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  1. My point is that even most early first-rounders don’t tend to stick with MLS teams any longer. And yes, Minnesota is an outlier.
  2. No, the college draft is not the primary vehicle for player development in MLS. It hasn’t been so for years. This isn’t the right place to debate this, but if you wish to continue feel free to go ahead and tell me what, say, the No. 8 pick from each of the last 5 drafts (not including this year) are doing right now. With much more emphasis on homegrowns and purchasing players from Latin America, it’s become near impossible for the overwhelming majority of drat picks to become MLS regulars nowadays. Most go to USL. As for CPL, it was needed simply because there were not enough professional opportunities for Canadian players. The existence of the MLS draft has never had any influence on that, and never well.
  3. Very little of this has been true about MLS for about a decade. The days of American college kids dominating the landscape of the league are long gone. MLS has its (many) flaws, but I wish people on here would update their arguments to show that they’re actually informed rather than relying on tired stereotypes. And ya, none of this never ending conversation has anything to do with the CPL...
  4. How many of those people have never heard of the NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB? Remember we're talking about Canadians here.
  5. What a strange comment. The general populace isn't going to think "minor league" if it sees conferences. Why would that even be a concern?
  6. TFC will have already hosted 2 games at BMO prior to the March match window, so the game could've been played there. I think it's kinda cool if the game is played at Westhills, though.
  7. CR probably didn't want to host.
  8. Don't worry, MLS is buying them all. 🤣
  9. Same. Rongen's got a deservedly terrible reputation in both Canada and the U.S. for being a terrible developer of youth. It's crazy how far he got as a coach based on having a Dutch accent and playing in the old NASL. I will say that Rongen is great as a soccer media personality, though.
  10. He was at TFC for not much more than two months, not years.
  11. Looks like Romeo got some time.
  12. TFC had Alex McKechnie, the Raptors vice-president of player health and performance, check out the Argentine winger. TFC team physician Ira Smith, orthopedic surgeon Tim Dwyer and assistant athletic therapist Shohei Miyauchi also examined him. As did John Theodoropoulos, orthopedic surgeon to both the Leafs and Blue Jays. "No stone unturned," said Manning. https://www.burnabynow.com/toronto-fc-puts-piatti-through-medical-ringer-before-signing-argentine-veteran-1.24071679
  13. Ok, but why is this TFC's fault? The MLS schedule comes out months before CPL's. (I've been to 2 Y9 games)
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