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  1. Marcel De Jong's last season with the club, IIRC.
  2. So because, by very definition, it is hard to always clearly define a Canadian, then by @Free kick's logic we should dismiss the efforts of genuine Canadians coaching abroad who might be the very ones trailblazing or having the most quantifiable success? We could end up discounting someone winning a regional tournament or Champions League or something just because we acknowledge duel citizenship or something? I think we simply could debate whether or not to include a particular coach in December rather than rule out a Marcina in the States winning a title, or perhaps a future NCAA championship winner or Canadian woman coaching in Europe, to give just three examples, simply because we have a few gray area candidates.
  3. Congratulations! Like the very creation of the Voyageurs, this perfectly encapsulates the grassroots soccer culture in this country.
  4. Disagree. Completely. Let's honour Canadians doing well no matter the location, just like we do for the Player of the Year awards.
  5. I just stumbled upon this article on the Germany manager of the year: Chelsea FC: Thomas Tuchel named Germany Manager of the Year. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2021/07/25/thomas-tuchel-named-germany-manager-of-the-year It got me to thinking, why have we never added Canadian Manager of the Year to our informal year-end polls along with Male and Female Players of the Year? With the rise in the number of fully professional Canadian managers with the Canadian League, it might be worth trying in December. It could even help to raise the profile slightly of a guy like Marcina who might be doing something impressive in another league below the radar.
  6. https://www.bbc.com/sport/olympics/57873819 As was the case with the Cavani/Suarez news some months back, the common (in some countries, at least) Spanish-language practice of referring to people very bluntly by their visual appearance is rearing its head in the media more regularly, I see. When I lived in Ecuador many years ago, anyone even slightly heavy was often publicly called "fatso", anybody with Asian features was "chino" and anyone with darker skin was called "negro". Especially prevalent when playing futbol in the park and in the supporters sections watching live matches. The Honduran federation seems to be trying to explain it away as a "misunderstanding" , incidentally the same frequent excuse I heard when I lived in Japan a few years later and saw blackface regularly on tv. This is especially interesting from a MNT perspective as we could reasonably envision a situation where we might play away to a Mexico or Honduras in an empty stadium as sanctioned by FIFA because of a racial or homophobic slur.
  7. Most importantly, can he play CB?
  8. I think like Bekker, or Borges Year 1, some guys just prefer to play against slightly inferior opposition. In a better league he'd have to do way more work defending and in general on the other side of the ball and be less of a talisman. That's harder, and way less fun.
  9. Southgate showed such balls against Denmark to avoid pens and then let those same balls shrivel in ET under the biggest pressure.
  10. I didn't watch much but did watch the whole final, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Tonnes of great soccer, including world class attacks, saves, tackles, feints, especially from a neutral's perspective.
  11. Agreed. I've been saying 2-0 Italy over England for a couple rounds now to anyone who would listen.
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