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  1. Can they afford Balotelli's wages? Aren't they cash strapped?
  2. 30 million euros says he starts on the 22nd
  3. When's his first game? GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE! 😄
  4. The great thing about having depth is you can go with the players who are on the best form, or do the best in training, and not lose much because all the players are good!
  5. I don't really know how the MLS works, but are LAFC independently owned? Aren't all teams owned by the MLS? Or it's just the league that negotiates and shares all transfer fees?
  6. Not sure about dropping the Captain...
  7. Wouldn't he have been cap tied the moment he signed his papers to switch from Canada to England?
  8. I like Henry and have no qualms about him being called up. I think people here exacerbate his mistakes because if he could minimize or eliminate them the sky would be the limit. If he was a bit healthier and mitigated mistakes, he may have stuck at West Ham. There's a reason they bought him. Unfortunately it didn't work out, but all things considered I think Henry is one of our best CBs. Great to see him starting at a good level in the K League 1.
  9. When his contract is up, yes.
  10. They were talking about Vitoria
  11. It wouldn't be a Canadian soccer forum without at least one 30+ page thread wrangling about a Canada eligible player currently in another nation's setup 😄
  12. Obviously you just hope they guy feels Canadian since, you know, he was raised here and lives here and is a Canadian. But in international footy who knows. I wonder if current politics plays into the decision at all? What with the united states being particularly "shithole-y" these days 😒
  13. Being on the books at Liverpool probably goes a long way, whether that's deserved or not. Also, he made his Liverpool 1st team debut this season. Again, we know the circumstances, but still looks good on his resume. He has breakout potential, so I would not be surprised if he was loaned to a Bundesliga club. The Championship would be great as well.
  14. He joined May 6th of this year and has over 600 posts. This isn't an isolated incident...
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