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  1. I was screaming at the tv, NO RED NO RED HE CANT SCORE FROM THERE!!!! Oh well, he isnt the first CB to lose a footrace with Quioto, I thought he had done just enough to force him wide and I was happy not to see him jump in and (like a young defender is apt to do) give up a penalty. Other than that, he didnt look much worse than Gonzalez. Still nice to see him get a HG contract.
  2. ^^ And you dont get much out of some guys in some spots. He could have shuffled Delgado/Okello/Priso around and mb replaced one of them with a fresh winger, but options were limited. Bradley having a off game was entirely predictable, he reminds me of the kid in JV whose dad coached and would never come off the field even if he was about to fall over and die. Someone on that coaching staff needs to man up and make him understand its best for everyone if he manages his minutes. On one hand I am thinking thats not too bad a result, considering its on short rest and half the team is ou
  3. It did look bad, but it was just a flash eh? It may have been reflex, every time a ball goes in the net half the players throw their arms in the air and look for the linesman. But it didnt look like he suck holed all the way back to his own end. And arent strikers supposed to be just a bit selfish and eager to score?? Dont make a habit of it, or you'll never get a pass, LOL.
  4. Dont dare slag Delgado. Thats the reason I get my eyes checked every season, I swear I am watching a different game than the Delgado fans. Hes not comfortable on the wing, pace, crossing, 1v1 skill, he doesnt do any of that stuff. That would have been a good time for Nelsen (if he was healthy) or even dare it say it Endoh would have been better in that spot. They'll have to shake up that midfield, try some different combos, so Rutty will get more chances. He wasnt the worst one out there today.
  5. Well you never know how it will translate, moving up a level or two. SO few guys move up from USL to MLS. But he didnt look lost and his pace was good enough for MLS. Similar to Waterman, you just never know if the guy can replicate the same things when the competition is stiffer. But I dont think you need half a season to see that eh?? And for the guys saying its one game, he came out of nowhere blah blah. He was damn near ready for MLS a couple years ago, since then he has gained a ton of veteran exp in USL, found a scoring touch and polished his game. Being a fringe MLS starter wi
  6. HAHA, I watched Dayne for the first half, he looked solid, went to put the kid to bed, came back and it was 3-0. OYYY VE!!
  7. Ah the voice of positivity. It may have been SJ, but he took his chance when it was there. Considering most of us thought it was a typo when MLS predicted he would start, he did pretty damn well. Full marks for his assist, looks like he could have had a couple as he was all over the highlights, right side, left side, had a wicked shot blocked, taking corners. He didnt look like a guy playing his second MLS game. Hats off to him, it took alot of USL grinding but maybe he has found a MLS home in Houston.
  8. Fraser has already put in 2 years with TFC2 after signing for them when he was 18. And never got a senior contract until just short of his 20th b-day. David would have saw that when he was 16-17 years old, no back to the future needed for that. Maybe he figured that he didnt want to spend his teenage years in USL and went somewhere that might give him a shot ASAP. Because he made up his mind to stay out of MLS academy long before that, someone warned him off.
  9. Jordan Hamilton is going to say this?? I've heard the TFC side of this 1000 times.
  10. Yeah but about 3 years too late. Molinaro should get in and interview Jordan Hamilton, see if he wants to spill the beans on Vanney and player development at TFC. That prob wouldnt go over to well with the management though.
  11. Just a reminder for all the non cable cutters, TSN3 should have StClair kicking off MLS coverage tonight. I hope the heir apparent has a solid injury free season and can keep Miller on the bench. Maybe we'll even get a Montgomery sighting.
  12. Not to keep derailing the Rutty thread, but when I see DeG on TSN I cant help but get over the Fury baloney bit by bit. I cant stand Caldwell and Dunfield was terrible when he started too but has grown on me. Maybe DeG isnt a natural, but I would rather see them at least try and give the CDN a chance. What are the chances of Rutty making the lineup for opening day? Seems like Nelsen and Osorio are probably ready to go. Shame that TFC2 doesnt start until end of May, would be nice for some of the kids to get fit in USL-1.
  13. The draft is such a crap shoot. Short seasons against dodgy opposition, who knows exactly what you are getting. TFC has drafted plenty of CDN though, just not the ones that have stuck around in MLS.
  14. I dont know, 15min left, you bring out Priso, why not put in the purest DM you have on the bench to help the team hold on?? Start Bradley and Fraser together, no way, but at the end of the game its not a like for like switch, you want someone to help close out the game. That seemed like a perfect time for Fraser. I guess we'll see if it was all part of a plan. Rest Fraser, keep his legs fresh so that he can take Bradleys spot on opening day. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! If thats what happens then we'll know if Armas has real Huevos Rancheros.
  15. You just want to make late night pizza runs for the Valor troops again.
  16. They hit it on the head, he lives here, played on a CDN team, has friends from academy playing on CDN youth and CMNT team. Herdman et al has already made the rounds to the MLS academies, if he hasnt already been approached something is seriously wrong there. Would he really have to file a one time switch?? As for threshholds of calling, if he signs with big club, gets a couple solid outings for TFC and/or plays well with TFC2 for the rest of the summer, why not? You'd be calling him for a position of need and it would still be based on his potential. We've called plenty of guys like
  17. 400min last year, 23 years old and 3 hot young prospects in central midfield barking at his heels. 4 established starters in front of him..Bradley, Poz, Delgado, Oso that he hasnt been able to displace. No matter how you juggle the midfield, slipping Oso here, Poz to forward, Bradley to injured reserve, Delgado to wing etc etc...there are too many guys in there for him to get the minutes he needs. I'd hate to see him be Ashton Morgan 2.0, and get 10 games a year until he is 28 and everyone say well he just didnt have enough talent. As for Dorsey, he is still a GA pick. So isnt he ba
  18. DO you think he'll get many chances after Priso and Okello played well in CL?? Do you think he'll get more playing time when Poz and Osorio come back into the starting line up?? I dont think I have ever seen TFC so depleted with injuries and they chose younger guys, and have even younger guys with more hype (Rutty) yet to see. Its not just writing on the wall anymore, its chiseled into stone.
  19. Its a long season. Bradley will have to be rested or he'll breakdown/play like shit again. Both the top 2 strikers are out, and Jozy prob wont start more than half the season. Mullins and Perruzza cant be expected to pick up the slack, unless one of them is a revelation (doubt it will be the guy pushing 30). I can see why MLS writers arent too high on TFC chances, they like the big flashy South american signings, or some dude that was good in europe 15 years ago. What does TFC need to compete for a Shield again? Keepers--check, Def--CB/FB depth which you might get out of Dunn and Si
  20. So Armas left Dorsey in the gameday roster and played him last week and Deleon was healthy?? WOW!
  21. It must be hard work deflecting those goals in off of Mullins. Kind of like the trick shooting snooker combo shot, or a bank shot in basketball.
  22. HAHA, I thought you were going to say, imagine if TFC played them all last year??
  23. No Poz, Altidore, Akinola, Oso, Mavinga, team still in preseason and they win....and Leon is tops in MX??
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