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  1. Petrasso definitely did, don't think Aird did. My point was that looking back on it now, the 1995s may look underwhelming but at 20 years old there were some significantly high hopes for Petrasso and others in that group, just like there are now for our current 20 year olds. Sometimes things work out. Sometimes they don't.
  2. I don't think the 1995 or 2000 cohorts are underwhelming per se. In my view though, because we have convinced ourselves that the 2000s are a new golden generation, when you take a step back and look at it, in that context the group is actually underwhelming. I think we (Voyageurs) have put too much emphasis and expectation on the group. Some will succeed, others will not. But I expect this group to be similar to other groups before it (outside of the 2 outliers). What they do have and what should make them feel lucky is that David and Davies will open doors for them. So they may actu
  3. Not really. I actually think they are on par with the 2000 group at the same stage in their development (ie. in 2016): Larin - Just came off an MLS rookie of the year season. Laryea - Just about to be drafted 7th overall. Adekugbe - Loaned to Championship team. Edwards - Made senior debut with TFC. Petrasso - Playing in the Championship with QPR. Aird - Making regular appearances with Rangers in the Championship. About to be loaned to VWFC. JGL - Bounced between USL and MLS. Aparicio - About to move to Spanish 3rd division after playing USL. Outside of Davies and Davi
  4. The problem with this is Petrasso and Aird had as much hype and promise around them (if not more) than any of the 2000s, outside of Davies and David. Also, I think the lore of the Okello to Wolfsburg option is getting a little out of hand. Even at the time, the details were pretty hazy.
  5. No idea if this is the actual reason, but from watching Lille games it would seem that David is getting a bit of a reputation for going down pretty easily. Not a big fan of this development in his game personally. Again, no idea if the ref knew this about David and if that factored in at all but you can see that he is getting fewer and fewer calls in Ligue 1 these days.
  6. I think this gets said every year about the crop coming through. I'm hopeful that Marshall-Rutty turns into something special, but I think there are even odds on the rest. I do not have @Dominic94's boundless optimism that Nelsen, Priso, Okello etc. will be sold for big dollar figures to top teams overseas. If they turn out to be Osorios, that's great. I've just witnessed far too many Alemans, Aparicios and Petrassos to get too far ahead of myself.
  7. This is a good thing. Not sure Henry showed anything that proved that Montreal was moving in the right direction, IMO.
  8. Player - Age - Where they're coming from Hahn - 28 - Netherlands Dankerlui - 24 - Netherlands Donk - 34 - Turkey Pinas - 22 - Netherlands Nelom - 30 - Netherlands Donald - 32 - Turkey Leerdam - 30 - USA Riedewald - 24 - England Chery - 32 - Israel Becker - 26 - Germany Bieseswar - 32 - Greece While they have added some interesting pieces, a number of these guys are no spring chickens. Are they ready to fly from Europe to South America to North America in a short time frame on the Surinamese dime? Definitely not a team to take lightly, but I like the way the sche
  9. While all that is true, it did look like Davies was at sea at times when Hernandez came on. I'm not sure if he knows where to be going forward as part of the Bayern midfield. I'm hoping that he gets more looks in that position so he can get comfortable.
  10. I wouldn't get hopes up about Lucas Dias. Considering both the US and Mexico name Alvarez on theirs, inclusion on the 50 man provisional roster means relatively little.
  11. TFC Twitter with a picture of Altidore in training today. Nice to see Jayden and Priso. Hope they have big years.
  12. If I remember correctly, when the Orlando strikers started dropping, they went to Rochez first and then Larin after that. Also, I believe that a good portion of those 26 goals have come when Nacional was in the second division. He could compete for a spot but would be significantly down the depth chart. An argument could be made that someone like Bair has done about as much at the age of 21 than Rochez had at the same age, which gives you an idea of where we are talking on the depth chart.
  13. FWIW, Rochez went head to head with Larin at Orlando. Both arrived at the same time but Larin was clearly better. So, by "in-the-mix" he's clearly behind Larin who is fighting with Cavallini, David and Akinola at the center-forward position and with Millar and Hoillet and Davies out wide (among others).
  14. I don't get the petty cheap shots at American fans. Voyageurs and American fans have quite a lot in common on the pitch and seem to get along well off of it....
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