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  1. This is not going to really settle down in all regions of the world until July at the earliest. Less developed areas will linger in isolation until there is a vaccine; which won’t be until December. Its quite possible that it’s all settled down in Canada by June but other countries won’t be so fortunate.
  2. I wouldn’t be stunned if CONCACAF forces a home and away match between us and El Salvador to be the last team in the Hex. The change made was very unfair to Canada especially. Depending on when this gets under control there may still be time for the current process to play through but it’s going to be tight I think.
  3. The tough Central American teams are all in the Hex already. The 7-35 is pretty easy except Haiti.
  4. If we don’t make the Hex and have to play the minnows then David and Cavalini will probably both be top 4 in Men’s scoring at the end of this qualifying period. Also even though its limited points pickup, 12 straight qualifying wins would bump us up into the top 50 Fifa rankings probably.
  5. Eriq Zavaleta has been with TFC for 5 years now. He could probably get his Canadian citizenship and file a 1 time switch if he wanted to. He’s expressed wanting to play for El Salvador in the past and would be a major upgrade for them. I’m not exactly sure where he would fit in our CB depth but I think he would be a top 5 CB for us.
  6. I think it’s more about promoting the new BC Premier League team than anything.
  7. This is our best case scenario I think. If we were only 3 points behind then we could legitimately catch them. I wonder if we could actually get a couple games against them if were that close. I don’t think El Salvador would go with it.
  8. While I would really love him to be at Bayern; I’m not sure if he would get enough playing time. I’d like him to be with one of the other Bundesliga teams where he can get a starting spot and service. Dortmund or Leverkusen would be perfect I think.
  9. From a coverage perspective Saskatoon and Quebec City make lots of sense. It grows the base of professional soccer in Canada to 2 underserved markets. Some of the other proposed cities will to varying degrees cannibalize existing markets. These 2 cities will not which is good for the growth of the game.
  10. Yes but he only gets to play Winnipeg 4 times though.
  11. I think your right. I posted it in another thread but I think the CPL will have the largest effect on the depth of our defenders and keepers. CPL teams are just not going to spend limited budget and foreign player spots on internationals when there’s going to be young Canadians to take the spot and also accept the wages (while living at home a lot of times). Playing time will result in improvement and exposure which will bring the depth. But I think it will be most felt for CB, FB and GK positions.
  12. If he’s starting every week then the Impact probably won’t release him so it won’t matter.
  13. Davies played good today. Not as electric as some other games but he had his moments. They talked about him quite a bit and I hadn’t realized that he’s started 21 straight games which is the longest for Bayern this season so far.
  14. ZBG really is super talented. If he can lock down a starting spot this year it will really help him in this key year. The 20-23 years are so critical for development and he’s right in it. I hope he can round into form like this all the time.
  15. Your right. Also the salary structure in CanPL will favour young Canadian defenders so I expect this will be a constant thing. Goalkeepers and defenders will be plentiful. A younger 18-23 year old Canadian player can afford to live at home and make 30-40k per year with his local CanPL team compared to an international who will have to pay for their full lifestyle on those wages. Also why would a team spend more on an international player at a premium when there’s a local player who will play for less. Then rapid development and exposure will come with playing time and then movement. It’s a great thing for the Men’s program.
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