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  1. No, this is Carl Robinson's agent, who was at the same agency as Robinson's brother, whose firm brought in almost all of the Whitecaps players during Robinson's reign (along with Martyn Pert). 86 forever, amongst others, has done great reporting on this and has the archives on their web page. It's become pretty clear that Robinson was acquiring players, in the most generous interpretation, because he trusted his agent and brother to a fault, and in a more realistic interpretation, because he was getting a cut of the transfer fees the Whitecaps were paying for these players. This went on for FIVE FUCKING YEARS!
  2. Un-fucking real. The Whitecaps turned down a bigger offer from PSG for Davies just so Robinson could get a kickback from his agent, who was also brokering the Bayern deal for Davies. If you read further in the thread it's implied they fired Kah when he complained about the situation with Baldwin being involved in all the transfers. How is Lenarduzzi still around? How is Robinson not in jail? This is ridiculous.
  3. Jozy Altidore was on Grant Wahl's podcast last week talking about how interested he is in playing in Mexico. This is pretty clearly his last year in Toronto, if he even makes it to the end of the season.
  4. It's completely selling high, he's clearly on the decline and his wages are far more consequential to any club's budget than a transfer fee.
  5. They are selling high on a lot of these guys, no matter how painful it may be.
  6. Ah, hope Hagglund can stay healthy. He always seemed to get hurt just he was getting on a good run of form.
  7. Seeing it printed out like that is pretty shocking, hopefully some more signings are coming.
  8. Larin to the Whitecaps is a pretty obvious move.
  9. There is also the Canadian generation adidas program they announce not two years ago. I assume that is still around?
  10. Bezbachenko is rumoured to be the next GM in Columbus. Hopefully he doesn't Devin Pleuler and the rest of the analytics team with him, they've been TFC's secret weapon these last few years.
  11. Agreed, has this guy actually been that good recently? If he's a non-TAM it's alright but I'd hate to see them throwing a lot of money at yet another aging CB.
  12. His talent was never in question, he just clearly never gave a shit about playing here.
  13. As it should be, the playoffs just dragged on and on.
  14. Just in time for USL2. Want to be on the first page on this post for when he suits up at Bayern in a few years!
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