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  1. Not good for henry. Hopefully he recovers in time for the gold cup
  2. I never read anything about CSA releasing today? I know concacaf will release all 40 man rosters on monday. See my above post.
  3. Not sure how you can keep David off the field given his recent form. Also not sure who he would replace in that lineup. Tough call.
  4. Honestly id rather he move to a better club in mexico. One reason is selfish and that is we need players not afraid of central american climates during world cup and nations league. The other reason is i fear if he moves to a big european club he will risk turning into a Larin(slow to adapt, poor perormance, lack playing time). Hes got a good thing going in mexico and its a quality league, still above MLS. Id rather he stay there.
  5. No, it says something to be a defender on a world cup team. Your team has to be good to qualify for the world cup. You have to be one of the best players in your country to make the world cup on that good team. You are world cup quality. Some players/ teams in the world cup are on another level therefore some players are world class. There is a difference. If canada qualified to the world cup on the back of a stronger performance from Henry he would he classified in the former group.
  6. Haiti released their roster yesterday. Included in the 40 man is the Haitan Messi😂 https://elitesportsny.com/2019/05/16/new-york-red-bulls-news-derrick-etienne-jr-makes-gold-cup-40-man/
  7. USMNT's DeAndre Yedlin to miss 2019 Gold Cup due to groin injury; a look at potential options at right back https://www.cbssports.com/soccer/news/usmnts-deandre-yedlin-to-miss-2019-gold-cup-due-to-groin-injury-a-look-at-potential-options-at-right-back/ From the article The Gold Cup provisional rosters are due on Thursday, and they'll be released by CONCACAF on Monday, May 20.
  8. Kaye goes 90 in a 2-0 LAFC win over Dallas. Another solid performance.
  9. wouldn't he have to have filed his one time switch after playing for Chilean youth teams before playing for us against Curacao. Thus making him capped? Maybe im mistaken.
  10. Theres a difference between "world cup quality" and "world class top defender" I think the two of you are referencing two different levels of quality. Theres a lot of decent CBs who have played in the world cup, but they aren't world class.
  11. Hopefully Canada's 40 man roster is released soon.
  12. When are the 40 man rosters due? Tomorrow?
  13. Isnt haber a CF? nvm. Not playing. Please ignore me lol
  14. Celebrating mothers day and staying home due to rain.
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