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  1. We play two games in heat and humidity. Pre camp in a heat and humidity. The minor concern of course is to ensure the proper bubble, as Florida and Texas are still considered "hot spots". However, I am confident the technical team will take all relevant pre-cautions like they previously did. Agree with the sentiment of this board, simply inexcusable if no January Camp. Use the revenue from the last window and November and make it happen. The amount of $ that could come in, from so many different revenue sources, if we make the WC is astronomical for the CSA. I am having die hard hockey fans at my work asking me about the CMNT. Telling me they are excited for our men and proud of our women winning Gold at the Olympics. Many of these people have never watched a game or kicked a ball in their lives. I was optimistic this would one day happen but it is amazing it is actually happening. They even go as far as saying they are "band wagon fans". I simply tell them, " no you're not, you are not a band wagon fan when you are cheering for YOUR country". One window at a time but knowing the boss, I am sure the plans are already in the works.
  2. Pure class! He plays soooo good when he's rested and fresh. Love how he pointed to his teammate after who sent him that ball. Hopefully they keep feeding it to him. Tied at top of the table in goals in Ligue 1, so impressive.
  3. Agree , I was being cynical with a Florida reference. I just know from multiple litigation, contractors rarely ever run on time or does it go as planned. Here is hoping I am wrong :). BC will hold it down, I am sure they will figure it out, even if BC place is not available in time. *Curious anyone know the exact scope of the reno's? Just resurfacing or more to it? Can't assume resurfacing would take weeks or months? Btw, I think it's great it's being resurfaced, with so many players complaining and the history of knees, hammy etc injuries, definetly a great investment. Some way better artificial turf options then what they have on there right now.
  4. Jan 30th closed door in Florida, cause BC place can't sort out the turf renovations... Imagine... Really hope I'm wrong. Use to live in Victoria, already got the flight booked.
  5. Need to pure focus on Costa Rica, whatever it takes to get 3 points vs Costa Rica then move onto the next task. Qualification is a war but one bad match, can be devastating. Best Example: Jamaica Panama winning and getting 3 points away in Jamaica. That one match, has had incredible implications in the standings and could ultimately be Jamaica's entire demise.
  6. Well he didn't get the game jersey I was in section 114. Post game when the team came over, a 10 year old kid blew through security and ran onto the field up to Davies. Poked him on the shoulder and asked Davies for his jersey. Davies lifted his arms , with his huge Davies smile almost like 'how did you get on the field'? Davies took off the jersey and gave it to the kid and the kid bare hugged Davies. Security ran up to the kid and escorted him off....
  7. Nah man, Raptors won the chip and he was (insert whatever adjective you want here) as a Raptors fan. Sure he was a "paid ambassador" but he was definitely a supporter as well.
  8. This is BIG for our big guns David and Davies. David has gone Sunday games last 2 windows and Azteca was Thursday. Going to be 2 extra days rest for David this time :).
  9. Not to hijack the Wheeler thread, but similar topic of broadcasting. The Davies goal highlight below has over 1 M + views from Lloyd Sam's call. Felt it was a great call by the neutral solo announcer (Lloyd Sam - former pro, Ghana International). Apparently, right before Canada's 1st goal he said "third corner in a row, and my dad always told me three corners equal a goal"... then we scored. It's worth watching the full minute to listen to the call from a neutral broadcaster.
  10. Any update on Hoilett? Incredibly unfortunate he was unavailable vs Jamaica would have been a difference maker in his current form.
  11. I'm not a big excuse guy and knowing David he'd be the last to make one but let's look at the bigger picture: Sunday in France goes a full 90 and scores 2 goals. Then 18 + hours travel time and 7 time zones later he starts to settle at altitude. Thursday goes 80+mins vs Mexico and I felt he went to the well. Felt he pressed well but admit not his best game. Travel from altitude to 35C heat and humidity. Sunday wasn't expected to play the role or the mins he did, but he did, and goes 80+ mins. The logistics above are pretty much why some Jamaicans including Antonio didn't even show up this window. David has always answered the call and will find his feet. I'm assuming Lille fans are not impressed with the usage of their star player. David is class, he showed it vs El Salvador for us as well as the due or die matches vs Haiti and Suriname. Let's hope he recovers well and puts in a great shift on Wednesday, I'm confident he will.
  12. Americans need to calm down, but it is entertaining. They didn't qualify in 2018. Team is young. They lost tonight from an unlucky OG. They will be fresh to get 3 points off Costa Rica and likely be sitting in 2nd by the end of the window. However, if Costa Rica gets a result at USA away, going to get really interesting over in the US.
  13. Interesting take. You need to hit up the Jamaican boards. Reggae Boy fans calling it 2 points dropped by Jamaica. Saying how they missed 3 easy goals and how they should have burried a depleted Canada team that came down from altitude.
  14. I'm very similar to @dyslexic nam I wouldn't over look CRC yet. Costa Rica, yes are past their prime but still have a class keeper, are experienced, know how to grind out results and no way do they take the same approach vs us away in November like the GC. Arguably, Costa Rica's only bad result so far was dropping points to Jamaica at home. Losing to Mexico is expected and they got 2 away results. Further the distance, the better, so I'm cheering for the tie :). Canada - win Mexico - win Costa Rica/EL Salvador - tie Panama/US - tie *Don't think US hype train is locked in yet, I could see US potentially tying next two games which puts them at only 10 points* ... Plus I want the US team back on the pressure cooker
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