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  1. What? Why would you do that? Just pronounce him the starter and the solution to all our problems and move on.
  2. So I don't think its as much as Bezbatchenko valuing Hamilton but more not being able to say no to a pretty sweetheart deal.
  3. Interesting group. Angola finished third in qualifying but the whole tournament was marred by second place Guinea fielding two overage players with falsified documents. Angola beat Nigeria in the third place game and also had the tournament's golden boot winner. New Zealand is interesting because they hammered Vanuatu 8-0 and then three days later lost 5-0 to the Solomon Islands and then squeaked out a 4-3 victory over Papua New Guinea. Plus that tournament will have taken place almost 14 months prior to the World Cup, so no idea what can be drawn from that.
  4. ...And will continue to do so as Haiti was the only team in the tournament to play three warmup games. They'll be dog-tired come Saturday.
  5. Maybe flying from El Salvador to Washington to Japan and then back to Kingston, Jamaica for friendlies before the tournament wasn't such a hot idea.
  6. So, are you saying that it was a good thing that we didn't play any friendlies then, or at least, none that were televised....? Otherwise we would've tipped our hand? 😎
  7. Davies at LW. He's defensively responsible and we'll be on the back heel for most of the game, but he can then stretch the mexican team with his pace. Mexico is not the team against which we want to play with a marauding LB, the backline has to play defense first. I also expect Kaye and Piette to tandem in front of them. The means either Morgan or Miller at LB.
  8. Its supposed to be, but its not letting you pay for them yet. Only Canada - Cuba is available for purchase. The optimist in me tells me that Canada - Martinique and Canada - Mexico will be free, but that seems highly unlikely. I'm traveling as well, so I really hope this gets figured out.
  9. By Pedro Pacheco, you mean the Canadian Xavi? He's the heart of my all-time midfield: Friend - Kusch Simpson - Pacheco - Nash - Bent Hastings - Serioux - De Vos - Stalteri Stamatopoulos That's some serious grit, right there.
  10. Don't think I don't remind my ten year old every goddamn day that he's the reason why I'm stuck at less than 1,200 likes. If he could only run 4.5 40-meter and put a little bend in his free kicks, I'd get some goddamn respect around here.
  11. I think @spitfire has the best likes to posts ratio in the history of this board. I guess I just need to sire an elite athlete.
  12. They're pretty good at not posting scores (much better than TSN who will include a recap of the game right below the video feed). I would bookmark the Canadian team page and go straight there, just in case. Either that or the Video page.
  13. Worked great for me for watching the U17s. The only hiccup was that I couldn't go back to pay for an archived game. Basically, I had to pay in advance for each game. The good thing though was that if I wasn't able to see it live, it would still be available to me in the archive. I missed one game because I missed the deadline to pay for it.
  14. Seeing Cavallini do pirouettes would be quite a sight.
  15. Yeah, I have a couple irons in the fire. Keep an eye on this space come July 1st.
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