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  1. a 17 year old scoring goals in any league is gonna raise eyebrows. Game on.
  2. Forge very comfortable. I haven't watched much Valour this year. who is their top scorer?
  3. It seems like he's become a starter for them. Great to see.
  4. Really want to see Forge take the fall season. Very curious to see who they trot out for Concacaf league.
  5. Just watched the USA-Panama game. I have no reason to think so far we aren't at the very least a top 3 team right now in this tournament.
  6. It was just a fun question to stir up some debate. of course everyone wants the league to be stable, it's just interesting to get people's takes on how aggressive or not they think the league will be with adding new teams.
  7. wonder if CPL teams take a hard look at some of these Haitian players in the Gold Cup.
  8. Agree with all this. having fast outside backs will neutralize a big part of their game. Very curious to see if with our strength and composure in the middle we decide to slow the game down or enter into a track meet with them.
  9. Just my observations: Haiti play fast and rely on their wings for most of the offense, they have legs and speed but they didn't wow me with their finesse or foot work. Costa Rica looked really slow and tired by the end of the game and haiti were playing a gear higher. they could create trouble because they liked getting the ball in the box then seeing where the chips fell. considering some of our organization this could prove a problem. their defense and keeper doesn't seem to be especially great. Costa Rica had a few chances at the end to put one back that they screwed up. If i had to guess I think the Canada game will be extremely fast and kinda wild.
  10. Costa Rica played like crap. 3 slow defenders at the back made no sense. This might be the tournament they realize they need to turn over the program.
  11. I can't remember the last time we had a team that just beat up the minnows like this at a Gold Cup. Huge change from not scoring a goal the entire tournament 4 years ago
  12. He got minutes yesterday in the 3-0 loss to Dallas. Good to see!
  13. if we start posting "i heard that..." tweets in this thread it'll be endless and pointless...so pretty much status quo for this board. hahaha. Though i am surprised by the number of defenders of this guy.
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