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  1. A number of Corbeanu's on that team as well 3 or 4.
  2. Wales would be a nice story but can't support Bale so Forza Azzurri. Still cheering David' teammates against the Swiss. Great German game last night.
  3. I will say we have learned in last numbers of years that "walking it off" does not work most of the time. There is nothing wrong with being cautious with a player's (your own) health. But I think you can do that without purposely cheating or exaggerating. Life is full of grey area but those are different things to me.
  4. I think he surprised them how quick he popped back up in the box. You are right, others would have stayed there writhing in mortal agony and since CONCACAF refs are so bad, maybe they would not have given anything and the chance would have been gone.
  5. If you can't scan a post and move on (if it bores you or frustrates you), this place does have an ignore feature, which others don't.
  6. I think it hurts your cause, in fact. Every reffing situation is different, obviously, and there are bad situations and straight bad refs, but with everything being watched and multiple cameras a reality at lower levels than ever before, refs don't appreciate looking stupid. And so, when you roll obviously multiple times across the ground, when you grab your face when leg gets hit or when your teams makes out it's a medical emergency and you pop back up next play, right as rain, the refs notice. A lot of refs have obviously been to instructed to not go crazy with simulation yellows a
  7. Germans currently conducting a clinic on how to use wingbacks (and using Gnabry upfront). Nagelsmann - and Davies - taking notes, hopefully.
  8. Germans v. Portuguese. Will have to go with Davies' teammates over Corbeanu's in this one.
  9. I would probably agree on principle, it is an insult not really a targeted one. But I don't think the measures are more draconian than other places. Similar stuff at Brighton ("We can see you holding hands" or "Does your boyfriend know you're here?") has got individuals fined and banned and fanbases threatened with closed doors. As has calling Spurs fans the "Y-word" when many self-identify as such. Whether I agree or not, Mexico has been threatened with these measure for a long while. Supporters chose to ignore that.
  10. Glancing at everybody's squads, I am honestly torn between making sure we let people get some rest and cap-tying some important kids on one hand versus going all out and battering some people and winning this thing on the other. Beating Chicharito in the Gold Cup would be a little bit of club therapy for me in addition to you know - winning something.
  11. Interesting. Sort of the opposite for me. Drury is phenomenally good at crafting sentences and cadence. Too good almost, to the point of making the moment feel a tiny bit artificial. He could write football movie dialogue off the top of his head, again amazing but just slightly forced. I have memories of Tyler's voice breaking and things like the "Aguuueeeroooo" moment when it all felt a bit more like it is when I am there. Horses for courses, I guess. Right now, I like Darren Fletcher as well and even Jonathan Pierce but that is probably partly because of the stories he can tell
  12. Some interesting points about clock stoppage but when I hear it suggested over here it generally gets a similar reception to "American" non-relegation super leagues.
  13. The Sweaties holding their own so far. Edit: Amazing point for them. Flower of Scotland being sung by even a few thousand, stirs you, no matter where you are from.
  14. I was first thinking weird and late for COVID but that is a big decision.
  15. England/English club teams have also a very long history of playing teams that think a lot of cheating is part of the game (hand of God?). When Forrest speaks I hear something very similar to "The West Ham Way" which I went into above. There is certainly Canadian there but there is also a massive influence from the time he spend with one of most iconic End East English managers, who played with the English World Cup heroes. I guess the point is that you don't need to be Canadian and/or historically unsuccessful to be against cheating to whatever degree. Edit: To be clear I think
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