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  1. What a run, pass, control, and composed finish! Congrats to you and share our support @spitfire
  2. I get your point...makes sense. But watch a few matches, the man is GOOD. Material step-up from SP. If he is fit, he should be playing.
  3. I like this. My adjustment would be swap Piette with Hutch or Eustaquio. Start Kaye at LB for the first game.
  4. Lol....long day! Looks like you’ve had a long one with Junior and Scotty missing from our XI ; )
  5. Do we have the average weekday attendance versus weekend? The clubs consistently draw in the 2000s need to change something in their marketing approach. There has to be a better way to meaningfully engage with their local football communities better. We know these clubs are sustainable at 2k a game. Gate, and general game day, revenues are significant portion of the total revenue.
  6. My understanding is the red card killed his opportunity. The plan was for him to make it into game 2 all along. Don’t be surprised if he is on the roster in October. JH rates him
  7. The game isn’t showing up on my onesoccer page. Can someone pls copy and paste a link directly from the URL
  8. Mate, have you heard of OneSoccer yet? It’s the digital platform, accessible from any device with wifi, that is broadcasting all Canada, and Concacaf LN matches, and every single match from that league we just launched called the CPL...encourage all who are complaining about the game not on TSN to support a business that is investing in our football. game day!!! Here we goooo
  9. should be a nice addition to our U23 player pool
  10. Spoke with a ticket rep today, expecting 5K which they consider a success for a game with short selling window that is not included in the season ticket package. I agree. Really looking forward to this match. If you're on the fence...make it happen. He also referenced conflicting youth practices and games on Thursday (and weekday evenings in general) are holding back sales. Highlights how important an agreement with local youth associations are, see Halifax. Albeit, I doubt there is any way to accommodate a cup game schedule a few weeks in advance.
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