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  1. I hope St. Clair continues his excellent run of form and it translates into permanent class down the road. Unfortunately, as quickly as people are to ordain they are equally as fast at writing guys off too hastily if they hit a rough patch in their development. I only watched the start of the last game but his reflex save on the line was top notch. I haven't seen him enough to give an opinion of the other important parts of his game, like penalty area presence and distribution, so I look forward to the conference final.
  2. If Vancouver had managed to get into the playoffs and went on a big roll to the final four, how do you think posters around here would react, notably the Caps' ones? I definitely support your points about going back to the two leg playoffs but I also think the single knockout format exposes the cracks in the supposedly better teams in this league because I frankly don't think they're as good as some make them out to be.
  3. I totally understood; I just went on a fun tangent with it 🙂
  4. I just threw that out there to stir up some reaction. He won't be coaching. And I really doubt the Forge guy will be coaching TFC, either. Nor will Olsen.
  5. It's funny that not so long ago on here I was reading about posters complaining about Seattle's style of play (I don't have time to find the thread and comments) but here they are as the last upper echelon team left standing. As long as you have one-off ties, you are going to continue to have favourites fall in this particular league's playoffs. I still feel that the lack of home fan support is also a factor in this unique season.
  6. A South American coach who is willing to take a chance on young or late blooming Cancon? Hmmm....
  7. Just speculation, like almost everything else around here. There's no one in the local msm reporting on anything, for that manner. The Province's Caps beat writer has checked out and is onto other things with his a Twitter account.
  8. Thank you for some great memories, David. All the best in your future ventures!
  9. A fair bit off but there might be other factors in play of which we are not aware.
  10. I'd be curious to know more but the local media has moved on to other things, so I guess that's it.
  11. ^That's the first time I've heard anything about Mukumbilwa since his visa issues factored into his absence from the MiB tourney.
  12. Too young to watch Pele, I rank the Argie as the best player I have ever watched play. RIP.
  13. I am curious to see if he will be a regular starter there (or wherever he lands).
  14. If your team just sneaks into them and goes on a run, you absolutely love them, for sure. Vela sh*t the bed with his penalty.
  15. So, he still gets my vote for the Lou Marsh this year, but Claypool's challenge is definitely growing.
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