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  1. Holy **** what a take
  2. The score is omitted rom the headline because it's not the focus of the story. Reyna's performance is. That might sound counterintuitive, but that's just how it is in today's environment where news is ingested in tons of tiny, social media-friendly fragments rather than big chunks. However, you are correct that if Dortmund had won the headline would've reflected it a bit more. It would be "Reyna provides game-winning assist in Dortmund's Champions League victory" or something like that, because the context of his assist/performance changes with the Dortmund result (while still keeping the focus on Reyna). It has little to do with Americans trying to shield their readers from bad results and much more to do with how the industry operates nowadays.
  3. Eh... it's an article about Gio Reyna's assist, not a Borussia Dortmund match report. These quick hit articles are just written for SEO purposes and are a very easy way to drive traffic (specifically, traffic from people who watch soccer). The point is to get it published fast, with a minimal amount of information, and possibly do an analysis piece later (by someone more qualified than the average desk jockey, like Matt Doyle). It's, what, 150 words at most and is written around a video clip that doesn't even belong to MLS. This is how outlets get away with using clips they don't own — by embedding the tweet from the rightsholder. I've literally spent more time explaining the article right now than the author did thinking about it, guaranteed.
  4. It likely has to do with fulfilling contractual obligations.
  5. This isn't exactly new information. The only way a Canadian team gets into the CCL is through the V Cup (MLSisBack was a one-time deviation from that, but no Canadian team won that tournament anyway). CCL spots are not handed out by MLS. They belong to the national federations, so it is (and always has been) the USSF and CSA's call.
  6. Not in the U.S. @Obinna and @SoccMan mentioned it in the context of Millar, who no longer has that option until January.
  7. Not quite. The only years TFC didn't spend on DPs were 2007 & 2008. Julian de Guzman was the first in 2009, joined by Mista in 2010 (royally pissing off DeRo), then in 2011 they expanded to three DPs with Frings and Koevermans. They've always been a high-spending club, they just didn't know how to properly spend that money until the Tim Leiweke era (which coincided with MLSE being bought out by Bell and Rogers). Now they're a content provider for their telco owners. Whether that's money well spent is up to the telco duopoly.
  8. Maybe I'm failing to see the purpose of posting the Wikipedia profiles of three MLS players from 1996. If it's to compare Tristan Borges with Carlos Valderrama, I'm not sure that the point you want to be making.
  9. You're right. After having given the likes of Mo Johnston and Aron Winter total control it's obvious that TFC has gone with a more team-based approach to managing the club from top to bottom. It ensures that there can be relative continuity if someone in a top position leaves (Bezbatchenko) or sucks (Johnston, Winter).
  10. I get it. I want to see tons of Canadians in the lineup, too (that goes for all three MLS clubs). I think Fraser probably should have seen time in the last half hour of TFC's last game given how clearly exhausted both Osorio and Delgado looked, but Vanney tends to be too conservative at times as I said. But yeah, I honestly don't care if people here like him or not. I'm not his nephew. I just find a lot of the criticism strange and, frankly, quite petty.
  11. What a strange string of sentences to put together. Akinola is literally the team's joint-leading goal scorer right now. So yes, Akinola. Maybe. TFC absolutely should be criticized for not doing a better job transitioning more players to the first team, but your example has the exact opposite effect. It's like saying "when's the last time TFC took a chance on a Canadian from outside the club? Laryea, maybe?" To go one step further, the RB in question only became a right back under Vanney. Laryea was taken off the scrap heap from Orlando as a central midfielder who had never played as a fullback prior to joining TFC. This board has a super weird hate-on for Vanney. He's a flawed coach who plays it too conservative at times, but he's objectively by far the best TFC's ever had. The way he's spoken of here is like he's the second coming of Dale Mitchell.
  12. Considering the final day of the MLS regular season is November 8 and both the Impact and Whitecaps are currently right on the playoff bubble, it might be cutting it close to see if players from those teams will be available.
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