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  1. Fraser has really strong possession and distribution skills but his mobility and positioning issues were pretty glaring on too many occasions. He reminds me of Marty Nash. Delgado's possession passing isn't going to get much better. I'd like to see a different player emerge in that spot of the field (Cheyrou was a real treat) going forward.
  2. Koch had a shorter time than Teitur, but not by much.
  3. Delgado struggles with maintaining possession, especially notable against higher calibre opposition, either with poor body position for shielding, heavy first touch, or inaccurate or rushed passes. The best defence is keeping the ball and when you give it away too easily, that's a big red flag regardless of how he does in other areas of his game. However, on Saturday, I thought he had a solid game in all areas. The guy who to me has tailed off after an impressive start has been DeLeon. There isn't much dynamic production happening of late and it's one of the reasons the attack seems limited more to, "What can Pozuelo produce?" and for the time being I wouldn't mind seeing Chapman getting some starts in his place.
  4. Had another very solid outing plus a goal from a set piece header. Got hung out to dry by Adnan's poor pass on the tying goal. Keep it rolling, Doneil!
  5. I'm hoping that all the franchises in this inaugural season will be successes at the gate.
  6. Is Van der Wiel still on the books for this season? If so, that's a significant chunk of dead money.
  7. That will probably the type of opponent we'll be playing. I expect us, at the very minimum, to be a tough out in the QFs. With this line up, we should be in the semis, and beyond. If we crap the bed, then there'll be plenty of fingerpointing at the coaching staff and some favourite whipping boy players..
  8. If Tomori decides to come on board, then Herdman will have one more competitor to choose for the highly coveted LB position.
  9. He should definitely be starting, but I sense that it might be as our LB.
  10. Unfortunately, it's hard to shake a rep. You have to build up a lot of positive capital before you get the overall trust and "mulligan" if you end up screwing up after that. I was watching Mavinga's brain cramp challenge in the p.a. causing a penalty vs Minnesota and thinking if that was Henry, the Canadian would be getting crucified* for it. He's doing well, in his own style, and he has formed a good partnership with the less flashy but steady Godoy, who plays Serge Savard to Henry's Larry Robinson (sorry for the 1970s Canadiens' reference). The biggest question mark position coming into the season has been the biggest source of strength for the Caps so far. Kudos to both! *Easter season reference was not intentional
  11. Looking forward to watching MAK and Atuesta on Wednesday. The Caps need to use three guys to do the similar graft work which LA gets from these two, with neither one being on a cap crushing salary (at least as far as I know). Obviously, I'm making an overly simplistic comparison without considering other important factors in play here, but regardless it shows what you can do when get the right complementary personnel in place. I hope MAK keeps it rolling!
  12. I remember reading about that, too.
  13. I'm pretty sure he was a striker for Holger's 2002 Gold Cup team that won the third place match over South Korea. I think he was our top scorer at that tourney (I'll check wiki)
  14. Good on OZ to take the chance and since then, the young man has gone onwards and upwards from there. Personally, much sooner than later, both Kaye and Piette should become the regular engine room of our midfield.
  15. There was some pretty poor defending by LA that gave the Caps their two big first half chances which were missed (in the first case, egregiously) and then some pretty poor Caps defensive plays that ended up becoming two (and really, should have been three) goals. Unfortunately, once the subs were all made it resulted seemingly in a 4-1-5 formation which relied more on one-man-show efforts (Reyna, Ventuo) than coordinated attacking play.
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