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  1. Gasparotto is the most overrated player in the league.
  2. Wow get Abzi in the game and take Springer off. Y9s defense is awful right now.
  3. Apparently he didn’t do enough I’m practice to impress, this is according to Dunfield.
  4. Bring liam in for wotherspoon. Go to a 4-2-3-1 with david as the ten. Sub Osorio in for Johnson at somepoint and get Cordova in.
  5. He should consider the CPL next year. He needs playing time more than anything.
  6. I expect a full squad rotation on Tuesday. GK: Max Cordova-Vitoria-Kamal-Sam Johnson-Teibert-Wotherspoon Tesho-Larin-Millar
  7. Mullins is just better than hamilton. He scored a beauty last night and gives it his all every minute. Delgado has been playing well lately and even scoring goals.
  8. Laryea needs to work on crossing the ball before its too late. I need to see Cordova play tuesday before we hand the spot to richie.
  9. Yeah hes a tool. Horrible at predictions and a huge homer.
  10. At home vs an awful team i go for as many goals as possible. 4-2-3-1 formation Laryea-henry-vitoria-davies Kaye-osorio Hoilet-david-millar Larin
  11. Ya they will probably sneak in only to have to play at atlanta.
  12. That was an awful game. Vanney was going to sub in moor when it was 0-0. I think its time bono gets a start again. Jozy and bradley as dps just isnt working anymore, jozy due to injuries and bradley just plays a position that isnt really worthy of a dp spot. Tfc needs to sign a carlos vela type to get back on top and thats wishful thinking.
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