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  1. Antonio is averaging 0.73 G+A/90 this year and Larin is at 0.66 against weaker competition. West Ham is a good team right now so let’s not underrate them.
  2. I love the part of “and he’s cheap too at only £13 million”. Just running the conversion - that’s $18 million USD. Davies was transferred for $22 million USD. So this would be the 3rd largest for a Canadian. Heady days indeed for Canadian football.
  3. Just to add- we don’t need any USL / NASL toxic BS confusion in Canada. We already have the MLS and CanPL parallel situation. We just got rid of the toxic Ottawa situation and upgraded to a better deal with Atletico Ottawa. For some reason this thing just brings out a CSL vibe- I imagine that crowd is going to show up in the “East” division some way because we already know they don’t like to play by the standard rules.
  4. I don’t see how this is better than PQSL, L1O, L1BC. Doesn’t seem like a D2 league to me. Its just trying to replicate the PDL in Canada which is just a D3/D4 thing anyways. Seems like a waste of time. L1O and PQSL are doing fine and seem to be open leagues more or less. Why not just make a D3 Prairies and be done with building out our D3 pyramid.
  5. I know he’s still young and developing, but how explosive is he? I was watching his videos and he seems more of a nifty player than world class athlete like Davies. Is he more of a skill than speed guy then, or is he just growing into his body still?
  6. David’s best playing time is with Yazici and Weah. I find it really aggravating to watch him with Bamba and Ikone. They’re just boneheaded and selfish players.
  7. I only watched the 1st half but in the first 45 minutes he looked like he was playing a nearly perfect left back half. Supporting the attack, hockey assist on the 2nd goal and shutting down any pressure on his side completely. I’m glad I turned it off at 45 mins and did a 5k with my dog. The dog liked the outcome better too.
  8. @Obinna actually over the years we tend to agree on most of these things.
  9. This season is different than last year. Bayern doesn’t have Thiago backstopping and covering up every mistake that Davies makes. He has to be quite a bit more cautious now because Bayern isn’t bulletproof anymore. I think this is just him maturing as a player a bit as he is no longer a teenager.
  10. We have typically played a 3-4-3 against weaker teams and a 4-3-3 against better teams. As tempting as it is to play Davies at LB- for Canada I see him as a winger because we need the scoring push up front more. I’m comfortable to start Miller and Laryea out of the full back positions in a 4 player back line or Miller at CB in a 3 player back line. He’s fine back there. Similarly Vitoria is fine at CB at all times. It’s the other CB position that worries me. Cornelius, James and Henry are the next best CB in our player pool and they all have been shaky or inconsistent and tha
  11. Keep in mind that we are a completely different team than past years as well. I’ve been following Canada for over 20 years and we really have never had this kind of top end players and depth of high quality players. Yes we don’t have great strength at CB but aside from that we have a superior base of talent and top end talent at every other position. With the exception of Mexico and the US we should expect to beat every team in CONCACAF at the moment. When other teams look at our talent- they immediately think- how will be be able to contain their attackers and midfield. I k
  12. This year he has really risen to the top of our midfield pack. Considering age and performance he should be an automatic starter. If I was building a midfield trio for Canada for the 2022 WC it would be him, Osorio and Arfield. I think that midfield trio would be top notch in CONCACAF and could compete with a fair number of World Cup teams. Not to mention that our forwards- David, Davies and Larin could compete with a lot too. Now that back line on the other hand...... edit - to clairify - I still think the US and Mexico have better midfields. But I do think we ha
  13. Ikone just hit a 10/10 free kick. Got it barely over the wall and curled it into the corner. I was preparing to be mad that David didn’t get it but that kick really couldn’t be beat.
  14. From the behind angle the goal was clearly going in with or without the defender. It’s a bit unfair to all involved to call it an OG
  15. Yes they seem to have some solid chemistry when they play together. It seems like they look for each other a fair bit for passes.
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