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  1. What I have noticed mostly is that he's not really learned to play to his big body as yet. Too many times I saw him get out-positioned and outmuscled by smaller defenders in what should have been to his advantage. What he impressed with on the wing last season is that he's a big guy who surprised opponents with a smaller man's game: good foot skills, a sneaky burst of pace to get some separation, and the technical skills to play in a dangerous ball, not to mention the cracker he scored last season. That said, the management signed two new wingers and drafted a Cancon one to join their DP centre forward as well as their incumbent attackers from last year (Reyna and Montero), so there was a lot of competition for minutes prior to Covid. Perhaps his camp felt that he would be lost in the numbers? Who knows Speaking of a possible move abroad for Bair, what happened with Simon Colyn's rumoured move to Holland last year?
  2. In essence, he felt that the players had now become very concerned about participating in this tourney with the public health situation taking such a negative turn in the time since the PA agreed to the original terms of return to play with the league officials. He's also lost two relatives to Covid
  3. The great thing about Cavallini is that he speaks his mind: his most recent interview on TSN Vancover radio is definitely worth the listen.
  4. Love Straith, but his value to the NT now would be as vet on a CPL club mentoring younger up-and-comers on the commitment needed to forge a pro career in Europe in this incredibly competitive professional team sport. I have a ton of respect for any of our players from that generation and earlier (guys like Ledgerwood, as another example) who toiled in their craft in the the lower level and, before you know it, they have a decade or more professional, journeyman experience to pass on. We still have too many prospects in our NT youth set up who have had so much sunshine blown up their asses that when they encounter the cold reality of genuine adversity at the higher levels of competition abroad, they can't handle it and opt play the blame game or the victim game, and their surrogates on here propagate it. I always like hearing about how Straith is doing in his club career but I don't see him in the NT CB competition regardless of how much of a question mark that area of the pitch is.
  5. If this question was asked seven years ago, I would have said Kyle Bekker because he was getting senior caps before playing a minute of professional club football. Seriously, I would probably put my money on Piette because of his durability.
  6. Miller has had more club starts as an LB, looked more than sound defensively in that spot in the very small (two match) sample I watched last year but I would have with him ahead of the others vying for that regular place in the back four. Hoillet would be terrific off the bench if we are chasing the game. The trio of Davies, David, and Arfield can interchange positions in this formation as needed. The only question mark I have is about winning the ball/defensive grit in the holding pairing. Seems like a lot are down on Piette but I think he brings a balance to the midfield. And if the evergreen Hutchinson wants one last hurrah for the shorter term, who loses out as the starter?
  7. I received my Pacific FC face masks yesterday. They'll be there if I need them but regardless, I am glad to support the club from my location in the southern interior of BC
  8. McDavid would have to be a Conn Smythe winner in leading the Oilers to the Stanley Cup crown in a playoff that will be even more of a lottery than it usually is. I don't see it happening. Not enough WTA plus an injured Andreescu, not enough LPGA for Henderson, no Olympics to consider those athletes. Davies has had a meteoric rise in the world's most competitive and highest profile team sport. Right now, he's a slam dunk for the award, and we're only at the beginning of June. it would take something extraordinary to supplant in 2020.
  9. Waterman: has late bloomer written all over him.
  10. That's the same view that I have. What also ratchets up the "must watch" from abroad is a national team featuring Davies, David and other young guys bossing it not only in our region but also in friendlies against bigger time opposition, and the tide raises all the boats.
  11. True 😆, but I thought I'd bring the discussion back to that focus, anyway. I don't really care about how he compares to anyone else in this region, frankly, and I don't give a rat's about the opinions of American commentators/analysts. We know he's the real deal, so why give a f*ck about the what the American pundits think of him?
  12. A special talent: my other question is how he'll be deployed on the field by his club over the longer term. Will LB be his consistent spot or will it be in a more advanced attacking position?
  13. I see that though the NBA play is suspended, NCAA March Madness is going on (for now) with no fans in attendance
  14. That's been discussed but not confirmed as yet.
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