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  1. Is that a U23 best XI? It’s not a league best XI for sure.
  2. There were more people in the concourse than in the stands today I’d say. The bar was pretty packed. I thought 6,000 was about right.
  3. After this season I’d like to see him move up to a bigger league. A mid table Bundesliga or Ligue 1 team. That would be good for his development.
  4. He was playing for Aleppo- during the Syrian Civil War. It’s not like it was probably the safest place to be playing. I’d leave too.
  5. Crazy that both Panama and El Salvador lost and we could make the Hex with a good result against the US. The big question is can our very best get a home win against the US. That’s a big task.
  6. I didn’t think Miller was invisible. I think he visibly shut down that side of the attack. Miller really opened my eyes and changed my opinion. I think he was very good.
  7. Johnson is a lot like Straith. He’s a solid professional player who works hard and maximizes his talent. He’s a leader, gritty, tough and always tries his hardest. Honestly he’s been a great service to the men’s program. But he’s not at the physical talent level needed to be a World Cup player. We have a bunch of guys that are younger and more talented coming up. The talent level is now higher than the super try hard guy that leaves everything on the field. However for depth it’s always great to have.
  8. By the way- we need a CB with Henry out and Zator is in really great form right now. He may not get the start but I think he gets a call up next game vs the US. The starter for the US game is probably Vitoria since he’s in form and proven right now.
  9. I think we move on from here. Henry getting a 2nd yellow is very disappointing as he’s now going to sit next game. Cornielus and Laryea have solidified themselves as first choice CB and RB in my opinion. Laryea was a breath of fresh air. LB is going to be a challenge. I think Davies or Kaye may have to go there vs the US as much as that’s sub optimal.
  10. Exactly. This is literally 6/11 of our best players out there. The score doesn’t shot it but this is complete domination. Edit- were also playing 10 men and keeping 80% possession. Think about that. .
  11. Yes we are. We have 80% possession against a team just parking the bus. We’ve buried this team 2x in the past 4 months.
  12. Our midfield and attacking options can compete with anyone in CONCACAF. Our defense is so thin and a notch and can’t really compete with the best of CONCACAF though. I also don’t see the star power at defence coming up like our attacking and midfielders. Even our best defender- Henry - is inconsistent and can be mistake prone. The rest of the defenders are all over the place game to game it seems.
  13. I think the team will be heavily focused on CPL players with a generous sprinkling of MLS reserve players. Our CPL U23 players are getting first team minutes week in and week out. They’re developing rapidly right before our eyes in the best way. What would our best CPL based team look like?
  14. With his youth, performance and physical attributes I’m sure a club in Europe is going to want to take a look at him. He’s probably a lock for the U23 team and with a goal or 2 internationally I wouldn’t be surprised to see the new Canadian-Belgium connection in action and someone from that league taking a shot at him.
  15. I feel a bad from a sporting perspective that Cuba has had so many defections. Their player base can’t be so broad as to lose this many players and our last game against them wasn’t very competitive. I certainly want to win but don’t really enjoy the 7-0, 8-0, 10-0 thrashings against a minnow team that’s completely depleted.
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