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  1. The only positive of the US scoring 30 seconds in after plowing over the goalie on the goal is that I don't need to watch 90 mins of this. See you all in March.
  2. 46th minute and El Salvador have started their shananigans. Two players both down cause they must have got "shot by the invisible sniper" in the crowd. Update: 65th minute and at 5-6 El Salvador Injured players, miraculously all have recovered, gotta love CONCACAF.
  3. Watching on the bet365 feed. 1-0 at halftime. Pretty open could easily be 2-2 to be honest. I'm not confident that DR can pull off a result but I guess anything could happen. Man, after watching 3-4 El Salvador games the last few months, no way ES would agree to play us in friendlies, if they truly do want to be in the hex.
  4. Not calling you out individually by any means, just wanted to comment on that one line in general. To be fair to the CSA, and trust me I can be critical towards them at times lol, we got thrown a major curveball with Fifa rankings vs the now defunct CONCACAF rankings. We played 4 games and got 4 wins that counted for 0 Fifa points... 2 wins vs FG, 1 win vs Martinique and 1 win vs T&T in a closed door friendly. Even when you remove the closed door friendly win, we were still top 6 in CONCACAF rankings before it became known it would be top 6 Fifa rankings. Sure, some blame does fall on CSA but honestly more should fall on the federation for the lack of transparency and super late notice of the "official" qualifying process. CSA has a valid legal argument the T&T friendly would have been official if they knew before, plus a handful of other valid legal arguments. It's pretty clear the qualifying process is unjust and not just for Canada. Anyways nothing you can do now, and it was great that we split a home and home with the US, as much as taking the away L sucked. Even with all the qualifying farce, at least the lads gave themselves a chance, but were unsuccessful (so far). It was a big ask, anyways it's not over, they will keep fighting, regardless of the WCQ path. I think the young core including Herdman got a much needed awakening/realization how difficult it is to get a result on the road in our region, long term, this will go a long way for us. Adjustments will be made going forward and I am confident in that.
  5. I figured it out everyone.... CPL is on the off season. Canadian player CPL "all-star" team for the CMNT in a 8 week tour of CONCACAF minnows, one match a week. 8 wins should get us right back in the mix. Obviously joking... Or am I? Haha
  6. Except where OZ chocked hard in the 2017 friendly, where we lost 1-0 to El Salvador... El Salvador have looked dreadful since, from Gold Cup play to barely beating minnows. I guarantee you US, CRC, Jamaica and Honduras are all cheering for ES over Canada to make the #6 hex spot. With El Salvador in the hex, it essentially becomes 5 teams for 3.5 spots or really 4 teams for 2.5 spots(Mexico pretty much guarenteed to qualify). Kind of a joke because I put El Salvador just inside the top 10 in CONCACAF. I don't see El Salvador having any chance beating Haiti, Panama, Curacao or Canada in a home and away. At this point we just have to go for it and play top teams in friendlies, the other thing I'm worried about is EL Salvador playing a friendly vs a top 5 hex team and El Salvador "getting a result" to ensure #6.
  7. Kind of annoying 2/3 US goals came off a set piece. We have looked very suspect at the back overall, not gonna lie. John Brooks is annoying but good, def a defensive upgrade for them. I think we can make it a game, should be super wide open now. Let's hope for a better result this 2nd half.
  8. I'm excited to see the Supporter section on TV and if we pick up additional away support. As mentioned earlier, with Florida being a 2nd home for so many Canadians, I wonder if we see any or how much pockets of red scattered throughout the stadium. Would be pretty cool to see red in an away match!
  9. I think he was genuinely answering the questions in an interview that was not really prepped for. He gave an example without going into crazy details about it. Then talked about how important it is to come together as a team. When you read between the lines it's prolly why they do stuff like they did with the Arfield/Millar interview thing, vets with young....minor stuff like that just keeps building morale, chemistry and team unity. Me personally, I did not see it as tooting his own horn, however I do see why people could think that, is what it is. For me, it really shows how much this team really has come together as a TEAM top to bottom. Which is amazing because I know whoever is on the field will give everything for the flag and the team not themselves. Anyways f@ck it. Game Day! Let's go Boys!!!
  10. Hope the man gets a nice pay day at 26, should be an exciting experience for him. Also, not trying to be critical of VWC but I wonder if his desire to get off turf fields (not just Whitecaps, all of MLS turf fields) and play more games on grass played a minor role in him wanting to move. Repeated play on turf can really take a toll on the knees, hammys and quads, especially if dealing with chronic or repeated injuries like he has. Wishing him the best.
  11. It's always a possibility Gent just hold out one more season. As an armchair owner, if I was the owner of Gent, this would definitely be a possibility that crosses my mind. As a fan, I am just happy to see him getting regular minutes week in and week out in a competitive environment.
  12. I was thinking he might do 1-2 years at a Ligue 1 team in France. Easy life transition from Belgium to France, league and clubs puts a huge emphasis on player development. The french development system in itself, top to bottom is class and Ligue 1 is arguably the top league of players under 24 years of age in the world. I thought I read a rumor that was the plan at one point as a stepping stone. However based on his recent form and the fact he is backing it up back to back season, could very well transfer directly into a top half Bundesliga team. His price tag is likely too high for Ligue 1, regardless what an incredible journey for this young man.
  13. Is it Friday yet? Wish I could be there, wife away so I'm on full time Daddy Duties with the kiddos. She did promise multiple Canada away trips as a result. Maaaaaaan trying not to be overly excited about this, but it's so hard not to be. Just want the boys to show that same fight and composure, I know they can do it.
  14. Not just us, but all of Bayern Munich fans would raise hell also. They have Hernandez (France starting LB at World cup) when he's back healthy and Alaba back to LB. I imagine they are going to move him a bit higher up the pitch eventually. The fact Davies can play either side up top is also awesome.
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