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  1. This. If England had the same kind of dictatorship model as the CPL, then Brentford or Bradford or whoever they are would probably have been forced to have an academy and they wouldn't have inspired Clanachan to come up with his "no academies" policy. He seems to have gotten his idea from a club going against the norm, and then doesn't want the clubs in his league to ever go against the norm. You might learn something new Clanachan if you let them try things. Or you might even learn the age old addage, "different strokes for different folks".
  2. Action shot from OneSoccer coverage of the Forge vs Montreal shoot out. Full disclosure, Tak Savvy might be to blame as well.
  3. The commentator says "It's for moment's like that, that they paid their big big fee" after a player making $1,039,800 in guaranteed compensation pokes home the perfectly weighted, brilliant defense splitting pass from a player making $96,375.
  4. When you are talking about a "January camp" and talking about Euro's not being available, I assume you are talking about a kind of pre-camp before the real January camp, is that right? Because we do have 3 WCQ games in January/February, that the Euro guys will very much be available for.
  5. I don't like when the league hands a "How to build a club" handbook to all the teams, or maybe I should say "How you are allowed to build a club". If Edmonton wants an academy, let them have their academy. I don't even think any of @Big_M's questions are relevant to be honest. I used to think that all MLS teams should have free to play academies and I was OK if that was mandated. But I'm over that now. If the best thing for the club is to have a pay-to-play academy, let them do that. If the best thing for the club is to have a free-to-play academy? Let them do that. If the best thing is for them to just scoop up the best players from local leagues to play for the first team, let them do that. Clanachan in that interview linked above had the numbers for how many CPL players have played in L1O (around 50). I wonder what the number is for how many CPL players played in an MLS academy at some point.
  6. 98% of interviews with athletes are boring and useless. They fill time but 5 seconds after it is done you don't remember what they said, because they didn't really say anything. The question was good, the answer was good.
  7. If Guelph wins, they will keep the trend alive of a different team from L1O representing the league in the Canadian Championship every year. There have been 3 L1O teams make it to the Canadian Championship, Oakville, Vaughan, and Masters.
  8. Seriously! Yesterday I was thinking about it. In the last couple days tens of thousands of tickets have been sold for final round World Cup Qualifiers for the men's team, who currently sit in a position to qualify for the World Cup. Meanwhile, the all time leading international goal scorer, who is Canadian, added to her record yesterday in a game that was a celebration of Canada's Olympic Gold Medal. I don't know what planet this is but I love it!
  9. From that letter. "I am looking forward to meeting with our supporters clubs in the coming weeks to listen, learn and help build this community together." For anyone meeting with York United. Request an end to the Venga Boys after goal song!!
  10. It is kind of funny that the title of the thread talks about beating the system... which since changed... years ago. But yeah, if we qualify, especially if we finish top of the Oct we have a reasonable chance at getting into Pot 3. I won't say it's likely by any stretch, but it's possible. It will be interesting to see as more teams qualify, if there are any unlikely teams that are lower ranked than us.
  11. I just counted 82 tickets available in the upper deck for the Mexico game. They've gotta open up the other side. If someone wants to buy 4 tickets and be at midfield, why make them wait for a few seats to fill up in the corners on the other side of the stadium. Whether those 82 tickets end up being sold or not won't even show up on cameras. They are insignificant, so open up the other side and lets move some more tickets!
  12. I missed that mention, but to be fair, we call it the "CSA" but it's name was changed to "Canada Soccer" years ago. So we are usually just as wrong.
  13. Update, it's working on the app on my iPhone, but not on my computer. Casting from my phone is garbage so I was hoping the computer would work. Oh well, hopefully the sound isn't too out of sync today. Sigh.
  14. Anyone else having problems with OneSoccer today? My internet has been terrible yesterday and today, so it's hard to tell where the problem is, but it seems to be with OneSoccer. Trying to watch the CWNT game and it's not working. Trying to test with the live feed and it's not working. Trying to test with the Forge vs HFX game and it's not working. I'm wondering if they are trying to do 3 games (the Lille game as well) and it's screwing things up.
  15. It's awesome seeing these tickets selling so fast, and I don't want to take away from what the fans in Edmonton are doing (and the people organizing/promoting), but it should be noted that the tickets in Edmonton seem to be $22 or $30 something, maybe there were some at $48 or something? I think even the lower bowl were in this kind of territory. For the Toronto games I think it was $57 for the upper deck corners, and $70 something for upper deck middle. Lower section was more expensive, I think over $100 at least for the middle ones, maybe the same $70ish price for the corners in the lower section. I don't know about behind the goals. So the Edmonton tickets are priced better. I mentioned the Panama game to a guy on my soccer team and he asked how much were tickets. I said 50 something and he said he'd probably go if it was more like 30. But seriously, if Edmonton can sell 50k to each of these games, that is epic, regardless of prices. I'll be watching on TV but I can't wait to see what the crowd looks like!
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