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  1. Saprissa is tough but they avoid any Mexican teams until the semi finals at least. LAFC got a horrible draw. They could theoretically play a Mexican team in every round.
  2. El Salvador is currently 16 points ahead of us. 4 wins during FIFA windows against teams ranked even with us would get us 20 points. So if El Salvador stay where they are, or of course if they drop points we don’t strictly “need” to play higher ranked teams or any games outside the March and June windows. But of course if El Salvador is able to gain more points by the end of the June window we would need wins against higher ranked opponents, or more than 4 wins etc. It is impossible to know what we actually “need”. I personally don’t know what the best strategy would be exactly, but we do need to play something because even though El Salvador could drop below us by themselves theoretically, they would no doubt stop playing friendlies if they see we aren’t playing.
  3. Just thinking about possibilities for what @Aird25 mentioned. Perhaps when the first tier is full and teams would "expand" into the 2nd tier they could do something like this. Say the expansion fee is $10 million for the last team that got in the first tier. Maybe a team can expand into the 2nd tier for that same (or similar) $10 million price, but a portion of that is deferred to if/when they promote to the top tier. So maybe they pay $2 million to play in the 2nd tier, then 10 years later they qualify for promotion to the top tier. If they choose to accept the promotion, they pay the remaining $8 million (likely over a period of years, I imagine all these expansion fees are paid over years, just like player transfer fees tend to be).
  4. Yeah, that is a tie breaker at best rather than something players would seek out. Would you say places like Finland and Sweden get a lot of good imports because of the quality of life there?
  5. I didn't listen to the podcast, but from the quote you have there he sounds correct. With Nations League games there are less friendlies needed, and with the new World Cup qualifying format, at least for the teams on the bubble, the friendlies that are being played are more meaningful, i.e. less meaningless.
  6. Yeah, I'd like to know too. Or know at what time in the podcast at least that he talks about it. I don't have an hour sitting around waiting to be used on a podcast just to confirm he will say something like "more games for minnows! Less games against minnows for giants! We all know there are only 6 teams in the conversation for a World Cup spot anyways". OK, I don't think he would say that last part.
  7. I thought when you said this... you were saying we need friendlies in January. But this... sounds like you don't want us to have friendlies? What am I missing here?
  8. Yes, but Scandinavian countries have a winter break, so players that are based there could come to a January camp. For example, a few years ago we played against Iceland (maybe even 2 games?) in January and they sent a team of mostly domestic based players.
  9. Updated with this weeks CONCACAF League championship result. Saprissa and Motagua drew in the second leg, so Saprissa are the champs. The point that Motagua got took HON1 passed PAN2. Like I alluded to earlier, I'm not sure if I'll update the table anymore. If people have ideas for something that would be useful with the new direction CONCACAF is taking the rankings, by all means make a suggestion. Otherwise I might just rethink it once the CCL starts up to see if I come up with anything that seems useful/fun/not too much of a pain in the neck.
  10. Not only that, Edmonton has already made the playoffs next season months before it even starts. Apparently the playoffs are all held at a single location (like the memorial cup in junior hockey if I’m not mistaken) and next year Edmonton is hosting, so they are in. This past season Saskat... chewan I think, maybe oon... won the playoffs as the host, despite finishing the season in third. It will be interesting if the host winning becomes the norm (if they continue to do things this way long term).
  11. I would love for leagues like L1O and PLSQ eventually be to CPL what USL is to MLS in terms of being a proving ground for teams to go to the next level. In the long run through straight up pro/rel, but in the nearer term for communities like Barrie to get a L1O team and have huge crowds come out to spur fully professional investment. Best of luck to you Kempenfelt Crew!
  12. I’m not sure what your Empire field point is about, especially since wasn’t it also artificial turf? As for BMO Field, playing in December and February seemed to play a big role in the poor quality of the field in 2018. Yes we haven’t had January camps for a few years, but it’s still something I would like to see happen in Vancouver since they are capable.
  13. Holy crap. Thank you for this. I hadn't heard of this, and it's incredible.
  14. And having the capability of hosting games in January or March. I'd much rather have a camp poutine match in Vancouver than in neutral site Florida on some training ground.
  15. Kurt Larson definitely said the cap is under a million on a One Soccer broadcast. And if the league was getting $20 million per year on their "TV" deal, I am pretty certain they would advertise that. When they need to get people to believe their league is a big deal, why would they leave out a datapoint like that which indicates it is in fact a big deal. Anyways, just a few days left in November, and we passed that 30 day mark that Ozzie re-quoted recently. I think I am officially not getting my hopes up for rumors of expansion announcements unless/until there is a countdown on the canpl.ca website.
  16. This thread reminded me to unsubscribe for the off-season. When you unsubscribe they make you choose a reason, but nothing fit my actual reason. It would have been nice to have an option to type in a message to them. Also, they didn't send a confirmation email or anything (yet at least) and it looks like I can still cancel my unsubscription, but nothing to let me confirm it? I feel like I'm going to get billed for another month.
  17. Nations that have won CL or CCL: Mexico Costa Rica Honduras Nations that have 3+ spots in continental play: Mexico USA Costa Rica Honduras Panama El Salvador Guatemala Caribbean So I ask, why would Canada need to outright win CL before getting another spot? Why should we be held to a higher standard than all those nations in bold above?
  18. The only other one I have dreamed up is London.
  19. Yeah, maybe they had some hope of getting another investor but in the end couldn't convince them. I never planned on going to a game, but it's still not good news for a team to fold.
  20. Article about the expansion. Doesn’t mention where teams will play. I hope North Toronto will be back at Varsity stadium! https://www.league1ontario.com/news_article/show/1065917
  21. Any format where the number of representatives isn’t calculated by previous results doesn’t get my vote. And if we have to choose who gets in, having a Caribbean team in and no Central American teams is something that needs to be corrected, not perpetuated.
  22. The host doesn't take up their region's spot. So Asia has 4.5 spots, plus 1 for the host. That means that Qatar getting in doesn't push down a stronger Asian team to the half spot. To answer your original question, there will supposedly be a draw "at a later date" to determine which confederations playoff against which.
  23. From TFC: "Toronto FC has not exercised options on goalkeeper Caleb Patterson-Sewell, defender Ashtone Morgan, midfielders Aidan Daniels, Ryan Telfer and forward Jon Bakero." "we also remain in contact with Nico and Ashtone regarding a potential return to the team for 2020." Source: https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2019/11/21/toronto-fc-announces-roster-decisions-conclude-2019-season
  24. A while back (maybe even in this thread) I did look at historical results. I don't remember exactly what I found, but it was something like every team that qualified for the World Cup in the hex era was in the top 6 in rankings at the time of the draw. There might have been an exception, but typically it would be that 5 out of the 6 top ranked teams ended up in the hex, and all of the teams that qualified was one of the top 6 teams before qualifying. That must be the kind of thing they were looking at, but it's still utter BS in my opinion. Even the Nations League results I suppose could be used to support either side. On one hand, there were lots of upsets. On the other, the 4 teams that made it to the semi finals of League A are the 4 teams that were seeded at the top. Edit: I found it on page 13 of this thread. "In the last 4 World Cup cycles, the teams that won the 3.5 spots were all ranked in the top 6 based on when the seeding was taken. Only 4 teams out of the 24 top 6 teams over those 4 World Cups didn't make it to the hex (Cuba in 2014 was replaced by Panama, Panama in 2010 was replaced by El Salvador, Honduras and Jamaica in 2006 were replaced by Guatemala and Panama). I didn't go earlier because the data was getting harder to dig up"
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