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  1. I like Buchanan, but Juve? Seriously? Hard to imagine they'd be keen about a 22 year old MLS player who just started getting any serious play time just last season. PSV, Sporting, or RB Salsburg seem like much more realistic destinations.
  2. Why are all the defenders so upset with the goalie on the chance at the ~5:00 mark? 👀
  3. A loan to a Superliga team would be amazing
  4. I'm sure Tajon would move to Timbuktu if it helped his football career, language "barrier" be damned.
  5. It's less catchy, but next year maybe do "top 10 under 24" 😄 Ranking 24 players is really difficult and time consuming!
  6. French teams do OK in Europe? Probably better than MLS clubs would fare I would think
  7. That USA team is hella strong
  8. Seems fine. Maybe even a bit low since that's in USD tbh. Tosun was sold for $37.5 million. That's why I'm thinking Larin (similar age and similar numbers, with the same team) might be a bit undervalued at $9.9.
  9. Early in the season when he was off to a slow start I suggested the over/under for league goals be 10. Looks like the over will win
  10. I don't think he was being literal
  11. I might be showing my age here, but kids remember, even you can be the next Wyn Belotte.
  12. This is kind of a captain obvious moment, but the more experience he gets playing winger in the Bayern setup, the better he'll be.
  13. Yes but why switch for an imaginary game?
  14. I am also tiring of this Akinola talk (and hopes he joins Canada), but when have we had a chance to cap him? Canada never plays any games.
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