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  1. I wasn’t the one who said it, but “way more” probably is stronger than it should have been. But Piatti is out. Vanney has left and I would speculate that at least part of the reason is that he may have been told there will be significant turnover. If the fan base is to be believed, Altidore and Bradley are wearing out their welcome. And of course, the V Cup rules means at least 3 Canadians need to start, which means one more than the usual Osorio + Laryea. We will see if Ali Curtis lives up to his reputation of prioritizing playing the kids or not.
  2. Not sure if this is the place for it, but Luke Wileman interviewed new CSA president Nick Bontis at halftime of Forge’s CONCACAF League game and he said he “hopes” TFC get a CCL spot if Forge qualify via CONCACAF League (which is still possible via the play in game). So there is legit no plan and they will try to sort it out with CONCACAF after knowing the results, rather than defining a system before the games are played.
  3. I guess the hopeful thing to do now would be to hope Saprissa wins their match to make for a slightly easier play on match against Marathon. 1-0 early in the first half for Saprissa.
  4. In the first half I was yelling at Henry through my TV because he was playing waaay up the field in a game where to that point Arcahaie had nothing. Why give them a chance for a Hail Mary goal from half when they otherwise seem to pose no threat. If they are getting on the end of a lot of through balls, fine, pinch up to try to take away that threat, but don’t go up there because you have nobody to talk to in your own box. Then he outdid my worst nightmare by just waiting for them to come up and take a goal. He could have put his boot through it. He could have passed to the wide open man that
  5. This is very believable to me. I am much worse than any player that ever got paid to play, and I am a bit on the short side. I have more than once gone to a spot where I knew I couldn’t get high enough to head the ball in order to draw my taller defender there and fake a jump, only to turn around and go for the ball after it has sailed over his head. Went in on a breakaway and scored like that once. If I can pull that off, I 100% believe Edgar can against pros.
  6. I didn’t watch the game. My boxscore analysis is this. Midtjylland Champions League games without James. 4 games, 4 losses, 0 points, with 3,2,2 and 4 goals against in those 4 games. The previous game against Atalanta was 4-0. Midtjylland Champions League games with James. 1 game, 1 point, with 1 goal against (their lowest in any CL game).
  7. This game got a mention on Tim & Sid today, or Arash & Sid as it was today. I turned it on and Sid was in the process of talking about it. Mentioned David Edgar retiring and talked about him being great for Canada, etc. Later on in the show they mentioned the positive test results as well.
  8. TFC fan here. I am only just hearing this Vanney news from this thread, but my gut reaction is that it will be good for the academy grads on the team (including Fraser) but I also expect some tighter purse strings and worse results. I hope I am wrong about the results thing and TFC produces league beaters, but of course only time will tell.
  9. When he was about 10 and I was 18 we had the same coach. He was playing up an age group and my coach mentioned how good he was a few times, and how he trained with Newcastle a bit through his fathers connections. Both teams this coach was coaching went to a tournament in Kingston so I saw him there for the first time. After that summer I didn’t here about him again until I was watching highlights. I am a Man U fan but one way or another I missed THAT game, saw the highlights and I went from pissed off that they gave up an equalizer to “HOLY SHIT DID HE JUST SAY DAVID EDGAR!?!?” in about 1
  10. So tonight is Forge's first try out of potentially 3 "win and you're in" games for the 2021 CCL. It has to be said though, that each game gets more and more difficult. It's never easy to win on the road in CONCACAF, but on paper Arcahaie is the weakest potential opponent. If Forge don't get it done tonight, they will have to play either Saprissa or Marathon, either of which would be much harder. And if they don't win that one, they would need a win vs TFC, which should be the toughest (possible exception being Saprissa). Good luck Forge! Get it done tonight!
  11. ZB playing with ZBG. Thank goodness for that hyphen!
  12. Can someone remind me. On those graphs with the different stats, is the outer rim at the top level for each stat for the given position? So Bustos was top of the league for attacking mid/winger in Pressure regains, passing %, turnovers, and fouls won?
  13. A plan without considering what happens if there is an upset (Forge losing)? That would be fitting since that’s what got us here in the first place (not considering the fact the Voyageurs Cup champion could have also qualified via CONCACAF League).
  14. I guess with the news that V Cup final will be in March must mean that the CCL won’t be starting in late Feb/early March next year. Was that already announced by CONCACAF?
  15. That doesn’t solve the problem though. I think what you are implying is what I had mentioned a while back, where the teams that qualify for CAN1 and CAN2 in 2020 would then go to CL in 2021 and CCL in 2022 (rather than CCL 2021 as it is now). Otherwise, if you keep the same timing we currently have you could get Forge winning Voyageurs Cup in, say 2021, which would qualify them for CL 2022 (it usually overlaps with V Cup, so they can’t qualify for 2021), then in 2022, while they are competing in CL, they could win the CPL to qualify for the 2023 CCL, which they would already be in qualifying f
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