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  1. However he came to it, he is not just here to say he is an international. Means something. That veteran presence - same with Vitoria - was crucial.
  2. Junior drive to the box there my man and pick up a penalty. At least dont cross like that
  3. I agree, if David finishes it is a masterstroke. My only concern has been giving the wide attacking to them or expecting Vitoria - not the quickest - to come out there regularly.
  4. i think its fine until he gets cute. he was trying to side foot that. hopefully the warning he needs
  5. Have to see how it actually shakes out but those players look made for clogging the middle and then breaking fast.
  6. I will say we got one of the coldest assassins on the break I have seen this season in the best position to put a dagger in American hearts.
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