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  1. To add a tiny bit to what @baulderdash77just said, the new BC league is starting up next year as well. Hopefully that can help develop players in the west like L1O and PLSQ have done in their provinces.
  2. My thoughts. 1. Yeah, there is no way there are that many piss bags, perfectly resealed to only explode when they hit the ground. 95%+ are water, and likely 100%. 2. The cap thing is definitely about not being able to reclose your bottle. Even if you don't take a drink, if you throw an open bottle at the field, it will be mostly empty by the time it gets there and not nearly the same damage can be done as a closed, full, heavy bottle. I've been hit in the back of the head/neck by a closed plastic water bottle at a concert before. It didn't do damage to me, but it definitely didn't feel nice and it shocked/confused me. 3. The madness that went on in El Salvador absolutely has to be stopped. That is outrageous. 4. With number 3 above said, I watched some of that game and thought to myself that I hope our players watch that. So many times the bags were landing right next to Mexican players and they weren't even flinching, including during the penalty they scored on. You hope it doesn't happen when we get there, but you've got to be prepared to just get on with your game if it does happen.
  3. This is true, but based on what I found back when I was crunching my own numbers, the difference is miniscule. Like it might not even change the tenth of a point column. The difference between using the "start of window" number vs the "1 game later" number is definitely in the fraction of a point, rather than a full point kind of scale. Especially with the massive assumption/approximation of all other countries staying at the same point level, it doesn't matter one bit.
  4. Yeah, it's a fools errand to try to guess who will emerge in the next few years. Which players did we see coming 2+ years before their national team debut? Probably pretty much only the dual nationals that held out. I'm not going to go one by one through our recent squads to see where they all were a couple years before their national team debut, but there are definitely lots of examples, and I would guess the majority of them weren't the type of guys people were saying they would be with the team a couple years later.
  5. I love De Ro, but how long before he isn't even in the the top 5 in scoring? By the 2026 World Cup could we have all of Larin, David, Cavallini, Davies, and Buchanan ahead of him? Maybe a surprise player emerging, like Corbeanu, Jebbison, Flores, or someone else? Probably hard for someone that hasn't scored any goals yet to catch up that quick (without Nations League qualifying, or WCQ against minnows in that time), but I think it's possible De Ro is outside the top 5 by 2026, or maybe by the end of the 2026 World Cup.
  6. I haven't listened to that video, but I have never gotten the sense that Sharman is a Euro snob at all. I worked at The Score years ago, when he had a famous/infamous interview with Jonathan De Guzman, talking about his brother's interest in joining the CMNT growing. We had an office party shortly after that and I chatted with him for probably 10-20 minutes about the game in Canada. He knows about the guys you are referring to and is absolutely supportive of the local game (heck, he was in that Support Local Football video from years ago that was just linked in another thread). I am interested in watching the video, despite not liking the other 2 guys. I expect a lot of cringing on my part.
  7. Support local football! But with baseball, who cares... whatever.
  8. Thanks for the Armitage and Wileman shout outs @Joe MacCarthy, I forgot them somehow. Some googling tells me Brian Budd is probably who you are referring to by "Budgie". He's before my time, I know of him but didn't realize he was a commentator.
  9. This doesn't directly equate to their strengths as a commentator, but I have a question. If you can have 1 Canadian soccer commentator (past or present) over to watch a national team game with you at your house, who is it? Leggat, Rauter, Dobson, Reed, Wheeler, or someone else? For me it would be Wheeler easily. And no cheating by saying something like "Wheeler so that he isn't doing the commentary on the broadcast!"
  10. Having others share your excitement is one of the big draws of sports. If you had a choice between watching that Canada vs Panama game as the only spectator, or being with 26,000 other fans, it is more exciting with the 26,000 other fans. It doesn't tell you how to feel, but it magnifies your emotions. "Since one year we have seen games on TV with the best clubs in the world and the best players in the world, and it was so boring, and it's still so boring, because the fans are not there – the fans singing, jumping, supporting their teams." That quote is from (apparently) mindless, emotionless Eric Cantona.
  11. Yeah, the 3rd and 4th place teams right now weren't even supposed to be in the hex under the original plan.
  12. The goal so good it got me to like a Cathal Kelly article (although I had the same beef as nam above). I never thought I'd see the day. The best part of the article. "Apparently, he saw a ball a couple of postal codes away and thought to himself, “Oh look. That one’s for me,” and hit his internal thrust button."
  13. Great in theory until you realize that would mean a couple people wearing Panama jerseys.
  14. And I'm caught up. Outstanding game last night. I had very confused emotions when I showed up to the game an hour before kickoff to see the monstrous lines snaking throughout the parking lot and around the stadium. Took 45 minutes for me to get in, but at least I was able to see the kickoff, unlike thousands of others. It certainly was a night to remember. I hope the tickets for the Edmonton games go on sale promptly. I feel like there is a real buzz about this team now. It would be amazing if Edmonton could pack in the fans into that huge stadium to keep this momentum going!
  15. 30:45 into the video. Canada has just equalized. I don't speak Spanish but I get the sense they are talking about who scored, was it an own goal, etc. At exactly 3:50 they do a close up of one of the guys as he looks like he wants to smash something and he cracks open a beer (or pop, I don't know, but it's better to imagine that's when the drinking starts for them). Made me chuckle.
  16. This probably belongs more in the Panama game thread, but I haven't caught up to it, and I do plan on doing that. But this morning on Sportscentre it began with something like this (going from memory so not exactly correct). "Big night last night, with 5 Canadian teams starting their NHL seasons, but first..." and they proceeded to show highlights and talk about the Canada vs Panama game for 7 minutes. I know it has been a gradual shift, but I can't help but think back to 15 years ago, 30 years ago, when a Canada game on a slow day in sports would get a 20 second blurb very late in the show. Leading off the show on (essentially) opening night for the NHL, and spending that much time on it. It's amazing. The hype is real!
  17. I am definitely hoping the USA beat Costa Rica. Costa Rica are too close behind us (only 1 point!) for my liking. I don't want them to be let back in. So far Canada and Costa Rica have both beaten El Salvador at home, tied Honduras (us at home, them on the road), tied Jamaica (us on the road, them at home). We tied the USA, they tied Panama. We got a draw against Mexico, while Costa Rica lost to Mexico. The margin between the two of us is razor thin at the moment, deprive them of points! I said this before, probably in another thread, if other teams get draws in USA, that nullifies our good result in Nashville.
  18. This feels like the biggest game for the CMNT since 1993, with all due respect to 2000. I am equal parts nervous and excited right now.
  19. Why wait until lunch? It says "Oatmeal" on that can, so you can have it for breakfast!
  20. 2018 Mexico after 5 games: 4 wins 2014 Mexico after 5 games: 1 win 2006 Mexico after 5 games: 4 wins 2002 USA after 5 games: 4 wins 1998 Mexico after 5 games: 3 wins On the negative side, the 2014 Mexican team that only had 1 win after 5 games (like us) advanced by finishing 4th, and then winning in the intercontinental playoff. On the positive side, it's also worth noting that all 5 of those teams made it out of the group stage of the World Cup, including the 2002 USA team making it to the quarter finals.
  21. I'm not an expert, and won't be able to list players, but I feel like it's common for young players to be attached to higher levels than they ever end up being capable of. These young players aren't typically considered already there, the hope/assumption has to be that they will improve. But some players maybe just peak early, and can't continue to get better. Just like in the Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty thread, it's clear he wasn't signed to a first team contract when they thought he could contribute. They signed him with the hope/belief that he will continue to progress and become better than he already is. If that doesn't pan out, the teams the player signs with get less, and less, impressive. I said I won't be able to list players, but I'll give one example. Freddy Adu went from MLS to Benfica, and then just tumbled further and further down.
  22. Let's re-evaluate the original question for this thread. Should Christine have retired in 2018? Let's see, since then... 1. She became the all time leading goal scorer in international soccer. 2. She won an Olympic gold medal. 3. She is up for the Ballon d'Or. I think she made the right decision to not retire.
  23. A friend asked and got me curious. What time would they open doors for fans? Would they be ready to sell food at the same time?
  24. Yeah, absolutely he deserves credit for that. I've always liked Herdman. Anyways, I have no idea how to evaluate the best coach in CONCACAF. Do you just pick the coach of the best team? Do you pick the one whose team outperforms expectations? If it's the latter, maybe it's the Montserrat coach? Or how about El Salvador or Panama? They were picked by a lot to be bottom of the oct and are now doing quite well. Panama in fact have beaten USA, tied Mexico and Costa Rica, and smashed Jamaica in Jamaica. Maybe Herdman is the best manager in CONCACAF. I have no idea. I hope he gets us a big win on Wednesday!
  25. I don't really care which coach is the best in CONCACAF, but to play devil's advocate for Berhalter, his list of results is more than 2 games. If Canada/Herdman had won the Nations League and the Gold Cup, I don't think we would forget about it so quickly. So it's only fair to remember that Berhalter won those tournaments with the USA.
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