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  1. The reality is if we do make WC 2022, with Herdman and team chemistry, morale etc etc. I'm not sure he really let's anyone walk right in to the WC show who wasn't part of the process. Especially with all our attacking options unless we are slaughtered with injuries up front or something. I always thought he would commit and join at some point during this WCQ cycle because of above. Time will tell. He's top 5 on our strikers depth chart is he even top 15 in England? Guys banging in 20+ in the championship in England don't even get a whiff of the England national team.
  2. I think that's why Jamaica rested Bailey tbh.
  3. This CRC keeper is a CONCACAF professional. 90 secs to take a free kick, didn't get a card.
  4. I'm not sure he's 4 string. I didn't realize he also played the Suriname game. On the top of my head I think he made a few decent stops.
  5. Wow CRC goalie with a red , other goalie out injured. 1 keeper left for tounry? 4th string?
  6. Costa Rica will just bunker and take there 2-3 chances the entire game and be clinical. Great test for us. I think you need a clean up man to kill counters like Piette for this one. (Provided CRC hang on)
  7. I remember this Ricketts beauty! Me and my buddies were heckling/yelling "ICE GLOVE BLAKE" all 2nd half, after we switched ends to watch Canada attack. When Blake fumbled it, we went wild, Blake turned around and half gave us the bird.
  8. Sometimes a picture says a 1000's words. Don't forget the other one 5 mins later when Larin got mauled and thus couldn't get the shot off because he was being pulled back. I hate complaining and yes time to move one, but these screen grab pics from my TV are wild, both clearly in the 18.
  9. For all the hype Dike gets Miller really did get the better of him over 90 mins. Not sure Miller is the best option in a back 3 CB but maybe with Davies supporting him? Or the LCB in a back 4? Regardless his game is not flawless by any means and he still needs some work. Looking at the positives at 24 this was huge experience game for him playing USA away... and I still think he has some really good upside especially as a depth guy come WCQ with the crazy schedule.
  10. Dike fakes a face injury and busts his own shoulder. Though day at the office for Dike being owned by Miller all day.
  11. Lucky to be winning... But coming out from the hydration break with a formation change for US to close it out and win the game as expected.
  12. Back 4 please. Can't get away with 3 at the back vs better squad and this current roster.
  13. Wouldn't be surprised if we get a red or US get a PK in this game, especially if the game is close.
  14. To be fair Holden said it is probably going to be PK. Then... Didn't even go to VAR :/.
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