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  1. Match is at 7pm ET on One Soccer. While Pacific are current top of the table, they have never beaten Forge (7 losses and 1 draw).
  2. Match is at 4:30 pm ET on One Soccer. Atletico leads the all time match up with 2 wins and 1 loss.
  3. Match is at 3pm local time (2pm ET) on One Soccer. Edmonton leads the all time match up with 3 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. Edmonton won the previous meeting 1-0 at the Winnipeg bubble.
  4. Supposedly the schedule is being announced today
  5. Trying to turn a positive for the CPL to a negative. Par for the course for OTP. Even bringing up the ratings for the MLS all star game is kind of laughable. That is a one off super hyped game. MLS and Liga MX should keep that format, but that is besides the point. In my opinion the expanded Leagues Cup will end up being a dud long term, even with 3 Champions League games up for grabs
  6. Looks like Browne is finally available
  7. Rollins hinting on Twitter that Giovinco will be back next year and TFC will hire am Italian manager
  8. In my opinion this is better for the CPL as they get 2 guaranteed spots in the Champions League proper. It may have been harder to get that far in the previous format. Plus a 3rd CPL squad can qualify via the Voyageurs Cup. Perhaps even as a Finalist if one of the 3 Canadian MLS clubs qualify the other 2 ways they have.
  9. Shouldn't you post this in the MLS forum A more relevant rating number would be the Leon v Seattle Leagues Cup game that was just played Which ironically had zero mentions on this forum. That's how meaningless Leagues Cup is. Will 3 CL spots change that by much?
  10. I don't always play soccer, but when I do its Concacaf
  11. Here's the tweet with the group info. The other big thing is MLS regular season will still be 34 games.
  12. Believe Pozuelo has 1 more year after this one.
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