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  1. Olivieri may suck as a coach, but there’s definitely some strange vitriol coming from @SpecialK about him, almost like it’s personal.
  2. Right now I still think the Whitecaps have a severe talent disadvantage vs. most MLS teams, but the attacking duo of Montero and Cavallini could be good enough to keep them in games (if MDS utilizes them together more often going forward).
  3. All this talk about TSN and yet no one's actually said they've seen CPL highlights on Sportsnet. But they had a column about it on their website so I guess that's better than actually showing clips on their channels.
  4. Putting aside the fact that you're advocating for the tournament rules to be changed simply out of spite, the current CPL rule would include players like Akinola (Canadian citizen), Bradley and Ciman (permanent residents) and wouldn't be too tough for TFC to match. The actual V Cup rule of three Canadian-eligible players in the starting XI is actually stricter than CPL's rule because it only looks at players in pure soccer terms instead of the legal definitions of who's allowed to work in the country. Whether it's enough is up for debate, but that's not the spirit of this conversation.
  5. I see we've found a new canard for today. Cool.
  6. I'm going to stop debating this until people in here: a. Learn the difference been MLS (a league that doesn't run the US Open Cup) and the USSF (the federation that does run the US Open Cup). b. Realize that booking venues based on results of games that happen weeks or even days earlier happens all the bloody time in every league in North America (seriously, how you think playoffs work?). And before the pandemic is trotted out again, realize that games have literally been played this week in two different provinces (and last week in a third province). c. Consider the possibility that MLS scheduled this next set of games in the US after consulting with the CSA and finding out that there was nothing keeping them on this side of the border for the time being Good night.
  7. The CPL finals are this week (less than two days from now) and TFC isn't leaving the country until tomorrow or even Sat. morning. I was implying that the CSA could've had some foresight and scheduled the match for Sept. 26 (ie. the "next week" you've struggled to understand). I've repeated this over and over. Try to keep up. You keep trotting out this line of reasoning for why the V Cup cannot be played, but you starting this whole ******* argument by insisting that the CSA should now just go ahead and schedule the game on a whim — TFC availability be damned — because something Bill Manning said on a podcast pissed you off. And no, my rightfully holding the CSA to blame for this doesn't mean I'm anti-CSA. That doesn't mean I'm going to fellate them when they get things wrong, though. If you want anti-CSA BS go talk to Robert or one of his many sock puppets instead of wasting my time with your circular arguments.
  8. Holy ****, stop the excuses. People who work in logistics are familiar with planning for events that are fluid in nature, it happens all the time. There are several venues that can host the V Cup tomorrow as they're all sitting empty due to the pandemic. Are you seriously suggesting that they couldn't work out some kind of contingency plan to find a neutral site for the final, with venues just begging to be used instead of sitting empty? And if it's not a neutral site match, which Manning seems to be implying, then there's even less excuse to not have this game scheduled for next week at BMO. Why would I do that? I don't care about the US Open Cup and it has literally nothing to do with this conversation. Are you going to keep moving the goalposts some more or are you ready to put even the tiniest smidge of responsibility on the CSA for this? Or do I have to condemn Ligue 1 for ending their season early last year, too?
  9. This is dumb. You say in one paragraph that there's no guarantee the final happens due to COVID (and you include a ready-made list of excuses for it not to happen, despite the fact that there have been several dozen soccer games that have already taken place in this country — including Quebec — during the pandemic), then in the next paragraph you say that the CSA should just set a date and TFC needs to show up or risk forfeit. So instead of engaging in your circular logic, or your obsessive need to "prove" that Manning is lying, I'll just discuss the matter at hand. Here's my incredibly valuable opinion on this mess, in bullet point: December/January is ridiculous for the Cup final. It's unfair for the CPL winner to have to wait that long, the weather will be terrible, etc. Next year is also ridiculous for the 2020 Cup final. It should've happened next week. If both MLS and the CPL are capable of organizing multiple soccer matches in this country during a pandemic, then the CSA should also be capable enough to organize a single soccer match featuring an MLS side vs. a CPL side in this country. If the CSA needs help, ask the leagues. They seem to have figured it out just fine. MLS has an obligation to its own clubs. CPL has an obligation to its own clubs. No more, no less. The CSA is the body responsible for ensuring the Vs Cup tournament gets played, and that has yet to happen. That's ridiculous given how many games have already taken place on Canadian soil over the past two months. You've taken issue with Manning's comment, but had IMFC won the berth in the final Montreal would have been the same situation. The MLS clubs seemed to be operating under the assumption that the Vs Cup would happen after they're done their season, but because it was Bill Manning who said it instead of Olivier Renard, we get to hear the same boring cliché about TFC's American FO not caring about Canadian soccer. I'm positive that that narrative would never have (re)surfaced from you had it been Renard in this position today instead of Manning, which Renard would've been if not for Rudy Camacho.
  10. Ok. Here's how this conversation has gone so far: Me: Wow. The CSA really dropped the ball on this. They had plenty of time to figure this out with the co-operation of all the clubs. You: This is all TFC's/MLS' fault because I hate them. Me: That's ridiculous. It's the CSA's job to make sure the Cup is awarded. You: You're so biased towards MLS. Here's a bunch of tweets that don't actually prove my point, including this CSA tweet from a month ago. The CSA: Here's a tweet from yesterday where we still don't say when this Cup is supposed to actually happen. But it's still totally happening, guys. Bill Manning: It's our understanding that it'll happen after our season. Me: That's unfair to the CPL team. You: Stop your anti-CPL bias!
  11. It's common knowledge among actual Canadian soccer fans that the CBC broadcasted several CPL games last year.
  12. Right. You've gone to ridiculous lengths to avoid even partially implying that the CSA dropped the ball on this, and I'm the biased one.
  13. I'm not even going to bother responding to all that other stuff because it's not as "gotcha" as you think it is, and what I've quoted is what I've repeatedly said the CSA should have done all along.
  14. Waterman may not be as polished as Camacho but he surely can't be as prone to as many moments of pure idiocy as the Frenchman, either. Hopefully he (JW) gets a good run of games with Camacho likely out for a while, but with Fanni available I'm not sure it'll happen.
  15. It'll be great that the field will be closer to the stands, but losing that grass sucks. The grandstand itself is top notch (it's better than the stands in Halifax, Calgary, Edmonton and Langford) so being able to bring the game closer to the fans should be a boon. Are they really just going to leave 75% of the track there instead of doing something with that space, though?
  16. Nothing about what I said fits into your bogus "I love MLS" narrative that you're trying to pin on me because I rightly called you anti-MLS. I fully agree that it's unfair for the CPL winner to wait around for 2-3 months, which is why I've repeatedly stated (before today) that the CSA should've scheduled the Cup final for a week after the CPL final. It makes the most sense with the three MLS teams still in the country, and all three could have easily accommodated that even if it took some some creative scheduling for their U.S. "home" dates (for instance: they could have all scheduled their first "home" U.S. game for the first week of this next phase, then only one team would need to re-schedule an MLS match to accommodate the Vs Cup if the need arised). The CSA is the entity that controls soccer in this country, so in this instance it needed to act as such and dictate when the Cup final was happening. There was a huge stretch of time where we knew exactly when the MLS clubs would be in the country, and it's then that the national federation needed to publicly step up and say "this is when our final is being played." Instead, nothing happened, time went on, and MLS had to get the next phase of the schedule underway. You're telling me about how these are unprecedented times as if that somehow makes it reasonable for the CSA to wait until MLS announces an unprecedented set of games for its Canadian clubs before making demands that it changes things around for a Cup final that should have been announced ages ago. Comparing this situation to the CCL is disingenuous, because as you say these are unprecedented times. It's far easier to move around league matches at the beginning of a season (when the world is normal and there's no things as border restrictions) than it is at the end of the summer when the one of the teams in question is forced to be based out of an entirely different country. TL; DR: Cut the crap and acknowledge that the logistics of this situation required action on this long ago. The leagues aren't responsible for the Cup, the CSA is.
  17. So you think the CSA should call up MLS now and start making demands, even though they've had all summer to get their **** together regarding the V's Cup? Take off your anti-MLS goggles for one second and point the blame at the correct party.
  18. Right. Why didn't that happen? Do you know when there was a lot of wiggle room? Before MLS decided what was going on with the CDN clubs. The Cup final could've and should've been scheduled before this next phase of MLS was finalized. Seriously, it's long been known that the CPL final is three days after the last game of the CDN MLS phase. There was plenty of time for the V's Cup to be scheduled before MLS decided what to do for the rest of its regular season. Wow. A club looking for a competitive advantage. What a bunch of ********, amirite? And as someone else suggested, the CSA should have called MLS over a month ago and told them that the V's Cup final was set for Sept. 26. Be there or the Cup goes to the CPL winner.
  19. MLS doesn't control the USOC. It doesn't control the Voyageurs Cup either, so there's only one patty in the wrong here. If the CSA's not going to say "this is the date for our final, schedule around this," then why should MLS not schedule on the days it wants to?
  20. Are we sure that's not his mailing address?
  21. Funny thing is that both teams infringed. There were more Impact players inside the box and arc than TFC players, at the moment when Pozuelo struck the ball. It's all water under the bridge now, though.
  22. Presumably head-to-head wasn't used as a tiebreaker because one team hosts more games than the other in a three-game series, but TFC actually won both games at Saputo and lost the only meeting at BMO.
  23. Maybe try getting information from the source. The difference between a cap and a budget is that one (a cap) is an upper limit to spend on players, whereas the other (a budget) is a pool of league money that each club can spend on players than can be supplemented by other funds. MLS does not have an upper limit on spending, but does make it incredibly tough for owners to get into an arms race. Here you go: https://www.mlssoccer.com/league/official-rules/mls-roster-rules-and-regulations "In addition to the Salary Budget, each MLS club may spend additional funds on player compensation including money from a League-wide allocation pool (General Allocation Money and Targeted Allocation Money), the cost of Designated Players outside the Salary Budget, and money spent on the Supplemental Roster (roster slots 21-30)."
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