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  1. What position was he playing?
  2. I don't think we will see anything til September but it will be in home stadiums with some fans. (Usl can do it why can't we by then). Ontario is about to go to stage 3.
  3. Yeah I'd take it and I'd like to see an expanded Canadian championship, it might work cause I don't expect MLS to have more games after the tournament.
  4. Auro is definitely a better defender. He had good defensive stats. Tfc is best with both on the field.
  5. He doesn't start because auro a top right back on MLS and so Richie. Layrea has been a right back for a year and is better than zbg already. We need to use. 3-5-2 with Davies and layrea at wingback.
  6. Richie is far more impactful than zbg. If zgb didn't come from Lyon I doubt we would even be having a debate.
  7. I agree with this and the cpl should try do to something like this as well. Victoria or Vancouver? Or even a Carribean location?
  8. I think Nelson will play with Achara getting injured.
  9. Tfc2 should loan as many guys in to the cpl now that they can't play this season. It will help fill the void of internationals who can't get in.
  10. Tfc2 can't play this year. Y9 should try to pickup any of Dunn, Romero, peruzza, petrasso on loan.
  11. A free agent. If I'm TFC and I needs young left back to groom I'd sign him.
  12. Who knows, if David stays a few years he might win a title because Neymar and Mbappe are going to leave soon.
  13. David has apparently agreed to terms now it's just between the teams to finalize a price. I love this move.
  14. I think others will be released too. Jaco, Hamilton, Lopez. Jaco could stay on loan. I bet other teams release players too.
  15. Man this sucks, hopefully they can bring Adrian in 2021. He was probably my second favorite new addition.
  16. Morgan plays for RSL. James is above cpl level. But overall not bad.
  17. 2-0, looks like hes going up to the bundasliga 2. Hes got another year on his contract as well.
  18. I'd rather see what abzi can do.
  19. Ive never really noticed him whenever hes been on the field for us. Brassong impressed me more in the 1-2 games he played.
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