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  1. Wait a minute...is that what RS stands for?
  2. That's a pretty damning accusation. Are you sure there was no contact between the CSA and this kid? He has been repping the US since before this thread started.
  3. Sure, but you could say the same for virtually every other player: Millar, Hamilton, Jackson-Hamel, Perruzza, Bair, Zanatta, Nelson etc.. Why not invest in players that actually have a desire to play for Canada? He missed his chance.
  4. Why am I still worried that he might blow a hamstring on the bench?
  5. Dammit! Too early for cheekiness I guess.
  6. Wait a minute, I thought RB was the most important position on the pitch and that's why we needed our best player to play there for the national team?
  7. The highlights are available to see. USA Goal #1: Failed offside trap on a corner and his man was free behind him. Part of what makes him risky on the backline is because he is a risky player by nature and he will expect Vitoria/Cornelius/Henry to play like Alaba and Boateng. That's a tall ask. USA Goal #2: Long cross comes in from his man who has beaten him. Sets up the goal. USA Goal #3: Set piece and the scorer was between him and Henry I believe. USA Goal #4: Cross comes in after a long ball over Davies, sets up the goal. Even the third Haiti goal is a ball played in behind him because he's starting to cheat forward. I love the kid, but he tries to do too much for Canada. Take the reins off him and let him run. He's good enough that he'll help out defensively as well. (goddamn, I hated revisiting those highlights)
  8. I don't think its just about "covering when he makes a run". Its making Kaye/Arfield sit in front of the back four constantly. Expect them to have little to no effect going forward. Davies plays very far up the pitch for a LB and he has been successful at that. Why not just make his primary responsibility offensive and play him up the left? Let the back line defend and let him do what he does best, carve up other team's defenses.
  9. I think this is the key point. For everyone looking for Davies at LB, which of the midfielders are you going to neuter in order to cover for him? Even with Bayern's firepower, they still need to have someone cover for him on a regular basis and they choose Kimmich and Thiago. We don't have a Kimmich or Thiago that can transition from offense to defense and back again like they do. Therefore, even if we do hold someone back it may not be enough. Davies is garnering raves for two things these days: 1 - Crazy runs forward with a cross 2 - Last ditch recoveries on defense. Which do you want to see more of in a Canada shirt? He won't be able to do 1 from the LB position with Canada against good opposition, because he doesn't have the surrounding talent that he does with Bayern. And, when he does, it will leave Canada much more exposed than it does with Bayern. This shouldn't be as much of an argument as it is.
  10. But its very indicative of the average sports fan in Canada. Personally, I think its a small victory that it got as much airtime as it did. The more he is talked about in non-soccer circles (as ignorant as those conversations are), the better it is for Canadian soccer as a whole. It would just be nice if there was someone there that could bring up names like Hutchinson or De Guzman (the Canadian one, not the Dutch one) or Radzinski when they start talking about the best player ever. Or mention David and Millar as other up and comers.
  11. That means "beer".
  12. Whooooo, boy. Gonna have to disagree with you on that one. Definitely worth a discussion in a different thread.
  13. Yes, for sure. But in addition to that, he'll also at least get Europa experience or, if everything goes well, Champions league experience!
  14. I'm starting to believe that we have an AI bot that is slowly learning how to post on forums.
  15. Right now, I would say Sergio Camargo. However, there are a lot of youth coming through that should be capped based on potential: Jordan Perruzza (2001) Simon Colyn (2002) - Would really like to know where he's at these days. Kam Habibullah (2003) Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty (2004) Those are the ones, outside of any changes from other nationalities (Yankov, Kadioglu etc.), that I'd like to see get their first cap next.
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