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  1. So york9's home opener is on Easter Monday at 2pm. Ummm don't most people work that day? I will have to miss out. Edit- they changed it to 7pm already. 😁
  2. Has MExico ever played at BMO field? I wonder what country would draw the most, Brazil? Portugal? Italy?
  3. I agree about the midfield was the weak point of the team last year. Porter to me is a wide player, probably better as a fullback but can fill in as a right winger. Manella should be an upgrade over Di Chiara. I hope to see a starting 11 of Ingham Doner-Arnone-Luca-Abzi Manny-Manella-Murofushi Petrasso-Vasconcelos-Hamilton(can move these guys around)
  4. Scalpers? Or they just released tickets in portions.
  5. I guarantee Halifax would sell out a game.
  6. So y9 is playing Brescia in a friendly, in June. Meh? I guess it could get a few fans to checkout the team that wouldn't normally.
  7. How many seats does it hold? 5000? It better be full.
  8. Was Arnone not good last year? Y9 fan checking in.
  9. I think Porter will be the backup RB. Y9 still has to fill a few u21 spots, i kind of wish the rule was for u23 players as the talent pool would be a lot bigger and you could grab players who just finished university.
  10. https://york9fc.canpl.ca/article/centre-back-matthew-arnone-returns-to-york-region-to-sign-for-the-nine-stripes Fills a need. Will battle with Thompson to start at CB. Probably a better player than gogerty.
  11. Some CFL players work jobs in the offseason, its not considered semi pro. Hell the UFC heavyweight champion still works as a firefighter.
  12. Give it another year and they will probably look to increase the cap. If there's growth in revenue next season that should help the cap increase.
  13. Backup for petrasso? I think Springer is still with the team. But they still need to sign a young defender.
  14. My xl is about the same size as a old TFC jersey. Maybe they updated the sizing.
  15. Oh no I just got an XL hoping it would be a normal fit.
  16. It is. He confirmed it on Instagram weeks ago.
  17. I think it's just new sshs. Check your email from y9.
  18. York9 offering a free jersey now with a season ticket. I think the stands will be fairly full this season.
  19. I think Liverpool will sign Werner. That's too big of a jump for David, maybe Liverpool buys him and loans him out in Germany.
  20. Maybe they bought a portion of the team? Would be awesome to get players on loan from them.
  21. Like the signing, especially if they lose abzi for the Olympics. Next up should be a u21 CB.
  22. So a Japanese player is on his way. Hopefully it's a defender but I bet it's a striker.
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