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  1. 4k would be great for York United. Another way they could make money is by selling players. York is building a nice young roster so if a few players hit it off that could be huge for the books.
  2. 6 weeks of training is ideal. York and forge can't even train right now.
  3. auro had one bad game where he slipped dont forget he was also a monster vs Leon. I like the idea of Richie at RW and AUro at RB. I cant stand Delgado playing RW.
  4. Smith looks promising. Glad he's not a left footer too.
  5. Yeah Armas should adapt to the players better. So far we have seen Morrow at LW, Delgado at RW, Deleon at the 10 lol, Ayo at RW, Okello at the 10. At one point I think half the team was being played out of position. Hopefully a full roster can spot this madness.
  6. Hes been the best mid fielder on TFC so far this season. Bradley is just a name at this point, Delgado has been playing the wing and Oso hasnt been 100%.
  7. Also being used out of position
  8. I think Dunn will get a chance at some point.
  9. Mavinga is back. It kind of sucks that the game is at home, it would have been nice to have Poz and Yeferson start the next game at home.
  10. Sam stayed back for the most part. It really was a 3-4-3. It was a lot like tuchels system at Chelsea.
  11. I think most want Davies as a wingback like how we played vs Bermuda.
  12. I think when I bought my season ticket the safe standing section was showed in the south endzone.
  13. 4000 with the ability to expand with more bleachers like they had up before.
  14. he was the best CB out of the 3 according to whoscored.
  15. One thing I am worried about with Armas is he doesnt seem to adapt to his players at all. He keeps sticking with the 4-2-3-1 and at one point a left back was playing LW, a right back was playing LB (which is ok cause auro can do that), a CM was playing RW and Deleon was playing as a ten. So many players out of position, when Ayo came on with Jozy you need to play 2 up top but no he put Ayo who looks like an NFL fullback at RW. I am glad Pozuelo and Soteldo will be joining the squad soon and we have two healthy strikers so Armas wont be able to screw up the 11 too much.
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