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  1. I see that though the NBA play is suspended, NCAA March Madness is going on (for now) with no fans in attendance
  2. That's been discussed but not confirmed as yet.
  3. The NHL season is now suspended, so I expect that CSA announcement to be inevitable.
  4. I don't see it happening, either. I expect an announcement pretty soon.
  5. Thierry Henry getting screwed by an uncalled hand ball? Pity.
  6. Just happened: https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/03/12/major-league-soccer-suspends-season-30-days-impact-coronavirus
  7. So when is the official announcement that MLS is going on hiatus for the next few weeks?
  8. Oops! My bad. But thanks for the info.
  9. Apart from the two I've italicized, which of these other academy graduates will actually see a minute of action in MLS play this year? I don't think Baldissimo and Colyn will be with the team by season's end.
  10. Despite being naturally left-footed and thus having an advantage on the left sided CB spot, the potential for Cornelius to be sitting on the bench during many MLS matches this season may be quite high considering the investment the club has put into the other international CBs they have brought in (Godoy, Khmiri, and Veselinovic). As I said in the Jakovic thread, CB is such a fluid situation for our NT right now but I sense that the coaching staff have their favourites and will continue to use them ahead of others even if those particular players are seeing little playing time at club level. However, Cornelius didn't feature in the Iceland friendly, with Miller chosen ahead of him (injury?), and he's going to have to pick up his game pretty quickly with the Caps if he's going to be a first choice CB starter there going forward. Like everyone, Waterman has to keep proving himself at club level and keep showing improvement, avoid major mistakes but not dwelling on them if those gaffes do happen (that's a problem with Henry, imo: when he makes one mistake, it usually mushrooms into more in a short period of time). I look forward to watching his future matches.
  11. Well, considering that Vitoria was back in the mix for the fall fixtures, Jakovic was written off, and now James seems on the outside looking in, the CB situation is so fluid (i.e. Cornelius could be in the Caps pressbox on match days in the coming weeks and possibly for most of the season once Godoy and Veselinovic get up to speed with Khmiri) that anything could happen. Heck, Adam Straith might get recalled for T & T because the matches are in his home town!
  12. Jamaica vs Canada, 2017 Gold Cup?
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