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  1. It might not be his decision. He's remains out of the match day squad this evening in the Bronx.
  2. Sometimes you have matches like this, plain and simple. *Disclaimer I didn't see this game
  3. Play well. I know that's a highly subjective metric because there are many other variables that come into play, such as get CONCACAFed by the reffing or a genuine bad break. But once again, it all comes back to how well you handle the adversity. With regards to playing minnows, when any team puts up a ten man barricading bus park in front of their keeper it can be pretty hard to generate chances. Weather, field, and crowd conditions on the day can come into play, too, for a road match. So on the day, you might put in a bunch or barely get by. Or sh*t the bed completely and lose, especially if after you blow a two goal lead in a match of which you were in control. You never underrate anybody. Conversely, what I don't quite understand is the tendency to overrate some individual player performances in such matches (which happens a lot on here, btw), where expectations get jacked up unrealistically, and then we have blame game shouting matches on here as part of the post mortem. Regarding Herdman: just do the job. As was mentioned by others here, his line up selection is what I'd expect to see but, like his players, he needs to show he can make the in-match adjustments needed to get results in the close matches, regardless of the foe. And even then, there will be mess ups (some great gaffers have had some game changing game management cock ups leading to their demise). In his defence, he's under arguably the most scrutiny of any NT manager for awhile (at least since the Yallop/Mitchell time) but he also has the most offensively mindeded talent at his disposal, so the expectations come back into play. At the end of the day, he's our gaffer and I want him to be at his best so that can help our guys be at their best. I like the younger players he's bringing on board for a good look (Miller, Millar, Fraser) The USA matches: the bar being set at "getting a result at home" as a minimum is foolish. Even evenly match top sides can blow it at home but then turn it around on the road (Spurs away in the Champions' League semi, anyone?). So, if we end up losing at BMO, all is definitely not lost: I hope people here can keep that in perspective.
  4. Thanks. I don't see him in a TFC shirt for 2020.
  5. Is Chapman hurt or is just on the outs? If the latter, I can't see him with TFC next season. He'll probably be on his way to Vancouver to join Ricketts next season.
  6. Agreed. It's results against much stronger sides, when it matters, is what he and his team should be measured on. But my bar for this team is consistently playing to its capability and being hard to beat against tough sides. No, the complaint is about underachieving in the key moments, under pressure. That monkey is still on the back. Play well against the States in both legs and, regardless of the outcome, is a big step in the right direction to getting it off.
  7. When you start winning consistently against bigger time opposition, then you might have the license to hype it up a bit on a social media. But imo, we're not there yet.
  8. Maybe she was also doing Navy SEAL beach training as part of her preparation, who knows?
  9. I don't know, but if she was playing at the same location, in front of the same crowd, and against the same calibre of opponent as the NT did against Haiti at the Gold Cup, probably better. My point here is that I want to see results when it matters most, against consistently tough or better opponents. I don't want to read about Navy SEAL beach training and other b.s. Ted Talk spin, as well as excuses (i.e. the RB was rattled by the keeper's rollicking) when things don't go right. If we play and lose, be tough to beat. And if you're tough to beat, you're always in it.
  10. Prior to the first USA game, perhaps he should replace the Navy SEAL beach training with a visit from Bianca Andreescu to show what big moment mental toughness looks like.
  11. Lol! Glad I'm not the only person who believes this. It irks me, too.
  12. Well, the coach is on the record as saying that the young academy grads must earn their minutes and not have those minutes gifted to them. Judging by what guys like Rose and PC bring, I can see why he's on the hot seat.
  13. Even in the last four matches, unless there was a serious injury crisis we wouldn't have been seeing Norman or any of the other academy grad midfielders. The coach is going with the guys he feels give him the best chance to win with. So, we'll see Rose or PC when he's back healthy. Colour me excited!!! That Columbus home game on Saturday the 21st is going to be a really bad TV optic unless they take my idea of "Dress as your favourite empty BC Place stadium seat!" as a discount promotion. They are trying to do some distraction with this "Legends and Stars" match prior to the Houston game on the 14th. Not sure how that will play out in terms of attendance.
  14. Felipe's renaissance in one of the two holding mids spots for DC United is one to note. He wasn't very good here under two different gaffers so perhaps his personal issues as well as life of the west coast simply didn't suit him.
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