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  1. I don't think they got any press, but I remember scoreboard watching the CSL when TFC played their U19 academy team there (before TFC II existed, and before the CSL match fixing scandals got the league desanctioned). One year I think his name was Stefan Vukevic lead the league in scoring and I thought that meant he would have a future with TFC. The next year Mark Wadid lead the league in scoring and I thought that meant he would have a future with TFC. I don't think either of them actually got close. Jury is still out on this new class until they start producing at the pro level. Even all
  2. I like reading these threads after games that I have no idea what happened in. It's like a puzzle trying to figure out what might have happened, what the score might have been, etc. Fun times.
  3. I missed a pretty big chunk of the game today, but this team still doesn't show much promise offensively. Things should be helped with Lawrence and Huitema in the lineup, but it's definitely something that needs to be improved.
  4. Great news that Barrie's got their L1O team now! I'm not too happy about a potential 2nd team though to split the fanbase. It's already hard enough to get fans out to games in L1O, I think it would be easier if they could be united under one team. But I have no idea why the split happened or which team would be the better option for L1O. I hope it all works out for the best!
  5. While it would be great if the game could be in Canada, this is at least encouraging that the game will likely happen. Next we wait and see who is allowed to come play, and then we wait for the game to actually happen.
  6. I would rather it be an all CONCACAF tourney.
  7. Yeah, I figure either the missing part is missing deliberately to allow some "creativity" or it's just complex enough that they couldn't be bothered to write it out to share with everyone. I played around a bit last night on some guesses, and the more I think about it the more I think the best I can do is get in good guesses.
  8. That might mean something, and it might not. It's not like Feyenoord has 100% roster turnover every year to sign all their U19 academy team. For all we know he is there as a favour to his dad, who happened to play over 100 games for the senior team.
  9. Seriously though, this kid just turned 14? Too early to bother getting any hopes up.
  10. His dad was a MF too, and I'm not talking about the soccer position.
  11. OK, I finally got around to looking into how the CONCACAF rankings are calculated. It started out promising, with a formula, and some definitions of the variables in the formula, until we got to the last variable. They don't give enough information. https://concacaf-cloudinary.corebine.com/concacaf-production/image/upload/v1535044241/concacaf-prod/assets/Concacaf_Men_s_National_Team_Ranking_Overview.pdf "E = Expected result of the match The expected odds of a match are based on the ranking difference between the two teams and the home field advantage." It goes on to say that E =
  12. Not sure if I missed something, but if you legit can't find it, three dots on the top right of your comment.
  13. I don't know why I didn't come to this conclusion when I initially read your comment, but I think this means I need to look into CONCACAF rankings next. Maybe tomorrow. Will have to look up how they are calculated.
  14. True! I had forgotten that, thanks. And of course if we do end up getting a guaranteed spot for the 2026 World Cup, our FIFA ranking doesn't matter until qualifying for 2030. Although I suppose for draws for the actual World Cup proper, if we qualify for 2022 it would be used to determine our pot I believe. I think hosts are usually put in the top pot, so our ranking might not matter for 2026 World Cup proper.
  15. I guess with that wording it's true for me too, but before March 2020 I didn't realize I even needed to have a desire for scheduled games to actually happen. Conversely, if things had been normal for the last year and we found ourselves in this spot (basically roster excitement and the lowering of the bar to an 8 team final round rather than 6 team) I would probably be more excited for these games than any since a certain game in Honduras. But as it stands since I'm not certain the games will actually happen I haven't been looking forward to the games nearly as much as any competitive CMN
  16. I just calculated it. We would get about 19.5 points for winning our 4 games against Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Aruba, and Suriname. If everyone elses rankings stay the same that would move us from 72 up to 68 in the world, passing South Africa, El Salvador (important to move past CONCACAF rivals), Iraq and Bulgaria. Of course if those nations gain points as well, we might not pass them, and we could pass others that drop points.
  17. Rankings don't get us into the Gold Cup, but the teams that do qualify are then put into pots for a Gold Cup draw to determine the groups. For example, if we get our ranking into the top 4 in CONCACAF, we won't have to deal with having Mexico or USA in our group (assuming they are still ranked in the top 4 as well of course). We were in the 2nd pot for the 2021 Gold Cup draw (6th ranked among qualified teams) and ended up drawing USA's group. That makes it very difficult to win the group, so if we finish 2nd in our group we will have to face a group winner. So rankings are still a big deal, bu
  18. I guess the next time rankings actually matter will be for determining pots for the 2023 Gold Cup. 2021 Gold Cup has already been drawn.
  19. Is the job actually 40 hours? I agree with the idea that it is likely hard to fit in another job during the season, but I'd be surprised if it is actually a 40+ hour work week, even with the travel. I don't remember the numbers exactly, but I remember being surprised a few years ago when mlssoccer.com posted an article about when an MLS player's schedule is like. I feel like a lot of days were something like 2 hours or maybe 4 hours. You can only work out so much, and I'm sure it gets to a point where too much video review is just a wasted effort (can you imagine being coached for like 6 hours
  20. Highlights from the game for anyone like me that missed it. That was a nice hit from Davies on the third! But yeah, he totally lost his guy on the third against.
  21. I'm going to sidestep a chance to rant about VAR to say, we have a World Champion on our national team. That's the first time we have ever been able to say that about a soccer player.
  22. Just like in the PEI bubble last summer, you test people before they come, you test them a couple more times when they arrive. Then you've got a bunch of people that aren't infected, in an area where there are virtually no infections, and a large percentage of people vaccinated (50%? 60%? something high like that by end of May). I really don't think this will happen, but it would be cool. Just like it was neat for PEI since they don't get major sports there (although very few people got to go to games last year), it would be neat for somewhere in the territories to get the games this summ
  23. Here me out on this. The north! Very low COVID numbers (Ex: 8 new cases in 2021 in NWT, with 32 cases in total 2020+2021) and a high vaccination rate 29k shots administered per 100k population compared to 2k or 3k shots administered per 100k population in most provinces. If there is anywhere that would have met a "herd immunity" threshold by late May, it would likely be one of the territories. Put a pop up stadium in Yellowknife or something with a couple thousand seats and they might even be able to sell tickets without any restrictions. Obviously you won't get a full stadium every game,
  24. I thought they closed the comments on a couple articles that had some offensive comments (during MLS Is Back, when the BLM movement was most at the forefront), but didn't close it for everything until sometime in the offseason.
  25. Yes, it was sarcasm. Someone (MtlMario I think?) said we need to not be afraid of minnows, El Hombre pointed out a result that indicates Bermuda demands some respect as an opponent, and then you questioned if they are actually that good, which I interpreted as trying to undermine El Hombre's point, which is to say you seemed to be arguing that Bermuda doesn't deserve to be taken all that seriously. As you know, we have a long history as a country of coming up with draws against minnows, so we don't really have the luxury of taking games lightly, especially against a team that has had a nu
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