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  1. Somehow I completely forgot about Hernandez at Bayern. Definitely would be crowded at LB when he's back, both Hernandez and Alaba are studs. I think and hope your assessment is fairly accurate.
  2. Was that just your thinking or did you read that somewhere? Good for you if you thought about it, could def work and make alot of sense. I hope Fifa has thought about it. A mini tourney would be really cool & "the last 2 world Cup qualifying spots" as international/intercontinental spots would pretty much have the entire world's eyes on it and watching it. Would be huge for Fifa, interest and $ wise. Other option you mentioned good also, but def massive travel for 6 more games.
  3. Lol, really gotta finish the threads before I hit respond, always do that lol.
  4. Aaaahhh he was right on the bubble I guess, I'm assuming a loan would be imminent.
  5. Thanks, everywhere online just says "at a later date". Let's hope they are not hot and cold balls this time. https://en.as.com/en/2016/06/13/football/1465851727_136465.html So that gives our region a 66% to avoid CONMEBOL. Mind you, Asian region is no easy task anymore (Australia fully dominated Honduras in the playoff last qualifying, even got an away result in Honduras). I'm curious if the draw will happen before June 2020 fifa rankings, but I don't think so (which is fair).
  6. As long as it is not CONMEBOL (South America). 1978 - Hungary(UEFA) over Bolivia 2006 - Australia in PKs over Uruguay (before Australia joined Asia) ^ Those are the only two times South American countries have ever lost an inter-continental playoff. I read somewhere else the inter continental playoff would "rotate" between federations, but I couldn't find the link, it made sense with the last 3 WC's rotating in fairness. On paper it's CONCACAF turn to play CONMEBOL. For the sake of all of CONCACAF let's hope it's an actual real draw for the inter-continental playoff. Does anyone know the date when it's announced?
  7. I don't think TFC is in the cards, the seasons simply don't lineup. I think he will be loaned but I'm not 100% it will happen before the end of the fall, even back to U23 for depth and development, we will see. Klopp's no dummy, there is a reason he wanted to see what Millar looked like playing alongside origi. Should be an exciting summer for the young man.
  8. Not sure about a loan just yet. Liverpool had a looooong season last year, won CL + since January were never really able to rotate players cause the BPL title race. Now the front 3: Firmino , Salah and Mane, all had national team duties this summer. When I see what happened to Man United with injuries last year , we need all the depth we can get right now (that's speaking as a LFC fan). I hope, and I would think most Liverpool(& CMNT) fans agree, Klopp will def give him a few more run outs shortly. As long as he continues to impress, I think they keep him, at least until the end of 2019 when salah, mane, firmino had the proper recovery etc. ^ I tried to be unbiased but it was hard, having a Canadian play on LFC still feels like a dream for me lol. * This is more biased, but I really trust LFC player development, whatever they decide (loan or no loan), I'm confident they will put him in an excellent opportunity to excel and grow.
  9. As a huge Liverpool fan myself, that performance was everything you want in a winger. Hopefully, which I am sure he will, continues to impress and play like today. Well done.
  10. If Bayern are going to groom him as LB they will find out pretty quick IMO, 1-2 more yrs if it makes sense. Bayern has helped Alaba become arguably one of the best current LB's in the world. Massive plus, that he's able to learn in that same environment. Great that he can understudy behind Alaba also, he will get some minutes next year but with Alaba being only 27, going to be a while... Regardless, we can definitely count on Davies to keep working hard, my expectations are top World Class player, still going to take a few more years and beyond happy with his current environment. All the best to him this upcoming season.
  11. 2014 they did. 2018 last cycle it was Honduras vs Australia and Australia advanced (Australia had a rough qualifying campaign in Asia but managed to get the .5 spot). 2010 - South America 2014 - Oceania 2018 - Asia 2022 - look at pattern ^ hopefully it changes....? But it is Fifa, so who knows.
  12. Good for him, solid first impression. I don't think anyone denies his quality going forward.
  13. Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I am fairly certain the last 3 cycles the hex did not end up top 3 going #1-#2-#3. Aside from Mexico, I think the hex will be very tight between #2-#5 this cycle. I can't see El Salvador finishing above 5th, which makes it an even bigger advantage for the other 5 hex teams being in the hex....if Panama is able to jump El salvador I think it will be very competitive between #2-#6. There are two things I wonder here: 1) If it's announced that miraculously are inter Continental playoff goes against the norm and it is not a South America team, does El Salvador try to drop down to #7? They are not the true 6th best team. 2) I could only imagine what the Panamanian federation and fans are feeling about this format.
  14. Thanks for your solid posts. Not sure about 50% chance in the .5 playoff though. In 2014 hex, Mexico had a few bad / unlucky games and ended up spot #4 in hex. They were #1 or #2 in CONCACAF before the hex, and then made the KO stage of the World Cup, so def not the true #4. I think we can all agree that we would not be a 50% in a head to head vs Mexico. What I'm trying to say is the Hex can be a fairly fluky tourney in itself, and it usually does not end up as #1-#6. Also, if Fifa continues the same 3 year pattern (our turn to play a south American team in playoff).... I don't see it ending well for any concacaf team that gets the .5 spot Tbh, in my eyes it is kind of hard, almost impossible to predict the true %... especially when you look at the big picture. We simply don't know what the 4th place hex team is and we don't know the inter Continental playoff team. The non hex, could be El Salvador & New Zealand or it could be Costa Rica/USA & Chile, we simply don't know. At least we are guaranteed some games no matter what, but still a chance we get draw in to the group of 3 first round, so 4 games followed by KO rounds. Me personally, I'd much rather us in the hex and have 10 guarenteed games. I really think as a squad we will get better and better the more we play as a team, especially with this group of players ... Or maybe I'm just overly optimistic though. However, maybe ask me after the CNL if my opinion has changed haha.
  15. With the current top 6 rankings, the only clear team I really see auto qualifying is Mexico. I definitely do not think it will be Mexico, USA, Costa rica 1-2-3. I think all the other 5 hex teams would be fairly optimistic and like there chances of being top 4. Go for top 3 but still not out of it if you end up 4th. I also think there are going to be tons of ties in the hex side of the bracket, which will open it up for the teams #2-#6. Mainly because the teams this year. I actually don't mind the format per say but I think spots #4-#12 to get into the hex should have been done differently. That to me is what is irritating and extremely unfair. Oh well.... Spinning in circles at this point. Giddy up for Nations League.
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