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  1. i think he posted the wrong quote. pozuelo was praising liam fraser, nelson and ayo and said they would play more.
  2. He needs a loan and a position change imo. He's a left back not a winger.
  3. Delgado and Osorio works better than Bradley and Osorio. Fraser should find a job in MLS but I doubt any team just hands him a starting spot.
  4. Liam looking like the best player on the pitch once again. Hit the post and creating chances in front of Klopp.
  5. I feel like he ends up in the cpl soon.
  6. I hope they use Halley in a Richie laryea role. I think he can be a spark off the bench as a wingback or winger. I think he will have a hard time getting playing time as a winger with Hernandez, petrasso, wallace, Hamilton etc
  7. 4-4-2 seems likely at this point and would get the most out of the current group of players (especially Rivero) who cant really be a lone striker. Right now this would be my 11 Nsa-Thompson-Lindsey-Abzi Wallace-Wilson-Toussaint-Hernandez Rivero-cabrera When Petrasso and Hamilton return I expect Petrasso to start. They need to add another defender with experience and cover for Abzi unless Wallace can play left back. With the amount of wingers on the team and lack of CM's I think Max might move back to being a box to box midfielder. Theres a few vet CBs in the USL
  8. About half the squad will be new. I still think Roger Thompson will be back and I would like to see Telfer and Mannella return.
  9. he was good in the first half and mistake prone in the second half which carried over to season 2.
  10. no its the u21 team. anyone got a stream?
  11. I would say hes the favourite to start.
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