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  1. Adekugbe in de line-up for Valerengen against Kristiansund.
  2. Vitoria starts for Moreirense against Maritimo. David on the bench for Lille.
  3. Starts at the beginning of the second half. Currently 1-1.
  4. Also in Germany, D4: Prasad plays from the 57th minute onwards, as his side Bischofsweraer lose big time to Chemie Leipzig. Latendresse-Levesque stays on the bench for Chemie. Daniel Stanese played the second half for VfR Aalen, also losing with big numbers to FC 08 Homburg (6-1). They were already 3-1 down at that time.
  5. It's the final week of October and Hamilton made his season-debut for Columbus. He got 6 minutes against Houston (1-1). Also in MLS, St. Clair keeps a clean sheet for Minnesota (0-1 over Cincinnati). His 10th start of the season so I guess it's safe to call this his breakthrough season. Montgommery stays on the bench for Dallas. Even though they suck, their CD's are strong, he would have had a shot at a lot of other teams by now. Akindele got 31 minutes for Orlando (2-1 loss to Miami). Miller stayed on the bench. And in the USL Championship playoffs, Schweitzer scored the openings goal for Phoenix, advancing after penalties (1-1). Schweitzer played 70 minutes.
  6. Halbouni for another start for Werder U23 at Wolfsburg II (currently 1-0 for the Volkswagens) EDIT: Werder II wins 1-2 and Halbouni goes 90. Looks like he's putting in some nice series in Northern Germany.
  7. With Choiniere and Babouli, Forge has a shot in Central America.
  8. If you have twitter Werder U23 have links for all of heir games.
  9. Ongaro plays 73 minutes in a 1-1 draw. Okello plays the last 25 minutes for Koge (0-1 loss). In Germany (D4), Halbouni with another start for Werder II. They beat Oberneuland 4-1. Three consecutive starts for Halbouni, 7 points. Not too bad a start. Also in D4, Daniel Stanese resurfaced at VfR Aalen. He entered in the 53rd on Tuesday, playing to a 1-1 draw. His first game for them this year.
  10. ELva red-carded in the 65th (don't know why, just saw it on Soccerway).
  11. Clubs and managers want to know players, could be for a later moment in time.
  12. Godinho played the last 12 minutes for Zwickau, winning 1-2 at Dynamo Dresden.
  13. Easton Ongaro gets the start for Vyndsyssel against Fredericia in Denmark 1. Division (t2). Okello played 10 minutes in HB Koge's game at Hobro yesterday (3-1). Rocco Romeo stayed on the bench.
  14. Halbouni played another full game for Werder II. They drew SSV Jeddeloh 2-2 and he picked-up a yellow card in the 90th. On Saturday, Nick Prasad started and played 62 minutes for Bischhofswerdaer at Lückenwalde (2-0). Also on Saturday, Gabriel Boakye started and scored for Lok Leipzig, beating Tennis Borussia 4-0. He went 90. Goteh Ntignee entered in the 76th minute. EDIT: One tier above, Froese starts on the bench for Saarbrücken against Unterhaching. Enters in the second half, Saarbrücken with the ET winner 2-1. One tier above, Kennedy is also on the bench, the first time for Jahn Regensburg at Fortuna Düsseldorf (0-2 for Jahn ATM).
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