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  • B.C. League 1 Approaching Critical Moment

    The Canadian soccer landscape is going through a serious metamorphosis. The last decade has seen the launch of regional Division 3 leagues Première Ligue de Soccer du Québec and League 1 Ontario in 2012 and 2013 respectively. In 2019 the Canadian Premier League played its first season. For male soccer players wishing to play professionally, these are encouraging developments. Prior to the existence of these leagues, the odds were significantly stacked against players trying to make the leap from youth to professional as the gap in playing level was simply too large.

    It is a gap that long time soccer broadcaster and current Marketing and Communications Officer for BC Soccer Peter Schaad knows all too well. Over much of the past year, Schaad and his BC Soccer cohorts have been working steadily to address that issue for BC players.

    There is no question across the country that we need this level of play. This is the level that bridges the gap between higher performance youth and professional football. There is just too wide a gap between these two tiers requiring another rung on the ladder.

    The idea of a Division 3 regional league like PLSQ and L1O was included in BC Soccer’s 2016 strategic plan. However at the time the ‘Regional Tier 3 League’ as it was called gained insufficient interest from potential participating clubs and the idea was shelved. But the start of the Canadian Premier League breathed new life into BC League 1 and it was revived.


    Read more on the NSXI Network.


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    • $200k can’t be right?!
    • Seeing some USMNT Youtubers speculating that the USSF may approach Herdman post WC. The main thing they're sighting is that it seems Herdman's making 200k CAD with Canada right now. The US are currently paying Berhalter 1.2 Million USD. He could stand to get a huge raise. Herdman's said he wants to see the 2026 vision but at the same time if someone offers me a huge raise....
    • Sims plan if it even comes about would target 2026 so this shouldn't have an effect on the Langley location for CPL Vancouver and its 2023 start there. Down the road 4-5 years a move to Surrey may be an option if a suitable stadium actually comes about and is even needed. If your going to wait for politicians to come thru on their promises you may be waiting forever.
    • i bought some from amazon.. the panini adrenalyn 
    • Oy...I just realize how difficult the 2026 WC collection is gonna be...  With 32 teams x 20 stickers as a base, we are expecting 960 stickers ??? (48x 20) Also wonder how much it will cost assuming the price will continue to go up.
    • It all depends on how many international windows we get from now till 2026...FIFA hasn't confirm the schedule.  They usually release it every 4 years. Side Note - Qatar played one of the UEFA Qualifying Group to prepare to World Cup 2022.  Qatar to participate in European qualifying for 2022 World Cup | Sport (news24.com).   So hopefully we can get to do the same for upcoming Qualifiers.
    • Good article on Davies moving more centrally. Good for his development as a future attacker and CMNT https://www.bavarianfootballworks.com/2022/10/6/23386634/bayern-munich-fc-viktoria-plzen-champions-league-julian-nagelsmannn-alphonso-davies-canada-world-cup
    • I read on this thread that Arfield deserves to be playing for Canada because he plays in the Champions League.  Nobody is trumpeting those players as deserving simply because they play for particular clubs.  But I read that about Arfield.  
    • Every time this thread gets action I hope it’s about The Wanderers Grounds but alas…
    • Yes for sure. I don't blame you or anyone for feeling differently about Arfield due to not being a product of Canadian soccer, or due to Canada not being his first choice. I may not feel that strongly about it, but I get it and I don't think it is xenophobic at all. There is no malice in it. It would be strange NOT to prefer players who were produced by Canada, or picked Canada as a first choice. It only gets to be xenophobic once you prefer players who were born here, or originated from here full stop. Once the distinction is made that it's strictly a matter of being a product of Canadian Soccer, rather than having/not having the cultural trappings of a born/bred Canadian, it takes on a less/non xenophobic complexion. And most importantly, the only thing I took issue with was the idea of Arfield not being good enough, but we are past that one. Although I mus admit I am slipping into @Califax territory when it comes to Kaye. I can easily be convinced Arfield is an upgrade at this point.
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