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  1. If the US are going to press our back 4 at BMO there is only 1 player I trust at CDM and that is Hutch. There's a reason he is called Octopus by Besiktas fans....he can protect the ball with a player draped over him...and can play through the high press. Piette is a great tackler but not the best on the ball. Eustaquio if fit could probably do the job. This is assuming Atiba is fit in the first place.
  2. It's game day guys. Let's get behind the team and coach at least until 9.30 pm?
  3. True, but he is scoring for Gent at a good clip while playing behind the strikers. What Larin was lacking yesterday was someone to deliver that quick breaking pass. He was making some great runs and all he needed was a player like David to release the ball quickly into space. I saw him getting frustrated a couple of times cause the mid was changing the play while he was breaking clear.Oso can be a little slow in doing that. I think David can do both ...score and create at CAM.
  4. As we found out from playing minnows before the GC, one really cannot evaluate the performance of our back 4 when they are under minimal pressure. 3 of the 4 starting defenders yesterday are effectively first year players and 2 are playing in new positions. I hope there is rotation on the backline for Tuesday ...the last game before the US. Just don't think we can play them with 3 rookie defenders.
  5. You don't need to if you play David as a attacking mid where he can deploy all his immense skills
  6. He will be if he goes to B2
  7. That first touch was world class and he still had to beat 2 defenders and the keeper. I don't think any player on our squad can score the type of goals that David seems to do with relative ease. Even his placement of the ball that hit the post was class. Having said that, still think he is not being deployed optimally.
  8. Looks like Jamaica have Bobby Reid (Fulham, formerly at Cardiff) on board. He is starting with Bailey up front. Mariappa (Watford) starts at CB
  9. great article in the Globe on Borjan. Unfortunately you have to be a subscriber to read it..."inked on the back of his calf, a Maple Leaf amidst a snippet of lyrics from "O Canada" is proudly displayed". JH indicated that Red Star wanted him to stay back as Milan already has had a hectic schedule with CL qualifiers, but he wanted to be with the CMNT. Apparently when he goes out with friends or family in Belgrade, fans do not allow him to pay his bill and insist on picking up the tab!
  10. Yes we lost to Haiti and that was on JH for not selecting or playing experienced wide defenders, his stubbornness at playing the "best XI" regardless of their positions and being tactically outcoached, especially with his subs . The vast majority of us were concerned about that going into the GC and it played out that way. The only forward/mid that was excluded was Tesho and I don't think he could have won that game for us. I agree we are not top 5 until we beat the top 5 and we should continue to increase and improve our depth but we need camps and friendlies to do that.
  11. the real issue here is we don't have camps or friendlies to assess depth players like every other nation and make them feel a part of the program. Instead every game has been a must win game...yes some against minnows, but competitive matches and an opportunity to build momentum with the squad that JH identified... don't recall too many complaints re player selections over the past 18 months, other than lack of defenders at the GC. I do like Telfer, but he was a late bloomer with less than 2 yrs of pro experience. Perhaps if he was a little more patient and made it back with TFC next season the call would come? Look at Riccardo Ferreira or Arfield who waited longer for a Portugal/Scotland call. We simply cannot cap everyone. I am just happy that we have called Cordova, Adekugbe and Laryea for Cuba. Its unfortunate t we have lost Telfer, but we do have Bayiha, Choiniere, Bair, Kinumbe and all have MLS minutes this season plus Borges etc in CPL. I am not even going to name all the blue chip wingers we are churning out at the youth level as they are only prospects at this point.
  12. BBC Sport in their post game report refer to Tomori as " Canadian defender". Do they know something we don't?
  13. JH has got to be thinking about playing David as a #10 behind Cav? With David's vision of the field and play making ability, the 2 would be dynamite together. Cav would just be knocking them in.
  14. Personally I would like to see a CB partnership of Vitoria and Henry for one game. I have concerns with Cornelius & Henry vs USA. Just don't think they are good enough as a pair. Vitoria's experience and ability on the ball will benefit Henry and he can compensate for SVs lack of speed. Vitoria is starting again today in Portugal. We need to get results in Oct/Nov.
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