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  1. Part of real nice move that ends with Ryan Kent scoring 2-0. Looks better in a central, slightly more withdrawn role.
  2. Only CONCACAF and UEFA have Nations Leagues at this point, correct? I just remember that Argentina was talking about joining the UEFA Nations League because they were upset with their confederation after the Messi red, earlier this year.
  3. Davies starts at home to Leverkusen in the league. Borjan starts in the league.
  4. I can't see traipsing about the Caribbean and the old Spanish Main (ie. the consolation path) being without a decent cost. Or is it just the friendlies that are the problem?
  5. Quiet first half, my commentator specifically commenting on him being quiet a few times. In other words, he is gaining some kind of reputation in England.
  6. That is close to what I said, a page back. I would probably go for 5 pointers in March - around equal rankings. Albania, Saudi Arabia, North Macedonia, Guinea, China etc. (4ish pointers would be Haiti (worth a bit more), Israel, Georgia, Madagascar, Vietnam.)
  7. If we play and beat 4 teams around our rank in the March and June we gain ourselves 20 points - enough to overtake them if they do absolutely nothing. We need to play games no matter what, so I would schedule some friendlies around our rank for March, put the pressure on them to do something. Then if they schedule and win some minnow games (can get themselves maybe ten points that way) then we need to really roll the dice and schedule some very high ranked friendlies (warm up for Euro teams?) in June. Other than money, which I don't know much about either way, there is no downside to giving it a go (or "givin' 'er" - a Canadianism I miss) in the next two windows.
  8. Either way will give us games. We need to play 4 friendlies against decent to good teams for us to have even an okay chance of making the Hex. And they won't really be friendlies because we will have to win them. If that were to happen, I think we could beat everyone but Mexico at home. And that 3rd and 4th places are up for grabs in my opinion. The other way is a lot of games we should win. But we have played a lot of those lately and it did not seem to prepare us for when some unexpected adversary came our way. Another season of minnow destruction does little (for me) other than getting our players mentioned by European commentators because they scored so many goals in the last international break. And then you have the unpredictability of two-legged ties. Which scare me if you consider yourself the better side. And then the roll of the dice that could lead to a South American team. I would plan good challenging, on the edge of winnable friendlies and see if we could make the Hex. Just my 2 cents.
  9. They love him and will still be in the Europa League, if the can just avoid defeat in Greece next month. That said I would very much take him at West Ham at the moment ( have you seen our keeper?)
  10. (A draw gets El Salvador less than a point, it is a lot of scrutiny and possible trouble to arrange such a result for almost no gain) The US need to appear they are making strides beyond CONCACAF, being CONCACAF-like even with a domestic team is not doing that. Just like the US being able to adapt for our last game, I guess I agree to disagree on this.
  11. They still should and need to win it for optics. Edit: The bad news is that El Salvador only loses between around 1.5 and 1.7 points if they lose.
  12. The US are trying to convince people their program is rebuilding. That win against us is not going to mean much, if they start taking dives because they are scared of us being in the Hex. Stranger things have happened but I can't see it. Means we need to schedule some games and win them.
  13. Busy this evening, but just got home and apparently it wasn't close. 0-6 for Davies and Bayern. Confirm top place in the group. The only good news for Red Star is that a result away to Olympiacos next month still gets them a Europa League place.
  14. The way I saw it Kaminski never had it to spill, he missed it. He did get submarined by the Antwerp player but whether he would have ever got to the ball, I don't know and whether it was the impact of defender was prevented him from getting any contact on it and thereby keeping it out of the path of the scorer - again maybe. But the flight of ball from the pass never altered as it went past him, for me at least. Either way, as I said, it was probably controversial and needed extended VAR because the attacker was backing in and I have seen them given before as fouls.
  15. Should have taken their earlier chances, extra time (controversial?) leveler leaves them with only a draw at home.
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