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  1. Germany would be fun. Could watch him on Sportsnet.
  2. I'm blown away that Andrea Lombardo played Serie B. Only remember the hype around U20 and then the disappointment at TFC.
  3. If he's in, I hope the other big guns are in too. Might as well win this thing.
  4. Nelson Twardek Choiniere Okello Raposo And have him ahead of everyone on your other list except Dias
  5. On my mobile, at the top of my screen on the right (next to the canada soccer news banner) I have 3 horizontal lines (settings). Click that, then account, then ignored users. Should be able to type in the user name there. I'd been coming to this forum for 15ish years and because of this very issue was thinking about stepping away for a bit until I became aware of this feature. Hope it helps.
  6. Agreed I hate hate hate that. Do not want to win by only this goal. Would be a very unconvincing win for me.
  7. Thought he was a little bit off last game. Not totally surprised he isn't starting. I remember thinking during the last game if he ever gets going... Lookout
  8. Cutting out on me alot. Always seems to... Whether I use the app on my IPad, or the browser on my fire stick. I find onesoccer so frustrating.
  9. Ouch! Didnt see it that way at all... Thought he made a good reactive save, and then was the victim of an unlucky bounce. Tough goal to concede no doubt.
  10. Here's hoping he makes the shortlist for best player at the Gold Cup this summer.😋
  11. with the way the rest of the Midfield players have played today, maybe a great opportunity for him to boost his stock
  12. As expected, does not start the second half. Replaced by DeLeon. But true the entire Midfield looks tired.
  13. Peruzza on for the second half today, hopefully he can help turn the tide
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