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  1. Or maybe he ain't dumb, just super shy and self-conscious. But he clearly needs media-training, at minimum.
  2. So it isn't the Caps who hate Canada, just their star DP (who was born in the country)? We need Cavallini for depth up front, for now, but if Larin and David continue to develop, then Lucas could easily find himself out of favour with Herdman, especially if he hasn't drunk the Kookaid yet. (Hard to build team unity and a team mentality when your "star" striker refuses to buy in. Not saying he hasn't bought it--only conjecture--but you get the point.) But bottom line: How stupid can the guy be? He has just signed for a Canadian squad and plays a critical role for our National Team!! He has clearly had very little, if any, PR training before coming to the Caps. You never say dipshitty stuff like this to ANY media. I don't care if his self-esteem is such that he cannot say to Spanish-language reporters: "I am happy to be going home to Canada, thrilled to start a new adventure with a great club in Vancouver, but a big part of me will always be Latino. I loved my time playing in Uruguay and Mexico; these countries will always have a special place in my heart." Davies, even when he was 17, was more media-savvy than Cavallini at 26!! Turns out you can't teach speed or intelligence.
  3. Caps have signed a winger! Looks like a solid choice, but we'll see soon enough. (Now we just need another CM) https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/01/17/vancouver-whitecaps-fc-acquire-winger-cristian-dajome-transfer-bogota
  4. Out of curiosity, and because I am too lazy to search the interweb, where is Jono Deguzman these days?
  5. Ohh, moving Adnan into the midfield is kind of interesting. And fills one key spot, too.
  6. Does this mean the Caps now officially love Canada?! Next signing: Junior!!
  7. Love the fight in this squad. Much better half. Had we played this way from the beginning we might have notched at least one (on side) goal.
  8. Would love to see a match between our full squad and theirs. We'd still be the underdog, but I'd love to see what we might do.
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