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  1. I think nobody cared about that weird double year because there was still a normal tournament. All I'm saying is I want to see this match played in the fairest terms possible. The current proposed date does not allow for this.
  2. This is such a stupid premise. Let's go even further. Why bother playing any games at all? Let's award trophies bases on Transfermarket value of each team. Might as well using your logic.
  3. Considering the morons we have running this province I do think it's possible this wasn't Forge's fault
  4. How do you know the Forge screwed up the paperwork? You are just making that up. And the point if wanting it to be TFC v Montreal is a hilariously bad take. This makes you look silly. Just another biased TFC fan.
  5. Technically March 31 would be the last possible date.
  6. Apparently the 4th tier has been inactive for months too!
  7. Its pretty obvious that the CSA shoulders a lot of the blame here. But it would be naive to think the MLS clubs don't push their weight around. Besides Young basically intimated that TFC and CSA negotiated a date and then brought it to Forge.
  8. For a guy claiming to not be a fan of either team your shots at Young are over the top. Too many factual errors in here to comment on. It looks like they were waiting for Concacaf to set up the 2021 format. That wasn't announced until January 22. And the draw wasn't until February 10. My guess is that is the day they really started to plan this.
  9. TFC knew the date because they basically dictated it to the CSA. Always used to getting their way they assumed it was settled.
  10. David coming on 62nd minute. Lille only up 1-0 Stream https://daddylive.co/stream/stream-2.php
  11. TFC basically set the March 20 date now and historically the MLS clubs have had a bigger sway on the scheduling. I'm going to laugh if they end up drawing straws to pick the winner.
  12. If they had defeated Haiti's Arachaie they would have qualified for Champions League. They really should have won that match. My theory is CSA cancels the Voyageurs Cup outright had that happened. Forge had one last chance to qualify in a play in game against Marathon but lost 1-0.
  13. It only became unreasonable after TFC got turfed out of.the playoffs early.
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