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  1. Anyone have a comprehensive list yet of where all the Canadians in MLS are playing? Last year there were Canadians getting minutes on 8 teams but I think there's more than that this year.
  2. I'm excited to have a healthy De Jong but Blake Smith quietly had a really good season last year. De Jong isn't coming in to replace a weak area. Younger players have the most room to grow from one season to the next so it's really hard to predict what kind of team Pacific turns up with in April. Anyone know what to expect from Kah in terms of style of play? Silverbauer definitely had a distinct approach...
  3. Didn't see too much of Legault but he seemed to struggle with staying disciplined - being caught out of position and taking unnecessary fouls. I think he finished with the second most cautions even though he barely played. Hernandez was pretty good, especially in the first half of the season before he was injured. Out on the wing is probably where Pacific is strongest so it might be best for him to move on.
  4. Ouch! Defence could be an even bigger problem next year. I figured Smith would be gone but he'll be missed. He had a really good season here.
  5. Yeah really strong first half where our possession dominated. Attractive football but couldn't maintain it for the full 90.
  6. Once again putting an attacker in the backline ahead of a defender works for Pacific. NV did pretty well as a LB.
  7. Yeah McCurdy looked better than in the past but I think Staro is still a lot better than him. I don't think we've had consecutive games with the preferred back 4 starting together.
  8. Unbeaten in 3! Curious to see what kind of team Forge brings next week...
  9. No I don't think so either. Still, surprising how much mileage that team is getting out of such a young midfield 3.
  10. This LAFC team is so relentless. Between the talent on the team and the superb training they're liking putting in, Kaye is in a great spot right now. He was given a bit of time to rest last night and Nguyen, who replaced him, did not play well at all which bodes well for MAK.
  11. Last game before summer ends, a lot of families are back from vacations now before the September rush.
  12. What were other key points from the event? I was unfortunately unable to attend...
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