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  1. Cavalinni is not good. When Brian White takes your job you probably have little to no value.
  2. Soteldo is 100 percent a DP. Its hard to put up good numbers on a bad team and TFC have been beyond bad. He had Mullens and Dwyer with what a combined 1 MLS goal this season as his strikers? Get this man a striker who is good in the air and he will thrive.
  3. he started and played 90.
  4. York are built to be a selling team. They will likely makeup for the difference in ticket sales when they sell Abzi, Wright, Max and Johnston within the next year or two. Even if they sold an extra thousand season tickets thats only about 150k.
  5. Cornelius, James or Waterman should get the call if Scott is hurt for a long period of time.
  6. So many players on York have bright futures. Max, Johnston, n'sa, wright, Toussaint, abzi. Verhoeven has been really good lately and he's still young.
  7. also calling for thunderstorms. im on the fence if i am going.
  8. 1102 sounds about right. its a lot better than what york got vs edmonton in the canadian championship in 19.
  9. pablo is injury prone and on the wrong side of 30. he also had ayo up top for most of the season and a better team/coach. soteldo looked great when ayo was healthy.
  10. The whole team looks like shit. Soteldo was elite in brazil last year, Poz is looking way worse this year and the same goes for Richie. ITs hard to look good on a team thats in the basement.
  11. hes played 27 games as a dm/cm so he should be fine there.
  12. I havent lived in Peterborough in ten years, do you still live there? I cant envision soccer being such a huge success that they get a CPL team one day. The 400,000 number is way off too, no one is coming from the Oshawa area to Peterborough for soccer when they could go to a TFC or York game in less time.
  13. the minor hockey team the nationals are or were those colours when I played hockey as a kid.
  14. If I am Larin I stay and try to raise my stock through UCL and then become a free agent next june.
  15. He was absolutely terrible. I probably would have put Dunn in and mavinga or shaffleburg at lb.
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