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  1. Press Conference to be streamed lived for all! Sept 29
  2. Agreed. Very happy for Cav and the Caps last night. I think he’s just finding his way in the MLS and should be a force for any opponent to control in the box
  3. Not pushing Davies CMNT is the biggest head scratcher...
  4. Massive game for Hasal tonight!
  5. Man this guys is on absolute fire. Should be in MLS
  6. I encourage us all to be supportive in any way! I know Arty well, he is absolute class and would appreciate hearing from us YNWA brother!
  7. All things related to 1812 FC Barrie www.1812fc.com
  8. Let us know if there is anything we can do from this side of the world. you got this!
  9. I’m a big fan of Ryan and what he brings to the game. I anticipate he’ll force himself in the CMNT conversation within the year.
  10. CFL is CAD.CPL is CAD. CPL cap is $750K. This does not include housing, or car allowances. Clubs budget for ancillary compensation (e.g., house, car, food allowances) vary. Like many leagues, there is a wide range of club budgets in USLC. The top club’s budgets are substantially more than CPL budgets. The smaller clubs operate on shoestring budgets. When comparing CPL player budgets to USLC, CPL player budgets are average to above average.
  11. Big play by Joel Waterman with an assist off a corner. JW starts in the impacts first game of the year. 1-1 38 mins
  12. why the CSA isnt pumping Canadian Davies’ kits is absolutely crazy.
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