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  1. "English clubs" = Championship sides I assume?
  2. I hope they are ready to revise this list on a monthly basis
  3. He's also 23 years old and plays in the second tier of Dutch football. There is a chance he just doesn't have the quality.
  4. Panama's win against the United States will give them a lot of confidence they can get a result against Canada. I expect a very very tough game. It is unfortunate our squad isn't deeper, especially considering this is the 3rd game in a condensed, travel-intensive schedule.
  5. From what I've seen, Tesho >>> Brym
  6. Probably better as a withdrawn striker playing behind Larin or Cav. Unfortunately, neither is available.
  7. Someone give me mod powers so I can clap this conversation
  8. Hoilett is such a great striker of the ball. Probably the best we have.
  9. He's only 21 and has 137 professional appearances including 52 in the league with Fenerbah├že. So he's ahead of a guy like Millar, who people are wanting see get a callup to our next World Cup qualifiers. Ferdi would definitely be a nice addition.
  10. Yeah looked poor from the keeper for sure
  11. That's the most emotion I've seen from him in a while. Nice sign he's serious about becoming a pro
  12. Hopefully he does better than DiChiara
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