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  1. Of course no idea where he will be next year (and when or if next year will be) but if he is at Gent, it seems they will probably be in the Champions League qualifying rounds, with their current second place. "The Belgian Pro League have since said they have received assurances from Uefa that they would not force leagues to continue. And there have been reports that Uefa vice-president, Michele Uva, has said clubs could be admitted to European competition next term even if they abandon their current seasons. But that abandonment would have to be on the back of a government decree." https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52152106
  2. Hollowly good news for them as they were faltering a bit after going out of the Europa League. I will say this on the transfer talk, journos have even less facts to report than normal so I would take everything with a grain of salt. Also big clubs are losing big money and so fees may not be huge coming out of this. Buyers market, as a result is what I read. People maybe staying put for a bit. Hopefully we can really care about that in the not super distant future.
  3. On a more immediate note. His team taking a 20% pay cut to keep the staff in work. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52036612
  4. Some of it is hometown based (hence an extra keeper) and overly club-based and specific live moments, so no claims on quality. Bunbury - Peschisolido Davies - Pasquale DeLuca - Hutch - Ricketts Yallop - Henry - Edgar - Mike Sweeney Forrest Hirschfeld (never played for Spurs first team, I tell myself), Paul Dolan, Mobilio, Gerba, DeVos, Arfield, David.
  5. He could become the greatest Canadian athlete in the view of the world. Long, long way to go but has a better chance and seems okay with the task so far.
  6. Great respect for Steve Nash but there are swathes of cultures in the world where basketball does not really register either. I could ask but I would guess no one has heard of him here for instance. Jordan, Magic, Kobe, LeBron maybe now Curry but knowledge gets thin beyond that. Reaction to basketball tends to be "netball, like what the girls play in school". Probably my favourite sport as a teenager and easy get a game in any place with ties to States but hard to find a hoop here. It would similar to cricket, where the places the British colonized have a decent chance of being mad for it but elsewhere very lukewarm to not existent feelings. Some of those places have huge populations but still not really a world sport. In the end, I am biased I can remember going to Oilers games during their first Stanley cup run as a little kid (I hated those Islanders). But even without that I would still go with Gretzky for both being the Pele (being considered the greatest across generations) of his game (however much smaller) and being one of the most positively known Canadian sportsman. Really transcends the lack of "ice" hockey knowledge in a lot of Europe. (And yes I know physically, and technologically even, the game has changed drastically but Pele or even our man Bobby Moore put through the regiments of today 's training etc would still be the best players, in my opinion. I choose to believe the same about Gretzky.)
  7. Grew up with Gretzky on my team, he changed game in North America and the parts of the world that play hockey. (Which is quite small actually). He was also the absolute peak of skill and nous in the sport. Davies has a ways to go before he is the best player in the world (in part because the football "world" is much bigger). Most sports fans here in UK would know the name Gretzky - (if only because he was on Saturday Night Live, a cartoon etc. ) Not sure they know many other Canadian names beyond the Canadians that have played for their football teams or that Canadian darts player who could drink 30ish beers during his matches. And Ben Johnson. Davies certainly can have an near immediate (or immediate when we can have football again) impact on Canada's standing in the world. And it seems like he is okay with pressure at the moment. Be nice to see him play again soon.
  8. Playing devils advocate, friendlies are only part (and statistically a less important part) of the story. Their loss to the DR had a huge point consequence, if I recall. And we had a better Gold Cup, if not great.
  9. An argument against these arguments is the format. Technically you are not cancelling anything but the nations league finals if you go straight to the Hex from here. You are just essentially moving the cut-off date up. That can be justified a lot easier (not in my mind because I am Canadian) than not finishing a scheduled set of qualifying games. If there were a qualification system for the Hex (with the same big "losers" tournament to give a kind of last chance and give smaller nations further games to play for that remote chance) that had not finished, it would be a bigger legal deal I think. By the way, I forget if there was every talk of, say, the Nations League act as a direct qualifier. You could put the winners of the groups in League A in the Hex and then have the 4 second place teams in those groups play off in the same window for the last couple places. Still have the remote chance tournament, so all the other leagues get a theoretical path. It works for us, I know but anyone see why it is actually unfair.
  10. If we showed superiority on the pitch more, we would be ahead in the math. Remember when the format was changed, we were almost 30 points behind El Salvador. That would have been a somewhat less if we had beaten Haiti the month before. And seriously cut into it with an upset or even some penalties in the next game or two (with no risk of lost points) But it was an awful format to base on less than a year of games, so we were behind the 8-ball. We pulled off the big win we needed but did not come close to getting the draw against the States that would have given us the opportunity for a lot more points (as well as the points themselves). We then lost to Iceland in a gamble. I would put the format and our performance before I would worry about the math.
  11. The frustrating about this format is that is the - mathematically in with a theoretical chance - is so wildly broad. Us or anyone could in theory secure a game or two with Belgium and win or play a month of two a week friendlies in a theoretical summer with a C or D team. All unlikely but not completely impossible. Not sure if we want to be "those guys" but I would think there would but some basis for a legal challenge considering the change of format, the broadness of the mathematics and these unforseen circumstances.
  12. If things have cleared up that fast, I think leagues will be trying to finish their seasons then. Most have written off the Euros for that time period here.
  13. A very hollow consolation in all this is that for their story about UEFA postponing their games, the BBC used Davies vaulting a Chelsea player as the thumbnail on the front of their sports page. (Sorry no pic, I was out when I saw it and they have moved on to stories about the postponement of the domestic leagues)
  14. Not sure if we should have a separate thread for all this but UEFA have now shut down all their club stuff. Premier League meeting ongoing.
  15. I just saw that as well, meeting in the morning. Just zipped through a rebroadcast and saw Arteta share a very close handshake with our manager last weekend. Probably too serious a subject to make a joke about having mixed feelings.
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