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  1. Came on for the second half against LA tonight. All over the highlights, I love the way he plays, always taking someone on or making a smart run, so active and direct. 4 goals and 2 assists in 9 start, <800min. Not too bad for a first year in MLS. Houston sifted a nugget from the USL.
  2. Just a quick check, not playing tonight but has got 14 games so far this summer, so not a wasted year. Even Fachinieri has got into a few games on loan for San Deigo Loyal in the USL-C.
  3. Un provoked mentions.......oh my where are my pearls???
  4. Then stop explaining, give it a rest.
  5. NAM...so you mean he is having a Delgado game??? Hell give Okello a raise then, we are paying Delgado 580 a year for that kind of performance.
  6. Approve my account Pls...thats crazy, those guys you mentioned are integral to TFC's success. Zav was here in 2017 (thats all you need to say) and Mullins is a great striker to bring on when you dont want to score goals. And Dwyer.....well at least we are not paying him much. Sorry I am just trying to even things up, its hard watching RS be the only one instantly defending whatever managment does.
  7. Quit talking crazy, its far too early to say that the way TFC did things the first half of the season wasnt the best thing for the youngsters. Play the kids!!! Thats our motto!!
  8. HAHA didnt you watch closely Corazon?? I saw a couple of american journeymen struggling out there.
  9. It tells me the TFC still has their heads up their asses. How could he look decent with Valor last year...and then not get a sniff when we needed a CB in a meaningless game on the road?? Unless they have already decided to cut him at the end of the year...but they should cut Zav and Morrow is retiring so even then it makes no sense?? What would he have done...scored 2 own goals to be worse than Zav?? I guess you cant throw out all the yooung kids at once, but I still wish he would get into a game before the year is done.
  10. Dominic94..I think it would be too much to start Rutty, Okello and Nelsen at the same time. But i think he did enough tonight that he should get another start before the end of the season.
  11. Almost got more minutes tonight than all summer. Nice to see him finding some familiarity with his team mates, way more involved and getting more confident with each appearance. Funny how that is eh??
  12. I think we are finally starting to get to them. Caldwell even had a few nice things to say about Chapman....now that he plays for someone else. As soon as I saw the lineup with a back 3 of LB/LB/Fence Post, I figured it would long night. I didnt count of Bono and Zavs gifting them 2 goals though.
  13. Man this dodgy Costa rican feed has me missing Wheels and Dunfield. The ads for the local hardware store sound exactly like the commentary.
  14. And I think we should ease up on the financials. Initially they wanted guys with deepish pockets who were prepared to soak up some multi year losses, now I think they should open it it to owners that will fold the team after 1-2 poor seasons, you know to facilitate expansion.
  15. Longlugan.....make sure there isnt a special double indemnity clause for death by hooligan in the insurance rider.
  16. Jeepers what a hit job. I feel like they got all his old girlfriends together, gave them bottle of wine and encouraged them to shit talk him........ Maybe all these former coaches, team mates are using this as a intervention.
  17. He is still on his rookie contract..thats what most are making coming out of college unless they are Gen Adidas (alert Rollins so he can do an expose....its about the money stupid!!).
  18. Yeah its been a few months since Rollins has launched a turd into the bowl. Hmm lets see, staff are mad at xyz restrictions, low wages, too much power centralization and not enough listening to the clubs on things?? I'm trying to approach this fairly, but you know I need my click bait too.
  19. Well lets use our melons. Who is he coming on for?? I dont get to see a lot of Impact games but he would be coming on more for a winger (left sided?) not a central mid?? So maybe Choniere sits?? I liked what he was doing on the weekend, most of the attack was coming down his wing. Thats a tough one, I'd like to see him get back to MLS, get things on track again. But unlike TFC, Montreal really are in the playoff race and cant afford to do tinkering just for the sake of getting him going.
  20. HAHAHA, we are worried about taking up roster spots?? After last camp when everyone went out of their way to explaining why we shouldnt call in replacement players for injured guys who never showed up????
  21. My blood pressure wont take much more of this.....it could cause the big one!!
  22. I think I would bring in Choiniere or Baldisimo before Tiebert if an end of the roster spot opens up. Work in guys who might be the future.
  23. Personal family problems?? Is there rumors going around? Is that what has been keeping him out of the lineup..I thought he was injured??
  24. After whitecaps he went to Oregon state for 3 years, in 2020 led the NCAA in scoring and was concensus all american first team pick and won the Herman trophy as the best player in college soccer. He might not have had the same buzz, and might not have gone super high in the draft but it would have been similar to Larin, Buchanan, Rapaso, Bekker, Johnston etc. College levels and talent is always a crapshoot but he would have been on an MLS team this year if he chose that route.
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