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  1. Why would he need to do a "wink wink" routine when a guy is already capped? That makes no sense. There's an inherent risk in reporting this kind of stuff. Do it enough and you'll eventually get burned. It happens all the time, but that doesn't mean it should stop.
  2. Is he also not the one in red at the top of the screen at 3:20?
  3. Shaffelburg is a gd speed merchant. He just need to learn when to rely on his speed and when to pick his head up and try to combine with his teammates. (In general, I mean. In this instance his instinct to run as fast as he could with the ball worked.)
  4. He’s right and wrong at the same time. The CSA should be providing more updates for fans hungry for info, absolutely. It’s something they’ve been poor at forever. But the criticism that the scrimmages should be turned into friendlies because Akinola and Flores are not there is invalid, because of the lack of lead time involved. The CSA couldn’t know that both of those players would drop out at the last minute, each for very different reasons. Simply hand-waving scrimmages into proper friendlies isn’t as easy as posting about it on a forum.
  5. MLS might not even be in season by that point. Between COVID and the CBA negotiations, there’s a good chance the league doesn’t start until April.
  6. Well he can't still be excited.
  7. Why bother engaging? He's just looking to derail yet another thread with his terrible COVID takes.
  8. IMO he was producing enough in USL to get a call to the current camp, but March should be for the big boys only. Even without Cavallini there's several players ahead of Pasher on the depth chart.
  9. Eh. He shouldn't automatically get a spot in our best 23 just because he's in MLS. If he starts producing then call him in.
  10. "Four players that did not attend camp for medical reasons were Ayo Akinola and Liam Fraser of Toronto FC, Tesho Akindele of Orlando City SC, and Michael Baldisimo of Vancouver Whitecaps FC." https://www.canadasoccer.com/news/canada-soccer-back-on-the-pitch-with-january-2021-mens-national-team-camp-presented-by-allstate/
  11. So the Fleur-de-lis is actually going to be smaller on the new logo than in previous incarnations, eh?
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