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  1. Or Andrew Scheer. Especially Andrew Scheer. Does this jinx work proactively?
  2. He needs citizenship regardless of how long he's been here.
  3. They'd be better off continuing to work on this demographic rather than the glam rock boomer crowd, IMO.
  4. There are no American franchises in the Canadian Championship. Your proposal would also screw over a few CPL teams, and significantly lower the standard of play in the tournament. However, a starting point of six Canadians in the starting XI is certainly attainable within the next few years.
  5. Correct. As a Canadian citizen he would count as domestic in CPL, but Vs Cup uses FIFA nationalities so he'd have to be eligible for Canada to be considered Canadian.
  6. I was thinking Ron Howard, but Captain Picard also works.
  7. Narrator: "They are not."
  8. I still see a lot of tickets available, but 115 seems to be sold out. Hopefully they continue to sell well.
  9. That game was 7 years ago. Our standards have risen since then.
  10. Hopefully the format changes. No team should be gifted a spot in the semis.
  11. TFC's track record is pretty much what I'd expect from a team that had a virtual monopoly on the local talent yet also had to placate a fan base that largely sees Canadian talent as inferior (although that is changing). It's really no better or worse than pretty much every MLS team save for FC Dallas and NYRB in terms of academy products becoming first-team regulars. Thankfully the CPL should continue to provide opportunities to the young players that can't make the jump to MLS as quickly as the teams would like. As for Telfer, I don't think my assessment of him is harsh at all. If anything, last year's team being "a joke" should have made it easier for him to break into the lineup as a key player. Yet he's been bypassed by a teenager. These things happen, but as a late bloomer I don't think he's done at the MLS level just yet.
  12. As raw as Shaffelburg is, he already puts in performances where he's threatening the entire time he's on the field. Contrast this to Telfer, who can drift in and out of games at the MLS level and doesn't have the same consistent ability to beat his man down the wing with pace or dribbling. Shaffelburg's ceiling is also much higher, but I don't think that's influencing his time on the field right now. IMO Shaffelburg is already a better winger than Telfer, and he'll grow into a better overall player very soon. That said, I think Telfer deserves a shot to play a little bit higher up the field with TFC, and maybe even a bit more centrally at times, given what he's shown at York 9.
  13. It never did, but the City was never going to turn down free federal money to significantly upgrade its property.
  14. That sounds so very you. 😂
  15. Visiting family. His daughter works for TFC.
  16. You're cheering for the league to fail so you can go back to posting about how no one is trying to improve Canadian soccer. Seriously, think about that before typing another one of your idiotic rants.
  17. He didn’t say 2 “more” berths. You are really advocating for 3 out of 7 CPL teams to get CONCACAF spots? Yet you’ll be the first to complain that other more established leagues are overrepresented. Lets just appreciate this great Forge achievement for what it is. It really was a gutsy, professional performance that should be lauded.
  18. How confident are you in this assertion?
  19. Bradley’s on the final year of his original contract.
  20. On this board, it’s cool for teams to be filled with foreigners but only if those foreigners aren’t American.
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