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  1. My goodness, where do you live? In Vancouver, my experience is no one "raises eyebrows" when I talk about soccer. It's almost like sushi; you have to like it in order to not be considered a backwards hick
  2. Considering David's potential price tag, I'm still leaning towards a Bundesliga team buying him. Plus it honestly might help seeing what his teammate/pal Davies is doing in that league.
  3. Who would win in a match, Liverpool U23 vs Kilmarnock?
  4. I don't mind Borges in the CPL for another year. He's only 21 so if he made the jump to, say, MLS next year he wouldn't even be much older than NCAA players turning pro.
  5. Not sure where the goals are going to come from. This roster looks very much like Canadian rosters of the past, so I guess we can hope to squeak out a 1-nil victory on the strength of a set piece goal .......
  6. I'm a well known big time CSA critic/skeptic, but I'm not sure some of the language used here is warranted; "completely embarrassing," "beyond staggering," "absolutely no excuse,"... Would it be nice for the CSA to be in contact with all possible future MNT players? Yes (even though that would be a really long list). But if Scott continues his strong play, and certainly if he moves up a level, the CSA will very likely be in contact. We've seen it before when a player "comes out of left field", and I'm sure we will see it again. No need to go crazy on rageahol quite yet I think!
  7. But isn't this was Davies did, except instead of at TFC it was with Bayern Munich? Anyway, to each their own!
  8. 1. Davies 2. David 3. Arfield (was absolutely sublime for club and country during the first half of 2019!)
  9. I admit it, I watched that replay at least 10 times
  10. Well what it tells me is that the Belgian league historically has players talented enough to move on to top teams in the world consistently. As you put it, Jonathan David plays in "a nice little league, but comeon". I wonder how do you think he rates against MLS players? Or is he just doing well (like Larin) because the Belgian league is relatively weak? FWIW, Transfermarkt has the valuation of the Belgian league much higher than MLS (even with less teams). Also, David would be the highest market value player in the MLS by about €3M if he played there.
  11. The Brazilian league routinely sends players directly to top European leagues. It's very good and the best league in CONMEBOL.
  12. Do I really need to list the players who have come out of the Belgian League vs the MLS? Here's a very short selection: Belgium: Romelu Lukaku (Anderlecht - Inter) Kevin De Bruyne (Genk - Man City) Axel Witsel (Standard Liege - Dortmund) Dries Mertens (Gent - Napoli) Thibaut Courtois (Genk - Real Madrid) Thomas Meunier (Virton - PSG) Vincent Kompany (Anderlecht) Jonathan David (Gent - ?) etc etc etc MLS: Alphonso Davies (Whitecaps - Bayern)
  13. Wait, the top Superliga team is worse than MLS teams?
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