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  1. Can anyone advise on what the point implications are for the two games against T&T, and the Panama vs El Salvador game?
  2. Do teams no longer lose points after a certain time period? Seems to me in the old system after about four years, points were no longer valid. Any chance ES will be losing some points?
  3. As mentioned elsewhere above, I would have preferred this lineup for the away match where we would potentially be happy with a draw. Since this game is a must-win, I wish we would have been more aggressive
  4. I considered the situation you described above, where the third-place finisher in the hex loses their spot to the fourth-place finisher, and I think I'm okay with that.
  5. I think Canada has the same chances of earning the 0.5 spot via the 7-35 route or the hexagonal route, and here is why. My thoughts on each Teams odds of finishing fourth in the hex. (If Canada was included in the hex.) Mexico 2% USA 10% Costa Rica 30% Honduras 25% Jamaica 18% Canada 15% Total 100% Now Canada's odds-on progressing Through 7-35 route: Group stage: 90% Round of 8 (potentially a team like Curacao) 70% Round of 4 (potentially a team like T and T) 55% Round of 2 ( team like Panama) 40% 0.9 x 0.7 x 0.55 x 0.4 = 0.14 (14%) More or less the same odds. The problem I have is that being involved in the 7 to 35 route, leaves no possibility of automatic qualification to the World Cup. What I would do to address this, is have the winner of the 7 to 35 stage play the 3 and 4 finishers of the hex in a modified home and away group of 3 to determine the automatic World Cup spot and the .5 five spot. The modification would be that the 3 and 4 finishers from the hex, would not actually play each other at this stage (because they already have). Their points against each other would carry over. So the 7-35 champ would play the 3rd-place hex finisher home and away and then play the 4th Place finisher home and away. The first place finisher of this group of three gets the automatic spot, the second-place finisher gets the .5 spot It would only add two extra games beyond what has officially being proposed, and in my opinion is a more fair option for the 7-35 teams.
  6. Venues for next year's Gold cup announced. Any ideas on what "non-US venue TBD" likely becomes? https://www.goldcup.org/en/article/concacaf-announces-venues-and-dates-for-the-2019-gold-cup-seeded-nations TICKET SALES FOR GROUP STAGE https://www.thevoyageurs.org/projects-news/gold-cup-2019-canadian-supporters-tickets-r4/
  7. Seems to not be working today? By that I mean the Canada game specifically. All other videos seem to work for me. Anyone else with the same problem?
  8. I like this move. Good luck to Emile!
  9. Was listening to the ETR guys this week who were speculating on MLS trades. One suggestion was Michael Bradley for MAK and Walker Zimmerman. All agreed that this would be a bad play for LAFC. Pretty positive stuff for our young Canuck.
  10. "Ignore" just isn't doing it for me, because of all the quotes. It would be nice if other posters stopped trying to correct his posts.
  11. I'm liking the minimal squad rotation that the coaching staff is employing. With Rob Gale there was too much, and I think it impacted our results and cohesion.
  12. I have always felt that one's interest in watching sports or being a fan is inversely proportional to how good one is at that sport. I only have one friend who was ever a professional athlete (hockey player), and he is way less of a fan of the NHL than many of my friends who never even played hockey. I don't think we need to worry about Kianz.
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