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  1. To what end? I highly doubt we are going to capture the attention of many US soccer fans. And even if we do...? Better to focus on growing the game and brand here in Canada.
  2. Maybe a V's gift basket, with some lotion and scented candles?
  3. I just checked out the Impact thread in the MLS section and it sounds like they have been in a bit of a rut (some comments make it seem like a dumpster fire but their results haven't been completely terrible). I hope you are right that he plays on Wednesday. Would be nice to watch him play a full game to see where he is at in relation to the MLS average.
  4. Presumably, Herdman would try him at left back.
  5. Any updates on Tabla. I don't really watch MLS these days (allocated soccer time goes to CPL) and am curious if he is doing anything that would suggest progress.
  6. Glad I watched it. The criticism seems a bit harsh as other have said. He tracked back fairly well defensively (Drew a foul to break up a dangerous play after sprinting back to defend). Made a few good runs into the box - Coman completely missed him on one. A few poor first touches when he first came on. He gave it away a couple of times, but so did a number of others The one thing the critic got right was that he and the LB weren’t effective in the interplay and overlapping runs - and it did look like Davies was the one without a clear idea of what to do. Whether he is in the forward or back position of that combo, he will need to figure that out.
  7. For anyone who missed it, the game is on SN1 now and Davies just got subbed in.
  8. I have said it before and I will say if again - the multiverse theory is one huge mindfuck. The implications - all reasonable conclusions given what we know about physics - are absolutely crazy.
  9. That is where Cav will be a welcome addition back into the line. He tends to hound people trying to pass around the back. With David and Davies doing the same, anyone not expert at knocking it around might have a tough game.
  10. That's fair. Though if I remember correctly, Kaye was definitely not at 100%. I am predicating the suggestion on the idea that Eustaquio is fully fit. Do agree with others though that we can't just assume he quickly displaces Piette. I have been more and more impressed by the way Piette quietly does his job down the middle.
  11. Depending on fitness and circumstances, this is actually how I could see us cap Eustaquio. Take off an attack minded player mid or 2nd striker and throw on a second defensive mid to shut things down completely.
  12. If I had my way, this is how we would lineup with the personnel available: Borjan Laryea-----Vitoria-----Cornelius------Miller/Adekugbe/Kaye/Cordova (whoever in this slot) Piette Hoilett-------------Arfield------------------Davies David Cavallini ------------------------------------------------------------------- Depending on his health, Eustaquio could fit in the Piette position as well, but he will really have to show Herdman that he is an upgrade to displace Piette.
  13. At least Jack bought you dinner before he ****** you.
  14. I have no idea about point calculations and the impact on qualifying, but playing Haiti would be very welcome IMO. The chance to quickly reassert ourselves after the GC stumble would be great for the players and fans.
  15. Don’t get me wrong - if he is available and fit I am 100% for getting him on the field. Just not sure it happens in october given our depth in that area and his recent injury.
  16. I can't see Eustaquio being anything like match fit. I really hope he becomes a pillar in the middle for us going forward - and would love to be pleasantly surprised - but in October I doubt he displaces Piette in that midfield role. Even when he is fit, I have been impressed with the way Piette has consistently done well in the centre for us shielding the back line. Things happen down the wings that are worrisome, but he really seems to be effective at stifling things coming through the middle.
  17. I think Laryea has won that right back spot at this point. I doubt we go back to ZBG against the US. We won't see James over Cornelius. For whatever reason, we haven't even seen James called up lately. Herdman isn't going to throw him in against the US. Curious if it will be Adekugbe or Kaye at LB (or even Davies - but I hope not). And I have no idea of Hutch's status with the CMNT. If he isn't around, you could sub in Piette pretty seemlessly.
  18. Insofar as this is true, I think it suggests he start rather than have him in the bench. I would rather the “solutions” guy solve the puzzle over 90 minutes than come in and try to salvage things in the last 20.
  19. In the last few games, we have played the following people in the outside back positions: Laryea, Adekugbe, Godinho, ZBG, Davies, and Kaye. It seems like a player getting domestic accolades in Chile - who can play on either side - should be getting at least a run out to see how he looks. I get what you are saying. Herdman sees him in camp and makes the call. But from a supporter’s perspective it is still disappointing that we didn’t get to see him in a game situation.
  20. Maybe we should try to convince the US they are a footy superpower - emphasizing that they have already made the hex anyway - so they will take a weak side for the rest of the CNL...
  21. And with this round done, we can all start voodoo hexing the other teams and hoping for an encore of stumbles by our competition.
  22. Hadn’t thought if that. Seems like a possibility - or at least a solid plan B if anything happened to Cornelius.
  23. It almost makes me wonder if Herdman doesn’t see him in the mix. Hard to otherwise explain why he got 0 minutes
  24. I competent forgot Wotherspoon - which I guess says everything about what I thought. I agree about Larin too but I thought Johnson worked hard. I don’t know if his presence imbalanced the team - I suspect not - but I do know that he looked like he gave a **** at the end of the game.
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