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  1. with the way the rest of the Midfield players have played today, maybe a great opportunity for him to boost his stock
  2. As expected, does not start the second half. Replaced by DeLeon. But true the entire Midfield looks tired.
  3. Peruzza on for the second half today, hopefully he can help turn the tide
  4. I get that Quito has the speed on him, but frustrating that he seemed to just totally give up at the end. Gonzalez didn't exactly help much though...
  5. Really bought into the hype and have made a point of watching the TFC game today to get a look at Okello. Frankly I will be very surprised if he steps foot on the field for the second half. Not sure he has done one thing right unfortunately. Next time...
  6. Canada v. Honduras WCQ 2004... I'll forever after be Pro VAR
  7. ^^^ I'm liking this podcast so much. It's everything I care about/am interested in. Other Canadian podcasts (for me) seem to be trying to be everything to everyone. (MLS, Europe, etc)
  8. Watched the Canada replay last night on an iPad. Screen went blank about five times and I had to shut the app down and restart. Kind of frustrated with one soccer at the moment...
  9. https://canadasoccer.com/news/former-canada-captain-marcel-de-jong-retires-from-active-play/ Retired. Wish him the best going forward. One of my favs of all time.
  10. 1. Davies 2. David 3. Hutchinson 4. Eustaquio 5. Laryea
  11. Can anyone advise on what the point implications are for the two games against T&T, and the Panama vs El Salvador game?
  12. Do teams no longer lose points after a certain time period? Seems to me in the old system after about four years, points were no longer valid. Any chance ES will be losing some points?
  13. As mentioned elsewhere above, I would have preferred this lineup for the away match where we would potentially be happy with a draw. Since this game is a must-win, I wish we would have been more aggressive
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