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  1. Don’t do it guys! This sounds like a suicide pact.
  2. I think Piette can make it. If Hutch keeps playing, it looks like he will be more selective, so I don’t think he gets to 100. Davies and David are more likely to get to 100 than Piette, but I still like Piette’s chances of doing it.
  3. Henry's mistake against Cuba was getting sent off when it was 1-0 in the 55th minute. I looked up the highlights but they are terrible. It was apparently a second yellow (I didn't remember that) that from the replay this shows looked maybe a bit soft, but probably too aggressive for someone already on a yellow. I can't remember if his first yellow was stupid or not. I just remember that like Obinna, it was the last straw for me. I have a Henry jersey and I have defended him for years, but that was it for me. I hope he can cut out the mistakes, but I'll believe it when I see it.
  4. I went to the start of this thread to remind myself of Elva's birth year and saw this comment. It was very much true when it was said 6 years ago, but I'm glad to see Davies breaking that trend!
  5. It’s more than that. I think they also need to be more willing to call fouls where the fouled player doesn’t go to ground, and giving out yellow cards after advantage has been played. The fact these things are so rare kind of forces the hand of players to go down easy.
  6. Wikipedia is telling me that although Milan’s parents are Serbian, he was born in Croatia. Would he have qualified for either nation perhaps?
  7. I think you missed the Turkish parts. I am curious about the Turkish verses, if anyone is willing and able to translate into English.
  8. I think of the bridge expression as being about taking risks or doing something dangerous. I don’t think anyone on any “side” would say that removing safety precautions to host games that can’t even let fans in as being the safe option. Maybe you think it is a risk worth taking, but that makes your choice of analogy a poor one. But maybe that’s a connotation that I associate it with that you don’t.
  9. Did you find the lyrics in English somewhere?
  10. Our all-time cap leader (JDG, also has anyone else played in La Liga, or at least had as many appearances as him?) is from Toronto, and so is our all-time goal scoring leader (DeRo). 2nd place for caps is a tie between a guy from Toronto (Stalteri) and a guy from a suburb of Toronto (Brampton).
  11. The USA has been better at producing players than us for a long time, and they have just gotten Pulisic who I would say is probably the only player they have ever had in roughly the same territory as Davies. That is to say, I doubt that we suddenly found a magic switch and will be getting a new superstar every 2 to 5 years. I hate to say it but our next superstar might not have been born yet. I only caught parts of the U17 games, but from that bunch my picks for most potential would probably be Nelson or Russell-Rowe, but both of them seemed at least a bit less impressive than Tabla at that age.
  12. For what it’s worth, I agree completely that CPL should follow IFAB and the world in this. I was speaking in terms of if the soccer world as a whole should adopt the rule permanently.
  13. Pros: -More playing opportunities for young players -More rest for players to help prevent fatigue/injuries -Overall faster pace of play with more fresh legs -More opportunities to get in the game for specialized players (players only effective in 1-ish position) Cons: -Gives more of an advantage to big/rich nations/clubs -Will hurt the "jack of all trades, master of none" player, as less tactical flexibility will be needed since you could swap out half the team -Although faster play, less "fresh vs tired" match ups (because I imagine defensive substitutions would become more popular) might result in fewer goals late on in games Not sure if it's pro or con: -Coaching adjustments will change. I'm not sure if it will be easier or more difficult for a coach. With more substitutions from a bigger bench, you have more permutations that you could go to mid-game, but you also maybe don't have to take as much consideration to the starting lineup in order to allow for a path to your plan B with just 3 substitutions. I'm not a coach, so I don't know what is more significant. My opinion: I don't think I actually have one. I'm not for or against this change. I'm definitely for it in the pandemic, compressed schedule, era. After that, I'm not too bothered either way. I AM for the extra (4th) substitution in extra time though.
  14. Great point. Using that same logic I would like to suggest we move on from David and Davies, because by the time the 2038 World Cup comes around they won't be at the same level anymore. We should stick to calling players that don't age beyond their prime.
  15. Haaland was one of the five nominees. So he was definitely eligible, and Davies beat him out.
  16. That article seems to say he is no longer with Media Pro, and they paid a fine before they were involved with the CPL. So this probably doesn’t damage them any more than it already did before they hooked up with CPL. Thanks for sharing though.
  17. I enjoyed that From Stone video. Thanks for pointing us to it Ozzie.
  18. I always mention the cities too, but it's annoying. It would be so much easier to be able to say "Hamilton Forge" or "Winnipeg Valour", or opting to just shorten it to "Hamilton" or "Winnipeg". But instead I feel like I have to say "Forge which is the team from Hamilton". And I've got to keep saying that until I'm pretty sure that the person in question is going to remember where the heck Forge is from. If I just call them Hamilton and the person happens to look up the standings or schedule, they are going to be confused because there isn't any mention of a Hamilton. My context isn't so much for at a game, it's when I am talking about the league. So maybe I have a short conversation with someone about it, then weeks later, I have another and have to remind them where these teams are from. It's annoying and makes me a bit self conscious about promoting the league to others.
  19. I'm hoping it's because they are so serious about going to CPL that they have done their homework and realize that the CPL doesn't seem to like city names in their club's names. I've said it before, I would rather the teams have locations in their name, but it does fit the mold set by the original teams.
  20. Just like I hope Tristan Borges and the other CPL grads do well in their new teams to show CPL can be a viable pathway to bigger opportunities, I hope 1812 FC is successful in their goal of becoming a CPL team to show that L1O and D3 leagues in general can be a path to CPL franchises. It would be great to someday have AS Blainville and FC London and who knows who else come to the CPL.
  21. This article is kind of related to this thread topic. https://canpl.ca/video/canpl-ca-debate-which-canwnt-player-will-be-the-most-important-for-the-new-era I'm surprised Kadeisha Buchanon didn't get mentioned. All three women that were picked are deserving, but I'm still surprised there wasn't at the very least an honourable mention for Buchanon. Maybe it's just a matter of people taking her for granted at this point, or not prioritizing defense. If I had to pick a top 3 I would probably drop Fleming, and have mine be Buchanon, Lawrence, Huitema, in that order.
  22. So it took him 37 years to get to 21.6, so that is about 1.7 years per physiological age years. I guess that means he will be hitting his physical prime when he is about 47. Too bad he is going to peak after the 2026 World Cup .
  23. So is Jeremy Hall the first player? I think I have missed the press conference, but the video on 1812fc.com seems to feature Jeremy Hall if I have correctly ID'd him.
  24. Would they be able to stop them? If someone was trying to use the name for a multi-sport competition of course, but for the name of a soccer team can they block the name? Are Olympique Lyonnais and Olympique Marseille OK because they got their names in before some sort of copyright came in?
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