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  1. Where was this? Edit: Nevermind. For some reason I read it as Poz(niak) and wondered how Chris made his way back into the fold.
  2. Ah, I get it. Makes sense. Agree.
  3. I don't understand your comment. If anything, this reinforces the "Team America" idea. Unless I'm misinterpreting what you are saying.
  4. Scored 5 in 8. Good to be tied for third in Turkish league scorers, one behind the leaders. Not too shabby. More than half of those goals came in the first two games of a dodgy return-to-play tournament after a long layoff.
  5. I always imagined him as doing the robot in celebration in that pic where we clinched the 86 berth.
  6. Don't think there's any quarantine restrictions for him to go back to the US so he should be fine for the game. He just won't be training with the Impact in Canada.
  7. Best play by JD in a Lille shirt on Yazici's third.
  8. So, firstly, I'm not sure where the hostility is coming from but I have quoted myself above. It is the first half of the first sentence. Not sure how that equates to being 30% of my post. Definitely doesn't make it beyond reproach but in my defence I was typing all that up while everyone else was piling on so it looked like I was just taking a cheap shot. Oh well. Secondly, I removed the word "legitimate" while you were responding to this and even clarified that I wasn't making up the names, they were actually reported on. The Guardian, The Independent and Sky News all had reports o
  9. I didn't focus on that. I said, "leaving that aside" and moved on with the rest... The point is the contention that "X number of doctors have signed this declaration therefore it must be right" may not hold as much water as one thinks when there are concerns as to the veracity of those signatures. Again, this speaks to the point I was trying to make regarding confirmation bias. Dropping the superficial knowledge of the lede: "Thousands of scientists and health experts have joined a global movement warning of "grave concerns" about Covid-19 lockdown policies." is very alluring when t
  10. Leaving aside the fact that you contradicted yourself by saying that this is not covered anywhere and then linking to coverage of it by one of the largest news organizations in the world, what we see here is called "Confirmation Bias". You have linked to an article and cherry-picked the information that makes you the most comfortable or supports your personal bias. They did not say that there is no pandemic (as you say above). They do not call for an end to all lockdowns, but actually modified lockdown procedures and rolling the dice on herd immunity. They actually say: "A comprehensive an
  11. Right. It'll help me get through a rough patch but I know that things might be a little tight going forward. If that means that I keep my house, then its a fair trade-off considering the alternative. I don't understand how it is obvious that this is not working. I think the social safety net is a good thing considering the times.
  12. Would I expand my personal debt to rectify my financial situation? If the alternative is not eating, then yes, I most definitely would. I really don't understand your assertion. Your assertion that this is not working and that is obvious to everyone, is not obvious to me. You will have to give me more than that.
  13. Granted, it has been 20 years since I last sat through an economics lecture, but I'm pretty sure this is incorrect. More dollars in the system actually devalues all of the dollars currently in the system. Each dollar is worth less than it did the day before. This does not benefit the wealthy. I would also contend that the number of millionaires is not growing (except in certain industries), they are just more insulated to it. What I do agree with are the growing numbers of homeless (or those living in poverty) generally due to the debt to income ratio that they had prior and the acute
  14. I just want to say that I take responsibility for this. I haven't missed a Lille game this year and I tuned in today during an incredibly boring meeting just as he drew the penalty. I promise not to watch another of his games until he's scored one. My bad everyone. This is not on him, its on me.
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