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  1. It wouldn’t hurt for TFC II to call up some potential options, especially for friendlies. What’s the harm in checking in with L1O to see if they will have any kind of a season? What’s the harm in seeing if Saskatchewan wants to have some friendlies against them? I don’t expect these things to pan out, just throwing some long shot ideas out there.
  2. The bigger reason why I am not keen on a tournament between CPL teams and TFC II is just the numbers. CPL has an 8 team league now and already has a vastly shortened amount of time to play meaningful games. Why use up more of that time with a 9 team exhibition tournament (more byes) rather than use that time for official games? I agree with the poster who said TFC II should go to Saskatchewan to see if the summer soccer series can be saved.
  3. I was going to ask for a link, but I see the Montero link has been updated. I am starting to wonder if teams are even going to care about this tournament. Lots of high profile players not playing, Dallas unable to field a team, TFC going so late that they had to move back their first game. I'm sure I'll forget about all that once the games start, but it's a bit deflating... or at least it would be if COVID hadn't pre-deflated all of us.
  4. But playing in a pro team with and against adults (in this case, Atletico Ottawa) is often a better teacher than playing in a youth league with an academy where the majority of players won't make it pro (in this case, Vancouver Whitecaps).
  5. Yeah, there was contact, but usually when that happens your feet stumble, maybe you kick the ground or something. He looked to bring his upper body down. So he felt the contact and decided to go down. He went down easy, but these are the types of things that I spoke about a few days back where that kind of thing is rarely called if you stay on your feet, even if it screws up your chances of making a play.
  6. I don't think this has been shared anywhere yet. David and Davies both made MLSsoccer.com's top 10 players in CONCACAF list. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/07/05/10-best-players-concacaf-who-play-their-national-teams-greg-seltzer
  7. I don’t have a clear understanding of what his position is, but he is in the midfield right? CPL players have been getting consideration on defence and Borges got some consideration to get a run out. I don’t think Froese at midfield though has a shot at the moment. Who do you drop for him? We are too deep there.
  8. German cup final is today at 2pm Eastern. Is it going to be on Onesoccer? I don’t see it mentioned in their iPhone app or on their YouTube page. I also don’t see it on Sportsnet’s schedule.
  9. Don’t do it guys! This sounds like a suicide pact.
  10. I think Piette can make it. If Hutch keeps playing, it looks like he will be more selective, so I don’t think he gets to 100. Davies and David are more likely to get to 100 than Piette, but I still like Piette’s chances of doing it.
  11. Henry's mistake against Cuba was getting sent off when it was 1-0 in the 55th minute. I looked up the highlights but they are terrible. It was apparently a second yellow (I didn't remember that) that from the replay this shows looked maybe a bit soft, but probably too aggressive for someone already on a yellow. I can't remember if his first yellow was stupid or not. I just remember that like Obinna, it was the last straw for me. I have a Henry jersey and I have defended him for years, but that was it for me. I hope he can cut out the mistakes, but I'll believe it when I see it.
  12. I went to the start of this thread to remind myself of Elva's birth year and saw this comment. It was very much true when it was said 6 years ago, but I'm glad to see Davies breaking that trend!
  13. It’s more than that. I think they also need to be more willing to call fouls where the fouled player doesn’t go to ground, and giving out yellow cards after advantage has been played. The fact these things are so rare kind of forces the hand of players to go down easy.
  14. Wikipedia is telling me that although Milan’s parents are Serbian, he was born in Croatia. Would he have qualified for either nation perhaps?
  15. I think you missed the Turkish parts. I am curious about the Turkish verses, if anyone is willing and able to translate into English.
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