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  1. I'm hoping they have it figured out and that the Toronto fiasco was because they increased capacity at the last minute. Commonwealth hosted 24K people on the 15th and have games on the 29th and 5th so hopefully they have things figured out by the time it comes for WCQ. Still...get there early.
  2. Same. This could get messy for a number of people. Can't wait.
  3. Honestly, I would be happy with a few starts, but a lot more consistent minutes off the bench.
  4. What? Why? Generally those are the only places where I can find "Cotton-Eye Joe" on the Jukebox. Drop a $20 bill in that baby, put it on repeat, and watch the place clear out. Good times.
  5. At the expense of Osorio or Larin though? To me, its hard to argue about the effectiveness of those two at various points over the last six months and it would be difficult to replace either with Arfield as a starter even if he was playing with any regularity. Or for Hutchinson or Kaye? I could see swapping Kaye and Arfield in and out, but I have the feeling that Kaye is a little more defensively responsible, which is useful to help out Eustaquio when everyone else is attacking. In my mind, the only time we really missed Arfield was the Panama game. I could've seen him in there instead of Wotherspoon. But other than that I don't really see him as an upgrade over what we've had as starters. Maybe he'd have been useful as a substitute.
  6. The spine of the team is what they need to fix. I really hope they concentrate on replacements for Gonzalez and Bradley (and Mavinga if he keeps having injury concerns) rather than try to bring in more flashy attackers. They really need to solidify that back line before they do anything.
  7. I'm disappointed in Okello. I think that game was an opportunity to make a statement, and I don't think it happened. It might be my expectations are too high, but when I saw Miami break and Old Man Morrow got back before Okello, I couldn't help but be disappointed. Hard to say that he hasn't had opportunities this season.
  8. Maybe JMR doesn't need to take players on? If he can make it rain with pinpoint crosses, which I seem to think he might, that might be good enough for him to be an important player in the future.
  9. I think JMR is the more complete player overall. Nelson is a very high risk-middling reward player right now. He does things that are exciting, but doesn't quite have the end product to turn that into high reward. Hopefully with game time he can get there.
  10. Yes. That team was amazing on paper. As I mentioned, we destroyed Belize. If the team that played in Kingston (ONTARIO) against Belize was the same team that would've played Guatemala two months later, that campaign would've gone different. We replaced McKenna and Devos with Pizzolitto and Watson, Radzinski with Occean. Hume and Atiba and Brennan were all nowhere to be seen. Still should've done better than we did though. That's the thing, unless you had a perfect storm of all the right players at the right time (2007 Gold Cup), it was a real crap shoot.
  11. The thing about that, is that these were all happening at different times: We had a center back playing and starting in Germany’s top flight , we don’t have that now . I assume this is McKenna with Koln, so that would be around 2008/2009. Unless you are talking about his time with Cottbus in 2001. Ocean was playing regularly in Germany’s top league as a striker Occean played in the Bundesliga in 2012. and so was Friend , That would be around 2008/2009. DeGuzman in la Liga , That would be from 2005 to 2009ish. Staltieri winning championships in Germany and then playing in the EPL He won the Bundesliga in 2003/04 and moved to Tottenham in 2005. and Radinsky too . Radzinski was quality for awhile but was best between 2002 and 2006. Simpson in Turkey Simpson tore up Turkey in 2010/2011. and Hutchinson, Hutch has always been class but was at the top of his game with Copenhagen around 2007ish Aguiar with Benfica , He was with Benfica in 2003. how about Peschisolido in basically what is the English Championship right now . Paul was best pre-2002. So yeah, there are a ton of great players but they all hit at different times which is why we never pulled it together. This team is a lot like golfing, one or two good strokes always keeps you coming back. With this team, it was always one or two really strong players that kept you watching. Unlike the current team where a bunch of guys are hitting their stride all at the same time.
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