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  1. Keep Davies up top combining with David and the others. Puts more doubt and pressure on the US backline when they need to take the initiative, which goes against Berthalter's tactical DNA. We should come away from Florida with at least a point.
  2. No, he was the full GM at the time he was canned. It's not the first time an MLS club has selected a head of soccer operations who had "failed upwards," or thereabouts.
  3. Hope he does better than he did at Orlando.
  4. I'll bet that Norman gets loaned back to Pacific FC. I was under that assumption, as well. Wouldn't Teibert be in the same category?
  5. Despite (or because of?) the bad press and home support doubt, they might really come up with a big time performance at home. With that, this is a statement game for us as much as it is for them. Putting in the kind of business like, well prepared and tactically versatile, do-your-job performance will solidify the gains shown in the first leg. Make no mistake: losing while playing below expectations is going to create a sh*tstorm around here, too.
  6. I thought Delgado was the best of the midfield trio on the night.
  7. I think we can get road goals with D & D. Injuries aside, will Herdman go with the same starters, notably in the back? I expect the team to be well prepared but at the end of the day I hope we continue to be tough to beat. No bed sh*tting.
  8. Teibert and Rose need to be back ups, not regular starters, imo. MDS seems to value Rose, so I don't see him going anywhere, much to the dismay of the fanbase. The young turks you speak of won't be emerging with this team: they'll be making their breakthrough elsewhere.
  9. Had a great time at the game. Excellent atmosphere. I'll be back next year 😃
  10. This has been a great result, but the long game for me is for this team to be consistently a level above the rest of the CONCACAF teams with whom we struggled in the past, like Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, etc. I still see this as one match: we still need to do the business in Orlando with another message sending performance. This is a MASSIVE opportunity and we can't have a let down. The pressure is all on them so that helps considerably. All I asked for, regardless of the result, was a team that is a hard to beat, a tough out. Judging by comments here and elsewhere, we out-competed them and they were the easy out on the night. Let's put them to the sword in Florida.
  11. It seems that you can never beat an American. Apparently, they only beat themselves and that's it. I like our chances of taking all six points, frankly, so long as we also come into Orlando with the right, business like attitude. I don't want to crank up the expectations too high because that has been lethal for us in the past, but the opponent lacks any real confidence at the moment.
  12. He deserves massive props. Low key, well prepared side: good decision opting for Fraser ahead of someone like Teibert, and the kid flourished, while the other two subs were impact players keeping the Americans on the back foot.
  13. After last night, I hope we can put an end to the discussion of Davies as our NT LB (apart from exceptional circumstances).
  14. Donald Trump, your boys took a helluva beating tonight! (a little homage to the Norwegian commentator's joy after Norway beat England nearly four decades ago). Celebrate, guys! You did great!
  15. I can't wait to read and listen to the ESPN soccer guys digest this one tomorrow #berhalterout That's the way to deliver the goods (coaching staff and players alike). Massive props for the MNT!
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