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  1. Yeah. Alberta being a shot show is probably giving all the other provinces pause.
  2. Hopefully it'll be a larger allowed capacity this time, but the Ontario government hasn't indicated one way or the other whether the restrictions will change.
  3. I took a few days off from this board and return to see the guy who was whining about me "bullying" him now calling me a weak character, and doing so (ironically enough) through unprovoked bullying. Keep it up, Jeffrey. Or don't, it won't make a lick of difference.
  4. Why is everything so black and white to you? I'm suggesting that maybe I have a bit better insight into someone that I've actually met and interacted with, and you respond that it's "circling the wagon." At least you're not equating it to racism, so I guess that's an improvement. I'm also suggesting that the guy who started a thread of personal tweets, one of which he admitted was a personal attack, over being blocked on Twitter is probably not the one whose story you should be taking as gospel even though you dislike the current state of the team. Same guy tagged Victor Montagliani and Canada Soccer in his whining about being blocked, so I'm not sure you're levelling the "thin-skinned loser" label at the right person.
  5. That's too simplistic. They won a treble (and nearly a quadruple) with six American starters. They also finished second in the league last year with just as many, if not more. The real problem is that the current regime hasn't been able to move on from them in a timely manner. And many/most of the reinforcements have been downgrades. Focusing this back to MNT I think yesterday was the lowest CanCon we'll see from TFC this season. Osorio and Laryea will continue to be starters (at the bare minimum), and Okello and JMR will likely get more minutes through the end of the year. I'm not sure what Perruzza's done to be yo-yoed between USL and MLS, but he absolutely deserves to jump ahead of Mullins and Dwyer at this point. Shaffelburg deserves a shot to prove he's more than just a speed merchant. The rest I'm unconvinced on, but part of that is lack of opportunity (Singh aside). Guys like Nelson should be dominating USL1 at this point, but they're not. Is that because of the lack of MLS playing time or because they simply can't make the step up yet? The only way to find out is to give them time over the next 6 weeks.
  6. Nope. I know him and have interacted with him over the years. That doesn't mean he's a friend, but I'm confident enough to say that I know his personality and character better than people calling him a joke over a single Twitter block. Good? So did I. I've seen his posts here and other tweets of his in the past and came to a different conclusion.
  7. The team was dumb as hell for bragging about their youth movement if more of the kids weren't ready to seriously step up. However, their most most MLS-ready U21s being injured was still a huge blow. Take out the two best youngsters from any team and their youth movement is going to suffer. This can be true — and it is — without the illogical pile-on about TFC having too many of a certain nationality on the roster.
  8. No, no it's not. That's ridiculous and not even on the same scale. Jesus Christ. Seeing how @Ansem posts on here and on Twitter I'm not going to automatically take his side of the story as gospel. It could've been just a case of it being a "last straw" kind of thing, especially when Ansem goes personal. Even so, he's unblocked now. Actually knowing Giacometti a little bit gives me some perspective on this.
  9. It's moot, but I wonder what this "debate" looks like if Akinola and Priso didn't suffer season-ending injuries. They are the two youngsters (21 or younger) on Canadian MLS rosters closest to cracking the MNT squad (even though they're both well down the ladder), and they would've continued to get minutes with TFC this season. I know, I know, I'm not allowed to introduce logic into this discussion.
  10. And up is down and down is up. He's not the one who crossed a line. I call bullshit out when I see it, or have you not seen my non-TFC related conversations with prominent posters on here of late? I'd do the same if someone doggedly said there were too many South Americans at the Whitecaps or not enough French-speakers at Montreal. All that matters from a national team perspective a. is the number of Canadians being played, and b. the quality of the Canadian players on the roster, and I've already stated numerous times that "you club" has failed on the former lately (all while the other teams have skated by with little CanCon in years past). I couldn't care less where the non-Canadians on the MLS or CPL teams are from.
  11. I should've screenshotted your now deleted tweet telling him that he was useless at his job. Go ahead and deny it, I guess no one else will ever see it. This is what I mean when I say you take yourself too seriously. Just because he has thicker skin than you doesn't mean you didn't cross the line.
  12. We're so soft that we can't even take a little but of (obviously friendly) trolling from a guy who also posted this. He's tweeted pro-Canada stuff before.
  13. No you didn't. But I've just been reading you saying this in a number of threads, and harassing the TFC admin's personal account, so I came to that logical conclusion.
  14. You really take yourself this seriously, eh?
  15. Yeah, shortening the season is an absurd idea. The players need more games (spread over a more normal time frame), not fewer.
  16. Giacometti's American. I know that's a crime on this board, but he's naturally going to be a USMNT fan given that he's also a soccer-lover. He took over as the TFC admin when his (former) Canadian bosses moved on to other ventures. He is the former Red Bulls admin (but moved to to TFC under the Bezbatchenko era).
  17. I'm just glad we can all disagree without the usual mud-slinging that accompanies it. (I know I'm not an innocent party all the time.)
  18. Why stop there? CPL should also ban all CONCACAF players from their ranks. See ya later Cyrus RollocksRyan Telfer, Jem Geffrard, Akeem Garcia, Jose Escalante, Andrew Jean-Baptiste, etc.
  19. I'm just posting in here to keep myself from being the most argued-with person on the board today.
  20. Good point. All three Canadian MLS teams should expel all CONCACAF players from their rosters for the good of the national team.
  21. Nope. TFC had a 9-game unbeaten run (7W, 2D) between Sept. 9 and Oct. 18 last year. All away from BMO Field. They fell apart in late October onward. The team is historically terrible this year, which has tainted people's memories of last season as well. And yes, TFC needs to use more of the Canadians throughout the rest of the season. I suspect Okello will get into the next match as he was suspended yesterday, and Laryea & Osorio will get their usual shift. I'd personally like to see Marshall-Rutty in his natural position for at least a half on Tuesday.
  22. Neither Montreal nor Vancouver did better than TFC last season, which I assume is part of the 1.5 years.
  23. This board has a strange obsession with how many of the non-Canadians at TFC are American. For the purposes of CanCon, the issue for TFC is not playing enough Canadians, not how many players are American. For reference, TFC currently has 11 Canadians on the first-team roster, Vancouver has 12 and Montreal leads with 13. That's hardly much of a difference in terms of roster spots taken, but where the difference shows up is in playing time. It doesn't really matter whether the non-Canadian players getting on the field for TFC are American, Bolivian or Martian, or at least it shouldn't (except here, for some reason). What matters is getting more Canadians to play — and succeed. On Montreal can say they've done that this season. And even that is TBD, given how Montreal's on the playoff bubble at the moment.
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