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  1. Also think El Salvador surprised me this tourny, not the biggest tourny surprise but still a bit of a surprise. Thought they might not even get out of the group. Good results in the group stage with a tight 1-0 L to Mexico. Aside from a bad 30 mins vs Qatar, they def had Qatar on the ropes the final 15 mins as well.
  2. Really? Mexico's A lineup? Many are saying it will prolly only 3-4 of these guys on the starting 11 come September. Feels like so many pre excuses by both sides ( from the fans and pundits anyways)
  3. I think this was expected, glad it's going to happen. I was worried he would be back to U23s when he needs to be getting minutes and regular minutes vs grown men, not U23s. It would be a while before he cracked the 11 and some sub appearances with Wolves this fall, if at all. He's a huge prospect but he needs minutes. Once he improves his 2 way game, which I think will come very very quickly based on his physical attributes and athleticism he can return to Wolves and break through, but he needs those minutes. He has tons of support on here, everyone (well 99%) just want to see him keep growing and crushing.
  4. Why you need to love the Tajon goal celebration. He scores a beautiful goal, walks right towards the crowd, looks up towards the crowd and plugs his ears. The average on looker sees it as going into the belly of the beast and silencing the crowd. Yes, true, but even deeper meaning after he decided to turn off his social media accounts due to the mexican fan base blowing up his account with racial remarks. Come at me, well I'll ignore you and come right back at you where it hurts even more on the scoreboard.
  5. Yes, thanks for doing this Pre-Covid all these years. Totally understand this time around if family section is not possible. At the same time, no family section = more drinks for me and spend a night in Toronto.
  6. As soon as I posted, I saw your post about moving on and was like "that's a good point" - but I was not going to delete what I had just wrote down or posted, not really my style. It's a Saturday and raining here so had some time to kill and write down some thoughts. Not going to derail this Mexico game thread anymore. The game itself was pretty wild and incredibly exciting for Canadians, supporters, fans and neutrals. As much I have respect for OneSoccer, it really is unfortunate it was not on main stream TV here in Canada, would have really picked up many more casuals/soccer/sport fans with that performance.
  7. I'll take a non confrontational stab on a few points that I think helps our WCQ from participating in this Gold Cup. 1) The way we competed and were competitive in every match against all opposition, proved we were adequately prepared. Not that the players did not trust Herdman or his staff, but this tournament will only re-enforce that the players will trust the staff with preparation, tactics and in game adjustments for WCQ matches. 2) Many of our 23 spent a significant chunk of time together as a team in training. I'm a big believer in more time together the more you develop chemistry and unity, even if it is just from training. This GC they experienced both training together and playing games together. 3) When you take away our big guns, many of our 23 men for WCQ will have gained valuable international and big game experience. Yes I consider QF & a SF(in front of 50k+ opposition supporters) in a knockout tournament a "big game experience". This simply can't be taught, you have to live threw it and experience it. Many men learnt and experienced it. They can carry this experience forward the rest of their lives. 4) The chemistry or as our players are calling it "brotherhood" has only grown from this tournament. Look at some of the top countries in the World: Spain, France, Holland. You can have all the talent in the world but if the chemistry or unity is not 100% there, you will have difficulties. I guarantee our top players watching afar are only more fired up to crush it for our flag come September, simply after watching their teammates give it everything for the flag this GC. 5) We've learnt Crepeau is very capable in a CMNT uniform. Club vs country competition vs how you show in training are all different beasts. Crepeau has proven this tourny he is the clear #2, pushing for #1. Do we learn this without the GC? Or have the same level of confidence? I'm not sure, but the question has now been answered. I'm sure I am missing more and I will agree with you, this GC is by no means a game changer for WCQ. At the same time, both of us are essentially and somewhat debating alot of hypotheticals. The true answer will likely always remain opinion based anyways, so tbh there really is no right or wrong answer. It's more where your opinion lies. For me, I felt the tournament a positive for the CMNT, which only carries forward and helps us in WCQ, which is only a month away and will happen very very quickly.
  8. Kamal Miller really grew on me as well this tourny. His entire story is pretty awesome, really easy to like this young man, really cheering for the lad. As for Wheeler and comment highlights. Crepeau makes the PK save.... Wheeler:"He read him like a CHILDREN'S BOOK!!!" My wife : " what does that even mean? but what a save." aaaahhh classic Wheeler. At this point I've accepted it, just glad he has Dunfield to keep him in check, could you imagine Wheeler doing a solo broadcast haha.
  9. It's honestly disgusting. Celebrated for choke holding Kaye and getting away with it, racial slurs towards Buchanan pre game (what a boss with the ear plug celebration after his goal - love the Kid even more) and yelling homophobic slurs to both our players and their players on the pitch. .... Not sure how anyone choses Mexico over Canada when you have the option to play for either. Really want to take points of these guys come WCQ.
  10. Agreed and my understanding is the finals are already sold out? Therefore, does not matter who wins! Coffers are filled!
  11. Not a bad idea, Mexico's defence has shown well this tourny but they are still essentially playing their B team at the back. Aside from Aruajo, the other defenders in this squad are definitely not prem quality. Your Theo prem hype train is real @Hawkguy and Theo has a great opportunity tonight if he sees the field, hope he runs with it.
  12. The reality is when we essentially play 3 games in 7 days in multiple different windows we will need both Miller and Kennedy. Depth is going to be massive this WCQ campain. Miller will 100% have a role in the upcoming cycle at some point, and in my eyes, although not perfect he has proven he is capable.
  13. Looks like a reverse triangle... Not to be not picky in theory you could call this 3-5-2 a 3-1-4-2. Assuming we think Costa Rica will not be pushing the attack?... Hopefully we don't get caught out! let's do this boys!
  14. Mexico won't take the L tonight. They always step up when it matters even in the GC knockout rounds. The Qatar vs El Salvador will be interesting. El Salvador brought an A/B team and playing much better then I expected. Not an easy out by any means for Qatar. My predictions for this round to advance are: Qatar, Mexico, Canada, Jamaica. I think Jamaica have the best shot to pull an upset. Note, the bookmakers have CRC/Canada as essentially a coin flip, so when we advance can not classify us advancing as an "upset".
  15. The reality is if we do make WC 2022, with Herdman and team chemistry, morale etc etc. I'm not sure he really let's anyone walk right in to the WC show who wasn't part of the process. Especially with all our attacking options unless we are slaughtered with injuries up front or something. I always thought he would commit and join at some point during this WCQ cycle because of above. Time will tell. He's top 5 on our strikers depth chart is he even top 15 in England? Guys banging in 20+ in the championship in England don't even get a whiff of the England national team.
  16. I think that's why Jamaica rested Bailey tbh.
  17. This CRC keeper is a CONCACAF professional. 90 secs to take a free kick, didn't get a card.
  18. I'm not sure he's 4 string. I didn't realize he also played the Suriname game. On the top of my head I think he made a few decent stops.
  19. Wow CRC goalie with a red , other goalie out injured. 1 keeper left for tounry? 4th string?
  20. Costa Rica will just bunker and take there 2-3 chances the entire game and be clinical. Great test for us. I think you need a clean up man to kill counters like Piette for this one. (Provided CRC hang on)
  21. I remember this Ricketts beauty! Me and my buddies were heckling/yelling "ICE GLOVE BLAKE" all 2nd half, after we switched ends to watch Canada attack. When Blake fumbled it, we went wild, Blake turned around and half gave us the bird.
  22. Sometimes a picture says a 1000's words. Don't forget the other one 5 mins later when Larin got mauled and thus couldn't get the shot off because he was being pulled back. I hate complaining and yes time to move one, but these screen grab pics from my TV are wild, both clearly in the 18.
  23. For all the hype Dike gets Miller really did get the better of him over 90 mins. Not sure Miller is the best option in a back 3 CB but maybe with Davies supporting him? Or the LCB in a back 4? Regardless his game is not flawless by any means and he still needs some work. Looking at the positives at 24 this was huge experience game for him playing USA away... and I still think he has some really good upside especially as a depth guy come WCQ with the crazy schedule.
  24. Dike fakes a face injury and busts his own shoulder. Though day at the office for Dike being owned by Miller all day.
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