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  1. David starts for Gent in the league. Currently 1-0 for them 15 minutes in.
  2. Hoilett goes 84' in a 1-1 v. the Brummies. Nothing of note from him in the highlights.
  3. Was arguing with some locals here about that just the other day. Savages.
  4. If you can have a dumpster fire of a farcical lack of information, this would be one. That said, the fact that our making the Hex may depend on how many and how fast we can jam in minnow friendlies into an unknown time period already has us well along that road.
  5. Lunch time transfer talk for you. https://sporza.be/nl/2020/01/08/ivan-de-witte-_zelfs-bij-20-miljoen-is-transfer-van-david-in-ja/ Interview with Ivan De Witte, Gent chairman. "An important question for AA Gent supporters: will the club succeed in keeping strong holders such as Jonathan David and Roman Jaremchuk on board this winter? "We are relatively certain that they will stay," says Ivan De Witte. “If possible, we want to keep them with us next year as well. They form the backbone of AA Gent and if we can add anything else we will have a really very strong team. " “If there is now a club with 20 million euros for David, then we will of course think about it. But to be honest: even in that scenario I think that a transfer in January is out of the question. "
  6. But no teams have to release their players. And most won't because they are playing games around that time (in NA and Europe at least).
  7. 4. An international window is defined as a period of nine days starting on a Monday morning and ending on Tuesday night the following week, which is reserved for representative teams’ activities. During any international window a maximum of two matches may be played by each representative team, irrespective of whether these matches are qualifying matches for an international tournament or friendlies. The pertinent matches can be scheduled any day as from Wednesday during the international window, provided that a minimum of two full calendar days are left between two matches (e.g. Thursday/Sunday or Saturday/Tuesday). https://resources.fifa.com/image/upload/regulations-on-the-status-and-transfer-of-players-2018-2925437.pdf?cloudid=c83ynehmkp62h5vgwg9g
  8. Depending on how Iceland goes, we could actual face very beatable teams in March and be within touching distance. (2 teams slightly higher ranked than Bermuda would yield 6 points then.) For the official word on match dates: https://resources.fifa.com/image/upload/1653-men-s-international-match-calendar-2018-2024.pdf?cloudid=vypxfhb9frfxwu25v23z
  9. Another interview with a FoxSports journalist based in London apparently. Nothing groundbreaking but a bit about the national team. https://foxsports1340am.com/exclusive-kaa-gent-and-canada-star-jonathan-david-anticipates-uefa-europa-league-round-of-32-showdown-against-serie-a-giants-as-roma/ "John (Herdman) as well has given me the confidence to go out and play my game since my first selection (with the Canada national team). There is nothing more rewarding then the National team coach feeling comfortable with a young player to do the job he expects. Especially playing for your nation trying to qualify for a World Cup. Being able to adapt to different positions has allowed me to help the team and allowing the coach to change my role when needed. I am very glad to be able to play for my country at the highest level and I thank the coach for his confidence."
  10. Job done. Seems generally like good minutes and good body language from the very limited evidence. Every little bit helps. Roll on the next few points.
  11. I think the new FIFA system is not bad at all, not perfect but not bad. The way and timing with which CONCACAF chose/had to employ the rankings is the much bigger problem. You also have to remember that, in our confederation and our situation, the rankings mean more to us than the vast majority of nations. Determining who is in your qualifying group is one thing, actually essentially determining direct progression in qualifying is another.
  12. Not much benefit in being #1 and not qualifying for any tournaments.
  13. Named in UEFA's "Fifty for the future" earlier today. Jonathan David (CAN, 19 – Gent) Scored 11 goals in his first 12 games for Canada, and has impressed in Belgium too; has scored 20+ for Gent, plus two in this season's UEFA Europa League group stage. https://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/news/newsid=2637114.html Decent company there.
  14. Great news. Be nice to get similar opposition in March when a win would be worth double.
  15. Generally good game today in a 2 - nil win. Set up a few chances that either were defended amazingly well or should have been finished better (beauty of a mazy run for one and an equally sublime cross for another) and started the move that led to the insurance goal. Playing with a lot more confidence than even a month ago and not afraid to take on a man now. Did have one hiccup where he got caught on the ball which led to a chance that probably should have been finished by the other side, but again overall looking very good.
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