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  1. When he gets fully fit and irons out the kinks, he'll start to dominate the midfield like he did last year. I feel he still has the ability to improve his game by at least a couple of notches. He will be motivated.
  2. He started poorly against Philly, but he improved as the match wore on. He does not seem nearly as fit as he was last year, that's for sure. But it was his passing that was letting him down, and some cheap giveaways. He's usually strong in possession and very neat in his passing. Like I said, the passing got much better as the game progressed. Kaye is the sort of guy that will raise his levels, for sure. He just needs to do so before he gets taken out of the 11!
  3. He was a beast tonight, for sure. Cava and Ricketts also worked their tails off tonight. Far better game all around.
  4. Much better performance from the Caps tonight. Scrappy but mostly organized, with a good defensive performance all around. They did better to get up field versus Galaxy (as compared to SKC). They are still figuring each other out, but there were flashes of solid link play, and the effort tonight was so much better. Inbeom is the guy who most needs to raise his levels, but I know he'll get there. He did better to get up field in this game, but his decision making was mostly poor. Ricketts, Cava and Tiebert worked their asses off all game. Revelation of the game: Raposo! Kid was not overwhelmed or intimidated, and he was great on the ball--quick feet--and made very smart passes. Positive young player. He will get more game time for sure. Bikel found his way into the game and fought hard. Khmiri was strong, as was Rose. Adnan was kind of quiet until the second half, then made a great run and pass to Tosaint for the goal. Ouwusu came on late and looked decent: rusty for sure, but sharp and confident. They've still a long ways to go, but you can see the potential and this was a solid step forward. Wish Cava had picked a corner on the PK, but he'll get his first soon enough.
  5. Let's see what happens when the new recruits are fully integrated. Unlike many here in Vancouver, I'm not giving up yet.
  6. This game was lost in the midfield, for the most part, and it does not help that Tiebert and Inbeom BOTH play so far back. We simply could not keep the ball last night, at least not for the bulk of the game. Very interesting to see who of this opening night 11 becomes a core starter as the season rolls on. We've two CBs on the sidelines who will likely win starting roles, plus two midfielders, one of whom will likely relieve Tiebert of his starting duties. Nerwinski had a very good game all around, and Reyna had some good moments, along with Melinkovic, and Cava put in a shift but got very little service, but this team looked disjointed and fresh out of ideas. SKC is a good side with an excellent coach, mind you. Kinda is the (sorry) kinda fella we need in the midfield, covering a ton of ground, always pressing, great on the dribble, smart in passing. He makes **** happen. And he scored a brilliant goal. Lots of work to do if this Caps team is going to show better than they did last year. I am not giving up hope, but let's see how the new guys are integrated and how this team builds. I need to see real cohesion and improved team play in the next five games!!
  7. They are really sticking to a particular profile and I admire the vision and strategy. Let's see if it works. This guy seems solid on the ball, sort of like Deguzman in his prime. Excited to see what he might bring to the team. Wife and I are heading to the game tomorrow. Very excited! Let's get this season off on the right foot.
  8. I fear a far more sinister virus: getting CONCACAFfed. (It's like herpes, but less fun.)
  9. And he seems a genuinely good human being, too!! Damned proud of all that he's achieved in a short amount of time. I feel blessed that I got to see him play at BC Place. Hope to see him on the Island (but I imagine tickets are all gone, yes?)
  10. Yes, and perhaps his biggest asset: smart, smart, smart. Football smarts with athletic ability and a nose for goal SHOULD help him slot into many different systems, I would think.
  11. Caps with a strong comeback win in preseason today versus Minnesota. Seriously outshot Minnesota and save for the blunder on the first goal against, the Caps looked the better team for nearly the full game. Too early to tell, but it looks like the Caps have a team this year, by which I mean a cohesive group who know how to play together and with purpose. Lots of bright spots out there today, but I was especially impressed by Tiebert, Adnan, Cava and Dajome. Inbeom was also excellent, as was Reyna. It is pleasing to see how good a footballer Cava is. He works his ass off and is very smart. Notched his fourth preseason goal in four games. This team is much better in possession than they were last year--so far--and they are playing more cohesive football all around. Looks like a tight group already. They've a couple more players yet to join, but they arrive this week, from what I hear. They do not have massive depth, but this squad looks stronger and more complete than the one from last year.
  12. Echoes of Wynn Belotte? All this promise at a young age but not enough humility to put in the work required? Or, if not lack of humility, then something else? The easiest thing to do is work your ass off! I hope he can get his head straight before it is too late.
  13. No, sadly, only speed. (I am the Alphonso Davies of that particular appendage, to my wife’s chagrin.)😉
  14. At least not against quality sides. If playing true minnows, then one could see some value in playing Davies at LB. But against tough CONCACAF competition, we need him causing havoc up the field, keeping our opponents on the back foot.
  15. And I don't think we should dismiss the idea of him playing on his off-wing either. He played there for parts of the first game against the US and he was a pain in their Yankee assess. It is tactically wise to use Davies in attack, if only because it forces the opposition to always keep an eye on him. It is as much a defensive tactic as an offensive. (Two birds; one Davies.)
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