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  1. The truth is the all star game isn't a meritocracy, it's about building the narratives that favor the MLS. gotta young starlet you wanna get a big transfer fee for? Put him in! Got some big markets you wanna keep happy? put them in! Got a big time new signing from europe that you think might help goose ratings? Put them in? It's no different than any other league/organization/industry when it comes to what is essentially a showcase. it's a self serving marketing tool. And i say that with no anger, it just is what it is.
  2. Hey totally unrelated to the current convo in here, but is he still on the books at Pacos or is he on the move?
  3. It's interesting, I tend to see it the opposite way. anything in the world is rarely distributed evenly. iron sharpens iron and in the case of Ontario you see a lot of places where this seems to be the case. You have a place like Brampton with just a ridiculous level of talent playing against each other. You have League 1 where alot of these guys at least played a bit. You have Sigma where these guys tested themselves against eachother and so on. those are the types of environments that are conducive to talent development. and there happens to be alot more of them in Ontario.
  4. any word on where his future lies? Is he going to MLS? Abroad?
  5. As a fan of an association with a history of incompetence, this sounds like an incompetent association more than anything else. Even the Haitian fans are calling it out.
  6. is it weird how quiet its been on the transfer front with him? i would've guessed we'd seen some rags talking about how he's drawing interest from somewhere by now.
  7. The problem is if you have a team thats big on technical skill but low on speed and legs, why go all in on a hard running, press style of play? You can say these aren't the same players from a few years ago which is fair, but this system makes zero sense, it exposes their weakness and nullifies their strengths.
  8. they just look so so bad though. Like clueless bad. I get how important Poz is, but they went from a shield calibre team last year to just lost looking this year. I can't see Armas making it through the season at this point unless something big changes.
  9. Who could improve the senior team? Tajon has a spark. Dias looked really promising in limited time. others are WIP. But im not sure thats an inditement on this group of U23s compared to other teams of the past, as much as it's a testament to how much better our senior team is now compared to the past.
  10. Hahahaha. I think you're conflating why we root for this team for why player's play for this team.
  11. anyone have any soccer streams sites i might be able to catch this? I live in the US and thus can't watch TSN
  12. It won’t be this bad. but like you said...back to soccer.
  13. "Liam miller should settle for a loan to league one instead of the bundesliga!" is the new "Alphonso davies would be better off on a loan so he could get playing time!"
  14. The good news is Miller is leaps and bounds ahead of where Laryea was. Miller is getting good minutes and he's already on the CMNT radar. Laryea was mostly playing garbage time minutes and had no chance to put himself in the shop window.
  15. from afterthought on a garbage Orlando team to an off-and-on starter for an MLS Cup team in less that 12 months. Super happy for him.
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