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  1. You took my post seriously. Bad move.
  2. I'm sure Lille is only paying him minimum wage, though.
  3. We don’t even know the CPL schedule yet.
  4. I watch OneSoccer on Xbox via the built-in browser and it works perfectly. Not sure about tablets, though.
  5. Wait... JDG2 has a kid that's in the Feyenoord system??
  6. TSN discussed Akinola's eligibility at length (even airing a John Herdman interview recorded before the tournament that discussed Akinola's decision) at least once. I don't distinctly recall too much other MNT discussion aside from some talk about Akindele's role under Herdman going forward.
  7. Here's his goal. Since he's younger than 42 I figured it was still worth posting. 🤣
  8. I mean, sure, if you want to delve into ridiculous straw-man arguments. Knock yourself out.
  9. These are back-to-back posts. I do love this board sometimes. 🤣
  10. Jakovic went stride for stride with Jordan Morris last night on a couple of occasions, coming up cleanly with the ball each time. He's showing that he hasn't lost a step at his age, even though many here think he's slow.
  11. That's not what you said, though. You said you'd "rather Herdman call up guys from CPL rather than USL even if the USL guys may be better," which doesn't make any sense in this context. You're right that no one from USL is likely to be a difference maker during WCQ, but if Pasher is in better form than any CPL player then he should get top priority if Herdman calls anyone from that level (keeping positional needs in mind, of course).
  12. I'd rather Herdman call up the best players regardless of league. It's not his job to pump up the CPL, it's his job to get the most out of the MNT.
  13. He was on the MLS broadcast tonight, and they said he was in Vancouver. Smart man 🤣
  14. An “uproar” 😂
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