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  1. Richie Ennin is on the bench for Zalgiris at Bodo / Glimt (2-1 at HF).
  2. Remained on the bench as Eintracht beat 1860 1-2. Elva started and played the entire game in a 0-1 loss to Fortuna Düsseldorf. Straith (Hansa) stayed on the bench and Kennedy (Jahn) wasn't in the team.
  3. Yeah there's no way a newly promoted side will play an inexperienced goalkeeper over the Dutch national team goalie. Rather than being back-up, get a loan deal with a lower-league side.
  4. With some decent wingers he could be prolific. No need to dribble.
  5. Ongaro seems to be the only bright spot. Expected a lot more from Boakai and especially Aleman.
  6. Read somewhere Spezia were interested in Jeroen Zoet, of PSV and then Dutch national team. If he could get a loan with playing time somewhere I'd got for it.
  7. Now the question is oof he'll remain with them. Surely they'll be bringing in some Serie A experienced players. Might be for the best as well, he needs to play somewhere.
  8. It is HIS roster though. He even build on it for two years. Hard to see any progress (but to be fair, TFC it a Topteam in MLS, so maybe we shouldn't compare these two).
  9. Too few players have made it to become pillars of TFC's flagship, that's the big problem, not losing a couple of youth players to foreign development teams. Ajax-fans are hardly complaining their club is developing players for half the Eredivisie, they'd start complaining if they didn't produce exceptional players for the first team as well.
  10. I thought Bayern were pretty good in LB before they got Davies.
  11. What does Gent have to do with Lille? David has a contract and Lille wants their player. Gent has EVERY RIGHT to play it as hard as possible. They took the chance on David and got him to extend his contract. Well played.
  12. Agree with the first two parts, but I wouldn't call it bluff. If push comes to shove he WILL play for them again, but I'm willing to bet he'll just go to Lille and they get an extra couple of mil or a % when they sell him again or whatever out of it.
  13. Boy were they lucky, especially with the handball call. I now expect them to win this!
  14. Congrats on the clean sheet, but work on distribution!
  15. He's not missing confidence at all there, is he?
  16. He was a back-up at Sporting KC. I can imagine him wanting to play every week. You're right though, as an attacker, he really seems to have a knack for goals. Intriguing player.
  17. James starts on the bench for Midtylland at Brondby.
  18. Also for TFC, if he'd get a loan deal or something they could benefit as well. This situation isn't good for anybody. Surely some lower half Danish topflight team could use a player with his skillset.
  19. I really think he should leave TFC. He's 22 and the Cap is killing his career. DM / CM is one of the most influential positions and it makes sense for the club to put a DP there. He'll never get meaningful minutes without a serious injury or suspension of Bradley. Not saying the club is treating him unfairly or whatever, but at 22 he should be playing week-in week-out and growing into that leadership position.
  20. The manager says he will sign a new contract, I don't think it's been done yet.
  21. I'd like to watch him against an actual LB and see what remains of the 1v1 skills...
  22. A kid named Massimo Ferrin played the first half for Loudoun United at Hartford. I don't know him, but he is listed from Mississauga. Game ended in 3-1.
  23. Ricardo Ferreira in the starting 11 for Belenenses vs Gil Vicente. EDIT: goes 90 in a major 1-0 victory. Picks up a yellow in ET. Nice to see him get back on track, now we need to call him for the next international game.
  24. Gent struck a little goldmine and they want to be paid. And they will.
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