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  • B.C. League 1 Approaching Critical Moment

    The Canadian soccer landscape is going through a serious metamorphosis. The last decade has seen the launch of regional Division 3 leagues Première Ligue de Soccer du Québec and League 1 Ontario in 2012 and 2013 respectively. In 2019 the Canadian Premier League played its first season. For male soccer players wishing to play professionally, these are encouraging developments. Prior to the existence of these leagues, the odds were significantly stacked against players trying to make the leap from youth to professional as the gap in playing level was simply too large.

    It is a gap that long time soccer broadcaster and current Marketing and Communications Officer for BC Soccer Peter Schaad knows all too well. Over much of the past year, Schaad and his BC Soccer cohorts have been working steadily to address that issue for BC players.

    There is no question across the country that we need this level of play. This is the level that bridges the gap between higher performance youth and professional football. There is just too wide a gap between these two tiers requiring another rung on the ladder.

    The idea of a Division 3 regional league like PLSQ and L1O was included in BC Soccer’s 2016 strategic plan. However at the time the ‘Regional Tier 3 League’ as it was called gained insufficient interest from potential participating clubs and the idea was shelved. But the start of the Canadian Premier League breathed new life into BC League 1 and it was revived.


    Read more on the NSXI Network.


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    • I'm not hopping on board the 'veteran experience' train yet lol. He's definitely slowing down, but I think he can still be effective in a 3 man midfield which is what we should be doing anyway.
    • Guatemala beat El Salvador 2-0 in a friendly match in Washington D.C. It was an El Salvador B- or even C side. 4 experienced guys, 3 guys with only two caps, 5 guys with only one cap, 8 guys with zero caps.
    • I still think this tournament struggles with authenticity even with the added CCL spots. I just don't understand the MLS Liga MX merger talks at all. The optimal number of teams in a 1st division soccer league is 18-20 teams. How will you manage a league with 47+ teams?
    • He isn't a 90 minute player for us any more. That is how they presented the lineup but I didn't watch the match. Was he actually playing at CB? For the #CanMNT I don't see him playing at CB, I don't rate him there. Herdman tried that at the 2019 Gold Cup, right? Maybe only if someone gets injured mid-game or if there is a red card.
    • That is expected with age, still brings a lot as a season vet to the squad and can still contribute on the field. He has a role with this team and John has to use him right. 
    • It looks like Dallas will be starting their 3rd string keeper.  
    • I think the Leagues Cup changes are a pretty obvious trial run/next step for a merged league. In 2019 it started with 4 MLS teams and 4 Liga MX teams. In 2020 it was supposed to be 8 teams from each league (but it wasn't played at all because COVID), but this year they went back to 4 and 4. So they started with 4+4 teams. Then decided that worked well enough and would go to 8+8. Now they are going all in with every team from both leagues, and stopping their own leagues for a MONTH. This is a pilot episode here. If it works financially, they probably do something to the format to get more games in. This absolutely could grow to the point where it just swallows up everything and all of a sudden you have your super league. Someone mentioned they thought the CPL would have a chance to one day enter the Leagues Cup if their level of play rises enough. I don't think it has a chance of happening. Playing against Calgary or Ottawa doesn't do anything for American TV ratings, but the Mexican teams can drive ratings, and ticket sales. I also agree with Ozzie, and I'll assume the CCL will start at a similar time of year as it does now, until it's proven otherwise. Hopefully it's later because it's true that would make things difficult for CPL. I think they will have guys on their roster at that time, but my concern is them having a training camp before it starts and being able to play home games in CCL. As for the 2 spots for CPL and the format for CCL, I have mixed feelings. I wish there was a group, and I will miss the CONCACAF League as well. The top bunch of seeds will likely be MLS and Liga MX teams, so a high chance of the CPL teams drawing them. So yeah, there is a good chance of selling a lot of tickets, but also a good chance of it being a one and done more often than not. CONCACAF League is a lower level, and played at a better time.
    • Although I love Atiba- he has slowed down noticeably in the past few years.  Still great to see him but his lower mobility hurts in a 2 man midfield.
    • It was but I’ve bought in 110 now. Hoping the 111 vibe carries over and it’s a standing section. 
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