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  1. I saw that, too, so they are strictly in house with their playing staff for this one.
  2. Apparently, no trialists at camp (free agents or CPLers) and possibly no exhibition games.
  3. Low bar in this league. Heck, but not for the the Rapids Rule, the team might have made it in 2020. However, moving on from the likes of Nerwinski and Teibert and putting those players in supporting roles on the bench is a step in the right direction for this team to be a consistent regular in the postseason lottery.
  4. According to transfermarkt, Gaspar's market value is the same as Teibert's. Go figure.
  5. I watched the last 25+ mins of the match and I saw get him caught in possession a couple of times and was lucky not to concede a penalty. Frankfurt looked full value for the win.
  6. Stalteri was a forward and attacking mid in his much younger years but in Germany he developed into a very good RB as a team defender, covering and supporting the CB on his side, so it can be done (and he was in his early 20s we he started becoming a RB/RWB).
  7. I could still see a young DP but someone who is more Nic Mezquida-esque as opposed to a consistent attacking focal point. Either way, it's someone they'll have for two years then sell on for a fiscal return, like In-Beom to Russia. I am still wondering if Schuster can use his German club Rolodex to bring in a young DP stuck in the numbers game at his German club and looking for an opportunity to strut his stuff elsewhere on loan to further his career.
  8. Also provides some spin since they likely won't be getting a DP/young DP Lodeiro type in this window.
  9. Do you solidfy yourself as the best LWB or LB or do you see your future beyond that in a different attacking position?
  10. My usual first choice for kit sponsor has always been BC Lotteries Corporation ("Know your limit, play within it.").
  11. Game Stop as the new shirt sponsor, anyone?
  12. I see that Kristian Jack was also let go, so I wonder how TSN's MLS overall broadcast format will look. Edit: I should have put this in the NT thread about Sportsnet/TSN. My bad for being late to the discussion.
  13. The continuing economic reality of the sports media landscape, even before COVID.
  14. I really don't see this club buying back guys that they owned before.
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