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  1. Well that's the CPL's goal and John Herdman's wish to have players springboard into better leagues
  2. He has the quality to play euro first division, so many players stay in England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain's 2/3/4th tiers that they get lost in the mix and often stuck. In a lot of cases; because the goal is to play in the top pro your point, in those 7 starts he showed well
  3. They don't need any tickets sold, the TFC first team has the reserve team so they can play week in week out after graduating from the academy. They play out of the BMO Training ground, not the Ontario Soccer centre anymor, so might as well be closed doors. It's only price da and families of the players plus whoever wants to come out, they don't need to market ticket sales at all! TFC II probably cost 1-2M to run or whatever the number is, the point is: who cares, it fills it's purpose and MLSE has big pockets so their loses don't mean much. Just look at the 905 Raptors in the D-League, this isn't like the Marlies in the AHL Not even playing out of a proper stadium venue, just the training ground
  4. Needs to leave 3.Liga, make a sideways move to a first division league in Europe; its the best thing for his development
  5. No I did not look at the UEFA Country or club coefficients, although I've done so in the past. Look there's 55 leagues in Europe, you slash that number by half and more or less that's where we should want our players to aspire to be, playing in 30 countries first divisions. I would Say Finland would be the standard, on par with CPL. But if that's the case, might as well stay home if no step up is given. The goal would be to have our players in top 30 league environments, there's various leagues who are debatable but the majority who are competitive and aren't are self explanatory they need to play wherever they can and I think for Godihno the Scottish premiership is an adequate level for him, if he must move then it has to be a league similar in quality or a step up but not too much so that opportunities are scarce and it hurts his career.
  6. With a solid showing in the Gold Cup this summer anything can happen, his contract at Hearts is until 2020. He had a decent season accumulating 1000+ minutes total, main problems being plagued by injuries, not being allowed to play on turf and being dropped due to the starting RB Michael Smith playing well and locking down his spot after certain rotation Quite honestly, he had some big games this year, vs Celtic and Rangers specially. Scoring and assisting in a few appearances, crazy how quickly things can change -> from making a impact on the XI to not even being on the match day game squad. Lets not forget he's just 21 and this was a season of ups and downs (challenges) but he actually introduced himself in a big way stepping up in certain stretches Thankfully he has a EU passport (Portuguese parents) which allows him to be considered domestic and not take up a International spot; in my opinion he should just stay at Hearts and make this the defining season - he's playing for a top 6 club in the premiership (Top 25-30 League in Europe) so there's competition and he can be up to standard Would like to see him play more for Canada and that can help his club situation a lot, by him not being promised anything should make him more hungry rather than wanting to leave. His value can rise with a few good performances in international competition. However he should stay at Hearts I believe, it's far from a closed door / all footballers go through adversity specially at a young age, fully believe in him Although should he get any offers, would be cool to see him play in Sweden (Allsvenkstan) being similar in level. I think League One could be another option, Primeira Liga would be too much of a step up even for a promoting side We'll just see how this unfolds
  7. Glad they decided to have camp in L.A rather than Alliston, ON (North of Toronto), the friendly vs T&T one week from today (10th) and the first match vs Martinique on the 15th gives the team a good enough time to train together and prepare well 12 days prior to competition All the MLS/Liga MX Based guys (13 of 23) are already there, the European (10) little later Once we have everyone at camp will be excellent, hopefully CSA does a good way of updating us day to day Tomorrow trainings should start with majority of the players!
  8. No way Cavallini doesn't start, he's our best forward - Liga MX is a top 20 league in the world and he's scoring is lethal. In terms of trajectory/projection without a doubt David will have a longer career with the NT and has had a better start (4G in 4 Games) at age 19 compared to (5G in 11 Games) for the 26 year old. For me Jonathan would be the first guy off the bench, but Hoilett and Davies are our best wingers; Herdman hinted that there will be rotation in the 3 Gold cup games
  9. He needs to try his luck on a good to decent first division league if he wants to progress in his career, would love to see him in Austria, Switzerland, Norway
  10. To be honest, I feel pretty good about our team! Adekugbe Out due to injury and James due to club commitments sucks but luckily Herdman has found the solution. This I would say is the projected XI vs Martinique and the template for the rest of the matches. Confident in saying we have depth in every position. MAK will drop to LB no doubt, as we've got plenty of cover in the central midfield, After naming 3 CB's; I would think Piette plays as the DM Role then Atiba drops to help out for game 1 and let Henry rest both the friendly and Martinique match to be good to go for the rest of it all. Okello role is very simple, I'm sure he'll be subbed on in the injury time phase of some game, and same goes with [Kamal] Miller
  11. So Molinaro has a very good point: (first tweet) Herdman left Adekugbe off the team because he probably saw he wouldn't be able to to recover from his injury in time, and He probably left James off the roster cause for March call up he rejected due to having a big game to establish himself with Midtjylland FC of the Danish Superliga. He played 4/5 good games and impressed, nonetheless wanting to solidify himself on his club. This summer they're playing Europa League Qualifiers the rest: Cordova, Tabla, Wotherspoon, Ricketts, Akindele, I can understand technical decisions by the DT
  12. He will make the quarterfinals no doubt, that is safe territory but with the quality of the players we could even push to SF
  13. Notable Omissions: Sam Adekugbe Manjrekar James Juan Cordova David Wotherspoon Ballou Tabla Tesho Akindele Tosaint Ricketts
  14. +1 GVA is Greater Vancouver Area? Aka Surrey?
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