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  1. Chile have left him off their youth squads for quite some time. The timing is interesting given he has not yet won the LB spot for the whitecaps. They must know that Herdman has reached out to him.... just been a few games but he looks good defensively.
  2. He certainly has the qualifications. In addition to a UEFA A licence check out his linkedin page below. He played high level youth soccer in Spain. https://ca.linkedin.com/in/eric-tenllado-4b7762123
  3. Lille's mids appear to be more interested in scoring than setting up their forwards. With Sanches now fit I am hoping the service to David will improve. He was playing slightly behind Yilmaz which suits him better. This was his best match to date. His timing will only get better after a very long break plus no pre-season with his new club.
  4. The U17s got to the WC because they had some exceptionally talented players. Olivieri's tactics were very poor through Concacaf qualifying...it was the individual play of Jayden, Kamron, Rowe and a few others that got them to Brazil. If I recall, Olivieri was also in charge of our U20 qualifying and that was a disaster. The CSA really need to upgrade the positon
  5. It would really help his development defense wise if TFC played him consistently as a FB if that is in fact his best position. His skill on the ball is exceptional and I wonder if he would make a better winger or even an attacking mid?...never mind we need FBs lol.
  6. With all Canadian players in MLS now based in the US perhaps a MLS CMNT camp in the US later this year is possible? There are many new/young players that are either starting for their teams or playing significant minutes and perhaps call up dual nationals such as Gutierrez or Akinola. Herdman needs to see a few of the newbies in camp before WCQ starts
  7. German 3 Liga Elva goes 90 and scores the winner in the 61' for Ingolstadt 2-1 over Uerdingen
  8. Without a play making mid the Caps really need him in their lineup to generate any service for the forwards
  9. They also extended his contract which is another sign that they rate him
  10. Adekugbe goes 90 mins in a big 2-1 win for Valerenga over 2nd place Molde and move into 3rd place
  11. A 6 month layoff with no football for David explains a lot
  12. Nothing wrong with having quality on the bench. When you bring on subs you want them to make a difference.
  13. With Camacho out with a red and perhaps more than 1 game Waterman may get a chance.
  14. Thierry did a poor job of managing playing time for his squad. Vs TFC you could see his players were exhausted but no subs. Early red vs Van and no quick subs?...He played the same squad sans Shome. A player like ZBG cannot bomb down the flank with the same gusto with 2 days rest. What's up with AJH? he looked lively in 2 sub appearances. I guess Tabla is still injured? The team badly needs some offensive help.
  15. Taider should have 3 more goals and ZBG should have 3 assists in the past 2 games. 2 superb deliveries to Taider vs TFC and another yesterday, although it had some zip to it. Did not see the whole 2nd half but he was solid on both sides of the ball. Not as flashy as Laryea but very calm when under pressure defensively.
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