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  1. Had a decent shot that got blocked but had a chance to breakout which he would've dribbled and gained 30+ yards last year and instead he couldn't avoid an easily avoidable slide tackle. He looks sluggish and almost uninterested.
  2. Hope it gives him a bit of swagger for the second half even though it won't count as his.
  3. That rag has no relevance and never will. It'll 100% be Davies unless the Nuggets win in game 7 of the final off a Finals MVP performance by Murray capped off by him hitting a Kawhi-esque 3 at the buzzer.
  4. Speaking of Henry, he wore the armband for his side's last game. Can only be a good thing and speaks volume of his leadership skills and why he is so important to the national team.
  5. Credit to the Whitecaps their whole bench is eligible to play for Canada
  6. Orlando fans are saying he might have/have had Covid so Pareja might be off the hook...
  7. Last year Ayo's touch was noticeably worst than Hamilton, which is really impressive, and he did not do a single positive thing other than his goal. Him being 20 means it doesn't matter too much and he will get better but put any striker in his position with MLS class players like Pozuelo and Piatti setting him up and they'll bag a few as well. Granted his first goal was taken very well.
  8. Give me Steven Caldwell or nothing.
  9. He was playing left mid. He drew a foul and looked sharp whenever the ball was in the box. It was a positive start to his career with Minnesota and hopefully the assist gives him more play time.
  10. Comes off the bench and gets the winning assist at the 97th minute for Minnesota!
  11. No ones forcing you to comment on the forum while you're grieving... (or at all)
  12. I mean I think this is the first game I've watched him struggle against a winger. He's shown he's good enough defensively to stop Sancho Hakimi and whoever Chelsea and Tottenham threw at him. I think our ideal formation is a 3-5-2 with him as the left mid.
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