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  1. Me neither. This thread really is a disaster.
  2. “I hope that’s accurate” is neither positive nor negative. If anything, it could be construed as a positive in that he’s hoping the good crowd number is accurate. I can’t believe you people are making me defend BBTB.
  3. Are you suggesting Piette's problem tonight was that he's too old?
  4. It's strange that TFC has been scheduling games on international dates more often of late. Not sure what that's all about, but I guess it's more unavoidable with the regular season ending three weeks earlier than in previous years.
  5. It most certainly did move the needle. The problem was the team immediately following it up with a choke job in World Cup qualifying and reclaiming their place in obscurity.
  6. I agree that the team should have more home friendlies and spread them around the country, but I don't get the argument about not being able to grow the game without other cities hosting matches. The Raptors and Blue Jays are prime examples of how all of Canada can rally around a team that never plays outside of a single city. As @Yoginess said above, a Gold Cup win will be what moves the needle across the country. A World Cup berth would really do it, regardless of whether the clinching game is played in Toronto, Vancouver or Iqaluit.
  7. 2008, 2017... what’s the difference? 😂
  8. I didn’t say it was a FIFA rule. I said that the rule is 3 Canadian starters (as defined by FIFA rules). In in other words, if FIFA considers a player Canadian, so does Canada Soccer for the purposes of this tournament.
  9. And I’m saying you’re incorrect. The rule has always been 3 Canadian starters (as defined by FIFA rules) since the beginning of the tournament back in 2008.
  10. No it isn't. Players have to be eligible to play for Canada to be considered Canadian. TFC ran into this rule last year when Ayo Akinola was considered foreign despite being a Canadian citizen, because he's provisionally cap-tied to the U.S.
  11. It almost certainly will not. TSN is the rightsholder. The games they aren't showing on TV will be on TSN.ca and the TSN App. https://www.tsn.ca/2019-concacaf-gold-cup-schedule-1.1318137
  12. Mexico hasn't had a home friendly in at least a decade. Maybe two. EDIT: I guess they had a couple in Mexico in 2018. That's actually surprising, and completely against the general strategy taken by the FMF this century.
  13. I'm surprised you guys don't know each other.
  14. I'm still unsure why this was an unofficial match when they had anthems, ceremonial banners, actual game kits (instead of warm-ups), etc. Did the CSA not want to pay the registration fee to FIFA or something?
  15. Are you basing this on the bevvy of friendlies we've just played?
  16. The deal was amended around 2012, requiring the CSA to only sell X number of tickets per year at BMO rather than holding a minimum number of matches. The ticket number is ridiculously easy to hit (16,000, IIRC), and the penalties for not hitting it are far less harsh than they were in the original agreement. AFAIK, that agreement is still in place. Also, MLSE gets a bigger cut of ticket/concession revenue under the current agreement (but it's still more favourable to the CSA than every other venue in the country).
  17. Right, it could be unofficial. But you're talking as if it's definitively unofficial.
  18. Closed door doesn't mean that there are no caps or stats. It literally just means that the doors are closed to fans at the venue.
  19. Honest question: Do you think people who have blocked him, publicly stated they have blocked him, then continue to troll him after blocking him are positively contributing to this forum? How about the ones who use idiotic 4chan language against him to score cheap Internet points? I understand the frustration with BBTB, like @The Real Marc I've sparred with him here and at other forums going back over a decade now, but it's gotten to the point where every one of BBTB/Ozzie's posts prompt 5-10 responses from mostly the same people shitting all over him, regardless of how valid the arguments are on either side. It gets annoying fast.
  20. You're doing a great job of ignoring him, too. 🙄
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