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  1. Haven't watched Mexico this GC but they normally attack the flanks & especially on the counter? How would packing our midfield deal with that? The way our wingbacks play in a 3-5-2 there's not much defensive cover out wide
  2. I really wanted Cav to start vs Mexico. You just know he would have been super pumped to play them and looked really down when the ref reached for his pocket vs CR. Cav only plays and talks one way...full metal jacket. Will never be a politician or win the lady Byng trophy. Was his tackle reckless and stupid? Yes, but that's just the type of player he is. What you see is what you get. We will miss him
  3. Kennedy has only played 3 games for us and not vs teams like CR or USA, but his ability on the ball, passing and pace look very good. Again its not fair to compare him to Miller given his 3 games. Miller is just beginning to get steady starter minutes at CFM. Lets hold off and see where both are in a few months.
  4. It certainly looks like Eric Tenllado has leap frogged Biello as a key assistant coach
  5. John is on a mission here. He's fully in and so are the players. If he takes us to the WC he knows that will be a massive statement for Canada and for his CV. Dont think he's going anywhere just yet. He seems to be really enjoying his time as CMNT head coach and proving many of us wrong!
  6. I think the real challenge will be not so much who starts but who gets left off the 23 man squad for WCQ, assuming all are available. The performances at this GC is going to make that a very difficult decision for JH and his staff......but that's what you want.
  7. Similar play to the one from Arfield to Davies vs USA at home in CNL, that one was closer to goal.
  8. There was also the 0-0 game at BMO during the Floro era... a rare GC game played in Canada think it was 2015?
  9. That's Eric Tenllado our U15 coach. He has coached in Spain, solid CV and has done a good job with our U15s
  10. Which probably means that JH is going to stay with a 3-5-2 or at least 3 at the back
  11. We started with 20 outfield players...Davies, Larin and Ayo are out injured. That leaves 17. Sturing and Paton, who just started training with the squad, have not played yet. Theo and Pasher have barely played...so 13 players left. That leaves 2 players on the bench who have had decent minutes (Piette or Kaye and Henry or Miller if Johnston starts at RCB). Unless Paton really impresses in training, I cannot see him thrown in vs CR. We would be crazy to not call in Tesho and one of Guti/ZBG
  12. CSA needs to make friends with the Qatari Football Federation
  13. I would rather play ES in the US vs San Salvador. They would still have fans but probably not ramped up as the ones in ES and the field conditons have to be much better. Plus no security or covid issues for travelling teams. It's a win win as ES gets to make some money with fans in the stadium in the US.
  14. Sam did score a screamer for our youth team off a free kick from the right side. The ball was teed off for him by a right back that was playing for a lower English team, could have been Crawley Town?
  15. If anyone is still concerned about Herdman's CV take a look at Theodore Whitmore. He's done a pretty good job with Jamaica and he did not have high level coaching experience before his appointment. That early goal was unacceptable and should never happen (it looked like the US practiced that play btw) but the positive tactical shift in game was something Herdman has not handled well before and that's a big plus going forward. I do think the hiring of Remko Bicenti is paying dividends. We may not have deserved a win but we did deserve a tie.
  16. I don't know if Theo should have gotten more minutes or not but one has to wonder was it worth him missing preseason with Wolves to sit on our bench?
  17. Herdman needs to put his foot down and call Tesho and Guti. Our bench is depleted. Plus Theo and Pasher have barely played. God forbid if we have more injuries leading up or during the next game.
  18. Perhaps he has a bit of a knock?
  19. CR it is v Canada. I think we match up better against them but we need to score first as this is a vet CR team and they really know how to work the clock
  20. CR keeper just got red carded! Handling the ball outside the box
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