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  1. Man....I love stats. Thanks. I had no idea Shome was playing this regularly. As an aside, I think Jakovic played against the Caps the other night.
  2. A nice little write-up from James Grossi's article on the CPL app: But then another moment of inattention struck when Telfer was allowed to sprint up the right-flank, latching onto a long ball from Manny Aparicio before picking out the far corner of the Edmonton goal. “Maybe I’ve not shown enough video on Telfer,” lamented Paulus. “But one-vs-one and you want to get in a footrace with him? It’s impossible. There is not a defender in this league that is going to stay with him, at least not a centre-back. And he’s done us on a counterattack. Video including Telfer's goal: https://canpl.ca/video/recap-resilient-york9-snaps-fc-edmontons-win-streak
  3. It's not a video stream but some would enjoy following this stream to check out Millar's second half for Liverpool vs Bradford. Great see his name on the pitch!
  4. Caolan Lavary was released by Sheffield United and is currently without a club.
  5. He could be the next Nik Ledgerwood. It would be great to have a handful of Canadians alongside him plying their trade in Germany and staying with clubs long enough to truly grow, a situation we seemingly had for years for a good decade or so.
  6. If this doesn't work out after one season he's a lock for Valour, I'd say, reuniting with Winnipeg buddy Bustos.
  7. One thing I don't understand, if you are behind the scenes in CONCACAF and even if you're not Canadian, why wouldn't you want a guy like Davies or David involved, front and centre, in your region's showcase tournaments? Why make it so much more likely that two (or more) of the region's brightest stars wouldn't be shown off to the rest of the world? This is a ridiculous risk they are taking from a marketing angle, never mind a stupid soccer move. I'm thinking of comparables, and I'm stretching admittedly, but would Europe have gone out of their way to exclude Shevchenko in his prime from European qualifying or Africa the same with George Weah even if their respective countries weren't always in the A List of regional powers?
  8. Both late bloomers was my main point. I admittedly haven't watched much of Telfur but he first impressed me as a late sub, IIRC, in Vancouver during a V's Cup match. He looked like a combination of size and finesse, which is not that far off of how I would describe Tesho. Maybe the comparison breaks down after that, I don't know.
  9. He lived there for the first 17 years of his life if I am reading his bios correctly. Shouldn't be too much of an issue.
  10. This has been my experience exactly. App freezes all the time. Points with seemingly no purpose. I am trying to support their service but it feels too much like work atm.
  11. Yeah, he's kind of a Tesho 2.0 . A little older than some guys at a comparable place in his career but strong Nd capable and still probably worth the investment. Did anybody else catch his great Trinidadian accent last night, btw? Only moved to Canada fulltime at 17; I wonder if a currently weak T&T would be interested at some point if he continues progressing?
  12. I suspect it will likely be a defensive encounter, with weather dampening the overall play, but who knows? Some are saying it will be a reality check, implying that the level of CPL will be put in clear view, but the Caps have been wholly unimpressive this year so maybe it will be them with their true position most under the microscope. Surely VWFC are the club with the most to lose. Hard for me to not (perhaps quietly) root for the underdog.
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