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  1. I knew it was him just wasn't sure if he was Tim or Sid. Anyways the interview he did was after the second Haiti game when he mentioned why the games are not on TV. Thanks for that clip.
  2. I agree but he made it sound like it didn't even exist.
  3. On the new Tim & Sid (don't know which one is gone) show on Sportsnet he mentioned that people were asking why the Canada games are not on TV and he said that the rights are on a streaming service and made it sound that the games aren't available to them.
  4. Isn't there a rule that you get a yellow if you are faking an injury? If so why is it rarely used?
  5. Not in the mood of arguing about this as I've been following (fan) this team from the early 80's and am too excited about going to the Octo. Summer is my most favorite time of the year by far but I cannot wait for fall to arrive.
  6. Is it too early to predict the Honduras score?😛
  7. Yes leave him alone he scored a goal and 3 field goals.
  8. That's what I was thinking also to get as many duel nationals as possible in our GC team. Not sure about bringing a A+, A-, B+ etc. Btw I was always curious, are you Mr stepp817 or Mrs tepp817?😀
  9. Do you need me to show you the future?😁
  10. Biello is not French Canadian he's Italian Canadian or I prefer to say he's Canadian. Cheers.
  11. Somebody should burn that warlock to the stakes LOL.
  12. If we would of won that Gold Cup game (that we should of won) nobody here would be so worried now.
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