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  1. You are correct about the sub , but for some reason Herdman switched the formation late to a 4-1-4-1 vs Haiti. Might look good on paper but 1 guy in the #6 for us, as we all know, was an utter disaster. There are a few articles written about that formation change vs Haiti. (Friendlies are important) Aside: In my opinion, our backline simply isn't strong enough to line up with 1 defensive mid. In my opinion, we need to stick to what's been working, a 4-3-3 that defends in a 4-4-2 or roll out a 4-2-3-1 from the start. When we defended vs Cuba the 2 defensive mids were Piette & Kaye. They looked superb alongside each other. Unfortunately it was only Cuba though. Maybe one day when our backline gets stronger we can line up with 1 guy in the hole.
  2. Maybe Herdman will surprise us all and go with the 3-4-3 like vs Mexico, haha. I think some like the 4-2-3-1 out of concern our backline getting shredded vs US, having 2 midfielders back there helps support them. I also think alot of people like David in the middle of the park. At the same time, often in a 4-3-3 the midfield develops into a triangle anyways. 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 both in my opinion will do just fine.
  3. Hhhmmm good point, as I do agree, Kaye got forward quite a bit, but it did look like Oso was playing much more advanced. Kaye often drifted back beside Piette to help with the cycle and switches. Another thing I noticed was Cuba's defensive line was so crazy high at BMO, so it did look pretty jammed up in the middle. Don't know why you play such a high defensive line vs our speed but hey that's on them and good for our lads swinging it wide and braking them down.
  4. For what it's worth I thought both Piette and Kaye had outstanding games vs Cuba at home. There was a massive drop in the middle in Cuba away.
  5. Maybe I was blind but I could have sworn from watching the game in the stands we played a 4-2-3-1 vs Cuba ? As per me watching live and as per the MLS website? Yes, I know it's Cuba but I really liked what I saw in that formation. I think we can play that same formation vs USA at home. I also like 2 defensive mids against the US, the reality is our backline is not quite there yet and needs the support ( as was evident vs Haiti.) As a result some good midfielders will be left off and yes Arfield will do just fine as DM that can still push forward when available anyways. Here is the MLS site screenshot.
  6. Cav Davies David Hoilett 2 mids 4 at the back That's who I want starting vs USA at home, if no Cav, you push David up top and put Arfield or Oso there.
  7. I think it has more to do with a compliment to Laryea performance in game 1 and Herdman trying to establish some continuity in our back line. It was a mini camp with 2 games, Herdman rates him but that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes. Cordova will get his chance and shot at some point. Also I'm not convinced he gets subbed in at all, even without the Henry red. In my humble opinion, I think Larin gets subbed out for Tesho without the red. That seems like the much more logical sub as Larin looked pretty gased in that heat at the ~60 min mark.
  8. It's ok an expiremental squad is much better than a U23 side. The majority of Mexican players rep the El Tri with so much pride. For a handful of those players called they will go full throttle to impress the coach. It might be there only chance. I'd be more worried if they call in an U23 side. Liga MX and MLS has enough depth to beat Panama...at least I hope so.
  9. I was being somewhat sarcastic, whoever the US roll out, they will be competitive. The US simply have way more depth compared to us.
  10. Sounds good to me, North American based players only, and those without MLS playoff complications works for me.
  11. I don't think we would have seen Cordova tonight, regardless of the red card. Appears Herdman has made his mind up at RB at least for the US matches. Tesho was likely the one that got burned from Henry's red. Pretty unfortunate, I thought Tesho coming on the final 25 mins for Larin would have been great. Tesho is a big body for crosses and he has lots to prove. I think he would have really gave it a go for us the final 1/3, just like Liam did. Henry owes Tesho a drink, better yet, Henry owes the entire squad a drink. Pretty sure the ref (who was awful), didn't realize he already booked him, but CONCACAF always gonna CONCACAF. Henry should know better, especially already sitting on a yellow. I was worried we would collapse after the red card, we didn't. Yes, part of that was Cuba parking the bus and not trying to attack, but whatever, take the W and be grateful we didn't choke and slip on the banana peel, like Panama and El Salvador just did.
  12. DR up 1-0 over #6 El Salvador. 10 mins in. Rain coming down HARD now, 25 mins in. DR had a 2nd called back, offside. Halftime still 1-0, gonna be sweaty. No idea Barcelona & Real Madrid set up academies a few yrs back in DR. Kind of explains why the U23DR team beat Cuba twice this summer.
  13. Haiti beating Curacao here will be helpful to us for the #7.
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