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3 hours ago, Corazon said:

Can't replace an Atiba Hutchinson.  In my opinion the best player and most successful player to ever wear a Canada jersey.  The addition of Eustaquio will make the transition much easier as well.

I guess I am speaking a bit more pragmatically.  The undeniable fact is that we DO have to replace Atiba at some point.  His retirement will dictate that.  And insofar as that is true,  guys like Kaye, Piette and maybe Eustaquio will make that way easier.  Sure, there will never be another Atiba, but to me that is at least partly a good thing because hopefully we are past the days where we have one bright point of light in a team that is otherwise less than inspiring.  

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Well at this very minute our best lineup is Piette at DM, Arfield at CM and Hutch at CM.

Thats just due to Piette being our best DM.

I think Kaye and Osorio are 1a and 1b as the other CM beside Arfield right now.  They both may be playing at the same or even better level than Hutch right now and they’re literally neck and neck.  I’m not sure which one is better.


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19 hours ago, Shway said:

I know we'll never see it, but ill say it again. We are best suited for 3-5-2.

I agree with you, but don't worry, we will  constantly see a rotating makeshift 3-5-2 :).

Especially vs minnows.

Against FG we lined up 4-3-3 with Kaye(LB) and ZBG(RB), often times they were very very high up the pitch, sometimes both of them at the same time. When that happened, Piette did a great job at droping back into a quick CB role. (Man City often plays this way with the DM sliding back into a temporary CB role). 

When you watch the game again, most would prolly think we played a 3-5-2 most of the game.  It was only when Adekugbe came on it looked like we held the shape of 4 at the back. I was thinking that was more Herdman wanting to see what we looked like in that shape, and giving Adekudgbe a run out.

To be honest I'm surprised the tactic used by Herdman to have Piette drop back into a CB role when our Wingbacks ran up the pitch was not discussed more on here.

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6 hours ago, Shway said:


Henry solid CB. James solid CB. Cornelius has played more than both those two under JH. 

I suppose we'll have different interpretations of adjectives used. Henry's been doing really well lately with the Whitecaps but he's still had some really questionable decisions this season. I think you need to have a consistent season under your belt to be considered 'solid' Cornelius still has a long way to go.

Playing with three CBs takes away from a position elsewhere on the field where we do have lots of options. It would be really risky putting a back three together against meaningful competition any time soon. 


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Agree with you both.

What an impressive run of games and form for this young man, and coming off a fairly serious injury & surgery not even a year ago.

I really want to see MAK in the middle every game for us against all competition, however I know he might be better suited at LB to get out best players on the field.

Vs minnows to mid tier opponents, I'm 100% okay with;

1) MAK in the middle

2) Davies bombing down the flanks

3) When Davies bombs down the flanks, Piette drops back in a supporting CB role.

Man, can't wait for the Gold Cup & the women World Cup, going to be one exciting June for us.

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26 minutes ago, Shway said:

Box to box CM.... Atiba should be his role model. 

Yes for sure ....he is a Prototypical #8. Despite our depth at CM each player brings a unique quality that can give us a different look depending on who we play or what the score is. 


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I expect that he will take over from Hutch in CM over the course of this Gold Cup. Hutch might start the first game, but I see MAK starting the next, and if he performs well, I could see him play out the rest of the tournament as CM. As someone commented on the MLS site, if he can start potting goals from long range and play even a bit faster, he should be prime for a move to a better league soon.

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