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  1. He's by far our best #6 IMO, it's not even close. I love Piette also, we need both him, Piette and Fraser this cycle to be honest. There will be times we might need 2 CDM ( on road vs strong athletic Caribbean countries) or just one bulldog like Piette. I'm really happy to see Eustaquio get in minutes and come back into form. In my second opinion, he has not even come close to his ceiling yet.
  2. He's in form right now and only 30 years old (sometimes I think people on here forget this). Playing regularly is HUGE. I can't seem him leaving CC, especially if they stay down which is likely now. He will be CRITICAL for us in the next 6-8 months. He's been lining up quite a bit as a striker since the re-start. Amazing option for us as he can play wide or as ST,. Add the fact, 90% of the time he's always played like a BOSS when he puts on our flag. Just curious, how long is his contract with CC for?
  3. CAYMAN ISLAND BUBBLE ....for October and November Games???? I hope I'm wrong but I just don't see a home and away happening for those first 2 windows. I really think a Carribean bubble as a host country might be the right play for those first two windows.
  4. I'm on the same page as this ^. IPAC ( Infection Prevention and Control Canada) has the average flu mortality rate in Canada 500-1500 deaths average over the last 10 years. We are almost at 9,000 deaths and that is with all these protocols. I'm not a medical expert and I'm not comparing the mortality % rate if you get it, I am simply comparing the total # of deaths. It's a massive difference. Anyways as for the format itself, I am glad it is going to be an 8 team octagonal. The fact you are in an entire different tournament to play for a .5 spot vs whoever it be (New Zealand, Iran, Argentina) was a major integrity and ethical issue. This new system by no means is perfect, but any team essentially ranked in the top 30 has the chance to obtain one of the 3 automatic spots. if you can't win a group and beat a team in a Home and Home ranked between 6-30 you probably should not be in the world cup anyways.
  5. 1 case on Vancouver Island over half a dozen in BC, probably more on the way. As much as I think the risk is still low... I don't see how any country especially a country like T&T, with 0 cases come here to play. I hope I am wrong.
  6. The 3-5-2 is an interesting one for sure, I don't think we are quite there yet for the CMNT but perhaps. It can actually morph into a quite a solid defensive formation (5 at the back) but as mentioned above it can take years to imply and learn it properly. I was mostly commenting how I like Davies in the LW/LWB spot on my Fifa team but even at Bayern in a back 4 he still has quite a bit of freedom to roam forward. I think against minnows on the CMNT even if we set up with a back 4 our FBs will be able to go pretty high up the pitch in any type of 4-3-3.
  7. Just catching up on the thread.... Mixed feelings on Tefler but I am glad he is going to have an international footy career. Agree with the majority of the sentiment, hopefully it does not come back to haunt us, in essentially 2 must win games. In turn, have to give credit to the ZBG cap, which would have been around the same time Tefler could have been capped. I am happy ZBG is Canadian and chose to play for us. ZBG could have easily played for Haiti and Haiti has been essentially rolling out mostly domestic players at RB. On paper, RB appears to be one of their weakest positions so ZBG likely would have been a starter for Haiti for a very long time and he can be lethal when used properly.
  8. One of my favorite positions for him ( which I use on My Fifa Ultimate team, haha)... Is Davies as a LW in a 3-5-2. It was nice seeing him higher up the pitch on the weekend. It's amazing how much more accurate and precise his crosses and passing has become in under 12 months. His 1v1 defending has also gotten so good, incredible work ethic and in an excellent environment. It's still incredible to think he could comfortably play LB, LW or RW at this high of a level. Really cheering for Davies and Bayern to have a deep CL run. As a massive CMNT and a huge footy fan in general, I think it's simply incredible to have a Canadian play a significant role in CL contender.
  9. So when can I file my application to the Court of Arbitration of Sport that forces El Salvador to play us in June for all the marbles? Joking not joking. https://www.fifa.com/about-fifa/who-we-are/legal/court-of-arbitration-for-sport/
  10. I completely agree with you, fortunately I think in the same article he also called Klopp "brilliant". Just because he "is not a fan" does not mean he can't play for them :), plus opinions always change.
  11. From the man who often wears the captain's armband for the first team, that is simply the icing on the cake for his debut. Real recognize real. Enjoy the evening Dad and congrats to Liam on his debut.
  12. Awesome, thx. Pretty impressive they rolled him out the full 90 already. How's he liking the training environment so far? I'm sure there will be some hi cups along his development but man WB must be super excited about the ceiling potential in the right environment he could have. As someone else posted, how did WB find him/get in contact with him? did he go on trial first?... I know it's personal etc so any information you feel and can share is totally cool. We are all probably more just curious compared to anything. Pass on the best and well wishes to him from all us V's, we are definitely rooting for him.
  13. What an awesome opportunity. Going from CIS ball and L10 to u23 with a Bundesliga club, wow. Don't know much about Werder Bremen but I'll be hoping they survive relegation. I am going to assume he will be in an excellent training environment also. What's exciting is as a CB he can have many more years before he hits his prime years in the right environment.
  14. You don't just use a #4 draft pick without a plan. Really hopes he makes the most of this incredible opportunity. So far it seems like he has, highlights looks great, all the best to him.
  15. Agree with this one, you know Klopp wants the double BPL & CL titles. The point record, though awesome, is extra cherry.
  16. for the sake of David's transfer value, just became a massive Sander Berge fan.
  17. Case by case decision on to stay or go everytime. Comes down to both what the club/organization/coach want from him, combined with what is best for the player. We can go back and forth on this topic, just look at the Davies thread. The board was almost equally divided on should he stay at Bayern or should he go on loan at Bayern, and that was the summer transfer window 8 months ago. Not an exact example but gives you the picture of "case by case". Me personally.... I think both could work, whichever one happens, I hope he crushes it and works out for him.
  18. Will be funny when we make the Hex, and El Salvador cry foul to CONCACAF/Fifa saying the Iceland friendly was suppose to be a "training match".
  19. Gent really seem to care about him from both a professional and personal level. His time at Gent is really helping him transition to life as a pro and he is genuinely loved by the supporters, coaches and club. I hope he stays until the summer (at least), especially with his recent personal tragedy. I'm okay also ok if he stays on for another 18 months. I really think it will depend on Gents run in Europa League plus the owners and clubs intention for 2020-2021 season.
  20. " I was born in Canada to South American immigrants. I have spent a majority of my life living in South America and definetly identify as a Latino. At the same time , every time I put on the Canadian jersey I play with so much passion and as hard as I can for my country. Canada is an amazing country and it has done so much for my family." End quote. I honestly think this is what he wanted to say, just very unfortunate delivery.
  21. Dominate almost every stat except "shots on target", ugh. I see why Herdman kept yelling shoot. That missed sitter, missed open header and offside goal really sucked. I'm disappointed by the lack of clinical finishing by us in this one, not like the chances were not there. Nature of the beast and why forwards that produce are paid the big $. My only small critiscm are that I would have likedd Borges see the field at some point and Crepeau neeeeds to do better on that goal (made up for it with nice save 2nd half), but still, otherwise no denying the team was set up to win. The positive from this game for me was how dominate our mid 3 was and without that GK error we get clean sheet.
  22. I could see Brym starting and bring on Ricketts for final 25-15 mins. At the same, I could see Ricketts starting and bring on Brym as the first forward sub. Regardless, I think the first sub will be Brym or Ricketts, whoever gets the start. Me personally, I prefer the Ricketts start.
  23. I think one of the plans was always a ligue 1 type of team in France after Belgium. Easy life/culture transition and footy perspective similar style of play + major focus on player development. Ligue 1 arguably one of, if not top league in world for popping out talent and developing players under 25 years old to transfer out to massive clubs for $. The thing is, I think most can agree, he has been massively exceeding expectation in Belgium, so really depends on his price tag at this point and what the expectations are from the owners etc.
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