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  1. Apparently only 4 Carribean nations have "professional" leagues and they are the only nations that take part in the club competitions: Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic and T&T. T&T didn't take part recently because they were banned.
  2. Lille's official theme song should be Head Down by Soundgarden.
  3. 0-0 at the half Milan v Celtic is 2-2
  4. Typically Lille. They are carrying the play at least.
  5. David is starting up front with Yazici.
  6. Looking at it more closely, they can only advance today with a tie if Milan loses today.
  7. Having the matches available on One Soccer has to help too. Anyways Lille take on Sparta Prague at 12:55pm ET in Europe League today. I believe a tie is enough to see them through to the knock out stages.
  8. The next set of match ups are set. No dates announced yet as far as I can tell: Semis: Play-in Round:
  9. Isn't Forge's backup keeper a teenager? I doubt they use him next match. Just to not be totally pessimistic, Marathon needed penalties to get by Antigua in the Round of 16 this year. Forge eliminated Antigua in the Prelim round last year. Maybe its too early to right off Forge.
  10. I can't get over what an epic failure that was. They may never get another chance like that again. It could be years. That being said they will probably make us all look stupid and pull off the upset next week.
  11. I'm wondering if this match will need to be played in February now.
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