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  1. We have had plenty of players in the past that struggled to do what he is doing against minnows. One thing in particular that I like about him is that he doesn't seem to turn off. He is always giving it his all. He played the same in the first 10 minutes as he did in the last 10 whereas we had a few players that were starting to hold onto the ball a bit too long near they end
  2. lol You bring up attendance after every game, but then also think reserve teams should be in the league? You are a very strange person
  3. Doesn't help that the camera doesn't face the stands that they actually use. Looking forward to the track being removed next year as well. That would certainly help the optics as well
  4. Anyone who watched Guyana, care to comment on how Welshman looked? Can't imagine he got much of the ball but curious to see how he played nonetheless
  5. All I'm saying is he left a sour taste in my mouth by saying that he regretted being cap tied by Canada and only showing up once in about 5 years, during a time when he was needed most to help rebuild
  6. I'm curious to see if we see a few Cuban players stick around in September, looking for CPL contracts
  7. I see him like I saw Vitoria. I'll take him, but he won't be a guy that I feel much of a connection to. I sort of find myself feeling the same way about Cavallini after all the years of not showing up. I was super stoked about him (or as stoked as I could be) after the Honduras game, but even with him showing up lately I don't see him as a guy who is fully committed to the cause. But thankfully for once, we have plenty of young top level guys that are
  8. I convinced my buddy to watch the Cavalry/Forge match with me last week. He made three bets on Bet365. Lost all three of them. He is not a fan of the CPL after that lol
  9. I heard that 2 hours before the game there was no one in the stands. Pretty pathetic if you ask me
  10. I think FCE should probably quit with the "bring back old NASL players". It doesn't seem to be working thus far
  11. Except that the slogan isn't "We, the North..."
  12. Based on the subs here, it says Roberts was on the bench. I thought that he was at the Gold Cup?
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