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  1. The other factor is I can't see Herdman making more that 1 or 2 changes to the team he put out vs Bermuda for the 3 big games. The 1st IX squad have played together a few times. I think they have sufficient chemistry
  2. I would like to start a full IX in prep for Suriname as well but after compressed Euro seasons for most of our starters and potentially 4 games, 3 of which are pressure games in a small window, it's dicey. Even if there are no injuries the players will not have any gas in the tank and that is more of a concern.
  3. As a fan it's nail biting time but the coach/players/team have been together for 3 yrs now. Our best players have all won or will win league titles with their clubs. They have faced pressure games this season. I think the timing is right for this squad. If not now then when?...isn't that Herdman's mantra?
  4. ...and potentially (being cautious) 2 games vs Haiti in short order. I think he starts the "reserves"
  5. Very true. If you look at Caleb he looks older than Jayden and JMR. Some teens physically mature earlier than others. You see this a lot in youth football.
  6. Armas better get control of this team or he will find himself in the same situation as AVB in Chelsea. There are always going to be issues when a new Mgr comes in and you have to manage egos but someone like Delgado..he and Ali need to nip that in the bud
  7. Armas playing Delgado as a wide mid is akin to Henri playing Piette out wide. I have lost count of the number of times Marky has given the ball away in the first 30 mins
  8. Understandably, many of us have a favourable bias towards Cdn MLS players,because we see them play a lot. How many have watched Sam and Valerenga over the past 3 seasons? Sam has played 77 games..most of them starts/ 90 mins and will be playing Europa next season. 110 appearances in MLS/Allsvenskan/Eliteserien and 1 game in the English Championship. Regardless of whether MLS is better than Eliteserien, you simply can't ignore that level of experience for a defender in our squad in "win or go home WCQ". He has 12 caps for the CMNT including 2 at the 2017 GC. I thought he was excellent at LB
  9. One difference now vs 17/20 yrs ago, irrespective of the sport or league, is that scouts are looking at players in practically every corner of the world. The geographical composition of players on most pro sports teams, is very different vs 20 yrs ago. I would say it is much more competitive and difficult to play in one of the top leagues now. We have 2 players that could be (are) elite level quality...dont think we have had that before. There appears to be good unity among the players and on the same page with their coach. I recall in past years that there were always cases of players hav
  10. Yes, I tend to agree with this. Kemar is a stud and will help bolster the defence but moving Laryea to an already crowded mid??? Looks to me that Rich is moving, unless they unload a bunch of their mids.
  11. Reminder: there is a Covid thread!
  12. Another issue re potential 30 man squad. JH will want to get straight down to tactics, set pieces and prep to play Suriname in the 2nd game. Having 30 players to manage is going to be challenging, especially if they have not been to a CMNT camp before. We may see 1 or 2 "new" players max.
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