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  1. My initial reaction too but I think Chung might have kept him onside. Blasco's goal was a wonder strike, now that he's playing well we have lots of options from the wing.
  2. How many times have these two played each other in all competitions?
  3. As far as line-up goes, I have no idea what to expect due to the injuries and mid-week game.
  4. Didn't think Pacific would be willing to spend that kind of money on an indoor facility. Will be interesting to see the amount of usage it receives. Lots of development going on in that part of town.
  5. Did not expect this but it's looking like the guaranteed starters for this team are all U21. It's been the veterans who have lacked consistency and output.
  6. Verhoeven was one of the better players on the pitch yet again today. I wonder if Silberbauer has him set on being more advanced rather than a regista?
  7. He's been burned a couple other times recently while playing LB.
  8. This is one of the biggest problems. Against physically stronger teams like Edmonton the teens are pushovers. They looked a bit better against HFX today but this is probably the hardest issue to correct.
  9. Yup, McCurdy put himself into a position where he had to give up a PK.
  10. Any word on when Staro's expected back?
  11. Just the one missed pass in his half. Great to see so many passes going forward.
  12. He's definitely looking better than Issey.
  13. Bit of time to recover and regroup between now and the next game. I'm expecting to see some of the kinks worked out and a deeper bench. Halifax also has two games before we face them. The scheduling has to be tough on everyone.
  14. Hernandez did quite well against York and was really effective as the wide outlet. I was unsure at first but at this point he deserves to start over Blasco and Issey because he actually provides the end product. This team's success will be determined by the midfield three. Against Halifax they were given time and space to dictate the game, against Edmonton they were pushed over. If the teenagers can adjust to the physicality and be a little sharper/quicker in possession we'll see some attractive soccer, if not it'll be a rough season.
  15. Watching it live I didn't see any significant contact anywhere in the box so I wasn't sure what was called. On the replay McCurdy does grab Adjei's arm and he immediately goes down. One of those PKs that gets called from time to time but that amount of contact is constantly going on. Also looks like Adjei's offside.
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