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  1. A little of A, a little of B. Guttierez played well.
  2. Looked like he needed a Snickers bar last night, like a number of his other teammates, but I still like him a lot.
  3. ^You've got a great memory, G-L!
  4. Apart from the intimidation factor of looking like he was chiselled out of a slab of granite, I'm not sure what Wanyama brings to the table. His first touch looked pretty sketchy at times on the BC Place field turf in both matches. I didn't know Shome was on the field until he was subbed off.
  5. Up until Rudy "Macho" Camacho's heroics, I didn't find it a very good game, then when the Caps went up two in short order, I figured that was it so I moved on to other things for the evening. But Guttierez looked very good at LB in the first half, so that would be great if we can get him committed to our NT.
  6. At first, I thought he punched him in the nuts!
  7. ^He needs to keep showing that he's a physical presence, even if he draws fouls against defenders. For all the criticism Cavallini has received, it was his shoulder charge on Maciel that led to Bair's goal.
  8. Adnan's at his best when he can attack with space, either from a Baldi instant and crisp point of attack switch or a forward in front of him who threatens on the dribble inside (which is Milinkovic's best spot, imo), and then he can steam around on the overlap and even cut inside himself for a shot.
  9. The only thing on Adnan's mind is trying to find a way out of Vancouver with a Gangnam style transfer. Better defensive teams have the scouting report of taking away his time and space in the Vancouver half and then he just tries to do it himself. He left Cornelius out to dry a few times this evening.
  10. He had a tough one last night, no doubt, but he'll learn from it.
  11. He was just doing his own thing on the field, too. Early in the match, MDS was demonstrably annoyed when he dribbled out of play under pressure in his own half instead of passing the ball earlier. It went downhill after that.
  12. ^I thought Milinkovic was pretty good. His smart first time pass set up Bair's goal, he had some other passes that provided opportunities, and worked hard to win some tackles. If they had a World Cup for fastest shower and change into-civvies, Adnan would be a champ. I sense that this guy wants get on the In-Beom Transfer Express asap. Guttierez looks much better as left back instead of a left mid or LW.
  13. With his coif tonight, Teibert looked like an Ibra impersonator...except a foot and half shorter.
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