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  1. Having a preseason will help him get more minutes I am sure
  2. 1. Davies 2. David 3. Tabla 4. Millar 5. ZBG 6. Brym 7. Bair 8. Shaffelburg 9. Bassong 10. Nelson
  3. I feel like that wouldn't make a lot of sense. Kacher has primarily played as a left winger which is where I would assume Levis was playing since they have Motou for left back. Maybe Gale is deciding to load up on wide players this year since having tons of CMs didn't seem to work last year
  4. That is what I am feeling as well. They do seem to have a pretty imbalanced roster so I don't see them doing better than that, but with some interesting attacking pieces, I am hoping for Valour fans that they will at least be entertaining
  5. A tournament like this we need some depth and while I don't think he would be a starter, I think he would have logged some decent minutes for us
  6. Anyone starting to think Valour might not be terrible this year? I feel like if they sign most of the guys they have on trial, they could be pushing into the middle of the pack
  7. Is there a Montreal in France? Maybe its like that time Dasovic tried recruiting a guy from Edmonton in London lol
  8. Good to know York 9 wouldn't be affected
  9. It will be nice to have more Canadians with professional experience if two more clubs are added to CPL next season
  10. Saw this on Debystar site http://derbystar.ca/epages/7ff61653-ed08-4db8-a63c-b639831fd105.sf/en_CA/?ObjectPath=/Shops/7ff61653-ed08-4db8-a63c-b639831fd105/Products/7198-1005
  11. That would make very little sense if the CPL had their salary cap in USD
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