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  1. cant believe how bad of a shape the track is at commonwealth. Guess it hasnt been resurfaced since the 2001 iaaf world champs?
  2. Thats messed up. Concacaf needs to clean this trash up.
  3. Thats a cop out. Concacaf makes enough money off the gold cup every 2 years to have the adequate cameras installed even temporarily.
  4. Entire west side is sold out. Probably about 1000 tickets left in the upper east side, then the couple hundred in the supporters.
  5. Inexcusable that we didn't call in replacements for not even one of Cav, Hoilett or Larin. this better not come to haunt us tomorrow.
  6. upper West side is going to be sold out for tomorrow's game(about 300 tix left). Just a matter of when, not if. We'll see how many more of the upper east side go between now and game time.
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