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  1. Daniel Stanese is now withCar Zeis Jena (D3 Germany), he played for them last weekend.
  2. Switserland, 100%, Hungary I'm no so sure. They are weak.
  3. He needs a contract, but they are deadlast in the league.
  4. I don't think he feels the same. Maybe if you're white. Anyway no ethnic identities in clubs. No problem with a little Italian flavor in York9 (or Caribbean for that matter), but it should not be the primary focus.
  5. CAPPED! I'd rather seen an attacking sub at that pont but whatever, he's locked down.
  6. Fair enough. Ironically Chelsea is playing good now with academy players, I prefer this team way over Mourinho's bought together team.
  7. If only Chelsea hadn't violated financial FairPlay rules, he'd probably be ours by now.
  8. Sometimes a new environment gives a player new energy. Let's hope he breaks into the team down there.
  9. Yeah at some point $$ is going to count as well. But MLS is growing every year and I would argue the level is going up not down because of it. BTW please answer this question: What is harder, beating 6 teams or 12? Just curious...
  10. Well it's hard to say at this point since we've only seen 1 game between a USL team and a CPL team, but yes I disagree.
  11. The Eredivisie Clubs getting Chelsea and Man City loanees aren't complaining. They raise the level of the league. Sometimes, if they are just beneath the level of their parent club, they can even sign such players after a loan.
  12. I don't like the two game final format. It should be 1 game. Like the Champions League Finals or MLS Cup for that matter. If the Champions League gets in the latter KO stages, I only watch the second game. In the first game, both clubs will always try and prevent damage. That first one is boring most of the time and typically ends in 0-0, 1-0, 0-1,1-1. Then in the second game, both teams have to go all out. So why not skip that first game all together? Yes it would have given Calgary a huge advantage but didn't they deserve that with two regular season titles?
  13. So, we haven't in fact seen any transfers so far have we? We've only seen players cut, but not that they're going to other clubs. I wonder if we'll even see an inter-league transfer this offseason. And Yes I do know the transfer season hasn't officially started yet, doesn't mean there's nothing happening.
  14. Yeah well if you want to increase quality of play, you need to cut players every season and replace them with better ones. They did part one, let's see if they succeed in part two.
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