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  1. 70 minutes each? Was the CSA not able to afford to book the other 40 minutes?
  2. Had a bad miss on a breakaway at 0-0 but Besiktas won 2-0 and he assisted the second. Did anyone watch? How was his overall play?
  3. I bet it's gonna be like the T&T scrimmage before the Gold Cup where we'll get highlights and that's it
  4. Anyone know if the other scrimmage is going to be televised?
  5. Most Canadian people too (not that I think we have much of a chance)
  6. At least he made the most of those assists with good finishing
  7. I really dislike the idea of Buchanan at fullback. We're developing a good amount of right backs, with Laryea as the oldest at 25 years old. Meanwhile Our wingers are Davies, a 30 year old Hoilett and then he's arguably the 3rd best. We have players like Millar and Corbeanu who's ceiling may be higher but Buchanan's coming off a season as a starter where he helped score and assist important playoff goals.
  8. How does League One and Charlton compare to the SPL and Kilmarnock?
  9. It is when the team is noticeably worse without him.
  10. Yeah it looks like Alaba is in the mid, Hernandez at centre back and Davies at left back
  11. It's impressive how pompous one can be.
  12. Is that supposed to mean something?
  13. 1. Davies 2. David 3. Hutchinson 4. Eustaquio 5. Laryea
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