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  1. Lille's passing is so frustrating so much of the time.
  2. For a silly handball. Lille need the three points from this.
  3. I think they have done better than a lot of their league games I have seen. Brooks looking slow and grabby and on a yellow, probably get some joy targeting him.
  4. James has started for Vejle Boldklub away to AGF. Millar came on in the 63' for Basel away to Lugano.
  5. It was basically a more extreme and therefore worse version of what we tried against Honduras - blow a team away with offensive power and talent. Covid still has a role to play in this next window depending on where the UK places Jamaica in the next update and the situation on the ground there. I think their training was disrupted somewhat if I remember; there were no fans at least. They obviously still have a ton of potential if they keep those guys interesting after that shambolic situation combined with some training and common sense. Bur we still need to look for three points there, I think, whatever the restrictions.
  6. Got his first official start, 90' and clean sheet in Greece. 0-0 for Panetolikos at home to Asteras Tripolis. Can not find highlights yet.
  7. Been beating that right side like a rented mule* all night. *To quote Darren Dutchyshen from back in his old school prairie days.
  8. As it stands UK-based players - ?Arfield, Wotherspoon, Hoilett, ?Corbeanu etc would still have a problem after visiting Mexico on the 8th (UK-time). They need to stay out of the UK until the 18th or face 10-day quarantine still. The Saturday after is the 16th. Things are changing though. The other lists are being eliminated but red list remains. Jamaica still has a chance of being added to it.
  9. Once they sorted the registration? thing, he has started every game I believe.
  10. Scottish Premier League Wotherspoon starts for St Johnstone v. Rangers. Arfield on the bench. Wotherspoon goes 90' in a 1-2 loss. No time for Arfield. Ben Paton starts for Ross County away to Celtic. Harry on the bench. English Championship Hoilett on the bench for Reading v QPR. English League One Corbeanu on the bench for Wednesday away to Plymouth Argyle. Jebbison on the bench for Burton vs. Gillingham English League Two Luetwiler starts for Oldham away to Orient.
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