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  1. The 4 best defenders in CPL are all Canadian. Zator, Didic, Gasparotto and Samuel. That’s the best of our depth at the moment.
  2. Canada has a giant pool of players. One this this CPL season has shown is how many people slip through the cracks. Because we’re adding teams over time it allows the player pool to adjust to a certain extent. I suspect that we can get to 10-12 teams no problem without diluting the product. I think more than say 14 or 15 and we will be digging pretty deep. Lets see how many people the BC League 1 develop and maybe a Alberta League 1 as well.
  3. If you win a Nobel prize in one of the hard science fields you are allowed to move to China and get Chinese citizenship. Not many people take them up on the offer. They also offered Elon Musk citizenship.
  4. This is a great lineup. I like Hoilett so much I’m surprised he’s not starting.
  5. My CPL Season 1 CMNT 1st team and 2nd team: Best XI GK. Carducci Cavalry. LB. Abzi. York9. CB. Zator. Cavalry. CB. Samuel. Forge. RB. Verhoven. Pacific. CM. Bekker. Forge. CM. Bustos. Valour. CM. Carmargo. Valour. LW. Campbell. Pacific. F. Ongaro. Edmonton. RW. Borges. Forge. 2nd Team: GK. Ingham. York9 LB. Awuah. Forge CB. Gasparotto. York9 CB. Trafford. Cavalry. RB. Doner. York9 CM. Aparicio. York9 CM. Carreiro. Valour. LW. Pasquotti. Cavalry. F. Fisk. Pacific. RW. Petrasso. Valour.
  6. We should bet it all and have a home and home friendly with El Salvador in March. Then it’s not random matches and some real points on the line.
  7. If I was the owner of Gent, I’d make a move in January. He’s healthy and rising. An untimely injury could ruin it. Potential is something that always gets a big market premium. Always strike when the market is hot. Just and edit to go one further. I’d sell David for 25 million euros and then in the same window bring in Borges for like 1 million and get the fan hype machine rolling. Just saying.
  8. I was in Costa Rica this May for a week. It’s a really wonderful country. I loved it and would recommend to anyone. But thank you for winning last night!
  9. Good for him. He’s in his soccer prime of 26-29. Professional careers are short and he has to make bank now while he’s young and healthy.
  10. Miller at LB is of course an option. He’s adequate but with him on the field the LB position becomes less dynamic and more stay back. He’s our best option outside Davies but IMO we need a full time LB playing LB for Canada.
  11. I like a classic 4-3-3. Borjan. Laryea. Henry. Vitoria. Davies. Piette. Arfield. Osorio. David. Cavalini. Hoilett. After watching Davies destroy competition at LB, I’d love that for this key away game. He would still pitch in and overlap on attack along with Laryea on the other side. This is a very good and strong lineup.
  12. Did they have David lined up as a false 9?
  13. Well the Fury were D2 in every sense of the word. They really were effectively the farm club for Montreal like TFC2 is for TFC. This is exactly they reason why there is no MLS/CPL relationship. The CPL is a D1 league and not a farm club league. They may have smaller budgets but lots of leagues in Europe have smaller budgets than larger leagues in Europe but remain D1. This is true in CONCACAF as well. The Central American Leagues are D1 for them but have smaller budgets. MLS wants both scrape off the top 3 markets in Canada and relegate the rest of the country to minor league status.
  14. He’s our Gareth Bale. Phonsie is becoming one of the best LB in the world
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