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  1. I can see FIFA and the IOC coming to some sort of one-time agreement that allows the 1997s to be eligible for next year.
  2. I was positive Robert was the one who resurrected the thread. Way to go, @CanadianSoccerFan.
  3. Donovan Bailey did the same thing, with ton more scrutiny on him. He deserves at least a 2A.
  4. I named three players from the current era off the top of my head who are better than Messier. That's my point.
  5. Is it? Messier isn't as good as Crosby or Ovechkin (or McDavid) in any era. The latter three all have a higher career PPG than Messier in a time where scoring is way down from the 80s heyday when guys like John Ogrodnick had 50-goal season. I generally agree that you shouldn't compare eras, but I'm not sure if using Messier is the way to make that point. (This is what it's come to on here, arguing about hockey lol)
  6. Because Gretzky was undeniably better than Messier?
  7. Rings true for every one of your posts.
  8. Here's a link to the original shitshow "York 9 - Season Thread 2020" for posterity's sake:
  9. No one in here is "far left." This high school-level of political understanding is embarrassing, has no place on this forum, and it's the reason this thread is now locked. Says the guy who contributed to the conversation that got the forum temporarily shut down yesterday. This thread is now locked because too many in here cannot help themselves. @ironcub14's most recent post is a good place to start a new Y9 season thread, so let's do that.
  10. Imagine being this confident about being so naive. This convo is over. Post about York9 in here or don’t post at all.
  11. It's the slow burn that does it.
  12. The Delgado hate from the TFC fan base is dumb. He's very limited offensively, but does so much defensive dirty work that gets overlooked. It's stuff that, frankly, neither Fraser or even Osorio can really replicate. He was an absolute beast on Saturday, and allowed Osorio to have the freedom to play as a bit of a deep-lying playmaker (something I haven't really seen from him, but he was impressive).
  13. Yeah, it's strange because by all accounts Fraser was getting all the reps with the starters in pre-season.
  14. It may be time to log off for a while. Jesus.
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