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  1. No, this is Carl Robinson's agent, who was at the same agency as Robinson's brother, whose firm brought in almost all of the Whitecaps players during Robinson's reign (along with Martyn Pert). 86 forever, amongst others, has done great reporting on this and has the archives on their web page. It's become pretty clear that Robinson was acquiring players, in the most generous interpretation, because he trusted his agent and brother to a fault, and in a more realistic interpretation, because he was getting a cut of the transfer fees the Whitecaps were paying for these players. This went on for FIVE FUCKING YEARS!
  2. Un-fucking real. The Whitecaps turned down a bigger offer from PSG for Davies just so Robinson could get a kickback from his agent, who was also brokering the Bayern deal for Davies. If you read further in the thread it's implied they fired Kah when he complained about the situation with Baldwin being involved in all the transfers. How is Lenarduzzi still around? How is Robinson not in jail? This is ridiculous.
  3. Ah, hope Hagglund can stay healthy. He always seemed to get hurt just he was getting on a good run of form.
  4. Larin to the Whitecaps is a pretty obvious move.
  5. His talent was never in question, he just clearly never gave a shit about playing here.
  6. I generally agree with you, but it's the timing that's the issue. If CONCACAF was going to do this, which they are in their rights to do, give the Fury one year's notice to move, don't do it when both they and their respective leagues have starting preparing seriously for their respective seasons.
  7. Didn't realize all three of those players were released. They would all be top tier talents in the CPL given the rosters we've seen so far (well, Reid is a question mark).
  8. Berhalter is a good selection, I was hoping the Whitecaps would have gone after him if things would have fell differently with his job and dos Santos.
  9. It would be an interesting mini-documentary to follow Emery Welshman around these games. Be fun to see this corner of world soccer.
  10. Hopefully one in which the old players are being removed and there will be lots of playing time open.
  11. Dub Narcotic


    Got it this year for the ECL. Stream was mediocre throughout on my Apple TV app, and I lost it entirely after a while. The built-in WebOS app worked consistently but the picture quality was still below what I see on the TSN/Sportsnet apps on my Apple TV. Meh.
  12. Thought he was moving too slowly tonight. Often would stand with the ball at his feet for long stretches in the attacking area even when he had a favourable situation. Teams are focusing on him now as well.
  13. Argh, again, he would be perfect on the Whitecaps as a Blondell replacement. Send the Impact a first round pick and some TAM. How hard can this be?
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