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  1. I am not super familiar with how it works for UEFA, but it probably isn't ideal since CL is used to qualify for CCL, whereas in Europe the shittier CL teams move to the other tournament, unless I am mistaken
  2. Isn't it up to the CSA to decide who their spots go to? If Forge were to win the Canadian Championship, it seems like it would make the most sense to give the spot to HFX
  3. I would imagine due to the pandemic and "buying in bulk" would likely get them a fair discount off of accomodations
  4. Yeah to be honest I didn't check any further than the CanPL website to see who had been re-signed. Too bad though as I think Daniels would be a good get for a CPL club
  5. I was curious as to what Canadians currently available had connections to Koch, so here is a list I came up with: 1. Ben McKendry (Currently with Atletico Ottawa, Played for Koch at WFC2, Has also played in Edmonton before) 2. Tomi Ameobi (Currently with FC Edmonton, Played for Koch at FC Cincinnati [USL]) 3. Darryl Fordyce (Currently with Valour, Played for Koch at FC Cincinnati [USL]) 4. Aidan Daniels (Currently with Colorado Springs, Played for Koch there last year) 5. Terran Campbell (Currently with Pacific, Played for Koch at WFC2) 6. Mele Temguia (Currently with FC Edmo
  6. Gasparotto left for a high paying job. I also wonder if he would have stuck around if York had made the finals and they didn't have so much turnover. Beaulieu was a back up and while I am not 100% his New Mexico profile said he was planning on majoring in Civil Engineering, another job I would expect would be high paying. If players don't have those kind of options available to them, they are more likely to stick around longer.
  7. For a second I thought HFX was losing another defender lol
  8. https://gazette.com/sports/alan-koch-focusing-on-family-after-resigning-as-coach-of-colorado-springs-switchbacks/article_eed4b5ac-27b6-11eb-8f06-9f4b9ad3d366.html Koch says he wants to be "anywhere that's driving distance from our house" in central British Columbia. So I guess it depends on if he considers Edmonton to be driving distance
  9. Is he? I looked up a translator online and didn't see anything about him leaving. Mentioned regrets that he had but, I mean they came in last place. This post was also from September
  10. Maybe he ends up in Ottawa. Would be a lot closer to home
  11. Yeah I am aware, but if he gets a raise with another team and moves to an area with a lower cost of living, grabbing a coaching gig on the side, he is probably doing better than most "real jobs"
  12. That makes sense for middling and lower depth players, but I imagine he would be a higher paid player for a team. He's also played overseas before, so perhaps that
  13. Could be he had another trial already set up. If there are multiple clubs interested, price could be driven up
  14. Maybe so, but being a team for an entire region doesn't necessarily mean the whole region is going to get behind you as can be seen clearly with York. Owen Sound is part of Huronia but I can't imagine you would be getting fans consistently going to Barrie for a match. Regardless I am all for Barrie getting to CPL eventually. I always enjoyed playing against Barrie back in the day
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