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  1. https://soundcloud.com/user-375904407/tommy-wheeldon-jr-nik-ledgerwood-press-conference
  2. https://soundcloud.com/user-375904407/jeff-paulus-and-toni-ameobi-press-conference
  3. By hearing the financials, sounds like it will be very tough for other cpl teams to open up academies anytime soon!
  4. I wonder whoever comes in - how it will affect his playing time on his return
  5. James has been excluded from March; gold cup and now September (practically all of 2018) Cant believe all the reporters from the media call with Herdman, none of them asked them this. He’s arguably our best CB that we have! Certainly top 2 with Henry. Very much crucial player, someone needs to get to the bottom of that
  6. Weekend games are needed for 2019; no better way than to boost attendance ! hence why we REALLY need that 8th team, to balance things out can’t stand another 7 team season for next year. And balanced 14/14 will happen
  7. Bold prediction; • Hamilton & Winnipeg will stay at THF and IG field respectively forever (CFL ownership) • Pacific seem to have made a long term deal with the city of Langford, also the stadium is set to be expanded to 8,000 next year. Can’t see them leaving, as well As their brand new 5M dollar field house is also in the works. • HFX seem very comfortable with Wanderers grounds, the location is beyond perfect. although I do hope that a small SSS is built there but only time will tell. Definitely looking at around 10-15M, if their fans demand it I don’t see why not - plus the cfl guys who are trying to put a team there - might not work out for them, could easily see a business opportunity here. Seeing it fill up every other weekend • York 9 has publicly said they would build a 12-to-15,000 soccer specific stadium in the region after the clubs first 3 seasons • Has to be said - Cavalry has to move to the downtown / I hope with the success and interest in the city someone takes a vision to make that happen. • Clarke stadium is not eternal - fc Edmonton need to revive the option of a new venue, it’s clear that centrally is the key - not too far to where they are right now
  8. September it will be defined one way or another, we will hear for sure! Anxious for the outcome, there’s a decent chance it might not go the CPL’s way.
  9. Predicted XI vs Cuba at BMO (Home) Obviously the players that did not play definitely will get a look (Crepeau, Vitoria, Straith, Miller, Wotherspoon, Akindele, Larin, Millar)
  10. Getting closer to England.
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