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  1. Oh I agree. If you see my post, he's left out of my 23 simply because there's players better than him in the CdM position. My statement was if Piette is out due to injury, then I would replace him with Teibert.
  2. This is an accurate assessment of what I would say. It's good to show your track record of scoring at any level, but league one is a massive dip in quality versus the championship.
  3. Russell Teibert - he's already on the fringes, if Piette is out. Simple I replace those two in my 23.
  4. Hopeful that he'll join us soon? Not me. Hopeful that he'll join us in a few years? Most definitely.
  5. FORWARDS (4): Cavallini, David, Akindele, Larin MIDFIELDERS (8): Arfield, Kaye, Piette, Osorio, Hoilett, Davies, Millar, Tabla DEFENDERS (8): Adekugbe, James, Henry, Cornelius, Miller, B-G, Laryea, Cordova GOALKEEPERS (3): Borjan, Crepeau, Carducci ------------- - Hutchinson, Eustaquio are coming back/still recovering from their injuries - Recent GC call-ups of Teibert, Godinho, Okello and Johnson are simply over picked - Crepeau is the number 2, and Leutwiller is 30. It's time to bring in some younger guys to experience international ball _____________ My lineup I would send out (3-5-2): --------------- Considering the opponent I think we need to try to maximize our goal scoring opportunities. The reality that we face is that even if we tie both games against the USA, they'll more than likely play a depleted Cuban side and will also run the score up on them. We need goals and ruthless mentality. * Just watched David's highlights from his recent game, he can be even more dangerous playing through the middle, and linking up with Lucas _______________ The lineup I expect to see (4-3-3): -------------- - Our classic formation, that will most likely have players playing out of position. - Henry will probably be short on match fitness, so James will come in ahead of him. (this could change based on if he plays in the Whitecaps next few games) - I think Kaye should play over Piette, but again this is what I expect to see. ______________ Overall I think my roster selection will be about 78% accurate.
  6. I think the stable will be rocking tonight, and the Cavalry will end up with the result. My moneys on them.
  7. I still think our best formation is playing a 3-5-2. James-Henry-Cornelius
  8. I sure hope we don't do this with him after every game lol...
  9. But why guess, and state something as facts if you are unsure? Everybody knows the saying of what happens when you assume... Hope he's back and healthy for the CNL and the friendly.
  10. Lol Ok my bad then👊🏿
  11. lol ....for the final, against ATL? yea right.
  12. Looking further - they aren't the Champions , but runners up of both the Clausura and Apertura .
  13. The forge attack is looking burnt-out. Choiniere ain't saying nothing on his 1v1 opportunities.
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