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  1. This is kind of a captain obvious moment, but the more experience he gets playing winger in the Bayern setup, the better he'll be.
  2. Yes but why switch for an imaginary game?
  3. I am also tiring of this Akinola talk (and hopes he joins Canada), but when have we had a chance to cap him? Canada never plays any games.
  4. Isn't Hearts Edinburgh one of the "big 3" in Scotland? Or like, the next biggest club after the old firm?
  5. Davies has been a big part of Bayern's success in 2020/21, but he is playing nowhere near his potential. Hopefully Bayern will allow him to develop and grow his game (*cough*winger*cough*)
  6. These 3 players would for sure be in the conversation for Canada. This is Canada we are talking about here; haven't qualified for a World Cup in 35 years and lost to Haiti in their last competitive match. Whenever I get the sense Canadian fans are getting cocky because "on paper" Canada should be good I always cringe.
  7. FACT: Simeon Jackson is turning 34 😄
  8. Not if he had close emotional or cultural ties to Haiti. Who knows what goes into these decisions. Every player is different. Plus, let us not forget: https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/06/29/haiti-3-canada-2-2019-concacaf-gold-cup-match-recap
  9. Akindele absolutely was a viable USA option. Especially since they cap time every living thing imaginable, the MLS rookie of the year would for sure have seen at least a few senior caps. Hoilett had options too. I mean, Jamaica is better than us. Also rumoured his dad wanted him to represent the Reggae Boys. We are lucky to have Junior. Vitoria had options as well: no international career. Canada historically is not a prestigious option, and I'm sure there are players would would rather forgo an international career than play for Canada. (maybe less now). Just saying don't discount c
  10. ^ I don't think that means fans don't rate him. Even some in this thread are saying if Besiktas get offered 15M Euro for Larin they should take it. Didn't they buy him for 2M? Plus +13M euro would be good business for Besiktas, especially in these times.
  11. Bottom of the table teams usually don't score too many goals. I like the idea of moving to Ligue 1, but this could hurt his numbers/perceived productivity too.
  12. Love our own Simeon Jackson's story. From non-league to Premier League in a few seasons!
  13. LOL. Yes, or 4 years ago in late 2016. "Almost half a decade ago"; exaggerate much?
  14. Not sure this is saying much since under Herdman the CMNT barely plays. And that was even before covid....
  15. I'll take a Canadian Patrick Vieira please and thanks
  16. Until there is real news, Ferdi's English ability is fair game topic
  17. Swedes can speak seemingly perfect English. I feel like Finns will have accents, especially compared to Swedes when speaking English
  18. Not trolling, just having some fun. Sorry bud
  19. Kinda disappointed he didn't turn around and put that one in with his ass. He's lethal with that posterior
  20. Where does he have to land on that scale to be in Liverpool's starting XI? "dominant League one player?"
  21. He strikes the ball well with both feet 👍
  22. Subbed off after 63 minutes. Decent debut, but nothing special. I suspect he'd be content but not happy about it.
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