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  1. Fraser started last year when Bradley was out.
  2. Really? I see him as more of a 6 than Bradley. I think he will start with Delgado and Osorio with pozuelo on a wing to start the year.
  3. I live downtown, actually close to BMO but I would probably have supported y9 more than going to two games last year if they didn't say they planned on moving to the suburbs in a couple of seasons. Why would i invest in a team that wouldn't be accessible to me in the near future?
  4. Exactly, imagine trying to sell 12-15k seats in a place like Markham?
  5. And couldn't you out a roof on the stadium? It's such a nice location I'd hate to see them build something too soon.
  6. Nef is legit, appreciate his work. Would Adjei or mo start ?
  7. Just Nef and another guys tweet who runs the official podcast.
  8. Looks like Petrasso and Mo Baouli are with Y9 in camp. I wonder when Hamilton from Jamaica will join the team? Doner-Luca-Thompson-Abzi Murufushi-Manella-Manny Petrasso-Adjei-Hamilton Starting to look like a decent team. I could see Porter starting at RW or RM. Maybe add one more winger/striker and they def need to add a u21 defender or two.
  9. Kamal Miller was probably the best CB followed by didic.
  10. If we can't win over two legs vs these teams with Davies David etc something is wrong.
  11. Nelson is a winger, Chapman is a poor man's Osorio. You can't sub out the most creative guy in Osorio. Teibert should have played though.
  12. Bassong is a left back, I don't know why Herdman put him at right back and took laryea off. Morey doner should get a callup if laryea can't get the job done.
  13. We're 1 for 4 in big games with Herdman, with the one win at home. Bassong should have started. Starting three strikers was dumb. Max isn't on the level on borjan. He made that nice save but the goal was poorly given and his distribution is weak.
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