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  1. Wouldn't it be cool, though, if it involved a smoothing over of relations between the CSA, the Fury and the CPL? A high profile match in the capital could be part of the peace agreement if things could somehow be negotiated properly.
  2. I seem to recall REB causing heaps of trouble for defenders as a young LM/LW with the old Swangard Caps.
  3. Sounds like it isn't too serious....says that he is struggling with a knee injury picked up against Odd but no mention of anything more. http://www.vif-fotball.no/nyheter/det-kommer-til-a-bli-tett-og-jevnt
  4. Is it possible they envisioned using MDJ as a midfielder, though?
  5. I absolutely adored them too. From Goulet to Stastnys to my favourite period with Joe Sakic and co.
  6. Davies left out of the 18 for Bayern vs a poor Hannover. Shame as I was hoping he'd be getting some big minutes against minnows this season.
  7. Am I wrong, or was Montero involved in four out of the five goals?
  8. Seems like Issey is playing less than I expected. His fitness is usually top notch so I wonder if he's carrying a slight knock or something?
  9. Yup, same as many on this list with their respective preferred country to rep; not everybody gets their wish. Still worth following in this thread in my opinion and hasn't had any official matchea for Finland. He missed being a senior player on the U20s so might have a harder time playing for full Olympic Qualifiers against older competition. Hard to say yet if he'll end up good enough for full senior caps with Finland or Canada, but I feel he's worth tracking by supporters of both nations.
  10. Vancouver product Jonas Hakkinen listed as the number 4 hottest breakthrough player in the entire Finnish League on this list: https://www.suomifutis.com/2019/04/top-5-seuraa-heita-tassa-tulevat-veikkausliigan-kuumimmat-lapimurtopelaajat/ He's played mostly CB to rave reviews but played at least part of a league match this week at DM, I think. Has featured in each of the club's first five league matches, and played 90 in their last cup match, taking them to the League Cup semis later in May. The article mentions his parents are from the Turku region and that he speaks Finnish well. He already had a sniff this past winter from a Finnish U21 B side; at this rate he's likely to get a look again at this level or higher sometime this season, I'd imagine. Just turned 20, 186 cm.
  11. Voice immodulation syndrome?
  12. Just when you think you've seen everything in football...
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