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  1. It just feels like we should get Bustos, doesn't it?
  2. good take. i hadn't thought of it like that.
  3. just curious. why does this get under your skin so much? If he plays for us he's clearly committed to the team. And thats all that really matters. He hasn't lived in the country since his teens. I haven't lived in canada in over a decade and can certainly understand the fluidity through which you begin to see your own nationality. You can't assume everyone in the team feels Canadian. Or do you think that they should? Asking honestly.
  4. Do Does mediapro have any affiliations to specific la Liga teams?
  5. Really? Interesting. i definitely don't follow La Liga but was just thinking of names that would make me go "Oh I've heard of them" Eibar? Celta Vigo? Granada? Those are more like teams I spend 15 minutes wikipedia-ing about after there's a transfer rumor about some Canadian trialing at them or something.
  6. a "well known club from la liga" real madrid Barcelona Atletico Valencia Villareal Not trying to be a dingus but who else would be considered "well known" in la liga?
  7. i respect and admire the depth of this conspiracy theory
  8. Just checking, we okay with a spanish team having a second team in Canada? I know when MLS came knocking we all agreed it was NOOOOO WAAAAAY!
  9. Drafted by RSL. All three canadians go in the first round. Good to see. Best of luck to him.
  10. Drafted by Nashville. Good luck to the kid!
  11. you don't often see MLS kids head off to Europe after one big year. usually they need to show for one and a half or two. tyler adams, Davies, Almiron. Maybe Miazga was the last one to do it?
  12. two Canadians in MLS's list of the top 10 prospects in this year's superdraft... https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/01/03/2020-mls-superdraft-top-10-prospects-available-selection
  13. unproven super young players. Tossaint Ricketts closed door friendies. This feels like a throwback to 7 years ago. Only back then this would be our A team.
  14. two big injuries that missed him crucial time the last two years. Before we jump to conclusions there's a good chance the dude just has to get his body right.
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