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  1. I really hope Orlando gives him minutes at CB next season. Of all the young players we have right now, I think that Kamal could be the guy to take one of the CB spots for the Nats if he gets to play there for Orlando. Good on the ball, decent speed and is only going to get stronger.
  2. Essentially we were beaten by a team of MLS players; played like we were the home team with total disrespect for the #2 team in our region. With the lack of quality at CB we simply cannot play with 2 attacking fullbacks. Herdman's tactics were brilliant on Oct 15th but to play the US away and go all out attack..wow. It was clear from the post game comments that the game plan was for Davies to attack Dest. Look our players did not help with a sloppy performance and perhaps the tactics would have worked if everyone played to their potential, but that was a high risk low reward aproach as we only needed a tie. Sometimes the best approach is the obvious one?
  3. From Canuks Abroad: speculation on transfermarkt that David could break the Belgian league transfer record currently held by Youri Tielemans (2017) of 26.2 million Euros with a move to the Bundesliga this summer. The recent play of Davies at Bayern and David's strong 2nd season will continue to add fuel to this speculation
  4. Phonzie appeared to be enjoying shutting him down. Perhaps that game is the turning point for him. For defenders shutting down forwards, making tackles, interceptions are as big as scoring goals for forwards. Hopefully with a few more starts he can do both.
  5. He played for Orlando after the DUI
  6. Nothing from Atiba but JH stated that Atiba was not done with the CMNT . This was post GC
  7. At Atiba's age, load management is critical. I think Besiktas play on Sunday. Then a very long flight to Orlando with little post game recovery..ice baths, physio etc to play on Friday. His club does not play him more than once a week. Perhaps if the game was later in the break? Larin is a bit of a shocker given his current form and game being in Orlando.
  8. Every game that Gent play is kinda weird. They can be brilliant for periods and then awful. They are not great defensively and often struggle to keep possession but it seems to be working for them!
  9. So David and Gent were up to the task with a 3-1 away win. Good audition forJD vs a Bundesliga team
  10. A young CB starting in Uruguay is worth a look see. Kamal Miller was capped in his rookie season....having said that I have not seen him play.
  11. I am sure Bayern will remove the reins and let him romp up field once he is consistent defensively....assuming they don't move him to the wing which would be even better.
  12. Defensively, that was the best game that Davies has played at LB. For the first time he looked very comfortable and confident. Getting a run of games can do that and kudos to the new gaffer for sticking with him
  13. Hope he gets the call for the 15th
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