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  1. On the bench today in league play. Kind of disappointed I thought he might get to play in league matches while they were in UCL. Maybe they should consider three at the back vs Liverpool.
  2. Thought he would be signed by now. I'm wondering if he's heading to MLS or the cpl.
  3. A goal today in a win over Chelsea.
  4. Likely a sprain not a break. Breaks usually occur when the ankle twists in the other direction.
  5. https://york9fc.canpl.ca/article/york9-fc-signs-canadian-midfielder-jordan-wilson?ref=https%3A//t.co/TZpSE4NAib%3Famp%3D1
  6. york has another track or are building one i believe.
  7. Unless they build a new track I don't think that would be likely.
  8. So Lopez, Hamilton, Ulbricht, Rivero, fugo, this signing will be the internationals next season with one spot remaining. Murufushi? Vasconcelos? Probably gone.
  9. jamal murray should be ahead of claypool but behind davies imo.
  10. Playing right now on YouTube.
  11. Bradley is ready to play clearly. Lol at complaining about using Bradley over Fraser.
  12. play richie as a false 9 lol i bet he would do better than mullins there.
  13. I just mean in terms of confidence.
  14. David really reminds me of firmino right now 😞
  15. That was awful. I'm worried if he doesn't score soon he will get benched.
  16. kaye, piette, osorio and eustaquio. We could also play David as a 10, lots of options.
  17. Wow the delusional folks in this thread, Laryea carrying Vanney? He probably would have been in the CPL if it wasnt for Vanney seeing potential in him as a rightback. Fraser just isnt as good as Osorio or Delgado and thats okay because hes younger.
  18. Liverpool has no cup games til January. MLS has a new young DP rule coming next season where I believe each team gets three young DP slots. Maybe one of the Canadian teams will make an offer for Liam in January?
  19. Liverpool loaned out Elliot and WIlson. Liam staying at the u23s isnt so bad and with those guys gone maybe he gets a shot at an early FA cup game.
  20. So up front we have petrasso, Rivero, Ulbricht, max, Lowell and Hamilton. Telfer and vasconcelos? Doubt they return. Hopefully ugarizza can come in even if he's a free agent.
  21. Harry is a rw and junior is a lw. Shouldnt hurt Juniors playing time much.
  22. Before the pandemic York 9s roster was worth around 4 million on transfermarket I believe.
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