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  1. I'm with you...and I could see him at something bigger than mid tier bundesliga.
  2. Zator stands out to me on the few Cavalry games I've seen, but what do actual Cavalry fans think of him? Would be curious to know.
  3. my mistake. But he did play a few seasons.
  4. Its tough to know without knowing the details. But a guy like Drogba is playing in USL right now. I think there are people you could probably get within whatever their cap is that would get fans interested in the team.
  5. I definitely am oversimplifying. But I respectfully disagree with you on a few points. Toronto FC definitely showed people how to do a team correctly. But the Beckham signing made MLS a "thing". It legitimized the league and got an unprecedented amount of interest in it almost overnight. I think we're agreeing on the broad strokes but might not agree on some of the details. Still the DP rule was just a simple turn key way to get attention and eyeballs it would be hard to say it wasn't a success.
  6. I respect your opinion, but just to play devil's advocate, the DP rule was an undoubted success in MLS. If they see what the DP rule did for MLS, they could see it as a very simple way to boost spectators and fan interest.
  7. Atiba Hutchinson, first CPL DP. BOOK IT!!!!!!
  8. Theo Bair scored a ridiculous goal to open up his MLS scoring https://matchcenter.mlssoccer.com/matchcenter/2019-08-10-portland-timbers-vs-vancouver-whitecaps-fc/details/video/208164
  9. Very interested to see what the impact in 5 years is. how many players involved in the CMNT. Other leagues players who started in the CPL end up. Think about a kid like Borges now having the experience of travel, the reffing and style of play in central america. We have legions of young talent experiencing that in a non CMNT setting whereas before players weren't seeing that until they were suiting up for a do or die game in a world cup qualifier. There are so many positives to this league i frankly never considered until it came to fruition.
  10. Hahaha. The kid has a future after this whole soccer thing is over.
  11. There's a billion threads dedicated to attendance or Ottawa fury blah blah blah but as far as on the field perfomance goes it's hard not to think this league has delivered and then some. If someone told me before this thing started that they'd beat MLS competition and advance in Concacaf League in the FIRST YEAR I would've been blown away. No matter what happens the rest of the season, my expectations have already been exceeded by the level of play from this newborn league.
  12. I take it you weren't around from 2001 to 2012?
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