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  1. he scored another goal today.
  2. This guy deserves more discussion. Wolves are selling Jota, I read he might get a look with the first team after playing so well lately.
  3. yeah but davies wont be playing wing for bayern with sane, serge, coman at bayern.
  4. our defense sucks, why play by far our best defender at the wing when we have a lot of quality attackers?
  5. im aware, but i dont see andy robertson playing wing for scotland.
  6. Probably just leave it to save money. I used to be mad about the grass but if its a decent turf it wont be too bad, I guess i got used to turf at the island games.
  7. Dunn looked better than zator, didic so I would put him with the senior team. I dont think the Olympics will even happen.
  8. To be fair it was only one game and Davies wasnt really experienced as a leftback.
  9. Might have to be in December. Maybe a neutral site indoors?
  10. I thought you would make the top 4. I actually had a y9 hfx final. I wasn't too far off y9 might have made it without the injuries.
  11. I'd guess he starts as a backup and they work him in to give morrow a rest. Laryea will be a left winger mostly if I had to guess.
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