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  1. I'll be flying into Edmonton on the 12th so can't make any meetings on the 11th. Are we planning anything special for the game, or is this just a meet-n-greet?
  2. If Canada has given up on U17/U20 programs the senior program will suffer for it in the future.
  3. Big question: How do I wear red when my winter coat is blue?
  4. Arfield and Larin don't play the same position, so it wouldn't be at Cyle's expense. If you are referring just getting into the squad then Arfield > Brym... Last I saw, Arfield is better than Kaye, oso, wotherspoon and hutch, so I would have no issue swapping him in for any of those players. Granted, it has been a while since Scott last played for Canada, so you could make the argument his form isn't as good at the moment. But the only way to see that is to call him to the squad and see how he performs. Last time I saw him play for Canada he was great!
  5. Okay I just re-bought some tickets in the Vs section using the correct code! Now to get rid of my other tickets?.... 😄
  6. I love Millar but he has 1 league goal let's not get ahead of ourselves
  7. When I looked today there were no tickets available in sections N or O I got tickets in section P.... 😕
  8. "English clubs" = Championship sides I assume?
  9. I hope they are ready to revise this list on a monthly basis
  10. He's also 23 years old and plays in the second tier of Dutch football. There is a chance he just doesn't have the quality.
  11. Panama's win against the United States will give them a lot of confidence they can get a result against Canada. I expect a very very tough game. It is unfortunate our squad isn't deeper, especially considering this is the 3rd game in a condensed, travel-intensive schedule.
  12. From what I've seen, Tesho >>> Brym
  13. Probably better as a withdrawn striker playing behind Larin or Cav. Unfortunately, neither is available.
  14. Someone give me mod powers so I can clap this conversation
  15. Hoilett is such a great striker of the ball. Probably the best we have.
  16. He's only 21 and has 137 professional appearances including 52 in the league with Fenerbahçe. So he's ahead of a guy like Millar, who people are wanting see get a callup to our next World Cup qualifiers. Ferdi would definitely be a nice addition.
  17. Yeah looked poor from the keeper for sure
  18. That's the most emotion I've seen from him in a while. Nice sign he's serious about becoming a pro
  19. Hopefully he does better than DiChiara
  20. Move over Marco Bustos, there's a new Canadian Messi!
  21. If you are born and raised and speak the language and learned all your football all in the same country, I don't know what else could better qualify you to represent that country on its football team. Unless you want to consider race, but I really hope not... ANYWAY, that Scott Arfield is a pretty nifty player, eh?
  22. This 100%. Have we already forgotten the drams/trials of guys like Junior (waiting for England call?"), Eustáquio (Portual youth international), Cavallini (dammit, I played for Canada!), and of course Steven "I played against Canada in Canada" Vitoria!!!
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