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  1. I get your point, but I am not convinced anyone was arguing for Ricketts. Love the guy and I am thankful for his dedication to the national team, but who was ever arguing for Ricketts?
  2. Begs the question: What was the other chat site? 😉
  3. Great insight! You see this too with kids heading off to the big city for university, straight out of high school. One of my classmates in high school got a great scholarship to a university 500 miles from home, in a big city, at a point in her life when she'd never been away from her family for more than two weeks at any time. She wasn't a super shy person, but reserved enough that she struggled to adapt to her new environment and returned home after one term, never to return to university again. The big questions: Was she simply not ready? Or would she have ever been ready?
  4. Perhaps! Again, I don't really know his personal life, but family plays a big role in the lives of young people too. And one cannot ignore the power of personality. Davies and Tabla do not have the same personality by any stretch of the imagination. As the legendary Vancouver business tycoon Jimmy Pattison always says: "You gotta wanna."
  5. And because this is how things often happen, I was just scanning the CBC.ca homepage for news on the damned virus and I came across this article about giftedness, written by someone who has struggled because of expectations associated with that term, among other things: https://www.cbc.ca/parents/learning/view/i-grew-up-gifted-but-my-life-didnt-turn-out-the-way-i-expected
  6. Yes, and to help build work habits and an understanding of what it means to be a professional. Confidence is key, especially for a guy like Ballou who seems more reserved and introverted.
  7. Hard to say what is really going on with Ballou, but I wonder if his situation is akin to that of my son, or any other kid who is diagnosed as "Gifted". Gifted people have significantly higher IQs (they test in the top 98th, 99th percentiles in several cognitive areas) than that of the average population, but as they and their peers age, the intellectual advantages of being Gifted tend to narrow, not because the Gifted kid has experienced a decline in raw intellectual ability but because other factors start to become more important to an individual's success, things like work habits, social an
  8. Commentators mentioned that Axel believes in a deliberate, considered re-build. He isn't going to wildly sing players just to fill spots. He wants to do this in a measured, smart and methodical way. Which means improve on the pitch is going to be gradual at best. This will clearly be a multi-year rebuild under Axel. And, all things considered, that makes total sense to me. So, where does MDS factor into those plans? I cannot see how Axel can have MDS at the helm during this multi-year rebuild. At best, Axel could give MDS one more year to see if he can so something with the first wave of new
  9. Not sure if I was watching the same broadcast but I was getting Bear Grylls and Arnold Schwartzenoogie
  10. Predictable! Pozuelo was very good but Laryea made all 3 goals happen.
  11. Well, that was a poop-show last night! LAFC, to be fair, is a great team. And, yet, they've lost a handful of games lately by good margins. Which suggests, I suppose, that relative the rest of the league the Caps are even worse than I thought. Is this possible? How much of this falls on MDS and his staff? How much of this is about the talent on the field? Perhaps Christian Jack was being melodramatic, but the idea that the Caps are a fourth tier team within MLS is probably not as exaggerated as Caps management and ownership might like to think. Or do they know how poor this team is? What I
  12. I don't disagree with the analysis, but I wonder if what we are seeing--in essence--is parity when in most leagues we see two or three super clubs who dominate while the rest of the pack fights to avoid relegation. Is parity necessarily worse than what we see in these other leagues? I mean, yes, if the football is shite, then it is shite. No argument there.
  13. Yeah, Fraser was tidy enough, but seemed tentative. Maybe he was just playing safe. Love Baldisimo's vision and long range passing and the willingness to move the ball quickly. Remind me of a much younger Pedro Morales, but maybe more tenacious in defense than Pedro. Well taken goal. Kid has promise, for sure.
  14. Yes, but a business owner does not want to put their company up for sale when things in the business look crappy. You sell, ideally, when you've a solid business in place AND you can show the potential for growth. An owner will choose to sell for a host of reasons, in many cases because of ultimately personal reasons. On that note: Anybody out there want to buy a profitable book publishing company? (Asking for a friend.)
  15. Yeah, I thought Fraser looked solid tonight, and I was disappointed that he got yanked. Kid needs to play. If that means moving from TFC, then let's make it happen. I know a team way out west--we call it the Lower Lotusland--that could use a strong young talent like him.
  16. Very exciting match up. I'd like to see Davies get forward a few times. That'll keep PSG honest, might even force Mbappe into a more defensive role (unlikely). What a year for our lad! And to think he is only going to get smarter, more technically proficient and, believe it or not, faster. (Sprinters do not hit their prime until their later 20s, usually.)
  17. yeah, i'd also like to see him get a regular run of games at LB, but so far he seems pretty middling talent wise. Not yet convinced he is MLS calibre.
  18. I wonder how much longer Schuster will keep MDS. I mean, MDS is not the only problem, but it is looking more and more like he has no idea how to find success at this level, in this league. But the squad is not especially strong either, is it? TFC, to be fair, is still a very good side. But the Caps had nothing last night.
  19. He looked inconsequential last night, but perhaps because he was played out of position. Just another pilon for TFC to move through with ease.
  20. As a number of you wise fellers have suggested, the Caps need a Ledeiro type of creative midfielder, and it appears that is indeed what they are looking for: https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/08/18/vancouver-whitecaps-coach-marc-dos-santos-challenge-replacing-inbeom-hwang And based on something Schuster said last week, it sounds as though they are prepared to pay a bit more to land such a cat.
  21. Can you imagine what it must be like for a 19-year old kid who'd always dreamed of playing football against the best teams in the world to know he is playing Barca in less than a week?! The fact that Davies is keeping his head through all of this--this entire year, all the media, big games, legendary footballers singing his praises etc.--is a testament to his character, his upbringing, and the good people around him these past many years. While his Edmonton clubs and the Caps deserve kudos, one has to give a special nod to the class and intelligence of the Bayern organization for how they've
  22. Kaye had a much better game last night. He's still not in top form, but you can see what he's capable of. He is a tidy player with a great engine and he passes the ball well. He needs to improve his passing with his right foot, but his left foot is magic, and his vision is terrific. I'd love to see him get another full year with LAFC. He still has more to learn from Bradley, I feel. And then to Europe? We kind of need MAK to become our next Hutch, no?
  23. Seriously? It is far too early to be dismissing Cava's run with the Caps! He's played two professional games, that's all.
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