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  1. I didn't know he played on the right. That would be interesting.
  2. Unfortunately that's the other wing. He seems to be a strictly left sided player which means he's behind Soteldo, which is tough. Not sure Armas will play him on his off wing.
  3. Perruzza was injured? I must've missed that. I guess that's marginally better than just being dropped outright.
  4. Seeing this and @Unnamed Trialist rip into another young 'un on another thread makes me think that this board should have a section for Grumpy Old Codgers to sit around and complain how kids don't show enough respect these days. I'll be there waxing poetic about Richard Hastings and Martin Nash.
  5. I agree that they don't care about what he does with Canada. Not sure why that is brought up. However, based on a 2-minute google, he signed a new contract with Liverpool in January 2021. I think its a little early to conclude that he's not in their plans, let alone state that its obvious that he's not in their plans. Generally clubs don't throw contracts at players they have no interest in.
  6. Didn't he just re-sign with Liverpool not that long ago? He may not have been in their plans this year, but that doesn't mean he'll never be in their plans.
  7. Unless you call him a prick...
  8. Name me a TFC player that the above doesn't describe today. Woeful across the board.
  9. Okay...congratulations? I don't get what you are saying. My point, which you might've missed, is that in 2004 we had Bundesliga champions playing with MLS Cup Winners and EPL players playing with players that led us to our best finish in a World Cup (albeit U20). This would be in response to the poster directly above my post indicating that we have a golden generation because of where our players play in Europe. For those of us that have been around since that time, or earlier, we've had high expectations of teams before. So maybe lets see what happens on the pitch before we anoi
  10. Runner-up design: Rob as the "Friend"-ly Giant, me coming out of a bag as Rusty and Adrian Serioux as Jerome. The Friendly Giant
  11. I'm still working on the design. Something along the lines of a full back tat of a giant heart with his face and mine and BFF below it. I originally had added Honduras Sucks! on there too but my wife said that was a bridge too far, so I've got to redesign it.
  12. Golden generation? Where have I heard that before? Hint: GK: MLS LB: EPL CB: Scottish Prem CB: English Championship RB: Bundesliga LM: English League One CM: Bundesliga CM: Swiss 1st RM: English Championship ST: MLS ST: EPL
  13. No one thinks that Lawrence was brought in because Auro has struggled this year and Morrow is past it?
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