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  1. A rumour I saw on Twitter is that Athletico first visited the City in mid November. The Fury announced they were calling it quits around November 8. CONCACAF claims that Fury didn't properly fill out the forms for their sanctioning. Could form a nice conspiracy theory from that alone. The sale of the Fury USL rights to Miami FC happened in December. Figure by then they had to know what was happening.
  2. My guess is Attardo for the sale to Europe?
  3. The alleged name isn't the greatest. But I think a lot of us want to see this league succeed, so we are willing to live with things like that. It's still not as bad as York9 or Inter Miami.
  4. Sports writers aren't very creative. Everyone will just call them the A's.
  5. Ya. Atletico has essentially been the 3rd most successful team in La Liga over the last 10 years. They are the last club to beat the Barcelona-Real hegemony. They have been in 2 Champions League finals in the last decade. It's not even close. They are the 3rd biggest club in Spain by a wide margin.
  6. I think arrangements should be made to get them in. Looking at the current bracket, they could play Blainville in a Preliminary round. With the winner taking on Halifax
  7. I don't think the stadium is even approved in KW. So 2021 is a little hopeful
  8. Yes to this! My Saturday CPL triple header watching can now be a quadruple header!
  9. Based on the current CPL naming system my guess is Athletic FC
  10. Its a little hilarious following these 'insiders'. The new rumour is Atletico is the group. That's a damn definitive statement by Nef though.
  11. Wouldn't shock me if OSEG has a stake in this new team. They have a stake in the new baseball team which supposed people
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