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  1. I thought Vancouver because MDS likes to play CDNS and for someone who maybe thought he was too good to play for Canada (vs IC), I'm not sure he would take a step down and play in CPL (even though I think he should).
  2. Definitely not a fan of a future Cdn. league in this interview calling it" semi -pro at best. Now I'll listen to his recent interview to see if he changed his mind.πŸ˜€
  3. Hopefully it's someone with more experience. I think it's too early in her career to become head coach especially with her being a player on the team not long ago.
  4. Yes they are going straight to Panama after they win (I'm sure they will 😎) according to todays Sportsnet article.
  5. News should be coming soon about new coach.
  6. The winner of the cancelled Supporters Shield is given the spot. I don't know if it applies if it's a Cdn team though.
  7. I wonder now who gets the other spot if TFC wins the MLS spot and the Voyagers title? Hopefully the CPL champ?
  8. Wouldn't Leiweke be a great CSA president? I bet he would find the money for friendlies. Sorry for the Off topic.
  9. If you think it's only one "sitter " he failed to convert, I suggest you re-watch all his nat. team games. I like how you say he only missed one "sitter" and then you try and give excuses that he is only 19 and "everyone on here" putting all the pressure on him. Look, I'd be the happiest guy here if he comes back and scores 3 goals every game, I wish him well. So are you saying if he DID play under JH, then he would miss them(sitters)? See what I mean? I suggest we just wait till he plays for us and then we'll see who's right.
  10. I think the "fantasy" word might say it all.πŸ˜€
  11. I don't see the difference of missing sitters whether if Floro or JH on the sidelines. Those errors are not Floro's. See what I mean?
  12. Can't tell either way from this story which way he is leaning concerning national team but I'm curious to know what player was selected for Canada youth team (that he wasn't selected) that was on his team?
  13. CBC says JH is still holding out hope for Nov. camp in Europe for Euro based players and Jan. camp for domestic talent. Also CSA cancelled Cdn women camp in England (for this month ) on the advice of medical experts.
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