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  1. Still pissed off. We were out coach again when it mattered. the lose to Haiti put us in this hole, this lose was the nail in the coffin. It’s a big fuken deal, we now go on to play minnows for the foreseeable future instead of competitive match’s against the best in our region. Making the Hex would have been massive for the program and players alike
  2. I understand you are not impressed with the level of this cup match. But Eustaquio was brought into the national team bcs of his quality and he deserves the call (without question).
  3. Frankly I’m a bit disappointed. We should have won a draw at minimum and this would have kept us in the hunt. a failing grade for John Herdman. But we will go on smashing small Caribbean and second tier Central America countries now...and listen to Preacher John tell us about great successes.
  4. Max should have cleared the ball to safety or tipped over the bar. Instead, he missed the ball..bounces off the cross bar while our defenders watch
  5. As does everything, comes down to money.
  6. Good point! Agreed. Hoping we can get our hands on game film, even if after the games are done. Go get 3 wins gents!
  7. Caps didn’t want to release Cav. Really disappointed in this. CSA requested a release for many more of the guys, clubs didn’t agree to it.
  8. Ownership and supporters deserve better. Great opportunity for Winnipeg to be a flagship club.
  9. We have our World Cup qualifications on the line and we are calling for U17, and all sorts of experimental selections. SMH this is camp “win”, not camp poutine...fully knowing the significances i struggle to understand why the fck anyone on this board considers it anything else
  10. I do not think this will be our traditional camp poutin. We need a god damn win and everyone is aware of this. First hand, the CSA have asked a handful of clubs to release players for the match. Some will refuse, others will agree.
  11. Can Simeon still bag goals at the right level? CPL bound?
  12. Legendary photo! Whats your take on the new manager and how will it impact our man, Liam?
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