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  1. There almost certainly is a height restriction on stuff being built under active power lines.
  2. Why does it seem like people have already forgotten this? MediaPro uses scissorlifts at Cavalry games. That's simply not possible at Pacific until the power lines are gone.
  3. Simple: Cost. It costs nothing to air those American talking head shows, so they don't need to bring in big audiences. Producing original content costs money, potentially for small viewership numbers. It sucks, but it's Business 101.
  4. And you were the guy who started a thread entitled "RIP Canadian Soccer" when TFC was announced. Birds of a feather...
  5. Which NBA starters make less than a million? There are only four players in the entire league who are on full contracts and earn under a million per year.
  6. Because the narrative tends to win out over reality. Years ago people were saying the same about how unfair TFC was towards Osorio and now he's a TAM player and currently the highest-paid Canadian in MLS. Canadians absolutely could be getting more playing time (at TFC and in MLS as a whole), but in Hamilton's case this probably best for him.
  7. He may not even have T&T citizenship. It's likely he does, but we can't assume so.
  8. On the contrary. MLS loves Canada's cup competition, since that's how it gets some of its most successful entrants into the CCL.
  9. Wrong animal, right sentiment. This crowd is great, but the match is really lacking compared to the earlier two. The Whitecaps are dire.
  10. You've publicly announced that you blocked him, yet you're still tagging him and egging him on? And when he inevitably responds you'll surely be leading the whining about him. How about we just stick to the actual topic at hand instead of baiting other posters into another pointless argument? On topic: The crowd looked great, and York 9 was up for it. Unfortunately two bad mental errors undid them, but that's typical when a lower-level team faces a higher level one (yes they are both technically Div. 1).
  11. I just started reading this thread, and while I think an actual discussion on this topic is healthy I don't believe this thread was started with any sort of respectful or (frankly) sane intentions.
  12. That's a FIFA rule, and isn't specific to MLS. There are no replays for VAR actions in the Women's World Cup or Copa America, either. The very least that can be done is an announcement of what the referee is talking to the VAR about.
  13. Wow, "Vanney isn't as good a manager as Arsene Wenger or Pep Guardiola" is really going out on a limb. Please tell us more!
  14. According to this week's edition of the ExtraTime podcast, MAK blames himself for being released by TFC. Says it was his own poor attitude and lack of work ethic that caused him to not get signed to the first team. Anyway, it's strange that this match thread has nothing to do with the actual match.
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