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  1. Same story with the recent U20 and U17. We have talent, we have never had such inexperienced, self centred, managers.
  2. Really is the most frustrating thing. There is a halo around this team strictly because of the talent. Management is pushing us in the wrong directions. fck herdman
  3. Agree with the post. What do you mean by “end of the process” though?
  4. Realistically, this match can be the most significant since 2000. Back to back wins v US would be unprecedented. as Ben Knight once said, Onwards!
  5. Kaye was quite in LA’s final game. I did not watch Hutch’s most recent match but if he’s called in camp, I suspect he will start
  6. Looks like tickets are moving well. Any confirmation from the club on tickets sold or expected attendance?
  7. Would have loved to see Alan Koch take the job. Unfortunately Alan was picked up by Colorado’s USL side after exiting Cincinnati.
  8. BVI for two please. A Jamaica match up for six, so long as there is no implication for Jamaica.
  9. Will be hunting for flights next week or the following. A few items I’ll need to clear with work first to try to extend the trip a few days
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