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  1. I know you're joking, but TSN can't show Bundesliga even if they wanted to.
  2. Which Canadian soccer rights? Everything belongs to OneSoccer now.
  3. From that list, 4 out of the current 26 venues could be considered U-shaped. The open end zone thing is really a Canadian phenomenon, because of the absurd CFL field dimensions.
  4. I assume you mean in Canada (and only BMO Field, really), because most MLS stadiums (new or not) are fully enclosed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Major_League_Soccer_stadiums CFL field dimensions really screw things up in terms of fully enclosing venues that are also to be used for other sports.
  5. This is — hands down — the most condescending post I've ever read on this board.
  6. Those are the Atletico Madrid kits.
  7. They are not the same person.
  8. I'm not an admin. I've got limited mod access. I can see everyone's IP addresses, but from what I can remember it's not possible to do an IP address ban on this board. To answer your second question, I've only ever banned one person (Rintarin) and he asked me to do so. I'm not an active moderator on here and never have been.
  9. So I was curious about this and I decided to look into it. Peggy has the same IP address as Robert/neuker/Binky etc. and actually has nothing to do with TGAA. Do with that info what you will.
  10. No way he'd ever play with that club!
  11. This convo has spawned 8 new moderator complaints from TGAA. Sigh.
  12. Exactly my point. And neither federation makes nearly as much money off WCQs than they do from friendlies. In WCQ, USSF hosts Mexico in a small stadium (Columbus) while FMF hosts at Azteca, which while big doesn't pull in nearly as much money as a friendly in LA, Dallas, Houston, etc. Not to mention, why would either side want to face their toughest rival in World Cup Qualifying if they don't have to?
  13. Wait, why would the US and Mexico object to not facing each other?
  14. You've twice used my moniker in your post before preemptively bemoaning my response. Screw that. I don't need to ban you, and have never done so. I prefer to make fun of your posts and call you dumb. It's a rite of passage going on 20 years.
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