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  1. Vitoria is pretty nailed. Montreal have up a lot for Miller, I'd be shocked if he isn't starting every game likely in a back 3. James will get an opportunity to start consistently and Kennedy slowly getting more playing time. Kennedy always seems to be rated high on who scored.
  2. greece has three good teams and then a big drop off. i think the average B2 team is better than the first division in greece. its just transfermarkt but the worst b2 team is valued over 10 mill and theres a bunch of teams in the greek league under 10 mill.
  3. I think if Millar starts for Montreal he would be ahead of James. Dont forget about Kennedy, I would say the bundasliga 2 is a better league than first division in greece.
  4. James will hopefully be playing consistent minutes now in Greece.
  5. Vince is always negative.... The greek league is still a good level especially the top three teams, its probably better than the Super Liga. If he can get minutes defending against AEK, Olympiakos and PAOK that will be great. I think this move could help in the same way Vitoria moving to a smaller team in Portugal did.
  6. He made a play vs Buchanan in the highlights. I hope he ends up in the cpl.
  7. Nelson looked great. Shaffleburg is a terrible finisher. Buchanan is a monster.
  8. They might want to add back in the end zone seating so they can space out the fans.
  9. tfc could put together the best 11 because of TFC 2.
  10. other than HFX pretty much every team could spread people out. york could put the temp stands back up if needed (not likely lol) edmonton has plenty of open seats. Ottawa can easily have 5-6k fans spread out, cavalry and pacific could probably only fit 1-2k.
  11. 4-2-3-1 is what they Armas used in NY. Which is what TFC was already playing for the most part.
  12. I agree, I really want to see what Perruzza can do, he had better numbers than Ayo in the USL. Dunn deserves to be at worst the 4th CB. Jozy already has no value, I would celebrate if they found a way to get rid of him.
  13. IF OHL are 5th maybe he could crack the 18 on a bottom tier team in the pro league.
  14. St Clair is definitely number 2. Max is too small imo and worries me on set pieces. He's a rich man's Ingham.
  15. Google has given him credit for the goal.
  16. Drew Beckie has interest in joining the cpl. Most teams could use him.
  17. The stadium is too big and has football lines.
  18. They brought in Manny and have Dixon and baldisimo in the midfield so it's either he wants more money or more playing time.
  19. I'm surprised a cpl team couldn't use him as depth.
  20. Noah Verhoeven and Angus just started following each other. He's a great age and plays a position of need. I would say York us one CB away from being a solid squad. I still think there's too many attacking players on the roster. I'm worried about the backup left back spot if abzi gets hurt them I guess Wallace will fill in.
  21. I think straith will end up at one of the canpl teams out west. sturing will end up taking edgars spot on forge. amuz seems like a york united type of signing.
  22. dont forget straith, sturing, beckie, murrell lol, skyler thomas and mallan roberts. lots of cb's available for cpl teams.
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