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  1. Okay CSA, give him a simple "great to hear your back on the pitch call"
  2. Ottawa Athletique, Athletique Ottawa, Ottawa Athletic, Athletic Ottawa.... All of those are fine to me!! I just don't want to see Athletico Ottawa, or Ottawa Athleticom. It's a mockery for me.
  3. After this camp, here's my thoughts on how the squads would look: Olympic 20: GK: Pantemis, Breza DF: Godinho, Bassong, Abzi, Guillard, Mekideche, Cornelius, Kennedy, TMG, *Amuz, *Gutierrez MF: Fraser, Shome, Okello, Borges, Paton, FW: Millar, Brym, Bair, Nelson, Tabla Bubble: Buchanan, Choiniere, Dunn, Campbell, Verhoeven Men's 23: GK: Borjan, Crépeau, Carducci DF: Henry, Vitoria, Laryea, Adekugbe, Didic, Miller, Cordova MF: Osorio, Arfield, Piette, Kaye, Eustaqiou, Teibert, Wootherspoon, Hutchinson* FW: Davies, David, Hoilett, Larin, Cavallini, Akindele Bubble: Ricketts, Chapman, Edwards, Zator, Waterman
  4. We lost on a flukey (bad GKing) goal. Overall we played really good. I was confused by the lineup decisions, but felt Miller and Didic did a solid job. Didic distribution is clean, and Millers tackling was on point. We bossed the midfield between Oso, Sammy, and Fraser. Period. Up top... Well....damn.. Brym played well, just needs to work on his finishing in the final third. The level looked beyond Tesho and Ricketts, I think there time with the NT may be coming to an end when you consider Lucas, David, Davies, Larin, Hoilett, and Millar all weren't there... And then guys like Nelson and Brym had good quality showings....Creativity, skill, everything was lacking in the final third from our attackers. Laryea shouldn't have started as he was more than likely injured before the game. Adekugbe was hesitant in joining the attack or playing those key passes. Bassong is not a right back.... You can easily scout that everytime he's going to need to get the ball on his left foot. He's a great left back option though, considering Morgan is on the decline. Overall I feel okay. Obviously the result is not what we wanted, but it definitely doesn't say y how the game was.
  5. As a TFC fan I've been cheering, and rooting for him. Even more so now that people are quick to write him off at 20y, but extend it drastically to another I won't name. Woaah woahh woahh..... You've gone to far with that one lol. TFC vs MTL... Its always f#ck the Limpact! But when they play other teams I'm rooting for the Canadians. My distaste for Americans is deeper than the TO/MTL rivalry.
  6. Just @ me/quote me/or even use ^^^ I can pull up my quotes if need be. I've always rated those guys higher than Didic. When JH name dropped him last year as be on the brink when Zator got the call... I still said how is he being mentioned over the guys I mentioned. His lack of pace, will show at the higher levels. The modern day CB requires some pace, I'm not saying being fast or quick, just some recovery pace... He doesn't have it.
  7. Jamaica is coming into a golden age as well!
  8. @Obinna I guess for me, I watched Didic enough with Edmonton to say I rate Zator, Waterman, and Samuel at CB all higher than him - and that's not even mentioning versatility. So for me, although he played solid against Barbados... It was Barbados, in which he got to watch and assess the players from the bench before playing them. The only part I agree with is the continuity factor with Derek. ________ Side note the Didic/Vitoria comparisons are disrespectful. I think some are forgetting the levels/team Steven was playing a 8-10 years ago.
  9. It's crazy how people are inserting Didic over James off of 1 game... Acting like James doesn't have the experience both club and national team. He had one slip up that led to a comedy of eras and is now unworthy. Cornelius had a direct slip that led to a goal, and hes a sure starter. Didic played solid, but who knows if James played solid... We didn't see!
  10. I think either team would be good to play, as long as it's before Mexico plays them, and in Vancouver. They won't be used to the turf!
  11. The 2020 schedule hasn't been released yet!
  12. This. Great comparisons! (not to get ahead of ourselves) However if we qualify for Tokyo, I believe those guys will be summoned to play at the Olympics.
  13. Its crazy how just a few months ago we were all begging for more friendlies, less against the minnows! ... And now that our hex future is dependent on us playing the "Game of Points", suddenly Barbados, and Antigua & Barbuda are the ideal options for not only one game, but two in order for us to maximize points! Concacaf has turned WCQ into a joke.
  14. Herdman has shown he's taking these games very serious. I think against Iceland the team will look like this:
  15. I was joking, you have my utmost gratitude - successful or not!
  16. Time for me to invest in hope, cause you threw mine away
  17. Herdman was yelling at Teibert when he was on. I was impressed with his offensive awareness, his game needs maturing but that'll come naturally. I think he's better in 1v1 situations, cutting in and creating chances. Different players I guess... I see Shaffelburg as a LM, up and down, whip in crosses, defend.... For me he didn't stake his claim
  18. He's putting in some nice crosses. But he's hesitant to get forward. You can hear JH yelling Rusty get higher.
  19. I under estimated Barbados. I didn't think we would need to play some of our best guys. - Fraser has been big boss, Defense has been flawless, Brym started strong started to leading to wrong decisions.
  20. I guess I was more so hoping Osorio and Piette would get rested in anticipation for Iceland.
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