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  1. Your looking at only the foul that lead to the PK. Yes he was ball watching and yes that was bad. The rest of the game he was quite solid. He had 93% pass completion, lead Montreal in duels won and tackles as well as an assist on the 2nd goal.
  2. He’s not ready to start. I would like to see Marshall-Rutty play just about every single week at about the 70th minute at RW- like clockwork. Let him get into a groove playing against grown men but also going against them a bit fatigued. He’s going to make mistakes but he’s also going to develop quickly and the consistency will be good for his development. Let him become a part time starter next season when he has one under his belt.
  3. He was mostly ok I think. He didn’t look out of place. The truth is that Laryea makes a lot of players look bad when he’s on. Marshall-Rutty delivered a pass where only Laryea could get it and then Laryea made that great move. It’s hard to be a central defender when a talented player like Laryea gets a ball in that kind of position.
  4. I agree. I think Bradley is going to have to accept some load management as he ages a bit. He’s in the TFC Pantheon of players but it’s going to be time to pass the torch. There’s 34 games, plus CCL plus Canadian Championship. So probably 42 games in total. There’s a lot of minutes to go around and they probably should plan on spacing out 2,400 minutes distributed a bit evenly so he doesn’t get hurt but also so that when he plays he can bring it.
  5. He was in far better form than the other midfielders who all looked tired. There’s no way Bradley can play every game anymore so they’re going to have to rotate and start Fraser pretty regularly this year.
  6. He had a nice 2 player interchange with Bradley in the buildup and then the nice through ball for Laryea who made an absolutely beautiful goal. Laryea is pure class in MLS but Marshall-Rutty had some nice technical play work there. He seems more of a technical, high IQ player than a pure physical player that I was expecting for a player this young in MLS.
  7. Toronto FC looks slow and tired today. Bradley is noticeably sluggish out there. I think it’s a good idea to let him sit every few games as he ages. I don’t see him playing 30+ games and staying fit at this point in his career. Auro has really been playing forward and has left Singh to fend for himself. Singh has been getting smoked back there alone.
  8. Canadians domestically: TorontoFC vs CF Montreal in the season opener: Waterman, Miller, ZBG and Piette start for CF Montreal Shaffelburg, Okello, Priso, Singh and Laryea start for TFC. I can’t remember the last time 9 Canadians started in an MLS regular season game. This seems notable.
  9. You forgot Akindele, who is still only 29 and has 219 games and 44 goals playing for MLS teams including 11 in 2019. Not to mention 17 caps and 4 goals for Canada including one in 2020. He’s not a prospect but does and should rate higher than the others if we’re talking about Performance and track record.
  10. Our team depth is way past the point of calling every player who suits up for MLS, especially for attacking players. About 6 years ago that may have been the case but our program is overflowing with options. Pasher is a nice feel good story to get into MLS at age 27; I’m really happy for him. That doesn’t put him on the radar of the national team.
  11. Luke earned that contract. Congratulations for him. I’d like to see TFC displace Zavaleta this year. The team needs some young legs defensively. hopefully Luke is up to the challenge, if not Julian Dunn, who I think is also a quality CB prospect.
  12. I think it’s probably pretty fair to say that Ontario develops a lot of high quality youth players - to the age of 16 or 17. Then there remains this big problem of how to get them to pros. There is a tremendous amount of talent coming up that either dies on the vine, goes to another country for development or gets caught in the TFC Academy quagmire. If I was a scout in Europe, Ontario is one of the great untapped markets.
  13. The problem for a lot of smaller clubs right now is that due to Covid their revenues are low; which is forcing them to sell faster than they would like.
  14. This may be the understatement of the week. The club has never before spent >€1 million on a player and they spent €2.5 million on him. Pacos is a selling team who average about €2 Million in net transfer income. They are pretty extended with his purchase and they probably have to unload him this summer or next January and they absolutely must make a maximum profit on his transfer. They will definitely be looking to get around €5 million for him to balance their budget. I expect that there’s going to be all kinds of mentions and rumours between now and the June window. There’s
  15. @El Hombre it’s usually regarded as the 5th best league. It’s my first time watching Ligue1 every week too, I watch more EPL and Champions League. I’ve been a bit disappointed as well, it’s not as clean as the other games I’ve watched. It’s similar in passing/playmaking quality to MLS but more athletic across the board.
  16. Lille also has the lowest goals against in the league as well. There are more than one way to win a championship.
  17. 2 reds in injury tIme. Way to keep it classy
  18. It looks like he got studded in the ankle/foot earlier that caused the injury. I hope it’s not serious. I’m really glad to see him get his 10th and such and important goal for Lille if they can hang on to win this.
  19. With his physical profile and disruptive playing I could see him switch over to CB. What he needs is 1st team minutes or he will stagnate on the vine like so many have at TFC.
  20. To be fair that thread was started by An American poster who comes here sometimes to troll and many on this board took the bait; while most shot it down. That tread is like an all time success troll job on this board.
  21. Everton is the kind of mid table EPL team that I honestly think would be perfect for Larin. He could get real PT and they play a good system he could fit into. I think Everton for Larin is literally THE perfect move for him.
  22. Besiktas- Canadians in Turkey. Maybe there’s a TV show for us there.
  23. I think we’re going to beat our new record of 11 goals next break. Aruba is a weak team.
  24. With our 2 wins this break Canada’s ranking will improve its rating to 1341.0 and +3 to 70th El Salvador with their win and tie will move to 1,341.1 and rise +1 on the rankings to 69th. Long term these rankings actually do matter but I can’t believe we’re going to be 0.1 rating points behind El Salvador lol. Canada has to just keep winning. edits- Honduras is at 1,364.3 and 64th ranked as the 5th place team in CONCACAF in case anyone is interested.
  25. If it’s 0-0 Canada had better watch it’s subs. We would want our best on for penalties.
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