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  1. I think that TSS Rovers, Highlanders, Foothills, WSA Winnipeg and Thunder Bay should be allowed in. However, if a BC Div 3 were to come along, and TSS Rovers/Highlanders did not want to join, I would cut them from the Cup at that point. I think it is very important to create a proper pyramid in the country and I don't believe that having multiple different leagues playing at similar levels helps
  2. The US Open Cup has no issue with it. Mind you, the only way I would allow PDL teams is if there is no reasonably distanced Canadian Div 3 nearby, but still no reason it can't work
  3. Looks like we finally have someone who can take a penalty. I fully expect Borjan to snatch the ball from Cavallini at his next opportunity
  4. At this point it looks as though he is not doing enough to factor in with Canada. Unfortunately, I think that his time in CPL will have helped him grow, certainly in confidence. I could see him being a regular for TFC (or some other MLS team) next year, but it also makes sense that given his age, he would not wait around for a Canada call that doesn't appear to be coming anytime soon. Regardless, another win for CPL if another player in the league gets caps with their national team. Even more so getting his first cap after playing well in the league
  5. I thought it was Robert, but he tended to only post in CAPS and never posted in threads that he didn't start
  6. Yes, and unfortunately if Fury goes bust, I don't think you'll have too many investors interested in starting a pro soccer team in Ottawa anytime soon
  7. CPL, no. I think it would be interesting to see university teams play in L1O though
  8. In fairness, I wouldn't fault a CPL team for losing to a team that knows magic
  9. Decided to see if I could find some new recruits for this year. It doesn't appear to be as easy as finding information on NCAA players, but checked out a few of the bigger programs and found a few "names" that would be joining U Sports teams this year: UBC - Jackson Farmer, Jordan Haynes, Logan Chung York - Reggie Laryea, Soji Olatoye, Gianfranco, Gileppo, Michael Thornton, Marco Muia, George Tzimas (all guys who transferred from NCAA) Toronto - Matthew Roberts (Former Swansea U18)
  10. Should be interesting to see how his season goes this year. I am sure a lot of players will want to test their mettle against a top CPL defender. Also curious to see what the recruiting class is like for U Sports teams as this will be the first time schools would be recruiting and able to use CPL as a carrot
  11. The only person who really knows is Ozzie. You should ask him. You two would get along swell
  12. I was curious to see what the MLS teams would look like in a final for Voyageur's Cup with a minimum of 6 Canadians starting. This is assuming no injuries
  13. Yes, based on CSA's definition of domestic. I don't fully understand why they allow the draft picks to be considered domestic, though I assume it is because they would be able to acquire permanent residency by the time they finished school
  14. France is the best league in the world? Okay you have completely lost me now
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