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  1. If I were Herdman I would get an a large banner with that quote of "regional also-rans" printed on it only with a large question mark after it on the wall of the dressing room pre-match in Toronto. Drop the TedTalk Speech and tell them to let their performance be their unified response.
  2. I'd like ask our contestants once again to please refrain from using ethnic slurs.
  3. From another thread, I see he is in Fifa 20. Might have to keep a closer eye on him.
  4. What happened in SA? I thought he was projected to be a top player in this league?
  5. I spoke too soon...No Mexico to be found tonight.
  6. Great....more Mexico....just what I was looking for.... thanks!!!!
  7. So...Missed the match but I am back after coaching youth soccer...a diehard supporter here with a subscription to onesoccer. The posted schedule says the replay is on at 6:45 PST and here there is no game to be found. So frustrating. How do they expect to convert casual soccer fans when even people like me are ready to launch a remote through the window?
  8. I would suggest wine next time, mate. It's the gift that keeps on giving.
  9. The notes are worth printing in text form here, I think: Canada Soccer @CanadaSoccerEN Replying to @CanadaSoccerEN @CNationsLeague and 7 others SQUAD UPDATES James Pantemis has joined #CANMNT for the away Concacaf Nations League match in Cayman Islands on 10 September. Maxime Crépeau & Russell Teibert (day-to-day) have returned to Whitecaps FC while Junior Hoilett has returned to England (family
  10. It's interesting because this reminds me so much of discussion about what the Caps should do with Haber after his breakthrough season with the USL club at Swangard, playing in tandem with Gbeke iirc.
  11. I think both would be very disappointed to not get some minutes during this window. I would even go as far as to say a guy like Sam might consider his future participation if he is expected to regularly attend and never get PT.
  12. Yes, its absolute garbage at the moment. Like stepping back in time just without Panamanian announcers and Chinese popups.
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