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  1. LOL. This is what happens ALL THE TIME.
  2. At least he's making a case for himself. Kinda hard to ignore numbers like that.
  3. Yeah I can remember Jesus Gil y Gil. That guy was insane. But to Montreal, is this the season Bush loses his starting spot? Looks like Diop has the edge now...
  4. He can be on the roster and still go on a loan later. As long as Montreal doesn't have a new goaly he's still in the team.
  5. Borges starts on the bench against Beerschot.
  6. I read yesterday there's not a single club in the Belgian second league that makes a profit. Club with biggest debt? OHL... Really should be illegal to climb the ladder based on debt.
  7. Unfortunately, they are not idiots. But is this doing math and strategically planning opponents really how we want a qualification for the WC? Pretty lame CONCACAF.
  8. Yeah true (Foothills for Cavs and Sigma for Forge). But still, why not your own academy? The point of the league was to develop players after all...
  9. Yeah well, I still have my doubts about the viability of the league. But I sure as hell appreciate them trying!
  10. It is crazy. Also, it's a very American way of thinking (we used to see it in Germany as well). Looking at Ajax (the proponent of Dutch youth development) it's exactly the other way around. Lot's of small, technical players and not a lot of giants.
  11. I love how FCE keeps adding players from their Academy. Are they the only CanPL team that try to develop players? I mean, they all should do it.
  12. TFC is one of the best producers of Homegrowns with Dallas and Redbulls. Not all of hem succeed, but they sure are producing large numbers of Professional Footballers so that others can use them. I don't have any problems with them having US managers. If they'd suck yeah ok.
  13. This was a rematch of a game that was halted in November because the lights went out. A replay means you have to have the same squad as in the original game. Also, I think it still was a game in the Apertura and not the current Clausura.
  14. Funny how Team America is providing players for the Canadian Premier League though...
  15. Of course the CSA should allow AO to participate. How hard can it be?
  16. Yes surprisingly. CZJ still have a long way to go, but Zwickau isn't safe either. Lotte went down last season after being safe for most of the season.
  17. And then let go all the potential profits in the future? (it's this promise MLS is built on).
  18. Canadian MLS teams have invested heavily in MLS not just their teams in but in the league itself. No way they are voluntarily giving that up. Best case scenario they could sell their stake in MLS but again, who's going to compensate them?
  19. Godinho starts for Zwickau at Carl Zeis Jena. Stanese starts on the bench. Huge game for both in their battle against relegation.
  20. I missed that. Still not given enough minutes to get physically in shape, but at least he played. This! Why would they sign a kid two years ago and then not give him minutes at all (he barely plays for TFC2)?
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