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  1. Was not my first choice and was not thrilled with how his camp handled the move but very, very early in the process and its not like they are really struggling as a team. A chance to learn how to be valuable when things are not tailor-made for you. He needs to show he can do that and I think he can.
  2. Going off. Visibly frustrated with some of the passes picked. Need some Canadian games for some confidence.
  3. I had not watched him much before last year but for whatever reason I was able to catch quite a few of his games last season (Belgian league's times tended to be different than the English leagues). He is not perfect but worked hard for the team generally and was picking up a fair number of assists because of it. When there was talk of him being available for 2/3 million Euro, I would certainly have had him as a backup striker for my club side. Works a lot harder than our £40 mill one. I think he could be real good foil for the other attacking talent we have in the national team at this point.
  4. Talking about how things were handled is probably best done in another place and you need to be careful with numbers because countries count deaths differently but with the official numbers we have, it is important to remember that Belgium, Spain, UK, Italy and Sweden all still have higher deaths per capita than the States. The States just have almost 5x the population of the UK (the largest of that group), have a lot of other stuff going on and fill the news no matter what is going on. They are starting to tighten things back up some places over here unfortunately, so still a ways to go in judging responses.
  5. And if you buy him a few sweets he will be out with a "dental emergency" https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2184678/Ravel-Morrison-seven-teeth-removed-emergency-surgery.html (In all seriousness, I feel bad for him. He never seemed quite able to deal with the adult responsibilities of being a footballer and he had agent that derailed his career at my club.)
  6. Early days. Really all to say at this point.
  7. Dropping short to get into the action. Other team compact, so a struggle so far.
  8. Updates compiled - appear in approaching chronological order Thanks for the additions Bohemians (Dublin) - Kris Twardek Out - Defeated 1st Round Europa League Qualifying (played 90'+ and missed penalty in shootout) Sumgayit FK (Azer)- Adam Hemati Out - Defeated 1st Round Europa League Qualifying (played 28' from the bench) Red Star Belgrade - Milan Borjan Through 2nd round Champions League League qualifying (started and played 90') 3rd round played 15/16 Sept - draw Monday (31 Aug) (seeded champions path) FC Midtjylland - Manjrekar James Through 2nd Round Champions League qualifying (James not in the squad). 3rd round - as above though Midtjylland will not be seeded and could face Red Star. Zalgiris (Lith) - Richie Ennin Through 1st Round Europa League Qualifying (played 9' off the bench) 2nd Round - played 17 Sept - draw Monday (31 Aug) seeded in main path Lincoln Red Imps FC (Gibraltar) - Ahinga Selemani Through 1st Round Europa League Qualifying (not in squad) As above but not seeded in main path Hibernians FC - Kieran Xuereb Through 1st Round Europa League Qualifying (not in squad) As above but not seeded in main path Rangers FC - Scott Arfield Begin 2nd Round Europa League Qualifying - 17 Sept - vs. TBD (seeded main path) Besiktas - Atiba Hutchinson & Cyle Larin Defeated 2nd Round Champions League qualifying (started and played 90'; Larin scored) Move to Europa League 3rd round qualifying - played 24 September - draw Tuesday (1 Sept) (seeded in league path) Ludogorets Razgrad - Dominik Yankov Defeated 2nd Round Champions League qualifying (out due to positive COVID test) Move to Europa League 3rd round qualifying - as above, also seeded but in champions path Bayern Munich - Alphonso Davies Champion League Group stage begin 20/21 Oct. LOSC - Jonathan David Europa League Group Stage - begins 22 Oct
  9. SPL Paton on the bench for Ross County away to Livingston.
  10. Interesting, I don't have time to watch all my team, all the Canadians I can and the French league as well, for a random reason. So I could not make an informed decision. That said, that is kind of what I was talking about with ranking teams by hypotheticals. No way to prove that. You have to go by some kind of real results. And of course, it is not fair to go by one year. People were surprised Lille is ranked so low. In the last 5 years, they have done nothing but draw in Europe. Their ranking is buoyed up by the league they play in (same for my team). Gent has got out of the Europa league group stage twice in that time. They are rightly ranked higher. Even if they lose their first qualifier they will be in the same place Lille is (Europa League group stage) this year. Again, Lille have done better lately so here is hoping for David's sake.
  11. Similar until I looked at how erratic they have been in last 5 seasons (between 2nd and 17th in their league) and they have not won a single game in Europe during that time. The bright side is that their best two years of the five have been the last two.
  12. To be fair, that really ignores how UEFA does their rankings. The strong majority of Gent's ranking comes from before David was there.(only 2 seasons remember). They go back to 2015/16. ( I know because my team is still on there because of two very faltering qualifying tries that now seem like ancient history.) The ranking themselves favour teams from weaker leagues, of course, if it is easier to get to Europe then you are going to pick up points. (Shakhtar Donetsk can be a tough team but Chelsea would beat them regularly, I think, and most Premier League teams outside the top 6 would beat Celtic generally but most never get to Europe.) That being said Gent has been in Europe every year of the rankings. David's first year was their worst year of the 5 when they finished 5th and got into the Europa league through another Belgian team being banned. However they have got beyond the group stages in the Europa League twice in that time. (They also won their league and got beyond Champions League group stage the couple years before the rankings) The reason Lille is ranked lower is that they have only drawn games in Europe in 2 years of the 5. ie. no wins at all. They were in the Champions League group stage last year and drew 1 game and lost the rest and were in the Europe League group stage in 2014/15 and drew 4 games (lost the other two). Other years in question they finished 17th, 11th and 8th in their league. Hard to see how they would be ranked better in any system not based on hypotheticals. In fact Lille are ranked as high as they are because of the league they play in, not their actual results in Europe. To go back to this, it is a decent move, I would agree. I think he could have made a better one, to be honest and got a little frustrated with the agent's workings in there. But at the end of the day, a career is short and he needs to think about that as well. They look to have welcomed him with open arms and going back to the first comment, I really hope and expect they make each other better as happened with Gent.
  13. Quick update from the Champions League games (the situation involving Red Imps) Borjan's Red Star won and the 3rd Round is in Sept (draw next week) James' FC Midtjylland - same (he did not play) Yankov's Ludogorets lost (to James' team) and will playing in the Europa League third qualifying round next month. (Also did not play) Larin and Atiba with Besiktas - same (they played however) Red Imps FC (Ahinga Selemani) had their game postponed twice and were eventually given the win because of positive tests among the other team's players. Play tonight along with Kris Twardek's , Adam Hemati's and Richie Ennin's respective teams (see above).
  14. No. Pulled out with an injury when he was called up during his last spectacular run of form and sat on the bench during Allardyce's cup of coffee as England manager. Said no to Jamaica a little before that (2016?) Hopefully nothing changes.
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