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  1. "to ensure that that investment is going to help develop the Canadian player" I assume he meant "American" when he said Canadian. Why would the MLS teams want to develop Canadian players when they are playing in an American league, with their reserves in an American league, and their youth teams in an American league? They quite clearly are not interested in Canadian players. Vancouver has done better in this regard this year, but here are the combined number of starts over the last 5 games for TFC. Canadian players: 2 American players: 29 Other players: 24
  2. I doubt MediaPro is asking for any/much money to show highlights. People can watch them for free on the CPL youtube channel.
  3. But he has rightly said many times (including just now, above) that the number of teams in each league is an important distinction. For example, if 5000 fans per game is what is needed to sustain teams in USL and CPL, then as of the numbers you posted, USL will still have 12 teams, while CPL would have 3. If that number is 4000 instead of 5000, USL would have 18 teams while CPL would have... still just 3. USL can survive some attrition, but CPL at the moment likely couldn't handle much at all, unless expansion teams were to come to the rescue. Nice to see the good crowds for Forge and York 9 this week. Hopefully all teams can still have a couple good crowds before the season ends.
  4. Yeah, for my money Doner and Abzi are the 2 best players on York 9. I like them a lot.
  5. Just standard, run of the mill, poor officiating. It happens all the time.
  6. https://canpl.ca/article/forge-sign-sigma-products-stoddart-and-oluwaseun "Oyegunle has been inked to a Canadian Premier League Developmental contract" Did we already know about developmental contracts? Is that what the U-Sports players from the draft sign? Or is this a new thing?
  7. They also showed highlights of the Canadian Championship. The problem is if they take the time to show 5 minutes of CPL highlights per weekend on Sportscentre, they might have a bit less time to show highlights of the Milwaukee Brewers vs Colorado Rockies game.
  8. To be honest, I had forgotten he went back to Montreal. Now all of a sudden I'm hoping for a 6-3 win for TFC with Tabla getting a hat trick.
  9. Did anyone else initially read "Holt" as "Hoilett" and "Davis" as "Davies" and think of Craig Forrest when seeing "Forrest"? Congrats to Liam and Scott.
  10. A video from the CSA about the 6-0 win against Cuba. Think I'll watch this over and over until the USA match in a month.
  11. I didn't really pay attention to the rest of your post but I gave it a like for this.
  12. Yes, sorry I meant to have that detail in it. It is a U23 best XI. If there are players too old for the U23 qualifying I'm sure it's because this is meant to be like MLS's 24 under 24 or something, not actually related to Olympic qualifying.
  13. Call me an optimist, but I was hoping York 9 could gain some ground on Forge today. Wanderers got a good result against Forge, so they did their part, but York 9 couldn't get the job done. Some good goals by Valour, full credit.
  14. The most recent episode (#16) of "Inside the CPL" on onesoccer made a best XI of CPL players. Off the top of my head I don't know if any of them are not CMNT eligible. Here it is.
  15. Nice little hesitation there to get free of his defender. Simple finish once he got there of course. Haha, and I just noticed that the guy that should have been covering him was waving his arms around after the goal as if he thought someone else had missed their mark.
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