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  1. LOL at Marca thinking MLS is some backwater. Might be Google translate, but still I'm not saying it is or isn't, just think that quote is funny.
  2. Whoa now... let's now put down that mid-2000s midfield. That was a great midfield, but didn't live up to their potential. Sound familiar? I know it is early but the current team hasn't won anything yet either.... In my books, prime Hutchinson and DeGuzman walk into the current Canada setup easily. Prime DeGuzman > Piette Prime Hutchinson > Osorio
  3. Davies market value recently went up to $44 million. I bet it keeps going up. Also,
  4. What a run on the counter. Assist on 3rd goal. Commentators singing Davies' praises, again!
  5. That article states Gent rejected a bid in January of over £20 million. So it seems that whatever club David moves to will have to be able to afford probably something in the £25-£30 million range. That isn't too many "small" clubs, or even medium sized clubs. I mean, would a club like Lyon even do that? Edit: Lyon's highest ever transfer fee paid as £27.5.
  6. David is an underrated passer too. That cheeky back-heel leading to the penalty was very nice.
  7. This is true. I am sorry, I couldn't help myself. I see the talent Canada has now yet feel somehow the CSA will f%#k it up. 16+ years posting here, so maybe cut a jaded Vee some slack
  8. Leave it to the CSA to finally have world class talent, but match it with an amateur coach.
  9. Nice statement game for David after his teammates failed to/wouldn't find him against Roma
  10. Before we clump all Canadian youth coaches together as crap, let's remember that there are good ones out there. I believe Jonathan David was saying in an interview that he gives credit to his youth club!
  11. So David plays like a vet, imagine when Davies (who most agree has crazy athleticism and skill) gains more experience? He's what, 19 now? Imagine Davies at 23 or 24, when he has more experience and confidence and is at his physical peak. Scary....
  12. I just remember watching the American feed for the last game against the USA, and the commentators basically saying "thank god Canada put Davies in the back four." They know how much of a threat Davies is, and want him to stay as far as humanly possible from their goal... So yeah, for me Canada shouldn't use Davies in defence.
  13. Personally I don't rate Millar in the same tier as Davies and David. Hope he proves me wrong though.
  14. ^This is what I said ^ and you read that as "panic", "crying", and a desire to "sabotage" him? LOL come on.
  15. ^Agreed. But I do wonder, does he get a chance at winger/mid anytime soon?
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