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  1. Can we just send Cavalry to the CONCACAF League?
  2. I don't think they post them right away. It is being replayed currently on their live channel. Midway through the first half
  3. How well are the OHL Ice Dogs supported? Their owners are in trouble for illegal payments to players though.
  4. I don't even know why Ottawa Fury want to be in the USL so badly. That league sort of became a bit of a joke with all the MLS academy teams. Its kind of a monstrosity now.
  5. Agreed. In the same stadium TFC II used to play at. Up against a TFC home match vs. Rooney. And a big Raptors game (sort of).
  6. That's right. I noticed Skublak didn't really celebrate his goal against his former team.
  7. I see it as a positive. It shows that the CPL can expand in the short term without a drop in quality. Doesn't HFX have a bunch of former Vaughan Azzurri players?
  8. Mid week games will often be a problem. Even MLS has this issue I was impressed with the attendance from the two semi pro teams.
  9. OneSoccer has 90 second clips on its twitter account.
  10. I'm certain he called the game off a monitor as well. I could be wrong though
  11. 2-0 Cavalry at the half. Reiterating that they are the class of the league so far
  12. Perhaps he would get consideration for one of 2 rumoured Quebec CPL franchises.
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