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  1. And there is no better sign of how far we've come than to see a rivalry beginning before our eyes.
  2. Yes, Arfield for depth makes so much sense. Same with Hutch. We are going to need a lot of players to get through WCQ. But the anointing of Eustaquio is the real story in our midfield. This is just the beginning...
  3. Tonight, for me, Herdman confirmed his quality. Yeah, it was coming all year, but this tournament really drove it home for me. We are in excellent hands. Props to Herdman and his staff, and to our lads!
  4. It really feels as if we have arrived. For reals. Skill, intelligence, grit and fearlessness. What a tournament! What a performance! This is only the next step. We're not done.
  5. Anybody else got the feeling Henry is gonna break a Mexican tonight? And likely get a red card in the process, maybe break himself in the process? I'm all for this IF it happens in the 92 minute, in the Mexican half, with Canada up 2 goals. Otherwise, I'm gonna be shitting my pants every time Doneil has a 50-50 challenge. As you all know, he's gonna be up for this game, and he don't take no prisoners.
  6. Thank goodness for some decent depth. Injuries are almost guaranteed.
  7. But what I'd really love to know is why exactly, deep down, are so many of us put-off, upset, annoyed with how Wheeler calls these games. I mean, truly. Yeah, I wish he wasn't so goofy and such an over-the-top homer, but so what if he is? What is it--at a fundamental level--that is bugging so many of us? Could it be that we cringe at his rampant naivete, that we desire a play-by-play guy who brings the same level of quality that our lads are showing on the field, that we know that part of what we want to see happen in this country is for our national men's team to garner a lot more support, and that IF we are going to be taken seriously and respected by Euro-biased fans in Canada then it isn't enough just to play great football and get results, we must make sure that every aspect of our soccer culture is top drawer, including the media that covers it. (Not to mention the manager's hairdo, the design of our kits, how we sing the national anthem etc.) And all of that is understandable. Wheels comes across a little bit like one's over enthusiastic aunt at your soccer match, someone who loves you to pieces and wants to show you that love by cheering her ass off every time you boot the ball, but who--let's be honest--has barely a clue what's really happening on the pitch. Okay, that is a bit unfair: Wheels knows the game better than that. But he comes across as a promoter more than a play-by-play guy. And maybe that is what is putting people off. For the record, Wheels does not bug me. (This is my first and last post on the man.) He's kooky and a bit amateurish, but he brings the energy and the terrible couture, and he's part of the nutty, truly unique soccer culture that we all inhabit and contribute to. He's kind of like a Voyageur in that respect, and I think we can all agree that ain't so bad.
  8. Seems apparent that the four teams remaining were indeed the four strongest in this tournament. Sometimes a softer team slips through, but not this time (in my opinion.) And, it seems the Mexicans are the class of the tournament, with the US, Qatar and Canada fighting it out for #2. But let's see what happens Thursday. Am I right in thinking we're guaranteed two more games?
  9. Missed most of this game, but how have both sides looked? From what I've seen they've both been underwhelming.
  10. He ain't the Wheels, that's for shizzle.
  11. Heading into the final WCQ matches of the last round, we were all wondering who would step up and boss the midfield for us in the absence of Hutch and Arfield. Eustaquio was excellent, as was Kaye, but what we've seen these past few games of the Gold Cup from Eustaquio is another level entirely. I know that Dunfield claimed that Oso was the quarterback of this team, and I was thinking that could be true if we said he was the quarterback of our offense, because in truth Eustaquio was the quarterback of the entire team. And then I remembered that Stephen set up the first goal and scored the second. So, he's pretty much just the quarterback of everything.
  12. Is Deguzman still eligible? (Kidding, only kidding). But don't we also have Jebbison, Flores, Dias et al.?
  13. One would think that Tajon, Hoillet and Eustachio will have all improved their chances of moving on to new (and better) clubs. Has Kaye done enough to garner quality interest in Europe?
  14. Seems evident that Mexico is the undisputed #1 in the region. Maybe Honduras had a bad match last night, but Mexico looks to be at another level entirely. Then there is the next tier, which includes the USA, Honduras, Jamaica, Costa Rica, maybe Panama and El Salvador. And, based on this tournament so far, and everything we've learned in the past year or so, it appears we are firmly in that second tier. Firmly. Yeah, there's much yet to do, but we've got a young, fast, and skilled team. The manager and his staff are damned organized, smart, and well-led. We just trounced Costa Rica, and we did it without several starters. Enjoying the process. Nice to see the results.
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