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  1. He is the CPL's first ever successful transfer to a noticeably better league, and since he's only relatively recently made the move from midfield to centre back he could still improve a lot. Hopefully he opens the door for other CPL to MLS moves, although I don't think American teams will sign CPL players if they barely sign USL players.
  2. When we see him play it won't be against CL competition. It'll hopefully be Europa, 2-3 Europa level teams in the league and then the rest will be MLS level.
  3. He just isn't a lone striker plain and simple and playing him there is doing him a disservice. But his touches were poor and that is on him.
  4. Maybe 99% of kids who don't have an Italian, Hispanic, German or even French background. The biggest clubs in the last 15 years have been Real Madrid and Barca with Bayern third. So kids with no direct link are likely to support one of those.
  5. SHIT edit: hit the cross bar from the 6 yard line so close
  6. I think you're giving him a bit too much credit here. It was a very well taken goal, but he's shown far too little to be in a group with players who have are already integrated with the national team (Corbeanu and Millar), and players doing much better in a similar team situation (Pasher). I'd say right now he's top of the list of the tier under the players on the bubble, and that's if Ennin isn't a winger.
  7. A lot of feelings got hurt when that guy that claimed the national team didn't exist before now (I'm paraphrasing) joined, and I haven't seen him around since. He may have been wrong and a bit disrespectful, but like it or not that's how the vast majority of casual football fans view it, and some people are going to have to decide if they want to continue gatekeeping or decide they want more people to support the team and be more patient with that type of crowd.
  8. Anyone watch the half? Was watching Davies but from the fotmob updates seems like David's been involved.
  9. Starting up top with Yilmaz in his first Champions League game.
  10. Besiktas fans are coming to our country's defence while simultaneously saying any Hutchinson will always be welcome in Turkey what a fanbase.
  11. I think Richie's only been around for this year's run with no fans and the shitshow in Panama, but you can definitely see it with Osorio. Richie is currently on ~200k, or less than Mullins, Bono, Gallardo, Deleon and Auro. He's still on his second contract so he will undoubtedly get a raise but that's pretty shameful and he can easily make more in a more competitive environment. I see him as being a player who rises to the level of competition and from that sense he's being held back and I think a new challenge will raise his ceiling. I don't see TFC being successful next year unless there's some huge changes, and with huge changes comes an adjustment period.
  12. Certainly can't blame immigrants from any developing/smaller country of any generation for supporting their homeland, especially since this is likely one of the only times they can gather together and celebrate their heritage. Now as others have mentioned hopefully we can now have them come out to support Canada as well, especially after that performance.
  13. 3-1 is good as a safe result. Pushes Honduras further on points and GD, and the US were (probably) gonna leapfrog us at one point or another.
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