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  1. Yes keep it 32... we can do this
  2. That performance against Anderlecht should garner him even more attention. What an exciting talent!
  3. MAK's offensive game seems to be developing as well. He had 5 attempts on goal against Dallas, and 3 goals already this season. I wonder where his best position will be in his 'prime'?
  4. Kaye was pretty good at LB against FG
  5. I'll say the same thing I did about our failed U20 World Cup qualification: bring the absolute best team you can (which the U20s didn't). I feel like it has been too long (or too few) since Canada has participated in a major tournament (Men's side). Sometimes it seems like Canada are content with just participating in the qualification games. I know they "want" to be in big, attention getting tournaments like the U20 World Cup and the Olympics, but at the same time I just don't get a sense of urgency. It's frustrating.
  6. Henry knew full well what he was doing. Veteran move.
  7. So does that mean Gent take that Europa spot?
  8. That's incorrect. It was Coman with the chance. And yes, he was 1-v-1 with the keeper in stoppage time and didn't score 😒
  9. Here are the highlights, including a few featuring Millar (#19). Brilliant run and shot @ 2:00. Absolutely ghosted those defenders
  10. England, Mexico or Canada? And he's already played for Mexico, and currently lives in England? File this one under "long shot"
  11. AJH looks to have put on some weight.
  12. I'm considering Pasadena, Denver, or Houston...
  13. Eustaquio comes with a more pedigree than Kaye, as he came up through the Portuguese leagues as opposed to USL, as well as a big transfer, but I'm not so sure he's better. He very well could be, but I have to see him play. Kaye has impressed me every time he's played. I remember when OZ included him in the Men's team early and people (including me) were like who the hell is this guy? But OZ was definitely on to something as Kaye has just kept progressing, and is now an everyday starter on a good MLS side. I think the Atiba comparisons are valid. His football IQ seems very high, and he keeps on progressing. He's versitile like Atiba as well. Will be interesting to see if he tries Europe out in the future. He should just fulfill his Atiba legacy and go to FCK or PSV
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