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  1. I like watching Delgado most of the time but sometimes he’s the most frustrating player too. Chapman doesn’t have his pace and flair but I think he’s more careful with the ball. TFC is really digging themselves a hole this year. They have to figure something out soon.
  2. Halifax is an interesting and bold choice. It would be sold out and loud
  3. I’m thinking we go 3-5-2. It maximizes our team talent. Cavallini. David. Davies. Arfield. Hoilett. Hutchinson. Piette. James. Henry. ZBG. Borjan. Kaye can play instead of Hutch in some cases. Thats a really good lineup in CONCACAF play. It is probably good enough to make the 2022 World Cup with.
  4. Those are fair points. I’d like to see him in Europa League for the exposure and Spanish teams were mentioned. That’s why I mentioned Spanish Europa League teams.
  5. I think the USA game should be at BMO. It will most likely be a sellout game which is very good for the national program. The other game against Cuba should be in either Vancouver or Montreal I think as they are the next largest markets and the games should be spread out a bit. These are fairly important games, but not Gold Cup level and I’d like to see the largest crowds possible.
  6. I think Cavallini could aim higher - La Liga. I would love to see him transferred to La Liga. It would be fantastic for his career to be in the top flight of Spain where he would get all the exposure. I think a move to a club like Valencia or Seville would be perfect for him.
  7. Good finish to the game. 2-0 and Borges long distance shot was fantastic. Both he and Novak could have easily had a brace so Valour was lucky to only have 2 put against them. Novak was MoM and it seems he’s taking the starting striker position from Welshman which is interesting.
  8. OSEG may very well sell the Fury club to the CPL or CPL ownership rather than fold. At least a new ownership group would get the infrastructure and contracts of the existing team. I still think there’s a deal to be made despite all the doom and gloom rhetoric.
  9. Looks like Pickering to me. I know that spot. Good location.
  10. Yes I was talking about Henry being a defender who is good enough to play in a World Cup. I stand by that, I think he is.
  11. If only Tomori played for Canada he would complete a dream CB pairing with Henry. We would then have a World Cup quality pair of CB’s.
  12. He’s LB in the picture and he’s been playing LB recently.
  13. Yes even with everything I believe mostly everyone would still want the Fury to come over. They are established and in a big market with a good stadium. If they joined it would strengthen the league and I believe the Fury as well.
  14. The GC is set up so that the US and Mexico can only play in the finals and not before. It’s a really bad setup.
  15. Mexico is fine. They have tremendous depth at every position compared to other CONCACAF teams. Even with those 4 out they are still large favourites.
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