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  1. Delgado already starts, so I’m not sure how he’d also start in place of Bradley.
  2. Ok boss. Split hairs between xenophobic and racist while completely missing the point.
  3. If you think there was “nothing racist” about Cherry’s rant, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Saskatchewan to sell you.
  4. It was Millwall. Regardless, I don't think @gator was referring to those matches when he mentioned Yallop's love for Peters.
  5. It means he's eligible to play for Canada. 😂
  6. Hardly the same thing. Peters was playing regularly in World Cup qualifiers whereas Nelson was a late sub in a few B camp friendlies that are only deemed important because of the ridiculous qualifying format. Peters' first-ever full MNT game was a crucial World Cup qualifier against Guatemala. In fact, his first five MNT matches were all in that WCQ cycle.
  7. Valour makes Valour look bad.
  8. Isn't the general thinking that TSN did a ton of work to grow the CFL into a viable TV product? I'm talking about on an everyday level, not just big events like the Labour Day Classics and playoff games.
  9. TSN has shown every Whitecaps MLS game in club history, so I'm not sure how more could be done in that regard. TFC and TSN share ownership, so cutting those games isn't happening. Impact's English-language broadcast situation is terrible, especially since TVA Sports is considered a "national" channel and thus gets IMFC blacked out on DAZN.
  10. The post he was responding to seemed to be getting quite close to that, actually.
  11. Except there were two other players that were far more at fault for that PK than Godinho.
  12. BeIN would be what stops MediaPro from sub-licensing those competitions. As always, it's about the money.
  13. Makes sense. The $6 million fee itself would make him an above max player, even when spread out over the term of the deal.
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