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  1. He already is better than davies.
  2. I am pretty sure the track will be gone, there is no way they could play American football on the field with the track still there.
  3. No they are putting a dome in so york u can train all year round. Its stupid, they should put a dome on the other field that is already turf.
  4. He didnt make the 28 man preseason usa tour roster. No chance he gets spot minutes for liverpool this season. He could definitely play for tfc If shaffleburg is playing.
  5. Id like to see him loaned to tfc. Theres no way he makes Liverpools first team. Forget the big 3 hes behind origi, shaqiri and harry Wilson for sure. There are others like ryan kent who are ahead of him as well.
  6. It was a decent game, Montreal is playing awful lately even York9 looked like a better team on wed. I liked what I saw from Omar. I am a little bummed about Fraser getting benched and I would like to see Vanney play Richie at RW not Deleon. I think Deleon should be a super sub, he has played about 4 positions this year. Hopefully Gallardo at least comes off the bench on wed.
  7. Telfer is on a mission. He deserves to be on tfc next year.
  8. Exactly. Telfer is a winger, hea the only guy scoring for york on non set pieces.
  9. If Hamilton was actually good maybe he would have brought some value in a trade? Hes a third string striker for sure relax.
  10. His goals werent anything special. The dc game alone he should habe had two more goals but was awful. akinolas one goal was more impressive.
  11. Hamilton did get a chance this year. I was at the dc game and he was embarrassing bad.
  12. Guys need to relax Mullins for Hamilton is really a trade between a guy who wasn’t going to play for a guy who might get a shot to play but likely will just sit on the bench. If it means not seeing Boyd on the field then it cant be that bad.
  13. Would Chapman count as a domestic for American teams though? You know who would be an awesome winger DP in a year if Bradley leaves? William. He has one year left on his contract at Chelsea.
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