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  1. Am I the only one looking at this age group and thinking, besides the two stars, this is a pretty underwhelming bunch in terms of prospects?
  2. Thanks. I enjoyed that. Newer members might not know that Titus used to be an entertaining poster on here for a stretch.
  3. Bringing the post by @Shway over here... Might be. His 10 year Singapore journey has come to an end. In one of the releases it stated he was going back home to play in. Canada. He might be coming back to coach however. I know Jerome Baker runs a nice program that has guys like Sherif El-Masri, Adrian Butters, Anthony Bahdur as coaches. Ironically a lot of those guys played in Singapore as well. Good info. Bahdur is Jordan's relative iirc, so that seem like a likely scenario. I've followed Jordan's career for a long time and was impressed with what he carved out f
  4. Yup, looks like his last match was 45 min and a yellow card in Feb 2020: https://www.besoccer.com/match/partizani-tirana/flamurtari-vlore/2020
  5. Jordan Webb has left Singapore. He was in Romania briefly, visiting an old teammate who currently plays the second tier and potentially sniffing around for one last pro contract abroad. Anyways, he's heading back to Canada now. He's turning 33 soon but seems to have still been effective recently as a pro winger, hasn't had many injuries, and may be of interest to a couple of the Ontario sides, at least.
  6. Jordan Webb is a poster boy for this lifestyle. He was so at home abroad he was almost brought into the national team in Singapore. I'm convinced he would have likely been a semi-pro player in Canada.
  7. Who himself was the British Joey Torchia
  8. This debate makes me think of Robert Stillo.
  9. Wait, what, did Ricardo represent another country in Canada, too? It's strange how easily we got over Vitoria, really. A sign of the times, I guess.
  10. Let's eat grandpa and call it even, okay?
  11. I like that pitch. My son has played a few matches there as a visitor. It has a track, which is one of the only drawbacks from a venue that otherwise has a bit of that Swangard charm about it:
  12. Like I said on another post, maybe we should be talking about him in the same breath as Miller.
  13. This might be a bit too rich of a description, but here are the highlights:
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