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  1. I think the fact that an 18 year old and a 20 year old both started over Fraser, and Dorsey, a winger (with no visible skill whatsoever) came on for Priso instead of Fraser is pretty telling that it's time for Fraser to seek greener pastures. Maybe he's not a fit for a team that presses but the poor guy's never gonna get a chance.
  2. Found this in an article in the Athletic from early March about Bayern signing Omar Richards and it really is impressive. Davies is having a different season, not a worse one than last year and I think this even more impressive than if he had similar stats to last year as he's been able to seamlessly adjust to a more defensive/safe role without a drop in performance.
  3. I think someone on the forum mentioned moving JMR to full back but hoped it was tongue in cheek.
  4. Larin's best position isn't as a number 9, Cavallini's is but a hat trick against a national Sunday league team isn't much to write home about and if Vancouver can't get it together his play will suffer, David's best position isn't as a 9 but he's the second best 9 in the region, and Corbeanu isn't a 9 either. He's our 3rd best 9 and another successful MLS campaign where he gets to double digits will probably put him on par with Cavallini, or close enough that him being 8 years younger makes him more important.
  5. Traded shirts with Neymar maybe he already had Mbappe from the CL finals? He must already have the most impressive kit collection of any Canadian player.
  6. It's not letting me submit it says I need one response per row instead of per column
  7. And then you realize that if this result holds, his goals are worth around 10 points in a title chase. Plus he went from playing behind 2 strikers in a weaker league to leading the line for the first time, at 20 years old. But you already knew all that.
  8. That's goals against PSG, Marseille and Monaco now, as well as Sainte-Étienne with Gent.
  9. The Mexican fans on BigSoccer and on the Liga MX subreddit are all obsessed with the US it's pretty cringy. Half of them seem to live in the US and not speak Spanish as well so it's kind of sad to see them spend so much time obsessing over a team/country they hate when they live there.
  10. 1. Jozy and Ayo 3. Mullins 4. Perruzza Jozy's gonna play 5-10 games, with a few of those being sub appearances from coming back from injuries. Ayo's still out with what people have speculated to be COVID, so hopefully he gets healthy soon but who knows. Still not sure what formation Armas will play but if it's a 4-3-3 which he used with NYRB then the non-Canadian wingers are Deleon Endoh Gallardo and Achara and none of them are guaranteed starters except for maybe Deleon. The only position with a logjam would be midfield but out of Fraser Priso and Okello not sure who
  11. This one's still up. Translation is "Sercan Dikme: "The necessary negotiations have started for Richie Laryea, which Atiba proposed to Beşiktaş."
  12. Davies didn't start playing left back until 2 years ago either. Does that mean he isn't one of the best left backs in the world? I'd say Laryea's definitely top 2 with Tinnerholm in MLS, and I'd lean to 1, but I'm biased. Then in CONCACAF Corona would be better than him but I don't think he plays right back for Mexico which leaves Dest. I think anyone else is arguable.
  13. Idk but one of my former coaches at Toronto High Park was the 3rd coach seen with Caldwell and Herdman which I thought was pretty cool. He was previously with the u17s at the World Cup.
  14. First time hearing Johnston speak and I was neutral on him before but I'm a fan now. Only has a year as a pro under his belt but he's well spoken and sounds like a great guy. So different from a hockey interviews as well.
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