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  1. Looks like a good draw for Forge. One of only 2 teams in the pot I haven’t heard of (the other being Haitian side Arcahaie). Especially good to avoid Alajualense and Independiente.
  2. Interesting. Chance at returning to the Voyageurs good books. I hope he does it!
  3. I really hope Zavaletta and Ciman are gone next year. And I would love to see Dunn get playing time at TFC, but I am sceptical enough that I would rather see him go to CPL again next year. If he does I think he could get sold to a better league, at least he has the potential to have that kind of season.
  4. I was trying to figure that out too. I think he probably meant Omar Gonzalez.
  5. Not sure why I didn’t respond to this earlier. The sample space is too small right now to really rank us, but your range sounds reasonable. Off the top of my head I believe Forge beat a Guatemalan team (could be wrong) and lost to a Honduran team (more sure of that one). We shall see if we get more data points this year or not.
  6. Any idea why St. Catharines and Oakville didn’t want to participate? If I was a player in that league I would be over the moon to get to play with or against Maradona.
  7. Haha, Edwards Island, the P in the acronym PEI is silent. Seriously though it does look like he has been watching. Nice to hear him summarizing and even saying Forge would have a chance against MLS teams.
  8. Glad TFC is in the final. I still want the CPL team to win, but if TFC wins I won’t be upset. Win/win for this TFC/CPL fan!
  9. It could also be less nefarious. Like the CPL guys have mentioned, they are building a soccer economy. It’s not just players, but also coaches, officials, executives, and dare I say agents, that are getting up to speed. It could be a well meaning agent that isn’t yet good at the job. Didn’t do the due diligence on the level of the Chilean club, and then maybe Attardo just wanted out of there? Anyways, best of luck at the new club. Hopefully he gets plenty of time and can grow as a player.
  10. It just dawned on me how much gold these two guys are. We have 2 Gold Cup Golden boot winners that are up for the golden boy award, and one of them was also (if I am not mistaken, it’s too hilarious for me to be able to believe) called the golden c*ck for winning the golden boot in Belgium.
  11. When is the cut off though? This award is for the season that ended already right? And I believe it’s an under 21 award. I haven’t been able to find the age cut off point. Honestly asking, I don’t know these answers.
  12. If PEI doesn’t get its own team, I feel like on milestone anniversaries (5 year, 10 year) at a minimum the league should have a game or two hosted in PEI. Or maybe HFX takes it upon themselves to play the occasional game in PEI (preseason, regular season, whatever)
  13. Do any of the South American countries have quarantine rules for people entering the country? As long as we have that quarantine rule I don’t see how it would be possible for us to host any games. We might be forced to play all our matches on the road unless things change.
  14. “New Firm” is pretty good. I’ll give you that!
  15. I was acknowledging that it happens sometimes without VAR by saying there are more of these goals specifically because in addition to the cases where the ref doesn’t see it in time, there are also these cases when they let the play go and raise the flag afterwards. I believe there were a couple of those goals in a recent game, but I have already forgotten if it was Montreal v Vancouver or Montreal v Toronto. But maybe I am biased because when I am at the stadium I have a habit of glancing at the refs assistant when the goal is scored if I have any doubt. I do prefer your solution about replaying it in real time over what we have, but I still don’t like it as much as no video review. I’ve gone through most of my reasons why I am against VAR and will leave it at that.
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