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  1. @Stryker911 market value listing sort of reflects the club quality level that players are at. It's been discussed before but if you look at the rosters of Panama and Honduras we should be way ahead of them. CR's squad is also not intimidating. I think Curacao may turn out to be the surprise team. Getting really excited for this GC and hope we can put our demons to rest once and for all.
  2. Assuming no injuries, If Edgar makes the 23 it means no Miller unfortunately. I thinkTabla and Millar will both make the 23; Millar on merit and Tabla for his potential...a good performance could boost his stock... a.k.a MAK in 2017. Herdman will want to keep some of the bright young players at big Euro clubs. I hope Tesho makes the 23 as I don't think David has played as a single striker and not sure he is a hold up type player. Larin would be the obvious choice but timing is everything for a striker and he has not played much
  3. Agree re Tesho. He is in form and getting lots of playing time. I am also concerned with Larin's match fitness. Who will sub or rotate for Cav?...perhaps David?
  4. During the game the injury update on Henry was that it was a left hamstring strain. Have not seen any report from VW.
  5. Don't see CBs scoring that type of goal. A huge point for VW . He played well defensively and looked calm and confident.
  6. Bayern win Bundesliga title and although Davies did not see the field what a great experience for him.
  7. Yes for sure ....he is a Prototypical #8. Despite our depth at CM each player brings a unique quality that can give us a different look depending on who we play or what the score is.
  8. and this is why we need him playing CM especially vs. Mexico https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/05/17/warshaw-lafc-have-unstoppable-mix-elite-passing-and-pressing-right-now
  9. 90 mins for Tomori as Derby win 4-2 over Leeds and progress 4-3 on aggregate in the Championship play offs.
  10. MAK and Henry getting more love by Warshaw https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/05/14/warshaw-stock-stock-down-usmnt-canmnt-gold-cup-rosters
  11. on the bench for MLS Team of the week, along with Crepeau and MAK
  12. In addition to the 4 players mentioned, Omeonga on the wing was impressive. Fast, strong, good skill on the ball, great work rate and calm finisher....just needs to go easy on tackles. On defence Facchineri was solid and calm; positionally sound and for a big lad did not get torched by speedy forwards. There were others that performed well but not enough minutes played to give an opinion.
  13. I think it's great that we win and qualify for the U17 WC and still have disagreements re performance, coaching tactics etc. That's what happens on forums for all the top teams! Its all good guys, this is a positive development. So lets agree on the following 2 items: 1. Qualifying for a youth WC is important; for recognition of our youth prospects, solidifying the mentality that we have lacked in big games against Concacaf teams and to attract top level athletes for youth soccer throughout Canada. 2. We all had high expectations going in as there were some real jewels (Jayden, Kamron, Colyn and Rowe) on this squad and a few more made their case during the tournament. It is a challenge for any coaching team to put their stamp on a team when we have so few camps and friendlies, but there are indicators such as set plays on offence and defence; how we set up the defensive shield and structure when attacking that provides some insight re coaching. Almost all the boys come from MLS academies that have structured coaching and have experience in tournaments. The CSA coaching staff have been working closely with the 3 MLS academies over the past year presumably trying to incorporate some of their tactics, strategies etc that they intend to deploy for qualifiers. In other words, this was not a one week coaching camp. All of us whether as employees, professionals or family members are accountable to our employers, clients or family members and that holds true for soccer players, coaches and CSA executives. We should continue to expect the very best and the highest standards from our players, coaches and management. Looking forward to the USA game!
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