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  1. Indy and Switchbacks (Sean Melvin and Aidan Daniels) are my favorite teams USLC right now.
  2. I wonder where he stands on the MNT depth chard. He sure is playing a lot at his level, some of the other options aren't...
  3. James actually managed to get on the bench for Midtjylland, beating Randers FC 0-2 and well on it's way to the Championship.
  4. The fact that they have an article about a players that's gone, probably means he's signed somewhere else yeah. It almost has to be AO.
  5. Germany D4: SW: Of course, coming of that high in the Pokal, Saarbrücken loses its game at Astoria Walldorf 1-0. Froese entered the game in the 68th. Halbouni stayed on the bench for Bremen II (3-0 win over BSV Rehden) and Boaye didn't feature for Collogne II (3-0 over Homburg). 3. Bundesliga: Elva starts and scores for Ingolstadt at Hallescher SC (0-1 currently). EDIT: finishes 1-1 as Ingolstadt continues to lose points and have dropped out of the top 4.
  6. And enters after 18 minutes and assists on the 1-0. Saarbrücken now 45 minutes away from an historic achievement.
  7. You can see it now with all three MLS teams signing heaps of homegrown players. Probably not just because of Canpl, but surely they're signing players faster IMO.
  8. Actually a movie is a great idea, is a short, very intense periode. Ideal for filming.
  9. That makes sense I mean if you're making 20k I sure hope you don't have to pay rent.
  10. This I agree with. I was pretty impressed by this kid if he continues to grow he could be very valuable, especially considering his size and position (different than the other options).
  11. Maybe they'll offer him something after his career, like a coaching job. That could make sense no?
  12. Nice! It doesn't say anything about him starting in that game though (The didn't in their last Cup-game). Again, I hope I'm wrong but he's been their 12th or 13th player all season.
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