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  1. Dominate almost every stat except "shots on target", ugh. I see why Herdman kept yelling shoot. That missed sitter, missed open header and offside goal really sucked. I'm disappointed by the lack of clinical finishing by us in this one, not like the chances were not there. Nature of the beast and why forwards that produce are paid the big $. My only small critiscm are that I would have likedd Borges see the field at some point and Crepeau neeeeds to do better on that goal (made up for it with nice save 2nd half), but still, otherwise no denying the team was set up to win. The positive from this game for me was how dominate our mid 3 was and without that GK error we get clean sheet.
  2. I could see Brym starting and bring on Ricketts for final 25-15 mins. At the same, I could see Ricketts starting and bring on Brym as the first forward sub. Regardless, I think the first sub will be Brym or Ricketts, whoever gets the start. Me personally, I prefer the Ricketts start.
  3. I think one of the plans was always a ligue 1 type of team in France after Belgium. Easy life/culture transition and footy perspective similar style of play + major focus on player development. Ligue 1 arguably one of, if not top league in world for popping out talent and developing players under 25 years old to transfer out to massive clubs for $. The thing is, I think most can agree, he has been massively exceeding expectation in Belgium, so really depends on his price tag at this point and what the expectations are from the owners etc.
  4. Could not be happy for this move for him and 100% agree with @obinna massive level of maturity to cut ties with a huge club and hit the reset button on where he is with his career. At the end of the day every single pro athlete will take different paths and have different obstacles. He reminds me a little bit of a young Adama Traore. Traore was a skinny, athletic, barcalona system, massive expectations, maybe his attitude was mis-interpreted . Everyone thought Traore career was done when Aston Villa cut him and he left Barcelona in 2016. He revived his young career in the Championship for 2-3 years. Now Traore at 23 is in absolute beast mode for the Wolves in the BPL. I'm not suggesting Tabla put on 50 lbs of muscle and look like a linebacker like Traore nor am I saying he is as good or will ever be as good as him. More just a reflection that you can very well go a few steps back for one big lead forward. I'm really happy Tabla made this commitment to a fresh start for 2 years at Impact and go from there. I hope he fights for his spot, earns it, becomes an awesome teammate and keeps pushing for more. All the best to him.
  5. Us V's event got a shout out for how we spend our Friday Nights, props to the announcer. Well done lads. Rest up and let's take a serious run at Iceland!
  6. Ugh, unlucky there.... Bad giveaway by Nelson and Cornelius slips on the oil
  7. There is is 3-0 in 65 mins... 2 goals off the training ground. Well done lads, last 25 should be fun.
  8. Assuming wants Borges in the middle.... Honestly we need a 3rd goal, then subs will start. Is what it is.
  9. Results oriented perspective, I can't complain at all. In control 90%+ of 1st half and up 2-0. Well done lads. Now let's bag a 3rd and close this game out.
  10. Crazy. Honestly if I'm the CSA, I wait until the very last minute to officially announce our March friendlies. That will put even extra pressure on ES, especially if they don't know what we are going to do. Keep chipping away and really force them in June.
  11. When is the last time we took an L at Toronto? Geo-politics aside, all I care about is a WIN! Pretty sure we have an awesome record and win rate at BMO. Full Disclosure: I'm basically an 8 hour drive away now, so all I care about is the Win.
  12. I was thinking more along the lines of these teams if going Euro based in March: Scotland, Bulgaria, Albania, North Macedonia our all ahead of us & think we have a legit shot at a Win with Euro based A squad. Belarus, Georgia, Cyprus, Estonia, Faroe Islands slightly below us and think we have a legit shot for a win with Euro based A squad. @Kyle_The_Hill any chance we can get the points total for those Euro teams? I'm sure the CSA is crunching the numbers like crazy, prolly hired an expert, but it's fun as supporters also doing this.
  13. Any fans will be happy when a player leaves who is not producing. Up to Liam now to go crush it at a different club. To be fair, hard to produce when your team basically play 10 behind the ball. Agree change of scenery here should be a good thing... it's a mini hurdle/obstacle for him, in his young pro career, hope he plows through it and ends up in the right environment for him.
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