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  1. I feel like a salary cap hit just ends up punishing the players. Could mean they sign one less player next year, or players have to take pay cuts. I had assumed from the beginning that the numbers would have to be met in the first round, reset, then be met again in the second round. Very disappointing if this isn't the case. Forge should not advance if they can't meet the numbers. It is their own fault they didn't play their younger players more/only signed the minimum required 3 players
  2. I thought I had heard somewhere it is because normally in a game you would just toss a bottle to a player during a stoppage and a few players would drink from it, but that can't/shouldn't be done because of Covid
  3. If everyone was the same size the mountain would be an anthill. I really can't understand how people see it as a dig. Its an MLS centric picture and nothing more
  4. So if there is a 42 year old player that is tearing it up in USL that is slightly above what the CPL has to offer at the time, he should be called up because you should call the best players possible, even if they are unlikely to get any playing time?
  5. If CPL gets pumped up, it will make his job easier. I highly doubt there are any USL players that are going to be difference makers when it comes time for World Cup Qualifying
  6. Its a funny meme, but I would rather Herdman call up guys from CPL rather than USL even if the USL guys may be better. Makes more sense to raise the talent level of CPL than give a couple of caps to USL players imho
  7. Having a preseason will help him get more minutes I am sure
  8. 1. Davies 2. David 3. Tabla 4. Millar 5. ZBG 6. Brym 7. Bair 8. Shaffelburg 9. Bassong 10. Nelson
  9. I feel like that wouldn't make a lot of sense. Kacher has primarily played as a left winger which is where I would assume Levis was playing since they have Motou for left back. Maybe Gale is deciding to load up on wide players this year since having tons of CMs didn't seem to work last year
  10. A tournament like this we need some depth and while I don't think he would be a starter, I think he would have logged some decent minutes for us
  11. Is there a Montreal in France? Maybe its like that time Dasovic tried recruiting a guy from Edmonton in London lol
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