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  1. Wow. The club not even giving him a chance in the first team after major knee injury. Has he been performing that poorly in training/ u20s?
  2. They hate all their MLS midfielders. They want to see European call ups.
  3. No Pulisic is a huge bonus for us. Read Bradley was going to be called but picked up an ankle knock in the MLS cup final.
  4. Soccerstand has him on the bench but official cruz azul twitter didnt. scanned twitter and it looked like some fans want to see him get a chance because “he cant be any worse than what theyve put on the field this season”
  5. Final roster selection is on Monday and theyve stated guys from MLS cup could be included. Look for guys like Morris, Bradley and Roldan to be added. After a week in Bradenton, the USMNT will shift to Orlando on Sunday. The final list of players eligible for selection for this month’s decisive matches – including any participating in MLS Cup – will be confirmed Monday. https://www.ussoccer.com/stories/2019/11/nine-players-added-to-usmnt-roster-for-concacaf-nations-league-matches-against-canada-cuba
  6. With regards to Hutch, he’ll be 37 in February. It appears his body is telling him he cant handle the punishment of international duty. At what point do Hutch and Herdman mutually agree that its time to move to the next chapter and allow for the younger guys who have been in camp to take the torch. I mean technically they already have but you can only “leave the door open” for so long at his age. Also glad to hear Larin was picked, hope to see him in the new year.
  7. He came on when they were up 2-1. Not great.
  8. damn. Its killing me not knowing the reallll reason he isnt going to be in camp. Hope its just a blip and he is there in the future as he continues to regain his form.
  9. Are the Hutch and Larin “personal reasons” just them not wanting to be there? Larin is especially concerning, 2 callups in a row where hes not there. Perhaps hes trying to solidify his spot in Europe?
  10. Who would we drop in his place? Even more complicated with rumors of Zator called up. We arent dropping Henry, Cornellius, Vitoria from CB callup. I dont think there is room for him this window. Perhaps the next friendly.
  11. That is a big win for Gent, opens up 2nd place for them to take.
  12. Why would we drop a two sided fullback(one of our weaker positions) for a CB(when we already have one of our top choice CBs coming back from suspension)?
  13. Given his recent form, starting him is definitely worthy of discussion. But if David is dropped a bit further back id still start Cav in his place, with Larin subbed on if needed.
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