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  1. Ayo is our best young striker except for David and to be honest they would work well together due to their playing styles. While Canada may have a couple better strikers -at the moment- among our young players he stands ahead of everyone else.
  2. It’s been interesting watching the past 2 years of player development. 2 years ago we just didn’t have any full back depth; now we have multiple players starting at FB in the MLS or higher levels with Davies and Laryea - to an extent - turning into stars at their positions. Buchanan has certainly been one of the emerging players that helps contribute to this depth. It’s been great to see him emerge this year- even though he’s mostly a winger at this point.
  3. Larin has really been showing that clinical finish form he had in his early MLS years but at a higher level.
  4. I saw this as well. I think the Athletico Ottawa investment as well as the emergence of Davies, David and some others has highlighted the development potential in Canada. The stakes for a team like Bayern or Dortmund are pretty low. 10 million upfront and no more than likely 1 million per year. For teams that large the CPL is a small investment with a potentially high payoff. Its seems more like a “smoke before fire” thing but these types of deals can come together quickly.
  5. There’s nothing to be done. It’s unfortunate that he will not be joining us. I think he really would have developed into a starter for us in a few years. I guess we will never know now.
  6. Yes however Petrasso has actually played the majority of his career the Championship, League 1 and MLS before coming to CPL. So for him this is a lower level.
  7. Wow English 5th division. That feels like a tough pill to swallow.
  8. Toronto FC has a bunch of low contribution relatively high income players and can be even better with balance next year. Bradley and Altidore will be gone I think. I think Toronto will sign a star winger (maybe Hoilett) and a star CM. Right now Ayo is auditioning for the striker role for next year. I’m not sure if they will give it to him or not.
  9. He looks like an excellent distributor of the ball. It’s too bad I can’t get his games. How is he at tackling and recovery? It looks like he goes down when physically challenged easily.
  10. He would probably be 3rd or 4th on the Striker depth chart for Canada. For a 20 year old that’s really good. He could be a major part of the future. I’ve been really impressed by Akinola this year.
  11. He’s 20 and starting for a big club in a weak league. It’s a bit hard to project. At the end of the season if he performs well he could be poised to move up to a better league but it’s tough to get out of the their league. Ludogorets usually does sell a one or a couple players per year, usually to a top 5 league - lower tier team, so there is potential. He just signed an extension so there is a better chance of a transfer at the end of the season since term assists that. If he performs well in Europa League as a 20 year old and has a great season he could move to a better leag
  12. David and Davies were/are too critical for their clubs to release for Olympics. They would never have been on the team. However they are both critical to our National team and their clubs value having internationals on their teams. The truth about our Olympics roster is it will probably be filled with CPL players and guys at the end of MLS benches. It’s important for marketing but Herdman has his eye on the World Cup first and foremost. There is a lot of pressure to make the WC with our golden generation that we have right now before 2026.
  13. Yankov looks like the breakout player this year for our program. I’m glad he’s going with Canada and he really could develop into a big piece for us. There’s not a lot of 20 year olds in our program playing at a Champions League/ Europa League level and it’s always great to get talent like that in our program.
  14. I don’t think there will be. However the CPL looked better this year as teams had more continuity and many players already knew the systems. There is always going to be a fair bit of roster churn though and competition will always be good for spots. The MLS clubs will be more active looking for loans next year too I think. Pro sports is by its nature so competitive. At least the Island Games went well and got broadcast around. I suspect that more than a few players will be going off to Europe in January.
  15. Winnipeg was a mess in 2019. They couldn’t keep possession and if I remember correctly their right side was very weak. Teams knew they could go up that side all game long and Murrell or Thomas would get out of position to compensate. Some of those games got really ugly and while Thomas and Murrell were looking bad a lot there was bigger problems with the system and setup I think or at least they didn’t fit in it. Sometimes with bad teams it’s hard to tell where the line between players and coaches blurred.
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