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  1. Figured it was worth starting a thread about this. Haven't watched many other teams but for Forge, Tristan Borges has stood out to me as a really impressive player. Curious to hear takes from fans of other teams as to which players have stood out so I can keep an eye out for them.
  2. Borges has to be the early season story so far for Forge, right? He's been really impressive.
  3. want to see a more complete game from Forge. Honestly to some degree this whole spring season schtick feels like a pre-season before the much longer fall season.
  4. Matt Doyle had this to say about Tajon: Also: Buy your Tajon Buchanan stock now. He's going to turn one of the veteran, higher-priced wingers on that roster into summer window trade bait. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/05/12/armchair-analyst-all-24-mls-teams-review-week-11-analysis
  5. Forge have so much talent but so far this season have been really prone to 1-2 moments of WTF every game
  6. I signed up this week to watch the two Forge games. So far it's been great! Really impressed with the calibre of production.
  7. As someone who's lived in the U.S. for a while now I have to say...The amount you guys get charged in Canada for sports is BRUTAL. This isn't meant as a USA v CANADA thing, just an observation from some of the people on here mentioning what they spend on sports packages. That sucks! Hopefully OneSoccer does things with integrity.
  8. Agreed. as much as people think TV is dying, it helps scream "BIG DEAL" if one of the sports broadcasters is telling people it's a big deal.
  9. I will be at the Rose Bowl game...if others are, lemme know. Happy to arrange to meet up somewhere.
  10. I don't really have a problem with this draw. Can someone explain to me why i should?
  11. Yeah I’m still waiting to see how this all gets sorted out. It’s a little strange almost two weeks out we don’t have any tv channel pumping up the “first ever game In cpl history”
  12. He really played well. Great to see.
  13. Im especially stoked to see that grey one. Think that could look siiiiiiiick.
  14. I'm a big Larin fan but...I think a 2 mil transfer fee can be better spent by the caps too.
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