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  1. Is it strange that there was no celebration after the goal? Seems odd.
  2. I'd be surprised if anyone could've done anything as a lone striker against DC United last night. Hamilton was just swallowed up by the six man backline they had. He needed someone else up there to help create space. Probably should've sacrificed Delgado for another striker much earlier last night.
  3. 1) The 83% pass completion rate was the second worst of all eight teams competing yesterday (El Salvador was 80% against Mexico). Nelson disappeared because CR caught on to the game plan and cut out alot of those hopeful balls. 2) I didn't see Herdman's system at all but maybe I'm missing something. The game plan was to move it along the backline to the outside and then kick it up the line. A lot of the passes through the middle were cut out because they were just too far apart. Rarely was there a short option coming to the ball, which meant clearing it down to avoid being caught in possession. 3) You could definitely hear Olivieri in the first 15 minutes telling Nelson to close down the CR back line. My issue is that you are tiring your best player in pretty tough heat for low percentage plays. 4) I'm not adverse to playing with a lone striker, but I was questioning whether Nelson is the right person for that job. It's an incredibly tough job which is why that position is usually subbed out after 60 - 70 minutes. Is that what you want with one of your best players when you have guys like Russell-Rowe who is built for that position. To me, Nelson is at his best on the outside cutting in. Russell-Rowe can play up top, Omeonga can play the other side, Habibullah, Colyn and Pecile can make up the spine in that order from front to back.
  4. I did. Either a few pages earlier or in the Curacao thread. I forget which. However, to repeat: 1) No actual thought or strategy was evident other than kick the ball up and hope that either Nelson or Omeonga can chase it down. 2) There is no link between the back line and the midfield/forwards. There is a huge amount of space there which means you have to rely on hoofing the ball upfield, which is not good in the best of conditions, let alone on a windy day. 3) Playing a high press in 28-30 degree heat against a central american team is a gamble. It results in a lot of unproductive running. 4) This becomes exacerbated when you have (arguably) your best player playing up top alone. Not only does he have to chase balls down when we are in possession, he has to chase down the opposing back line when we don't. You and I saw two different games then. I did not see the organization that you saw. The first 15 minutes of the second half were dominated by CR because it was pretty easy for them to adjust to our game plan. The main indicator for me is the number of times possession was lost because a long ball was carried out of bounds by the wind or was easily intercepted by their team. On any other day, playing like this will result in a loss. Exactly like it did for the U20s against Panama in November (and then to St. Kitts). I think the difference between this team and that one is that this one has a couple game breakers in Nelson and Habibullah. Also, I haven't heard a coach shout that much from the sidelines since Gazzola in 2011 (who didn't exactly cover himself in glory either). To me that means that there is no system in place or at least the kids don't fully understand/grasp it. Normally I'm on the coach's side during these discussions because the players on the field need to be accountable for what happens. In this case though, I see very little in Olivieri that gives me hope for Brazil. Hopefully they can get the team together more before the tournament to figure this out.
  5. Do you believe that was a well-coached game? I don't think either Herdman or Olivieri deserve much in the way of accolades. The kids on the other hand...
  6. This team is incredibly frustrating to watch. Not necessarily because of the mistakes cause I can deal with that due to the age group (however, I could do without all the attempted backheels) but because of the lack of organization or tactics. Apparently the idea is to knock it around the back four until you get it to the outside back who will then hoof it up the line for Nelson to chase. When you have a guy like Habibullah who can dribble in a phone booth and has some pretty spectacular vision, why are we not trying to play it into him once in awhile and work through the middle? There is no link between the back four and the midfield. They are so far apart (except when Olivieri demands a back three) that hoof and hope is all that is left. Seems like Costa Rica just needs to isolate Nelson and they'll be good to go.
  7. Anyone else concerned that pretty much every goal has come from a great individual effort and not from any organized buildup or tactics? Definitely not sold on Olivieri.
  8. They play two different positions. Could easily have had both Nelson and Rowe on, like they are doing with today's game against Barbados. In fact, today's is the strongest lineup they've put out in my opinion. Really want to hammer the minnow, I guess.
  9. But this is a tournament with a lot of games in a short period of time and you know how long it takes a 17 year-old to bounce back after a game. We need to rest them for the final against Mexico. Side note: is there a sarcasm font anywhere?
  10. I get that. I'm not trying to be a prick. Just trying to understand the logistics and see if everyone understands the potential ramifications. From an outsiders point of view: 1) The Voyageurs are hosted at Canadian Soccer News. 2) Canadian Soccer News has an article espousing a particular point of view. Conclusion: The Voyageurs support that view. Regardless of the actual point being made, am I the only one that see this as a potential problem? Who has the right to post an article? Can I do that? Can you trust me to post something that doesn't make everyone look bad by association? There's a huge difference between the other articles talking about the first CPL game and holding someone solely accountable for an incredible black mark on soccer in our country. If everyone's cool with that, then I'll go back to my cave. That's fine. Just thought I'd put it out there.
  11. Is it quite clear? That's part of my question.
  12. So with the Voyageurs board migrating over here, does this mean that the Vees, as an "organization", tacitly approves messages like this?
  13. He also wasn't great shakes with the U17s, so I will remain skeptical.
  14. Jonathan David was on the U17 team that competed in Panama in 2017. Along with Benson Fazili (member of the same local Ottawa club).
  15. Good squad. Will be interesting to see how they get Colyn, Habibullah, Russell-Rowe and Nelson all on the same pitch. A lot of attacking firepower there.
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