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  1. Do anybody know if he was ever asked to play for us or not?!
  2. Not really. Mine working basically the same as before some stops and go. Sorry can't help (I'm not tech savvy).
  3. Ottawa on CPL Centre Circle App now (once you update).
  4. Surprised nobody mentioned Bruce Wilson. I guess I'm dating myself.😀
  5. One of the persons involved is Michael Miller and he podcasts on "Premier Podcast".
  6. Yes. They do podcasts in both languages. You can check out northernstartingeleven.com for more info. Keep safe and good luck on quarantine cabin fever 😀. Regards.
  7. Joined the movement today. Hope more Mtl area people join. I sent the form to some of my soccer friends.
  8. Crappy reffing, bags of piss thrown at us, car horns blowing outside the hotel in the middle of the night, not playing enough friendlies, now it's a %^&*()# virus screwing us over. What else, we long suffering Canadian fans, will we see next.😓
  9. Only HFX and Pacific now have the same sponsor (VW). EDM now switched from One Soccer to Swoosh but I agree there are many companies with lots of money like Petro Canada, Cdn Tire and one of the major banks (with their billion $ profits) etc. that should step up to the plate.
  10. Looks like the women's game (Canada) at all levels is in decline these days ( and/or everyone else is catching up). Thankfully the men's game seems to be on the rise (I hope and pray) nowadays.
  11. Can't say I was too impressed with that win Saturday
  12. Unfortunately I think the only way the 3 Cdn MLS teams leave MLS is if MLS kicks them out. But Saputo already left one league and helped create another league before, so who the f*&% knows what could happen .
  13. I think I'm going to start a new topic called "CPL new teams speculation".😀
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