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  1. I had thought about that as well- sending a B team to the Gold Cup. However consider that the US and Mexico are not sending their A teams to the Gold Cup. This could really be a great opportunity for Canada to win the Gold Cup with our A team. There is some important prestige and experience our fairly young team could win. That could build exceptional momentum into the final 8. *edit* Winning an international tournament could also really spike the value of our players in their professional career as well. Better European clubs and competition could help grow
  2. @Corazon Good overall summary. One comment I have is that Jonston also really struggled at time. A major giveaway almost resulted in a goal; Haiti challenged him regularly. On the balance I will never get too worried about it when there’s an away win. Any win away is good.
  3. 18 months later: If Herdman doesn’t get a win next game against Netherlands to get out of group stage of the World Cup, will he get fired? It will honestly never end.
  4. I have a lot of faith in both players. I expect they will both start a game and come off a bench in the other. I also expect them to each score at least 1 time in the 2 games. Both are very good players in the prime of their careers. They both know it and root for each other and the team. We should do the same.
  5. No he hasn’t been cleared yet. He won’t be until September. He’s seriously lucky to play a game ever again. That injury is the most sickening in any sport in recent memory. I’m just glad the guy is talking a later the Tramatic Brain Injury. Makes me sick to my stomach.
  6. I’m not going to die on the hill. I’m just saying David is also peaking and plays striker which is a more valuable position.
  7. He was for sure. His missed 3/4 of the season with a skull fracture and needed skull surgery. We don’t know how/if he will return to form. Its very unfortunate and scary. But at the moment I think David is the 2nd best player in CONCACAF.
  8. There is an argument. David is also a tremendous player too. Such a great finisher. Its insane that Canada very well may and probably does have the best 2 players in CONCACAF!!!!
  9. The Suriname players are used to Europe and not CONCACAF. They are going to play a straight up game.
  10. If Nicaragua can beat Haiti that would be so awesome!
  11. With respect to an away game trip- Jamaica could be a great place to visit in October! Just saying
  12. @Shway There isn’t any winger in CONCACAF like Angel Di Mara though. Also nobody else on our back line could hang with him. Davies really is our best defender, in addition to being our best attacker. I’m really on with Laryea at LB though. We have RB depth as well so our other FB’s are fine. @N1ckbr0wn I think your lineup is fine except that Cavalini will definitely be coming off the bench and not starting since he started last night. So move David up to striker and slide Osorio to AM and I’m reasonably sure that’s the lineup tomorrow or very close to it.
  13. Except that he’s young and we’re making 2026. So it’s not really the same boat.
  14. The other side of that is that Davies is our best defender in addition to being our best attacker. Lots of players have had the “Davies Flu” in the last few years and when Bayern has a tough game they play him a bit tighter defensively to ensure they give up no goals. He really is a dominant defender as well.
  15. They’re not under any circumstances. Can Dijk is literally the captain of the Netherlands team lol. The list is just a fantasy list and not intended to be what could actually happen.
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