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  1. I hate to be the “narrative guy” but maybe we don’t close out this game without the Haiti defeat
  2. This was absolutely worth the trek out from Vancouver. You’re a great group out here!
  3. YES PLEASE. So pumped for this.
  4. This hurts but we can’t be too upset about it. Tomori playing here would be equivalent of Jonathan David choosing to play for the US.
  5. Nope. Not interested in Larin on the national team right now. He made everyone worse and just didn’t run. He got subbed and we went down to 10 men and looked better.. He can get looks in friendlies but we need the points now
  6. I’d be down with that. Would love if it was to a league that was on DAZN or something easy to watch
  7. My SoccerOne stream was terrible. Very unimpressed
  8. Even if he couldn’t... out of the playoffs, out of the CanChamp, nothing left to play for... play the kids. I’m having trouble trying to convince myself Simon Colyn is a member of the team and not some figment of my imagination.
  9. I'm not the biggest MAK truther on here but with no Scott, Atiba, or Stephen I really hope Kaye gets a chance to boss the midfield.
  10. He had some really nice plays but also has to be said he made some really bad ones too. Especially early (looked a little nervous) where he gave away a ball that lead to a goal. 2nd half he was excellent
  11. Good for him! I hope he eases into it and maybe gets a call by match deux vs USA
  12. I think we've seen Davies move up the depth chart. Last year he was on the bench but he seemed to be a "youth sub" (ie. get him minutes if the game is in hand). This year he looks to be the 2nd or 3rd option in close games (based off of 1 game haha) but that's a really big deal IMO.
  13. Got his first minutes of league play this year. Bayern didn't use any subs until VERY late but he was brought into a semi-attacking role (not LB) Or at least that's how it appears, I just missed catching him actually play. Promising he's getting minutes this early into the season though!
  14. Is LB really more of a position of need than CB?
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