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  1. Very true. I didn't tune in until the 17th minute (perfect timing!) so just saw the goals conceded on the replay. It's a shame Pacific's first goal resulted in a PK, that was some great work by Bustos and it would have been nice for them to be able to finish the sequence.
  2. Three games in and the team seems to be at a similar level to previous years. Lots of rotation already and most players seem to be on the same page with how Kah wants to play. Still need to be sharper when defending.
  3. Johnston's impressing to get that starting RWB spot. Lots of players in the line-up could be there instead of him.
  4. I've watched a couple of his games this year and he seems to turnover the ball more cheaply than I remember from previous seasons.
  5. Aside from most players simply not being up for the challenge today, the biggest worry from today is TFC's build-up. With almost every reset Bono went long and NYRB easily won those duels. Akinola isn't a target striker and all four with attackers today are under 5'10". Armas didn't seem to have a plan B so a pretty easy game plan for RBs to defend.
  6. One of the better games for him defensively, he put out quite a few fires.
  7. I'm curious how much of it is tactical and how much of it is Priso's own style of play but he's certainly been the most 'holding' midfielder paired with Bradley so far this year. He mainly screens the back line and has made a couple nice interceptions already by reading the play well. By contrast, Okello and Delgado are much more mobile. As others have mentioned he's positive in possession, there were a couple plays last night where the obvious pass was backwards to a CB but he took that half second to find a teammate further forward. He looks like he's got a bright future ahead of him. I hope we get to see him play regular minutes with some stronger teammates. Even if that doesn't happen, getting to start against some strong Mexican teams is great for his development.
  8. A couple really good games followed by a stinker. I'm curious to see what changes (if any) Armas has in store for the next game.
  9. This was the biggest issue for me. Metcalfe and Baldisimo both looked too similar getting forward - the first forward pass was often a long ball to the outside to a wide player that would have to get it under control and then be isolated 1 v 1. A couple of the better chances in the first half started out centrally to get into Haiti's half and then the ball out wide for a winger running at the backline.
  10. Pacific officially partners with Sooke School District soccer academies.
  11. That's an impressive stat for Osorio as he's not the type of player constantly caught out of position or noticeably trying to cover a lot of distance. He's quietly having another good season while other players grab the headlines - essentially the bass player in a good band.
  12. He's definitely played a part in other goals. I think there were one or two assists denied to him because an opponent touched the ball.
  13. Overall the officiating still has a ways to go as there were some really odd (non) calls this tournament. As far as the Pacific PKs go I think they're more about bad defending than bad refs. Of the 5 I recall, 3 were bad decisions for going into tackles (Haynes, Samake, Chung), 1 was a sloppy first touch (Wirth) and it's only the MacNaughton one that's hard to be critical of as the forward slips in at the last second to get to the ball first. The good news is that most young defenders only need to make those mistakes once or twice before it's out of their system.
  14. Young and Dixon have to offer more in the build-up. Way too easy for Forge to keep Pacific in their own half.
  15. I agree on Hojabrpour, I think he showed a lot of growth over the course of last season. He's really close to Baldisimo but MB is obviously preferred by the current coaches. Baldisimo is also essentially the 3rd CB so I can see why more time is invested in him.
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