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  1. Hell, SIlberbauer couldn't even find 18 players by the start of the season
  2. I'd be interested to see if they get someone like Dasovic since he has experience and was also with the Whitecaps development team this past year. If he has any kind of relationship with MdS, it could lead to a few loans from the Whitecaps next year as well
  3. I feel like Hart is more ingrained in the club than most since Derek Martin has said a number of times that he isn't a soccer guy. I think there was heavy reliance on Hart for contacts and I am actually pretty surprised that he didn't make better use of them. I think the national team experience on his resume buys him a bit of extra time, but if he puts in another season like this I'd say that he is gone
  4. Was wondering what a Camp Poutine lineup would look like so I made this up (Everyone's opinions will differ of course, but this is actually a pretty solid lineup that could still beat some weaker CONCACAF teams to get some points) Subs: Hamilton Bair Teibert Borges Johnson Fraser Adekugbe Jakovic Didic ZBG Ranjitsingh Carducci
  5. Can always do a Camp Poutine. Would give a chance to test out some CPL players, and there would still be a solid core of MLS players that get regular time for full strength national team. But, I think we are all aware that that won't happen
  6. Just wait until we see TFCII suit up for Olympic qualifying...
  7. I know it matters to an extent for obtaining work visas in some countries
  8. Anyone have any clue why the only player getting professional minutes in the pool didn't manage to make the team?
  9. Qualifying for the World Cup is infinitely more important than playing for MLS Cup. That he would come off to be able to play in an MLS playoff game is laughable
  10. Judging from everything I have heard and read about this guy, I doubt very much that he subbed himself off so early in the game as a precaution for LAFC in such an important game for Canada. Especially after putting in minutes at LB to get a shot at CM
  11. I see him as being a Fraser Aird type. Everyone will be super excited that he finally commits to us, but then he doesn't amount to a whole lot afterwards (not that he seems to be doing a lot now)
  12. Yeah unfortunately at this point there isn't a whole lot that can be done about the low number of teams other than being patient. The championship format however, can certainly be changed
  13. The season feels like it has lost some meaning to it since we've known who was playing in the championship for about a month now
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