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  1. I'm just going to pop in here and say that I'm pretty sure this is thread which put us over the top and set the wheels in motion for the FORUM to be separate from "the voyageurs". Please play nice.
  2. Yeah please don't spread Davies at left back rumours, it haunts my dreams.
  3. I like the way the schedule shaped up. IF we can take care of business against Cuba. It puts a ton of pressure on the US and they will have to play us on 4 days rest.
  4. Was that clapping thing a Nike initiative or something?
  5. Haha, I feel so inadequate. Been to 2 senior mens national teams games (both in Vancouver) and going to my first CWNT game on Saturday!
  6. Can't play MAK at LB if Davies is our LB.
  7. I'm not too concerned. I assume Nations League solves this problem going forward.
  8. Davies will likely get some "first team minutes" once the real season is over but I'm glad he's comfortable at Bayern II in the meantime.
  9. A solid liver shot is a good insurance policy though.
  10. Hasn't Hakkinen already stated he wants to play for Finland as per prior discussion on this board?
  11. That’s not good for the coaches trust =/
  12. Does Canada have the most offensive LB depth on CONCACAF? Davies AND MAK? Even the US can't compete when they play Tyler Adams at back.
  13. I know it's not likely but I hope over the next couple years he gets a stint with the CPL.
  14. Oh I love this! So proud of Liam and really glad it sounds like he worked his tail off in his start!
  15. https://m.sport1.de/tv-video/video/zu-verspielt-so-zockt-alphonso-davies-bei-bayern-ii-in-der-regionalliga-sued__r8L67S__1F_i1Q6qG1BZ_aMYC5JKCbsZ highlight pack of Davies for Bayern II. He’s wearing #9 and looks to be easily getting passed defenders.
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