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  1. Someone posted in another thread theyre holding off on releasing upper west side and endzone seating until group sales are finalized. Probably early this week. to be honest i think a one or two day wait to release additional tickets will just cause the remaining to sell quicker once they are released. Makes them more scarce and ppl will act quickly to buy once they finally release them.
  2. Its a risk because there is a chance the game would cancelled or postponed if it snows. the same below restrictions were in place for impact ccl games. They ran the risk of postponing the games. its happened to the impact in the past https://www.mlssoccer.com/news/montreal-impact-admit-few-options-winter-when-olympic-stadium-cant-be-used In a conversation with MLSsoccer.com on Tuesday, Montreal Impact executive vice president Richard Legendre conceded that the roof, which got the Impact’s Saturday home opener postponed due to forecasts exceeding its revised threshold of 3 cm (about 1 inch) of snowfall, will not be a factor in this campaign. But he warns that the next government must tackle this pressing matter early in its term. https://www.google.com/amp/s/montrealgazette.com/news/no-danger-whatsoever-despite-snow-olympic-stadium-ready-to-host-blue-jays-games/wcm/b4f15120-7fc5-4656-839d-6e1114a70026/amp/ Since its roof partially collapsed in 1999, the Olympic Stadium is subject to protocols outlining when events can be held if weather forecasts are calling for snow. For an event to take place, three conditions need to be met: no storm of more than three centimetres of snow or three millimetres of freezing rain can be expected during the event, there can’t be more than five metric tonnes of snow or ice on the roof when the event starts and there can’t be any accumulation of ice on the Olympic Stadium’s tower or its suspension cables.
  3. Rogers centre is locked in baseball config. Would take some pretty substantial work to move it back to a rectangle playing surface. no chance they play jan 30th in edmonton when it could easily be -10c before windchill and nightfall. if BC place isn’t an option, i think next best bets are BMO and even Tim Hortons field(mid december grey cup, mid march leafs game) Big O would be too much of a risk with the snow and roof weight issues. i still think it will be at BC Place and they dont have issues installing the turf. Its a pretty standard replacement.
  4. I dont think they released any endzone seating. If Canada red presale sold 15k tix in the lower bowl and no more were showing as avail on TM then they definitely didnt release all lower bowl tix as lower bowl capacity is closer to 30k.
  5. cant believe how bad of a shape the track is at commonwealth. Guess it hasnt been resurfaced since the 2001 iaaf world champs?
  6. Thats messed up. Concacaf needs to clean this trash up.
  7. Thats a cop out. Concacaf makes enough money off the gold cup every 2 years to have the adequate cameras installed even temporarily.
  8. Entire west side is sold out. Probably about 1000 tickets left in the upper east side, then the couple hundred in the supporters.
  9. Inexcusable that we didn't call in replacements for not even one of Cav, Hoilett or Larin. this better not come to haunt us tomorrow.
  10. upper West side is going to be sold out for tomorrow's game(about 300 tix left). Just a matter of when, not if. We'll see how many more of the upper east side go between now and game time.
  11. If thats the case ans Hoilett is still out, we 100% need tesho on a flight to toronto. David isnt a lone striker up top and is already going to be gassed.
  12. I think you can drop ES from the group of 5 fighting for 2nd and 3rd.
  13. The additional $30 to tickets that were released Saturday have sold out. Lower bowl is about a dozen away from selling out.
  14. Panama’s win against the states makes this a huge game. We could really use Larin for this one.
  15. We couldve just as easily lost against mexico. taking a point at the azteca has never in a hundred years of qualifying been seen as the away team dropping points.
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