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  1. If anyone has an extra ticket for sale, lmk
  2. You have to be able to recognize and react. He doesn’t...not only do he not react quick enough, he just flat out didn’t adjust his movement in reaction to weight of pass. Watch frame-by-frame, he doesn’t react to the situation (weight of pass) and continues to motion away from the ball.
  3. Watched the first goal again and again...Borjan should have done better and could have prevented the goal. watch his movement from when the ball is touched back to him. Count his steps and the directions of his movement. Major laps in judgement, he should have recognized the weight (or lack of weight) on the pass and moved accordingly. He didn’t. Big time f ck up.
  4. And they shouldn’t have interviewed any. Raise the bar !
  5. No logic in leaving Juan off the roster for club reasons. The Chilean league is on a break and Juan has established himself with the club.
  6. Will let him hear it Sept at BMO. Encourage you all to do that same.
  7. Herdman - he was never ready. GTFO
  8. Get this guy back on the other side of the pond or in an assistants role. Not what our players deserve
  9. After the tournament Cavallini has had, when we need a goal he should be on the pitch. Ludicrous decision
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