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  1. Gets the lone goal in a 1-0 win. https://www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11781/11935765/rangers-1-0-livingston-scott-arfield-strike-enough-for-narrow-win
  2. That seems like an amount that matters thought. It is roughly half of total player salaries (as rumoured).
  3. I hear that quite a bit, but then again my kid is in basketball so it seems a bit more appropriate.
  4. Signing for Klopp would be massive. David may not walk right into the lineup, but the ability to fight for a spot in a club like that would be huge. The experience of Davies can't be overlooked here. A similar pathway could materialize for David.
  5. So can you provide info about the labour laws that make this so? Like specific info.
  6. Can you provide specifics about the labour laws because they don't seem to stop NHL teams from fielding a whole roster of Canadian internationals.
  7. May have been injured in training. Really hope it is minor... https://www.bavarianfootballworks.com/2020/2/12/21134432/breaking-alphonso-davies-bayern-munich-training-injury-serge-gnabry-chelsea-canada-champions-league
  8. I get that there is totally an explanation for the logo, but it is hard to unsee the similarities.
  9. Yeah, if anything I think the CSA earned a lot of cred (at least with me) when it came to the last round of friendlies. They managed to schedule exactly what we needed to gain serious ground on ES. Not their fault that Herdman and the boys couldn't pull it off against Iceland. But as far as I am concerned, the CSA did everything that could reasonably be expected. They may not have given us V's daily updates, but at the end of the day our informational satisfaction may not actually be quite as important as some of us seem to think.
  10. A good FB can be a big help, but it is also where we stuck the guy who wasn’t very good when we played low level competitive footy. I know that is worlds apart from upper tier footy and a quality LB can be important, but that amateur experience has always stayed with me in how I judge the position relative to the others.
  11. Yeah, if we play at this level in the finals the US will eat us alive. Mission accomplished though - heading to Tokyo. Well done ladies.
  12. I am getting a high quality stream from OS on their twitter feed. I am not an experienced Twit, so can’t advise how to do it, but it is there to be seen. Will be air playing it to the TV so won’t be around. Good luck.
  13. Yeah I have been a big defender of them but you can’t $hit the bed like this during major games. Annoyed.
  14. Yes, I agree. Most athletes want to compete at the Olympics as they recognize it is a prestigious competition they want to be part of - just like the World Cup for soccer. Your NHL example supports the idea of athletes' desire to play in these sorts of competitions - which is counter to your initial point. The fact that basketball players in some subset of countries don't seem to feel this way about the Olympics (again, where the US is the presumptive winner so other countries are basically playing for silver) in no way supports the idea that soccer players will happily pass up the chance to play at a WC - which was your original point. " Players retire from international soccer. " - Yes, but not usually while they are still playing at the highest levels of soccer (ie. for those kinds of super elite clubs that would be part of a super league). " Some players play for countries that never have a hope of making it. " - Yes, but generally not those that play for the elite super clubs. Look at the rosters of Barca, RM, Chelsea, Juve. etc. Most of those guys are fixtures at the WC. " Others would 100% drop playing at the WC for enough money." - This may be true, but it is predicated on the idea that the clubs would get absolutely ridiculous amounts of extra money to throw at players in a way that would massively increase their current wages. And given the huge revenues they already enjoy (including preferential shares of TV money, Champion's League money, etc) I am not sure participation in a super league would let them pay so much that players would walk away from the most prestigious cup competition in the world. Don't forget, participation in a super league means they wouldn't get existing CL revenue streams and could very well be excluded from national leagues (giving that money away as well). "FIFA would change its rules and allow any players from a super league to play in a WC... {since) they're too corrupt and care more about anything that might hurt them financially" - I also think you are way oversimplifying things. Yes, FIFA would allow players to play if they stood to lose a ton of money because they excluded the best players in the word. But a lot of questionable assumptions are built into that "if-then" scenario. Players might not back the clubs seeking to do this if things came to a standoff, knowing that FIFA would at least try to exclude them from the WC. There is a reason this hasn't happened in the 20+ years clubs have been threatening it. More specifically, I suspect there are many good reasons.
  15. For the record, we are thinking about heading to Victoria in June to watch Canada’s bball Olympic qualifiers against China and Greece. Seems like there is less fence sitting this cycle by some of our NBA guys.
  16. Fair enough. But comparing the willingness of Canadian players to skip the Olympics and the interest of soccer players to play in the WC still seems wrong (which was my main point).
  17. Comparing Olympic basketball to the World Cup seems pretty... wrong. NBA players already play in the worlds best competition. Going to the Olympics, where team America wins every single year, is a fun bonus for some, but not remotely like the WC.
  18. Ultimately, this is the only sort of authority that FIFA has. They can't actually prevent new soccer leagues from forming in whatever fashion they want, or prevent any player that wants to from signing with them. What they CAN do though is not allow any player affiliated with these rogue/non-compliant leagues to play in FIFA competitions. You only mention club competitions but FIFA has the added hammer of operating the biggest and most popular single sport event in the world. And for most players - including all of the elite players that would be on teams interested in a "super league" - that is a very significant lever. Bringing this back to MLS, if FIFA chooses to challenge things (and again, not advocating for this - just discussing the dynamics of it) this is important because a lot of USMNT ply their trade in MLS.
  19. Mexico looking strong so far. I think they are just a few years away from being really competitive.
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