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  1. There absolutely is an excuse to not play a friendly in October. Why tire yourself out before an important game against the US? It is much more beneficial to rest the team prior to that game. November is a different situation because our important game is first. Scheduling something else for later in the week makes sense. We'll see if it happens.
  2. Actually, all we can accuse them of is trying to get as many Fifa points for WCQ as possible. It is a risky proposition but one that they put themselves in by losing to the Dominican Republic. They are trying to hold on to that sixth position, and in order to do that they need to win as many games as possible between now and then. If they drop out of 6th, it doesn't matter if they drop to 7th or 37th. It is a gamble that they put themselves in by losing (even after having all those high profile friendlies against Brazil and Japan and Peru...).
  3. There were four home and away series last week in Nations League Group A. Only one team came away with six points.
  4. So the assumption here is that he still was never given a chance? He needed to come in to camp and show he deserved that spot, and not gifted a start.
  5. Maybe Cordova himself needed to show Herdman that he belonged in the starting lineup ahead of Laryea or Adekugbe or Miller in the camp leading up to the first game?
  6. We have a serious logjam in the front six. How do you decide between Davies, David, Cavallini, Hoilett, Arfield, Osorio, Kaye, and Piette? Eight players vying for six spots. And that's not even counting guys that are just on the fringe like Millar and Eustaquio (who I'm not completely sold on yet).
  7. Would it be as baffling if the coach determined that he didn't have the necessary quality?
  8. Wasn't Simpson's against Burkina Faso the game before also a rocket?
  9. (Because I love to derail threads) I present to you our 2004 starting lineup against Belize which consisted of: 2 - Bundesliga players 2 - MLS players 1 - English Premier Player 2 - English First Division players 1 - English Second Division player 1 - Austrian First Division player 1 - Swiss First Division player 1 - A-League player That last one is a little dubious, especially when you have a Scottish Premier player on the bench that could've easily taken that position. Also, subbing in was another English Premier player at the time. On the bench, there are players from the Belgian First division, the English First division and our (soon-to-be) greatest player ever. That qualifying campaign will continue to go down as the biggest opportunity missed. As long as Herdman isn't making any of those mistakes, it's all gravy for me.
  10. Sept. 8, 2019 - Panama 0 - 2 Bermuda - Played in Estadio Rommel Fernández, Panama City.
  11. I love this "In any other FA..." stuff. Just for the Gold Cup, in order to compare apples to apples: 1) Fabian Coito was the coach for Honduras in the Gold Cup. They finished last in their group. He is still the head coach. 2) Carlos de los Cobos was the coach for El Salvador in the Gold Cup. They finished third in their group. He is still the head coach. 3) Dennis Lawrence was the coach for Trinidad and Tobago in the Gold Cup. They finished last in their group AND they lost a friendly to St. VAG in August. He is still the head coach.
  12. So, you would prefer that they keep that under wraps then and go on a twitter blackout leading up to the game? Or should we go back to what we've always done in terms of preparation, and not entertain new ideas to perhaps get a different result? Seems like when this is the complain, we've run out of things to complain about.
  13. No need to ask MDS, I can tell you what he'll say: basically, he'll explain very condescendingly to you that you don't have as good a soccer mind as he does and that he can see things, postive things, in Rose's performances that confirms that it was the right decision to play him and that the Whitecaps are on the right track.
  14. I like your optimism but that's not how TFC works. If Bradley's gone next year, they will surely bring in someone high priced. They are not interested in developing players.
  15. I don't think anyone is brushing him off. What I am saying is that maybe Pasquotti and Borges should potentially be capped first, based on talent alone. You can only cap a finite number of players. I put that number at 1, maybe 2, players per game. I prefer using those opportunities to cap the best players available and not the ones that are non-committal about playing for Canada. Also, there is a slight cognitive dissonance with your reasoning. We are not so good that we can brush Telfer off, but we are good enough to throw away a position just to cap someone during a cap-able game. Maybe during the Nations League, but even for those games we had to have our best XI on the field to run up the score. B camps and friendlies do nothing (or very little) to keep players like this.
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