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  1. I have a feeling Cordova will be better for you guys as well
  2. Confirms that he chose this transfer over an MLS transfer, which I would assume was Montreal
  3. CSA logo is in the background though. Could be Monsalve
  4. I think we all underestimated the strength of Cavalry and Forge last year. Having a healthy De Jong, Staro and Haber likely would have made them one of the strongest teams of the rest
  5. I wonder how good Valour would have been if he had players playing their best positions
  6. They definitely have stepped it up this year. By the looks of it I would say that they have probably cemented themselves in that second tier with York for the time being. I'd like to see them pick up Irving though
  7. Sure. But we ARE posting on this forum. So it's relevant...
  8. 11 if Gutierrez switches. 12 if Didic signs. I guess Whitecaps don't hate Canada? (or at least MdS doesn't)
  9. None of the other CBs played perfect games either. I thought that he looked to be the best CB of all the guys we saw playing there against Barbados and Iceland. He is not the answer, but I definitely felt he pushed himself higher up the depth chart. I would be surprised if he doesn't sign with the Whitecaps and get some minutes there
  10. Team with a terrible name > no team at all
  11. A higher level than I would have expected lol
  12. Clanachan: "A new club will begin preseason in 30-90 days"
  13. Its probably going to be something much more vague sounding like the majority of the other CPL teams
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