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  1. @Shway what are you on about? Anyway, let's get the discussion back to Borges and how well the lad is playing! If you want to talk about other talented young Canadian footballers head to their threads...
  2. So in the lead-up to and during the Gold Cup Canada had the following effect on FIFA rankings: Win against T&T -- oops, not an official friendly, NO POINTS FOR YOU! Win against Matrinique -- oops not a FIFA member, NO POINTS FOR YOU! Loss against Mexico -- oops you lost, NO POINTS FOR YOU! Win against Cuba -- currently ranked 175th in FIFA ranking... Loss against Haiti -- oops you lost, NO POINTS FOR YOU! This has been our calendar year 2019 so far. Herdman better start pushing for friendlies, unless he'd rather just pad his stats against minnows only to lose out near the end to a team that "wanted it more" or whatever. We need to make the HEX. I don't like our chances against 28 other teams, hurdle after hurdle, only to maybe get a chance to play the 4th place HEX team and if win that probably play against CONMEBOL. Brutal.
  3. Those saying "we made the quarterfinals"; well that's just a nice way of saying we got out of our group. A group that included Cuba and Martinique. I would say getting out of that group was the bare minimum we should have expected. And then he lost to haiti.
  4. Don't forget Milan has messed up in situations like this before. The goal against versus French Guiana sticks out. He kind of loses the benefit of the doubt due to his history.
  5. If anything, this was one of the strongest Canadian teams we have seen in a long time. Two young superstars in Davies and David, an on form LigaMX striker, very good MLS players like Kaye, Osorio and Henry, a Premier league winger, and players playing at good levels like Arfield at Rangers and Hutchinson/Larin at Besiktas. That is another reason why the loss to Haiti hurts.
  6. Doing my part to try to at least put a little heat on Herdman. Since the "soccer media" haven't asked hard questions, I guess we fans will have to do that work ourselves! Got TSN 1040 in Vancouver to talk about the CMNT during prime time, even for a minute, is a win in my books @ 38:45 https://www.tsn.ca/radio/vancouver-1040/sekeres-price-july-4-hour-2-1.1333171
  7. This topic is in the wrong forum!
  8. So he didn't deserve the job in the first place, but deserves another shot? Anyway, I voted he should be fired, mainly because I do not think he should have been given the job in the first place. Then add in other factors like "we don't need friendlies", his loss to Haiti in the QFS all while looking ahead to the semis, in-game management, and roster decisions, etc, and it is a no-brainer for me. We fired a better manager who was just turning the program around for this clown and gave him the keys to until 2026? Brutal.
  9. For reasons I've already posted, I think Herdman absolutely should be fired. Especially if this is a "new" Canada with higher expectations. "Old" Canada would have an old boys club manager or keep them on for budgetary reasons. Oh, wait. The more things change.......
  10. Specifically a Bundesliga club, and probably one of Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Freiburg or Hoffenheim. This kid has an exciting future. Would love David at Dortmund and Davies at Bayern...
  11. I'll do the players that played significant roles: GK Milan Borjan 6.5 - Big blunder in elimination game. Some big saves versus Martinique though. DF Zachary Brault-Guillard 6 - Shakey. Needs more experience I think, at both club and NT level. DF Derek Cornelius 7 - I know he was named to the tournament XI and was solid defensively, but his passing needs a lot of work DF Doneil Henry 7.5 - I thought he was solid and stronger than Cornelius. Not really at fault for any of the goals except Guardado's second. DF Marcus Godinho 5.5 - Decent going forward, but questionable defensively. Very costly blunders versus Haiti. MF Samuel Piette 7 - As expected, good destroyer playing in front of the back 4. Very nice pass to David vs Martinique though. Hope he can add more range of passing to his game MF Scott Arfield (captain) 8.5 - Great in the middle of the park. Thinks the game quickly and has as high work rate. Dangerous in the final third. MF Junior Hoilett 6.5 - I know he scored a couple goals, but was poor against Martinique and tried to do too much against Haiti. Showed much better in 2017. MF Alphonso Davies 8 - So dangerous going forward, but was deployed as an LB for 2 matches, and had some defensive blunders MF Atiba Hutchinson 8 - I thought Hutch played very well, in whatever role he was asked to fill. Calm and composed. MF Mark-Anthony Kaye 7 - Was either out of position or not match fit (it seems). When he was in the middle of the park, he was excellent. MF Jonathan Osorio 8 - I am not a huge Oso fan, but he played very well. Also seems to have a knack for shooting and had some excellent efforts FW Lucas Cavallini 9 - Centre forward scored goals. Didn't waste many chances. Good work rate. Can't ask for much more. FW Jonathan David 9 - A clinical finisher and it showed. Would still love to see him in a CAM role with Canada. Very exciting talent lived up to the hype.
  12. Davies isn't a LB! He's a winger. Yes he lost his man on that 3rd goal, but he is a teenager playing out of position in an eliminaion game of a continental championship. That's on Herdman. Davies had a good tournament IMO. Against Haiti he made a fantastic heads-up play to assist the first goal, and nearly scored an all-time great Canada goal on that free kick that struck the woodwork. Funny how all of his highlights are going forward.... hmmm, maybe he shouldn't be in the back 4!
  13. He's a Latin American fullback, what more do you need to know?
  14. The back pass was poor, but the bottom line is Borjan got to the ball first and ****** it up. Enormous mistake.
  15. I bet that Cavallini and Osorio, who are good friends, would have complained to each other about being taken off. And for good reason. Osorio was playing playing very well in the midfield and Cavallini is a goal scorer, and scorer of our second goal. We needed a goal... Replacing Oso and Cav with Morgan and Kaye was also mystifying. Should have used that last sub too IMO. Herdman must take the responsibility here. Unfortunately there is no soccer media in this country to hold his feet to the flames, or pressure the CSA to ask hard questions internally or make a change.
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