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  1. England have a lot people who can play centre back (and they have played a right back and midfielder there a lot). But have almost no depth now at left back (the Everton, exNorwich kid Godfrey looked good again when I saw him today). But generally I think their fullbacks are better at being wingers than defending at full back. Whether that is our case? - I don't know.
  2. Turkish Super League Hutchinson started for Besiktas at home to Kasimpasa. (Larin suspended.) Update: Scored and went the distance in a 3-0 win.
  3. That is a huge part of it, I think. David did not hit the ground running this season and people want to see that change. Borjan has, admittedly, an easier row to hoe in his league but just keeps doing a good job there and in Europe. From the bits I have seen this year, the team ahead of him looks a little better or at least more ready for Europe. Unseeded in the round of 32 but there, nonetheless.
  4. England U23s have a break. Liverpool (Millar) don't play until the 11th and Wolves (Corbeanu) the 18th. But both might be looking for loans and in theory they might get a chance in the cup.
  5. Just scrolled through all the shots on him. Added 2/3 more in whatever half you didn't see. By my reckoning, they qualify in 2nd. Best case scenario they still lose the tie break with Hoffenheim for first and cannot be caught. Playing in the new year.
  6. Great to see him have a game at that level against a good team. I have been critical of him sticking around when it was clear he was not in the first team plans. One game does not change that but maybe it is a step along the way and he proves me wrong.
  7. English Championship Hoilett came on in the 62' for Cardiff City, closes down a defender in the 68', steals the ball and feeds his teammate for a tap in. Goal 2 in 3-0 win over Huddersfield.
  8. I think part of it is where the player is. What a kid sees at home and in the States is very different from Europe in terms of football. Yankov went with who called him, it wasn't us because of circumstances that can and have been debated. But Corbeanu gets the same media I do basically and I can totally see why David and Davies would be a factor. They are not one of the bigger stories in a niche sport; Davies was one of the biggest stories in one of the biggest bits of news - not just sports. Everyone knew how he made one of their rising national team stars look slow and weak re
  9. Will always remember watching him in the 2007 U-20 World Cup games in Edmonton. With Newcastle at the time I believe. Life keeps going, doesn't it.
  10. Their U23 game is on Youtube again. 90' minutes in a 0-3 win. Played very wide but consistently beat the first man out there, though lost the ball when facing more than one; had a couple shots cutting in.
  11. Premier League 2 Division 2 Corbeanu starts for Wolves U23 away to Newcastle U23.
  12. I was watching three games today but he was all across the slightly more advanced midfield when I saw him.
  13. Assist very early in their game today, nice movement and decent pass on the break.
  14. Played 89' in a huge League Cup win over Celtic away. They need to transfer some of that form to the league though. One win since early August (though they draw a fair bit). He is playing most every game, though subbed a fair bit.
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