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  1. Have always liked him, especially in a support role off the bench.
  2. We should definitely continue the tradition. I'm fine with adjusting the wording of the criteria.
  3. This is the second tier, correct? Pretty cool accomplishment, especially at his age.
  4. My phone news tracker tells me Panama is playing Japan live ATM.
  5. It may take time. Look at Larin for a great example.
  6. I was so fortunate to do a lot of coaching training with him in Burnaby, and loved picking his brain for a practice idea or for a story from the good old days. Although I was a complete stranger to him, he always greeted me (and everyone, it seems) as if we were old friends. My very first jamboree for my first child's first year of soccer, my five-year-old son had accidentally knocked over a cone with a pass. As he bent over to pick it up with his hands, out of seemingly nowhere was this tall and lanky moustached gentleman to say, "Now hang on a minute there, son, why don't you put that c
  7. This is worth a listen, for sure.
  8. Or, perhaps, the more obvious conclusion is that both of them are hugely ineffective at this level of soccer.
  9. That's effed up even by Voyageurs standards.
  10. Wankov, definitely. Really, was there going to be any other option?
  11. Two fantastic saves again tonight: https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/10/03/save-dayne-st-clair-minnesota-united-fc-84th-minute?autoplay=true https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/10/03/save-dayne-st-clair-minnesota-united-fc-57th-minute?autoplay=true
  12. He's been left on the bench the past three matches. His club are second bottom in the Finnish top flight, so might be just a case of reshuffling the deck from the manager.
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