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  1. He will be a goddamned star for our team for years to come. Really glad he chose us.
  2. I am not one to habitually **** on the CSA but this one stings. I get that there are logistical hurdles but the idea of a camp using only locally available players seemed viable.
  3. The reality is that Lille are doing well despite their record signing. That is not a good thing for David. And if you listen to commentators during the games you will know it isn’t just us being overly sensitive to it - they regularly reference the underwhelming performances he has been putting in so far. I am sure we fixate on it more than most but it is most definitely something that gets lots of attention far outside our circle.
  4. He won't be the first player to not light the world on fire right away. I am sure the manager and team see what he can do in training. It will come. Eventually.
  5. Seriously, I don't know whether to be happy or sad about this. I mean, it is ultimately good for them to be involved in as many competitions as possible as it will ensure continued playing time, but I can't help but feel a bit conflicted.
  6. In fairness, he hasn't been making a case to stay in a game where a result is crucial.
  7. Their delivery into the box from the wings has been **** this game.
  8. The flip side to all of this is that he may become a better player after this struggle. Things have been coming easy to him for a while, so a bit of adversity (at this young stage of his career) may make him stronger. And learning how to adapt to a system that doesn't essentially for around you is probably something he will have to master anyway. As he develops he will inevitably be tasked with playing other systems. Developing that adaptability now may not be a bad thing - despite the run of form that everyone is sympathetic about.
  9. Yeah, the defence and mid play is a whole other issue. Most just feel bad for JD.
  10. I suspect that is why he grabbed the ball. Counted on getting one to start things off. Unfortunately it just didn't work out - and you can be sure that the critics will be screaming.
  11. Saved. Decent power but chest height and not in the corner. Not a great pk - regardless of what the keeper did.
  12. Henry should make Ballou watch Jaeden Nelson’s sub appearance for the last 10 minutes of TFC’s game tonight. He didn’t change the result for them but it wasn’t due to a lack of effort. That is what fresh legs should look like in the last 10 minutes of the game.
  13. Lol. Tomori is gone boys. Let him be a shining beacon of short term thinking to warn others.
  14. If he went at the start of the next CPL season, he would still be under contract with the Impact so I don’t think a pay cut would be needed. They would have to figure it out with the loan team but I don’t think there would be a financial hit - and it is in everyone’s best interest that he get back on track. The Impact have an option for another 2 years so he needs to start showing his worth over the next year.
  15. I would rather see him go to CPL and lock down a starting role and get a lot of playing time. I am not sure he gets that sort of playing time for the Caps. Watching the Island Games this summer made me appreciate the level of play even more than before. Players are on top of you in a split second when you get the ball and they press you aggressively. It may not be MLS, but somewhere on here (the threads sometimes blur together) someone was claiming that it is a big step down and not a good alternative for MLS fringe players to go to CPL. After watching a lot of games really closely, I very much disagree. Fringe MLS guys (Bekker, Telfer, DeJong, etc) are no so far above the other players that they show the disparity. There is a lot of talent in CPL at both ends of the pitch and I think it would be a great spot for a guy like Tabla to get back on track.
  16. And playing at RB, so a spot where we could use some depth and competition. I know we have Laryea and ZBG, but the latter isn’t as solid as Laryea yet so a couple more solid options would definitely be good.
  17. I have to admit - I was initially thinking how out to place Piette looked in a predominantly offensive role but he definitely seems to be figuring things out.
  18. The irony is that MTL have been absolutely clueless about how to break down Nashville tonight. They could use someone with a bit of creative flair and the skill to ghost by a guy or two.
  19. Watching the Impact game and I didn’t even know about this guy until the mentioned he was Canadian. Good to see a young Canadian getting the start.
  20. No idea where he will end up but it would be a hard road back in Montreal. Maybe Henry’s departure would help but seems like a situation in decline.
  21. I don’t want to get into a big debate about it, but you seem to be looking at things more selectively than the critics. Henry seems like a shite manager and I totally agree that is was a crap thing to to when he subbed him off 3 minutes before time. But Ballou has had more persistent issues than what we have seen in the last couple of games with Henry.
  22. Interesting (and not very encouraging) article that talks about Tabla in the context of a preview for tonight’s game: https://www.985fm.ca/nouvelles/sports/342920/un-autre-match-de-six-points-pour-l-impact ——— Je ne parle pas, so I had to use google translate but the picture it paints isn’t good: “On Monday, no questions could be asked about the Ballou case, nor the NYCFC player who contracted COVID-19, or even the transfer window which closed on Thursday. Several journalists who wished to ask questions on these subjects were refused the right to speak. Where is Ballou going? Since we have just touched on the subject, the Jean-Yves Ballou Tabla dossier continues to generate ink. In the very last game, the young Impact midfielder was kicked out of the game by the coach, just minutes after entering. A real slap in the face of the young Quebecer. It was not the first time that Henry has expressed his dissatisfaction with the performance of the talented player. Remember that at the end of last season he was sidelined by coach Wilmer Cabrera after being late for training. Ballou then had to do his mea-culpa publicly. Not to mention that the previous coach Rémi Garde had also had a problem with Ballou, and this, from his very first game under his command. And let’s not forget that Mauro Biello was also telling us lip service that Ballou had to learn to become a "real professional". He was still young at the time, and everyone was willing to give him time to mature. But we have to admit that several years later, Ballou has not changed and his career is stagnant. At one point, four coaches can't all be wrong. Ballou has to seriously look at himself in the mirror, and decide what he wants to do with his career. He still has a year of contract with the Impact, the club also has an option year on his contract for 2022.” ouch
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