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  1. Mayor John Tory: “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the City of Toronto is cancelling all city-led major events, festivals, conferences and cultural programs, and is also canceling all city permits for major events organized by external groups ... through June 30th.” At best we get July to October season? ☹️
  2. You have the goat on the bench?
  3. What if they finish the season say in December but play all games after November indoors? Neutral site games. BC place, big o and rogers centre?
  4. Bizarre but maybe he gets a shot to start again soon.
  5. He probably makes a good amount of money and honestly doesn't move the needle. I guess he is a backup rw/RM/RB.
  6. Lets make predictions for best 11. Here's my team. Alex Marshall - Ugarriza - Vasconcelos Bekker - adgukube - Morilli Moutou - zator - didic - doner Carducci
  7. I hope Kyle Porter is the backup RB. I don't want to see him on the wing.
  8. Vasconcelos is a right winger. Petrasso is better on the left wing as an inverted winger. With Gabriel, Hamilton, petrasso and Porter I don't see any minutes at winger.
  9. Def won't be playing left wing with Hamilton and petrasso though.
  10. So Emilio Estevez is getting interested from overseas. I'd like to keep him as he's the only number 10 on the tesm.
  11. It was a great episode that got me even more excited for the season to start. I am thinking a June start date is probably the earliest after the CBC announced there should be no events larger than 50 people for the next 8 weeks.
  12. The problem with that theory is look at who Pacific, York9 and HFX have added? York9 added Arnone, Mannella, Petrasso and about 5 internationals that look like upgrades. Halifax looks like they will be able to score at least 1 goal per game now lol. Valour might finish closer to Forge and Cavalry next season but PFC, Y9, HFX look like they will be much improved.
  13. A 3-5-2 makes sense especially if Kamal Miller starts at LCB because you could push Davies up the field to make it a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3.
  14. So abzi and Estevez are going to count this year.
  15. CPL clubs are required to have at least three Canadian players aged 21 or under on their roster, and to give at least 1,000 total minutes of playing time to that young talent in each season. i think abzi counts he's 21. Maybe it's the age by the start of the season not birth year. Judging by the other younger players on the roster abzi must count cause I can't see the others playing much at all.
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