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  1. Seems Carmine isn't too impressed with playing in PEI.
  2. Could someone with knowledge of PEI tell us the venues that would be available for CPL tournament? Thanks in advance.
  3. While it would take longer to complete I would love to see a group of 8. Basically a 50% chance of advancing to world cup or playoffs. I'll take those odds.
  4. ....or how about Dynamic Duo Double D's.
  5. I know we talked about this before but can't find out where. Names for Davies and David couple. The Dynamic Duo or my personal favorite The Double D's😎
  6. I'll never forget Hutch's reaction to his goal vs USA being called offside (by that Mexican ref I think). Ball had deflected off American player so should have never been called offside.Just one of many sh*t calls against us.
  7. While that maybe true, if we were ranked 13th we wouldn't have the players we have now. You can't have it both ways. At least that's the way it's supposed to be.
  8. I would think Hutch would like a chance to play in a world cup. I think he sticks around at least till wcq is over.
  9. As per above post (Joe Belan) Sask. CPL team delayed a couple of years. 😞
  10. No mention of Sask. last night by the commish in reference to expansion. What's up with that?
  11. You have Curacao having a pretty busy schedule. While Antigua is on vacation.
  12. Haha TSN removed the article. It was on for about an hour and said "MLS mayhem to resume July 9". Somebody must of screwed up big time 😀.
  13. Looks like MLS resuming July 9 according to TSN. Could only read headline. Complete article won't open.
  14. I'm glad that you think you have figured it out but unfortunately it's not as simple as that. What happened should never never have happened, I think we all agree on that, but to say "they are the problem" you make it sound like all police are the problem which is not the case. With all due respect. Just to clarify I'm a first generation Canadian and believe me when my parents came from Europe in the 50's there was race problems also against us and I'm not talking only about police.
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