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  1. He's free to say what he feels, and ppl are free to critique him for it.
  2. You can work on being quicker, but faster?
  3. 23 goals on the season?
  4. Started scored and a second yellow in injury time. He was a busy man.
  5. Ah crap. Not the worst injury but basically worst case scenario given the initial diagnosis.
  6. Johnston seems like a great dude and well spoken.
  7. Would've liked to see Cavalini start to regaing confidence, and of course eustaquio to see more of what he can do. Excited to see what Corbenau can do though.
  8. So what would be the more common sense decision that FIFA would make? We established that one option would penalize Canada for doing nothing wrong. That’s not common sense.
  9. Wyatt, you said to move on big guy. Why are you continuing to derail this thread. Can we please move on and stick to the topic given we’re all here to talk Canadian soccer.
  10. Insulting valued members who contribute to this board and create positive discussion on Canadian soccer isn’t the route to go man..... regardless of your views, which you’re entitled to. Time and a place tho, and this definitely isn't the place.
  11. Why should the Cayman islands be rewarded with postponing the game if they didn't follow critical procedure? If it results in Canada not being able to retain players, they should be kicked out of qualifying with all teams awarded a 3-0 victory.
  12. I honestly thought Hoilett was ok last night, not amazin but not brutal either.
  13. Think we need to put the breaks on St. Clair. He had half a good MLS season. Definitely one to watch for the future, but don't think he passes Crepeau and Borjan today.
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