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  1. Could be a lot worse, he's not anywhere near the left coast and the team that can't even beat the team that's getting destroyed now.
  2. If we are talking about Tani still, it doesn't matter, he's 24, any non-friendly cap-ties him. ie. "was fielded in a match in an official competition at โ€œAโ€ international level" I think you might be thinking of u21s who can be cap-tied in 1 game if they "participated in any kind of football at โ€œAโ€ international level in the final tournament of the FIFA World Cup or a final tournament of a confederation competition." instead of having to play 4 games
  3. At the risk of taking someone at their word, he is probably there as an experienced head in the middle of park like Jesse Marsch said. Essential what you are saying, I would say.
  4. You see in my post, it was the last two games and they played no striker at all (but he came on and scored in both). He's the starter in my opinion. He will get the Euros to prove them wrong I guess ๐Ÿ˜‰.
  5. Somebody changed something then Associated Press Thu, 16 May 2024ยท1-min read BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) โ€” Teams in this year's Copa America will be allowed to have an expanded squad of 26 players instead of the usual 23, South American soccer body CONMEBOL said Thursday. ,,,,, Most major tournaments used 23-man squads before the coronavirus pandemic hit. That number was raised to 26 for the previous Euros, played in 2021, so teams could replace players who needed to quarantine. The deadline for teams to submit their final squads is June 12. ___
  6. Roster drop Saturday, which seems silly since they are dropping updates and had to submit it officially yesterday
  7. We said the same above, but for me other than a big name and being able to watch him easily Man U provides a riskier pathway to the things he needs (at least for us).
  8. I go back to Villa. Apparently Duran wants out and they did play with 2 strikers (with Watkins) a fair bit.
  9. Hojlund missed 8 games because of fitness and 2 non-starts were coming back from groups of the former. Ten Hag did get cute the last couple games and started with no striker but Holjlund came on and scored in both and they won. Huge risk if you are David and you are counting on starts barring another bad fitness year.
  10. I wish disliking Matt Turner was easier, I try. With his kid and a couple old teamates from Arsenal
  11. The story was a couple weeks ago that Fonesca wanted "a different profile" than David at Milan. If true, I would guess bigger: he loves attacking width from his fullbacks especially but also his attackers and maybe if had his druthers, he would have a bigger man to get on the end of crosses. He needs to go where he will start before anything. Is Man U going to go with 2 strikers all the time, or even a fair bit of the time? Not usually what ten Hag does. He is not going to take Fernandes' place either nor is he a wide attacker. But options are limited if you say moving up leagues, starting, Europe at least, etc.
  12. Yeah, absolutely fair play to him for doing that work. The almost nasally bit is what Brits do when they are making fun of an American accent or doing a bad one. (One of my favourite comedians Kevin Bridges doing his "Chad Hogan" bit for instance.) Even like a lot Scandavians I met in the UK who have perfect English but sound American rather British. Maybe because the America accent has a lot of those influences. Or just the media they consume I guess.
  13. It's very much not young British, if he is copying it well. He is fluent, that's not the issue. But again it was a joke.
  14. There are dumb sports fans everywhere and that's what English "hoolies" (notice the quotes) are these days. It is not like they're your lot in '85 or anything. But I wouldn't be too scared of continental "ultras" either. Two fat West Ham seniors held off an "army" of them last year.
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