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  1. I'm sure I have seen the same map but can't find any trace of it online. Maybe it's no longer the case?
  2. Piette's perfect through-ball gave Montreal their best scoring chance, other than Tabla's screamer at the end. Speaking of which, it's too bad that shot wasn't a foot higher, as it might have been the game saver. Big fan ZBG - let's hope he plays a lot of minutes.
  3. Pacheco signs for another Azorean club, CD Rabo de Peixe, who will play in the third-tier Campeonato for the 2020-21 season: https://www.rtp.pt/acores/desporto/pedro-pacheco-reforco-do-desportivo-de-rabo-de-peixe-na-proxima-epoca-video_66271 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.record.pt/futebol/futebol-nacional/campeonato-de-portugal/amp/rabo-de-peixe-com-cinco-reforcos-ja-garantidos
  4. My apologies. It was in one of the Google translated articles I read. Clearly my mistake.
  5. Neat to see him in this video at age ten (out of Ottawa) talking about "work work work" to make your dreams come true. Congrats to the young man - he obviously continued in this vein: https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/2489449648 Looks like his other nationality is Eritrean. http://www.football-talents.fr/Noah_Sewonet_Abatneh-3_7-315267-5.html That might bode well for the prospect of him playing for Canada at some point. Looks like he turns 16 in September so still quite young and great to see him developing at such special clubs.
  6. Yes, sorry, I should have clarified I found nothing other than the OP's info.
  7. I did a pretty thorough search online yesterday but couldn't find even a sliver of a clue about the Canadian connection. I did find out he's the first Egyptian to play in the Bundesliga, if what I read is correct, and that he's already featured for Egypt's U23s. Correction: he's not the first Egyptian in B1. I read a mis-translated source, apparently.
  8. A long interview with him here but zero mention of Canada: https://www.kingfut.com/2020/02/26/exclusive-omar-marmoush-talks-ahly-and-dortmund-interest-oympics-and-more/
  9. "Sorry gaffer; can't make the friendly. I've been called up to a FIFA international match."
  10. I think so, and it might be a tempting proposition for a player of his age and playing level.
  11. New Atlantic article: https://theathletic.com/1839488/2020/06/07/david-edgar-burnley-newcastle-canada-forge-swansea-whitecaps/
  12. Jonas sounds quite uncertain about his senior national team future. Says that he feels like Finland wants him but he can't say anything certain about it yet. https://fchaka.fi/?p=9791 (article in Finnish)
  13. This is June 2009. U20s were 2007.
  14. I find it amazing how often the CSA was tipped off about a major player issue or new eligible player through our supporters and forum. Picture in this particular case, Dino calling them to say, hey guys, I think you should call Asmir, based on one of our threads. Liam's dad is only the most recent in a long line of players and family members (Daniel Fernandes, Stalteri's wife, Josh Simpson's Dad, etc.) and well-informed fans who have made this such a fun place over the years, despite the current rather sorry state of things.
  15. Was feeling nostalgic and wanted to refresh my memory of the exact events. This was only one of many on the player but one of the more eventful threads of its time, marking a big turning point ..The reading is still very interesting (if still painful) for CMNT history, anyways.
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