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  1. Will miss him on the pitch. Seemed like a class act. Wish we could've seen him line up vs TFC and potentially the Concacaf Champions League.
  2. Ikone just dances with the ball until he loses it. Pretty frustrating.
  3. Broken ankle would be better than serious ligament damage.
  4. Revenge match against Haiti to move to the knockout stages. If we cant finish ahead of them we dont deserve to move on.
  5. Those games in Toromto and Orlando were our best opportunity to surpass them. Unfortunately now their talent in the pipeline looks better than ours. However talent doesnt always equal results. World Cup is expanding to 48 teams and theres no reason why we cant be the third best team in Concacaf.
  6. American soccer twitter is bashing David and angry that Weah isn’t starting ahead of him or Yilmaz.
  7. Id bet after 2022 wcq cycle.
  8. Mexico Yes, USA wouldnt be a guaranteed loss. We could beat them if we’re on our game, but they would be the favorites.
  9. Well not sure this format is any better for us, especially if we’re drawn against Mexico. Obviously best case scenario is avoid mexico.
  10. All three second place teams or just the best 2nd place team?
  11. Nothings a sure thing but hed have a better shot at starting at dortmund than bayern.
  12. Not sure how the Vitoria Jakovic pairing would fair against speedy teams.
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