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  1. Does he really have generational player potential? I don't know a lot about him.
  2. I absolutely love that they are doing everything they can to get bums in seats. Really excited to see what Edmonton can put on!
  3. They better, the kid deserves to get paid!
  4. exactly. No doubt Bayern can pressure Canada Soccer but I doubt Bayern would stand in Davies way if he really pushed for it.
  5. We're on the board!! 27th. I think that's really cool. Even if it's just 0.10% to win it all. Also some of you bickering in this thread are so salty. Just calm down. You're acting like.... (any excuse to rewatch this clip, I will take)
  6. I think Herman has made it pretty clear he'll go for it in almost all scenarios. In a 2 game, single location window this will be our best 11 to go for it, regardless of how the CR game goes. Also, we're all flying high because of the 3 points but one result can really swing the reception. If we has lost instead of drawn in Jamaica, they would be 2 points behind us right now. With their big guns likely ready for the next window.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2020/dec/21/the-100-best-male-footballers-in-the-world-2020 Gaurdian does a top 100 players every December. In 2019 I believe he made the list. Last year he made #23 (though as mentioned above, hard to get clout when he's ranked 5th best on his own team). But if you look at the list of players ahead of him there are TOP TOP talents and below him too.
  8. That's proactive by the Mexican players. I'm sure someone has told them about the average daily high temperatures in Edmonton in November, best to be suspended for that match.
  9. This may be the most satisfying minute of television I've ever watching my life. I just wanted to say, it was an honour to stand and cheer with everyone in the southend tonight. Could have had a better experience.
  10. 1 point away to Mexico and USA is probably the most difficult challenge but anyone else wish we had 3 points away to El Salvador & Panama in the bag instead? Would love if we got some points on the board, we've only got that 1 win and it makes me nervous
  11. Out of the many many many wonderful things Eustaquio does, his corner deliveries haven't been all that impressive. Maybe the altitude helped him clear the first defender at the near post in this one 😅
  12. Bit of an aside but I'm looking for information on Proof of Vaccination. I have the digital BC Proof of Vaccination but I can't find any information if this will be sufficient to enter the stadium. Does anyone have any insights here?
  13. If Tomori has done anything for us, it's prove that it may be dead but that doesn't at all mean the thread is dead.
  14. I think we all kind of had a hunch this was coming with the CSA needing to test out Edmonton ahead of the WC bid but does this seem a bit crazy to anyone else? Average daily high temperatures in Edmonton during November are 1 degree... I have no doubt this will prove an advantage but wow... EDIT: kind of wish these games were against those countries that always schedule mid-day peak heat matches like Cuba or Honduras.
  15. Seems unlikely he will be able to work his way back into the squad now, unless he really picks up his club form.
  16. kind of a hard thing to judge. What do you consider "overthinking"? Because realistically, it just making a call and it happening to not work out. I have what I believe should be done to put us in a position to getting the most points out of this window but what ever Herdman decides, he's earned my trust at this point.
  17. Wonder if any of them take an "Eustaquio yellow" in the Mexico match
  18. ooo. Lots of V-section seats available! Hope it fills up nicely!
  19. It would not. But I would love to see it. Also, I've seen a couple seating charts where they have stand behind the lower bowl in the south end at BMO. Anyone know what that's about? I don't see those seats open for any events but just curious. EDIT: Maybe expanded seating for the winter classic?
  20. Some more in 118, the dream would be the tickets get revoked but the money isn't returned.
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