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  1. Also tonight, Tyler Pasher may appear for Houston vs. San Jose at 8:00 p.m. ET (DAZN).
  2. They've been taking part in training this week, as has Osorio. Dom Dwyer seems to be on trial with TFC, or at least training with the team.
  3. He's supplementing his main job with freelance work for CBC and Sportsnet.
  4. There’s zero chance of that.
  5. The "California Clasico." It's usually a July 4th weekend thing. Not sure why it's in late June this year.
  6. The Quakes often host the LA Galaxy at Stanford Stadium and sell it out, but you're right in that it does open their regular stadium up for GC or other international matches.
  7. Pozuelo and Osorio for sure, maybe Mavinga.
  8. I think the implication is that David's part of the reason why Lille doesn't have more goals.
  9. I forgot about that Warshaw anecdote. Thinking back, it was definitely Altidore's voice (IMO). As for the point about Black players' physiques, Altidore has always been described as "powerful", "athletic", etc. (which he is, of course, along with other good attributes), but he's noted that Black players are often described as such by (usually white) commentators even when other descriptors should/could also be used. It's coded language that he doesn't agree with and has advocated against, even though he himself is a specimen of a player. Think about how African teams are often portra
  10. They couldn't find better "highlights" than those?
  11. Edgar specifically mentioned a cricket pitch in St. Lucia, so it was a "good grass vs. bad grass" debate. Canada would dominate these countries on artificial turf, as well.
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