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  1. Is he gone for sure..maybe use a one time switch?? Scored for Pitts hounds today. Nice little contingent of Dover, Ryan James and Skylar Thomas for Pitts as they beat power house Louisville.
  2. That keeper is the young HG kid they are high on, 16-17 i think and taaaaallllll!!
  3. You mean having a V-cup with the CPL/MLS teams?? Why would they care about that...we were going to do that anyway. Would MLS have any say in whether they participate or not??
  4. People judge him on the league because of what he is doing vs the opposition he faces. Not one of us are at the CMNT coaching sessions watching Millar race Davies, or see if Cornelius is better in the air than Vittoria in drills. You (i mean herdman/Vanney/Henry et al) has a rough judgement on the quality of the league, and use that as a sliding scale for what the player does in the league. IF they've put in the scouting work, I would have no problem if they bring him to a camp, but currently we have some depth up front/wings and probably wont be doing a lot of experimentation.
  5. I'm more worried TFC keeps using lareya as a super sub, brought on to produce instant offense and he never gets his defensive side to grow like the offensive one. We need a steady, defensively strong stay at home RB for the most part. (Especially if Davies is on the other side making runs from the LB) ZBG seems to best fill that bill right now.
  6. HEHE, Ledgerwood is still in Europe, would it be better to slip Attakora over to RB, didnt he play there once in youth ball?? Or maybe Hainault?? Didnt Hutch play some RB in Denmark? Oh to be in the glory days of 2011/2012.
  7. Well one silver lining, I was at the park with my son and his little friends..I totally forgot TFC was the early game. HAHA!! So I didnt miss anything, although it would have been nice to see Piatti. And with the 5 subs I am sure we would have had Nelsen and or Okello making their debuts.
  8. Yeah its a **** show, but what were they going to do? When they picked Florida it wasnt the hotspot it is now. Thats just bad luck. And they are still going to brag it up...they arent going to slag their own product eh? At least they got something going. We have a fraction of the cases that USA has, only 8 teams to accomidate and we are still twiddling our thumbs trying to figure something out. Most of us thought we would be going before MLS. Nothing like the fairly smooth rollout we saw in germany, but at least they are giving it a go.
  9. I know its the ZBG thread, but Harris looked good in USL tonight at RB for the monarchs. Maybe if we are patient, more RB options will present themselves.
  10. Scores a screamer for Colorado and Allan koch tonight vs New mexico. Melvin was in net for Colorado.
  11. Pasher scores again for Indy in USL-C against StL. . From the highlights it looked like he could have had a hat trick and a couple assists as well. Haworth and Ouimette also started. Paris Gee and JGL started for ST Louis. Pasher is definitely playing like a guy who deserves a look at a higher level.
  12. I didnt want to say anything, as I am grateful for any games..but GEESHH. These tournie games have been terrible. Definitely seem like preseason games. Saying that I cant wait for the next one. WIth all the subs allowed I was almost hoping some of the younger guys would be motivated to win a spot.
  13. Hes in the same boat as Miller and Cornelius. They look promising, havnt played enough to have people dislike them for gaffs in the past, and havnt won a starting MLS job yet. You could probably throw Kennedy into that mix as well.
  14. Which one of canadas latest game had something going on in the background we could all hear? Was it a chicken, or a cat or something in the press box?
  15. Come on Duane, Pantemis is with WPG, Boskovic is with Calgary, there have been some loans, and before all this the CPL didnt want too many eh? Plus TFC was thinking they still had a USL-1 season a week ago. They still have time to send Peruzza to WPG with Hundal, etc. Its not like we know when the CPL is firing up anyway. ,
  16. I think maybe it was because of injuries on the backline that Waterman got in, Raitala and Camacho were both hurt.
  17. Our Local big hospital out in SW MB, 200+ beds, I dont think its had one Covid case yet. It'll be 100% virgin territory if it ever gets here.
  18. There was a Jesse Saputo with the impact academy, along with a Biello and a Eullaffroy. And Joey does have 4 sons..it could be true.
  19. Dont the group stage games count in any regular season?? They should care a little, but I tend to agree with you. I'm sure some of the teams are just hoping to get the games played and get out before they have mini outbreaks on their hands.
  20. Sounds like Montero isnt going to play in the tournie. Bair should get chances to showcase his talent if the scouts are indeed watching him. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/07/07/vancouver-whitecaps-forward-fredy-montero-real-salt-lake-defender-nedum-onuoha-opt
  21. I think they got tested on arrival....then went and had a big hug and swim party with the other teams, HEHEHE.
  22. Would he even be sitting on the bench in MLS?? Or would he be part of a travelling friendly youth team like they had last year? If it was TFC at least he could have gone to the USL-1. This is a great move that helps kids get over the hump from being a good 17year old prospect and get the minutes they need to get to that MLS roster spot. Worst case scenario he gets some coaching from the Athletico group and gets his feet wet in CPL.
  23. Its not his responsibility, but he has been posting a link to everything that has media pro or cpl in the title on twitter lately, but not this one. He even mentions the CEBL and its situation. But thats an interesting bit of info on media pro branching out to other sports here in canada. Kudos the mgwilliams for finding some actual news.
  24. GEESH, now I hope the CDN clubs dont go, keep them up here and safe until we have a plan for the V-CUP games.
  25. That is some good news for mediapro, I guess Mr Parrot must have missed that tidbit when he was digging up every tweet or story about Mediapro.
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