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  1. Rutty is one I am def hoping to see more of this year. Right now it is all hype for me so it would be interesting to see how he would play consistently against seasoned professionals.
  2. To be clear, I haven’t “turned” on Davies. But I do resist some of the suggestions that he is one of best LB’s in the world. The reality is that his pace often saves him when he gets beaten, and against top class opponents that can happen a fair bit. The reason he gets the accolades he does is for his attacking abilities from that position - but LB is ultimately a defensive position and I think there are aspects of his defensive game that need to improve if he wants to maintain a lock on the LB position at Bayern.
  3. Yeah, that was My understanding as well. Last year’s sub was just for the IG, and not for a 365 day period. So I think you people were in bonus time for the last little while. Fortunately, they have gone back to a one-year sub so that should make it more consistent.
  4. Loving it. The guys who cheer for TFC to win regardless of CanCon may not like it but I couldn’t be happier. Loved seeing the young guns in Mexico last week. Let’s see if they can help get the job done for the “home” fixture.
  5. Change ice man to iron man. Great news.
  6. I will open with the sentiment that I am a huge Davies fan. I am rooting for him 100%. But I have previously questioned some of his defensive capabilities and I think he is getting beaten in this game. Mind you, it is arguably against the best attacking lineup of any current club team in the world right now - but the fact remains that they are getting past him with a fair degree of regularity. Bayern may be leading this game but they are lucky to not be down by a couple of goals - and two golden chances came from Neymar being wide open on the left side.
  7. Not going to cheer for an injury (and not implying you are) but this is the sort of chance you really hope he takes. Sometimes a shot like this is all you need. Get a couple of sub appearances and make an impact to start proving you have what it takes for first team footy. Good luck to him.
  8. We’ll see. Lots of talented kids coming up through the youth system. Fingers crossed.
  9. I dream of a day when Stompin’ Tom Montgomery of Green Gables will burst onto the scene from PEI and light up the national team.
  10. There is speculation - and lots of questions about funding - but I still think we will end up participating. Hell, even if we don’t co-host, I think we will have the squad to make it there just through the qualification process.
  11. It may be naive but I am really hoping that part of the CSA’s plan in the years leading to 2026 would be to arrange a lot of friendlies to get his really tuned up as co-hosts. The same would theoretically apply to 2022 but if we get there the qualification process itself will ensure that we play a fairly substantial number of games.
  12. The reality is that the Canada of the next 10 years is unlike any other team we have had. A smart player with good advisors would recognize that. David and Davies alone represent a quantum leap in quality. Throw in the other young talents like Corbeanu, Buchanan, possibly Akinola, etc., and we could be a contender for years to come. Not saying we are going to outshine Portugal or anything but we should be seen as a viable option for aspiring players.
  13. The flip side is that the national team qualifiers give them a chance to drum up interest - and people may be more inclined to tune in than if there was nothing else bookending it. I agree that competing with the Olympics is unfortunate but for the soccer aficionados I am not sure the other events will detract from interest.
  14. David was obviously sidelined, but Lille beat Metz 2-0 with goals from Yilmaz and Celik. That gives the a 6 point lead on PSG, who have a game in hand and play Strasbourg tomorrow. Lyon and Monaco round out the top 4. Lille play Lyon on the 25th. Lyon also play Monaco one more time during the run-in. I think that is the only other clash among the top 4. Gonna be a tight finish but that win against PSG was pretty crucial.
  15. Fair. I have only been following bball closely for the 3 or 4 years since my son got heavily into it. My experience of Lin is his time with the Raps and the fact that he was a running joke at our house.
  16. At the end of the day, I would separate issues of how VAR is applied from the idea of whether or not it should be applied. Those are very different questions. I can reject the idea that it is being used correctly in some cases (like the millimetre offside call) while still accepting the significant value of over-turning glaringly incorrect decisions. I am in the camp that sees human reffing errors as wholly negative and I will advocate for mechanisms to eliminate them - including VAR. but that doesn’t mean that the implementation of VAR shouldn’t be subjected to scrutiny and fine tun
  17. The flip side is that Lin was total shit for the Raps and is now playing in the G league, so maybe people just recognized something the models missed.
  18. TBH, playing Haiti is something I look forward to. From now on, I want to punish them for the GC result every single time we play them. We shouldn’t lose to them. We shouldn’t draw against them. We should beat them. Consistently.
  19. The funny thing is that you see this same contrasting mentality even at intermediate school sports. If a school team coach is a “rental” (often a parent-coach who is just coaching the team while their kid is in the school) they put a lot of focus and effort on the results that will happen during their limited tenure. My son’s bball team was coached by one of his teammate’s/classmate’s parents and it worked out really well for him because he was going to be involved for the same three years. But for the young guys on the team, there was very little floor time. The contrast are those s
  20. Depends on the situation involved. If we qualified for 2022 and called him up for the big show, I think he is in. And that isn’t impossible depending on the kind of season he has this year. The same would apply to the US, but I doubt he gets any time on their first team at this point. I doubt he commits to us just to play in the GC this summer. For similar reasons, my idea of calling him up for the Aruba game is probably a pipe dream. But you never know - maybe he is ready to make a decision. And you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
  21. We could probably use a bit more assertiveness within our national association.
  22. Would depend who is healthy and how many spots we have, but I wouldn't mind seeing him place of Corbeanu for one window. It would depend on how the window is arranged as well - do we need the same group for Aruba as we do for Suriname? If not, I would def give him minutes against Aruba to see how he fits in. Heck, I would take in place of Cav for Aruba if Cav could still be added later.
  23. Really looking forward to seeing what he can do by the end of this year.
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