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  1. Kayes versatility is great and all, but I want to see him in his best position. He does everything that Piette does plus more.. (check the opta stats). I prefer David take Osorios spot tbh. He was playing as a false 9 that worked today, but against lesser opponents it won't.
  2. A lot of confused faces, but a lot of people said this about Ballou on his first few games. Flash no splash. I think the kid is good, but there's more bias from some of you guys knowing that his dad is here.
  3. For Mexico I hope to see.... Kaye for Piette, Morgan for Kaye, ZBG for Godinho... Piette is solid, but looking overrated. I rather Kaye or Atiba in that spot.
  4. Millar didn't do much for the time he was on... Yall are on the spitfire d. Albeit he didn't have much time on the field, but i see some comments as if he was playing like David or Davies
  5. Not I brother. National team takes precedent over club for me. (at least until Canadians playing for TFC is the norm)
  6. Grabbed one too... I actually like the fit and comfort of the jersey.
  7. My sarcasm went over the head. .. I was saying BMO isn't world class... But it is a class stadium. One of the very few in tbe country.
  8. Yes I agree. But let's put our quality world class stars in world.. Nvm in class stadiums. Name them. Go!
  9. Ill definitely need a 4 day package leaving Sunday after the home game.😀
  10. Was just looking at some prices right now, and it's $500 for some 7 day all inclusives... (albeit Cubas delicious food). I definitely want to go, probably convince a few of my soccer team guys to go as well, only thing is I have a family Vacay booked for the 13th.. What did you guys do last time? Days spent? Where did the game fall between duration? Where did you stay in Cuba?
  11. According to wiki it looks like it will be played there. And they have played their last few CNL qualifiers there too.
  12. All your advocating for BC place just didn't make sense to the CSA. 😅
  13. Perfect. I'll be there. Now time for the pre-sale/Or to see the cost of the tickets.
  14. Might just make my way dt for the day. A nice reason to be day waste and watch some footy.
  15. Hey are there any watch parties being organized?
  16. It was his horrible making that allowed STLs first goal. I'll assume he didn't play well as he was the first one yanked out
  17. Home: Cavalry FC Away: Forge FC Stadium: ATCO Field Aggregate: 1-1 ____________ This should be an exciting game. If you seen the first one, there's not much to be said about what to expect for this one.
  18. Damn that's harsh...... but maybe the reality we all hope not! . I just think York 9 of all clubs should've done a lot more then their current state, considering they are in the toughest market.
  19. Ryan Telfer just got an assist on Jordan Hamiltons game tying goal.
  20. in my photo comparison, the red looks deeper on the womans authentic. And it looks like it hugs at the waist. I'll just go with a mens jersey.
  21. Is the authentic women's jersey different from the mens authentic jersey? I want an authentic jersey, but i don't know if I'll fit in a Womens large lol... https://www.sportchek.ca/categories/fan-shop/international-soccer/canada/product/canada-soccer-womens-nike-authentic-home-jersey-332966393.html#332966393=60
  22. Nothing should be surprising in Concacaf (other than Mexico losing). 2-2 Draw 1993 1-1 Draw in 2003 1-0 Win in 2008 0-1 Loss in 2013 1W-2D-1L.....This is Canada's record against our match day "lowly" opponents in Martinique. No team playing in the Gold cup should be taken likely.
  23. So with the Valour beating FCE over the weekend, Hamilton has won the berth for the 2019 Concacaf league spot against Antigua GFC. As a neutral, wish it was the Calvary just for formsakes. But I'm happy it's the Forge representing for 2019.
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