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  1. Wait, are you saying the USA never rated Akinlola or are you saying the USA never rated Altidore?
  2. ...as long as you ignore central defence 😬
  3. Now I get why people hate TFC fans.
  4. Right, things will never truly be equal which is why I think waiting until things are most equal (March) is the best idea. I do wonder how motivated both teams will be for the Voyageurs Cup final given that I fully expect Forge to qualify for the CCL well before then. It's a shame the V Cup will be devalued this time around but I suppose there is no avoiding it any longer. (It still grinds my gears that the V Cup wasn't contested in September, but I'm just beating a dead horse at this point.)
  5. There's a lot of assumptions going on here that TFC is the driver of this decision, but I'm not sure Forge wants to play on December 16 (at the earliest), either. I'm a huge advocate for the Voyageurs Cup, yet I don't think we can't really compare MLS Cup finals and CCL knockouts to a twice-rescheduled V Cup final that would have been be played in front of no fans if it happened in December (and likely will still have no fans in March). Even so, MLS completely revamped their playoff structure in part because of those frigid finals at BMO, and CONCACAF has hopefully learned that February
  6. Eh, playing in late December would have been a terrible decision for a number of reasons (the actual quality of the soccer being a big one). The game(s) should have happened in September, but since it didn’t March is much better.
  7. Wouldn't that be putting Forge at a disadvantage? Since TFC has already returned to Canada and would be done the quarantine (and thus returning to training) first?
  8. There is no CAN2 in the CCL. There's one of the six CONCACAF League spots, which (if Forge wins) would happen to be taken by a Canadian team this year. If Forge wins the V Cup, it'll also rightfully claim CAN1. CONCACAF will use that technicality to do whatever it wants should the situation arise. Hopefully the Canadian president will do the right thing and ensure that the lower-ranked CCL spot is granted to the CSA for the upcoming competition.
  9. You can stop being sad now.
  10. Just because I "like" a comment doesn't mean I agree with 100% of its content. That's the nuance I've been talking about. We live in a world that doesn't allow us to look at things solely from a sporting perspective. Sorry if my acknowledgment of that disappoints you for some reason. I'm going to tap out of this thread for a while. It's exhausting.
  11. What’s confusing about what I wrote? Rintaran asked to be banned. As for Robert, I took care of his most recent sock puppet but had nothing to do with his previous bannings. If I’m as quick on the draw (and as fragile) as you seem to be insinuating, don’t you think I would’ve banned his previous incarnations way earlier?
  12. I don't know if the delayed spot would be the best solution, but there needed to be much more clarity from the CSA ahead of time given that this kind of situation can easily occur. Unfortunately that didn't happen and now it looks like they're making things up on the fly (which they are).
  13. The person who had to repeatedly and publicly ask to be banned was Rintaran, who did nothing wrong (and was actually a solid contributor to this forum) but had grown tired of a bunch of shit he was getting from other posters here. Weird that your mind went straight to Robert, though. I don't really count him, because he's been banned several times by others.
  14. Wait, are you asking me? You seem to be responding to the two guys who posted right before you. Hopefully there will be a January camp. The CSA's press release announcing the cancellation of the November camps made no mention of January, which seems a bit too deliberate to ignore. They're likely just covering all the bases, but still.
  15. Watch out, I might ban you. (Even though I've banned exactly one person in my history on this board, and he had to repeatedly and publicly ask to be banned)
  16. The CSA backed itself into a corner when the final wasn't held in September immediately following the Island Games (the MLS teams could've stayed in Canada for 3-4 more days before going stateside). Now the prospect of playing a "dead rubber" V Cup in the middle of winter in front of nobody looms large. The best time to do it was in September. Since that didn't happen, the next best time to do it is in the spring. Hopefully this situation never happens again (the V Cup is usually awarded before CONCACAF League is far along). And yes, the V Cup is supposed to mean more than just a CCL
  17. Canada was never going to play in December anyway, but a large portion of (the small pool of) high-level domestic players potentially not being available would certainly make the decision easier. There's been no public indication of the CSA's plans to put all their focus into January, so we'll see.
  18. I literally said I'm not going to ride this carousel again, and I'm also under no obligation to address any of your redundant points, so you can take that idiotic "defence shield" stuff elsewhere. The fact that you and a few others think that anyone who doesn't fall completely in line with your stance are automatically sycophants is insulting and boring. All I wanted to know is how you find it "sad" that a possible Camp Poutine roster would look different from a March WCQ roster when that is always the case every single year. Nowhere did I say the team not being together for a year wouldn
  19. There's no guarantee players from TFC, the Impact or Forge would be available, which severely limits the potential pool of players.
  20. Ok, but that has nothing to do with any potential Camp Poutine. Any January roster was always going to look different from one in March. I'm not going to go around this carousel again (even in light of the rapidly growing list of positive COVID cases among players who took part in this international break), but the gap between the official November to March breaks always makes thing less than ideal in this context. At the rate things are going, WCQ won't start in March anyway.
  21. Unless you're saying that all 11 players will be different, I'm not sure why it's sad that Canada will use a completely different side for WCQ than it does for friendlies on a non-FIFA date.
  22. SkyDome's no longer a viable option as the changes made by the Blue Jays over the past few years have made it nearly impossible to convert it to a soccer field (without a ton of money being spent). The infield and pitcher's mound aren't nearly as easily removed as they were previously. It's a big reason for the Argos' move to BMO Field. Plus the SkyDome is terrible for soccer at the best of times, and the turf is worse than the Big O's. Other than that, it's perfect.
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