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  1. Great for Guti but what a terrible way to get your minutes from the club POV.
  2. Ouch. That was Marcel's injury two season's back, right?
  3. Here's to hoping, at least.
  4. Yes, I could easily see him out together a Straith-like career in Europe given his career trajectory.
  5. Interesting, especially for those of us who have followed him for ten years, and then only been able to speculate on how well his skills would translate to a domestic environment. Wish him luck, though!
  6. Don't forget that some players hate the idea of playing with their brothers. Just ask Jonathan de Guzman.
  7. I love the sentiment, and used to wear this blood-red jersey as well, but for this position to really hold water you also have to be willing to shut the door on players like Vitoria, Hoilett, Arfield. Similarly, if a guy like Flores or Dias explodes over the next year and becomes a generational talent, are we willing to force them to commit fully and early or hit the road?
  8. I agree, and I feel like even the simple fact that he is out of Vancouver gives his career much more promise.
  9. Same here. Ecuador in the late 90s. Wouldn't trade that year for anything. Hard, yes, but also transformational.
  10. I'd say we are on the cusp of me not worrying about the position. However, I can easily imagine a scenario where Borjan retires from the NT, and another starter gets injured. It doesn't take much for a GK to pick up a knock or fall out of favour with a coach, and then we might be back to relying on backups and reserves again. Most of us have long memories on this forum. Too long, at least, to feel too comfortable, that is.
  11. I say put a modern version of this up in place of Hastings Racecourse, or even the Coliseum.
  12. Great story on a currently nondescript park in East Vancouver that once hosted international soccer, amongst other popular events:
  13. Marcel's latest project appears to be a private academy back in Vancouver:
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