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  1. I'm going to assume "Canada stan" means "Canada fan". I thought this for a while too, he was always the only guy on that site that gave any attention to Canadians. He really liked Jay Chapman as well, probably Raheem Edwards but I don't quite remember. Then Canada beat the USA 2-0 and he lost his mind and was basically talking like "how can the USA lose to this garbage" and figured he just might be tasked with paying some lip service to the Canadian fans on the site.
  2. Herdman mentioned in his One Soccer interview a few leagues when talking about where callups would be coming from. He mentioned U23 in England. I thought of Jebbison right away, but is that where Corbeanu also has gotten playing time?
  3. And I don't know if it's different areas or not, but San Jose Earthquakes tend to play against LA Galaxy in a big gridiron stadium rather than their usual stadium. That one is probably more to do with selling more tickets than expanding a geographical footprint, but RAP could be the same thing for Pacific.
  4. It really has me missing York United's old stadium plans. I wish that didn't just vanish.
  5. I'm not from, or have ever been to BC, but looks like this would have the potential to be awesome! I hope it happens.
  6. Updated with last night's results. Looks like Mexican dominance is going to continue. Mexican clubs eliminated 3 MLS clubs this week, only one MLS club remaining from the USA2 spot. Nothing really interesting can happen the rest of the way with regards to these club indexes though. The 4 teams still in it are all in the top 5.
  7. I've said it before, I think "golden generation" is a misnomer, I am just hoping this is our "participation ribbon" generation, because my big dream is that they participate in the World Cup. If we manage that, then maybe I'll dream up getting out of the group stage or getting a point or a goal.
  8. The link seems to be taken down now. What were the details? Did they give a timeline for this stadium? Did they say it will be 12k or just "expandable" to 12k or something? Am I right in thinking RAP is where the Highlanders play(ed)?
  9. Updated with last night's results. USA2 (Philadelphia) passed CAN1 (TFC, obviously).
  10. For me my cell phone wasn't dead, but there was some sort of problem with the app. I don't remember the details, but it wasn't showing up properly in the app. Can't remember if it was printed off for me at the stadium or what. I think I called days in advance to sort out the problem and they probably told me to pick up a physical ticket at the stadium. I don't remember the details as I mentioned, but I do remember it was a painful experience. At least I got the ticket though. I didn't take as good care of it as Macksam though.
  11. I finally got around to updating with last week's scores. No change in rankings.
  12. Yeah, Philadelphia has a punchers chance of making it to the final, but it doesn't look great for MLS this year. In the 3 quarter finals that have Mexican teams, the Mexican teams have the upper hand in all of them with their home legs yet to come. TFC is all but done, the other 2 are closer but it is an uphill battle for them to advance.
  13. Over the years I have looked over every result in the CCL, and entered each club's performances in a spreadsheet for the purposes of calculating their coefficients, and you blew my mind with that stat. I never realized how rare an occurence this is. It didn't seem like it could possibly be correct, so I had to check and you are 100% right. That's amazing and in a roundabout way really underscores Mexico's dominance of this tournament. Thanks for that!
  14. Computer, enhance image 50%! Crap, that doesn't actually work? TSS is a good guess, definitely looks like a T first, that's about all I can see definitively. Number of letters for each "word" looks about right.
  15. Apparently the game will be in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers stadium. 65,000 seat stadium without fans in the seats. At least we shouldn't have to worry about a low camera angle for this one.
  16. As a player for them for about a decade in the 90's, I never expected Woolwich to get a shout out here!
  17. I am not sure, but I would assume if the receiver of the pass still has to dribble past defenders, the passer won't get a key pass for that.
  18. Haven't heard anything from the league directly. Oliver Platt from One Soccer has recently said there could be a bubble or 2 different hubs to start the season, but it isn't the only option still. Definitely not starting in May. Seems like they are waiting to see if they can play in home cities. I would speculate they are waiting on Ontario, seeing if the current lockdown actually ends whenever the hell it's supposed to end and see if teams can actually start training at that point or shortly thereafter.
  19. Has she in mid July/Early August though?
  20. Personally I don't think anyone should consider a panenka goal embarassing for a keeper, or it being attempted an arrogant thing for the shooter. It's a legitimate strategy, just like a keeper guessing on the kick is a legitimate strategy. Calculate the odds. How often does the keeper go left, how often to the right, how often do they wait for the kick? And the shooter, how often to they go left, or right, or down the middle. If the keeper has a scouting report on you that you have gone down the middle in the past, that might slow them down and increase your odds when you pick a side.
  21. On the plus side, it looks like this Gold Cup should have less travel than other years due to where the stadiums are located (6 in Texas alone). On the negative side, it could be blazingly hot, all the stadiums are in the south (except the Kansas one I guess? Not sure what their summer is like but I guess they are considered mid-west).
  22. Haven't you heard? Florentino Perez says there is no money for transfers anymore in global football. The entire football world is about to collapse if Real Madrid can't buy Mbappe and Haaland. So I don't think Davies can be sold.
  23. Personally I don't think he needs very much room to get up to speed. He did alright from 10 seconds into this video despite being at a dead stop about 5 yards from the offensive goal line. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-nOOk-bacs Maybe people aren't familiar with this particular play, it's kind of obscure from his younger days.
  24. With those circular flags it almost looks like Canada is in a group with Great Britain, Chile, and OneSoccer
  25. Agreed. These guys are old enough to vividly remember a time before MLS had Canadian teams. Kids a few years younger grew up with packed soccer stadiums in Canada always having been a thing. I think that has to make some sort of difference.
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