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  1. But you do see David Alaba playing wing for Austria...
  2. Mark-Anthony Kaye was playing USL at 23 years old. Richie Laryea didn't play a professional match until he was 21. Derek Cornelius was playing in Serbia at 20 years old. Samuel Piette was playing third division Spain at 20 years old. Jonathan Osorio turned 21 during his first professional season. Tosaint Ricketts made his professional debut at 21 years old in the Finnish league. He has since played in Romania, Norway, Turkey, Israel, and Lithuania. He is also the active leading scorer for the national team. Atiba Hutchinson was playing with the Toronto Lynx at 20 years old. Dom Yankov turned 20 a month and a half ago. He has been playing in the Bulgarian league since the age of 17.
  3. As much as I would like Vancouver to win, I actually hope the Impact pull it off. I hate cheeky penalties and if the Impact actually go through, a line could be drawn to the incredibly stupid Pozuelo-Piatti penalty (despite all of Camacho's seemingly superhuman efforts to do everything he can to push TFC through).
  4. The optics of that were just terrible. Didn't Vancouver have a problem in the locker room a couple years ago? They seem to be going down the same path.
  5. Might be worthwhile having a look at his contemporaries slumming it in Bulgaria with Ludogorets. In addition to some Bulgarian national team regulars, you've got guys that spent time in Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Turkish Super Lig, 2. Bundesliga and are still in their prime. Not a bad situation, in my opinion.
  6. I think all the Godinho hate is getting out of control: Mo Farsi - 1999 - 7 professional appearances Alistair Johnston- 1998 - 7 professional appearances Zach Brault-Guillard - 1998 - 9 professional appearances Kadin Chung - 1998 - 38 professional appearances Marcus Godinho - 1997 - 55 professional appearances Don't dismiss a player based on one bad game. Also, might want to have a significant sample size before anointing the "next one".
  7. Nope. Don't think so. Pretty sure I remember that the June rankings were going to be used and we were trying to figure out a way to squeeze four or five games in somewhere in May/June to overtake El Salvador.
  8. Not sure about that. San Antonio haven't lost yet and there are only something like 5 games left in the regular season.
  9. @SoccMan Gotta make sure you see this.
  10. Confusion. If that's the case then it would be obvious that Vanney doesn't rate Fraser at all. Okello is good and has a lot of potential, but Liam is better right now. If Vanney wants to win after a lacklustre performance against Montreal, the choice between the two would be Fraser.
  11. I work for a company headquartered in Paris and Marseille and I disagree pretty strongly with this characterization. Very different mindsets in my experience. Also, I think the situations between Europe and North America are pretty different.
  12. I never watched much Ligue 1 before last week, but did I overestimate that level of play? I'm not particularly impressed so far. Maybe because its early in the season.
  13. That's half. For those that can't get in, you didn't miss much. David without much influence so far. One nice linkup with Yilmaz but that's about it.
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