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  1. Well I guess they were right to rate Crepeau then, just wrong to get rid of him
  2. Canadians are actually considered domestic in USL as opposed to MLS. So good for Canadian soccer, bad for CPL recruitment, but it allows for some hidden gems to pop up in CPL that might not have gotten a chance if there were more journeymen Canadian players in the league
  3. I meant if he cared about posting on the forum. I don't doubt that he cares about Canadian soccer
  4. I don't see the problem with finding a hidden gem and having a proven commodity. The hidden gem shouldn't cost a lot Yeah. Because the top USL clubs probably have more to spend. As opposed to not being interested in him. Its like when JDG said the only CPL player they would be interested in was Bekker. Ridiculous
  5. Ouimette I think was already signed. I would be pretty surprised that no CPL team was interested in Haworth or Pasher, especially considering a number of teams could use some scoring help
  6. That is fine but truth be told, none of us know the fees involved. It is all just speculation. Anyone entering into the league will know that the plan is to have pro/rel because it is consistently being brought up. Smaller markets definitely will not have the kind of money some are speculating ($9 million). That is why I don't necessarily believe it. The dollar amount is way higher than most prospective owners would be willing to pay, and keeping it at a seven team league will not increase the values of the existing clubs either so it doesn't make sense for the existing owners either.
  7. Indy is coming close to meeting the CPL's roster requirements. Pasher, Ouimette, and now Haworth. All three guys would have been great pick ups for CPL. I guess that CPL isn't able to compete with the top USL clubs yet
  8. I am sure if he cared enough he would have just made another account. Look at that one CPL troll on twitter. The guy has like 130 accounts
  9. Good call. I actually hadn't noticed, but that seems to be the case
  10. They probably all got tired of a certain poster here
  11. Same thing applied to Mo Johnston with TFC. He was day 1 coach and GM. TFC did awful in the first year, then he somehow managed to convince TFC brass that his skills were better suited as only GM. He managed to hold on for a couple terrible years and hasn't had another coaching/GM job since
  12. The U21 rule will certainly buy a lot of younger players some time. Guys like Sarkaria and PLJ are 25 now though. They might not get may not get more opportunities. If PLJ can hold out a bit longer he could probably latch onto a Laval team, but a guy like Sarkaria not getting much minutes at his hometown club, probably wouldn't get too many offers
  13. Yeah, I think a lot of it comes down to the league being stronger than everyone expected, which was a pleasant surprise. Would have figured guys that got games in NASL and USL would have been guaranteed solid pieces. Unfortunately for them (but fortunately for fans of CPL), they were not
  14. I don't think he is worth capping at this point. Chances are he ends up in CPL. Time for young players to start earning caps instead of gifting them because of having a dual nationality
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