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  1. Let's say this was the playoff game to make it to the World Cup and everyone was fit and healthy: David Larin Arfield Davies Eustaquio Hutchinson Buchanan Miller Kennedy Johnston Borjan
  2. Only undroppable mid is Eustaquio. Atiba will definitely not play every game, Arfield if he decides to show would also be rested (probably as a condition to him coming), then Wotherspoon is in the tier with Osorio Kaye and Piette, although probably last in that tier. All it take is a couple injuries/suspensions and we could see him start.
  3. He wasn't the head coach we'd have practices where there'd be different stations each with its own drill focusing on shooting/passing/dribbling/overloads etc and he'd run one of the stations. His drills were always the most detailed and thought out so I wouldn't be surprised.
  4. I believe he coached at the Espanyol academy before. I had him as a development coach at Toronto High Park kind of surreal to see him have a growing role with the national team.
  5. Delgado right back. Had a great view of his incisive giveaways in the second half Edit: @Macksam sorry missed the part about Priso's second half to slag off Delgado. After his goal he seemed to be everywhere, winning most of his challenges and then finding someone (usually Bradley) to keep possession. He'd also make himself available when TFC was attacking, combining with Soteldo a couple times with some nice layoffs. The yellow was also impressive since I've never seen someone leap quite like that for a professional foul.
  6. Another takeaway is the increasingly obvious #10 shaped hole in our attack. Hoilett and Osorio can play there but it isn't ideal.
  7. I think Piette and Laryea have to start. Piette will be important as the first line of defence for our backline and Laryea does what he did against Haiti every game against MLS opposition, and his attacking threat will cause whoever's defending him to be more conservative.
  8. Cavallini loves a bottom of the table team he certainly enjoys a challenge.
  9. Yeah Altidore's smart holdup play was the start of many Giovinco highlight reel goals.
  10. As a TFC fan it's just interesting that Singh seemingly leapfrogged Dunn and Romeo after taking advantage of their absences and having a good game against Leon. Hopefully the other 2 can get chances because if Singh as the 3rd highest rated by the club is currently a good 4th choice cb, then one can hope at least one of Dunn or Romeo are Zavaleta/Omar level or higher.
  11. He's not particularly close to being good enough to be an MLS starter
  12. It's not meant to be dismissive to Tajon so much as to be boosting Richie and being realistic. Last year Richie was the second most dangerous player (from right back) on a team that finished second in the league. He's been a top 3 fullback in the league since he started at TFC. Olympic qualifying is nice but it isn't very relevant to playing against the top mens teams in CONCACAF. I'm sure Tajon will eventually overtake Richie (maybe sooner rather than later if he moves this summer), especially if the 3-5-2 is here to stay and he's earned a start, but saying he's clearly overtaken Richie and should be the penciled in starter from now on is wrong.
  13. So Cavallini gets a pass for his club's situation, which is far more permanent, but Richie doesn't when it's way more likely to be temporary, especially if he gets a move? Has Richie ever disappointed for the national team? Just because Tajon is the shiny new toy doesn't mean he automatically displaces Richie. He's gotta show a lot more than a few strong offensive performances off the bench against teams that had been battered all game, especially defensively first.
  14. You're probably right but him doing an Adebayoresque slide after scoring a late winner in front of the yanks would surely go down as a top 5 moment in Canada Soccer history and a Canadian Heritage moment.
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