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  1. Tillemans went to Monaco when they were coming off being champions of France. seems like mid level france could be a touch too low for David if they're looking for a similar number. Either way will be fun to see how it all plays out. Bundesliga seems to make alot of sense.
  2. this week has been a bit of a coming out party for Davies. Hopefully he continues it into the USA game.
  3. Phonzie started for Bayern in their 4-0 win over BVB and by all accounts had a stellar game.
  4. Coach said Davies is starting in the BVB game https://www.bavarianfootballworks.com/2019/11/8/20954940/bayern-munich-vs-borussia-dortmund-team-news-lineups-bundesliga-hansi-flick-thomas-muller-coutinho
  5. can't tell if the "TFC prefers Americans over Canadians" call is an ironic throw back or you honestly still believe that.
  6. Figured it was worth creating a thread tracking CPL players coming, going or heading to another team. I know a few HFX players have already said they aren't coming back. Will also be interesting to see which players leave the league for greener pastures.
  7. ...yep. they'd choose the one that the league decided was the real championships that they celebrate with gold merch that says "CPL Champions" on it.................as of right now, that's the playoff one.
  8. Didn't take it as criticism at all. Honestly thought your points were totally fair, was just sharing my take as well.
  9. you play to the rules that are set at the start of the year. if the goal is to make the finals and win them you adjust and set your team to try and do that. i think what you're speaking to could be a product of the league itself. two teams ran away with the league. The other 5 weren't really playing for anything for the last 2 months or so. Strangely i had the opposite reaction to you. I feel like i'd been watching exhibition games for the last 2 months (because it was always gonna be these two teams in the finals) while to me these games were the first ones in a while that DID feel like there was something on the line. More teams would help, and frankly better teams outside the top 2.
  10. The key part of the interview for CMNT fans... " I'll probably leave Ghent at the end of the season but it's up to the club to say what they want to do with me. "
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