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  1. Has this been rumored to be his last season? I didnt hear anything about that?
  2. He's free to say what he feels, and ppl are free to critique him for it.
  3. You can work on being quicker, but faster?
  4. 23 goals on the season?
  5. Started scored and a second yellow in injury time. He was a busy man.
  6. Ah crap. Not the worst injury but basically worst case scenario given the initial diagnosis.
  7. Johnston seems like a great dude and well spoken.
  8. Would've liked to see Cavalini start to regaing confidence, and of course eustaquio to see more of what he can do. Excited to see what Corbenau can do though.
  9. So what would be the more common sense decision that FIFA would make? We established that one option would penalize Canada for doing nothing wrong. That’s not common sense.
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