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  1. It isn't unreasonable to suspect that some USL clubs at the top nd of the league have more financial clout than most CPL clubs at this point. And the reality is that at the rumoured salary levels, even a small bump of $10-20k would be a substantial difference.
  2. It is a disincentive though for a middling market if they know they are entering at the stage where a pro rel split becomes a reality. If you are the 16th-20th team in, and recognize that your municipality will have difficulty competing financially with the 8-10 strongest markets over a sustained period, it may be a factor against paying a substantial fee to join.
  3. Not sure who might be in the area to look into this, but it is probably something we should do. I looked online and couldn’t see anything about his mom or the funeral service. If anyone is in a position to help out locally, it would be appreciated.
  4. Would we ever be in a position to send something as a small gesture of support? I wouldn’t mind donating a few bucks.
  5. That isn't workable IMO. - Right now it is functioning as a national league that goes coast to coast. It would require a significant number of additional teams to get to the point where east/west divisions (or 3 regional conferences) are even viable - otherwise you would have teams playing the bulk of their games against only 2 or 3 other teams. This would be a huge step backwards from a supporter perspective. - To get to the numbers required to make this work (ie. where "in -conference" games wouldn't be cripplingly repetitive) you would have to expand to have enough numbers to support two distinct leagues anyway. And as soon as league membership got to that point, the intent would be to stratify into two leagues on the basis of results anyway. Thus you don't really gain anything. - Lastly, once you establish the upper division, the remaining teams would face either the repetitive schedule of the conference system, or the challenging travel and operational costs of a national D2.
  6. Seems like OSEG may have other irons in the fire: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/sam-katz-baseball-ottawa-1.5384927
  7. Gent vs Zulte this Saturday - David vs Larin. May have to find a stream for that one.
  8. I don't have a preference where he lands, as long as he lands on solid ground and gets some playing time.
  9. Seems almost tailor-made for CPL. Young pro player having trouble getting playing time and just released by his club - but still has a strong potential upside. And plays in a position of need for the CMNT. He might as well be wearing a "CPL: Come and get me" sign.
  10. He played with PEI FC. They are the Island's top team and they play in the New Brunswick Premier League (their top provincial competition). Historically, that team has also played in the NS premier division. Before that he was a top collegiate player for the Holland College Hurricanes.
  11. I have said it before and will say it again. If we had simply done the job against Haiti in the GC, we would have gained valuable points and had another high point game to cement our spot in the hex. All we had to do was not muck it up and we would be toasting Vic because he would have basically handed us a spot in the hex. Hard to blame him for us blowing a 2 goal lead against Haiti.
  12. Love it. First Islander in the league. I have known about this for about a week now but was told in confidence so couldn't say anything. Super excited. Ordered my HFX jersey during the Black Friday sale so I know whose name is going on the back. Played against him in the first division indoor league one year and he was a terror to defend. I remember he hammered a ball that I blocked and it left the hexagonal ball pattern on my side for a few days. Really looking forward to seeing what he can do in the league.
  13. This. We are now spoiled thinking that every kid with promise should be a top Euro prospect by the time they are 20. The reality is that David and Davies are on exceptional pathways. We can’t lose sight of the fact that guys like Liam, Tabla and ZBG are all on extremely positive paths, and that major clubs saw something in them worth getting and developing.
  14. As much as we might want him, I could see Bayern pressuring him to stay in Germany during a non-FIFA-window. Would put Davies in a tough position. I have no doubt that he would want to play for us, but I could see the club advising him that he seems to have picked up "a bit of a knock and is being held back for precautionary reasons...' or something like that.
  15. Costa Rica is a hex level team, and to date, we are not. The idea of fielding a weakened team against them in must-win seems risky at best. I guess it would be a matter of those in the know doing the math and assessing our NA-based squad against their NA-based squad. I suspect they have a strong pool of domestic players that would absolutely challenge the kind of team we could field. Losing guys like Davies, David and Arfield would be significant for us.
  16. So we just need to whore ourselves out to whoever wants to get lucky.
  17. The league has actively been involved in courting the founding or key markets in the build up to launch and subsequent discussions, but I am not sure we want something as tightly managed as a list of the only 16 CPL sites possible - and others need not apply. St. John's is #20 and would essentially get the support of a whole province (not in the stands per se, but emotionally). Does that mean they shouldn't be considered? And if they are a legit possibility, along with Saskatoon or Regina for sentimental reasons, who is to say that a Barrie or a Moncton couldn't punch above their weight and make a go of it. Certainly the league has a responsibility to ensure that overall operations are done in a way that facilitates success, but I would oppose anything like a heavy handed exclusion of some locales - especially those on the fringe of a population-based "top 16". If an owner is available who will meet the due diligence requirements and can convince the league they are in it for the long haul, and a stadium can be secured, and the supporter base is there, it would be unfortunate if the league stage-managed entry to the extent that the market was excluded.
  18. Just pulled the trigger on an HFX jersey and a CPL hoodie. A bit over $100 so got the free shipping too! Thanks @Acid-Tone for the heads up - I didn't know this was happening today (have been ignoring the Black Friday hype).
  19. Interesting idea from an economic perspective though. Surely the home games against hex-quality teams would be a bigger draw (and thus higher gate revenue) with similar costs.
  20. People can talk about the balance sheet all they want but this is still ********. This is why we can’t have nice things.
  21. (Not saying we shouldn’t still see if there is a way to get to the hex - just that all is not lost in terms of the ultimate goal of WC qualifying).
  22. The flip side to this is that there are no soft games in the hex route. Start off slow against the wrong team and you are in deep trouble. The low route at least gives you an easy round robin to warm up and then you build to harder tests as you go. You would still potentially end up playing some good opposition - the SF, Final, 4th place game and intercontinental playoff would all all solid opponents for us - you just have a margin of error at the start.
  23. David playing in an attacking mid role today against St. Etienne in the Europa League.
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