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  1. Going to the ground in the penalty area like that is asking for trouble. And Henry is always asking for it.
  2. Literally never ever again. How many times in his career does this happen and he just doesnt learn. Stay on your god damn feet.
  3. Those patches are worn at the gold cup like they are worn at the euros and wcq but not world cup.
  4. Gold cup isnt the world cup?
  5. Euro champs wear the same.
  6. Does our game get delayed if this goes to ET?
  7. Lol thats a PK. Lets see how much $$$ talks.
  8. Last I heard it was the opposite. Rumours of Braga which is a bit underwhelming. Porto would be great.
  9. Hes got to have a decent transfer in the works.
  10. There are a couple players on the bench for Jamaica who i thought would have been starting. Really weird.
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