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  1. Do we know how much he is making? I would guess he could be happy with TAM level money, which should mean there is room for him on TFC (hard to know for sure)
  2. Weird. I don’t have a subscription and I was able to read the whole article.
  3. From what I have seen, there isn't anything in the regulations about "exceptional circumstances" that says anything about comparable leagues. If the size of budgets, attendance levels, and level of play were important, then many European leagues would have 1-3 teams that would meet that criteria of exceptional circumstances. Yes I know that the regulations in those countries are likely different from the regulations here, but I'm just trying to illustrate that it's not exactly unheard of to have imbalances among those criteria within a league. Maaaybe those things can constitute "exceptional circumstances", or maybe they are only looking at the availability of a league that would welcome the team. We don't know.
  4. This. It felt like York 9 had the ball almost the whole game, and never seemed like they might score.
  5. That's the mistake you focus on? This one is pretty bad. "Valour FC might not have to wait long to see how they stack up against the MLS, as they are one of three CPL teams that will play in the 2019 Canadian Championship." I assume the writer was getting mixed up between the Canadian Championship and the "privileged 3 CPL teams that have a shot at the 2019 CONCACAF League Championship"
  6. According to his Wikipedia page he played his U20 Chile games in 2014. U20 World Cup qualifiers were in 2013 and 2015 (just like the World Cups), so I guess that means his games in 2014 would not have been competitive matches, which I think means he wouldn't have had to have filed for a one-time switch to play for Canada. So I think that means he is still not cap-tied. Others on this board are better at this kind of stuff than me though.
  7. I missed more than half of the first half, but honestly that game was pretty boring. York 9 retained a lot of possession, but it was all pretty meaningless. Aside from the header that was cleared off the line in the first half, I don't remember them really scaring Blainville much at all. There was one play in the second half when it fell to a York 9 player in the box, but he couldn't control fast enough to get a shot off. That was about it.
  8. O tannenbaum. Too bad they aren't green.
  9. Nevermind. I just signed in to onesoccer for a second on my phone to see it's 2-0 for HFX.
  10. So there was a goal? I'm watching the York 9 game. Was it HFX that scored? 1-0?
  11. I'm at 13 men's games now. 20-May-1992 Friendly Toronto, Canada Scotland 1–3 2-Sep-2011 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification Toronto, Canada Saint Lucia 4–1 11-Oct-2011 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification Toronto, Canada Puerto Rico 0–0 15-Nov-2011 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification Toronto, Canada Saint Kitts and Nevis 4–0 3-Jun-2012 Friendly Toronto, Canada United States 0–0 12-Jun-2012 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification Toronto, Canada Honduras 0–0 7-Sep-2012 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification Toronto, Canada Panama 1–0 12-Oct-2012 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification Toronto, Canada Cuba 3–0 9-Sep-2014 Friendly Toronto, Canada Jamaica 3–1 16-Jun-2015 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying Toronto, Canada Dominica 4–0 14-Jul-2015 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup Toronto, Canada Costa Rica 0–0 4-Sep-2015 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying Toronto, Canada Belize 3–0 16-Oct-2018 2019–20 CONCACAF Nations League qualifying Toronto, Canada Dominica 5–0
  12. Yeah, I can't wait to bike to an away game at BMO field one day. TFC is the closest team to my house, but I would cheer for York 9 over them cause CPL.
  13. I guess this is a start for a response going forward. https://www.canadasoccer.com/canadian-soccer-leaders-unanimously-support-canada-soccer-safe-sport-roster-p162158 "The Canada Soccer Safe Sport Roster combines the benefits of mandatory certification for all coaches, a sophisticated Club Licensing Program, National Soccer Registry, Whistleblower Policy and Hotline, Code of Conduct and Ethics, and concussion protocols to create the best possible conditions for players, coaches, referees and administrators."
  14. And there would be even more action if news broke that Brennan encouraged a Canadian player to play for another national team.
  15. I'm seeing the same thing. I'm in the Eastern time zone which is UTC -5:00. It seems like the schedule is based on the UTC day, so a game at 7pm Eastern, is at 12:00am UTC the next day, and as a result, it shows up on the following day's schedule. They should probably get on fixing that.
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