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  1. I have no inside knowledge but wouldn't be surprised if Mountain FC are in on this early.
  2. Manager Darren Moore with lots to say on Theo: https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/darren-moore-responds-to-reports-theo-corbeanu-will-be-recalled-to-wolverhampton-wanderers-3429761
  3. I use him as an example to many of my U12 players. Depending on who you ask he may not be in the top-half of his side soccer skill-wise but he takes attributes like strength, conditioning, endurance, and leadership so seriously that he makes coaches want to keep him in the mix. Look how many managers he has outlasted at this point. I've been to a few training sessions over the years, and I was impressed he was always the first guy there and the last guy off the pitch. While I reserve the right to question his salary within the cap structure, I don't argue the fact that he has worked hard for this team like a true captain should.
  4. True story: I lost my long-serving original Vs scarf in the craziness after Larin's goal in the Vancouver WCQ vs Honduras. Only to have Milan Borjan throw one straight to me at the end of the same match, one I take much better care of.
  5. I was looking at his recently published salary at more than 350 K guaranteed and was thinking the same thing. It's almost like he's tenured staff or something benefiting from seniority.
  6. For the uninitiated, yes this is the same Jarrek from the legendary banner. RIP.
  7. My Owls contact says, "there is always one player that the fans love but the manager hates, and this year that player is Theo." He added that, "Honestly, if he had the chance I think he'd take it. I can understand why he's upset, but our results have been poor since mid-September, and an 18 year old rookie, rightly or wrongly, may not be seen as the answer."
  8. Might be posted elsewhere but Panama and El Salvador have been given stadium consequences for fan behavior in their September matches: http://www.insideworldfootball.com/2021/10/18/panama-el-salvador-sanctioned-closed-stadia-fans-homophobic-chants-us/
  9. Oh he's still mentioned regularly in most soccer circles. It's just that he gets called "fat Ronaldo" more often than not nowadays.
  10. Coaching my U12s this week, I overheard, for the first time in my life, a group of kids saying to each other, "Did you see that Canada game last night? That goal was epic!" You and I have been at this for a long time - didn't we meet on the drive around the time of Gold Cup 2000? The fact that after decades of slogging it through mostly misery and disappointment, the next generation, our work mates, our neighbours, our nephews and own kids are EXCITED about this team, BOTH national programs, is beyond even my most wildest football fantasies.
  11. Amazing! And just before my (adult) supporting began. Forrest got a red card, too, I see. That's a hell of a line up, though ( with very mediocre coach, I'm afraid)...otherwise it looks like a CSA Hall of Fame list or something. Thanks for the history lesson!
  12. He just looks so apologetically Canadian here, doesn't he? 😅
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