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  1. Although I love Atiba- he has slowed down noticeably in the past few years. Still great to see him but his lower mobility hurts in a 2 man midfield.
  2. That’s what I’m pretty sure they will use. OneSoccer is picking up some good content for Canadian soccer fans. If they get the MLS rights in Canada it will be really interesting.
  3. Mullins would be an excellent defensive striker in the USL. Dwyer also has a chance to be productive there. Maybe TFC should loan those guys to the USL so they can be more productive.
  4. If he was willing to accept the call from Canada he would play in every game for us at this point. He may or may not start every game because he plays the same position as our best players but he would be getting subbed in at least consistently.
  5. They would honestly be much better if they had Eustaquio manning the middle of the team.
  6. Morrow was my son’s favourite player before he passed away. I have a nice framed picture of Morrow and Giovinco giving my wife and I game ball when TFC did a tribute to my son after he died. Seeing the news about Giovinco coming back and Morrow retiring really got me choked up today.
  7. If everything goes according to expectations we should be 48-50 for the January transfer window. That means our entire national team squad will be automatically eligible for a UK work permit. This is fairly big news for the program.
  8. I tuned into the game- saw the lineup and thought “WTF this is stupid” and tuned out again. I don’t understand why the team is rolling out proven mediocre or worse vets and expecting anything other than losses. Wake me up again when they start playing the young guys. This team is just sad.
  9. I think he’s definitely a Camp Poutine guy; but until he gets 1st minutes he’s not going to feature for us yet. He’s coming in at apparently a good pace though.
  10. If Canada qualifies for the WC as the 3rd seed they will likely have 22-25 points in the table. For sure that means another 50-100 points in the Fifa ratings and they will be solidly in the top 35 at least.
  11. I think he’s 5th behind Borjan, Crepeau, St Clair, Breza and Pantemis. For the sake of logistics it’s easier to being in a CPL guy than a guy from League 2, and it’s worthwhile bringing in a younger guy anyways.
  12. I’m not so sure anymore. League 2 isn’t exactly a great level. He’s probably behind the MLS guys at this point.
  13. I’m glad that we’re playing in Mexico 1st and not 3rd match day. We the the opportunity to get acclimated to the Mexico altitude first which is great. The best case scenario is 7 points with a draw, win, win. I think winning both the last 2 legs is the key and important for qualification. We need to get a solid win in Jamaica. 4 points out of this window would be a bit of a disappoint whereas 6 points will put us in the drivers seat for direct qualification.
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