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  1. Hiddink now in charge at Curacao: https://getconcacafed.substack.com/p/-former-curacao-manager-bicentini
  2. Nice save tonight vs Impact: https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/09/16/save-thomas-hasal-vancouver-whitecaps-90th-minute?autoplay=true
  3. This guy needs a Canadian cap sometime soon so we can serenade him with a version of "Jane St. Claire" by the Barenaked Ladies. The guy plays for the Loons sweet Dayne St. Clair Was dazzled by his saves while he played there...
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/09/06/red-card-mark-anthony-kaye-lafc-53rd-minute%3famp The red card is uncharacteristic, as is the recent run of poor form. Bradley's continued to show faith him and stuck with him as captain, which is some consolation. I can't help but think that this is a guy completely disillusioned with the States at the moment, a guy with a deep conscience and the heart of a social activist, and it's affecting his play in a game that may feel decidedly secondary at the moment.
  5. March 24: https://canpl.ca/article/keven-aleman-aiming-for-canmnt-recall-north-star-shield-with-fc-edmonton Not ripping into him, just genuinely curious about his chances of starring in CPL. Does he need a better team around him or is he missing something attitude-wise? He reminds me a lot of Bustos in that he has been hyped a lot at various points, pegged with a bit of a big head at times, and positionally he is very similar. They both had a sniff from a Latin American National program and, strangely, Aleman's second family name is also Bustos, apparently.
  6. So what's the verdict on Aleman? Most of the reviews have seemed positive but he hasn't dominated as much at this level as some might have hoped. Should he escape Edmonton, perhaps? Looking at that preseason article on him from the CPL site histwo stated goals for this season were to win a championship and to play himself back in the the national team.
  7. Their club name always sounds like it should be someone's long lost ancestor. Like he was the one who passed down the castle that your great grandmother was born on or something.
  8. Remind me what division they are in now?
  9. Haha. But, all valid thread-spirit-conjuring comments aside, this is a pretty big deal for Canadian soccer. Iirc the last fully-recognised Canadian to be so much as an assistant at a top-flight European League was Colin Miller at Derby County in 2007.
  10. Former Canadian international and Benfica player Fernando Aguiar will apparently be an assistant coach under Tiago Mendes this season at Vitoria de Guimares in the Portuguese top flight: https://diarioatual.com/fernando-aguiar-adjunto-de-tiago-no-v-guimaraes/
  11. I'm happy that, while a lot of the top scorers are international, most of the captains have so far been Canadians. Bodes well.
  12. Brutal. Thank you for sharing.
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