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  1. Looks like captying for the sake of captying if you ask me. Same with Frank Struring. I mean I know he was once a highly touted talent, but do we really need a reserve player from the worse team in the Eerste Divisie?
  2. He should be in the team next week and I think he will be.
  3. So why no Abzi on the bench then? Or does Concacaf have it wrong and it was Abzi all along?
  4. Soccerway has Thomas Meilleur-Giguere on the bench and no Abzi. I checked with the Concacaf site and they have the same. So what happened? Last-ditch switch for an injury (assuming TMG will recover faster)?
  5. My fingers are getting sore from pushing the refresh button...come on with the roster drop already!
  6. They are gonna wait till the last possible deadline to release this roster, aren't they? And that is probably the reason.
  7. As Kennedy wasn't included in the Olympic squad, surely he'll be called to the MNT now. After all he is the most promising player at a position in which we lack depth.
  8. It's gonna be hard. I'd be very surprised if they would qualify with this group. But hey you never know.
  9. Not too excited as I'd like to see players with pro-minutes make the team and not so much potentials.
  10. Saarbruecken is just 4 points way from Ingolstadt and are also in the race.
  11. Kennedy gets the start at Sank Pauli in Hamburg. Hope it goes well they need the points desperately.
  12. Not a big lot. Any players expected at the top of the list?
  13. Is there anything more inherently soccer as club-name changes? Every self respected club has had at least one in Europe. And to be honest, I never liked the "Impact", cause it's generic and makes no sense. Whitecaps is a reference to the location (mountains and ocean), Impact could have been just anywhere. Not sure what to think of Club Foot though, but I do like the new logo. A well, they'll probably get it right the third time around.
  14. Unless he get's injured in pre-season, it's gonna be Crepeau. No doubt at all.
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