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  1. So the T.I.O.R. iteration got banned? Was it for Robert's history or did he go off the handle with that user name again?
  2. I wonder if FIFA might consider making windows a couple days longer and allowing 3 matches rather than just 2. Everything is up in the air at this point. We don’t know when things will be up and running again, so it is hard to predict what might be done.
  3. I think @Cblake‘s point was that if there is Armageddon in the USA we won’t be capable of being over it here. For example, if Detroit is hit hard and Canadians in Windsor are working in Detroit hospitals and bringing the virus back here with them. Truck drivers bringing goods over the border, etc.
  4. Carmine Isacco! Didn’t realize he played at a level to get even a B call up. Did he get A team call ups? Looks like he was never capped based on Wikipedia.
  5. This article is pretending Alphonso Davies doesn't even exist. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/03/23/football/jadon-sancho-erling-braut-haaland-borussia-dortmund-spt-intl/index.html They literally list out the "top 5" players, but exclude Davies and include 6th ranked Hudson-Odoi.
  6. Not that it affects your point, but Brazil’s population is actually slightly more than double that.
  7. And what, test all staff and players every day? Develop rules that keep players 2 meters apart from each other and avoid touching the ball with their hands (throw ins and goalkeepers). Sorry, but this isn’t feasible. We just have to wait and see when this whole covid thing takes a turn for the better and restrictions begin to be lifted.
  8. This is a popular argument but it is incredibly flawed and I hate it to be honest. Ovechkin 3 Hart, 1 Art Ross Crosby 2 Hart, 2 Art Ross McDavid 1 Hart, 2 Art Ross Evgenyi Malkin 1 Hart, 2 Art Ross Those 4 players combined for 7 Hart trophies (NHL MVP) and 7 Art Ross (NHL scoring leader, goals plus assists). Wayne Gretzky won 9 Hart trophies and 10 Art Ross trophies (and lost one on a tie breaker in his rookie year). You can’t just explain it away saying it was higher scoring back then and disregard what he accomplished.The average margin of victory in the scoring race in NHL history is 13% (so the scoring leader has 13% more points than the guy in second place). If you exclude the years Gretzky was the scoring champ that number drops down to 10%. He skews 100 years of stats! His average margin of victory was 41%, and the largest win by anyone who isn’t Gretzky was Bill Cowley during WWII when he won by 36%. Just look at the 1986-87 season where the second leading scorer had 108 points. That total wouldn’t look out of place in recent times. But that year Gretzky scored 183 points, which definitely would stand out. P.S. The goalies did where masks in Gretzky’s time. There were some players that didn’t where helmets for a decent portion of his career though, but only a handful (my memory only goes back as far as Brad Marsh).
  9. The player you are looking for is Wilt Chamberlain, who actually did average 50 points in a season once. He is the only player from any sport whose numbers are in the ballpark of dominance as Gretzky’s. James Harden recently went on a long streak of averaging 40 points per game. I believe it was close to half a season. I can’t remember if he passed Elgin Baylor’s 33 game streak which was the second longest such streak. The longest streak was Wilt’s 515 games. But I agree with your point. I am on team Gretzky for best Canadian athlete easily. He may not be the most known globally, but that is a different conversation.
  10. My ideal if/when we have a strong CPL and an appetite for more pro teams would be to not split up the CPL, but rather grow the D2/D3 levels. Share the media money, sponsorship money and travel costs across D1 and D2. So the only drop in revenue if you relegate would be from the gates if fans don’t come out in as big numbers. Teams that want to join CPL after it is filled up but before D2 has enough teams could operate in a D3 league in the meantime. Hopefully we have enough coverage geographically at the D3 level for prospective D2 teams to have a local option, but if a team from Saskatchewan has to play in BC or a team from New Brunswick has to play in Quebec it shouldn’t be that big of a deal if they have the money to ultimately play pro.
  11. I can’t remember for sure what the importance coefficient was for the Nations League qualifiers, but I think it was 10. If that is correct then they got 5.7 points for their win against Jamaica. So that means their friendlies last year netted them about 9 points. I wish I remembered the estimated points Canada would have gotten for their Gold Cup wins against non-FIFA Nations in the last two tournaments. I would guess it is around 15-25 points for the two games combined. Apologies for the wide range. Anyways, none of this matters.
  12. The win over Haiti plus the loss to Japan combined to lose them 2 ranking points. The wins over Guatemala and Peru added together with a win over Jamaica in Nations League qualifying (which would have been worth more points than either friendly) gained them 17 points. So that is a net gain of 15 points including the Nations League match I mentioned. For anyone curious about the difference those friendlies made.
  13. If there is any change in the format due to covid it will be because we lose more dates later in the year and now they will just change the hex to be a 5 team tournament or something. Nothing at all will be done to increase our odds of making it to the World Cup, and they certainly won’t extend qualifying backwards by making us play El Salvador.
  14. And now Liga MX is shut down too. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/03/14/liga-mx-suspends-play-until-further-notice Cant play sports, can’t watch sports, and can’t even really read about sports. It has only been a few days but I can tell I am going to lose my mind.
  15. I haven't seen numbers for Vancouver Island, but there are or have been 46 cases in BC, not half a dozen. Half a dozen is about the number of new daily cases. Date New cases Total Cumulative Sources BC AB ON QC NB Jan 28 1 1 1 [68] Feb 4 3 3 4 [68] Feb 5 1 1 5 [68] Feb 7 2 2 7 [68] Feb 17 1 1 8 [68] Feb 21 1 1 9 [68] Feb 24 1 1 10 [68] Feb 25 1 1 11 [68] Feb 27 2 2 13 [68] Feb 28 1 1 14 [68] Feb 29 1 5 6 20 [68] Mar 1 4 4 24 [68] Mar 2 3 3 27 [68] Mar 3 1 2 3 30 [68] Mar 4 4 4 34 [68][69] Mar 5 8 1 3 1 13 47 [70][71][72][73] Mar 6 1 5 1 7 54 [74][75][76] Mar 7 6 6 60 [77] Mar 8 2 4 1 7 67 [78][79][80][81][82] Mar 9 5 3 3 11 78 [83] Mar 10 7 7 1 3 18 96 [84][85][86] Mar 11 7 5 6 1 1 20 116 [87][88] Mar 12 17 17 133 [89] Total 46 19 59 8 1 133 v t e Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_coronavirus_pandemic_in_Canada
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