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  1. People only see negatives where they want to. Osorio was fine as a sub. Bailed out Hiebert huge on a giveaway.
  2. Pretty sure we're now going to see the same press from the first 15 against the Dutch. Run at them while they're tired.
  3. Exactly. The result is secondary. Marsch wants to see what Miller can do in his system. This is the time to do this stuff.
  4. I wonder if Buchanan's confidence is in the toilet. He looks nowhere close to what he was in 2021-2022. Hopefully he can get a good run of games with Inter and get back to where he can be.
  5. FotMob is saying that the lineup is the same as against the Dutch except Crepeau for Dayne.
  6. That only depends on what you wanted to get out of this game. If the goal is to see as many players as possible in game situations, his game management is not the worst.
  7. Jordan Wilson: "This is audition time. This is the first day of school. Everything is clean, you haven't thrown up on yourself. This is the time to put your best foot forward." Jordan, my dude, did you have a rough time at school as a younger lad?
  8. I had the same concern but watching the team now, it looks like they have some skill. They aren't playing route-one to the oversized forward, which we've seen in the past. Their goal they just scored was a well worked sequence. The kid I like the most so far in my limited viewing is Ty Williams who is a tidy little CB. Doesn't look like he's a monster kid who would dominate at this age group just because he had a growth spurt earlier in life (in fact looks a little undersized). Currently 1-1.
  9. There is a dead simple solution to this: on their 18th birthday you take them out drinking in Liverpool. After 4 pints, you pay some rando to walk up to them and say "Oi! You talk funny. Where you from?" Whatever they answer is the country they are eligible for.
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