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  1. At very least they needed to weather the storm in the first 10 minutes and get into the rhythm of the game. We were down 1-0 after 3 minutes. That's brutal when you are an underdog and away from home...
  2. I watched the American coverage on ESPN2 and the commentators were saying the USA got lucky Davies was at LB and not further up the pitch.
  3. Why are we so so against using an actual LB at LB? Like Adekugbe for instance, who is a starter for Vålerenga.
  4. Stop playing it back to Borjan. He's never been a good distributor and it's showing again tonight.
  5. Hmm when I click "replays" and scroll to the 'Canadian National Team' I only see 2 women's games and a televised draw. I can't find the previous Canada/USA match, or seem to be able to find a search function?
  6. Does anyone know if Onesoccer archives the games? Can I re-watch it later if I cannot watch it live, or is it only streamed once and that's it? (I couldn't find the last Canada / USA match on their website, so....) Thanks!
  7. Davies success certainly helps David.
  8. Eustaquio has 1 professional goal in his career, so I'm assuming he's more a #6 than a #8...
  9. I think Inbeom would play higher up the pitch, in a more offensive role.
  10. For those of us who get their TV through Shaw, I guess the game isn't being shown?....
  11. As other have done, I'd also like to pump the brakes a bit. Pulisic and Steffen are big losses for them, but the USA is still a favourite to win at home IMO. Dest (Ajax) is a big add for them, and I expect quality players like McKennie (Schalke), Yedlin (Newcastle), Sargent (Werder Bremen), Morales (Fortuna Düsseldorf), Brooks (VfL Wolfsburg) and Morris (Sounders) to have good games. If I'm being honest, I'd be happy with a draw.
  12. Silly Bison, Larin's Canadian! I'm assuming he has no skill and is probably "unsigned"
  13. Oh, I didn't know Flick was hired as Bayern's new permanent manager. Congrats to him!
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