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  1. This is so frustrating. Sorry if this is too political but what difference are a team + staff of 30ish people going to do when arriving in a country of 37 million? Hockey players can cross the border because NHL. Basketball players can cross the border also. It's just unclean soccer players that can't? The other thing is, did something change or did Forge just announce they would play at home without actually confirming they were allowed? Someone looks bad either way.
  2. I didn't read the article but are there league sponsorships or big money TV deals that the top division draws money from that the lower divisions don't? If not, then there probably isn't a big money loss from going down a division. Are FC Tulsa fans really going to lose interest if they play in USL League One rather than USL Championship? I legitimately don't know if there are big draw rivalries that a team would miss out on if they or their opponent got promoted/relegated out of their current league, but I somehow doubt it would be a huge factor. I think the barriers likely aren't really there for USL, and the only barriers for CPL is just the lack of numbers of teams.
  3. No. Mexico made the Copa America finals twice (1993 and 2001), Brazil made the Gold Cup final twice (1996 and 2003), and of course Colombia made the Gold Cup final once in 2000. No guest team has made a final in Europe, Asia, Africa, or Oceania (I don't know if they have ever had guest nations. Note that Australia and Israel have both made the Asian final, but it was while they were in the Asian confederation).
  4. It isn't very often that a team gives up 10 goals in a game, but also has a player score a hat trick in that same game, but here we are!
  5. My point in the 20 years ago comparison is that the USA is ahead of us. They were given this unique opportunity to be eternal hosts of the Gold Cup, and quite possibly if WE had been given that opportunity instead of them we might have a bigger fanbase for our national team than we have. Due to getting home field advantage in every tournament might give us a bump in our ranking and get us into higher pots and give us a better chance at qualifying, or at least making the final round of qualifying. I don't know how the finances are split up from the Gold Cup but we might get a bigger slice of the pie as well for all I know. I understand why it is always hosted in the USA and if I was in charge and faced with the numbers I just might make the same decisions, but from a purist competitive point of view, and perhaps even with a long term view of growing the game in the region, it stinks. And for what it's worth, the attendance numbers for the Gold Cup are exaggerated (including for the games that were in Toronto). When you see 30,000 for a group stage game, it's really 2 games at 15,000, or one at 1,000 and the other at 29,000. The way the numbers are reported makes it look like a hotter ticket when in reality they give you tickets to 2 games for the price of 1, and count you as being at both, even if you have no intention of watching them both.
  6. I haven't heard that name in a long time. I didn't realize he played 2nd tier in Spain. I knew he got some amount of pro experience though. I played against him in high school and also a season of indoor soccer. If I remember right he also was potentially going to play with my U19 team for the last few games of the season after coming back from abroad or something, but the team decided to stick with the guys that got us to where we were.
  7. Looks like Costa Rica's goalies have had an eventful tournament. One got a red, another a yellow, and another an injury. We've got two that haven't had any playing time.
  8. I should have looked back one more year. USA in a SEMI FINAL (against Canada actually) in 2002 drew only 7k to the huge Rose Bowl. Even the final that the USA won that year drew only 14k.
  9. Obviously a Gold Cup hosted by Canada would sell fewer tickets than one hosted in the USA, but for what it's worth, there was a game involving the USA in that same Gold Cup that sold fewer tickets than the Canada at BMO game. Canada vs Costa Rica in Toronto - 16,674 USA vs Panama in Philadelphia - 12,598 I should also mention that the Toronto game was actually a double header, while the Philadelphia game was not (it was the 3rd place match). If we want a more like for like, the day before the Toronto games the USA played in Kansas City (also against Panama) in front of 18,467. Not vastly more than the Toronto game, but it was a sell out in that venue. But I will also add that the USA has been given plenty of time to build up crowds. We could look to past tournaments and I'm sure find lots of small crowds for USA games. In 2003 for example they played a game in front of just over 8k fans in New England's NFL stadium. They also played a quarter final that year in front of just 15k fans in the same stadium. I think other countries should get more than one chance to prove themselves.
  10. Watch TFC end up winning the 2021 tournament before the 2020 final happens. Then Forge beats TFC in the 2020 final. CSA: "Here is your trophy Forge, get a picture with it" Forge raises the cup and gets a picture. CSA: "Now give it back to Toronto since they are the current champs"
  11. I missed the last 15 minutes or so, and the first 2 or 3. We had a lot of possession but mostly weren't threatening the goal. Should have scored at one point when the keeper was out of position but a pass was chosen instead of a shot from outside the box. I can't remember if that is the play that ended up in the scramble and an offside goal. I didn't see any replays of that but it looked offside to me live, I would like to see it again to imagine what would/could have happened if Beckie didn't poke it over the line from an offside position. Not enough chance creation, but were solid at the back from what I saw. Sheridan looked to be off centre on the goal against, should have done better, but also well spotted and finished by the Japanese player. It could have been worse though. We could have lost 3-0 like another team did today. We absolutely must beat Chile in the next game!
  12. Setting the alarm for this one! Not terribly early for me in the eastern time zone. Game starts when my alarm usually goes off. Just need to move it forward half an hour to get my morning routine done and snag the TV before my kids.
  13. I was thinking the goal I remembered was 2012 Olympic Qualifying, but I just looked it up and he didn't score at all in that tournament. My memory is just garbage, as expected.
  14. Did he have 2 long range bombs in youth games? I remember one, but my memory has it different from the video evidence above. I'm probably wrong, but I thought he scored one in Olympic qualifying, and I thought it was attacking the net on the left side of the camera, rather than the right. But yeah, every time I hear them say he hasn't scored in 50+ games for Canada, I think of a long range goal he scored in the youth ranks and am surprised all over again that he hasn't scored for the senior team.
  15. I guarantee everyone here that if we win our quarter final match, and even if we beat Mexico in the semi finals, SpecialK will not say anything good about Herdman. He will either be silent/absent, or he will be on here before our first game in the Oct saying if Canada lose Herdman should be fired. Like that is the default after a hire, threaten firing before every single game, regardless of how many wins come.
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