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  1. I like this, and I wonder if we might see this at some point. I cannot imagine we'll play more than one striker up front against the Mexicans, and I suspect we'll play six on the backline (kidding, sort of). Not to get too MDS on your asses, but in the spirit of trusting the process, we are going to learn a lot about Herdman and the lads tomorrow evening. This can only be a good thing as we develop this young squad.
  2. Forgot to mention the fact that by game three the Cubans will have lost a handful of players to defection, which means they'll certainly be weaker (and dispirited, especially if they do not get the win versus Martinique). I would very much like Arfield's leadership on the pitch versus Mexico. [And I see now that the Cubans have already lost one to player to defection!]
  3. But I remember Arfield be absolutely gassed against Jamaica during the last Gold Cup, and I think it would be wise to rest him for one of Mexico or Cuba, along with Hutch and Hoillet. Also, I am not convinced the Cubans are worse than Martinique. Meaning that I think the Mexicans might be even better than the first result of the tournament showed. I want us to play a smart game, but I also want us to be realistic (and smart) about squad rotation. We will likely clog the middle, play a lone holding striker up top, and then hope we can have composure when we win the ball and string some passes together, maybe strike on the counter. Mexico will give us less space than Martinique, so we need to clean up the terrible give-aways. We could scrape out a result, but it is going to be a massive task.
  4. I think it is reasonable for us to question the lack of preparation, by way of friendlies, no matter what happens. The guys simply need more games together. Can't get around it.
  5. For me the big question is: Do we have a manager tactically capable of leading this team to success? I feel he has all the other tools, but I worry about his tactical experience. We do not yet have a national style of play, some sort of system that all young footballers in this country learn and can easily execute when they put on the red and white. I know Devos and Herdman and the CSA want us to get to that point, but in the meantime we need a manager who can convey and nurture a game plan, and then nimbly switch tactics when necessary. We'll start to see if The Sizzle has got what it takes during this tournie.
  6. Love to see Scotty holding the guys' attention in the one shot. For me, despite Hutch's proven leadership, Arfield is the captain of this team. The great news is that we've got several leaders on this team, all with different styles. Borjan, Hutch, and Arfield are key leaders, but so is Henry for the back line. Lots of good pieces coming together for this team.
  7. Not fully sure MDS got his tactics right last night. I know he had to adjust for the personnel available, but we seemed very disconnected last night, and I think that is due, in part, to the fact that we seemed to be playing the radical 8-2 formation, with a huge gap between the back eight and Fredy and Lucas up front. Midfield worked hard, but link up play was poor, we rushed passes, and we sat far too back. Energy levels were not nearly as high as they've been the past four our five games either. Many of the players need a rest, especially Adnan and Inbeom, and Reyna looked like he may have reinjured himself toward the end of the game. I keep saying this, but the team seems to be a few quality players short of a truly competitive team. They are growing under MDS, and I see some very good signs for the future--I think MDS can win in this league--but they are a bit thin on talent, especially those players who can hold the ball and move it intelligently. Inbeom has shows flashes of real quality, and I expect we'll see better from him after the break. Reyna, in my mind, is likely their best player. (I love Adnan, and he has all the tools to be the best left back in the league, but his cockiness gets him in trouble more often than I'd like.) Reyna's insertion into the game had an instant impact. Worried that he is not 100% yet. I hope the next few weeks will give him plenty of time to get fully healed. Curious to see if the Caps add a couple of pieces in July.
  8. Miller over James seems a bit curious, no? Has Herdman really seen enough of Miller to make this selection? Does he not rate James? I am not 100% sold on James, to be honest, but it is hard to see how he does not have the edge, at the moment, over Miller. This is a very strong line-up, for sure. Not entirely convinced everyone on the list is in top form at the moment, but there is a core of 15 or so players who are in solid form and will give us a good showing. Mark my words: Hutch will play at CB for at least one game this tournie.
  9. Adnan and MDS get Team of the Week honours (with an "u").
  10. Caps grind out another win. Two very nice goals, and some strong play here and there, but this was another strong, workmanlike effort from a team that is missing several key attacking pieces and who just played five games over 16 days. Inbeom looked quite a bit better in this game, and the Adnan and Venutto goals were well-taken. This team needs rest. At least they do not have another mid-week game. TFC on Friday, which should be another tight game, and then three weeks off. Excited to see what this team might look like with Reyna and Bangoura and Henry back, plus maybe a couple of shiny new pieces added in the summer. I hope Adnan sticks around; I hope his injury is minor.
  11. But what do you fellas think about Hutch at CB with James? (Presuming Henry is still injured).
  12. I expect that he will take over from Hutch in CM over the course of this Gold Cup. Hutch might start the first game, but I see MAK starting the next, and if he performs well, I could see him play out the rest of the tournament as CM. As someone commented on the MLS site, if he can start potting goals from long range and play even a bit faster, he should be prime for a move to a better league soon.
  13. Caps have been gutting out some tough results as of late, which is impressive considering the teams they are facing, the number of games they are playing each week, the injuries and the travel. And while they are far from the finished product, there are plenty of signs of growth and improvement. Great result against NYRB last night. Their confidence is growing, and some of the football has been very strong. (And some has been frustrating). I still think they need some player upgrades, perhaps this summer, but I like how this team is coming together. Impressed by MDS so far.
  14. I realize this might be sacrilege, but if we want to get most of our best players on the pitch at the same time, and with Henry looking doubtful, what about a CB pairing of James and Hutch? I'd love to get MAK on the field, likely playing in front of the CBs, then Arfield and David in the midfield, with Davies and Hoillet on the flanks. Or maybe we play Arfield and MAK in front of the CBs, with David as AM. That might make more sense in terms of a solid defensive structure. One of the big challenges we face with our CBs is their poor distro out of the back. Hutch would be a big improvement.
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