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  1. Yeah it's good system. At least the youngsters get to pay a lot. Most of the lower-league clubs are happy to get these kids! I think Zanatta got a bit out of luck after giving it another shot at Hearts, it then being a bit late in the season for most clubs. Now he signed with a lesser club than he could have IMO. Still he's getting a lot of mileage in the Scottish leagues!
  2. Froese started and played 71 minutes for Saarbrücken, which lost 0-2 to Bayern Alzenau. The first loss of the season (in 8 games). Saarbrücken immediately lost their top spot to tiny club TSV Steinbach. Gabriel Boakye entered in the 60 minute for Köln II, which went 0-3 to Borussia Dortmund II.
  3. Just happy we have a decent option on both the left and right side of defense. It should be hard to get into the line-up and in increasingly is (unless you play Center Back, then you just need a job).
  4. Understandably but, he knew that before he signed. It's a shame that he has to play in a bogus league like that. Can't imagine there's not at least 4 teams for which he would be a huge asset.
  5. Right. Getting PT anywhere as a 19 yr old goalkeeper is going to be tough. Let's hope he can win the job there and then progress from there.
  6. Bad game, good result on the road. Very unfortunate that we'll miss Henry at home against the Yanks, as he was the one consistent CB we had! Jams better be ready for this one, a pairing of Vitoria & Cornelius won't cut it IMO.
  7. Gabriel Boakye started for Köln II and played 82 minutes in a 1-3 victory over TuS Haltern. 1. FC Saarbrückens game was shut down in the 48th do to heavy rainfall. If my information is correct the match will be played all over (Saarbrücken was leading 1-0). I do not know if Froese started (but he did last time). They still lead the table.
  8. I noticed Nick Prasad played a game for Tulsa this weekend. First I see form him since he eft Germany.
  9. No way Jose. Our D isn't nearly on te required level.
  10. How come the 'Caps didn't loan him to Pacific? They could have done so at the start of the season. I don't get it. Kid has to be traded to Miami to start playing nearby...
  11. WOW. Looked like the players just gave up. I mean come on, after 5 goals, don't you all get back and bunker to prevent a humiliation like this?
  12. I think he's out. Not having him in the squad lately shows you what a club can do if they want to get rid of you. If he can get a nice loan deal or maybe permanent why not do it? He can play in that league no doubt in my mind.
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