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  1. He needs many upgrades from the guys he's brought in this season but one would be to get a big time box to box "8" in his midfield to complement the strengths of In Beom and Erice, with the other guys providing depth. Then maybe, just maybe, they can generate some more service up top for Reyna and (insert other striker name here). I doubt that will happen in this window. Situations like these are where you find out how good your coaching really is. It has more to do with man-management and keeping guys "on board" then x's and o's. You have to keep your squad from tuning out the message.
  2. I agree. I think he can find a journeyman niche as situational striker but not sure for how long. I hope he does well with Columbus.
  3. We you need to start PC in your central midfield threesome to provide more forward push, you know how weak your team is.
  4. He really struggled defensively as an LWB while playing at TFC. He would need a lot of work in all the defensive positional aspects of LB. He's a really good athlete (size and speed combo) so those assets are a big plus. BTW, that was a great finish in that Vees Cup game!
  5. I'm curious about these upcoming Bayern friendlies because I wonder if they are going all in on converting him to LB with the potential arrivals of Sane and Pepe.
  6. I'd like to hear Montagliani's thoughts on this. Perhaps a TSN feature as part of the TFC-Impact broadcast this weekend?
  7. Kaye is a box to box guy, I guess what you would call an "8." I like Piette's ball winning skills and his distribution is steady but he has to pass himself out of pressure and against co-ordinated pressing from the opposition, that pass usually goes to a weaker possession player like one of our guys in the back line or the keeper, so then our ability to maintain a possession rhythm may get disrupted. The big strength of watching Hutch, JDG, and then Bernier in the autumn of his career in MLS is that those three had more confidence to dribble/turn out of trouble under pressure and release a more incisive pass. I'm not sure about Piette's first touch and skill in that area. Having said that, I could see Kaye and Piette working as a tandem and playing to each other's strengths and doing well together. I've never seen Eustaquio play so if I get to see him once he's healthy, maybe he becomes the lead guy ahead of Piette. Kaye's the kind of mid the Whitecaps need to go with Erice and Inboem. They are not going to get him but that's the kind of two way mid that would complement the other two.
  8. The Caps mean business with this squad. I've got a feeling Reyna's going to have a big match.
  9. Almost every national team manager, anywhere, is on the "Not Yet" list. Heck, Low of Germany is on the "Not Yet" list. It's the nature of the job, frankly. If he tones down on the "Mind Room" and Navy SEAL beach training publicity and concentrates more upon the, albeit cliched, underpromise/overdeliver public statements, then I'd be happier. When you don't win, that stuff makes you look like a prat. It also provides bulletin board material for the opposition as well as comes across like he's trying to co-write a book with Simon Sinek. On the field, with the emerging talent at his disposal, he maintained the more assertive, attack minded football I saw at the Gold Cup two years ago and I hope really hope this continues, along with solidifying the back line situation.
  10. Right now, I'd take it with a cattle-licked sized block of salt (a little homage to the Stampede city for y'all), simply because I don't think there is any motivation for MLS to set up shop there. As with anything like this, you wonder who the local financial players are.
  11. I'm not as comfortable with Piette being able to dribble/turn out of pressure as Hutchinson (or JDG and Bernier, for that matter). I think quality* holding mids have that skill. Piette is a great ball winner in front of the back line but at international level I'd think he'd be better as one of the 2 in a 4-2-3-1 as opposed to being a one man base holding mid. And I emphasize international level here: I'm sure people who watch him more closely at club level will disagree and point out his strengths in keeping possession under pressure but based on what I have seen most recently with the NT, I'm not as confident as I once was. * I had to pay a royalty to Caldwell for use of that word in my post
  12. Whitecaps fans would gladly take Pozuelo off TFC's books. Can't speak for the front office, however.
  13. Maybe 😀 On the other hand, they also gave up a stupid goal at 2-0 against a team carrying the momentum but were able to overcome it and add a third to seal the victory. I would have really enjoyed a semi-final rematch against the Mexicans but I firmly believe that Tata and his staff would have been better prepared for us the second time but in the end, we never got to find out.
  14. Can I vote for Tata? His second half tactical adjustments helped take Pulisic out of the game, plugged the midfield, and shifted the momentum Mexico's way.
  15. Hey, at least he used all three subs
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