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  1. the "window of opportunity" for Fraser with Bradley's injury is closing fast. By the time MLS restarts, Bradley will mostly likely be fit again. He needs playing time now to further develop and may need to transfer out of TFC to accomplish that. The alternative is going down the path of Jordan Hamilton and Jay Chapman who elected to hang on for too long.
  2. Jerry Bengston the Canadian killer strikes again vs Montreal yesterday. Anyone who thinks our "superior talent" makes us top 3/4 in Concacaf should watch a replay of last night's game. Honduras know how to win with less talent, work the ref and are made of glass when ahead....nothing has changed in 20 years! We need to learn to "play the Concacaf game". Playing on cow pastures with incompetent refs makes every game away a risky affair.
  3. He had some really nice touches and surprised me with his acceleration. Great move to set up AJH who should have scored. Never going to be an energy guy racing up and down the wing but he is getting minutes and hopefully can get back to where he should be. Quioto had a horrendous game and Tabla was a significant upgrade yesterday
  4. Do you know what type of injury he sustained during pre-season? Only watched the first 25 mins but he did not look anything like last year. Not moving well, no quick incisive passing, not strong on the ball. Looked really lost on the field. I do hope he can turn it around quickly. Perhaps he needs a bit more practice time to get his mojo back before his next start.
  5. He has an unusual gait when he runs. Perhaps that is one reason. He had a solid 25 mins which is all I could watch. Has always been very calm on the ball.
  6. Larin and David starting for their respective teams in Belgium. Larin going up against Vincent Kompany of Anderlecht
  7. If you include Fanni at CB that's an impressive spine. I thought Quioto played some games at striker for his former club? Montreal have lots of wingers when all are fit . There is risk but Victor has played at the highest level ,is only 28 and no transfer fee.
  8. Massive. The dude is a beast. This is not good news for Piette unless Montreal is going with 2 defensive mids
  9. Every game that the CMNT play now is a WCQ. We must win every game.... select the best players regardless of age. If ZBG is killing it with Montreal he starts ahead of Laryea (and I live in TO). We won 0-1 away to SKN that required a wonder goal by Atiba. We lost to freaking Haiti up 2-0 at the half with our top players just last sunmer. If players like Telfer (and T&T have others who are more talented) are a concern then we have to start our very best team. Look, to me we have to go for it .. make the hex and qualify for 2022. We have the players to do it . We just have to hope that JH can put together a tactical framework to make it work. We don't have the luxury to try and balance the 2 squads...
  10. ZBG impersonating Phonzie on the right!
  11. The word is out ....Canadians can play footie ☺
  12. I don't know where David will end up next season but watching Gent play Roma over 2 games, he really has outgrown the team. They have some quality but not enough and no one to release David.
  13. Yeah. He thinks he's Kaka...not
  14. David's mates are a step too slow in reading the play and releasing the ball to him. He has been in great position several times and just did not get the ball. Must be very frustrating for him.
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