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  1. "Fordyce is also the seventh and final international player in the current squad." Looks like that confirms Galan isn't coming back
  2. I mean, Calgary and Edmonton is a 3 hour drive versus a 7.5 hour drive between Windsor and Ottawa. This is probably as good as it gets. In L1O Windsor even has a hard time filling a bench half the time and Ottawa moved to PLSQ because the travel was too much
  3. He sure would be a good replacement for Edgar at Forge
  4. Yes, I believe so. It has been a while since I have been in the pyramid so am not up to date on everything. It is not technically province wide as stated above since Ottawa area is in OCSL, then I am not sure about Windsor area but even with AMSL, it is mostly just Calgary and Edmonton teams I am not 100% sure here, but I remember when Rick Titus had played a game for TFC as an amateur because he didn't want to ruin his eligibility for the Ontario Cup. Guys like him I believe would put teams together with their buddies and enter and do well without having to work their ways up
  5. Would OSL not be the equivalent for Ontario? They have Provincial Elite levels as well as Regional Leagues below it that I believe do promotion and relegation in between it. A club I was with back in the day promoted from YRSL to one of the Regional OSL leagues as well. I know it is not province wide as well, but it seems like that would be an equivalent to AMSL
  6. That would sting having Valour sign his replacement on his birthday. Still not as bad as Issey being traded on his birthday lol
  7. Yeah he was with Foothills the year they won the PDL Championship I believe. I don't see him going first overall, but like I said earlier, would not be surprised to see him or Gardner (unless Pacific picks him a third time) go as Edmonton's second pick given the Koch connection if they are still available
  8. I'd really like to see something like this based on the teams that are currently announced: League1 Premier Alliance United Master's Futbol North Mississauga SC Oakville Blue Devils Sigma FC Vaughan SC League1 West League1 East FC London Darby FC Guelph United North Toronto SC Hamilton
  9. I doubt Edmonton will continue along that route with Koch at the helm. I wouldn't be surprised to see him draft Farmer and Gardner, two players he had at VWFC2
  10. I believe that the coach was replaced after gaining promotion. The coach that brought him in, gave him a bit of playing time here and there as they were in a promotion race, however once the new coach came in he was never heard from again
  11. I'd be curious to see both of them back in CPL with different teams. I don't think either of them are nearly as bad as they appeared on that terrible Valour team
  12. I don't watch a lot of USL but based on how players have performed that have played in both I would think that USL Championship is ahead of CPL by a very slim margin
  13. Two posts above yours it says that he is having ACL surgery in the offseason
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