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  1. with those 2 goals David moves back into second place in the Jupiler League scoring race. Just 3 goals behind the leader. 11 goals and 7 assists (top spot for assists). The player (Yari Verschaeren- see Nolando's post) that won the most promising player award over David, is a year and a half younger, but has only scored 2 goals in 19 games this season for Anderlecht!
  2. Time to watch our historic 2-0 win vs USA again. Cavallini has shown up to every camp/match (other than the last) under Herdman regardless of the opposition. He plays with more Blood, Guts & Thunder than any other Canadian player on our current roster. Actions speak louder than words. As long as he is committed to our National team and performs, I want him there. Immature...yes, but his commitment is more important. Darn I heard he just asked for a transfer to Atletico Ottawa … just kidding
  3. With Laryea, ZBG, Godinho, Cordova, Adekugbe, Bassong, Miller, Morgan and hopefully Cristian as well as emerging CPL players our RB/LB positions are certainly looking much better than just a year ago. Now if we can just get a few more CBs....the best part is that we probably will not see Davies at LB and can play him up front where he is more effective for Canada.
  4. Now that he has signed with VW, I am sure he will switch and play for us. He has not been called to any recent Chilean youth teams. Hope he gets lots of minutes. Looking forward to watching him play this season.
  5. Anyone else think Iceland played really hard for that win? Even to the point of time wasting. The Icelandic players are not flashy but tough as nails and know how to use that to their advantage. They were knocking our players off the ball, clutching, dominant in the air and on set pieces. Its no surprise that their NT has had success vs top teams. We have to up our compete level and our set pieces. There is a massive drop off from our A & B forwards. For vets,Tesho and Tos were very poor. Playing minnows like we did in CL over the past 2 years will not give us an accurate assessment of our players/team/coach. I say we go for it in March/June and if we fail we go down fighting. We will have plenty of games vs minnows if we fail.
  6. Iceland using their size really well. They are pysically dominating and out working our guys. We can't seem to do anything in the final 3rd. Laryea reluctant to go 1v1 and use his speed!
  7. Ditto. I remember when this board erupted on news that he had committed to Canada...what a day! If he gets his MOJO back look out. Having a former world class winger who also played on the left flank as your coach should help.
  8. Beautiful..... this is exactly why we needed the CPL. Giving young Canadians a chance they would otherwise never have received. Hoping this is the first of many.
  9. El Salvador playing mind games with us lol
  10. Elva scored both goals, one in each half in a 2-0 win for Ingolstadt over Holstein Kiel. That's 3 goals in the past 2 games. Making a strong case to start for his team in B3
  11. One of the challenges of playing in Concacaf is that many of the forwards are super fast. Teams like Jamaica, Mexico, Haiti, Honduras, Panama etc. You may recall what happened to Vitoria in the 2017 GC vs Jamaica. If Didic is paired with a CB who can cover for his lack of speed and he can max his positioning it could work but given our current back 4, I think that's a big ask. Look I hope he continues to develop and becomes another Riccardo Ferreira (minus the injuries) but in Concacaf teams will exploit a slow CB. Haiti were very good at isolating and exploiting our defenders. JH likes to play with attacking FBS but that places added pressure on our holding MF and CBs
  12. For those who have watched Didic play in the CPL, how has he done defending vs some of the faster forwards in the league? When Harrycoyster posted on this forum he mentioned that his lack of speed was a reason he did not see any action for SKC in MLS.
  13. The fact that Bassong can play both LB and RB is a bonus. Very good on the ball and put in some great crosses. Shome was very tidy in his 45 mins. Steady and moved the ball well with quick accurate passes
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