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  1. I've always heard around 70% or 75%, before 2020.
  2. To be honest, I don't even like it when sports channels play Rocky or whatever sports movie. I never watch it there. Decades ago MuchMusic started to put non-music programming on and I lost more and more interest in that channel until I completely stopped even seeing what was on there, when there was a time that I would watch it for certain shows, and would almost always tune in during commercial breaks of shows on other channels. Similar thing with TLC, but not my personal experience. I never watched it, but my brother did, until it went away from learning and towards garbage like realit
  3. Do you know how many PKs Catliff or Mitchell scored? They could potentially be ahead of DeRo. I have no idea how many PKs they have scored. I started trying to look it up, but the first couple games that Catliff scored in don't even have the time of the goals, so I'm not willing to accept the lack of a "PK" next to his goal as an indication that it wasn't a PK goal. So I've given up.
  4. Not quite close enough to Etobicoke. I'd prefer he go to the team that is closest to Etobicoke!
  5. And besides, if the whole reason why we need to have the Gold Cup in the USA every time, and have the tournament every 2 years instead of every 4 years is because the confederation needs more cash, then wouldn't saving money on travel make sense too? Why go through the expense of flying every team across the country when they could just sit put for the group stage?
  6. I don't think there will be thousands of fans travelling, but you would think it must be some amount more than when you need a plane ticket per match. Giving an example of how bad attendance has been in the past doesn't exactly disprove his point that the old way was a big barrier to fans getting to games.
  7. I'd like it to be every 4 years. We've got the Nations League plus a bit for Gold Cup qualifying to fill the gap. And yes, definitely move it around. Have a Gold Cup hosted in Central America, have one hosted in Mexico, have one hosted in Canada. This would grow the game in the region. And yes, I do believe that having a Gold Cup in Mexico would grow the game. With it always in the USA you are giving the USA a big advantage over other countries and perpetuating the big 2 in the region. Have it in Mexico and the scales might tip a bit more in favour of Central American teams in relation to USA.
  8. Hopefully Dwyer's wife doesn't start hanging out with the team and talking about international choices with Ayo.
  9. Thanks. I thought it fit well, but it's probably too niche to gain mass appeal.
  10. Personally I'm not a fan of podcasts. Too much chit chat to pad the length of the podcast, and you can't easily reference it and look it up in the future. But I'm probably just old. I do read a lot of chit chat on here (and evidently produce a lot too), so maybe my time isn't as scarce as I like to think it is.
  11. I can't piece together a picture of that second sentence. That's some Klein bottle action or something.
  12. So if Ajax is the brand and Amsterdam is the location of their football club, would that make this new Ontario based club "Ajax Ajax"? First j makes a y sound, second j makes a j sound?
  13. Are MLS games beating out Liga MX games yet? This is the most recent thing I could find with a bit of googling. https://the18.com/en/soccer-news/liga-mx-usa-tv-ratings-vs-mls-epl-telemundo-tudn It says for that week there were 4 Liga MX games with 2.5, 1.6, 1.5, and 1.3 million viewers and another Liga MX game at 813k viewers. The highest rated MLS game that week was 484k viewers. If MLS can get a big TV contract, Liga MX may be able to as well. As for how MLS is trending, all I could find was this, with just 2018 and 2019 numbers, a significant drop in 2019 numbers. https:
  14. That has been my best presumption as well, but the Canucks still managed to have something like 25 COVID cases in their team and then they can get back into it when they are better. Do we think the CPL teams will have worse outbreaks than that?
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