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  1. https://nationalpost.com/sports/soccer/fc-edmonton/jones-canadian-premier-league-easier-on-wallet-for-fc-edmonton-owners/wcm/47a41d28-c7d4-4ea9-9c74-c720f3e3f506?video_autoplay=true
  2. Probably due to an appeal. It'd be nice if that was publicized, though.
  3. Forge had paid attendance at their first game. There are several thousand season ticket holders who already paid for tickets before the rest of the seats were filled with giveaways.
  4. The other stadium is awful and has no real room for expansion.
  5. The Score is not owned by Rogers. It was spun off as its own, independent online-only company when Rogers bought the television network of the same name (now called Sportsnet 360). Here's the thing, guys. Not everyone is going to be on board with the CPL from the get-go. There are always going to be skeptics, but unlike on this board they can't simply be shouted down when they write or say something we don't like. The onus is on the CPL and the teams to change the perception of an all-Canadian league. Matchday 1 was an excellent first step, but it's going to take years for the tide to turn (and even then, it won't ever be 100%). The worst thing that could happen is that the media simply ignores the league.
  6. I already have an Xbox One. I was talking about whatever version comes next. 😉
  7. If you want to buy your nephews the next gen Xbox when it comes out, I'm willing to store the box at my house.
  8. The full-year option doesn't seem to contain a free month.
  9. Saturday marks the first-ever game for the Canadian Premier League, but it's never too early to think about the future. View full record
  10. Saturday marks the first-ever game for the Canadian Premier League, but it's never too early to think about the future.
  11. The site is live now, so people can start signing up. https://shop.onesoccer.ca/
  12. Generous = the exact same free trial period as Netflix, Crave, DAZN, WWE Network, etc. (I'm still signing up, though)
  13. Ben Spencer played a grand total of 261 minutes (in 5 games) over two seasons with TFC. 82 of those minutes came in a pair of games last season when the team was knee-deep in CCL and putting B teams in MLS matches. He was rightly binned midway through 2018. https://www.mlssoccer.com/players/ben-spencer As for Jordan Hamilton, it's easy to share @AvroArrow's assessment that he tends to do better as a sub, but 6 of Hamilton's 10 MLS goals have come as a starter. I think the biggest thing working against Hamilton was the fact that TFC spends most of its money on attackers, and for 4 seasons the forward pairing of Giovinco and Altidore was always going to start if healthy/available. Hamilton doesn't seem to be able to play alongside Altidore as easily as a Ricketts or even Akinola, so even with Altidore out frequently it's still been a struggle for him to get into matches unless it was a situation like last week where TFC completely changed formation in order to salvage the game. In Hamilton's defence, he seems to have shed his tendency to coast and appears to be working a lot more with and without the ball now. He seems to have been humbled by his contract running out last season without an immediate renewal, so hopefully he can round himself into an even more integral part of the team. As I see it, he's TFC"s No. 2 striker, even though Akinola is a more natural fit beside Altidore (if TFC chose to play two up front).
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