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  1. Tied for 1st with 7 goals in Ligue 1. Labored of Rennes has 1 assist which technically puts him in front. If Yilmaz converts a few of his chances David would have had a few assists this season
  2. There is absolutely zero chance Tabla would break into the IC squad based on his current form regardless of what the FIFA rankings are right now
  3. It's too early to know where JMR is best positionally. He appears to have good soccer IQ and passing skills and if speed is not his forte, attacking central mid may suit him better....but again, he just needs a lot more playing time. Just look at how Tajon and Johnston have progressed over the past 1+ year.
  4. Phonzie definitely pulled up a bit around the 24' mark in the Bayern game. He must have felt a tightness or twinge in his leg. Given that, the score and his recent workload, it made total sense for Bayern to sub him out. I'm actually happy that Bayern are resting their most valuable asset.
  5. Larin provides an aerial threat which we need. Also helps defend corners/ set pieces. Him and Cav if healthy will be a big plus in window 3
  6. With the amount of coverage and attention the Davies' goal is receiving it's critical that players like Tajon, David, Larin & Laryea continue their strong play and even step it up a bit. Phonzie was already getting 2/3/4 players converging on him pre Panama.
  7. Adekugbe started and went 76' for Hatayspor in a 2-1 win over Gaziantep. Score was 2-0 when Sam was subbed off. Hatayspor is now in 2nd place after 9 games
  8. Apologies, a bit late posting these pic of the CMNT bus arrival and the V's truck at the game:
  9. Surprised there has not been much talk about Adekugbe. Thought he was solid in all his appearances in this and the last window. He fits in well with the squad especially since Davies is now playing further up the field.
  10. If Drake starts wearing "Wheeler shirts" we know he's a genuine CMNT fan. Wonder if he asks Phonzie if he can meet Gareth after the next game?
  11. Anyone else getting drunk on all the media coverage the CMNT is getting? It must be especially sweet for many Vs who have been hard core supporters pre 2000.
  12. As long as Atiba can walk, he will be on the squad if we make it to Qatar. He's a Canadian legend and respected by the current young guns. His experience is invaluable to a young squad even if he does not play a major role on the field.
  13. Herdman described Phonzie's goal as something out of the Matrix. That's pretty accurate. The Toronto star reported that Davies is the best known Cdn sportsperson...outside Canada. In Canada he's not close! That should change soon. Despite a +37km/hr sprint for 80 yards and an amazing finish Davies did not look fatigued....most 100M sprinters collapse at the finish line. He's got an amazing motor.
  14. It might be worth it to fly Doneil down for that game to stretch at the corner flag?
  15. Lol ..did anyone else notice Oso and Cooper embracing during that melee like long lost friends (TFC) at a reunion?
  16. 100%. Not a fan of influencers ( just pissed I have to work hard to earn my money) but you cant ignore their impact on what drives trends and sales. The CSA desperately needs an infusion of sponsors, new fans and improved cash flow.
  17. If Cathal Kelly has jumped on the CMNT bandwagon it's proof positive that this team is turning heads....I could say more but I will refrain
  18. Given that the Nov 2 game window will be the first for our supercharged CMNT in Alberta since ??...when was the last time our team played a WCQ there? The weather will be an issue but....
  19. There were a ton of young people at the game. A lot of kids but also big groups of young men that were really getting into it in the east stands. There was a time as recent as 2018 WCQ where the only noise and chants came fron the Vs in the south end...no more. The east stand was rocking all night long. This team is changing the game and fan base in our country!
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