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  1. Kyle Bekker is the MVP this year I think.
  2. It was a mistake to get Wanyama. I don’t think he’s an upgrade at DM over Piette and it’s a waste of resources to not have a proper CM and have 2 DM at starter prices. Montreal should try and move on from Wanyama and plug their actual problem position.
  3. Go 4-2-3-1 with Davies, David and Hoilett as your wingers and AM. That’s not a bad lineup to be honest.
  4. In truth coming up to and certainly beyond 2026 if the Canadian Premier League remains workable it will be ever harder to grant exemptions for the 3 MLS clubs. In fact the CSA will have a good case that the 3 MLS clubs are stifling the development of a domestic top flight league by siphoning the best markets from its top flight league. If the CPL is sitting at say 10 or so teams with 8 years of league play, I don’t see how the MLS teams can justify their exemption. The CSA did learn it’s lesson with the Fury and that is that if it gives proper notice period, it can force a team into the Canadian Pyramid. I would not be surprised if the CSA gives the 3 MLS clubs a 2 year notice period in and around 2024-2025 that they will lose their exemption. It would surprise me if that does not happen actually.
  5. Alberta and Manitoba have gotten more than their fair share and they didn’t even have a local team consistently.
  6. Owen ****. He didn’t represent Canada but he was the best Canadian born player.
  7. These are the kinds of plays that are a clear improvement by Larin in the last 16 months. With this type of productivity and impact he’s showing I don’t expect that Besiktas is going to give him a transfer. They’re going to want to keep him for themselves.
  8. He had a very good game and obviously that was a beautiful strike for the goal. Hopefully he can lock down that starting spot for the rest of the season and continue to improve.
  9. I wonder where he sits in their depth chart?
  10. The CPL has a fair number of starting Canadians. CB’s take longer to develop. Henry is playing every minute in Korea. We’re adequate for now
  11. It’s been pretty clear for some time that Bekker is the best in class midfielder playing in the CPL. He’s in his prime and a good distributor in the middle. It’s interesting that he’s also developed into a tenacious and hard nosed defender as he’s matured too. I’m not surprised with their past successes together and Bekker’s form that MDS is looking for a transfer for him. He would be an improvement over the shambolic midfield play the Whitecaps have right now.
  12. Having more high quality players is never a problem. Herdman is pretty committed to a 3 central midfield arrangement so I don’t see that changing. The wing, striker and full back arrangement is normally where the change is. So the 3 midfield arrangement with a DM and 2 CM is typically what we will play. Competition for all 3 of those roles is tough as it should be. When he’s in form MAK is right in the mix along with Arfield and Osorio for those CM roles. Adding Ferdi is only going to make our midfield better by competition but will also strengthen our 2026 team when Arfield and Osorio will probably be aging.
  13. Ludogorets has its Champions League qualifier on Wednesday against Midtjylland. Yankov will almost certainly be starting at CM. I wonder if James will get into the game. Potential Canadian vs Canadian matchups in Champions League are pretty rare. Either way of Yankov is starting his 2nd game in Champions League at age 20 he should be getting a call up this fall.
  14. He really looks like a talent. Canada has a pretty good midfield but he’s 20 and starting CM for a perennial Champions League, Europa League team. That’s no small thing. He’s definitely talented enough to play for Canada and it would be foolish to not call him up if he will take a call up.
  15. Richie has really transformed himself into a solid fullback. It seems he can play both left or right side. To me he’s our best right back.
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