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  1. Fair enough but G/D could matter and I'm pro to always do whatever benefits us the most.
  2. Why book a charter when you get the entire team there for under 25k ;). Although if we flew charter and Cuba flew coach with multiple layovers on 3-4 days rest... That's smart :).
  3. Thx, well I stand corrected, I thought someone metion there was? How about direct from Winnipeg, Edmonton or Calgary?
  4. This ^. Save the criticism to after the U23 & 40 man Nation League roster. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if a statement was made about no CPL players shortly. This is an ignorant question, I honestly don't know...do all 40 players attend the first camp? If so, I don't think any CPL players should have been called, not at such early stages of the league.
  5. "Wanderers boss Stephen Hart has touted his club's carefully manicured grass pitch as a competitive edge for his squad." 9pm Halifax time? Direct flight Halifax to Cuba? Any chance of Calgary? Winnipeg? I'm thinking Edmonton if they go West...with CPL fanbase ramping up and 2026 World Cup host. Of all my criticism of turf... I think it actually gives us an advantage over Cuba.... Not sure how many Cubans have actually even played on turf, let alone regularly. Where as all the Canadians would have played on it at some point.
  6. We are simply too skilled now in my opinion to play on a ping pong field. Injury risk is also much higher, although the injury syndrom usually sets in over multiple games to the hammy's, quads, knees, calves etc. Ask any endurance athlete, marathon runner, soccer player, etc etc why they train on grass and soft surfaces not turf or concrete. Repeated pounding is BAD. I love Vancouver, just not that field. I'm sorry.
  7. Most important for me, not one omission of who I wanted on our 23 man roster. Very happy to see Cordova on the list. Also glad we listed *4* veteran CB's for our one veteran CB spot (especially if Henry's injury lingers ): Edgar Hainault Jakovic Straight Pick one of those 3 for the veteran spot, maybe have to pick 2/4 depending on Henry's status. The 23 I want are there, so I'm good :).
  8. Love the emotion after the goal at 35 secs ^. Glad to hear he did well defending also. Looks like he might be in for a run of games replacing Henry. At only 21 very nice ceiling. Wishing him the best.
  9. At the game, had an excellent time. Thought the atmosphere was great, very professional performance, we played with tons on confidence, shape and fluidity, along with very strong and confident defending. A few minor things to tidy up, but the squad is in excellent form which shows from our undefeated 2019 record 6-0-2 and only conceeding 1 goal. Many players impressed, not one player had a poor game in my eyes. I was especially impressed with Lawrence and her ability to play both as a RB & LB along with her overall coverage of the field.
  10. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you. This news plus the Women's game tomorrow, from a supporter's perspective... Just made my entire Canadian Victoria Day long weekend 😀
  11. Agree with you both. What an impressive run of games and form for this young man, and coming off a fairly serious injury & surgery not even a year ago. I really want to see MAK in the middle every game for us against all competition. Vs minnows to mid tier opponents, I'm 100% okay with; 1) MAK in the middle 2) Davies bombing down the flanks 3) When Davies bombs down the flanks, Piette drops back in a supporting CB role. Man, can't wait for the Gold Cup & the women World Cup, going to be one exciting June for us.
  12. I agree with you, but don't worry, we will constantly see a rotating makeshift 3-5-2 . Especially vs minnows. Against FG we lined up 4-3-3 with Kaye(LB) and ZBG(RB), often times they were very very high up the pitch, sometimes both of them at the same time. When that happened, Piette did a great job at droping back into a quick CB role. (Man City often plays this way with the DM sliding back into a temporary CB role). When you watch the game again, most would prolly think we played a 3-5-2 most of the game. It was only when Adekugbe came on it looked like we held the shape of 4 at the back. I was thinking that was more Herdman wanting to see what we looked like in that shape, and giving Adekudgbe a run out. To be honest I'm surprised the tactic used by Herdman to have Piette drop back into a CB role when our Wingbacks ran up the pitch was not discussed more on here.
  13. For sure, no disagreement there, I'm on the same page as you. When I gave the #s of position allocation, I should have marked with an asterix. Especially with some midfielders being able to play FB on our 23 man roster. I personally think we see 7-9 defenders, I kind of threw 10 spots out there just to show that even with 10 spots for FBs & CBs there is some depth options for Herdman. Especially if Herdman is trying to expand the pool and wants to see/integrate some other players... However, that's a convo in itself with lack of friendlies.. All good man, I think we both slightly miss communicated. My original point was we have some depth/options at FB so making the 23 man gold cup roster is not a shoe in, where you were talking about natural FBs... Cheers
  14. For sure, I think the convo was more towards a certain player automatically making the roster. For me, our backline as a whole is still our biggest concern.
  15. 5? How about 10+1 potential FBs/wingers :). Remember it's a 23 man gold cup roster where we have games vs Martinique & Cuba. Herdman has said he will be creative with his defender's against teams that bunker. Adekugbe Cordova Davies Godinho Guitierrez (non committed) Laryea Levis Johnson Kaye Morgan ZBG 23 GoldCup spots: 3 GK, 5 FBs, 5 CBs, 7 mid, 3 fwd I'm 100% supporting Godinho, like I do all CMNT, I even said I hope he can springboard a potential Gold Cup performance to sort out his club career. However, I agree with a few others, don't think his spot is guaranteed...that's for our manager to decide based on many different factors.
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