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  1. Plus Dave Norman, Jr, who I really hope ends up sticking and playing with the senior team and not being loaned back to CPL or elsewhere.
  2. This. Also, I remember Dasovic being interviewed (can't find a link, sorry) and mentioning that Colyn probably wasn't physically ready for the rigours of the senior team.
  3. I thought that he had a Dutch passport (according to a poster on this thread)?
  4. If Caps finally officially sign up Godoy, I don't see him getting much action as the fourth CB. If there is a rumour around a possible move to Vancouver, it may be because the Argentine CB isn't coming back.
  5. You never know the back story regarding potential injury problems which inevitably arise in an off season camp.
  6. The more attack minded Borges in place of either Piette or Fraser might have been a latter match midfield move, perhaps Chapman (another attacking mid type), but not Teibert, as some may have been implying.
  7. Which of those three starting midfielders would Teibert have replaced where his inclusion would have made a difference in this match? By all accounts, it seems that Piette, Fraser, and Osorio were controlling the midfield. Fraser looks to have taken Teibert's job on the NT. That's what competition for places does.
  8. Which mid would Teibert have replaced? Reading the majority of these comments, it seems like we controlled midfield and that we missed some good chances.
  9. They still need to move Montero to get the dosh needed to sign higher cap hit players like Osorio. I still believe that they need two new starting mids to go with In-beom, one of whom being a quality defensive holding mid who has enough technical skill but possesses stronger defensive capabilities. Like you said, pieces need to be acquired but they need to be capable starters, not stop-gaps.
  10. Isn't that what speculation is?
  11. Same with Kaye's absence from camp with the speculation about his move to Belgium.
  12. LAFC just signed another midfielder, so maybe the speculation has legs. https://www.lafc.com/post/2020/01/13/lafc-signs-20-year-old-midfielder-jos-cifuentes
  13. I'm looking forward to seeing how we do against Iceland. I'm expecting a strong performance from our guys, regardless of the final result.
  14. Showing some versatility coming out of the NCAA ranks helps. He turns 21 in a couple of months so he can certainly develop into another role if the coaching staff sees that he has potential and he has the attitude and work ethic. If he has the chops and pace to be a winger, he could be an attacking fullback. The current starting RB for our NT came out of college as a central midfielder, iirc, but was able to find his niche with TFC. I'm looking forward to seeing how he looks in preseason action.
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