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  1. Call me crazy, but I think a healthy Priso would've taken Fraser's minutes on the MNT over the past two windows. He already supplanted Fraser at TFC so there is precedent. Nelson and JMR are longer-term projects but both have the talent to be stars in 2026.
  2. Weird how it's completely fine when other people write this, but when I do it's an affront to Canadian soccer and a defence of TFC management. You said you were "just trying to even things up" two posts after I praised JMR for his play. I'm more confused than anything, but keep up the good fight I guess?
  3. Is this not a discussion board? You and Stryker mentioned me unprovoked. I'm going to respond when that happens.
  4. Probably because that's not what I'm doing, and I'm tired of having to explain why I don't think JMR should've been thrown to the wolves early in the season just to satisfy some people on the Internet. Literally my first post in this thread after today's game was praising Marshall-Rutty for overcoming some of the flaws that I see in his game to be better and more consistent, flaws that I've repeatedly said are normal for a kid his age and that I expect he will overcome, and in response I've got people trying to bait me into pointless arguments. Related: It's bullshit that another poster demands that I justify Mullins' involvement over Perruzza as if I a. have anything to do with Mullins' selection, b. think Mullins is good for anything other than coming on in the last 10 minutes of games to help defend a lead (even that's a stretch)
  5. I actually think JMR had a better overall game than Nelson did today, especially when it came to combining with teammates and on the other side of the ball, but Nelson tends to play more freely when he gets on the field and always looks to take players on (sometimes to his own detriment). IMO, one of the main differences between the two is JMR's ability to play a more complete game and elevate/keep up with his teammates — we've seen flashes of it in recent weeks, but today it was extremely evident. Nelson's much more direct, but with flair. More of a DeRo type.
  6. To be more serious… Nelson showed some of what I’ve wanted to see out of Marshall-Rutty of late. He just takes players on with an almost joyful passion that has been rare in Canadian soccer players until recently. Nelson just needs to be able to play within a system and I think he’ll take off. (I still think JMR has a higher ceiling, but Nelson has a “wild card” factor that can be very intriguing if harnessed properly.)
  7. [pedantic] There weren’t any U.S. journeymen out there aside from Mullins. Bono has literally only ever played professionally for TFC and Zavaleta’s been with the club since 2015 (when he was 22). [/pedantic] Unless we’re just using “journeymen” as a synonym for American, in which case carry on.
  8. That was a very good display by JMR. He expressed himself and even played off Pozuelo quite well (which shows that he’s not simply deferring to the team’s best player, but instead playing alongside him as an equal).
  9. Why did you @ me here? I’m not the TFC coach.
  10. I was definitely talking about Richardson Stadium when I called it a shithole. It had actual shrubbery growing in the stands. It looks nice now, though.
  11. The smaller stadium has much more to do with the ticket prices being higher in Toronto than elsewhere, especially when considering that capacity was cut in half for two of the three matches.
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