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  1. I'm anxiously awaiting the Suriname roster to be announced. We pretty much already know the top 15 of our 23 man roster.
  2. ok ok ok perhaps "best post ever" was a reach. I am deflecting my dramatic statement of me envisioning Estaquio in a Lille jersey setting up David with goal after goal after goal. As a massive follower of Lille this year, the post was spot on when it comes to selling off and still being a very good team.
  3. That's a valid point Re: USA away game. At the same time, I think we got it wrong with tactics etc in that game, but that USA away is an entire different topic in itself.
  4. I see your point and perhaps he does find himself out of a position at times, but I feel his defensive IQ and his positioning has improved dramatically over the last 2 years. In big games he is my #1 LB selection, guess we will wait and see what the gaffer decides. As for defending, I believe Davies was #1 in 1v1 defensive duels won as both highest total and highest %won by any RB or LB in all of Bundesliga back to back seasons ('19-'20) & ('20-21)? I know last year he was highest for sure. Maybe that is because they kept trying to test the youngster defensively and he kept slamming
  5. Maybe I'm crazy but I think because of the importance of this game, we see Davies as the starting LB. No disrespect whatsoever to adekugbe and we still have tons of talent up front to bag goals. I think you roll out Davies at LB with all his experience at LB in big games over the last 2 seasons. I think keeping a clean sheet should be a HUGE priority and you can always push Davies up with a swap with Adekugbe if you need a goal.
  6. Great point, I think it's actually really cool Canada has both options though. Right flank we have Johnston and even ZBG ( i know he gets forward) but both are very good 1v1 defenders. Going forward Laryea skill set speaks for itself. Left flank - I mean Davies is so good, even his 1v1 defending and if you want to move Davies forward Adekugbe is an excellent stay at home defender. So for LB/RB I think it really just depends on who we play cause we are fairly blessed with those options.
  7. We may not always agree on everything, but I watch alot of Lille also... The above post was possibly one of your best posts ever. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  8. I do not see how Larin is left off or out of a starting lineup. That's my opinion though :).
  9. #2, yes thank you. Beat my post. THE Technical directors that the CSA have in charge now are on point, not sure if this is the gaffer or everyone together. Let's continue to give them the thumbs up!
  10. Liam is 21 and turns 22 in September. Some may disagree with me but if he was loaned again to Charlton for a full season, crushed it and helped the team promoted that would be huge, and I would not think it is a BAD move. What's important is you would assume he would be given a huge leash with respect to playing time, which only helps us out as CMNT supporters. Sure "22 is old" most of the time but in his position and in my opinion, I do not think it is and there are countless exceptions to this age bracket. I still see a HUGE ceiling in the proper environment, playing time a
  11. That's actually super interesting and in my opinion makes sense. If I remember correctly one of the first things BM had Davies do was take German language classes. Not surprised with a club like BM.
  12. Just catching up now, absolute joke it was only a yellow and Davies a few weeks back was a red. I'm triggered. Here is hoping to a speedy recovery.
  13. Just gonna toss this out there..... You would be hard pressed to find any Lille fan out there, especially this evening, that says the David transfer was a disappointment. If Lille hold onto the title David's goal will go down in Lille sports history as one of the greatest moments in the club history. On a side note, my wife usually says it's how you finish that matters most, not how you start.
  14. Really cheering for Montserrat here.
  15. First dropped points by a #1 seed correct?
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