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  1. If it's a loan with start requirements, I hope it's Barcelona.
  2. He's too small for TFC. If he's in the first team squad, training with the pros, than I'm all for him sticking around Liverpool and getting in the reserve squad matches.
  3. If there was a joint bid with two countries in a 32 team WC, both teams would make it. Seems silly at in a 33% larger tournament they would have a problem expanding host nation spots by 33% but I can totally see FIFA having a problem.
  4. What I’m hearing about the fifa point system is that if we’re as good of a team as we think we are, and keep chipping away at the victories by 2026 we could firmly be in a very nice position
  5. so.... anyone actually heard him talk about his national team future?
  6. Any CBs that are standouts on this team? Asking for a friend 😁
  7. Would be nice to see a couple Canadians start for Cruz Azul. Maybe a CCL run too?
  8. Also why on earth would ES and Panama schedule friendlies with us? The onus is on us to catch up to them. If they refuse to play us the only way up is by scheduling friendlies against stiffer competition.
  9. I'm surprised this hasn't come up yet. For as much as I read about our need to have friendlies against quality competition (outside of the need for FIFA points), this is a real tournament and a chance to play 10 games against very good opponents.
  10. I think it's just a lot easier mentally to come to grips missing out on a world cup because we duked it out against the best in our region but fell short than losing in a home and away against someone like Curacao.
  11. Also those CNL playoff games would carry a big amount of weight for any team able to get some points out of them (almost as much as Gold Cup Knock out stage). I don't think teams in League B have the opportunity to play this as winners would get automatic promotion.
  12. Great... and we thought this years rendition of the Gold Cup was too rigged for the US-Mexico final.. wait until next go around. "Top 2 teams in the region" get a bye to the semi's? Heck maybe top 2 teams get a bye to the final. Either way the idea will be suddenly scrapped for "fairness" reasons as soon as the US drops in rank to #3.
  13. Same ****, different cycle. Our downfall every qualifying is our seeding isn't high enough, I'm convinced our mediocre squads in the 2014 & 2018 qualifiers could have gone through if they were in Pot 3/Top 6 seeded nation (EDIT: Through to the HEX, not necessarily the WC). That being said, I don't think our NL draw could work out any better than we could have hoped. Two games against Cuba we should be able to win big and two games against a very highly ranked opponent we all believe we can get results against.
  14. Not enough Alphonso Davies aside. He was good enough for the league when came in as a 15 year old. The next season he could barely get a start even though he was among the top players on the team. It wasn't until last season that, when he was head and shoulders better than anyone else, that he managed to get starts.
  15. It's been frustrating that the Whitecaps have been so bad but haven't found a way to get him MLS minutes. Though playing with youth national teams and U23s regularly isn't a bad thing.
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