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  1. Trying to do too much. And he looks like he's lost some pace too (not that he was ever pacey, mind you). Meanwhile, White is pretty much doing everything right out there. Just not sure Cava fits with this team anymore. I don't want that to be true, of course. But he needs to regain his swagger, run is ass off, hold up and draw fouls, and bag a bunch of goals from inside the 18.
  2. Terrific goal all around! Pure class. And great to see him continue his good form as we head toward the November window.
  3. Maybe if Onstad gets the GM gig in Houston he'll look to bring in some good young Canadian talent: https://www.mlssoccer.com/news/sources-dennis-te-kloese-pat-onstad-frontrunners-in-houston-dynamo-gm-search
  4. Sheesh! Methinks somebody is still eating the same diet he ate back when he was burning 6,000 calories a day.
  5. Caps were impressive in the second half come back. The team is finally shaping into something watchable. Developing some nice depth, for sure. So happy that Guti was back on the pitch. He looked good for the first game in a long time. Godinho also looked pretty solid. Very active, willing to get forward. Both players need to improve in a number of areas, but I've the feeling that IF they keep getting playing time they'll come along very nicely. Guti is a smart footballer and is still getting better. Russell put in a shift, as he does. Crepeau is still the Caps' best player. But Dajome is excellent, and White and Gauld cannot be overlooked. Cava had a decent outing, held the ball up well, ran his ass off--as he does. He's still not getting the sort of service he likes, and I am not sure this team is a great fit for him, to be honest. Wrong skill set.
  6. I suspect he merely forgot to add a 😉 at the end of that sentence. I mean, clearly, it was super ironic. Right, Jefferey? Please, for the love of god, tell me it was ironic. Please... Okay, back to work for me. (At 8.37pm on a Monday night, after a 10-hour day.) (😉)
  7. Yeah, I want to believe Ballou will find the mindset that allows him to truly fulfill his potential, but the signs--so far--ain't good. At some point you start running out of second chances. Yeah, maybe he needs a truly special coach who can unlock him, but the chances he'll get such a coach is slight, at best. I want him to be a massive success. But I think UT is right on the money: If he doesn't really want it, then its best he move on and find something he truly wants to do. To be fair, I've no idea how badly he wants a career in football. I just look at his trajectory so far, and I worry. I want the best for Ballou, even if that isn't football.
  8. Tiebert is tidy, has an incredible engine, and would fit in nicely with the culture of this team. He's a smart player. But, yes, there'd have to be a number of injuries/suspensions before he'd make the roster. I was at the game last night. He was lively, scored a great goal, but gave the ball away cheaply a couple of times, which is not like him. Not sure he's that far behind Piette, for instance. Nice to know he's playing well should we need him.
  9. Not to be too evangelical here--in a secular fashion, of course--but one would think that we should be able to grow our ranks (i.e. the Vees) significantly over the next several months. We should have little postcards or business cards to hand out at games. The larger we can build our base, the more influence we can have, and the more good we can do for our national team. At minimum, keep spreading the word about this site to everyone you meet at these games.
  10. "I loved the guys next to me trash talking Panama in Arabic too." You know you've arrived when...
  11. Enjoyed the article, but I also take issue with this idea of Davies "dragging" the team over the line. He was remarkable last night, and he will be remarkable again. But you don't get anywhere in this game with just one superstar. You need a full cast, and you need some bonafide ballers in the mix. Sure, Kelly just wants to encourage Canadians to jump on the bandwagon, if only to watch a world class footballer do his thing for Canada. I get it. It isn't sexy to say this was--and always will be--a team victory. Vittoria and Johnston and Eustaquio have been our steadiest, most consistent players this round of qualifying. Davies has been excellent, and maybe I am being a bit too critical not including him in that list, but what I really want is for new fans to start giving a damn about this remarkable young team. The team, damnit. This team is the thing, and it is only getting better.
  12. We are indeed blessed to have two very strong options at GK. Main reason I prefer Crepeau: fewer brain farts. Milan is good for one brain fart a game, and from time to time these have resulted in goals against. Maxime almost had a Borjan-esque brain fart against Mexico--where he ended up bear hugging Chucky--but otherwise he is very tidy and very focused. Mind you, Milan seems to have cleaned up his game in this respect.
  13. Starting 11, if they are healthy for the match versus Costa Rica: Crepeau Johnston Vittoria Miller Tajon Osorio Eustaquio Laryea Davies David Larin -- Oso is a better option than Kaye at the moment. Might be controversial, but I agree with Kevin Kilbane when he says that Maxime is our #1 (and the best in MLS). I can understand wanting to start Atiba, but I feel that Richie brings a lot more creativity, and he is a pain-in-the-ass for the opposition. I'd even consider having Davies tuck in behind Larin and David, and give him some license to roam and cause havoc. Off the bench: Kaye, Hoillet, Atiba, Kennedy, Henry, Cava
  14. Totally agree with your first point about judging Zambrano too harshly considering his short stint in the job, but calling Herdman mediocre seems equally unfair. Sure, he's not a tactical genius, but he's been very good in that arena--surprisingly good, most of us would agree--and has been excellent in several other areas.
  15. That was Lawrence who, for my money, is one of the finest footballers in the world. Smart, talented, fast!
  16. Hope Drew Fischer doesn't get killed tonight. Seriously. Just awarded another penalty.
  17. To think Mexico might not pick up any points next window. Might get tight in the top three in November.
  18. Mexico taking all sorts of stupid cards. that's good for us, potentially, especially when they need to play the US before US
  19. Meanwhile, Mexico and El Salvador are each down to 10 a side, second half, Mexico up a goal. Stupid second yellow for the Mexican CB. Will miss the match against the US. Might be a tough window for Mexico in November.
  20. Indeed. We've a chance to really put the nail in Costa Rica's coffin next window, and perhaps by the end of that window Honduras will be all but cooked. Maybe El Salvador too. I've a feeling we'll be battling Panama, Jamaica and the US for spots 2, 3 + 4.
  21. Feels like it is finally happening! I started following the national team when I was 14, back in 1986. When we book our ticket to Qatar, I will have just turned 50. Like many of you, I've never given up on this team, but I won't pretend the past 35 years have been filled with hope and glorious football. But what is truly crazy is that we are actually getting really good. Kevin Kilbane, for what it is worth, said after the game against Mexico that we are as good as any of the very good teams in Europe. We dangled with the number 10 and 11 FIFA ranked teams, in their stadiums, and did not only come away with a massive point each game, but felt we could have won those games. There's much work to do yet, but when we get to Qatar, we'll have the belief that we can hang with the very good teams of the world, and maybe even surprise some of the elite ones.
  22. Epic come back, and a massive three points at home. We lead the table in terms of goal differential. We will take some points on the road in central America, mark my word. We aren't scared. We need to figure out how not to poop the bed in the first moments of the game, especially at home. I think nerves got the best of us. Yeah, it is amazing to see the resilience and self-belief of this team, but we need to tidy up that aspect of our game/mindset. Guaranteed Herdman will be thinking damned hard about it. But five points over a very difficult window, and without four or five key pieces to this team. So, can we get 12 points over the next 8 games? I think so!
  23. Eustaquio will be fine. He did not play much versus Jamaica. The guy's engine is incredible.
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