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  1. Pacific dominating after getting scored on. Soft goal to concede with MacNaughton ducking out of the way.
  2. I played the highlights to my class at lunch today. I paused the video at the start of the sequence to Davies' goal and asked them who would get that ball, most of them picked the Panama defender. They were so impressed with Davies' speed and burst into cheers after that goal. Heartwarming to see a bunch of 12 y/o getting excited over Canadian soccer. Even the ones with little interest in sports were in disbelief.
  3. Really poor game from a few Pacific players. First time the team has failed to score in 14 matches.
  4. Halifax with the better half. Lots of good sequences down their left side in the first 20 minutes. Dixon and Aparicio need to be providing more going forward, Pacific's expecting too much of Diaz.
  5. Still no Bustos and Chung hasn't been in the line-up for two straight games now which is not a good sign. Halifax without Rampersad and Morelli so neither at their best I think for today.
  6. I've made this analogy before - he's like a good bass player for a band. He connects the other members, doesn't need to do anything too fancy to contribute and something's not quite right when he's missing.
  7. Heard should be back from his suspension. Is this the first game back for Bustos?
  8. Does it make sense to have a heavy MLS based roster for this first match? Is the multiple time zone travel going to be a factor for those not based in NA? I know some people saw that as an issue in the first window.
  9. For the first time since leaving the Winnipeg bubble (mid July), Pacific has 6 days between games. Time to get a little rest and recovery in.
  10. They're gonna have a really congested schedule for the last couple weeks of the season. Hopefully things are a lot easier on the CPL teams next season.
  11. Plenty of refs have called that a PK before. Isn't Wilson the guy who conceded like 3 PKs in a game recently?
  12. Really lazy positioning on York's second goal, all 3 Valour players on the right side offering no width. Pinned themselves into a corner.
  13. I'll be interested to see what kind of line-up Forge rolls out for Tuesday. They definitely have a lot of options up top - all 4 players who came off the bench tonight can pose a threat.
  14. Pacific went back to their 2020 defence for that second goal. Happy to hear that Bustos will be back soon. What was going on with the 4th official tonight? 2 rounds of subs seemed all messed up leading to an unnecessary yellow for Bekker, Pacific offside gets restarted inside Pacific's half.
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