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  1. Nice to see Cav get the start tonight. Despite questions about his club form, he always puts in a hard shift for Canada when he is on the field - and we need the depth up front. With Larin now back from injury hopefully our November window has more quality attacking options. EDIT: mind you, Phonzie did pretty good up there against Panama.
  2. I know he hasn’t consistently impressed management enough to get much playing time but I still think this kid is pretty exciting and I have high hopes for him. He has an instinct to attack, a skillset, and an energy level that suggests he still has a fairly high ceiling. Of TFC’s crop of youngsters, I could very much see Nelson, JMR and Priso all becoming quality senior players that have an impact on the CMNT.
  3. It is funny, I thought the same thing as I watched him. You think of a guy like Tajon who has the confidence to run at guys. But then I remember that Tajon is 22 and JMR only turned 17 four months ago. Nelson also seems more keen to take guys on - but again, he is 19. Based on what we saw tonight, I think JMR’s overall play and skill level is just fine. Hopefully he continues to get time.
  4. Just unfortunate. His physical attributes are so unique but they don’t seem like they are used in a way that allows him to excel. He should be dominant aerially but he seems more timid than most. He looks like he should be able to move around the field quickly but he generally is outpaced by smaller guys (and I don’t think it is just an illusion).
  5. I had to PVR the game so just watching it now. I am at 60 minutes and other than one interception in the middle of the park due to his long legs, I can’t really remember a meaningful contribution from Okello. I want him to be an impact player that dominates midfield but I am just not seeing any signs of that guy.
  6. Amd it isn’t like this has happened in isolation. Nancy felt the need to call him out publicly. Henry did the same thing. And as I said previously, I think this was also done to some extent prior to Henry.
  7. God damn that is depressing though. I hope he can somehow turn things around but it sure seems like the things holding him back have some pretty deep roots.
  8. Shared it to my page and shared it in the “soccer cards Canada” group.
  9. And then you just go through TicketMaster using the code?
  10. I thought the same thing. MLS isn’t some shitty league where experience and ability counts for nothing. If you get solid playing time here, you will be performing at a level that hones your craft. And if you can excel here in NA, you will show that you are ready for the higher tiers of European leagues.
  11. But isn’t the supporters section treated basically like general admission? Are assigned seats honoured or does it just fill up from the front as people arrive?
  12. I am pretty sure I am getting my tickets in the supporters section but we will have a 12 yr old girl with us for one game (Mexico). I am debating whether or not to buy regular seats for that one. I don’t want her to be staring at someone’s back for the entire game.
  13. Not to diminish his goal but it looked like he had that defender planted into the ground in a way that sometimes gets called.
  14. That is the part I love about having other offensive threats. The more they double or triple team AD, the more space opens up for everyone else. I just hope Phonzie keeps the mindset that he doesn’t always have to beat everyone - a decisive pass when the opposing team is converging on him can be deadly.
  15. And actually, I have to admit that I do keep some pokemon sealed. It is more of an economic thing because it appreciates I’m a way that these probably won’t, but there is truth to the idea that you can never un-open it.
  16. That is a tough one. I would probably open it (and immediately put them in a penny sleeve and toploader). Sealed cards are often worth more but realistically these aren’t worth much - they are more for the cool factor. I have a few so not dissing your cards - just don’t see a lot of benefit leaving them sealed.
  17. It is such a waste. I remember reading about Ronaldo. Despite having such a huge amount of natural talent and seeming like a guy who doesn’t lack self-belief, the people at Manchester United said he was always the first one at the training ground and the last one to leave. He recognized that his talent wasn’t a reason to do less than everyone else - it was a reason to do more. The opposite is the Balotelli approach. He had massive talent and wasted it because he thought that it was enough to get him through. After being identified as a guy with huge potential and signing a big contract or two, he slowly faded away. Not saying Ballou is (or could be) Ronaldo but it goes to show how important it is to have the right attitude. This story just makes me so sad. He has such potential - and he confirmed it is still very much in his power to be a game changer. In the V Cup game he came on as a sub and scored two quality goals (one with each foot). He can clearly perform at a high level. What a waste.
  18. You maybe right, but the flip side is that they bear some of the blame for starting him immediately after playing a 3 game window for us. I get that it was Leverkusen but they also have some responsibility for this tweak.
  19. Let’s nor kid ourselves though - it isn’t this one incident in isolation. He was called out by Henry. That makes 2 managers that felt strongly enough about what they were seeing (or weren’t seeing) to talk about it publicly. I doubt they are both such terrible managers that they would do that lightly. And without going through the archives, something tells me there were similar issues noted by senior folks before Henry came on board as well.
  20. No way. Not until he knows where he stands within the Canadian setup - which he won’t know for at least a couple of years. we are co-hosting a WC in 5 years. It isn’t impossible that he could be part of that setup if he gets on the right path. Why throw that chance out the window so that he can suit up for a CONCACAF country that will be hard pressed to do anything of note over that same period?
  21. I have no problem returning the mantle to Milan, but Crepeau did well and if we are going to hold one oddball gaffe against him it would only be fair to weigh that against Milan’s as well. Because he has had a few. Just doesn’t seem like something to really use against Maxime.
  22. Like I said, it is only if Davies is in any way not 100%, and he would still be on the bench if we aren’t in control at halftime.
  23. Next window in attack we should have Tajon, Laryea, David, Larin, Cavallini, and Millar. That seems like enough to do the job.
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