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  1. Wouldn't be such a bad thing to learn from pozuelo.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if Liverpool were interested in David again. Firmino needs competition and Liverpool like to get a bargain (kabak).
  3. they are playing first tier teams regularly and I will take Zator over James at the moment.
  4. I think Wotherspoon will be getting a call in March, I believe he is having a solid season. Could we see Harry Paton? Herdman made it seem like European based players will make up the majority of the squad. Vitoria, Kennedy, Zator and James at CB?
  5. LOL yes he would. He would easily start for Lille, West Ham are a better team than Lille.
  6. james came off the bench to play a few minutes in a 1-0 win moving lamia out of the bottom 2.
  7. If Bermuda like to sit back and try to counter with speed I'm going with this 11. Millar-david-larin Hutch-eustaquio-arfield Davies-kennedy-vitoria-laryea Borjan Is Henry going to be fit? If so I'd consider starting him.
  8. https://petergalindo.wordpress.com/2021/02/02/canadians-abroad-mailbag-standouts-from-mens-camp-new-faces-for-women-and-more/ some info on dias here
  9. Larin is a lock right now. I'd even argue he's number 3. Arfield is another lock now that he's healthy.
  10. He started vs paok Unfortunately they got thrashed 4-0 and James got subbed off.
  11. They won't and west Brom play an awful style of football.
  12. Haller and Onana are two huge losses and probably the most valuable players on the team $ wise. I favour Lille slightly.
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