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  1. I'd keep that off my CV if I was him.
  2. I agree with that. No team should be given a bye into the semis.
  3. Mexico's presence almost certainly means that the finals will be in Texas or California.
  4. I guess I'm not naive enough to believe CSB wouldn't act in exactly the same manner if given the opportunity. Unfortunately for them, Canada doesn't have an equivalent to the huge number of Mexican-Americans that help make up the soccer-loving public in the U.S. I'm not even saying that making money off soccer is bad, by the way. SUM has done a ton of good for the game in the U.S. Regardless, we shouldn't be so gullible as to think that CSB was created from purely altruistic motives.
  5. It's actually 4 finals (CCL + 3x MLS Cup). Also 4 straight V Cup finals (3 wins). Some fans are dumb.
  6. Yes. Canadian Soccer Business operates in pretty much the exact same fashion. I'm not sure why people are constantly surprised that corporations seek to make money.
  7. You’re forgetting TV. Mexican clubs draw huge numbers in the US and MLS is getting a piece of that pie. I personally think it’s a useless tournament, but it wouldn’t be expanded if there weren’t dollars to be made.
  8. I’m sure someone on here will blame Vanney for it.
  9. Honestly, Carl Haworth would be Best XI caliber in the CPL. A bunch of these guys are about to be able to pick and choose from several CPL teams, should they so choose.
  10. The Whitecaps have a much bigger budget than Cavalry and we saw what happened there. I wouldn’t use the results of a single two-legged fixture as a definitive measure of anything at a macro level.
  11. That's a lot of speculation in one post.
  12. This clearly states that the USMNT roster announced today is NOT the final squad. I expect Morris, Bradley, maybe Roldan and even Altidore (if healthy) to be added.
  13. More teams also = more ****** teams The average level of play in CPL is roughly the same as it is in USL Championship. It’s ok if you disagree, but at least use a better argument than “they have more teams.”
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