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  1. Completely agree with @Obinna important to start with a structure and build from the ground up. Going back to my BoD comment, it would likely be too much of a conflict of interest to have active players but removed within 2-3 years would be a great idea. Just for the current board can get some feedback from individuals who were on the ground level. I also wanted to point out I am not blaming the two individuals on the BoD whatsoever. I have no idea if they are being paid on a per diem appearance or volunteer ( which is often the case) or hired full-time. The two things I di
  2. I think the board of director should be larger and the board have both a female and a male senior national team player active or(retired within 2 years) on the board. 1) It allows a voice for active WNT and MNT to have a voice within the organization that has first hand front line experience. 2) It also helps our players transition to "life after sport". From an admin burocracy standpoint, the reality is they are not a player so simply don't know what is actively going on, right on the front lines. Think Chris Paul with NBA players association.... Obviously not as mass
  3. Well played. Internet ramblings can only get you so far. Lots of bright people with probably some really smart and possible ideas and suggestions.
  4. I will say I'm glad Akinola was not on that list, but we may have been saved by TFC being in the playoffs.
  5. Perfect, thx for clarification. That's good to know especially as a former player, he will know what players want. Assuming he is TD for both men and women teams? I was only going off the list posted that had him as : technical director JASON DEVOS - Director of Development
  6. All those positions and I don't see a High performance or technical director or set piece coach specialist in the coaching staff for either men or women, that's really unfortunate. I actually sympathize for the coaching staff, past and present after seeing that staff list. I'll leave my other comments to myself haha.
  7. Couldn't agree more. A few weeks ago. I watched the entire LA Galaxy vs Caps game. When Baldisimo got subbed out he shifted the players in the middle and the left and you just knew the midfield was going to start to collapse. I like MDS but that was an awful sub and imo it really cost them getting a result from that game agaisnt the last place team in MLS who hadn't won in 5 matches. Anyways I hope he plays the full 90 in the last game of the season.
  8. Watched it on French TV, seemed to be super pro Lille supporters. Both announcers were praying to bring on subs for "la Vie et Vitesse " into the lineup (life and speed). As soon as David came on in extra time and made that run the announcer goes "why did we wait until extra time to bring him on". It was a good 4-5 minute showing but....ya. Time will come, keep head down, and just ball. He will get it back.
  9. As someone who lost an elder family member to covid who was on a ventilator, out of respect to those that passed away..... Could we at least try and avoid the "opinions" on covid away from a soccer message board. Thanks.
  10. I think we have to add Halbouni to the list of 2nd tier. If we had a Euro based friendly I could see him being brought in for a look. Still a long ways to go for the lad but on a nice trajectory. The Bundy U23(fourth tier) from what I heard is great for development and he has been playing regularly. Has a bit of speed and towering and confident presence as well from what I've seen from his few highlights. Hopefully he can play regularly in an entire U23 season. Don't want to over hype the lad but I am hopeful.
  11. Two types of ankle strains. Eversion and inversion. Inversion sometimes can recover in a week. Eversion less common and painful as #_@&$+ usually happen when stub or trip over toes. I've had one, they suck. Pretty much in crutches / walking boot for few weeks and took about 6 weeks to feel "normal again". Hard to tell from photo but may be eversion. Not treated properly eversion can have long term effect. Thankfully he will be at Bayern with top medical care. Wishing him the best.
  12. To be fair, the team in front of him was not very strong. He also led the CL group stage with saves and stone cold robbed Sadio Mane on a PK. Life has been a bit of a blur the last 18 months so I do apologize is that was 2018 not 2019. In my eyes, he's still #1 , but healthy competition is never a bad thing.
  13. I feel for Borjan, that should never happen. At the same time, this is literally why I do not post pictures of my kids on the internet.
  14. Hopefully you are correct! Even just making the 18 would be special. I know Xmas schedule is always fairly packed in BPL. Liverpool has 4 games in 12 days or 5 games in 16 days I believe around the holidays. Liverpool 1st team does have depth in the front 3, but lots can happen in 8-10 weeks.
  15. This thread deserves a serious bump. I always support all CMNT players, but I was on him way back in 2015 when he would sometimes be played out wide and look awful. He has turned into quite the exceptional talent and I don't think it is being appreciated enough on here. Two recent things for the recognition bump: 1) rocking the captain armband for TFC who currently sit top of the table in MLS. 2) How much his defensive ability has improved and how he has looked quite capable in his hybrid Defensive Midfield role. The reality is if Canada is going to make a deep WC
  16. One thing I've seen from the lad is he always puts his head down and works hard, I'm confident he will keep doing the same. If anything, I'm sure he will use this as more motivation to just keeping crushing it like he has been and get in even better form. That's all he can do for now. Although not ideal, a few positives is that he will still get great coaching and training within Liverpool and he will be getting tons of game minutes, even if it is at a level he is clearly above. All the best to him the next 11 weeks. Tell him all of us back in Canada are supporting him .
  17. Scored the game winner 4 days ago also. Man just needs service, when he gets it, no denying his poaching and goal scoring ability. Nice to see him get going as a CMNT fan.
  18. You are def not the only one. We could run a poll and I'd be interested in how many actually said No.
  19. We are better then New Zealand. Have Nike and England FA foot the bill. Run a camp and be competitive. Unreal exposure for the squad and lads would be over the moon. Hope someone from the CSA at least make the call.
  20. Sorry for the heart attack, ya you could be correct. As long as Vitoria continues seeing minutes this season(which he is) he could hold down that RCB spot. I'm also aware Vitoria will be 35 almost 36 if we do make Qatar, but it's always got to be win now mindset and not look ahead. I could also see James take the RCB spot tbh, depending how his season goes. For what it's worth, Henry even rocked the arm band for a S.K. cup game this summer and is a fan favorite apparently. You don't really get handed the arm band even if it is only a cup game in your first season if you are not p
  21. I'll throw three lineups into the mix for fun, if I had to pick as of today based on current form and regular minutes. The boss has been rolling out a type of 4-3-3/4-2-3-1/4-4-2 but the mid and forwards are very dynamic with in-game formation changes when attacking and defending. I'm going to set it up as a 4-2-3-1 for simplicity even though during the game it won't always be playing like a 4-2-3-1. Remember, often times against the US it was Davies and David playing as two strikers and our back 4 vs USA was: Millar, Cornelius, Vitoria, Lareya.
  22. Compare the two countries right now, not just from a soccer perspective but from a global and international perspective. Will be interesting, what he decides. For me it's a no-brainer but I'm biased :). I hope he picks the country he identifies himself the most with and for the right reasons. I hope he accepts our call, when called upon.
  23. Saw the defense was taking some heat online. Might be some pressure on the manager to play James more
  24. Fair enough, I do think he could use a lesson or two in interviews. I honestly will still give him the benefit of the doubt vs those poor choices of words. As a dual citizen myself, I'm a bit biased though. I do love his passion when he plays and when I watched him live and in person bang in that goal vs USA.... and how he kissed our crest on his jersey, I dunno, I'm a fan. I completely respect your point though.
  25. Really excited to see Martin Amuz, just for depth and how it plays out. Wonder if he would consider looking into the MLS at some point. I also wonder if Cav and Amuz had a discussion at some point. When you look at the big picture Cav got PAID, a big part of that started from his exposure at the Gold Cup repping the red and white. He's well aware of this and has said he's forever grateful being Canadian. Be cool if Amuz and Cav chatted at some point. This is good stuff for a random Wednesday as a CMNT fan.
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