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  1. Looks like field is set for July 29th start: https://league1.e2esoccer.com/Games.aspx
  2. Any movement on this league? I haven’t heard anything
  3. General discussions on all things Simcoe County Rovers Football Club related.
  4. No chance. Grossly underestimating how much our boys care about this WCQ...Junior being no exception. There will be less crossover between WCQ and Gold Cup roster for scheduling, club, covid, etc reasons.
  5. Love it. Is there a generally accepted most sought after creator/issuer of digital cards?
  6. My mistake RE turning down a call up. You are right...but I understand this was a decision by Juan (to focus on club football as he was recently transferred) that was understood and actually supported by John Herdman All that said, that instance shouldn’t make supporters question his commitment to the national team.
  7. Cordova never turned down a call-up. The guy is dying to be involved in the national team; it’s extremely important to him. He was called up to the friendly in Victoria but obviously those were canceled. With the busy CMNT schedule this summer, I suspect we see him in the Red and White.
  8. It’s the beautiful game! Brilliant and effective move. So refreshing to see this in a CMNT game. Jogo bonito
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