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  1. Give it one winter with heavy use under the bubble and it’ll play just as poorly as the others. Having played on brand new artificial turf I can personally attest to how well it plays. It’s as close to a good grass surface as you can get. Unfortunately the demand for these surfaces (especially in the winter months) always does heavy damage and the turf is never replaced quickly enough to compensate.
  2. It doesn't. The away team has no input on the away venue. As long as it's FIFA approved, it's allowed as a potential venue. The Mexicans probably didn't prefer playing on the BC Place surface in 2016 but they showed up because they were required to.
  3. Cruz Azul (Eustaquio's former team) are known as the Cementeros.
  4. DeLeon had just come out of a 2-week quarantine. There's no way he's 90-minute fit.
  5. When did the coach tell him that? I think your gripe seems to be with the actual term "key pass" instead of what it stands for. If they called it "pass that led to a shot that was saved" would you have an issue with it? As for the second bolded part, the statisticians — by definition — watch the games. Anyone who only looks at stats and decides how games went based solely on that is a fool, but even statisticians don't advocate for that.
  6. I share this sentiment with increased frequency of late (even though I’ve been on the end of your contempt in the past 🤣).
  7. Just logging in after a nice summer day/evening away from the internet. I see the board’s resident devil’s advocate is defending another idiotic COVID truther. Cool.
  8. Miami's the worst team in the league, though. Although maybe they'll get a new coach bump after Phil Neville is inevitably sacked.
  9. A guest team came pretty close in 2000...
  10. Herdman's often brought players into camp in the past and not actually announced them until days later. That could be the case here.
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