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  1. Put another way, it wouldn't have been realistic for someone to think it would go as well as it has!
  2. So nobody spotted Clanachan in Madrid? No countdown on the canpl.ca website? No media telling us when there is going to be an exciting announcement about soccer in Ottawa? I think last week the word was that we would get a reveal on Monday or Tuesday. It didn't happen Monday, and doesn't look like it will happen on Tuesday
  3. I remembered it was 8-1, but in fairness to you, I think it was 7-0 when I changed the channel for the well being of myself and everyone and everything around me.
  4. Yeah, for me the first two games are OK, but the third will collide with my young kids’ bed time. I just signed up for a year subscription after taking a couple months off. I hope the replays are same day because last year was frustrating staying away from my go to sites and social media for days waiting for a replay so that it isn’t spoiled.
  5. The thing I didn't get from your earlier post is why you think Atletico or Lyon would be any better at creating "a lasting brand that is authentic". I imagine these groups will just be transplanting their existing brands over here. That doesn't seem any more authentic than what City and Red Bull did in MLS.
  6. Why would you prefer a foreign investor over a Canadian investor? All things being equal I’d much rather have a team with its own brand than something that is at least partly a marketing arm for a different soccer team. And even if it wasn’t something like a sky blue “Toronto City” type of team, I would still prefer a Canadian owner rather than foreign. Keep the money from this new soccer economy in Canada. Note, this doesn’t mean I am against foreign ownership. I just find it a bit weird for it to be a specific part of the dream for the league going forward.
  7. When the CPL announcement seemed imminent, I stopped caring about the roster rules of American leagues. If anything this strengthens the CPL player pool.
  8. I didn’t think we were all that far off last year. We just weren’t consistent enough but on our day looked great. I really think we can contend this year.
  9. Help me understand. Do you guys just know off the top of your head the max/min/average salaries of leagues like 2nd division Belgium? Or do you reasearch it after an announcement like this? Or are you just guessing based on very little data and lots of assumptions. I am genuinely curious.
  10. Thanks for this. I have been meaning to look up the times to figure out if I can likely watch, to determine if I will return to onesoccer for this tourney. Looks like a yes!
  11. Now we just need these exports to help their teams so we get more of these transfers. Right now clubs are testing the waters, hopefully they like the temperature.
  12. I think the real reason is the (convoluted) domestic player rule change a couple years back. Hamilton and Kaye are domestic league wide. I believe Morgan and Chapman likely are as well. Edwards is the only one from Obinna’s list that is labelled as an international on the MLS website (rosters page).
  13. Being on the TTC line is good for fans from Toronto, but I have a York 9 jersey that doesn’t say Toronto on it anywhere. It does say Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, King City, Newmarket, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Aurora, East Gwillimbury, and Georgina. Those municipalities don’t care about TTC (with a possible minority in Vaughan being the exception). If you allow me to generalize a bit, people from those areas drive, and I would bet a lot of them don’t like to drive into Toronto. Probably for a new stadium for this team (assuming it doesn’t essentially “relocate” from its original vision) having ample parking is going to be much more important than public transportation access, at least for the supposed target audience. I live in Toronto, but it doesn’t have to suck up everything into it. If KW or London got a team I wouldn’t want them to play out of Toronto either. Where the team is now is like having a team called “Saskatchewan Smoothriders” playing their home games in the Alberta side of Lloydminster.
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