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  1. Its 45 degrees out. I didnt go for that reason. It looks beautiful, its anything but tho.
  2. It can be argued that the 0.5 spot is split evenly between two pools of candidates in Concacaf (1-6) and (7 to 35) resulting in .25 spots each. So Concacaf's entrants are split as follows: (1-6) get 3.25 spots (7-35) get .25 spots Total= 3.5 spots EDIT: please ignore, this has already been posted. tough morning for me
  3. Loan to a championship side with regular appearances would be great.
  4. They’ll have enough players. They have a large domestic league to call from. Of course as more players defect, the lower the quality of the remaining players.
  5. You’re right. Its 85% vying for for .25 of a spot because the winner of the 35 actually have to playoff against hex 4th before playing intercontinental. It is absolutely laughable. With regards to USVI i have no idea what you’re talking about
  6. ppl are more than willing to accept something new. but not something that has 85% of teams vying for 0.5 of a place. not something having ranking points from 3 years ago retroactively deciding if you are in or out of the hex not having a scenario where teams like Canada have played 3 official matches in the past 2 years against non fifa teams therefore unable to gain FIFA points versus some teams that are in the hex. Like if you're going to use the top 6 teams automatically in the HEX, use the damn Concacaf rankings index which actually take into consideration games against non FIFA opponents.
  7. You're wrong in the bold part. We could win rounds 7-35 and "deserve" to be there yet may still not make it if we get drawn a tough intercontinental spot. If they wanted this ridiculous format to have any sense of fairness they would have had teams 7 to 35 playing for a full spot, not a half spot.
  8. and theres a scenario we have to beat Uruguay/Chile, Honduras/Costa Rica, Panama/ Haiti in successive home and away ties. the format is weird and the paths are stupid.
  9. Dont think fifa has announced that publicly yet. Even a draw against asia is tough. Last cycle australia was their rep as their 5th seed and knocked out honduras.
  10. Cant wait for the intercontinental playoff to draw concacaf against south america. So we have to win 98 elimination rounds and then the 99th in san pedro sula and the 100th in peru or chile. If we do draw south america we gotta do everything we can to make the hex.
  11. you know this is going to happen to us at some point and it will be when it matters most
  12. After losing to Haiti at a neutral venue, losing to a team in the 6 to 10 spots in a home and home is definitely a concern, thats even before we get to number 4 of the hex.
  13. This format would be more acceptable if the teams outside the hex were competing for one full spot, not a half spot. IF it was a full spot at least you are guaranteeing teams outside of the confederations top 6, a world cup spot. But as it stand you may just be throwing them to the wolves in a tough intercontinental playoff.
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