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  1. Hahahaha....need to get some sleep, evidently!
  2. Gonna put some Radzinski goals here. Some big ones against big names. The ballyhooed winner against Saints: Showing his wicked pace vs Southampton again: Vs. Barthez and Beckham's Man Utd: And again: Vs Liverpool: Vs. Lazio: Vs Middlesbrough (cameo by Rooney): Vs Arsenal: And an another beauty vs Arsenal: Vs. Switzerland: And again: A beauty vs Panathinaikos while in his twilight years at Xanthi: Not against a giant (Bolton) but perhaps one of his prettiest, not even looking human here: First league goal for Anderlecht, vs Genk: Vs. Spurs:
  3. I get to learn under Tittoto at my sons' soccer club. Think he only had one senior cap but did well at Swangard as a pro, IIRC. Heck of a nice guy; so much passion for nurturing the next generation of players
  4. I can't seem to find Ultras on mine. Absolutely loving the Sunderland series though. So well done.
  5. Agreed. That was a hell of an experience. I sat next to Max Bell for a while, pregame I think, having a great chat. Damn was that a match for memories.
  6. Davies valued as the third most expensive teen in the world at a cool 92.5 Million Euros!! https://football-observatory.com/IMG/sites/b5wp/2019/wp288/en/
  7. And his throwins were the closest thing we had to Rory Delap!
  8. Loved Hastings and Serioux too. Had a hard think before I left them out.
  9. I've been meaning to start this thread for years and, now that we are mid-apocolypse, it seems like perfect timing, so here goes... Bunbury-Hume Simpson-Hutch-Nash- Valentine Davies-deVos-Samuel-B. Lenarduzzi Forrest Subs: Mobilio, Gerba, Borjan, McKenna, Klukowski, Brennan, Bircham **Should point out this isn't a best 11/18 but players who you loved watching/meeting, guys who helped make you the fan you are today. **Ground rules: everybody should have at least one MNT cap, and you should have see them either live in stadium or on-screen. Don't worry about formation or proper wings, or whatever, just try and find a balance of offense/defense. Or don't.
  10. Truthfully, I'm still not over that loss or that damned tie at home. After that tie, I knew we were finished.
  11. Really? I would have thought they would receive unfair treatment rather than preferential. Interesting.
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