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  1. The dark horses. You heard it hear first.
  2. I prefer the 3-4-3....but will we really see it.
  3. - No arfield, based on my opinion. - Hutch if he wants to play can switch out Kaye. - RCB is up for grabs.
  4. Skill wise - %100 yes. Energy speed, versatility - no.
  5. Piette for me, has shown his game has reached it's best. What does that mean? You know what you are getting from him. He's going to win tackles, protect the belly and thats pretty much it. Henry is seeming to have trouble to put him in the squad due to the options. And thats kinda my issue with claims for him to be a starter, it's the same thing we see in the MNT. There's better options. We simply need more. We need to play with confidence, grit, and have a mindset that we are going to win games, and not that we have to defend or be reactive. Having Kaye who although has a better offensive side to his game than Piette, his defensive game is comparable (check the stats), he's a pure box-to-box midfielder in the exact mold of Hutchinson. Pair him with Eustaquio who is primarily a CDM also a ball winner, wins tackles, anddddd can spray passes and get them to striker and we have a strong middle pair. Okay people don't think we could play 3-4-3 because of our defence.....but even in a 4-2-3-1, I still don't want to see Piette starting. We need to go for leads, and then look to close out games (when Piette would come on). I don't care what anyone say's we have the personnel to be dangerous in Concacaf, it just depends on the way we setup.
  6. I chuckled, but this is golden. Only a true Canadian football fan like yourself could commit to this task. Most people just wouldn’t simply understand.
  7. IPTV being grey?....I guess. It’s still available to everyone and anyone who’s willing to “cut the cord”. I just refuse to be raped by Bell or Rogers for these channel packages anymore, it has hurt for way too long. And then TSN got cheap and gave up the rights to DAZN for EPL and UCL. Ill invest in what matters to me - Canadian footy.
  8. ...but but no one said what other soccer they watch and pay for. Is everyone truly just CPL OneSoccer users?
  9. Sane chose to leave City...he straight up said he wasn’t re-signing a new contract whatever the offer was. And City definitely didn’t want to see him go....ugh what am I doing. Seems like your in a bubble for all the anti-bubble talk you have. Hope everything’s okay with you.
  10. If you don't rate Sane, I'll have to say that you don't watch him much or footy in general. Because Sane is nastyyyy, and right now he's in the top 5 for best LW. Can Phonzie be better? 1000% given the consistent opportunity at the position - they have the same skillsets. But right now you're literally comparing a LB to a LW. A LW who's been playing at the highest levels since he was the same age as Phonzie is now. We all love Davies...let's just not overdue the bias.
  11. As the debate about the $70 subscription price increase and has seemed to have triggered a lot of people. I'm curious to know what other footy channels are people subscribed too: For instance I have paid in the past for all the TSN Networks, all the Sportsnet Networks (World included), and BeinSports, and that ran me a pretty penny for me to watch MLS, EPL/Domestic Cups, La Liga, Ligue 1, and Bundesliga. Now theres DAZN that you would require you to be subscribed too if you want UCL. However since I've found an alternative that gives me literally everything but CPL/OneSoccer, paying $70 is okay for me to "support" - in addition to the $20 bucks a month I pay to get literally everything else. So I'm curious to know what everybody else is shelling out, and curious to see if there is guys who just only watch CPL.
  12. You would think that if you are playing in Europe you would be an automatic call up for Egypt... but nope that’s not the case. Majority of their squad is from Al Ahly or play’s in Egypt league.
  13. Yes. Done and dusted. Cap tied in injury time of England’s Euro qualifier. Southgate didn’t need to do the kid like that. I can’t see him playing for England anytime soon.
  14. I also wonder if levels have “dropped” due to the unavailability/loss of quality international player’s.
  15. Didn’t even know he was a mod.
  16. Meaning he could be in his prime. Interested to see where Bobby will play him. He’s good with his back to the net, and good running at guys - will be very interesting.
  17. The signing we all called for has finally happened lol.
  18. I do feel they are different player’s though. So it’s working with in the teams needs.
  19. Slight grab, and a slip.
  20. Holy shite, those scorelines look like match fixings lol. 15 goals combined and 1 against for Klagenfurt and Reid wtf
  21. Actually a great signing for them. Gives a different option.
  22. I didn’t know where to look. But he’s looking good.
  23. I hope Angus will see the need for an academy team or even a league one team. There's wayyyyyyyyyy to much talent in Ontario, let alone Canada for their to only be 1 to 4 academies. It's crazy.
  24. Canadian MLS teams might be barred from playing/travelling to games outside of the country. There's also been reports about them playing against games each other - how much games could they play without it being overkill who know? My question would be, would you want to see an expanded tournament where there is group stage, that then leads to a knockout? If possible/feasible I definitely would want to see this happen. 2 Groups - 6/5...everyone plays their group member once, top 2 from each group advance to the semi-finals two legged tie. (I openly want the Canadian MLS teams to leave the league.)
  25. Longest contract ever given to 16yo Lowell Wright. He's a big kid, and I assume they are going to nurture him. https://york9fc.canpl.ca/article/york9-fc-signs-u17-woodbridge-forward-lowell-wright
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