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  1. Larin has played so little, should he even be at the Gold Cup?
  2. On another day he would have had two assists last night with two perfectly weighted balls on Urruti, who squandered them. He's getting stronger and stronger and I suspect he's in the 40 man roster.
  3. The spring season is basically over, Wheeldon gets another trophy.
  4. So basically any defender playing at the World Cup is WC quality. So it says nothing then.
  5. Upsets happen all the time in Cup competitions. Sometimes a smaller team catches a break and goes far. Thats the charm of the FA Cup
  6. No we wouldn't. As much as I like Henry and he's been playing well lately, he's still a long way from being a world class top defender. Rantjitsingh started for Orlando last night. His first start, hope there's more to come! Game ended in 2-1 for Seattle.
  7. The U17s had the same schedule. And I agree it shouldn't be like this
  8. Need rotation. Games every two days is too much, there's players already on 5 games! I guess we just have less depth than the US.
  9. Only plays the first 37 minutes. Hope he's not (seriously) injured .
  10. In this form, I think I'd prefer MAK. But whatever he can also play LB so it's all fine.
  11. You can't blame any scrappy pass on the coach. I don't know the guy but he's obviously done a good job not only improving on the last editions' results (1 win) but also in qualifying for the World Cup. And with a team we don't know a lot about and a lot of peeps on here were critical about. I feel like some coaches can't win here. A loss is his fall but if there's succes it's the players credit.
  12. He clearly goes for the ball, but it was late and hard so Red could be given (yellow would be just fine though).
  13. Johnson can play there as well. It's true, the options are improving.
  14. Don't you know once people make up their minds, facts won't change anything.
  15. Wat are Yout talkingabout? Maybe CR is better at the moment?
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