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  1. Just my lame attempt at a joke.
  2. Tsn showing CPL high lights during TFC halftime
  3. Supposedly injured tonight
  4. Fraser and Auro injured. Being TFC this info is only ever released minutes before kick off.
  5. TFC about to take on DC. Fraser, Auro and Mavinga are out injured.
  6. I'm actually happy they aren't. Was nice to watch on the Uefa app.
  7. That is possibly the dumbest idea I've seen on this site in awhile. And Robert is back! Forge have to play a CONCACAF League game in Central America on Oct. 20-22. As far as i can tell, TFC have only scheduled their next 3 games. As much as it would suck, the Voyageurs Cup match could be played before or after Forge's CL game. In the US if necessary. Its going to be closed doors anyways. It's dumber if its played 2 or 3 months later.
  8. Sure. At least Babouli's pass was nice on the 1st. And generally there are some sweet goals in the CPL. They just didn't happen in the final.
  9. CBC uses their own announcers. Personally prefer them. Its Nigel Reed with Craig Forest.
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