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  1. Here’s hoping UoW is upgrading Warrior Field - that would be very exciting for a CPL team vs Laurier field. I despise tracks around soccer fields.
  2. Talker at the executive level, and a talker at the management level. Great lol.
  3. Ahh, that was me. Thanks for clarifying. For me I don't care about the split. I just want expansion done right. There has to be a differentiation between professional standards and semi-pro (L10) standards especially when it comes to the Ontario, Quebec, and BC markets. PFC has done it right, where as right now there isn't a difference between Vaughn FC and York9. So if this KWC team plans to play out of any of the University out there, in the same setup as York9....were trending in the wrong direction. Say not to track and field.
  4. lol...thanks for pointing that out. I started off with 12 teams, and then digressed as I thought it was too much teams in the overall pyramid. So I clearly forgot to recalculate the format. I think either or could work. But if conferences come on the basis of reducing travel, than I think I would lean more to doubling home & away in conference, and 4 games against out of conference teams.
  5. Larin for the home USA NL game last year declined the call-up due to wanting to stay with his team. So it does still happen under Herdman. Avoiding calling players vs agreeing to let them be is two different things. And Herdman will make sure it is sooo eloquently worded in a way that it's the best decision for everybody.
  6. Welp, there's another excuse for November friendlies to not happen.
  7. At first I was wondering if he was related to Nicholas Lindsay in any way. I googled him and realized that there's no relation.
  8. I also despise the idea of an west-east split at the premier league level. If we are able to manage not having to split the teams now, why do it later? I love me a balanced scheduled. Now for the future championship/second division league I think it would be perfect for the West-East split to happen there. It will allow an easier financial transition from the League 1 levels to the Championship level, and likewise from Championship to Premier league. My ideal 20 team pyramid... Premier League: - 12 teams - Single Table - 22 Game Regular Season Schedule - Championship Playoffs (Top two teams automatically qualify to the semi-finals, 4-6 place teams have a play-in) - Relegation Playoffs (11-9 teams play two games each, bottom team gets relegated) - Last placed Team is automatically relegated Championship League: - 8 teams - East/West Split - 16 Game Regular Season Schedule (In-conference home & away games, and play each conference opponent an additional game. Play each opposing conference team 1 game each.) - League winner (most points overall) automatically gets promoted - Promotion Playoffs (from East vs West home and away winner gain promotion) - Relegation Playoffs (Bottom two from each conference play home and away aggregate series, losers are relegated to respective League 1 leagues)
  9. I just hope it’s more Pacific, HFX type teams and less York9. Figure it out before , rather than after. Due to our weather and having to play through the summer. I actually prefer 12 or 14 teams max.
  10. Clubs don’t have the choice to release a player for international duty. It’s typically the CSA and the player agreeing to have the player stay with their club/not call them up. I personally like the idea of the teams being a mixture of “a” and “b” players. It will allow a full assessment of the actual player pool in preparation for the potential Ocho where depth will be crucial and put to the test.
  11. any contracts given, one would have to assume it's for the youth teams. Right?
  12. I hate to always be the guy....but how Millar can be considered that high up when he's not playing professional games at all this year. Does this mean Corbeanu has worked his way into the depth from playing and performing with the U23's at Wolves? For me Tajon has surpassed those guys in the "depth chart" - because you know, he's playing consistently, performing and showing great potential.
  13. It's actually a good comparison. He's doing everything that Davies does at Bayern and more. Obviously the levels are completely different.
  14. Yea I rather call up Stama than Bush at this point. He shouldn't even be mentioned anymore with the plethora of options we suddenly have.
  15. Yea I’m not sure, and neither are you - that’s why we can speak for ourselves. Based on his response it was serious, but like me you’re used to/expecting his Jim Carey takes.
  16. Again your making things up to fit your narrative instead of being sensible and asking a proper question. Again I did not state anywhere “that David is not scoring because he's not playing international games.” But “His psyche is messed up. That’s why having international games is a way to help mend/improve it.” Yes, yes a big leap. A big dumb leap. And with this, it has already begun. Todays lesson for the kids: How-to ask a valid question without being facetious. You’ll more than likely get your answer!
  17. So....correct me if I’m wrong....Was that explicitly said in either post? Or are you trying to create a rabbit hole by not asking a proper question based on shared opinions.
  18. This was another point I forgot to mention. Toronto is a hotbed for talent, and it has shown consistently in the academies performance in MLS youth competition’s. So the reality that someone is coming up next is always there.
  19. He needs to play as a false 9....let old man Yilmaz play the target. He really needs to assert himself into the games, without burning the very same bridges he needs to make with his teammates.
  20. I briefly said this earlier. This is why we need games. We can’t rely on talent, while neglecting form. It’s a recipe for big heartbreak or too much on young shoulders.
  21. I said it from early that I didn’t want Ligue 1 move but instead a Bundesliga one for him due to being able to easily adapt to the French culture. I know he thinks he cool with his teammates, which can make you complacent especially when those same guys are probably like “fack this Canadian record signing, he’s not better than me”. And that’s what it exactly looks likes.
  22. Woah. Anyone who watches Liverpool knows what Firmino contributes to the attack. A lot of plays come through him as the false 9 position, where as David doesn’t touch the ball at all.
  23. His psyche is messed up. That’s why having international games is a way to help mend/improve it.
  24. Greedy Ikone...could’ve played him in.
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