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  1. Geeeze, well done kid. We were all rooting for him.
  2. Am I the only one that believes we can beat Mexico or get a result? Going based on the GC match where we were missing a lot, and them not so much....I kinda like our chances with a full squad. EDIT: also hoping Lozano is still out, as I believe he's the second best player in Concacaf right now.
  3. I wonder how ticket purchasing will work with the whole vaccine passports thing. Will they add a third check to get into the stadium, i.e. Security, Vaccine scan, ticket scan? I'm wondering how this whole thing will work.
  4. Considering a lot of their guys are UK based, and the fact they play the USA away...I think those benefits you list are better for them.
  5. Reason why I think both games (Mexico and Jamaica) will bring equal tests. I think we'll get a point in one game. I won't be surprised if it comes at the Azteca.
  6. Will be completely different, as I keep saying. There is even talks for the game being moved from Kingston to the states if the JFF can't have fans in the stadium. If they bring 33 guys again, and have zero player restriction. Tappa has the opportunity to manage the squad better, meaning playing balanced squads throughout their games. I can see Jamaica taking points from each of their games, but the thing for them is they need at least 4 pt to stay in the race.
  7. Very great point. I think it’s the Hoilett comment that is sticking. But like I’ve said before, he can come into the team and play Wotherspoon or Fraser minutes and make himself available after that…will really tell his character. Time will tell.
  8. @GasPedBut we called Hoilett and he showed up, and showed out is the massive difference. Also showing up out of contract which could’ve jeopardized his career. For me at this point I see guys are hoping for the 2019 glory form he had, but are neglecting simple things like him not playing, getting several injuries, getting older and ultimately denying call-ups to the point his manager said that he basically retired. I keep saying, yea it’s a great extra piece to have…but like I said before, we are good if he’s not there. Now I’ll say this for future irony…I hope he gets called in and scores against Mexico for our first result in the Azteca.
  9. Lol Wotherspoon is still playing, and a key piece to his team. Age is irrelevant IF you are still playing. Just saying…
  10. Told ya…if the same guys are healthy, we’ll see the same lot. Sounds like not even an increase in the roster size.
  11. what’s even more crazy is that guys like Johnston and Buchanan made their first appearances this year and already have 12-13 caps. That used to be only possible for guys to get after 4 years.
  12. How is this determined? On paper? where they play? I've heard this many times, and then I see a bunch of kids randomly put together and put up mediocre results.
  13. But if everyone is healthy that was called up last window, and JH chooses not to increase his squad size. Does he get the call up over the likes of Fraser? Maybe...Over Wotherspoon definitely not. It's tricky, and he may have used the wrong time to miss out on previous camps. Where as Wotherspoon for example was able to stake his claim/build greater relationships.
  14. More like 6 games till the next window.
  15. Considering his contract is up in May he’ll either get an extension soon or this might mean he’s being phased out.
  16. Not starting for Rangers in their Europa league match today….
  17. Alright moving on back to Ennin. I wonder if the proper Ghanaian pronunciation of his name is Yu-ene and not En-in lol.
  18. Should’ve had at least three tonight tbh. But he’s a gem for Forge in addition to the options they already have and just recently acquired.
  19. Ricci looks like he just suffered a serious knee injury on that play where he scored off another Henry mistake. Able to walk off, but we’ve seen that with Priso and Akinola. 2-1 forge.
  20. Haven’t seen possession stats but it’s easily 80% forge. Valour look like they are playing for penalties. Especially when you factor the weapons that Forge has on the bench.
  21. I agree. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But everyone isn’t entitled to make up their own rules. We need to grow the community, and I definitely wouldn’t want to be someone who someone can say “I don’t like the community because this guy makes it’s…” that is what we should ultimately be mindful of.
  22. Don’t have what you’re looking for. Just a bunch of white jerseys, and the red training top.
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