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  1. Same with Videotron, has listed as a friendly with no teams named.
  2. I don't know but it was on their TV guide for a couple of days before removing it. Why put on their guide if they didn't have the rights? Strange.
  3. I wonder what happened for RDS to take the game off its schedule?
  4. Are you kidding? You think that's Tony Marinaro doing English impressions? Don't tell anybody but that's Noel Butler and he has a weekly show on TSN690 about soccer called " Oranges at Halftime". AND he's a big supporter of Canadian soccer. BTW he's Irish who grew up in London ( England).
  5. No he was talking with someone pretty much the whole time and didn't want to disturb him ( I did but my wife didn't think it was a good idea. Next time I not listening to her(as usual).😁
  6. I really had a good time at the game. 4900+.and the atmosphere was great and got to talk to JB before the game. K.Jack was seated in front of me. All in all a good experience (too bad that penalty to tie the game and that hit the cross bar at the final minute) and will be back next time in TO. Will be at Saputo on the 24 th.
  7. Don't know about the restaurants but I'll be at my first Y9 game also. Pass by the field level seats to say hello.(I'll be wearing my V tee shirt.)
  8. I think JH has to win all 4 games in Nations League to prove we are going in the right direction. 2 wins vs Cuba and a win(or tie) and a loss vs USA won't prove much. It's pretty much what's expected.
  9. On another note, did anyone else notice the Mexican fans cheering when Haiti scored and at the end of the game? I guess they really didn't (scared) want to play against us.😁
  10. All I can say is IN-*******-CREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😢
  11. Who knows, we could still be playing CR.😀
  12. It's the old taxes and service charges. The $29 ticket cost me $37.25.
  13. Was a little disappointed that none of our banks, Cdn Tire, Home Hardware, Petro Canada to name a few, didn't sponsor any of our teams.😞😞
  14. BTW I asked the sales rep about their attendance and said averages about 2500. Concerning their lack of marketing, apparently they will do more in the fall season. Can't wait for my first (hope many more) road trip to a CPL game. CORRECTION. my second road trip. I was at game #1 in Hamilton. I guess that's what happens when you get old😁
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