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  1. For the first series I think the final is as well only because they crashed out of the CCL early
  2. Based on the high lights I found they only covered the final So One Soccer has been a major upgrade. One Soccer has been worth every penny for the Voyageurs Cup alone, imo
  3. Even in MLB mid week games have poorer attendance
  4. Seriously. How many TFC games have started late because a CFL game ran long? Quite a few by my count. Last year wasn't the Voyaguer Cup on some ****** CSA provided stream? TSN and Sportsnet already showed they aren't interested. One Soccer stepped up.
  5. One Soccer cheaping out on the production of this one. No half time analysis. I guess they are putting it all on the V's Cup game.
  6. My guess is USL is moving forward with kicking all MLS reserve leagues down to their 2nd division. And perhaps Vancouver and Montreal want to give it another go at that level. But are now blocked. But Garber is such a weasel its tough to have any sympathy
  7. A couple of threads I lurked where MLS was mentioned were
  8. I honestly think they aren't happy that they are no longer the only game in town. Plus perhaps the CPL has shown the tweener' type players that MLS is not a good route to be in. I wonder about a player like David, who apparently was approached by all 3 MLS teams. I wonder if they would make him rot on the bench too.
  9. I've been reading some complaints from Impact and Whitecaps fans claiming that CSA is blocking them from adding USL reserve teams. Is that true? I thought they already tried that and gave up?
  10. Hi Don, maybe you can start by not discriminating against Canadian players in your own league? OK? Thanks.
  11. This happens here as well for events like the World Cup or Olympics.
  12. OTP spends a lot of time on Reddit. The CPL forum there is full of pro MLS (mostly American) posters. It probably helps shape his pro-MLS views.
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