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  1. TGAA_Star needs to learn how to use the multi-quote function. And yes I am definitely in favour of users getting banned (after warning) for spamming the same thing over and over and over again.
  2. How much would Real Madrid have to pay Bayern for Davies? Transfermarkt currently has his valuation at $49.50M (in dollars). To pry him from Bayern, Madrid would probably have to pay more...
  3. I thought Davies played well, but definitely not his best. I think there was a little bit of rust. He was also robbed of an assist when he put the ball on a plate for Gnabry but Gnabry tried to do too much in the box....
  4. What about reverse Benjamin Button'ing and returning to the womb?
  5. French clubs can't afford him
  6. UT who can see your password though? Maybe the company whose software/code this forum uses? They could have been breached too.
  7. There are two types of Votageurs: paying customers and the ones who watch on TV.
  8. The derailment of this thread (a source of joy for so many of us) and, what's worse, the resurrection of T.I.O.R/Robert, is perhaps the worst thing about the coronavirus pandemic. And yes, I know 18,900+ people have died worldwide.
  9. I think you mean most famous/recognizable. No chance he ever surpasses Gretzky (or Lemieux imo) as best in their respective sport.
  10. I think we should put this dream of El Salvador agreeing to play us to bed. I see no chance they agree to that, unless somehow they are behind on points. But then why would we do it....
  11. Let's just assume for a second Gent get €20 million for David. How much (if any) will his amateur clubs in Ottawa get of that? He was there immediately before going to Gent, so hopefully they would get something!
  12. LOL at Marca thinking MLS is some backwater. Might be Google translate, but still I'm not saying it is or isn't, just think that quote is funny.
  13. Whoa now... let's now put down that mid-2000s midfield. That was a great midfield, but didn't live up to their potential. Sound familiar? I know it is early but the current team hasn't won anything yet either.... In my books, prime Hutchinson and DeGuzman walk into the current Canada setup easily. Prime DeGuzman > Piette Prime Hutchinson > Osorio
  14. Davies market value recently went up to $44 million. I bet it keeps going up. Also,
  15. What a run on the counter. Assist on 3rd goal. Commentators singing Davies' praises, again!
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