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  1. That Thomas goal has to be the goal of the week. Absolutely filthy!
  2. It looks like a 3-5-2 on the field for Valour. I’m surprised by the aggressive formation against a possession team like Forge.
  3. I’m sure a lot of mid level clubs in Europe are asking about Borges. Everyone wants a pacy winger who can wreak havoc and finish.
  4. It’s a good list but I agree that Choiniere should be in over Verhoeven. Think of how good the team would be with Davies, David and Liam Millar.
  5. Anyway.... more to the point this CPL season has been great for Borges. I think that along with Zator he has been the among best players in the league this year. I suspect that he will get a chance to go to a bigger league this offseason if he can win the Golden Boot or continue to challenge for it. Maybe a mid tier Dutch or Belgium team. If that happens he will be a major story for the league in terms of developing players who fall through the cracks. Certainly he looks like a diamond found in the rough right now.
  6. Good game. A bit sloppy at the end but happy for a road win. Great to see Borges get a brace and regain the golden boot lead. He’s looking good at LW.
  7. To move up from 7/8 to 4/5 in CONCACAF we have to be making the semi’s or finals of major tournaments or even the CONCACAF Nations League because the teams we want to pass are for the most part getting there and we have a dismal base points to build on. The bottom line is win. That Haiti game was a disaster for us. We have to get points off the US to make it up the rankings and we have to run the table against the minnows as the 7th seed and make the playoff game. *edit* this new format incentivizes winning frequently and consistently more than the other system.
  8. My bold prediction both Larin and David are top 10 in the league in scoring next year with 15+ goals. Also this will garner some attention to both as a result.
  9. Atiba is not as effective as Piette anymore. I have to see Eustaquio play a few times before I make a judgement on where he sits. For now Piette is our most effective DM until I see someone else step into that role and win it.
  10. Kaye should definitely replace Hutch IMO. He’s so athletic and his technical performance has come so far. As much as Osorio has played very well for us I think a midfield of Arfield, Kaye and Piette would look super sharp going forward.
  11. We pretty much have to make it to the Nations League final to make it to the Hex. So we have to beat the US in our group and win a knock out game against a team like Jamaica and Costa Rica. Then we would be about the 5th or 6th ranked team. Is there any friendlies that we can schedule between now and then? Maybe a 2 game, 3 team tournament between El Salvador and Haiti in the January window?
  12. I think we have a better chance against Panama and Costa Rica. I get a 0.9% chance of making it. This is a brutally unfair format for anyone but Mexico and probably the US.
  13. Surely one of their wingers deserved to make it. They changed the tournament with their speed and aggression.
  14. Just search for it on the Apple TV App Store. I have an AppleTV v 2 and v4. It’s not on my v2
  15. Whatever, I’m going with my friends to the game. Summer night, 5 dollar beers. Great time.
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