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  1. I thought gam and tam was going away in mls. I want to see him in the cpl.
  2. Laryea-vitoria-henry-cornelius-davies -------------arfield-piette-osorio------- -----------------david-cavalinni----
  3. I want to see 4-4-2 in this game. Borjan Laryea-vitoria-henry-miller Arfield-piette-hutch-davies ----------cavalinni-david
  4. All i would like to see is tfc as hopefully mls cup champs having to go on the road in a one off to cpl teams. Only the semis and finals should be 2 legs imo.
  5. Larin should get the nod as firs striker to come off the bench. I rate the belgium league ahead of liga mx too.
  6. To make it this far with basically one DP ( I dont consider Bradley a DP at this point anymore) is incredible. Hopefully they win it all and Bradley can cash his 6.5 million dollar option. If they win it all without Jozy its probably time to move him. TFC!
  7. Auro is younger than Laryea and was the third ranked player on whoscored all season. There’s nothing wrong with having two good right backs. You can put Richie at RW sometimes and Auro at LB sometimes so they can both get good minutes.
  8. I watched most of the game he did well. Id say a 7 out of 10. The pk came on the right side of the defense.
  9. I would start auro at lb and laryea at rb. Morrow has lost a step and isnt as good as those two at this moment.
  10. It might be hard to keep laryea, bradley, endoh and benezet. I guess zavs salary could help keep one of them around. Bradley will probably be back on a tam deal. Moor and morrow need to take paycuts imo.
  11. Probably one per ticket? We could even but two seats separately beside each other?
  12. Would anyone be interested in splitting a pair of season tickets? Its just a bit too far for me to make it to every game.
  13. Sagna was very good this season. Going back to Lyon is a good thing.
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