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  1. Antonio is fairly new to being an actual striker as well but you are right, they are all different players. Antonio is better playing back to goal than any of the other two, he is stronger and gets off the ground quicker. So if you are looking to steal a point or three from the US or Mexico I would rather have him as the pivot on the break. If am looking to build a club team for the future I would take David. Jimenez is the best all round right now. Micky Antonio's problems are age and susceptible to injuries but against what we have currently at centre back - it is a concern. He m
  2. If healthy, yes. He scares some of the better centre backs in the world in that he never gives up on balls and is a match in pace and strength for many of them. Has improved his finishing as of late, as well. The bad, and now contrarily good news (depend on whether I am wearing my club or country hat) is that his hamstrings are made of silly puddy.
  3. His goal Canada-wise was to play in the Olympics. At least that is what he said in an interview when he joined Ross County. Be a huge asset at that level, if it all happens this year.
  4. That is all I know as well. I knew he was at the U of T for a year or so but then came back here for school. Not to get snobby and I wish him all the best, obviously, but he got the time because of some COVID tests and our general lack of strikers (he had played for the u23s the day before.) He probably has been surpassed by a younger player, who got the minutes the last FA Cup match but was isolating yesterday. Dapo and Mipo (Ademipo Odubeko) are almost all we got beyond two converted wingers (one converted very well, it has to be said.)
  5. Interesting discussion/experiences generally. I myself am squarely in both camps. I am a bit envious sometimes of being able pick the team I support, I would probably have picked one that won something, anything, in the lifetime of my memory. But it is also great having a team that is in your families/ancestors' blood and I will always have ties/memories connected to them. As kid, I did my best to follow West Ham when it was almost impossible to do so in rural Alberta. I later picked up some Italian sympathies (Juve even) because of the Edmonton soccer scene and more Serie A games shown
  6. German Bundesliga Davies starts for Bayern v Freiburg Portugese Primeira Liga Vitoria starts for Moreirense away to Nacional.
  7. Bar a few players, hard to truly say what a player will do for a career if you look at him at age 18, - for good or ill. In my opinion. Great experience to be with a good first team though and worth remembering that if - as is likely - he misses the Premier League 2 game on Monday, he will have only missed 2 games with them to this point. They take a decent break for the holidays. As to the result. Mixed feeling, they need a big win for him to get a chance but them struggling is a result for my club side.
  8. On the bench for Wolves again against an ex-West Ham player I like (Snoddy) and a manager who did a job for us until he didn't. Anyway, a must win for both teams in a way, given their ambitions. But sentimentality aside, a cricket score and a bow for the Canadian would be nice.
  9. I think it was a pretty standard situation. Bring some of your more promising "youfs" in during the busy festive period (the reserves/Premier League 2 take a pretty decent break); see what they can do during training and use them for cover with often three games in a week (normally). Sometimes they get a run out in the cup but Wolves drew a tougher opponent than the odds would predict. Corbeanu was currently at lower end of the young players put on the bench by Wolves but worth remembering (as mentioned) he is 18 and got maybe one sub appearance in the Premier League 2 before this sea
  10. Not as important as some of his other accolades but still nice to see a Canadian on the BBC Sport page. "The football social media winners and losers of 2020 Winners Alphonso Davies What a year for this young man. A treble in his first full season with Bayern Munich, a Golden Boy nomination and, perhaps most impressively (OK, it depends on your priorities...), the undisputed king of football TikTok..." ... Jordyn Huitema Huitema, who plays for Paris-St Germain, completes a social media power couple..." https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/footba
  11. I, for one, am shocked...shocked I tell you, that Payet is in the bottom 5.
  12. Mostly middle of the park when I have seen him in Italy, Portugal and England. A couple lineups have him wide when he played with us, but it was 5 at the back, a box of midfielders and Arnautovic on his own up front, from my memory. He scored a great goal against Southampton from deeper midfield I remember being in person for. His loan in Russia seems to show him wide, though.
  13. I agree with most of that. He makes the team better, something beyond moments of selfish brilliance. I will say though that neutral commentators (I think BT has missed maybe 2 or 3 of Lille's games so far this season) do mention his price tag and the lack of goals every game they cover. His move was handled badly by his camp and he has suffered for it, in my opinion. He has to finish some of the chances that have come his way. As frustrating as his team can be, Lille's coach has been very decent to David, keeping him on to get goals, starting him when other people might not have
  14. At least another name from the U23s there as well. Let's hope Burnley keep playing as badly as they have, Wolves build a lead and keep Traore on bench and fresh for their 3 games next week. Normally at least, Corbeanu and him play similar roles.
  15. But still only three subs, much to Klopp's chagrin.
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