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  1. I am actually happy for Hamilton. He was never going to get a fair shot with Vanney. Hopefully he now has an opportunity to show what he's got. Chapman needs to move as well. There have been many times where he should have started over the past 4 weeks and did not. He will stagnate if he stays put.
  2. In the KJ podcast, JH does not think the Haiti game was Atiba's last.
  3. on MLS team of the week. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/07/08/team-week-presented-audi-carlos-vela-lights-candle-week-18
  4. Only player not on Mexico or USA teams to make the GC 1st XI. Apparently David is the youngest player to score a hat trick in GC history.
  5. Godinho also made a similar soft back pass in the Martinique game, which fortunately did not result in a goal against. Does he not lose the benefit of the doubt due to his history? In the FG game Piette was also culpable for a soft back pass. Where the other team is using a high press with aggressive running there is very little room for error. A defender simply cannot play a soft back pass to the keeper and expect him to deal with it vet or not. I get that no one wants to blame a young player but if Godinho makes proper contact with the ball that's not a goal. A defender can always play the ball out for a corner. Perhaps a bit embarrassing but better than conceding a goal? Regardless of blame, going with 2 young FBs is a big ask and it showed in this GC.
  6. I can only hope that JH upgrades one or more of his assistant coaches. Someone with lots of experience. I assume JDV was in charge of the defenders and had some say in the starting back 4? As a former pro defender he should have reacted to how Haiti were exploiting our FBs. Not shifting blame away from JH but since it is highly unlikely that he gets the axe, he needs to bring on a seasoned assistant (other than Biello).
  7. Spot on. Looks like he topped the ball when he made contact. The Haitian forwards were pressing our defenders and keeper all game...you simply cannot make a soft back pass to the keeper against an aggressive team like Haiti
  8. Assuming no injuries, one of Hoilett, MAK or Oso will probably not start vs Haiti. EPL player, MLS all star & CCL golden boot winner... is this the CMNT?
  9. This Haitian team is dangerous. I hope all the optimism is not misguided....Not as clinical and organized as the more established teams but with daunting speed and power. We are not going to outrun them on attack , so while I have never advocated for Phonzie at LB that's where I would play him with ZBG at RB. Godinho would get absolutely torched. Regardless of the score we are going to leave the pitch with some lumps and bruises. Need to keep cool and keep the ball
  10. delighted they did let him go...
  11. Fantastic to see every player from starters to subs as well as all coaching staff sing the Cdn Ntl Anthem at the start of all 3 games...new pride in the shirt.
  12. This...I like Larin but I questioned his selection due to a lack of match fitness. No problem with his performance vs Mexico but what he needs the most is playing time with his new club...He will rise again.
  13. Glad to see you back. If I recall correctly you predicted a long time ago when David was still relatively unknown to most, that he had a higher ceiling than Davies
  14. Any updates on Jayden? After his performance for the U17 I thought he would get a lot of attention. Anyone know how he has been doing with TFC2?
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