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  1. If people are completely honest with themselves- the gain in LB quality by having Davies move there is much greater than the loss of LW quality by having Hoilett start there instead of Davies. With Davies at LB we are probably the 3rd or 4th strongest team in CONCACAF (I think). With him at LW, Adekugbe at LB and Hoilett on the bench we are probably 4th or 5th best team in CONCACAF. In terms of maximizing the team he should be our LB I think. edit- What I’m getting at is were much stronger having Hoilett on the pitch than we are with having Adekugbe starting.
  2. I’ve always been a bit less bullish on pro/rel too though. I’d rather have say 16 teams in a D1 Canadian League than 8 in D1 and 8 in D2 or something like that. Mostly I’m more interested in our 7 team league become 8 and eventually 12-14. If we can get there and have stability then I think Canadian Soccer will be in great shape and we become a perennial World Cup team. That would make me happy. edit- my *dream* scenario is a 16 team CanPL with both Montreal and Vancouver moving over and having 4 D3 leagues in BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec with a total of 40-50 D3 teams. That would be Canadian Soccer at its best I think.
  3. I actually would like Ottawa Athletic. I think it’s a good name- the anglicized version of Athletico. Why not?
  4. I’m really surprised no Cornelius and Tiebert starting. I’m a bit, but not a lot surprised that Brym is starting. For our players at this camp this is a good lineup.
  5. Your completely correct I think. €20 million is not “develop and sell” money- it’s “paid to perform” money. I don’t think it’s very often that teams would pay that much to risk being able to sell later at a higher price. Only the Big 4 leagues or PSG can afford something like this. Its honestly amazing that David is in this caliber of player this quickly.
  6. I don’t know the irony but Zator had the better season. Maybe Herdman sees that Didic has has 4 professional seasons and over 100 starts at the same age. Zator is 25 and has been a surprise in his first pro season. Didic is cerebral and really big and physical. He’s a classic CB.
  7. I think Laryea has really cemented himself as our #1 though. He’s come on so strong.
  8. I don’t think anyone is proposing that Didic is going to be our 1st choice CB although he’s good depth to have. The ideal CB remains one who is very athletic as well as cerebral. Unfortunately that’s a really tough ask. I had hoped that James was going to become that but for various reasons he hasn’t become it.
  9. He almost always plays a 4-3-3 or variants of it. There’s always a midfield triangle when Herdman is coaching. It’s a primary tenant of his style I think.
  10. I think it was clear that Edgar was an upgrade on Owundi and in a tight salary cap league tough choices have to be made. I expect Owundi catches on somewhere else as he’s clearly good at this level. Forge needs another up front striker though. They’re going to be plugging that hole. I’m no longer expecting Borges to move on this year, but probably this is his last season with us.
  11. I know right. He’s only 1 year younger than Osorio. It was time for him to move on to another team. The numbers game in Toronto never worked for him because he wasn’t as good as Osorio or Bradley and never could take that 3rd midfield role.
  12. These were 2 good warm up games. It’s nice to see our 1.5 team (remember that some of our regular first team players are still out there) put up comfortable wins against a minnow. Against the Iceland 1.5 team it’s going to be a tougher test. I know Herdman is taking it seriously and will play the best players he has and not play 5 subs a game.
  13. In fairness Didic was really solid last night. I don’t think it’s telling, I think it’s riding the hot hand.
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