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  1. Larin headed it on to start the play, so we can credit him with the 2nd assist like in hockey 😄
  2. To be fair, that last chance was made largely by David. A great touch to get by the defender, then rounded the charging keeper, although his last touch was a bit too heavy
  3. I think he needs 1... just 1 to get his mojo back
  4. Very nice! Seems like you don't have to ask this kid twice to take a shot. Possible Hoilett heir?.....
  5. Larin has seemingly worked hard, had a great loan in Belgium, and is now close to being a regular at Besiktas it seems. That kind of work/improvement should definitely garner him more Canada looks. Also, remember Besiktas >> Whitecaps.....
  6. If he kills it at the U23s I'm sure he'll get some first team training and maybe even be in the 18. That, combined with an injury or two, and this could turn out to be an ideal situation. You just never know. Good luck to Liam!
  7. No defending this. You can take someone's eye out with a CO2 powered BB gun. What an asshat. He should lose his scholarship at the very least...
  8. I'm talking about for Canada. Gerba was a beast.
  9. When he held out for a transfer away from Montreal instead of just putting his head down and working hard like Davies did, that was my first red flag...
  10. Maybe because playing games, even against meh opponents, is better than not playing games (like Canada is so fond of doing). If we had played a game this window Yankov could be a Canadian international. One of my biggest gripes with Herdman is he doesn't seem to want to actually play many matches, and certainly does not push the CSA to schedule them. Really frustrating. Part of me wants Yankov to blow up, reach his potential, become a key player for Ludogorets, then make a big money transfer to a top Bundesliga club and have a long, productive career. Hopefully that will light a fire under the CSA to do a better job recruiting dual nationals, and also PLAY GAMES. ffs...
  11. Dare I saw he kinda reminds me of Ali Gerba? I miss Gerba...
  12. I wonder if he'll make a hype video about being on the bench (I kid...)
  13. At what stage? At the stage that Canada got bounced by haiti in the last gold cup? The stage that Canada hasn't won sh!tt in 20 years? Yes, we have some exciting talent, but let's not act like Canada is some soccer superpower now. Also, I hate these types of posts that disparage players who aren't or may not play for Canada. So, he might not play for Canada and all of a sudden he's a mediocre, middling prospect? I see it in the Akinola thread as well. It's just frustrating; Yakov clearly has talent and who knows what his peak will be. It sucks for the program that he might be committing to Bulgaria. Nothing wrong with saying that.
  14. Reporters do it all the time
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