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  1. Who could improve the senior team? Tajon has a spark. Dias looked really promising in limited time. others are WIP. But im not sure thats an inditement on this group of U23s compared to other teams of the past, as much as it's a testament to how much better our senior team is now compared to the past.
  2. Hahahaha. I think you're conflating why we root for this team for why player's play for this team.
  3. anyone have any soccer streams sites i might be able to catch this? I live in the US and thus can't watch TSN
  4. It won’t be this bad. but like you said...back to soccer.
  5. "Liam miller should settle for a loan to league one instead of the bundesliga!" is the new "Alphonso davies would be better off on a loan so he could get playing time!"
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