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  1. The SPFL is a really tough league. Some players that are more finesse oriented really struggle there because they get completely mugged. I think Liam suffered for that and had to take crap that wouldn’t be ok in the more skilled leagues.
  2. Bundesliga would obviously be a great move but I wonder if Netherlands or Belgium would be better for his development. Either way I hope he gets a move so he can get those key competitive minutes.
  3. When Tesho joined our program it was a watershed moment for the program. A player who was the MLS rookie of the year choosing Canada. At a time when we had almost no attacking depth it was a big deal. Our program has come so far in 7 years that now a guy scoring double digits in MLS gets called up but isn’t starting. That’s a huge deal too. Not too long ago any player who made an MLS roster was an automatic invite to a window and we were rolling with multiple players with no clubs or clubs in very low levels of foreign leagues. That’s simply not going to happen anymore.
  4. Our RB position is still not settled and the thinnest we have. 18 months ago we didn’t have any RB options starting at a high level (MLS or better). We still don’t have any consistent starters. Both ZBG and Laryea *could* be good players for us but both of them are not consistent starters and we really need more than just a consistent starter to be a contender to make the World Cup. I really hope one of them grabs a starting spot this year or someone else emerges, but it’s still uncertain and we are paper thin.
  5. He played in 4 games so far. Usually you need 5 appearances to be considered a champion (at least in the UK) they have several games remaining so he probably gets there.
  6. He’s 3rd. 1. Alaba €65 million 2. Robertson €64 million 3. Davies €60 million. I know Alaba is mostly a CB now, and on the same team but he’s still #1 edit- Davies is now the most valuable player in CONCACAF- ahead of Pulisic who has dropped to €54 million from €60. David is #6 at €22.5 million and is the most valuable midfielder in CONCACAF
  7. Maybe a year or 2 in the CPL would be good for him
  8. I do. I ended up meeting and having beers with (I think) everyone from Hamilton/ Burlington when the BSB was formed from a splinter of this group. It also helped that Maurader and I took our CSA coaching lessons sitting beside each other, which was a 100% coincidence. I saw him have the board up and it turned out we were commenting on the same thread at the time. Totally random.
  9. Lille’s management is pretty competent by all reports. By the way, my deepest condolences on your brother. Losing a close family member is incredibly hard. When I lost my son 2 years ago, it was very hard to get through some days. Take the time you need to be with your family and don’t feel pressured to “get back to normal” because there really isn’t a fixed time. I found it was like waves- some good days, some bad days. Eventually the waves get further and further apart
  10. He’s going to take over in a 2 man front that should be ideal for him. Osimhen has similar (slightly less) production in Belgium the year before, moved to Lille and scored 18 goals. After 1 year he’s about to move on for €50 million. I think David can have the same impact for them as Osimhen did. That’s pretty much Lille’s plan. Take the €50 million from the sale of Osimhen, bring in David then transfer him for a profit after a year or 2.
  11. Well I hope this goes through. Lilles is a good team and program so he will be able to look very good there.
  12. David is fast for sure but at 33 km/h he’s a notch below the super speedsters like Davies Mbappe who are running 36 km/h but he’s only like 1 notch behind the most elite speed guys. Maybe he’s like a 90 speed instead of 99
  13. Larin was super highly rated, way more hyped than Theo. He was on everyone’s radar. Let’s not forget that on Larin’s age 20 season he scored 18 goals in MLS. Theo is probably going to be a backup in his age 20 season.
  14. It was Atiba obviously, sorry I thought that was self evident.
  15. He would have to be the starter of his team to pass Crepeau. Borjan gets underrated here a bit. He’s a terrific keeper playing Champions League at the top of his game. Our program has like 4 players of CL quality right now and he’s one of them.
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