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  1. I see that the Caps have former Chelsea youth and recent Wales U21 RB Cole DaSilva in training camp. Little blurb on him sounds promising, although he seems to have played last year with Brentford B, which is decidedly less exciting than the other career notes above: https://www.brentfordfc.com/news/2019/september/cole-dasilva-wales-under-21/
  2. Yes, it's interesting....Yari is Belgian and an attacking mid, fwiw.
  3. Seems at the Belgian League Gala Awards, he was voted fifth for top player and he lost out on Most Promising Player (or something to that effect) of the season award to Yari Verschaeren of Anderlecht. Coach Jess Thorup said, "It was very nice to see all colleagues next to a competition, but of course the whole of KAA Gent hoped that Jonathan David would become the Promise of the Year . Unfortunately it should not be. Jonathan is mentally strong but if you believe that you can win something, perhaps you have already thought about what you want to say in your word of thanks and can dedicate that prize to your deceased mom, it is of course a big disappointment. He talked to him for a while and also the day after, he didn't quite understand that he finished fifth in the ranking but did not win Promising Player of the Year. Very unfortunate, but that is now in the past. Now he just has to talk back with his feet and I'm sure Jonathan will do that. " : http://www.voetbalnieuws.be/news/475673/ik-heb-met-jonathan-gepraat-hij-begreep-het-niet
  4. Sounding more and more from people like Glass City that the PSV deal is essentially done but not yet announced. I see he turns 18 in March. Does he need to a certain age before it can be made official?
  5. I didn't rate Miller nearly as high as Didic. Shaky at best.
  6. Ottawa Furious National Capital Pioneer Wizards. Has a nice ring, doesn't it?
  7. This should be the slogan plastered on the front of the next run of Voyageurs shirts. I'd buy eight.
  8. Like Rodney Dangerfield, this guy can't get any respect, so I'm just gonna start his individual thread now that he is officially an MLS contract holder. I am sucker for a small town kid and he grew up near my hometown in Aldergrove BC. Part of his back story here: https://www.aldergrovestar.com/local-sports/aldergroves-golden-boy-poised-to-go-pro/# Congrats to Joel!
  9. Jonas is on trial with FC Haka, who won the Finnish second flight last season: http://www.sportti.com/uutinen.asp?CAT=3-1&ID=408558 His current club, VPS, were relegated so I would hope he would find a home in the top flight were he earned some strong reviews.
  10. Nice article in Dutch: https://sporza.be/nl/2020/01/06/jonathan-david-stage/ Discusses the loss of his mother, his success this season, etc.
  11. In a thread where so many members seem to have found something to whine or complain about, I think this is truly a brilliant suggestion.
  12. GOAL! Birmingham 2-1 Blackburn (Bela 90) Ten-man Birmingham have nicked it! Jeremie Bela moves into the area and sidefoots a low cross-shot through the keeper Jayson Leutwiler. That was poor keeping and even worse defending, with all the Blackburn players backing away from Bela in the area. Jeremie Bela sidefoots in a late winner for Birmingham City. Photograph: Ryan Browne/BPI/Shutterstock https://www.theguardian.com/football/live/2020/jan/04/fa-cup-third-round-clockwatch-football-burnley-southampton-leicester-manchester-city-live?page=with:block-5e1088308f087e8308e686fc
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