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  1. For everyone assuming Panama will lose tomorrow, Panama is really good at home. For example, in the last hex they were undefeated at home including a 0-0 draw with Mexico. So this means two things. Number 1, we can’t rule out the possibility that Panama gets a draw or even a win tomorrow and gains some points. Number 2, if we win tomorrow we have a good chance of being the top ranked team in the semi finals, and even with a draw we could still be number 1.
  2. What is it about Doneil that makes him a target for secret transfers? Remember when he played half a season with TFC after being sold to a Cypriot team without anyone knowing?
  3. Great result for us! Much less important, but worth noting, Grenada clinched their League B group today, so that means they will be in League A next time around. Also worth noting that French Guiana were in their group, so even though FIFA ranking shouldn't matter as much for us next time around, that's one non-FIFA nation that won't be in League A next time.
  4. 1-1 half time in Costa Rica vs Curacao.
  5. Anyone else having a problem with the feed? I lost it before the goal, got it back for a minute to see the replay of the Curacao goal, and it's been down since. It's probably my crappy internet, but not certain.
  6. Better yet, when they can profit from playing in this tournament instead of it being a financial burden. If there was good money from TV/streaming and crowds came out in big numbers regardless of the match up.
  7. Whenever I find myself getting too comfortable about this game coming up, I remember back to what I felt like when the ball was at Pulisic's feet for an open shot at goal with the score 0-0. If he finished that it would have really changed the game I think, and everything that has come since. Hopefully we score first in this one again.
  8. Maybe I'm a jerk, but personally I am OK with excluding the USL2 teams from the Voyageurs Cup to try to spur some motivation to create more D3 leagues in Canada that they can join.
  9. It looks like they have ditched the "SCL" spots. See my post on the "Full CONCACAF Club Index" thread from earlier today. Edit: And besides, even if they are given a lower pot spot, they would have a 4 in 7 chance (I think, I keep changing these odds a bit, I'm not great at odds) of drawing a non Mexican team.
  10. I still think the most likely explanation for ratings numbers is that MLS isn't a national phenomenon. You put a game on between San Jose and Chicago and the people that watch it will be from San Jose or Chicago. Or a game between Vancouver and Orlando, the viewers will be from Vancouver or Orlando. Since Vancouver (the smallest of the 3 Canadian MLS cities) carries a higher percentage of the national population (marginally) than even New York does in the US, as a result you get it looking like more people per capita are watching. I don't think it's that we are drawing 8x more fans in the MLS city itself, and it's not that we get so many viewers from out of market areas. My reasoning being that it's not like the attendance of the Canadian teams are through the roof. In fact our attendance is dwarfed by a couple of the more popular American teams. I think TV ratings for MLS games is the only metric (that I know of) that shows such a higher amount of interest in the game. Are ratings for the World Cup, or EPL, or La Liga, or whatever other competitions 8x higher per capita than the American numbers? Legit question because I don't know.
  11. It's actually not so bad for Canada. If there were 11 qualifiers from the 2019 CONCACAF League, I think that would put Forge in! See the table here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_CONCACAF_League#Qualification_to_CONCACAF_Champions_League Forge are sitting in exactly 11th place. So we would lose Montreal, but CPL would make it's CCL debut before it's 2nd season kicks off. If they get the CAN1 ranking spot then they have a good shot at avoiding a Mexican team in the first round.
  12. Now for a mini rant, this new system sucks. The Mexican, American, one Caribbean, and one Canadian spots all get 4 points each year just for existing in the CCL. The Central American, other Caribbean, and other Canadian spots all have to fight their way through a qualifying tournament to get those same 4 points. For example: Let's say one year USA1 loses both of it's first round games, it get's 4 points for that year just by participating in an event that they were granted a spot for no particular reason. Then let's say CAN2 wins both of it's preliminary round CONCACAF League games, moving on to the round of 16, then wins both of it's round of 16 games, moving on to the quarter finals, then loses the quarter finals and is 3rd best out of the quarter final losers. The CAN2 spot gets 0 points for that year (at least in terms of CCL ranking), so that if the following year they qualify for the CCL, their point total will be 0 for that year instead of 4 if they had been granted a CCL spot and lost both it's games, or instead of getting the 13 or 14 points they deserved based on their results in the CONCACAF League. This makes things even more unfair for the Central American teams (and Canada 2 and Carribbean spots other than the top one) than it previously appeared. In my table, PAN1 at the moment is ranked 9th in the confederation, which should be good enough to get a CCL spot in my opinion. But the way things have worked out, they didn't qualify for the CCL this year, and are getting 0 points for the year instead of at a bare minimum the 4 points that they would have gotten if they were granted a direct CCL spot based on merit, instead of it being gifted to, say the Caribbean. It's like there might have been one person at CONCACAF that had a vision for how to correct things, but the rest of CONCACAF didn't understand it and made it dumb, or just through pure corruption actively stopped it from happening. They had all the tools there, they are just ignoring them. It's so frustrating. And it's frustrating that I can easily believe them either being that incompetent or that corrupt.
  13. Yesterday the club indexes being used for the 2020 Champions League draw were revealed, and with it some details that may make my table more obsolete than ever. I thought the teams that qualified through CONCACAF League would be playing under SCL (CONCACAF League qualifier) slots, but it turns out they are actually using their nation's slots. It looks like the situation is like this... Let's say, a team using the HON3 slot is in the 2019 CONCACAF League and does well enough to make it to the 2020 CONCACAF Champions League. It looks like the points they gained in the 2019 CONCACAF League disappear (or are maybe going to be used for a separate CONCACAF League index?) and the team will now represent HON1 in the Champions League. The document with details on the index seems to have changed the name of it from "CONCACAF Club Index" to "CONCACAF Champions League Club Ranking". https://res.cloudinary.com/concacaf-production/image/upload/v1573669178/championsleage-prod/assets/20_SCCL_Club_Ranking_ENG.pdf There are still some unanswered questions but it looks to me like they are probably going to have separate rankings for CCL and CL. So I'm not sure if I'll keep up my single table idea. I'll at least finish up with the last result from the 2019 CONCACAF League, but then I'll have to see if I can make any sense of what to do going forward.
  14. I agree, except I have to point out that 12 from your example is a multiple of 4. It is 2^n that you need to get to ASAP. So 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc.
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