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  1. Juan goes 90 in another 1-0 win. Sets up the lone goal
  2. 1 closed door 3x30 training match. One friendly
  3. Or at least team / players will be informed
  4. I understand our roster will be shared May 17th
  5. Statement game for Cordova. Goes 90 in a 1-0
  6. Thank you, Scotland. Cordova starting for Huachipato tonight.
  7. I encourage everyone to share feedback with Onesoccer. They will listen and everyone benefits
  8. Should we have a sub forum for all things each team with the main CPL forum? CFL.ca is a good example. Not sure if even possible and may not be the right answer but worthy of a discussion
  9. Massive day, thank you CanPL and Forge staffers for pulling this off. Professional event all around. What a vibe in section 113 and all around the stadium.
  10. Issey is a legend. Give him a cheer when he comes to your stadia
  11. “He had a two way offer from FCE Reserve. Matis made a last minute decision to stay in Quebec after all but signing the dotted line. he is training with a PLSQ club. Matis also had multi week trials with Portland and Vancouver youth clubs in late 2018.” Peter Raco, Matis’ (now former) representation
  12. We have class management, owner, football operations teams...but we came up short, hamilton is black and gold. Regretfully we are the worst suited in the league. Ny favourite to win the league still!!
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