good. I’m actually impressed with the level of play, it’s better than I was expecting. I think that it’s going to be really cool to see some of the smaller venues packed. All in all, I’m really pleased.
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    CPL TV Contract

    I honestly don't mind the pricing. I'm in St. John's, Newfoundland - yet I picked up season tickets for Halifax (the city I grew up around, and a place I visit a few times a year). Here is my CPL spend: $199 for HFX Season Tickets (which includes a jersey) $50 for streaming service (season ticket discount) allowing me to watch every single league game TOTAL: $249 I can also sell each ticket I don't use for $20, which I'll get back. Alternatively, if I didn't buy the season tickets: $119 for a jersey $30 for each game I attend (likely 3) $75 for streaming service TOTAL: $284 I can't help but feel like the league has been providing value to supporters left, right, and centre. I'm incredibly impressed, as a HFX fan, of how supporting the team from away makes financial sense. I also think the streaming service is pretty damn affordable. If people don't want the extra content, you're probably looking at paying for what? 5 or 6 months, after factoring in the free month? That's $50 or $60 to watch every game for the entire first season of the league. Less than a buck a game. I think its hard to argue the pricing is off unless you're a casual fan. Which is fine, there are 20 free games on CBC and beyond that if you really want to catch a match for less than the price of a ticket to a movie and snag a 24-hour pass. That's an option they really didn't have to include. I know HFX is one of the cheaper teams, but holy crap am I satisfied with the value that the league has provided. No complaints at all from me!
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    CPL General

    Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! HAPPY LEAGUE KICKOFF DAY! We are about 4 hours away and I am losing my mind with excitement. And my team isn't even playing until tomorrow!
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    Zachary Brault-Guillard

    ZBG plays like a 10 yr MLS vet not a rookie. He is very very composed. Really looking forward to see how he performs in the Gold Cup.
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    CPL General

    I don't think this point can be understated. They amount of media attention and local energy a Jets or Flames playoff run would have consumed in each of those cities is significant. The landscape is much clearer for the soccer organizations to make their mark.
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    dyslexic nam

    CPL new teams speculation

    At the end of the day, this is what I rely on, despite the speculation that goes on here. These people amassed millions of dollars because they are better at business that I am. The idea that I might know how to run a league better is interesting to chatter about, but when push comes to shove, these guys have made a substantial investment in the league. I am sure they want the best possible outcome for CPL because it would maximize their own investment. And this is a long game. If we eventually get to a tiered structure with teams across the country and the level of fan support required to sustain that, these guys will be kings of the league since the major markets will always have a strong chance of ascending to the top of the pyramid. In that context, I just can't see them throwing up barriers to reasonable, sustainable expansion because that makes poor business sense.
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    Brilliant first match for our new Canadian league. Happy to see some familiar names, some of who played overseas and we never really knew, coming home to play in front of a Canadian crowd. We can already see the potential and no doubt there will be many success stories. Looking forward to seeing the Edmonton v Pacific match in Victoria in June.
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    I understand a lot of tickets were given away so that probably accounts for the dispersal. Bekker killed the first 25 minutes but needs to dial his sights back in. Awuah is, um, bad. Some great play by Telfer. York's backline seems to be settling in a bit better than Forge's, not that either is any hell. Much better soccer than I was afraid of; probably as good as I possibly hoped. And a professional product in every respect on TV. I am a happy man.
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