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  1. Plus none of Larin's goals, I believe, are from penalties. Tough to win the scoring race if you don't take penalties . Credit to him to be in 3rd place.
  2. .. the gods are not with us at CB
  3. It's really the 1 match vs Bermuda.. our MLS players have been inactive since last fall which is a concern. Hopefully we can get as many Euro based players for this game.
  4. Sounded like he is trying to get the strongest team. I'm sure they have considered the pass for the 2nd game but don't think that would make a difference for Scott and Atiba
  5. Thought it was a good interview. He has to play with the cards he's been dealt. I'm disappointed that Arfield and Atiba will not be there for March but he can't pressure them to show up. He's done his homework. With no competitive/friendly games in almost 16 months for the A team it will indeed come down to the performances of the players.
  6. What impresses me other than the soccer side with guys like Rutty, David, Davies, Corbeanu etc is the level of maturity. Not sure if they have received media training but they always say the right things and more importantly there is no attitude. Very grounded..... Canadian modesty I guess 😊
  7. Sounds exactly what a coach would want preserving a lead no? In the bundesliga game where he scored the equalizer he was very much a threat offensively.. from LB but he was taking on players and creating attacking opportunities. It all depends on what Herdman wants from Davies...he can contribute offensively without scoring by using his pace and creating space for David/Larin and his passing is improving but we can't expect to see the Bayern Davies at LB for Canada. Our CBs are too weak for that to work.
  8. Playing Davies at LB to negate Bermuda's counter makes sense but then he has to focus on defense. One can't expect him to attack/overlap down the flank like he does at Bayern. Teams that counter are good at exploiting the space vacated by an attacking FB...see Haiti/Jamaica in GC and then we have Vitoria 1v1. We would have to be prepared to sacrifice the offensive contribution of Davies.
  9. This thread should read: How to simultaneously have a wet dream and an anxiety attack...the joys of being a Canadian men's soccer fan!
  10. Well he was playing on a Portuguese youth team that was stacked with high end talent....many calling it Portugal's 2nd golden generation. I think he knew he had something special back then and switched soon after the Euro youth tournament. But as you say we are blessed to have him.
  11. Eustaquio seems to bring it for the big games. A good attribute for the CMNT. Looking forward to seeing him in red & white....
  12. It's going to be difficult for Jnr to get back into the starting lineup. Cardiff is the hottest team in the Championship right now. They have 4 wins in a row and are undefeated in their last 6...very close to a promotion playoff spot .
  13. In B3 Elva subbed in at 64' and assisted on the game winning goal as Ingolstadt win 1-0 vs Kaiserslautern. Ingolstadt are in 2nd place. Elva when not starting has consistently been the first sub off the bench. Froese came on at 78' in a 2-1 win for Saarbrucken vs. Munich 1860. Godinho got the start and played 90 in a 0-2 loss to Dresden
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