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  1. Not sure this is saying much since under Herdman the CMNT barely plays. And that was even before covid....
  2. I'll take a Canadian Patrick Vieira please and thanks
  3. Until there is real news, Ferdi's English ability is fair game topic
  4. Swedes can speak seemingly perfect English. I feel like Finns will have accents, especially compared to Swedes when speaking English
  5. Not trolling, just having some fun. Sorry bud
  6. Kinda disappointed he didn't turn around and put that one in with his ass. He's lethal with that posterior
  7. Where does he have to land on that scale to be in Liverpool's starting XI? "dominant League one player?"
  8. He strikes the ball well with both feet 👍
  9. Subbed off after 63 minutes. Decent debut, but nothing special. I suspect he'd be content but not happy about it.
  10. I guess we can agree to disagree about who's better between James and Cornelius.
  11. I know he doesn't play as often as we'd like, but I'd have James in over Cornelius. James has played Danish Superliga (for the champions) as well as UEFA Champions League group stage games this season, a much higher level than Cornelius, even if Cornelius might play more often.
  12. Big props to Larin, who seems to have worked his tail off ever since his loan in Belgium. He looks a more complete player now, putting in more effort and being rewarded. He has always had the tools and was a good finisher, but now is a more rounded player who can play anywhere in attack. Keep it up Cyle!
  13. I think he's in a great position. Training with the first team and making Premier League bench is also good for his development. No need to rush into a loan yet I think.
  14. How can we have "the best 2004's in CONCACAF" (as someone posted in another thread) but then also be missing "99% of our [2004] talent"? This board is so Jekyll and Hyde sometimes
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