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  1. I'd say Davies had a bad game for his standards, which meant being an average Bayern starter instead of in the top 1-5 like every game before the break. He had a lot of loose touches and bad passes, but even Thiago had a few of those so im not worried. His crossing was still as sharp as ever and he should've been rewarded with an assist or 2, and nothing good or bad stood out defensively except for the good run at the end. I'm just happy we get to watch him again.
  2. Hasn't tapped into it? He's passed every test in front of him, including scoring against clubs like Roma and Sainte-√Čtienne and being top scorer at a gold cup and in the Belgian league, and he's just turned 20. He's shown he's outgrown Gent and is ready to start for a CL or a consistent Europa League side in a top 5 league.
  3. In a sporting sense, RB Leipzig would be the perfect environment for him. He'd get to showcase his talent as a starter (especially if/when Werner leaves) at a top team in the Bundesliga and playing Champions league football. Shame about the club being what it is off the field though.
  4. Two goals for him today not a bad way to bounce back after missing out on the awards
  5. Lyon fans seem to think they need a winger and not an attacking mid/ second striker especially since Rayan Cherki (who they see as the best talent to ever come out of their academy and is already making first team appearances at 16) plays in the same position.
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