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  1. Brym starts for FC Eindhoven against local enemy Helmond Sport. First time in the starting line-up! Colyn on the bench for the other Eindhoven team in the KK Division PSV 2, playing away at FC Utrecht U23.
  2. Still do. Not to say Breza doesn't have a higher ceiling, but I was very impressed by Pantemis.
  3. In a two game series, victory should be ours unless something really unfortunate happens like an early red card in the second leg or something. I'd put us down for least 70%.
  4. Nice a MLS-potential CB for the MNT. About time!
  5. They have good team with seasoned pro's, but our players play at bigger clubs. Should not be a problem at all, in the worse case scenario we'll get a draw.
  6. Elva starts on the bench in the first game of Ingolstadt 04's most important battle for promotion against VfL Osnabrück. The Bavarians are leading 1-0 in te first half. The return is on Sunday.
  7. Gone at Zwickau. https://www.liga3-online.de/fsv-zwickau-verabschiedet-sieben-spieler-um-miatke/ Not surprising after getting only PT in 5 games this season. IMO he won't get called into the Gold Cup team either. Johnston and Laryea both are better options ATM. EDIT: Even forgot bout Brault-Guillard who looked great in the matches he played so far.
  8. Looks like captying for the sake of captying if you ask me. Same with Frank Struring. I mean I know he was once a highly touted talent, but do we really need a reserve player from the worse team in the Eerste Divisie?
  9. He should be in the team next week and I think he will be.
  10. So why no Abzi on the bench then? Or does Concacaf have it wrong and it was Abzi all along?
  11. Soccerway has Thomas Meilleur-Giguere on the bench and no Abzi. I checked with the Concacaf site and they have the same. So what happened? Last-ditch switch for an injury (assuming TMG will recover faster)?
  12. My fingers are getting sore from pushing the refresh button...come on with the roster drop already!
  13. They are gonna wait till the last possible deadline to release this roster, aren't they? And that is probably the reason.
  14. As Kennedy wasn't included in the Olympic squad, surely he'll be called to the MNT now. After all he is the most promising player at a position in which we lack depth.
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