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  1. He can still be on the team, just not for this camp. As the old saying goes: "the younger the better" it's exciting to see him getting debut minutes for Ottawa!
  2. They have team in the Eerste Divisie which would mean lots of minutes.
  3. How can you blame the coach for a brainfart of a player? Untill the 2-1 we had full control.
  4. All he had to do was move towards the ball. I put the blame 100% on our most experienced defender.
  5. Herdman isn't looking at USL for new players. At least he hasn't so far. Also, I don't think Haworth is MNT material, especially not as a RB. He's more of a winger and we have better options.
  6. Debuted for TFC2 on Friday. I don't know anything about this kid, but a pro-debut at age 15 raises eyebrows (at least my eyebrows). And he's only 15 for a month. Obviously a hugely talented kid.
  7. Boakai stayed on the bench for FC Inter, they drew VPS 1-1. Käkkinen played the first 70 minutes.
  8. As long as Bradley is there, Fraser will be back-up. You don't need two defensive mids on the pitch and when one is costing you millions, he'll get the nod every single time.
  9. My guess is, he just wants to play international footy. If T&T don't play him, he's fair game.
  10. He's absolutely right! And as the minnows have left, a brace against Haiti surely would give him the Golden Boot.
  11. I keep saying it: considering our (lack of) depth in the GK-department, keep pursuing this guy! He'll be an MLS starter in the near future, which would put him at the top of our pool.
  12. Totally agree, plus we don't know wether Haiti is the preferred opponent until after the game;-) They were first in their group so there's that.
  13. At this point, that seems to be only a matter of time. He's been on the bench regularly, I wouldn't be surprised to see him debut sooner than later for Dallas.
  14. Looks like one of those types who fell through the cracks and wasn't picked up by an Academy (Impact). But this kid has the age where it's not too late.
  15. Tested but wasn't offered a contract at 1. FC Magdeburg (freshly relegated from the 2. Bundesliga). Apparently they already had too many midfielders (so why have him waste his time then?)
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