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  1. They play on the largest campus in canada and arent marketing to students or alumni.
  2. I think it costs 12.50 to see Vaughan arruzzi play. The level isnt much higher at this point so ticket prices should be 15-25 ish imo.
  3. I can get tfc tickets for 20 bucks why would i pay more to watch a lower level? I want to support york as a former york lion but i will be passing on going to a game unless they lower prices.
  4. Or its the weakest position and he wants competition at cb. Maybe vs mexico three at the back?
  5. Its hard to watch this team as it is. The formation isnt working at all for this roster. Deleon and osorio arent wingers. Three at the back is ok but then zavaletta gets on the field. I would play a 3-4-1-2 ---Ciman moor mavinga Auro bradley osorio morrow ------------Pozuelo ------Altidore Hamilton Hamilton isnt nearly as bad up front in a 2. No one is out of position like pozuelo playing forward. Delgado goes to the bench where he belongs. Auro is better up the field. Hopefully ciman and mavinga are back on Sunday. Put chapman in pozuelos role sunday.
  6. They have plenty of money to spend. I dont know where the cap room bs came from. Maybe they couldnt fit in janson under tam but they shouldnt have had tunnel vision on janson and omar. They need more than one wide player anyway. They could have got ivey from panama or someone like that for cheap.
  7. Looking forward to the first home game. I think York 9 overpriced the tickets slightly. The cheapest tickets are 27.50? I can go to a TFC game for cheaper.
  8. Hopefully Ottawa has to join the league next year. Add in Montreal and a team in NB for 10 teams next year. Add Saskatoon and a team in the Vancouver area in 2021.
  9. Layrea still cant defend, I dont think he is a RB. I would push him up higher and drop Deleon back to RB, I was impressed with his speed and dribbling.
  10. Deleon is too slow and cant put the ball in the net enough to be an attacking winger. He should backup Auro and see spot minutes where hes playing now. He has 1 goal in how many games? Wingers these days need to be able to score. Shaffleburg needs more time, I wonder if they could loan him to Halifax for the second half of the season so TFC can see how he does vs a higher level of competition. I wonder if there is a winger they could trade for that’s in MLS currently, I think they can make trades outside of the transfer window.
  11. Awful lineup today, result was expected. They better win Saturday or it wasn’t worth resting 7 guys. Deleon has been terrible lately he should have had a goal and was late on a pass in the box. I dont think he can play the wing, he can backup Auro at RB. Maybe try Laryea on the wing at least he is fast ugh, should have kept Telfer.
  12. Auro seems faster and more skilled than Deleon. Chapman will start a game soon with 5 games in 14 days coming up. I am starting to wonder about Curtis, they brought up Janson and Omar Gonzalez’s names on TSN it sounded like it was close to a done deal but wont be happening this window. He gave Deleon an extension hopefully not for a ton of money he screams utility backup to me.
  13. DeLeon just isn't a winger. I wonder if you could put auro there.
  14. With Jozy back and Omar/Janson possibly on the way this team will become the best in the east and a good shot at the cup/shield.
  15. Yeah and at least the field is real grass.
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