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  1. It is a great situation to be in. If he stays at Gent, he will continue to develop at a very respectable club and will likely lock down a starting role tha will give him great experience. If he moves on, it will only be to a club willing to make the kind of investment required to pry him away from Gent - which means that they will likely give him the chance to maximize his development. Given his age, I am perfectly happy with either option for the coming season. And he has kicked off his GC in a way that will likely increase interest in him whether it leads to a move or not.
  2. Our current squad is not going to lose to Cuba. A few years ago, maybe. I am going to start projecting a level of swagger I think this squad warrants. Mexico will be hard as hell - but we will beat Cuba.
  3. Tomori should clearly move to the more sane and stable environment of the CMNT.
  4. Given our collaboration on WC2026, this is the sort of thing that the CSA should take a stand on and lobby their US counterpart to step in. Withholding sanctioning barring a name change would be a fairly reasonable request, all things considered.
  5. In light of David's trajectory, I can't really blame them. This kid oozes class and composure.
  6. That playing into feet instead of into space, when the receiving player is clearly on the move, is one of my biggest pet peeves in soccer. There is nothing worse than seeing someone at full speed running into an open space and then having check back to retrieve a pass. Possession game? Sure. But when a guy is in full flight you should pass the ball with that in mind. I would rather watch Rivaldo grab his face and drop after being hit in the shin with a ball than watch someone stop their run because the passer hasn't mastered a basic U11 skill.
  7. One of the reasons I wish we had played more friendlies in the last year was to try out different formations and player combos. While our back line is our weakest link (on the bell curve of our current squad) it would be interesting to see what an all-out attack squad could do against middling opponents. Winning a game 6-5 is still winning a game...
  8. And that Jonathan David kid can really kick a ball.
  9. It is a slogan, not a doctoral dissertation. Geez.
  10. Field looks like it is getting pretty chewed up in spots.
  11. The one thing IO have found is that you need to be using up to date hardware for everything to work. I have an old Ipad 2 - wasn't new enough to run the app because of ios limitations. My laptop uses an old version of mozilla - pretty sure it didn't work well. I can only access it on my imac (up to date ios) or my new iphone.
  12. The Davies question is an interesting one - especially against a team like Mexico. Do you use him at LB, where he is probably more effective than our other options and which would free up Kaye to be in central midfield? or Do you use him up top in an effort to spark our offence against a tougher opponent and keep Mexico from surging forward too aggressively knowing that leaving spaces behind would be dangerous with a guy like Davies attacking? Tough one.
  13. Atiba got beat a couple times last night when the attacker put on a quick burst of speed. That is okay if you are a CDM and there is a defensive line behind you. When you are a CB, it can be a lot more costly.
  14. Mexico looking ridiculously dominant against Cuba. 4-0 at the half.
  15. Yeah, anyone watching Mexico Cuba will know why some of us are really preoccupied with today's defensive performance.
  16. I don't think anyone is complaining about the scoreline. But let's be honest - we could have been 1-0 down early, they missed a couple of others, and it was only two amazing saves from Borjan that kept this looking as safe and secure as the scoreline suggests. And this isn't some shock - I think the other reason people are not over the moon about it is that the play today confirmed what we have all been saying and worrying about for months: we are really deep and talented in mid and forward, but our defence is suspect and doesn't have the same quality and depth. A game like this cements that idea, and against tougher opponents we will likely get punished for it Great result, and hopefully the start of an amazing tourney - but we have things to work out in the back if we want to compete with the reams that will go deep.
  17. Can we maybe put a nice gift basket together and send it to Tomori? Maybe some nice lotions, scented candles, etc.
  18. Atiba has a lot to give, but any pacey forward will give him troubles.
  19. It seems like Davies time at Bayern has really improved his support play. And super Scotty with one. I guess our plan this tourney is to win games with 6-5 type scorelines.
  20. If he plays his cards right, he can be this generation's Ali Gerba. On another note, Hoilett has looked pretty off. Ha, I won't even edit that. He scored. Suck it, dyslexic nam
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