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  1. Ha ha! I can see it going one of two ways with Borjan... Either he totally loses his shit; Or he starts waving to the crowd encouraging them to throw more ๐Ÿ˜‚
  2. I guess these two actually were somewhat close to being able to participate in the previous international window.
  3. We can certainly be pretty good at complaining around here. His play-by-play seems to have been toned down now that games are on Sportsnet. Personally I wish there were a few less "SEE YOU LATER" comments when a Canadian player completes a dribble, but love the passion and knowledge about the program.
  4. We sit in a low block and counter against the US then go on the front foot and press against Mexico. Have Success With both strategies. This guy may know what he's doing๐Ÿ˜‹
  5. Agreed, Johnston is "likes to fight guy". Always first into the melee after the opposition has taken a cheap shot. Doesn't back down. I love that!!
  6. There has been a lot of talk about the point requirement to be in third or fourth place. That being 21-23 points. I ran my own simulation and figured there would be a lot of ties, which brings that point requirement down to 18 -19 points potentially. After last night's disappointment parity may be our friend.
  7. Mexico winning = great Costa Rica and Panama tying = great USA tying I'm not so happy about. I think they will be pretty motivated against us and I was hoping we could catch them off-guard and get a point on the road Edit: upon further reflection I'm not liking the Costa Rica Panama result. If Costa Rica is the greater threat, which I believe and Panama is the easier team, then Costa Rica achieving a draw on the road is mission accomplished for them. In hindsight wish Panama would have won
  8. Too direct, too predictable in the first half. Much better in the second. Agree the set pieces need work, but not many aerial threats aside from Vitoria and Larin out there. Brutal to lose these points at home, but I'm much more optimistic than previous cycles that we can win on the road.
  9. I think there is actually no scenario where the third game of the group stage would be meaningless. Of Greater concern is the need for a complicated tiebreaker process. That said I still really like the 48 team format. Essentially it gives an additional 16 teams two games in the World Cup. The 32 teams who would have made it in the 32 team format are still guaranteed the same three games that they were previously. Not a fan of a biannual World Cup though as I think it cheapens competition
  10. I think 7 points = fantastic start 6 points = a good start 5 points = okay 4 or less = nervy times ahead. It's our easiest window... gotta make something happen.
  11. I like this, and in fact would be ok with an almost totally different line up for the US game vs games 1 and 2 of the window. Employ different players and strategy, similar to the Aruba/Suriname window.
  12. Germany would be fun. Could watch him on Sportsnet.
  13. I'm blown away that Andrea Lombardo played Serie B. Only remember the hype around U20 and then the disappointment at TFC.
  14. If he's in, I hope the other big guns are in too. Might as well win this thing.
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