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  1. And the reality is that we have an obligation to our players and our program to make sure we are ready as host in 2026. We can’t rely on the double D’s to ensure we have a respectable showing in 5 years. We will need to build into that and showcase Canadian sit at all levels. What better way to do that than compete at youth and U23 levels to get people excited. Hell, qualifying a team for the 2024 Olympics would do a lot to get people excited.
  2. I won’t pretend to know the kind of financial constraints the CSA are under - but man it would be nice to see a more active national youth program with more regular camps and games at all levels.
  3. Like I said a few posts up, we will need to be in really good shape in WCQ to have any hope of luring him away. If England happens to call him up and we aren’t in a strong qualifying position, there isn’t much point in declining them so that he can wait around for 2026. If he has any interest at all, it will likely be decided in the next few windows before he is even eligible.
  4. Pretty sure it is November 2022 because it has to be 3 years after the cap. Thus he can only join up if we qualify without him - and even then he basically joins us on the plane to Qatar.
  5. He follows Davies on Instagram (and vice versa) but he also follows a number of English players (and a lot of girls in bikinis). Maybe Phonzie could work on him for us.
  6. I literally just posted a long write up about Tomori and then realized no one will likely see it because it is buried in the World Soccer section. Lol
  7. So even though he has already rejected us, and there seemed to be no pathway back, a small part of me (against my better judgement) can’t let go of the idea that there is a tiny chance we could lure Tomori back if we qualified for Qatar. (And this assumes I am correct in believing there is still a pathway for it to happen given the way the rules are currently written) Normally I wouldn’t torture myself with the idea, but he would be such a massive upgrade for us in a key area. I honestly think that single addition would make us a far tougher team to beat. Brotherhood and team chemistry are important but there is no way a starting CB for AC Milan wouldn’t be considered as an immediate starter for us. So what might help that kind of slim possibility materialize? - he has to recognize that England have totally used him for their own purposes. He was given a cynical cap-tie in the 84th minute of a game that was over (3-0) and then no further call ups despite England playing in the Euros and numerous friendlies since then. That has to be a slap in the face. Who knows if it would be enough to make him consider other options, but I don’t think it hurts our cause. - the fact that he is playing in Italy may play a small factor in keeping him off the England team sheet. AC Milan is obviously a massive club but England clearly have a preference for guys playing in their domestic league. Out of sight out of mind…? - He knows he could anchor a Canadian team that is undeniably on the rise. Looking at the folks he would be playing with in the red and white, we are no longer a team of anonymous journeymen. He would be looking at an international career playing with guys mostly competing at very high levels. - the only way it would happen in November of 2022 is if we manage to qualify for Qatar, so we would be giving him the chance to play in a WC. That has to be pretty tempting when compared to maybe getting a chance to play again with England at some undetermined future point (where he is clearly down the current pecking order among young defenders). One question is how it might affect team chemistry to insert a player at the WC who didn’t help us get there, but I have to think that his pedigree would force him into our starting lineup. He would just be such a big upgrade that I can’t see us not getting him integrated immediately. Another issue is whether we would be the preferred other option or if Nigeria would still be on the table if he decided to depart team England. That is a wild card that is pretty hard to assess, but I assume Nigeria would always have a strong enough squad to have a shot at WC qualification out of CAF I guess the last (and bigger) question is whether all of the above would convince him to turn down an England call if it comes between now and November of next year based only on the chance that we might qualify. I have no idea if Herdman or anyone from the CSA would be in communication at this point, but it might only take one call from England to make all of this moot. And related to that, would England give him another cynical call between now and November just to kill the chance that this could happen? If that call does come, we will have to be in a really strong position to qualify for this to even remain a possibility. I know it is an exercise in masochism, but a small part of me can’t let go of the hope, however faint, that we could inherit a truly elite CB to really improve at the back. Imagine Tomori anchoring a back 3 with guys like Miller and Johnston after they have another year of experience. Gah
  8. You are assuming that he would want to play in CPL. I love our league but for a guy who has played high level European footy, he may just have little/no desire to come to CPL and play at that level for a low wage. Given age and multiple injuries, it is entirely possible he would rather move into the next phase of his career rather than try to reset and rebuild.
  9. Honestly, that is one of the reasons I have no desire to pile on excessive e criticism or fire off insults targeting those who ultimately want the same thing we do. Legit criticisms of Wheeler (or Herdman, or whoever) are fair game, but at the end of the day we are supposed to be Canadian footy supporters. I think we undermine that role if we are throwing around personal insults.
  10. It is pretty hilarious that the Mexican player can literally throw the ball off the pitch to delay the restart and eat the clock and yet avoids any sanction. Pretty much says everything you need to know.
  11. FWIW, I think it is way (way) too early to be betting on where his ceiling is. This is a kid who in theory could break into a premier league team this season. I know it isn’t likely, but he was around the first team last year quite a bit and you never know what will happen. Truthfully, he could continue developing into the kind of attacking player that would force himself into our starting 1. Look at where Tajon was a couple years ago and where he seems to be now. Theo could very well have a similar sort of trajectory.
  12. Honestly, given their quality, I still probably start Eustaquio, Hutch and Arfield in a midfield 3 if everyone is available and healthy. Eustaquio is now the undisputed starter that sits in front of the defence. Hutch can either join him as another CDM in a double pivot or play a bit more forward and feed the attack as we often saw with Besiktas. Arfield completes the trio as the attacker. The only caveat is that Arfield needs to continue playing for us at the same level as in previous years. Both he and Atiba seem to be assessing things year by year but Arfield seems like he may be feeling it a bit more (just my impression). If the years start catching up with either of them in a way that impacts what they can bring to the team, the starting order could change pretty quickly in midfield.
  13. Honestly, I get that MLS isn’t a top 5 league (yet) but anyone who thinks it isn’t good enough to produce good players and great youth prospects is probably just a Euro snob. Guys who consistently perform well in MLS are more capable of playing well on the international stage.
  14. The Revs have won all 3 of their games while he is at the GC so they definitely might feel that he could be sold without leaving a huge gap. Seems like the prefect circumstances for a move to Europe.
  15. My strong preference is for both the US and Mexico to lose.
  16. Honestly I am perfectly comfortable with either in net. Maxime really strengthened his case to be a legit starter for us whether or not Borjan is available. Funny, a while back I was thinking St Clair might displace Maxine as our second. A bit has changed since then.
  17. In Orlando when we got to see lots of the players in the lobby we bugged a few of them for quick selfies. Doniel was the only one who kind of scared me.
  18. I guarantee we are getting at least one red if Cav is on the field last night. He might have taken one or two with him(if just incapacitated them) but there is no way we get away without sanctions with him on the field. Mind you, it would have been very satisfying to see him crack a few skulls in the melee.
  19. I didn’t take the “clock management” tactics as playing for penalties and extra time. I took it as us managing the pace of the game and getting in Mexico’s head in the mental game. And it was working.
  20. It is about succession planning and adding quality in depth. We can only get stronger with more a d more top quality players competing like hell to get into our team. As impressed as I am with our play and happy with our squad, the guys that are being talked about are potential future players in the top flights of England and Portugal. That calibre of player will always be welcomed into our player pool.
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