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  1. Nowhere near a Canada B squad? Really? The best player in the CPL is nowhere near even getting a sniff with a B team? Hmm
  2. His ceiling could be similar to Millar's. And they are similar players too.
  3. Scotty's been a warrior for Canada whenever he's put on the red and white, and is a former MNT captain. If he's on form and willing 100% they bring him back into the fold. I rate him above Kaye tbh. An Arfield/Eustaquio central midfield would be great to see, as Scott brings a bit more tenacity but also is very good going forward.
  4. Against Costa Rica, Miller had one sus play where he booted it out into touch when he could have played out from the back. However, after that he was rock solid. Love his aggressive nature and hard, clean tackles. I'm sure the Costa Rican players took note! Miller might not necessarily be a lock for our best XI, but he is very important to the team!
  5. Following Cavallini in LigaMX was a lot of fun tbh
  6. I'd like to see him start at a good club in an decent league like Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, or even France, etc, and go from there.
  7. ^ Shot? Cross? What happened next we gotta knowwww!
  8. For his first year there 5 league goals and 30+ appearances would be amazing
  9. They probably do in Panama lol
  10. Moved up from Conference in 2007-08 to the Premier League in 2011-12. 45 appearances and 8 goals (4 in the league) when Norwich City was in the Premier League. Great accomplishment for a Canadian even today. Big respect for Simeon!
  11. Hard to argue Cavallini isn't effective for Canada. Ignore his club form. He is usually a beast for the National team.
  12. 2-way street though. I'll try not to get annoyed and be rude, if he picks up on the fact that intense message-spam isn't good forum etiquette.
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