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  1. This was not long after he owned Caicedo in a 1 v 1 in the box when the Caps had an excellent chance on the break. Dumb play.
  2. With his fresh legs against more tired markers, he might get some more space to make things happen.
  3. I like him as a Quaresma off the bench if we are chasing the game.
  4. ^I don't see Adnan here after the summer transfer window, either.
  5. He gets really bigged up by one or two team fanblogs and, as such, the stats and eye tests are selectively chosen to fit the narrative. I've said this before on this forum: I really believe he would have benefitted from an off-season loan or training stint somewhere in Europe where he had to go up against serious age level competition and really had to grind it out. For whatever reason, it's not been happening here. He has some really good skills and sneaky pace for a big guy but needs to play a big man's physical game much more, either battling for 50-50s or making it really hard for
  6. At the least, he might eat into Raposo's minutes off the bench as the season progresses.
  7. Congratulations on his debut. Hopefully, it's the beginning of many good things to come.
  8. Not surprised at all by the coach's comments here.
  9. Gives him a chance for some seasoning elsewhere and I hope he has a very successful loan stint.
  10. Facchinieri is the clear number five CB on the roster once Godoy is back in the fold, so he seems like the best bet to be going elsewhere.
  11. At this point, I see a guy who shows enough stuff to flatter to deceive, enough to get a passport bias of higher ceiling and bigger upside. Frankly, I hope am wrong and he becomes a significant contributor I like what I have seen of Caicedo while Dajome has started off with a bang, so a strong start in this first half of the season based in Sandy looks better all the time.
  12. Cavallini is a crucial piece in holding up the ball as a target man. Egbo might turn out to be a sleeper in that regard as well as other offensive areas, coming from a strong college program. Maybe he is a reasonable facsimile to Daryl Dike, whose career seems to be on a sharp trajectory. Bair is the guy with the most to prove to Schuster and the coaching staff and I really think it might be "make or break" in 2021 for him. Raposo is a back up winger/flank player here, nothing more. Ricketts is better off than as a starter because he always seems to pot a key goal here and there, but afte
  13. Talk about a quiet move into retirement. I wish him all the very best and thank him for service to our country's national team.
  14. The points given for that miss were in a couple of hundred, iirc. If it weren't for those points from that big chance miss, he would have been in the 0 range for his starting performance that day. Analytics need to be looked at within the context of the whole match. That's why I get frustrated when I read fan blogs for a club where a bunch of cherry picked stats are used to fit a narrative for or against a player.
  15. This Caio looks like a taller Felipe.
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