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  1. what does that mean? They will be barred from the league next season? Doesn't really affect Brym as he 1 doesn't play...and secondly is on loan.
  2. Playing right now, has had a solid first half maintaining his teams 1-0 lead. Stream: Here or if you have Bet365 account, you can watch the game there.
  3. If you haven't already, it's the last week to have your say!
  4. I texted him to congratulated him on the move from when the leak happened to see if it was true lol, in which he obviously confirmed it. I think it will be very interesting to see him play this season, he's very quick and jinky. I'm happy he gets to finish his career in Ontario - where it all began. I told him not too many guys have an Ontario Cup, Nationals, and Can PL championship on their CV (I think Bekker is the only guy).
  5. Is it Core-ben-new or Core-be-an-new...anyone know what the proper pronunciation is?
  6. This is not true. For a long period of time, the whitecaps were the only province offering players pro opportunities. A lot of guys from Ontario were travelling to the BC for this opportunity. (Kyle Porter, & Alex Sements (rip).
  7. Could be said - but it’s no where close. Just look at our national team. I personally think the Whitecaps does the best job of scouting/finding talent. A lot of BC pro players seem to be connected to the Whitecaps organization at some point. Whereas there’s a lot of Ontario pro players, that have different routes outside of TFC. That is largely due to the massive demographic of talented players within Southeast Ontario that usually go unnoticed. Reason why I think for York/Forge to get to the next stage, or solidify themselves within the football landscape. It’s imperative for them to h
  8. ...Or nobody wanted him and he wants to get back to where he was scoring/performing.
  9. I think Jeremy Lin was overhyped because he was an Asian playing in the league, and had a good stretch of games, on a historic struggling franchise like New York. But this is common for a lot of guys, or it happens in the league more often than not. It was Ben Wallace, Brad Miller before him and Tyler Johnson, and Fred Vanvleet after. Linsanity was nothing more than hot streak and a great marketing opportunity to the Asian community since Yao Ming. Ultimately he's was/not good.
  10. Ahh thanks guys @Ozzie_the_parrot @yellowsweatygorilla. I just don't understand the purpose of creating something similar to L10, PLSQ but then looking for a different designation, that would essentially be lower than those leagues. It's overall confusing, as you can tell. It's not going to change the structure in Ontario or Quebec with guys who play L10/PLSQ, and then leave to go to U-Sports or NCAA. So if it's just a shorter season being the difference, why would the CSA sanction it as something different - when theoretically it's not.
  11. Perfect, another-notha' shot at redemption(GC 19&COQ 21) for some of the boys that would be on this GC team. I did notice that Haiti will have a crazy amount of fixtures before/if they reach the Gold Cup proper. R1 WCQ's: June 5th & 8th R2 WCQ potential; June 12th & 15th GC Play-In: July 2nd & 6th 6 international games in 6 days. Before a possible additional of 3 more. This could be a gift and a curse.
  12. To add just looking at some of our current crop of players. Tajon, Ballou, Liam, and Theo C. All those guys are skillful, and will look to take you in 1v1 - try to beat you to create, vs route 1 whipping in a cross. I hope I can quote myself and he can prove me wrong. But I don’t see it.
  13. That was more hustle than skill. He didn’t really beat anyone, but just outworked them on that sequence. 1v1 skill is capable of beating an opponent in front of you by a jink, feint, step over or move to get by them. I haven’t seen him do any of that in his limited minutes, but I’ve seen Jayden and Jahkeele do it for comparison. He hasn’t shown that he’s skillful, reason why I think he would benefit from being a wingback with his hustle and speed being great assets for that position.
  14. I think it’s obvious that D2 will be necessary to complete the football structure....but is this too soon? I think it is! I like the idea of solidifying the D3 landscape with launching the necessary leagues from coast to coast. It allows the peak (CPL) to be sustained by the foundation (D3). Now, I think through time, we’ll see D3 teams increase in expansion, and have aspirations to complete at the next level. We will see CPL expansion and teams that are consistently “bottom dwellers”. I think this will naturally foster the creation of a D2 league, that can align with the leagues goa
  15. VAR does seem like it sucks the life out of the game. But for me, as someone who despises the personal aspect that can influence refereeing- it reduces that nature of human error where in the past a lot of pivotal moments in football history would definitely not happened due to VAR. its definitely annoying when you see the centimetres lines being drawn for offside, but for me... if it’s consistent then great - if not, it’s problems. However in the current state, I think that’s the only issue. The rest is a revelation in stamping out the dark arts of football. It removes players being
  16. I just hope he has the legs to play to 100 caps. But if there’s a guy I would want to be the all-time leader it would be him.
  17. Completely different players and skillset. Jacob has shown his hustle is his best attribute. He’s not very skilful or has shown the tenacity/ability to take guys on 1v1 like Tajon. So I wouldn’t say they are a comparable guys. Shaffelburg would be thee perfect candidate for that winger to fb move imo.
  18. Came on as a late substitute in TFCs champions league draw with Leon. I think again he’s going to find it hard to get into that TFC middle, with the likes of Priso and Okello emerging- the former who was preferred over him. I can’t help but say he should’ve looked for a move.
  19. I’ve been banging the Okello drum, so I’m not surprised by his performance last night. I hope everyone sees why you can’t compare him to Fraser. Which is why I say he was missed with the Olympic team.
  20. Second leg will be very interesting....especially if Pozuelo, or Osorio is available. There was a lot of room to play with in that middle. But kudos to the young guys. As much as I want Bradley to play less, he is always playing hard. Looked a lot more livelier than usual.
  21. Pleasantly surprised. It's actually a great result.
  22. Noble moving like Yaya Toure...like what I see.
  23. Not only Pozuelo or Osorio....but Mavinga too. This might look like two years ago with Independiente....but worse.
  24. Sometimes...it's all we have. All joking aside I like sensible debates. And I'll be the first to stand corrected when multiple people tell you "you're wrong". Could be my youth though, where the later it's different.
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